we are not even going to talk about his eyelashes

Boyfriend Hansol/ Vernon

  • Litteral definition of adorable but shy af
  •  Hansol is like that cool dude a lot of girls dream to date Just the typical senpai who walks like a model and flashes small smiles at the girls -then falls flat on his face as soon as they aren’t looking bc clumsy af- 
  • But actually he’s just a lil kiddo who’s got the hugest crush on you 
  • Like you’d be with your friends and he’d ask you to come out of the classroom 
  • You go and he’s there leaning on the wall and saying stuff like “okay Vernon you can do this. Calm down you’re just gonna–"
  • “Uhm- Hansol?”
  •  “wOAH” 
  •  He’d be so flustered and would just blurt whatever is on his mind and ends up awkwardly asking you out 
  •  And you say yes ofc and he becomes a blushing mess and a huge idiotic smile wouldn’t leave his face for the upcoming week.
  •  He’s so cute and hyper 
  •  You’d hang out A LOT 
  •  Like you’d meet regularly on Sundays 
  •  And when he’s leaving the dorm and the hyungs are like where u going and he’s embarrassed to tell them that he’s going to meet you 
  •  So he’s just like “uh, I’m gonna get my Sunday candy” 
  •  And they all burst out laughing as soon as he leaves bc lol they all know where he is going 
  •  Your dates are all chill
  •  Bc you both are too embarrassed to start any skinship or anything
  •  Especially outside 
  •  It’s a best friend kinda relationship 
  •  But well when you’re alone he’s comfortable with touching you 
  •  You probably should just consider his arm as an accessory on your shoulder already
  • Eskimo kisses 
  •  Omg a lot of these 
  •  Just imagine with me I’m crying
  •  Playing with his hair 
  •  Yes hell YES 
  •  And like your lap is his fave pillow and you’d chill outside while watching the sunset or just having some fresh air while you stroke his fluffy pluffy mluffy hair
  •  “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  •  “Y/N please” 
  •  Meeting Sophia 
  •  Is this how it’s written or is it Sofia omg I’m so sorry idk 
  • “Are you oppa’s gf”
  •  Tbh you’re like this whenever someone asks you that bc awkward
  •  Getting along with Sophia so well omgggg
  • Hansol asking gentleman Josh for cute ideas to impress you 
  •  “Girls like it when you show them that you love them” 
  •  “Got it.” 
  • *Meets u*
  •  “jaGIIIIIJEVDKARBWOBRLWBE okay nvm” *blushes xinfinity*
  •  He really sucks at these stuff bear with him lol 
  •  “She said she loves my rap, guys who do music are quite cool”
  •  Yes you said that and he used it as lyrics
  • You inspire him a lot 
  •  You prolly created “pull up on you wacks with a Mac fully loaded-AH” tgt
  •  Sleepy Hansol is the cutest Hansol
  • Remember that predebut video when Seungkwan was trying to film him sleeping and kept taking off his blanket that was pure gold 
  •  But If you’re staying up he’s staying up 
  •  Like if you have work or shit he’d stay with you and encourage you 
  •  Oooorr just lay around and whine about how long it is taking you to finish and how your boss/teacher should get jailed for giving you so much work 
  •  Cuddles cuddles cuddles 
  •  Gracing your with his High notes
  •  ^okay not rlly lmao 
  •  It is both adorable and funny bc his voice is rather deep and it kinda cracks when he tries to sing the gwiyomi song or smg
  •  His pout omfg 
  •  Like you go get that kid ice cream. NOW. 
  • He melts when you tempt to do aegyo 
  •  Like send the fucking ambulance we’re losing Hansol Vernon Chwe 
  •  He become a blushing mess 
  •  Begging him to let you do his makeup 
  •  And he’s so freaking nervous 
  •  “Jagi please don’t go too overboARD WOAH WHAT IS THIS MONSTER GET IT AWAY ” 
  • “Vern that’s a mascara brush” 
  •  Like you’re always whining about how his lashes are prettier than yours
  • But he’d just reassure that he still loves you even with the two or three lashes you have 
  •  Lol jk 
  • Tbh dating Hansol would just be so much fun like you’d spend the whole day listening to music of artists you never heard of and you wouldn’t be bored bc he’s there with you and he makes everything fun
Winchester Sister- It’s A Wonderful Life

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Title: It’s a Wonderful Life

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 1077

Summary: It’s Christmas Morning in the bunker and the Winchester siblings have a quiet Christmas together

(A/N: Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a great day! xoxo JC)


You walk into the library and see the Christmas tree that you had forced Sam and Dean to get, lit with bright lights. You wrap yourself in your blanket, heading towards the large, cozy armchair located right in front of the tree and plop down. You know that it’s only four in the morning and that neither of your brothers are going to be awake anytime soon, but it’s tradition to wake up early on Christmas; it has been since you were a little girl.

After an hour or two Sam wakes up and makes his way into the library and sees you nuzzled up next to the tree in a big blanket. He smiles at himself as he makes his way to you and plants a kiss to your head once he reaches you, “Merry Christmas,”

You look up and smile at Sam and lean your head on his arm that is propped on the chair, “Merry Christmas, Sammy.”

“How long have you been up?” He asks as he yawns and rubs his eyes.

“Um, not too long,” You lie and Sam scoffs.

“Yeah right (Y/N), I’ll make us some coffee, okay?” Sam pats your back and leaves you to go to the kitchen. Sam knows you too well to know that you always wake up at the crack of dawn for Christmas.

You look back at the tree and smile at all of the ornaments that you put on it; since your brothers wouldn’t help you decorate it. There are five presents under the tree and three out of the five are very poorly wrapped.

“Hey,” You turn your head and see Dean coming up to you, still wearing his pajamas.

“Hey.” You respond and you watch as he stops right in front of you. He makes a grunting noise and he points for you to scoot over. You wrap the blanket tighter against you as you move over a little for Dean to sit down. Once he’s seated, you lie against him and cuddle into your blanket. Dean wraps his arm around you and rests his head on top of yours. Neither of you say another word to each other as you two both admire the Christmas tree.

Sam returns with two cups of coffee and hands you one of them then pulls up a chair to sit next to you and Dean. “It’s not that good, it’s that damn coffee machine…”

Dean reaches his hand out and you immediately roll your eyes but hand him your cup of coffee. After taking a sip, he hands it back to you with a smile, which you return to him.

“So, are we going to open presents or what?” Dean blurts out after a few minutes of silence.

“Dean, it’s six in the morning, I’m barely awake.” Sam replies and he sits back in his chair.

“Yeah I want to open presents,” You say nonchalantly.

Dean smiles at you and looks at Sam, “You’re outnumbered, Sammy. Alright, let’s get started.”

Dean rubs his hands together as he stands up to get the presents. He crouches down and looks at the name tags before separating them for each person. He stands up and gives Sam two presents, sits his own two on the arm of the chair, and lays yours on the floor. You huff at him but he turns to you and gives you a reassuring smile to why he did it.

