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HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THEY KISSED! And not just a little peck, but a real proper kiss. 

Patsy is back, she back 😍

- I got on the boat the day after his funeral.
- I didn’t know. I didn’t know you were coming back.
- I did, I always did. And wherever I go next, you’re coming with me.

For a second I actually thought the scene was cut, like that pier scene we never got to see.

Even though that was the shortest scene ever, I could not wish for a better ending to season 6. 

He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that. Like, in country music they do in the states, but in pop music people are very like too cool for school most of the time. So I thought it was really–he’s such a nice gentleman and he was so kind. I wrote a song for them on their first record and so it was really nice, he came up and thanked me and he was just such a gentleman.
—  Kelly Clarkson on meeting Harry at the Billboard music awards in 2015.

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I don't think John was reading the bible. For one, the book's too thin. It would be difficult to cram the entire bible into such a thin book even with small print. Only the new testament might fit in there, which would exclude Leviticus rightaway (although some of Paul's groanworthy stuff on homosexuality would still be in there.) The cover looks kinda soft and bendy too. Not something you'd expect with a bible edition. And John's facial expression is more contemplative than repressed, I'd say.

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlockedGoing off John reading the bible (I’m not sure it is but it’s probable), do you think John is slightly religious? We know one of his ‘dying’ thoughts was a prayer (“Please, God, let me live”), he was married in a church by a Vicar, and he seemed keen to have Rosie christened/baptised which is not a common practice these days. I sometimes wonder if, as well as all his other issues, John has grown up with something like ‘Catholic guilt’ that might have helped repress his homosexuality?

(referencing this post)

I’m not sure if you’re the same Nonny, but I’ll put these together because of the content is similar and I would answer them both similarily anyway :)

First of all, I’ve actually answered a similar question to this in the past here, so you can read all that and come back, since I will be referencing it in this ask.

First part of this ask: Thank you for the heads up, Nonny! I also have never believed it was a Bible (I’m not even sure where this idea started from… aside from it’s Christmas…). I did a brightening of a screencap (forgive the low quality, my digital version of ASiB is not that amazing):

And as I said in that past post linked above, I do not think that is the Bible at all: too many words:

Even extravagant Catholic / Christian Bibles are simply “Holy Bible” and a graphical depiction of the cross:

I grew up non-practicing Roman Catholic (I went to Catholic school from Gr. 3 to 13, family is Roman Catholic, attended church when we were younger), and we never ever had extravagantly-covered Bibles in our religious ed. classes, though I have seen soft-covered Bible books (my Sunday school class from WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back had them). And you are right, the book is too thin to be the Bible. I’m more apt to think that he’s starting a novel; can’t make out the title though, thought half-heartedly because I think he was more worried about Sherlock. Or a medical text, or – wild thought – A Christmas Story by Dickens maybe? Sure it’s none of those, but there’s some additional thoughts for y'all.

Second part of this ask: Is John religious? You know, I think it’s in the same way many people are in his age bracket: non-practicing / skeptical, but hopes there is a higher power out there. I would imagine his family was, possibly why he is semi-closeted and has a strained relationship with his sister, and why he still holds onto some of the practices of the church (getting married in a church; christening; the need for god parents for his child), though there is the possibility that it was Mary who insisted on such things though.

But I do believe he has some religious upbringing, possibly a very conservative one, and as such has a lot of internalized struggles with his own sexuality (I think he KNOWS he’s bi, but he has such a desire to “fit in” that he will conform to what society and his upbringing deems as “normal”). He saw what his sister’s sexuality had possibly done to his family, and probably decided since he “had a choice” (I know that’s not the right wording, but humour me here) decided it was best to “play straight” until he could leave home. (Sorry, I know my wording is possibly offensive, but I don’t know how else to describe my thought process here)

This is all just my personal opinion, and I’m not crapping on religious beliefs. But John did grow up in the Thatcher-era, and if his family also supported Thatcher’s ideals, that could have been a rough home life for him.

I’ve talked about John’s possible struggles in his past here and here, both discussion pieces very interesting, especially the second link. 

Okay, so the fandom has decided that we’re only allowed to ship four things? (And by four, they mean only Klance).

  • Can’t ship Shiro with anyone because fandom decided on a completely made up fanon age and anyone who disagrees is evil.
  • Can’t ship Pidge with anyone because fandom decided on a completely made up fanon age and anyone who disagrees is evil.
  • Can’t ship Allura with anyone because Shallura is suddenly evil due to completely made up fanon ages, and can’t ship Kallura because ???? (IDK, the answer I see most often seems to be racism and straight teen girls fetishizing gay men)
  • Can’t ship Sendak, even when it’s not romantic or healthy, because no one may ever explore destructive relationships ever.
  • Can’t ship Lotor, even when it’s not romantic or healthy, because no one may ever explore destructive relationships ever, even though we’ve literally never met his character and his “personality” is entirely fanon right now.

