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Magic Panel Info

I promised to post the new info I gave out at the panel. Note that it’s all about Unstable. Here it is:

Unstable will have a small Squirrel theme, enough to build a deck around. There is a Squirrel lord but because its effects stack, it isn’t legendary so people can get multiples on the battlefield at the same time.

The set will have full-art basic lands with art done by John Avon. We did something with them that we almost did in Unhinged by chickened out. They look amazing.

The set will have Contraptions. I figured out a flavorful and fun way to do them but it was a bit much for black border. I consider it a home run execution. Steamflogger Boss is on the set. It appears once on the land sheet (It was the only way to get a black-bordered card in the set). Only the basic lands and Steamflogger Boss are Eternal playable. All the creatures in this set that assemble Contraptions are Riggers.

The set has a cohesive creative theme. We brought in artists and did real world building. The world is a mad scientist steam punkish world with five factions:

Order of the Widget (White/Blue) - This is the cyborg faction. They are like Esper but without any self control. They use their inventions to constantly improve themselves. You don’t need a toaster if you replace your hand with a toaster. They take self improvement to an absurd degree.

Agents of S.N.E.A.K. (Blue/Black) - This faction is the spies. They use their inventions for elaborate spy devices. The problem is, they are, for the most part, awful spies, using spy gadgets whenever and wherever they can often when not remotely called for.

Legion of Dastardly Doom (Black/Red) - This faction is the super villains. They use their inventions for death rays, weather control devices and apocalypse machines. They want to rule the world, but are constantly fighting as to who gets to destroy the world first.

Goblin Explosioneers (Red/Green) - This faction is the Goblins, it includes the Steamfloggers. These Goblins love making contraptions and are slightly obsessed with hammers. Their style is slapping thing together to see if cool things can happen. And when things don’t explode, sometimes they do.

Crossbreed Labs (Green/White) - This faction is obsessed with using their inventions to alter biology. They are all made up of hybrids of different animals. Part monkey/part spider/part leopard - sounds good. This faction mixes and matches all sorts of different animals in its quest for self improvement.

The set uses modern design and development techniques. It was designed to be drafted by itself and the release events for the product will be booster drafts. We worked hard to make the set have a lot of playability so you can draft it a bunch of times.

The set will have foil tokens, both for tokens produced by cards in the set and for popular tribes we felt the players would like in foil.

There are tons of other cool things I can’t talk about yet. The set does have a second named mechanic, along with Contraptions. It is something we’ve been trying to solve for years and with the flexibility of silver border, finally found a way to do it.

The set started design in January of 2011 and has its release date slip on several occasions. I am very proud of the work everyone did and think it’s the best Un-set we’ve ever made. I believe fans of Un-sets are going to love it.

We're Legendary Defenders!
Team Voltron
We're Legendary Defenders!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY VOLTRON!! bit of a throwback, but i was thinking about how cool that song “Cheetah Sisters” from the classic movie would sound for Voltron in the iconic scene at the end of S2. thematically it just fit so well, and after opening the floor up to you guys to help me out - here we are!

This has been a really huge and exciting music project. It was so fun to work with everybody, thanks so much to everyone who was a part of it. With many thanks and congratulations to @chrispalmerart @thebestlaurenmontgomery @joshkeaton @bext-k and the entire cast & crew of Voltron for giving us such a fantastic show!!

Shiro: @luicsings
Keith: @drowningwithvigor  
Pidge: @misterpoofofficial
Lance: @pessimisticipher
Hunk: @paxtara  
Allura: @lookforanewangle
Coran: @kcgane

lyrics by: @kcgane
instrumentation made & arranged by: @kcgane
mixed & produced by: @kcgane
original song ‘Cheetah Sisters’ & lyrics by: Jamie Houston
VLD Theme (passing reference included) by: Alex Geringas

Enjoy! I’ll leave the rest to the assembled Team Voltron…

So leave it with us
We’re legendary defenders!

full lyrics & notes below:

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Happy Birthday to the brightest, most gorgeous, most talented angel - our King Jung Hoseok! Thank you for your endless hard work and dedication. Your kindness, talent, and beauty cannot be matched and every day with you is a blessing. We love you so much, King! 💖

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #124 - Zootopia

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes!

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #412.