Dean turns to look at Sam, giving him the look to go first. Sam then picks up the big one and unwraps it. “Oh wow, no way!”

You smile at his response at the brand new Keurig in his lap, “Yeah, because you complain like every day about that freaking coffee machine being broken.”

Sam laughs and looks at you, “Aw, thanks (Y/N). This is great!”

He puts down the box and picks up his other present from Dean. When he unwraps it, he rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Really Dean?”

“What you don’t like it?” Dean asks, trying to look offended.

“Oh no, it’s just that this is the exact book that I was reading last week.”

“Oh you mean I got you something that you already had? Wow I know you too well,” Dean tries to play off.

“Dude, it still has the sticky notes that I was writing notes on in it.” Sam looks over at your older brother with annoyance.

“Okay, okay, you caught me.” Dean laughs.

“Wow, thanks Dean.” Sam says with a straight face.

“My turn!” Dean perks up and he tears the paper away from a small box and smiles, “Alright!”

He flips through the collection of classic rock cds before sitting them by his feet and grabs the other present.

He unwraps the tall box and pulls out a large bottle of whiskey. He chuckles with a big smile plastered onto his face and then looks at you, “Dude, you’re 17, how the hell did you even get into a liquor store?”

“You’d be surprised what batting your eyelashes and a little flirting will get you.” You say with a smile.

“Or a fake I.D.” Sam says under his breath as he gives you a stern look.

“(Y/N), I thought we told you to stop using that thing?” Dean asks, his smile falling.

“Well did you want that bottle of whiskey or should I go return it?” You ask, crossing your arms.

“Okay, fine. We’re going to talk about this later,” Dean says, pointing a finger at you. “Okay, now before I give you this, just know that it’s from both me and Sammy.”

Dean hands you a poorly wrapped box and him and Sam both watch as you tear the paper away. You lift up the lid and gasp, “Oh my god, are you guys serious?”

Sam and Dean both laugh and nod at the same time.

You pull out the silver 9mm caliber gun with your face in awe. “Oh my god thank you!”

“You’re welcome, but you’re going to have to practice with it before you go anywhere with it.” Sam says.

“Wait, does this mean I can go on more hunts with y’all?” You ask, your eyes widening with excitement. Sam and Dean glance at each other before looking back at you with small smiles. “Oh my god, really?!”

You jump up and throw your arms around them both and squeal with joy. “This is the best Christmas ever, thanks you guys!”

You Could’ve Fooled Me

Author: Batman 

Pairing: ReaderxGabriel 

Word Count: 2,128 

Request: Would you write a smut GabrielxReader please? Like they’re having sex and Cas heard the reader whimper or moan. He would be acting protective of her like a big brother, but he’s clueless about sex. He thinks Gabriel is hurting her and she has hickey. Then they end up having to explain it to Cas and it’s like awkward and funny? 

Warnings: Very smutty, smut. ;D 

Imagine: You were pushed back into the wall, chuckling quietly. 

 “Now, how about we take this down the hall?” the archangel whispered in your ear, then laying several kisses down the side of your neck. You put his face in your hands and bring his lips to yours, tongue sliding into his mouth, tasting only him. 

 “Now that sounds like one hell of a plan.” You smirk as you pull away. 

 Gabriel slipped his hand into yours and pulled you down the bunkers lit hallway. No sound except the echo of your footsteps. Suddenly he stops, turns around and lifts you up; your response is wrapping your legs around his waist. He then tangled his fists in your hair, mashing his mouth against yours once again. You hear a small *snap* then a loud creak as your bedroom door opens. Then you hear another snap.

 You’re no longer in Gabriel’s arms, and you whined, still tasting him on your lips. You came to your senses, noticing that you were blindfolded, both of your wrists were tied to posts with a rubbery material, and your clothes were no longer on your body. You felt a tingling sensation between your legs; you bit your lip to hold in your whimper. 

 “Gabe?” you call out.

 “I’m still here, sweetheart. I just have to get you ready.” 

 You hear a small pop, and something fall to the floor. Then Gabriel moves close to you, shaking what sounded like a can in his hands. Before you know it, you feel a chilly sensation sending goosebumps across your chest. He guided his hands around your breasts and all over your abdomen. Then throwing the can aside, he grabbed something off of a table. 

 “Now this should warm you up a little.” His voice was seductive and sweet. A warm trickle was being drizzled all over your body, sliding over your edges and down your sides. 

 He was walking closer to your head now, reaching over and removing the fabric from around your eyes. It took you a moment to adjust, but were then taken aback to the ‘masterpiece’ that Gabe had created. All of those weird movements and feelings was Gabriel putting whipped cream and chocolate syrup all over your body. And he ‘topped it off’ with two cherries on your nipples. You look up to see that your wrists were tied to the bedposts with red Twizzlers. 

 “You and your sweet-tooth.” 

 “These sweets are nothing compared to you.” He winked. 

 The archangel walked over to the end of the bed and you squirm with delight at his naked form. You can see his erection start to take form and the hunger in his honey coloured eyes. He gets on the bed, crawling toward you seductively. As he gets closer, he takes your legs and spreads them apart. With a quick wink at you, he dives his head in between your thighs and you gasp and moan with pleasure. Using his tongue to guide him, he laps around your entrance and then wraps his lips around your clitoris, sucking on and playing around with his teeth. Your fingers kneaded into your palms, your hips thrusting into his movements. 

 “Oh, ugh, my God!” you groan. 

                                   ****Castiel’s P.O.V.**** 

 Sam, Dean, and I were sitting in the library studying werewolf lore when we heard faint crashes come from downstairs.

 “What was that?” I ask, knitting my eyebrows together.

 “It’s probably Douchebag and (Y/N).” Dean sighed rolling his eyes. 

 “What could they be doing?” The two brothers exchanged a glance before glancing back at me. 

 “You’ll figure it out sooner or later.” Sam said before going back to his book. I shook my head and pulled some more papers toward me, when I heard (Y/N) call out. My head snapped up and my body tensed. 

  “Dude, what’s your problem?” Dean asked with his voice hinting irritation.

 “I heard (Y/N). She sounds like she’s in trouble.” 

 “She’s fine, please, let’s drop this subject.” 

 “Fine.” My tone was uneasy. 

                              ****Reader’s P.O.V.**** 

 You were getting close and Gabriel could tell, because he pulled away from you, earning him a drawn out whine.

 “Darling, we can’t have you finish before dessert.” While making complete eye contact, he ran his tongue all over your abdomen, licking up every drop of the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. You closed your eyes and felt every which way his tongue flicked the warm wetness it left on your skin. Gabriel was then leaning over you, licking the cream off of your breasts, making you more aroused. When he finished, he took one cherry and popped it into mouth. Next, he grabbed the other cherry by the stem with his teeth, bringing it to your mouth. You leaned in and pulled on it with your mouth until it popped off the stem. 