So that leaves Klance, Heith, and Hance…and we all know that writes out Heith and Hance for having a dark skinned, heavyset character which isn’t popular for the skinny twink loving girl part of the fandom. Oh, and of course Matt ships are acceptable because random background white boy with 5 seconds of actual screen time is always a super popular ship choice.

Look, I’m not one who ships adults and minors ever or romanticizes hero/villain pairings, but you can’t arbitrarily make up fanon things as a weapon in a ship war and use these headcanons to attack literally every other ship or character in the entire show, as if Klance is the only “moral” choice left. 

If something isn’t your thing fine, I completely understand. I hate Lance because he sexually harasses the women on the show and I think Klance is boring, trite, and unappealing by trying to make two people who dislike each other into something romantic. But I don’t make up fanon things about the characters or the ship! 

And this sudden recent decision to disallow all Allura ships when she’s a dark skinned black princess just reeks of traditional fandom racism and misogyny. Everyone was fine with shipping her with Shiro and now they realize she’s the same age as everyone else (including Shiro) and can be shipped with Lance or Keith, the amount of hate has increased dramatically. You only liked her when she wasn’t a “threat” to your ship.

This is just ridiculous.

My sister and I shared a room for pretty much our whole lives until she moved out when she graduated high school. Once the lights went out, we had an ongoing story we would act. We had a few characters each and it was really fun. I even remember some of the characters: Saba, Mimi, and Genji. They had typical fantasy world adventures and I don’t recall too many details. It was mostly comical stuff, though. Sometimes we even did our own versions of Sailor Moon or Zelda or like Darkstalkers/Capcom characters. Idk why i’m thinking of this. My sister and I had a lot of fun and we really drifted once she graduated high school. I miss those times :(

Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Caller Nine on the Line!

He’s going to call. It’s been a couple days already, so he has to answer. I asked him if he wanted to come out tomorrow and he texted back: “hopefully I can :)”

She made a hard mark with her 2b pencil and cursed loudly.

Then again he is a boy. Boys will always be boys, it doesn’t matter how different you think the next one is. Men should come with these warning labels, instead of putting girls through all this bullshit.

I don’t have time for this.

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advice on an intp for maintaining relationships w an infp? I read ur post earlier about how infps can drift off in relationships and I agree. is it best to just let friendship run its course? i highly value this friendship so i don't like that option much

I don’t know, frankly. My INFP best friend “experience,” if you will, was that the friendship just ran its course. It’s not that we ever had a fight or falling-out that ended the friendship. It’s more like she moved on to other friends, and I just sort of stayed where I was. Whenever I try to bring up old stuff, she speaks to me in a semi-formal way, and not as though we were ever close friends. And she never initiates a conversation anymore.

Maybe I’m not handling things well. I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can do. 

I mean, if I had gone and made the same friends she did when she did, that may have helped. But while I did hang out with her friends, they never became my friends, if you know what I mean. I was always there as her friend, not as myself. And that’s not really very pleasant, because then no one talks to you, or, worse, they regard you as a sort of curiosity. 

So, maybe that’s my fault, too. I could have tried harder. But then, you know what it’s like for INTPs to try to make friends with people who don’t have much in common with. 

Maybe you could try to be friends with any new friends that your INFP makes. That’s one thing I can think of that would probably be a good idea in order to keep your friendship strong. 

That’s the one mistake I can really think of that I made. Otherwise, I’m afraid that I don’t know what else to tell you.

But I wish you the best of luck. Friendship is a dear thing, and it’s definitely worth a bit of sacrifice to have a marvelous friend!

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

Common MBTI Pairing Blogs Be Like

ENFPxINTJ: Ideal match!! <3 We are a magnet for each other, tee hee! =) *proceeds to write 2459 chat posts of them annoying the FUCK out of each other*

INTJxINFJ: We are special psYCHIC couple. We can read each other’s minds with just a glance. We know what each other is thinking at all times. 2 special 4 u ~insert deep phrase here~

INFJxENTP: We will never ever not get along EVER even though there’s so much potential to argue, no, we will ALWAYs click and fall in love IMMEDIATELY because Keirsey said so. Also omg ENTP peeling back INFJ’s LAYERS (eww??)