Format: Blu-ray

1) From the very start this film is excellent storytelling. The opening scene where young Judy and her classmates clearly establishes the conflict of predator vs. prey and the biases that come from that, the film’s humor and heart, and Judy as a character.

2) My mother is an actuary. My brother is studying to be an actuary. Actuaries don’t do this.

Little Jaguar: “Today I can hunt for tax exemptions. I’m going to be an actuary!”

3) Judy’s parents (Don Lake & Bonnie Hunt) are so funny in such a sad way.

Stu: “Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy?”

Judy: “Nope.”

Stu: “Well, we gave up on our dreams and we settled. Right, Bon?”

Bonnie: “Oh yes, that’s right Stu. We settled hard.”

4) Gideon Grey.

Originally posted by masha-russia

Gideon is a perfect example of how nothing - NOTHING - in this film is superfluous, but I’m actually going to speak on that further into the film.

5) The police academy scene gives wonderful exposition. It sets up the environment and rules of Zootopia’s various ecosystems in a way that feeds into Judy’s conflict and character.

6) Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps.

Originally posted by floppy999

Goodwin (a massive Disney fan herself) breathes perfect life into Hopps. The best voice over work is when you’re not distracted by the voice actor. When their voice and their heart match with the character so perfectly that you don’t hear - say - Kristen Bell as Anna or Mike Myers as Shrek, you only hear the character’s. Goodwin is able to balance Judy’s massive optimism and heart along with the scenes where Judy has lost those things perfectly. I don’t think anyone else could have voiced Hopps as well as Goodwin.

7) If you want to avoid a slew of bad animal puns, don’t look too hard at Judy’s iPod.

8) “Try Everything” by Shakira.

Originally posted by raddestboy

Written by Sia, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, the theme song which deserved an Oscar nomination captures Judy’s optimism and struggles perfectly. The song’s lyrics speak of optimism in the face of constant failure, a theme which is very relevant to Judy in the first half of the film. It also provides the perfect backdrop to the visual introduction of Zootopia as Judy enters the city on train.

9) Subtle.

Judy [after Clawhauser calls her “cute”]: “Ooh, ah, you probably didn’t know, but a bunny can call another bunny ‘cute’, but when other animals do it, that’s a little…”

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

10) This film really runs with the animal puns.

(GIF originally posted by @baawri)

Bogo [turning to an Elephant officer]: “Francine. Happy birthday!”

11) I love the way the filmmakers handled Judy’s office discrimination. She is treated just as a token bunny, someone who’s only there for PR. Except she was top of her class at Zootopia police academy: a difficult feat for anybody, let alone a bunny. But this just feeds into the biases Bogo already has about Judy: she’s not really that good, they just said she was because she’s a bunny. That plays into real life way more than it probably should.

12) Wow, I did not catch how entirely speciesist this line was until now:

Ice Cream Parlor Owner [to Nick]: “Look, you probably can’t read…”

Damn that’s speciesist.

13) Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde.

Originally posted by a-zootopia-fan

Remember how I said great voice over work is noted by not realizing you’re listening to a voice over artist? The same can be said of Bateman’s performance of Wilde, 100%. To start, Bateman captures Wilde’s surface level of sly con artists WONDERFULLY well. He’s devilish and charming in the same vein as Danny Ocean or Han Solo, and Bateman expresses this perfectly. But as the film progresses Bateman is also able to show off Nick’s layers. His troubled past, his occasional lack of self-worth and anger at the world. And the honest level never changes. It’s not like Bateman was hired ONLY for the slyness of Nick’s role and had to power through the rest, he’s able to do it all. It’s a great voice over for a great character.

14) The relationship between Nick & Judy is the cornerstone of this film. What I personally like about it is its honesty. There’s no BIG moment when these two meet, it’s a chance encounter which grows to conflict and then budding friendship so organically you don’t even know it’s happening.

Originally posted by surreal-teal

15) There is nothing even remotely superfluous in this film. Nick makes a comment about how he’s been running his popsicle con his whole life and that will come back to bite him in the butt later.

16) This pig is played by Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin’s onscreen partner in “Once Upon a Time” and real life husband.

17) The chase through Zootopia is an incredible amount of fun, especially when Judy and Duke get to Little Rodentia. The filmmakers are able to play with their concept in a visual entertaining and imaginative way, which in turn keeps us as the audience wrapped up in the world they’ve established.