 “You ready, baby?” he leaned in and whispered in your ears.

 “Yes.” You choked out.

 He got of the bed and walked over to the posts and chewed your wrists free. You put them by your sides, feeling a little more comfortable. Suddenly, Gabriel appeared in front of you and you yelped in surprise. 

 “Jesus, warn someone!! And you were right by the bed, why not just crawl back in?” 

 “Because it’s more fun to see you surprised.”

 He placed his lips on yours; giving you a hard, sweet kiss. He trailed soft kisses down the side of your neck. With his teeth, he grabbed some skin and suckled on it, earning more groans of pleasure from you. Gabriel positioned himself so he was now on top of you, his erection just outside your entrance, and his mouth around your left breast while his hand was kneading the other. Then your worlds collided when you felt his length inside of you, making you feel wonderfully full. His thrusts were even and smooth, hitting all of the spots that you wanted him to hit. You wrapped your legs around him, and your arms around his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin. He moaned in approval and started to thrust a little harder, a sign that he was getting closer to finishing. Not too much longer, you felt the warmth pool in your belly and your breaths were becoming shorter. 

 “Gabe, I’m gonna…” you whisper while your eyes roll to the back of your head.

“Shhh, it’s okay, baby.” And before you knew it, you clenched around him while your orgasm washed over you. You made some pretty breathtaking sounds which pushed Gabe over his edge and he released inside of you, and you both rode out your orgasms together. 

 “You never fail to amaze me.” You say once you catch your breath, snuggled beside your boyfriend. 

 “Me? What about you? You can hit my taste buds in a way no candy bar can.” You laugh and rest your head on his chest while he put a strong arm around you.

 “You really are too good to me.” You say, stifling a yawn.

 “I do it because I love you.” He gripped out tighter and kissed the top of your head. 

 “I love you, too.” Your words came out in a whisper while your eyelids drooped, and you drifted off into a deep sleep. 

                                       ***The next morning*** 

 You and Gabriel had woken up together, sharing a sweet kiss to start the day. Eventually, you slipped on your robes and headed out into the kitchen where Sam and Dean had already claimed two cups of coffee. “Anything good for breakfast?” you walk behind Dean, looking over his shoulder and into the frying pan that sat on the stove-top. 

 “My special Supreme omelets sound good?” he says, still focused on his food.

“Like you even have to ask.” You scoff and head toward the cupboards, grabbing two mugs and setting them on the counter. Then Gabriel slides in beside you, winking before snapping his fingers and using his angelic powers to make your coffee.

 “You know, Gabe, I can make my own coffee. I’m not entirely inept.”

 “But the more time you spend on the coffee, the less time there is for me to kiss you.” He wraps his arms around you, pulling you in, his lips melting like chocolate. You chuckled against him, gently pushing him away and grabbing your mug.

 “Bacon, Sausage, or ham?” Dean asked

 “How about all three? They all come from the same place.” 

 “Good point.” You laugh and roll your eyes, walking over to the table and sliding in beside Sam who was reading the paper, and across from your boyfriend. You all made small, sleepy, early morning chatter when the strangest thing happened. 

 “What did you do to her?” It was Castiel’s voice that echoed powerfully in the large room. You turn and look at him; his usually light blue eyes were dark and glaring daggers at Gabriel. 

 “Castiel, what’s going on?” you ask. Then in the blink of an eye, he appeared over by the table, picking Gabriel up by his collar and pushing him against the wall, sending the chairs flying back.

 “What the hell did you do to her, brother?!” Cas barked. 

 “What are you talking about, doofus?” Gabriel didn’t even bat an eyelash.

 “I should have figured it out sooner, you and (Y/N) disappeared after we returned to the bunker, then there were loud crashes and I heard her cry and whimper in pain! Then I walk in her to see her with a monstrosity on the side of her neck?! Why the hell would you hurt her?”

 Your hand immediately rose to your neck, running your fingers along a decent sized patch of rough skin. Oh no, you thought. You looked over at the brothers who were at first alerted, but now they were trying to hold back their laughs and not show their grins. You sent them venomous looks before the chaos started again. 

 “What in Dad’s name are you talking about? I wouldn’t ever hurt her.”

 “Don’t lie to me, Gabriel!” he raised his fist to attempt to strike the archangel when you stepped in, pulling on Cas’ sleeve.

 “Cas! Wait, calm down. It’s not what you think.” Castiel looked down at you, his fist still hovering in the air, and the Winchester’s snorting in the background. “Sam, Dean, just get out of here if you’re going to laugh like twelve year olds.” They both waved and swiftly walked out of the room, breaking out in snickers as they got further away. “Castiel, let go or Gabriel. We need to talk.” Like a robot, he dropped Gabe who brushed himself off and straightened his collar. 

“So, you are not hurt?” 

 “No, I’m not. It’s not a bruise, just a hickey.” The angel’s features relaxed. 

“Then what in the world were you two doing?” You glanced nervously over at Gabriel who appeared rather amused. 

 “Cas, you know that Gabe and I are romantically involved, dating in simpler terms.”


 “So…after you’ve been dating someone for a good period of time, you start to have certain feelings…” 

 “(Y/N), are you seriously giving my brother ‘The Talk’?”

 “Well what else to you want me to do?” you snap, putting your hands on your hips.

 “Move aside and let me handle it.” Gabriel walked over to his brother, placing two of his fingers on his forehead, closing his eyes. After a few moments, Castiel’s eyes slowly opened, slowly moving between you and Gabe. His expression channeled out in inner awkwardness, no longer trying to make eye contact.

 “I need to go…Dean said he needs pie because Sam got him cake again….so….yeah.” Then Castiel disappeared and you fell into Gabriel, bubbling into uncontrollable laughter. 

 “Cas is just too cute sometimes.” You say, placing a hand on your stomach. 

“Ahem.” Gabe crosses his arms, in mock offense. 

 “But he could never be as cute as you.” You pull Gabriel’s face toward you and you both give a passionate kiss, exploring each other’s mouths with your tongues, when; 

 “You guys, it’s already gross enough that we can hear you, just don’t do that crap out here.” Dean says when he walked back into the kitchen.

 Gabe moved his down, cupping your butt cheek giving you that all too familiar stare. He then takes your hand and pulls you down the hallway

One more chance - PT. 2/2

Read part 1 HERE <- to refresh your memories hahaha



SUMMARY: You’re sick and tired of waiting of Namjoon everyday.

Waking up to an empty bed was one of the worst feelings you ever felt. Assuming that Namjoon was probably sleeping on the couch, you stealthily crept outside your door to grab some cereal before locking yourself in the bedroom again. Your heart constricted at the sight of him sleeping uncomfortably against the small, cramped couch but you knew better. 