INTJxINFP: Big Fat Meanie with Precious Little Ball of Fluff!! Fawn over us because we are adorable! We won’t do funny conflict chat posts like ENFPxINTJ because it would always end in INFP legit getting their feelings hurt and then it won’t be funny it will just be sad!! =) But we are cute so love us anyway!

ENTJxINFP: SUPER Big Fat Meanie with Precious Little Ball of Fluff!! =)

INTJxENTJ: *didn’t make a blog because they realized it was fucking stupid and a waste of time. Is probably busy dominating the world and crushing everyone in their way*

INFJxINTP: Golden pair!! Special Snowflake Goddess with Socially Inept Quirky Nerd Robot and did I mention that we are the Golden Pairing??? The pairing … that is GOLDEN? If u don’t agree that we are akin to this metal then gtfo

ENFPxINFJ: Hi!! We’re an NF couple and we’re very happy together and– *gets drowned out by 10 billion INTJxENFP and ENTPxINFJ pairings that no one will ever find their blog*

ENTPxINTJ: ^same

ENFJxAnyone: No Results Found, not even for INTP which is supposed to be their ~ideal match~ as said by aforementioned worshipped Keirsey, in conclusion wtf is wrong with this community

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Isn't the sky lovely today? The sky is blue. Calm and free. With feather-like clouds. Light and white. Crazy how much we can try to stretch our arms and reach the sky, they still can never ever be touched. Though if we ride a plane, we can atleast be a little closer to them. So high above, but never fails to me. Just like you. 😊 - B

Woah.. :)

Luke thinkin’ he got the aim of Link up in here with dem love arrows, but little did he know that this whole time, one arrow slipped right through the screen passed Hana and hit me instead.

I am a broken human being.

Finny: My apologies for obsessing over you in the game on twitter, Luke.
Hope it isn’t as excessive as my anxiety makes me feel like it is.

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may 29th, 4am, 2016, picarto: frogopera makes a mistake that she will never be forgiven for…..a mistake that will haunt her dreams and torment her nightmares…. a mistake that echos down every dark alley she walks through, and clutters her inbox with asks she can never forget…. the first domino in a line of comics and fanfiction that flow towards her at breakneck speed…. sexy kermit.

we are the crystal gems (a cappella)
we are the crystal gems (a cappella)

tried to do a four part harmony exercise, with one part for every crystal gem! i’m honestly pretty psyched that steven universe is going to air again soon hahaha

can’t wait for the next episode!

Metals and glory and faith and all
that one might have flung into the fire
for a chance to see daybreak, again,
rising from behind the mountains,
like it did before the diaspora.

A friend told me the other day
that we were lucky to have come
after the not-quite-suicides, after
the violence of political prisoners
turned missing person, turned up
at the bottom of the bay, last year.

And I guess she’s right, because
we have grown so used to drawing
with red marker over every newsletter,
to shouting discontent in the bus home
that maybe the habit would have just
broken us, back then.

She thinks herself a knight,
justice melded into her spine,
holding up the weight of the hurt
that would have surely spread, first
from her mouth, to her stomach,
then to her sex. I don’t know what to
hope for; the nobility or the survival.
I can barely speak as it is.

Tomorrow will be another day,
and what will it bring along?
I don’t need to taste the blood
to know the water is full of it,
of the past and present as rivers,
coming together in heavy currents,
ready to drag us all down.

To be honest, I’m sick of soldiers
holding swords to someone’s throat
and veiling themselves in idealism.
Most of the time, power is power,
and the good will die before
they ever go back home.
—  And though we may never return (LM) for @lexxicona
The Signs As I Know Them

Aries- my ex-girlfriend. I swear she’s mentally insane, but regardless I loved her anyway. She always stands her ground; she’s never afraid to fight someone. She’s so down for anything, and that’s what I’ve always loved about her. Although, that willingness to do anything has gotten her in trouble with the law multiple times. She has the type of fiery personality I’ve always wished I had.

Taurus- the guy I lost my virginity to. He’s probably one of the most chill people I know. Although, when he gets angry he could kick your ass in the blink of an eye. He loves sex more than the drugs he does. He’ll never turn down the chance to fuck someone, and if he wants to sleep with you, you’ll definitely know. He’s probably actually one of the biggest fuckboys I’ve ever known😂 I’ll never know what he’s been through in his life; he’s just that private. I know very little about his past, but from what I can tell it’s very troubled, so I don’t blame him for being the way he is. He’s real easy to fall for, and that’s why everyone does. He’s the best regret I’ll ever have.