Note: I’m going to take about Alan Tudyk as Duke later in the film, at a very specific moment.

18) Again, there is nothing superfluous in this film (a note I’m going to be making a lot):

Judy [after saving Mr. Big’s daughter]: “Love your hair.”

Mr. Big’s Daughter: “Aww, thank you!”

It is this little encounter (and, you know, the fact that Judy saved her life) that saves Judy & Nick from getting “iced” by Mr. Big later in the film.

19) Again, nothing superfluous in the film. As the “non-onions” that Duke stole end up being very important later on.

20) Disney is at its bets when it pokes fun at itself.

Bogo: “Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little musical and your insipid dreams MAGICALLY COME TRUE! So let it go.”

Originally posted by rinshi-chan

21) Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Nick’s face after Judy says she’ll arrest him for, “felony tax evasion,” after he brags to her about how he’s been running this con since he was a kid and how much money he makes?

(GIF originally posted by @animations-daily)

22) Again, with the idea that nothing in this film is superfluous: Judy’s recording pen becomes very important as the movie goes on.

23) Only Tommy Chong could play this character.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

Like there’s a chance he’s not even reading from a script, they just had Tommy Chong come in and told him what the movie was about and he just started talking.

24) This is the funniest part of the whole film, in my opinion.

Originally posted by officialmoviegoer

The entire DMV scene plays well not only with the concept established by the film of an animal society in a way which is funny on its own, but the continuing conflict of Judy’s eagerness, Flash’s slowness, and Nick’s desire to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing leads to amazing comedy.

25) Did you know Kristen Bell is in this film?

Originally posted by musicallyfoxypokemon

Bell landed the role not only because of her working with Disney on Frozen, but also because she is a noteworthy sloth enthusiast (as seen on “Ellen”).

26) It is nice to see Nick freak out when he realizes he and Judy are in Mr. Big’s limo, as it shows us a part of him we haven’t gotten to look at much in the film so far.

27) Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big.

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

LaMarche is a noted voice over actor known primarily for his roles as Brain on “Pinky & The Brain”, various characters including Calculon on “Futurama”, and Mr. Freeze in the Batman Arkham series of video games. Here, we get to hear the veteran voice over artist do his best high pitched Brando impression.

28) This film has its fair share of nice surprises, details and twists which keeps you on your toes. The earliest of these is the revelation that the missing mammal Judy & Nick are looking for - Mr. Otterton - was in fact the one who attacked the limo driver (and not that he was the one attacked, as originally perceived).

29) This scene gives me life.

Bogo [after Judy’s witness disappears]: Two days to find the otter, or you quit. That was the deal. [Holding out hand] Badge.

Judy: But sir, we…

Bogo: Badge!

[Judy starts to turn in her badge]

Nick: Uh… no.

Chief Bogo: What did you say, fox?

Nick Wilde: Sorry, what I said was… NO! She will not be giving you that badge.[Bogo flinches] Look, you gave her a… a… a clown vest and a three wheel joke mobile and two days to solve a case you guys haven’t cracked in two weeks? Yeah, no wonder she needed to get help from a fox. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you? [Bogo starts to speak but Nick cuts him off] Here’s the thing, chief. You gave her the 48 hours, so technically we still have… 10 left, to find our Mr. Otterton. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So, if you’ll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow and a case to crack. Good day.

30) And then there’s this…

I saw this film twice in theaters and both times I was tearing up during Nick’s backstory. Anyone who has ever been bullied as a kid for being different will relate at least a little bit to what Nick went through. And it is this scene when Nick is at his most honesty with Judy, when they become pretty good friends and form a trust with each other.


32) I did not think a Disney movie would make me jump like this (stop at 2:11).

33) This is incredibly rare for me, as someone who sees more than 60 films in theaters a year, but after Nick & Judy found the missing mammals and had the mayor arrested I had absolutely NO idea where the film was going after that. At all. I love it!

34) Nick’s face when Judy links the savage animals to being a predator…

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

35) I had a film student criticize this film not based on the merits of its story or character’s or anything, but because they didn’t understand the metaphor. He noted that it’s not a clean comparison between white people and minorities and that’s exactly the point. This film is not about the people in power vs the people who aren’t, because who’s in power? The mayor may be a lion but the most biased character in the film - Chief Bogo - is prey. Bias goes all around and it can infect anybody, no matter what you think. Even Judy, for all her merits, is biased. She carries around fox repellent all the time and even has this line:

Judy: “It’s not like a bunny can go savage.”