Today was probably the last time you would be able to see Namjoon sleeping again. Although you loved him so much, he clearly didn’t think that way. Not to mention that you were the last priority in his life, resulting in him neglecting you.

“He’s going to have go to the practice room as soon as he wakes up,” you muttered to yourself, scanning the room for any belongings on Namjoon’s. Spotting the large teddy bear he had given you as a token of his “undying love”, which you scoffed at, you tossed to the corner of his room, where all of his objects would soon join. You also flung his clothes onto a messy pile next to his books, and random belongings. 

Your heart swelled with sorrow as soon a USB drive came into view, on top of your desk. It was, of course, Namjoon’s, but it was a very special gift that had allowed you to get through hard times. It contained some special songs that he had composed just for your ears only. Whenever you felt that Namjoon had been neglecting you, you would turn on the song. As his melodious, but sharp and aggressive raps spewed out of his mouth, proclaiming how he loves you even though he might not show it was enough to keep you going on. About how you were his, and his forever. But now it was time to give it back to him - you weren’t his anymore, and you felt almost insulted at possessing such loving music.

Inhaling a deep breath, you also added the USB to the growing pile of Namjoon’s stuff, and the size of it made you realise how much he had been part of your life. Without all his belongings, the room looked bare, cold and lonely - which perfectly described your heart without him by your side. Yet you lamented at the the fragile situation; you were hurt when he was with you, but you realised that you would be lost without him as well. Of course, the rational part of your brain was urging you that he hadn’t been a very good boyfriend over the past few weeks, and that things would return to being just as bad as soon as you two got over the I’m-so-sorry stage. It would return, to Namjoon contacting you only when he was bored and had nothing better to do. You knew his feelings for you had subsided somewhat, and you couldn’t keep committing yourself to a one-sided relationship. 

Packing up all of the things into suitcases made you actually awake to the fact that no, you were really breaking up with him. The one everyone said was a lifelong keeper. The one you had made all your future plans with; there was supposed to be a girl named Hyejoon, and a younger boy called Kyeongjoon, two years apart. You would have been living in a house with him and the two kids, plus a large, golden retriever to be named Hyungjoon. Brushing those unnecessary thoughts away, you heaved the last of the bags onto the front door, ready to wake Namjoon up. 

Speaking of Namjoon, he was already out and about, pacing around the living room. He could sense your presence, and turned around, ready to begin his apology speech until his jaw dropped at all the bags by the front door. 

“B-baby what’s with all the bags on the floor?” he asked, eyes opening wide. You gave him a mere glance, before hauling the last suitcase out of the bedroom. For a few moments, the only sound that could be heard was the soft whirring of the wheels of the bag along the marble-encased floor. “Answer me!” he raised his tone again, voice nearly cracking at the strain.

“You’re leaving, Namjoon,” you said simply, motioning towards the entrance. “We’re over.”

“Why, Y/N? If this is about the things I said yesterday, you knew that I was drunk and not in my right state of mind -”

You interrupted. “The thing is, Joonie, most people tell some form of truth when they’re drunk; if that thought has never crossed your mind, your brain wouldn’t just suddenly thought of all that stuff. And I know that this relationship is becoming incredibly consisting of us trying to fit into your schedule.”

“Oh, no, Y/N, don’t you bring my career into this. We’ve talked about this already,” Namjoon groaned, and his irriatation and avoidance of the topic angered you once again. “Don’t you love me enough to overcome this small obstacle?”

“Yes, I know, and that’s precisely why this is going to be the last time we ever talk about this again. You leave me hanging for that amount of time, expecting me to be satisfied with your short, one-worded texts? Whenever I do contact you first, which is almost always, you reply back with one word: ‘busy’. Yes I’m busy as well, have you ever thought of that? I’m a full-time college student, and I work as an intern part-time. Yet I still manage to keep this whole house, cooking and cleaning - but all for what? For you to give me just more than single-worded responses? For you to come to me when you have nothing to do, like I’m a rebound girl? I deserve better, Namjoon - this isn’t a case of me not loving you; it’s the fact that you have been incredibly cold towards me, making me your last priority every damn time. I’m frankly getting sick of it - being pushed away when you’re occupied, but pulled in with a simple apology, with you thinking that I magically become happy again with your words. To be honest, I can’t even confirm your feelings for me anymore. The light isn’t in your eyes when you talk to me. You don’t care as much as you used to be about me. I can practically feel your irritation whenever we call, making me feel like I’m doing something wrong. And I’m putting an end to this,” you firmly stated, pulling Namjoon towards the door. “Just go. Your things are all packed up in there.”

“Just give me one more chance - Y/N - jagi,” Namjoon gasped, small tears starting to dot his eyelashes. The poor sight of him almost made your heart waver. “One more chance, and our relationship will be back to normal - I promise.”

“Namjoon, you’ve had more than enough chances to make it up to me,” you replied briefly, finding your own salty tears coating your cheeks. Holding your head in your hands, you fiercely blinked away any last tears. “but I don’t think one more chance will fix anything.”

Because giving him one more chance meant that you would be giving him one more chance to hurt you again. For that you weren’t ready; maybe in the future, you would find it in your heart to forgive him, and make peace with him, but just not now. He’s used all his chances with you for the time being. 


That Pigsy Bitch

Draco oneshot for anon

It was an amazing day out. The sun was out for once, and everyone was in a cheery mood. Surprisingly, classes hadn’t been that hard today, and my essay that I wrote for History of Magic had gotten an O. The only thing that was missing from making the perfect day was spending the rest of my time with my boyfriend of three months, Draco. I went outside with my friend, Cho Chang and spotted Draco under the same tree we met under everyday. Cho gave me a knowing grin and walked off to our group of friends, while I walked towards Draco. 

Draco was fiddling with his thumbs while waiting for me. When he heard me approaching, he looked up with a smile that melted my heart. I ran up to him with my arms open, and he caught me in his own. 

“You just make my day even better, y/n.” He chuckled into my neck. I smiled up at him and replied, “That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing.”

We both sat down under the tree, smiling. After a short pause, Draco said, “I never knew I would fall so hard for a Ravenclaw.” My heart thumping wildly like it always did when I was with him, I took Draco’s hand and he immediately stroked it with his thumb. He turned to me, leaning in to give me a kiss, when

“DRACO!!” Pansy Parkinson (or Pigsy Parkinson as I called her) made a noise frighteningly similar to a pig, and ran towards my boyfriend. “Draco, can we go and talk? I have a question about Potions.”  Pansy cooed, fluttering her eyelashes hideously at Draco. 

“Pansy, can’t you ask me here or even better yet, never?” Draco spat. Taken aback a little, Pansy pouted and grabbed Draco’s hand, pulling him to the other side of the courtyard. Draco glanced at me apologetically as he tripped after Pansy. 

