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Have you ever read Max’s text exchange with Chloe in the San Francisco reality (during the Dark Room sequence)? I missed it the first time around and it’s lovely.

It also pisses me off, though, because it’s basically the happy ending we wanted: Max and Chloe are together again; Chloe and David make up; Chloe is going to college; Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest.

It’s the perfect end and and Don’t Nod basically said “FU, players, you can’t have a happy ending!” They insist on making us pay a price. There are so many things wrong with both endings and I won’t rehash them here but seriously did they have to show us a good ending and then snatch it away? 

YouTuber playing Life is Strange, talking about Chloe Price

“To have friends like that, better not have them”

I strongly disagree…

…and I’ll explain why.

As a person who has had a lot of different friends, I find in Chloe a friend who I always wanted to have.

Chloe is a person with a difficult character. She is angry because she lost her father and her girlfriend. She feels lonely and she always tries to blame someone else when something doesn’t work out for her (this means that she is proud but insecure). She has her rage on, we all know it and maybe some of you hate that about her (I can’t include myself because I’d be hypocrite as I have my rage on too).


She will do whatever needs to be done for a friend.

Can’t we all agree that’s the most important thing when we have a friend?

Chloe owed a lot of money to Frank because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe tried to get money from Nathan because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe wanted to sacrifice herself for the town she hated. Moreover, she would sacrifice herself for Max, for her friend. She actually dies trying to find Rachel. She blames herself for not saving Max in the Dark Room. 

Now we can say that Chloe is not a selfish person. First reason to want her as a friend.

She is crazy

I love crazy and careless people. I love people who just don’t give a fuck about other’s opinion. Because they are the BEST people ever. They won’t listen to gossip about you, they won’t care about your hair, your clothes, your shoes… 

I love crazy people because they want to have fun and enjoy their life. I always say that Chloe is my spirit animal because I’d love to be so careless. I’d be happier for sure. Maybe, if I had a friend like her I would be happier because she’d try to do crazy things with me.

Midnight swim? Why the fuck not? I’m in. 

She is kind

I won’t say anything about this. Just see:

She is brave

Not everyone would defend you like Chloe defends Max. That’s something to think about.

I would write more and more about why I’d love having a friend like Chloe. But I think this is enough.

Keep calm and save Chloe Price

I’m really fucking not understanding this ‘taako gets a boyfriend so ship that and NOT him with another guy’ logic that I just got yet ANOTHER anon about

nobody says 'oh don’t ship Kate and max from life is strange because max and Chloe are canon uwu’. Ike are we really doing this?? are we really??

1) just because a ship is canon doesn’t mean everyone has to like it. yes, be suspicious if ppl are being gross (eg: ppl don’t ship korrasami but only ship korra/dudes and Asami/dudes), but not every gay person is gonna like every canon gay couple out there just b/c they’re gay. it doesn’t work like that???

2) ppl can ship??? more than one thing??? shocker???

3) literally all this is doing is putting a nasty taste in my mouth for the canon ship before I even meet them and I don’t?? want that???