Gemini- my mom. She’s honestly my best friend. I can tell her anything and she’s always ready to listen and talk to me about whatever it is. She’s always down to hear all about the teenage drama I have. So so so laid back. Sometimes she’s more of a friend than a parent, but she does her best. Honestly one of the most hilarious people I know😂 she always has some funny/crazy story to tell. Plus, she’s had a hippie soul since the day she was born, so that’s cool too. There are times where she just needs to be alone, though. During those times, she can get very mean and scary. Regardless, I love her always. She makes me feel understood.

Cancer- the first guy I ever truly fell for. The love I had for him was endless. We never dated, though. He was only ever my best friend. Regardless, I loved him more than anything. I would’ve done anything for him to make him happy. Within time, I had to let him go in order to make him happy. It hurt more than anything in this world. Honestly, to this day I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still miss him. He has such a messed up past, but the only way you’ll know that is if you get close to him. It takes a lot for him to open his heart towards someone since he’s been hurt so many times before. I’ll never know exactly how he felt about me, but I’ll always know how amazing he was. There were times where he thought he was such a terrible person, but I never did. He’ll always have a spot in my heart.

Leo- my best friend. She’s such an idiot, but that’s just what everyone loves about her. It doesn’t take a lot for her to say the L word, but when she actually falls in love, she really falls. She’s actually really wise. She’s always there to give a piece of advice when needed. Shes the type of girl every girl wishes they could be and every guy wishes they could get. She’s such a fiery little ball of sunshine and I’ve always loved that about her. Although, it’s really annoying when guys wanna choose her over me. I could never blame them, though. She’s truly more amazing than I’ll ever be.

Virgo- me lol. Other than me, a friend of mine. She’s one of the most depressed people I know. She thinks things are so bad in life, and I just wish I could show her things don’t have to stay the way they are. She could change, and I know it cuz I’ve done it. I know it isn’t easy, but I know she could do it. I also know that’s what she’s been trying to do, though. She wants to give up on life so badly, yet she’s still here. She’s one of the strongest people I know.

Libra- my dad. Sometimes he can be boring😅 but I’m still his little girl. I love him, but I often forget to tell him. He doesn’t really have friends cuz he’s so to himself. He also looks mean, but he really isn’t. He’s always been a dreamer, and that’s what causes him to seem standoffish. Sometimes I swear this man doesn’t feel feelings. He either has his resting bitch face on or he’s smiling (lol he’s who I get it from.) He’s definitely the stricter parent, but he can be fun sometimes. Really into historical stuff for some reason. Ignorant about like everything- especially his damn ignorance. He’s the only man Imma ever need.

Scorpio- my ex-boyfriend. He was an amazing guy, but he did have his flaws. He was manipulative, but I can’t tell if he completely knew what he was saying was manipulative or not?? He got attached to me really fast. After only like a week of being together he was dropping hints about the future he wanted to have with me. He told me he loved me after we were together only like an hour. He definitely would’ve walked through fire if it meant I’d smile, though. Sadly, we ended on pretty bad terms. He goes through a lot of hard things in his life, and that’s what makes him so tough. He’ll square up over anything I swear😂 he’s gonna make some girl very happy one day.

Sagittarius- my best guy friend. He’s really crazy, but yet really chill at the same time?? He contradicts himself a lot😂 one time he was talking about how he doesn’t feel things, and then like 5 minutes later starting talking about his feelings😂 he likes to stuff his feelings with drugs. For some reason he talks about how badly he wants a girlfriend, but never seems to wanna date the girls who actually like him?? He makes my mind go ’????’ We talked one time about how we like each other, but it’s hard to see each other. We agreed to wait until he can drive to try and date. He makes me excited for the future.

Capricorn- my best friend. She’s insane😂 really really funny. I swear she’s gonna be the reason I’ll have abs one day😂 she randomly does these really weird accents and it’s just great. She has a major dark side that she hides though. She hits her low sometimes and sometimes she’ll even refuse to admit it. Eventually, she tells me everything though. She doesn’t open up easily, so if she were to open up to you, you can’t take it lightly. She has such an ‘I don’t care’ attitude but on the inside she’s constantly screaming about something. Whenever I’m sad I can always count on her to help me cheer up. She helps me pull out the sun in my darkest hours.

Aquarius- my ex-boyfriend. We were literally Peter and Lois Griffin😂 he wasn’t nearly as in touch with his emotions as I am. He likes to ignore them and act like they aren’t real. Every once in a while he opens up though. He’d always rather crack a joke than admit how he feels though. Reeeaaaalllllyyyyy funny. Likes to make up random back stories. You hear lots of movie and tv show references while talking to him. Really really sarcastic. He makes me miss the way things used to be.