I sighed and stared at my feet, waiting for Draco to come back. Ten minutes passed, and he still didn’t return. 

“What is taking him so long?” I wondered. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I got up to my feet and went searching for Draco. 

I found the two in a little corner of the courtyard, but Pansy was certainly NOT asking him a question. I gasped as I got closer and I realized that Draco and Pansy were kissing! Draco must have heard me because he pushed Pansy off and looked at me in alarm. 

“Draco, how could you?” I whispered tearfully. I stalked back to Ravenclaw tower, my head held high, hoping that no one would see my tears.

I sat studying for an exam that was in a few days. Well, at least, I tried. I was miserable and angry at the same time and I couldn’t concentrate. I sat staring at my notes until everyone had disappeared from the common room and I was left alone. I let a few tears slip from my eyes and land on my papers. How could he? Right after Draco was about to kiss me, he went off and cheated on me. 

Amid my thoughts, I heard someone open the door and step inside. quickly, I dried my face and looked to see and it was none other than Draco himself. I quickly looked back down and ignored him as he sat across from me. 

“Y/n,” Draco croaked his voice sounding a little hoarse, “Y/n, please speak to me.” He tugged at the sleeve of my robes until I glared up at him.

“Do you want me to say something? Okay, I’ll say something. How and why in Merlin’s name would you pretend to like me, even pretend to kiss me, and then run off and snog Pansy? How can anyone last such a short time in a relationship? How the hell did you pretend to like me all that time? I’m telling you Draco Malfoy, I don’t want to be with someone who can’t even invest in a relationship for 3 f*cking months. I don’t–” I was cut off by Draco holding his hand over my mouth. Throwing it off in anger, I screamed, “Don’t touch me, Malfoy! You told me you liked me! You led me on for 3 bloody months! When were you going to tell me?!” 

Draco cut me off again and said with a panicked voice, “Y/n, I was never leading you on. I do really like you and it wasn’t me that kissed her. I really thought Pansy was genuinely going to ask me a question about Potions. She was the one that forced herself on me!”

Disgusted, I turned away and spat, “Why didn’t you push her away, then?”

“I was! I really was, but she was forcing herself onto me really hard! The girl is surprisingly stronger than I thought! Please believe me, y/n.”

My anger subsided as I looked into Draco’s pleading face. 

“Really?” I whispered. 

“Really.” He replied hoarsely. I sat back for a moment and then hugged him around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Draco.” I whispered.

Draco kissed me on my forehead and my body relaxed. 

“By the way, Draco, why is your voice going?” 

“I was busy yelling at Pansy. That’s why I couldn’t come up here sooner. I suspect she won’t be making another move on me anytime soon.” Draco smiled.

“That Pigsy b*tch better not, or else I’ll shove her nasty head up Merlin’s ass.” 


Kurt is a genie; Blaine struggles with his third and last wish.

Written for @klaineadvent (day 23, prompt word “wish”).

I don’t even know if this makes sense but just look for yourself. :P

now on AO3 as well!

Kurt feels the same nervous, bubbly sensation that always overcomes him when Blaine rubs the magic lantern.

It’s pleasant because it’s Blaine who’s calling him but it’s also very nerve-wrecking because Kurt’s sure that one of these days he’s going to run out of luck, that one of these days Blaine is going to use up his third and last wish and then Kurt will be utterly useless to him.

Kurt hates being useless. As a genie, it’s his job to grant people wishes and to help them achieve what they want. But in Blaine’s case, the feeling is not only born out of his passion for helping, it’s also because he’s very inconveniently fallen in love with his client.

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oooh I saw ur request and was like yeh i should do something cool for penny but then my inspiration was viciously murdered so yeah I just decided to do chapter 2 of that one au u mentioned to me about the revenge thing!! hooray for me being lazy and uncreative


girl almighty

aka act my age part 2

part 1


“I just…I wanna lick him.”

“Nasty. That’s so nasty, Juvia, god.”

Juvia flipped her hair and made a ‘la-di-da’ expression. “Not in a weird way, like, I just wanna lick his face. You know?”

“I can’t even describe all the levels of not knowing I’m going through right now.” Erza answered. She peered through the peepy hole in her magazine and sighed.

“Oh, shut up. You don’t have any room to talk, Miss I’m-gonna-spy-on-a-bunch-of-hot-guys-for-research.” Juvia huffed.

Erza blanched and set her magazine down with a smack. “Well it’s not like you’ve got any better ideas!”

“I do have a better idea.” Juvia said haughtily.

“Let’s hear it then.” Erza pressed.

“Well…there’s a party at his dorm later tonight, right?” Juvia began. By now Erza had lost her focus and stopped spying.

“So…?” Erza failed to see her conclusion.

“Duh. You hide a mouse trap somewhere in his house – so then when he least expects it – blammo! His hand gets decapitated!” Juvia smacked her hand on the table loudly to prove her point.

“A mouse trap?” Erza asked disappointedly. “That’s it?”


“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Erza didn’t even conceal her groan. “Natsu, go away.”

Natsu sat down with a pout. Gray sat next to him.

“Don’t you lovely ladies want some company?” He asked while batting his eyelashes seductively.

“How can I say ‘no’ in a way you’ll understand?” Erza wondered.

“Not a chance, come on, what were you guys just talking about? Boobs? Periods?” Natsu inquired.

“Everything you just said was mildly offensive. I’m impressed.” Juvia admitted, even though her gaze was fixed on Gray.

“We were talking about revenge, if you really must know.” Erza informed tightly.

“Revenge? Any particular reasons?” Gray asked, interest piqued.

“If she told you, she’d have to kill you.” Juvia joked. Well, who knows. Maybe she wasn’t joking.

“Of course – standard revenge procedure, we get it,” Natsu nodded like he wasn’t going to pry any further. “Are you guys going to Jellal’s dorm tonight to study?”

Erza scoffed. Like any studying was actually going to occur.

“We sure are! We love to…study…” Juvia trailed off awkwardly, probably losing her train of thought to Gray’s hair, or face, or whatever she was attracted to.

“Awesome. Bring hot friends.” Natsu said pointedly. “I’m counting on you guys.”

“For what? Pussy? We’re not a delivery service, do it yourself.” Erza sniffed.

“Yeah, if you’re that horny, why don’t you just use each other?” Juvia asked before letting out a happy laugh. She probably wasn’t even joking.

“Gross. Gray’s an STD circus, I don’t want any of that biz.” Natsu informed. Gray punched his shoulder blade.

“Yeah? Well Natsu can’t even put a tampon in, I doubt he could take me anyways.”

“You wanna fight?”

“Right here. Right now. Let’s go.”

“Wait, are they doing it, or fighting?” Juvia asked lowly as the two boys stared at each other heatedly.

“I can confidently say both?” Erza responded. There was enough passion in their gazes to say they were far past being straight.