That’s what I love about this film. It’s universal. It’s not about one real life society, it is about all societies everywhere and how bias can infect them and taint them and it’s up to us to work against that.

36) Fun fact: I had no idea otters were predators before seeing this film.

37) Gideon Grey returns.

Originally posted by klaus-baudelarie

If only all childhood bullies were like that, but again it gets to my oft-repeated point that nothing in this film is superfluous. Gideon could have easily been the one note bully from Judy’s youth who gave her the motivation to prove him wrong, but he comes back 15 years later in the most perfect way. She sees that people can change and that people who are good now are not always good (Gideon when he was younger, Judy when she was biased). It is a really important moment for her that was established all the way in the first ten minutes of this movie. I love that.

38) Judy’s apology to Nick and the way he handles it is something I truly love about this movie and their friendship as a whole.

And then I really love the little joke at the end about Judy trying to get to the pen and can’t help but wonder: was that written in the script? Was it Jason Bateman’s improv that made it into the film? It’s just so natural I must know!

39) Okay, I think this is the last time I will give this note, BUT NOTHING IN THIS MOVIE IS SUPERFLUOUS!!! This is most apparent to me when Nick does a little thing like expressing how much he likes the berries on Judy’s farm and it becomes so important to the plot latter when they switched out those berries with the Night Howlers in Bellwether’s dart gun.


(GIFs originally posted by @bridgetjones)

41) And it’s followed up by this!

Both characters are voiced by Alan Tudyk. Because Disney just can’t let that one slide, can they? I love it.

42) Same Duke. Same.

(GIFs originally posted by @baawri)

43) The sticky note on Bellwether’s phone earlier was for Doug, the guy who mixes the night howler drug that makes animals go savage (this is the same drug who’s key ingredient was mixed from the non-onions Duke stole earlier in the film, FOR Doug).

44) At one point Doug - who is dressed in a yellow radiation suit and makes drugs for a living - lets his client know that “Woolter and Jesse” have arrived.

Originally posted by knurd-dna-denots

And yes, they did that on purpose.

45) The entire subway chase sequence is really great, because it is based heavily on the idea of action = consequence. A ram is running at the door, he gets through and hits another ram. The train goes too fast into a turn, it tips over and Judy/Nick are up a creek. It all works very nicely

46) Honestly, I didn’t figure out Bellwether was the bad guy until just before it was revealed the first time I saw this.

Originally posted by lostchel

47) Bellwether’s line about, “Fear ALWAYS works!” to keep the people in check should not be as relevant in 2017 as it is.

48) Okay, one thing I need to know: Bellwether is in jail, Mayor Lionheart is in jail, and Chief Bogo is still the police chief…SO WHO’S MAYOR NOW!?!?!?

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

49) I know this film was pretty much a buddy cop movie, but I would be totally fine with a buddy cop movie where Nick is actually a cop.

Originally posted by blueberrycarrots

Lethal Weapon where Nick is Mel Gibson and Judy is…Danny Glover? Okay, that comparison doesn’t really work, but you get me!

50) And of course…

Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

I honestly think Zootopia may be a perfectly written film, and that is not something I say lightly. I made it clear above how I find nothing in the film superfluous, which is an incredible feat I think. And they did it in a way that was never boring, with entertaining characters, an intriguing mystery, and a fun world. Zootopia may be my favorite Disney animated feature film, and it’s definitely my favorite of the “Modern Era” we’re in now (The Princess and the Frog - Present). Just a great, great, great film which deserved its Best Animated Picture win at the Oscars. A true treat all around.


ahhhh i’m finally done ;-;

this took a lot of time and effort but i’m really happy i did it!! It was difficult coming up with the poses that I thought would match their personality and also have them interacting with a radish but here we go! I based the costumes and hair on the “Purple” minialbum/ Yes I Am comeback. This is sorted into moonsun and wheesa and I might turn them into stickers soon if people would be interested in buying these? So let me know ^^

Also, I didn’t put a watermark, so please please do not repost or steal this art and put it up somewhere else. Please just link it or reblog it and please give credit! I worked very hard on this thank you !!! 