I desperately try not to watch as Max strips down to her bra and undies but… Holy. Fucking. Shit-balls. She’s beautiful. I have to force myself to look away but I almost can’t. ‘Don’t look, don’t drool, don’t get a nosebleed, and for the love of god DO NOT STARE!’. Too late. Our eyes meet momentarily and I panic, but Max simply smiles and throws her clothes aside and takes a few steps back before running forward and cannonballing into the pool. “Cowabunga!” she calls. When Max resurfaces I smile at her dumbly, “Why, look! An otter in my water,”. She giggles a little and I proceed to start humming the ‘Jaws’ theme, swimming ever so closer to her. “You are so obvious. And I still get freaked out by that movie, so stop,” She replies, creating a small wave with her arms and splashing me with it. I squeal in excitement and splash her back. This continues for a while, with us laughing like the dorks we are. “I’ll just rewind and harpoon you. Otter’s revenge!” Max says with a warm smile. “Cheater,” I retort warmly. “Yeah, you would know about that!”. For some reason… that comment… hurts. Does she think I cheated on our friendship with Rachael… or… does she feel like I cheated on… her? All these mixed signals are fucking with my head, so I decide to lay back and float on the surface of the water. “I wish Rachael was here,” I say, watching as Max does the same, “She would totally love being here at night. I wish you guys had met each other,”. “We will,” Max says with an extra dose of reassurance, “With all this stuff going on, I’m starting to think everything is related… and I want to find out for Kate’s sake, She… died today,”. I not and follow as Max sets herself upright and swims to the edge of the pool. “Your powers are changing everything, Max. Especially you. I can already tell… you’re not so chickenshit anymore,” I say, settling into my position beside her. As this week goes by, I find myself growing more and more accustom to Max’s presence, her gestures, her nervous ticks. It’s starting to feel like she never left. Max smiles at my comment, “Thanks, girlfriend”. My heart flutters at that thought… of Max being my girlfriend, but I stop the fantasy before it gets any bigger, ‘She’s not even into girls…at least, I don’t think’. “You know what I mean,” I say, getting my mind back on track, “You’re becoming like this force of nature,”. “More like luck of nature. Come on, my powers failed trying to save Kate…maybe I’m just stumbling back and forth in time… for what reason?”. “You didn’t stumble when you saved me, Max,” I reassure her. “Not that time but that’s because you were there to kickstart  my power…” She says, staring at me with those big blue eyes. ‘Dear god, Chloe… keep it together. You have a crush on Max, so what… just don’t let it get in the way of what’s important’ but… what is important… that’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past three days. “So, it’s time to start moving forward in time. And we’re obviously connected since without me you would have never discovered your power, right?”. She nods, “Absolutely. You make me feel like I know what I’m doing…”. “And you make me feel like I still have a reason for still being in Arcadia Bay,” I say with the tiniest bit of flirtation. “I hope so…”. I roll my eyes playfully, “Stop being so goddamn humble. You’re like the smartest, most talented person I ever know,”. “More than Rachael Amber?” Max asks. I look at her for a moment, then look away. ‘She is jealous of Rachael… but, why?’. “Dude, I’m not her groupie, okay?” I say with a bit of sass, “And I’m sure you have Blackwell bros all over you- like Warren,”. Welp… that’s like the lamest way of asking who she’s into… smooth, Chloe, smooth. “You’re the bro killer. Tats and ‘tude…”. “You did not just say that. Plus I am not down with these Arcadia Bay hillbillies,”. “I don’t blame you,” Max replies, “Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry, right?”. “No worries. Once you get over yourself, you’re going to make the world bow,”. “As long as you’re there with me,”. “Don’t look so sad. I’m never leaving you,” I say, resting my head in my arms, holding my gaze with my partner in time. Max smiles innocently and does the same, locking eyes with me. We just sit there for a while… staring at each other, not doing anything else. I inch my hand towards her hand, feeling as our fingers slowly intertwine. My heart starts pounding at an accelerated rate as Max scoots a little closer, passing her advances off as adjustments. “Max?” I finally say. “Hmm?” she hums dreamily. “Truth or Dare,”. Max lifts her head a little and giggles, “Dare, of course,”. SCORE. I smile mischievously, “I dare you to kiss me,”. For a quiet and seemingly straight hipster, Max takes the dare without a second thought. She leans up, places her hand behind my head to balance herself, and kisses me with chlorine flavored lips. I pull back in surprise, losing my footing as I do so and slipping underwater as a result. When my head resurfaces, I see Max smiling at me like a goon. My face must be beet red because she laughs warmly, “What did you expect?” She says, “You said it yourself, I’m not so chickenshit anymore,”. I blush furiously and look away, “I didn’t think you’d actually do it,”. “Honestly, I didn’t either,” Max admits, “But it kinda felt like the right thing to do,”. I look up at her again, my head half submerged in the water and smile. “What?” she asks. I continue to smile, “I dare you to do it again,”. Max smiles smugly, “You’d like that… wouldn’t you?”. “Very much so,”. She blushes and averts her eyes but doesn’t turn away, “God, you’re such a dork,”. “And you’re a nerd… and nerds are hot,” I blurt. Max’s eyes lock onto my again, “Are you… hitting on me?”. “Yes! Thank you for finally noticing!” I blurt again. “I … I uh… *ahem* I don’t know what to say to that,” Max say, laughing nervously. “I do,”. I don’t even give her a chance to react because our lips are already pressed against each other. Max doesn’t move away or freak out at my sudden move, she just relaxes and enjoys it for what it is. When we pull away, she just looks at me with a derpy ass smile, “Hmm, remind me to take dares from you more often,”. I nod, “I’ll be sure to remind you”.

  • Max: You’re scamming him?
  • Chloe: I was thinking more like flat out stealing from him?
  • Max: What? No way.
  • Chloe: Why not? We already stole a Rachel!
  • Rachel: Hey guys.
  • Max: No, we didn’t. Rachel’s a person, she can do whatever she wants.
  • Rachel: I wanna steal.