“Cool it, we’re not supposed to talk about fight club, you idiots.” Juvia decided to intervene.

“Yeah Gray, rule number one.” Natsu reminded. Gray kicked his shin.

“Hey, totally unrelated question,” Erza began begrudgingly, hardly able to believe she had sunk to this level of immaturity. “You guys wouldn’t know where I can buy mouse traps, would you?”




“-and then I was like, why even bother dating Edward, if that sexy piece of werewolf was right there in front of you? I totally don’t get this emo bitch Bella, hell, why won’t werewolf hot guys chase me? “

Erza stopped short, lamenting not taking a migraine pill and massaging her temple. “I’m gonna be honest here – I stopped listening a long, long time ago.”

“Aw, you missed my impromptu Twilight review.”


“-accident, probably.” Juvia interrupted with a cute little blink. “Right Erza?”

Erza stopped in front of Jellal’s dorm, digging her hand in her purse gently. “I got the mouse trap, what do I do now?”

Juvia slapped her arm. “What do you mean, ‘what do I do now’? You hide it in his cereal cabinet, and then when he goes for a little cap’n crunch he gets his hand chopped off!” Juvia ended her charade with a karate chop.

“That…I don’t think that’s how mouse traps work-“

“-course it is! Haven’t you ever seen Tom and Jerry, Erz? Honestly, what would you do without my boundless knowledge?” Juvia asked rhetorically. Naturally, Erza didn’t give her the pleasure of ending on a good note.

“In a better place, probably.” She answered her question before looking down at her outfit. “Ok, I look hot, right? Hot enough to destroy Jellal where he stands?”

Juvia looked at her sideways, tightening her lips and sighing. Then she reached forward and tugged her crop top down a little bit.

“Christ Erza, why do you cover them up so much? They’re there, use them.” Juvia gestured to Erza’s boobs disappointedly. “And you look so good in black, you’re making me look like a sad petunia.”

Erza scrunched up her face. “Are petunias blue?”

“Shut up.” Juvia seethed. She pushed a small red strand out of Erza’s face and nodded at her work. “Perfect. If Jellal doesn’t explode from jealousy, or whatever you had planned, I’ll be absolutely damned.”

“I don’t want him to explode – I just want him to hate himself for being an asshole to me and missing out on all this.” Erza corrected, gesturing to her well-endowed body proudly.

“Ah. Self-hatred. And after that, we can steal his identity and buy a lifetime supply of cat food!” Juvia plotted deviously.

Erza looked at her blankly. “We went over this. We’re not stealing his identity.”

Juvia pouted. “Can it be plan B?”

“We’re going inside now.” Erza said, knocking on the door crisply.

“Ooh, pull up your shorts a bit – let him see that ass – hey, Jellal!” Juvia halted her sentence midway through with an awkward smile.

“Hey – wow, you guys look…”

Erza smiled. Amazing? Gorgeous? Fantastic? Ha, suck it Jellal, you motherfucking-

“-dressed up.” He finished lamely.

Erza felt her spirit droop. That was anticlimactic.

“Yeah, Erza was just on a hot date, so…yeah.” Juvia said, snapping her fingers like she was a sassy twelve year old.

“Wow. Sorry to interrupt, I guess.” He concluded. “Do you guys want to come in, or…?”

“Step aside, pretty boy!” Juvia yelled, pushing her palm to Jellal’s cheek and quite literally forcing him to step aside.

Erza scooted around Jellal. He looked rather awestruck at Juvia’s forwardness, but shut the door after them anyways.

“Looks like the party’s arrived, come sit by me, flower child!” Cana wailed from the futon, referring to Juvia’s short flowery skirt.

“Wow, you guys look great!” Mira admired aloud. All of their fellow speech kids were cramped up in Jellal’s living room, doing a lot to do with nothing and nothing to do with studying.

“Thanks,” Erza responded, making the decision to sit next to her.

“Wow Erza, wow. I thought I told you to bring hot friends. I’m not seeing any hot friends.” Natsu deadpanned.

“Ouch Natsu, that hurts.” Juvia whined, kicking him in the head from her spot on the couch next to Cana and Gray. Erza was sure she was losing her mind being that close to him, but she seemed to be hiding it quite well.

“You don’t count, blue.” Gray added in, most likely for brownie points.

“I’m honored to be the exception to Natsu’s wannabe booty call.” Juvia said to Gray, one hand poised over her heart.

“Did you guys finish yesterday’s homework?” Jellal asked conversationally, entering with a bucket full of pretzels. Literally, a metal bucket. Maybe he was out of bowls.

“No way,” Cana answered for the group. “I’m waiting till midnight tonight to finish that shit.”

Erza said nothing. The truth was she had finished the homework. She was a fan of getting a good night’s sleep – as far as that extended when you share a room with Juvia.

“Writing intros sucks, I never know how to write an attention-getter, or whatever their called.” Gray said.

“How bout this – you shout the word boobs. Then you’ll have everyone’s attention.” Juvia offered with a shrug.

“You have a nice dorm, Jellal. Who’s your roommate?” Mirajane asked. His dorm was remarkably clean, almost like he was there alone.

“Ah, his name is Laxus. He’s pretty cool, but he doesn’t come here much. He’s kind of a party animal, actually.” Jellal informed.

“Is he hot?” Juvia asked crudely. Cana high-fived her and waited eagerly for Jellal’ answer.

“I…don’t know how to answer that.” Jellal admitted.

“Do you have any cereal?” Erza interrupted, not really listening to the conversation at hand.

“Uh…yeah?” Jellal asked, raising his eyebrows in suspicion.

Erza gave him a sharp look.

“Do you…want some?” He asked cautiously.

She nodded, her face a mixture of ‘obviously’ and ‘please don’t think I’m weird’.

Jellal stood up from his sitting position to go to the kitchen to fetch her some cereal. Erza, unwilling to bail on her shitty revenge plot, quickly stood up to follow him.

“So, cereal, huh?” Jellal asked as soon as the rest of the group began their own conversations. They were alone now.

“Y-yeah. Juvia eats all of mine, so…” Erza covered up. Jellal looked mildly skeptical, but not to the point where he’d refuse to give her cereal.

“Alright.” He accepted her excuse. “By the way, you uh…”

She awaited his words with bated breath. For some reason, he always put her on edge despite his up-front friendly behavior.

“You look nice, is all.” He said, looking down in the slightest like even he was embarrassed by the declaration.

The second he looked away, Erza broke into a full-fledged smile. Finally – that idiot was falling right into her trap!

“You ok?” He asked, his hand buried in the cereal cabinet with a concerned look across his face. Right. She was making a Jared Leto face.

“Yeah, oh yeah. Just remembering this…this thing, Juvia told me yesterday.” She excused casually, looking at anything but Jellal.

“We have Lucky Charms,” Jellal told he, retrieving the colorful box from the pantry.