Pisces- my best guy friend. He thinks he’s such a terrible person, but I know damn well he isn’t. I’ve seen it. He cares so so so much about everything and will always listen to your problems no matter how little and dumb. He does a lot of drugs to run from his problems. Because of these drugs, he tends to get reckless. His best advice is always “smoke some weed you’ll be fine.” But damn if he don’t help me get through my darkest hours though. He’s one of the only people that made me reconsider when I thought I was hopeless. No one can get through to me like he can. He’s the reason I’m still alive today.

See, I do have a soft side

Short Drabble - okay maybe not so much

Pairings: Tony X reader (platonic) including avengers

“Tones, when do you not drink?”

We were all huddled in the common room, contemplating if we should play ‘never have I ever’ even though Steve, Bruce, wanda, vision and I don’t drink.

“I’ll stop drinking when you stop calling my Tones, (y/n)”.

“Drink away then. This is out of context but… do you, like, not have a soft side?“ Curiosity had gotten the best of me, but this has been a question which was on my mind for quite a while.He gave a side glance before answering, 

“I do have one, it’s just hidden under this awesomeness.” Ok, that was a good one. 

We all gathered around starting to play the game. As Natasha gathered tequila for herself, tony, Clint, Thor, Bucky, Sam and Pietro, and soda for the rest of us, she announced who was going first. 

“Okay dicksilver, you first.”

“Okay never have I ever had a one night stand!” Tony, Sam, Clint, Bucky and Natasha took a shot of their beverage.

Tony stood up filling his glass to the rim; getting as much tequila as he could. “Ok, ok. I think speedy little shit here wanted capsicle to take a shot…are you really still a virgin?”


I earned myself a glare from Tony - which I honestly didn’t care about, but it was followed by a smirk…oh no. 

 "Never have I ever…failed the dream room and ran out crying.“ A devilish smirk played on his lips, he went too far. Everyone watched the anger rile up in my eyes, regret filling Tony’s and the tension rapidly filling the air.

A chortle left my lips. Taking an enormous gulp, I stood up, looked into Tony’s eyes and said,"I have.”

With that, I placed the glass into the coffee table, turned around and walked off; doing all this in a calm matter caused the avengers to be perplexed.

 Standing on the roof, (y/n) replayed the scene in her head.

failed the dream room and ran out crying.
failed the dream room and ran out crying.
failed the dream room and ran out crying.

“AAAHHHH” a gigantic shout left her mouth as she punched the floor.
She stood back up, and watched the horizon, the sky painted with wisps of pink. she crossed her arms and her left leg kept tapping on the concrete, a frown plastered onto her face as hot tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

She heard the roof door open behind her, but her eyes were still glued onto the New York scenery in front of her.

“Look (y/n), I’m only going to say this once I’m sor-”

“Y'know why I cried in that room, Stark?”

“Look, that’s the dream room - fury made all of us avengers go in there and see our worst nightmare. He wanted to see how we can handle our worst fears, I didn’t know what you saw and I didn’t know it would be so bad to make you cry.”

“I saw myself in my house, w-with my family. B-but it wasn’t th-them.” She breathed in before carrying on, “I saw that my family, literally my whole family , was in front of the fireplace. When they turned around, they looked normal - happy, even. But when I hugged my mom, as soon as I pulled away, I saw her rotting carcass. My family’s bodies were disintegrating, their flesh coming off… The worst part? It was all because of me.”

The last sentence came out barely louder than a whisper. Tony wrapped his arms around (y/n) as he kept repeating his apology over and over again. They sat down on the floor and let the warm New York air surround them.

“(Y/n), look I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was that bad. You know that you could’ve punched me or something for triggering that memory… Please forgive me”

“It’s okay Tones”

“See, I do have a soft side”

“Way to ruin the moment”

the end


❋ Castihalo’s Best of 2016 ❋

After wanting to create a compilation of my art for a while now, it’s finally here!! I’ve made a lot of other artwork since the past one year and choosing only twelve among many others was like choosing a favorite child but I eventually managed to do it!! (•̀o•́)ง✧

I noticed that I’ve been playing a lot with colors (mostly with pink and purple, sure, but colors nonetheless) this year - something that I never dared to do last year, so yay for progress! Thank you so much for all the support I received this year and I look forward to making more art next year!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Title; time travel

Description; Dan doesn’t know how he’s somehow in the year 2015 sitting in the middle of a stranger’s house. (Or the one in which 2009 Dan time travels and meets 2015 Phan.)

Wordcount; 1400+

A/N; I got this prompted so I thought I should write it cause why not. It’s not really a drabble, but um. I guess I’m making up for the day that I missed yesterday? (also I’m looking for prompts, so if you want smth short written I could write it maybe..) 

15 days of drabbles; day 9

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