“Awesome,” Erza let out, forgetting how delicious sugary cereal was. Even though the cereal was merely a stepping stone to her intricate revenge, it couldn’t hurt to get spoiled a little in the process.

They both headed back to the living room while Erza waited for the best moment to plant the mouse trap in the cereal cabinet. She just needed a distraction…

As if she had been telepathically summoned, Juvia stepped up to bat with the most ideal distraction there was.

“Does anybody have a tampon?” She asked, particularly loudly.

“I think I got some,” Cana said, digging through her purse experimentally.

Erza continued eating the cereal slowly. It was amazing, just as she had suspected. Stupid spoiled Jellal, probably had oodles of good food spilling out of the pantry that he refused to share with the rest of them.

“Yo, Erza! Throw me some cereal!” Natsu requested, holding his hands up pitcher style.

“Eat a dick,” she hissed protectively, wrapping her arms around the cereal and almost letting out a dragon roar.

“I have more cereal, if you guys want some,” Jellal offered kindly. There was an uproar of positive feedback and he went back into the kitchen to get more, foiling her mouse trap plan.

“So guys, FMK, Gosling, Seacrest, Reynolds.” Cana said. It took Erza a brief second to realize she was referring to three different Ryans.

“Ew, kill Seacrest.” Juvia said with a wrinkled nose.

“Marry Reynolds,” Mira pitched in helpfully.

“FUCK GOSLING.” Natsu said, freakishly loud. It made Erza question his sexuality on a whole different level.

“I mean, or yeah, whatever.” Natsu added in. Gray was practically puking his guts out from laughing so hard at Natsu’s confession.

“Ok, we have Froot Loops and Honey Comb.” Jellal presented the remaining cereal boxes and they were greedily snatched up by the rest o the group. Erza was slightly intrigued by his generosity, normal kids would be fighting like rabid hyenas for delicacies such as these yet Jellal seemed to be feeling rather charitable today. Interesting.

Unfortunately, Jellal took note of her bewildered expression and decided to take a seat next to her. Of course.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked, obviously referring to her dumbstruck expression.

“You sure like sharing,” she mumbled, shoving a dry marshmallow into her mouth ungracefully.

“I guess so,” he shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

“Why?” She pried annoyingly. He sure didn’t like to share in primary school, she could first-hand vouch for that.

“Misery loves company.” He said mysteriously before smiling slyly like he knew something she didn’t.

She felt hatred course through her veins immediately. How dare that smarmy idiot look her in the eye like he knew more than she did?

She crunched her cereal rather loudly and plunged one of her hands inside her purse. It was go time.

“I’m gonna go put this back,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t crack as she made slight eye contact with Juvia. She grabbed the mouse trap from inside her purse and scurried back into the kitchen.

She shoved the box back into the cabinet, and then slowly set the mouse trap and put it in front of the cereal box. There. Now she’d get her revenge. Sort of.

It was then that Erza realized exactly how many flaws her plan had. Who was dumb enough to not see a mouse trap in front of a cereal box? What if his roommate is the one who gets trapped? What if-

“Erza?” Jellal asked, peeking his head into the kitchen.

“A-ha…sorry!” She called, yanking her hand out of the cereal cabinet and placing it on her hip awkwardly. “Be right there!”

Oh well. She’d just have to hope for the best.




The next day at speech class, both Juvia and Erza were pleasantly surprised.

“You saw it, right?” Juvia asked excitedly, practically bouncing in her seat.

“Of course I did,” Erza responded. There was a band-aid on Jellal’s pinky finger. Their plan had worked. Sort of.

“I told you the mouse trap thing would work!” She boasted.

“Keep it down! It’ll be embarrassing if he finds out it was us!” Erza barked, still wary on the idea that she had actually stuck a mouse trap in someone’s cereal cabinet. It didn’t get much lower than this.

“Oh whatever! Next time, we should steal all of his toilet paper, than put it back the next day, and keep doing that for like, ever, and then he’ll think he’s going insane-“

“What’s the story, morning glory?” Natsu interrupted Juvia’s brilliant insight with a yawn, smacking his stuff down on the table.

“Shut up, we’re watching.” Juvia said, pointing Natsu’s head to Jellal who was talking to Gray.

“What? What are we watching? Do you still hate Jellal, or whatever?” Natsu asked boredly.

Yes, now shut up and watch.” Erza grabbed his mouth and closed it.

“Hey guys,” Jellal greeted before taking his seat behind Erza.

“That was…anticlimactic…” Juvia whispered.

“Well, what were you expecting?” Natsu whispered back.

“Perhaps a moan of pain?” Erza put in.

“Yeah, that would’ve been good.” Juvia said. “I should probably get back to my seat – I’ll catch you after, Erz.”

“Ok.” Erza grumbled, barely interested. She couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for revenge.

“Hey Erza, can I talk to you for a sec?” Jellal asked suddenly, breaking the tension with ease.

“Somebody’s in trouble~~” Natsu sang softly. Erza punched his shoulder and begrudgingly stood up to follow Jellal.

“So,” Jellal began, once they were out of earshot. “I have a question for you.”

“Uh…fire away.” Erza said, wondering what he could possibly ask of her.

“Did you, uh…” he scratched the back of his head anxiously, “leave a mouse trap in my cereal cabinet?”

Erza stared blankly at him. She hoped her expression didn’t seem guilty, because on the inside, her conscience was in flames. How the hell did he know it was her? Well…besides the fact that she was the only one that went in the kitchen…hm…she really didn’t think this through, did she?

“W-why would you think that?” She laughed, sharing his awkward neck scratching trait and smiling creepily.

“Well, it seems kinda dumb, but…” he paused for a second to evaluate her expression. “I found your receipt.”

No way, she cursed herself, I put it in my pocket…god damn it! Fuck girl pants and their pocket-lessness!!


“So, I figured it would make you feel better if I was hurt.” He added, holding up his bandaged pinky finger. Her eyes narrowed. What did he mean by that?

“I…uh…” she continued to fumble around her words like a dumbass.

His face fell at her lack of response.

“So, I guess what I’m trying to say is – why?”

Her mouth opened and shut like a dying goldfish.

“I…saw…a rat? In your dorm…thought I could…take care of it…”

Jellal shook his head, like he was disappointed in her.

“In that case,” he said, peeling off the tiny band-aid with ease, revealing a fully healthy pinky.

Bastard! He had pretended to get mouse-trapped! What a twist….

He watched her remorseful expression and laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

“I…don’t think I-“

“Erza, if you’re trying to do some petty revenge scheme for all the shit I threw at you in primary school, then have at it.” He said, surprising her by holding his arms in the air like he was surrendering. “…but I expected more than this from you, Erza.”

At this point Erza was fairly sure she looked like the entire audience during the Empire Strikes Back, only this time, it wasn’t her father who was trying to recruit her to the dark side.

“You…want me to…”

He smiled briefly, looking impressively sexy and Erza cursed every god out there for making her mortal enemy as attractive as sin.

“Impress me.” He said, before walking back to his table like nothing had happened.

Erza stared at the whiteboard, at a complete loss for words. Huh. So this is what it felt like to be check-mated. And if there was one thing she hated, it was losing. And chess in general. And Jellal, and his stupid, smug ass.

He may have won that turn, but it was her move next – and she’d be damned if she didn’t win this game.

Weakest thing

TITLE: Weakest thing

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: One shot for now but who knows?

AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst 

FIC SUMMARY: OC blurts out she loves Tom.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Sometimes, it’s nice to write things like these and read things like these. Comments and anything are really appreciated! :D I don’t know I should continue so please tell me if you like or hate it.

Inspired by Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It  by Stars

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lanvinlouis  asked:

I just read when Jack's parents found out and I'm soo happy. I don't mean to bother you, but do you think you could continue writing the kitten proposal fic?

I hope this is alright!

Other parts here and here.

Now that Hiccup was (technically) engaged to Jack, he felt like everything was different. When they hung out, he was hanging out with his (technical) fiancé. It just gave him a little thrill. Luckily the school hadn’t seem to have caught wind of it, but Hiccup did tell Astrid and made her swear not to tell anyone else. Jack said he told some of his friends, but knew they would keep it a secret.

Hiccup yawned as Jack held the door open for him. “Someone is tired,” he commented.

Together they wandered through the halls, not noticing that everyone was staring at them. Hiccup shifted his backpack. “I didn’t get much sleep last night. Between study for biology and keeping Toothless occupied, I couldn’t seem to catch a break.” He rubbed his eyes and Jack bit his lip at how cute the simple action was. They were still hesitant about PDA, but Jack really wanted to kiss him there. “Anyways,” Hiccup said, “how’s your class going?”

“Ugh, don’t even talk to me about classes yet. The bell hasn’t rung.” He smiled and nudged Hiccup, who immediately nudged back. “So are we hanging out after school?” He lowered his voice, their eyes meeting. It felt really intimate all of sudden and Jack flushed, struggling to keep Hiccup’s gaze.

Hiccup tilted his head and laughed. “Duh, I’m supposed to help you with math, remember?” Jack snorted and Hiccup touched his arm for a split second. “Maybe I could even stay for dinner.” There was that intimate air again, the slight flutter of his eyelashes, the way his lips quirked. Jack swallowed. The smaller teen’s attention was suddenly focused on something else. “What is everyone staring at?”

Jack looked around and noticed it too. It seemed everyone around them was just staring, some blatantly, others trying to hide it. Hiccup glanced up to Jack who shrugged. “Maybe I didn’t comb my hair?” He ran his fingers through the white strands, but Hiccup shook his head. “Then I don’t know.”

There were quick steps down the hall and Hiccup turned as Rapunzel was heading straight for them. She leapt and nearly tackled them both to the ground, out of breath and panting. “I can’t believe you two are engaged!” She shouted. Everyone started murmuring and she covered her mouth. “Oops.”

“Who told you?” Hiccup flushed and looked to Jack who was an even deeper shade of red.

The green eyed girl counted off her fingers. “Well, Snotlout told Fishlegs, who told Merida, who then told Elsa, who told Anna, who then came to me and spilled everything.” Hiccup groaned. He had completely forgotten about his cousin. “Were we not supposed to find out?”

Jack managed to calm his blush. “Well, it wasn’t really a secret, but we didn’t want it going around like crazy.”

“Oops,” Rapunzel said again, a little more sincere. “Sorry guys, but it seems the whole school knows already.” She motioned around to everyone.

“I guess there’s no helping it now.” Jack shrugged. Hiccup gave a small pout and Jack patted his shoulder. “Hey, at least I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hiccup raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”

Jack quickly grabbed him by his waist and pulled him into a deep kiss, nearly toppling over due to their backpacks. Rapunzel gasped and tried to hold back a laugh as they separated. Hiccup looked very daze and Jack couldn’t have been more proud. “I get to kiss my fiancé in front of the whole school!” He threw his arms in the air, grinning happily through his new blush. “How awesome is that?” The bell rang.

The smaller teen grabbed Jack’s hand, getting over his initial embarrassment. “I’d say pretty awesome.”

Rapunzel rolled her eyes and began to walk away. “Yeah, well you two will be kissing in detention if you don’t get to class on time,” she sang. Jack tightened his grip on Hiccup’s hand, both of them smiling.

Surprising Michael on Tour

Ok so this was a request for surprising Michael on tour and i’m actually pretty proud of this one. I’m sorry these have been taking so long and if you’ve sent a request that hasn’t been done I promise to get to it ASAP.

All you wanted to do was be with Michael. He was across the world from you, and the only way you could see each other was through skype. You were skyping him one night, when you got a text from Calum.

‘We have an extra ticket for our concert next weekend in Chicago; and because all Michael’s been doing is complaining how much he misses you, we wanted to know if you wanted to come and surprise him.’

You smiled to yourself thinking about finally seeing Michael, and sooner than another month.

“What are you smiling at?” Michael asked giggling.

“You.” You smiled. He began to giggle more and bat his eyelashes.

“I am pretty cute.”

“Hey baby, I really want to keep talking but I have to study for my test tonight.”

“Right, right. Alright go back to studying my little busy bee.” He smiled.

“I’ll try. I love you.”

“I love you too, now get to studying!”

“I will. Bye babe.”

“Bye love.”

Now even though you did have a test the next day, what you really wanted to do was buy your plane ticket to Chicago and organize the whole trip.

A Week Later

You had made it to Chicago, and you took a cab to the arena. The excitement was killing you. You were going to get to see Michael in less than an hour; your Mikey, in person.

Michael still didn’t know, and you weren’t going to tell him that you were coming until you saw him. You wanted to see it on his face.

You had arrived at the arena, and you made it to your seat. The show began not long after because your flight had been delayed earlier. The boys all came out one by one, and the crowd was screeching. He’d made it. The boy you loved with all your heart has really made it big, and deserves every bit of it. He’s worked so hard for this; and now he’s on stage living his dream.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you and Michael made direct eye contact. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas. His smile was a mile wide.

“Ohhhhhhhh my god.” Michael said giggling, “So guys um my girlfriends here and now I’m more nervous than usual.” He laughed. “So um, this one goes out to my dearest Y/N.” He said as they began She Looks So Perfect. The entire show he was giggling and smiling like crazy.

After the show, you went backstage, and you jumped in his arms.

“Oh my god Y/N I’ve missed you so goddamn much.” He said into your hair.

“Are you surprised?” you said laughing pulling away.

“Of course baby. God I love you so damn much you know that?” he said before pulling you into a long passionate kiss. Finally, in Michael’s arms, where you belonged.