Take a Break

Pairing: Lin x Reader 
Warnings: masturbation, being consensually watched while masturbating   sexting, degradation, sloppy sex, vibrator, lin works too much someone please comfort him
Word count: 1803
A/N: I’M ALIVE!! I haven’t poseted a fic in SO long I’m SO sorry but here’s a good one for y’all. This wasn’t a request, just something my sinful self thought of. I’m planning SO many fics (most of which requested) so please look forward to those!

Tags: @hamil-lins @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird @aceplaysbass

It had been three weeks since you and Lin had had sex.

Which, in reality, was understandable. Due to your busy work schedule matched with his performing and writing schedule, it left very little time for you to be alone in which you weren’t simply sitting beside each other, working.

So, you sat there, mindlessly typing away and entrenched in your work. Lin sat at his desk beside you, working himself away. You glanced at him and smiled, he was always working so hard, never giving himself a moment to really relax.

“Hey,” you said, turning to him, spinning your desk chair around to face him, “we should take a break.” You suggested, playfully cocking an eyebrow at him. Yes, you wanted him to take some time to himself– to do something other than work. But, part of you– the more selfish part of you– wanted to have him to yourself for the day. You had been on edge for the last two weeks of the three, and it was starting to get to you. “You know, we could go and…”

Lin turned to you and let out a small chuckle. “As much as I would love to fuck you senseless,” he interrupted you, smirking, “we both have work to do.”

“Yeah but,” you leaned forward, crawling onto his lap, placing a small peck on his lips, “you could just bend me right over your desk and fuck me now,” you teased, kissing his lips again while you rolled your hips over his.

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It’s hard to believe it’s been one week since our amazing city was devastated by such a horrible tragedy. I live in Las Vegas and have worked here for over 10 years. I love this city. In addition to the money raised from sales of my Vegas Strong shirt, I am going to accept Diplo’s challenge and double down like Tiësto and donate $200,000 to Commissioner Scalise’s Las Vegas Victims’ Fund. I want to challenge my friends in the music, fashion and DJ communities to match my donation and help support this city we all love so much. #VegasStrong

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Hey I felt inspired by a wonderful prompt from the forever amazing @voltronpaella and wrote a fluff so enjoy ♥ //finger guns out of the room//

“Nice work team, once we get back to the castle meet up for de-briefing as usual.” Shiro’s voice chimed through the speakers of Blue’s interior. Truthfully, the leader’s voice was somehow the only thing keeping Lance grounded in reality at the moment.

Lance groaned, heat escaping between his lips as he glanced up at his control panel, agonizing to himself that he’d have to move soon.

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[TRANS] 170727 Interview - Why Girl Group Dreamcatcher Sing “Nightmares”

Dreamcatcher (Ji-U, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, Gahyeon) are a differentiated girl group. They’re unique.
To summarize this girl group that debuted in January of this year, they’re ‘synchronized’, ‘rock’, and ‘dark’. Different from any other girl group promoting youthfulness, the dances are dynamic and the songs are intense. And since debut, they hold a ‘nightmare’ concept and maintain a ‘dark’ concept at all times.
Dreamcatcher sets out for their third promotions this year starting the 27th. It’s their first mini album of their debut. The title song is ‘Fly High’. The album name is ‘Prequel’. It goes back to the story line before ‘Chase Me’ and ‘Good Night’. The question of ‘why did they become nightmares?’ is expected to be answered through this album. The album includes sons like ‘Fly High’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Sleep-walking’, ‘Trust Me’, etc. in which you can feel the various charms of Dreamcatcher.

<Warning: this interview contains spoilers about the music video’s plot>

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“I should have died.”

Cullen: The last time I was here was the day I left for Templar training. My brother gave me me this. It just happened to be in his pocket, but he said it was for luck. Templars are not supposed to carry such things. Our faith should see us through.

Quiz: I don’t think it worked. You haven’t been all that fortunate.

Cullen: I should have died during the Blight. Or at Kirkwall. Or Haven. Take your pick. And yet, I made it back here.

Oh man. This seems like quite an innocuous thing to say, but I think there’s actually a lot to unpack here. I normally choose the top or middle answers for everything, so I’d never heard Cullen say this before. To understand how devastating this line is (and I actually teared up when he said it) we need to understand Cullen’s history.

So, friends, let’s dive into a biography and character analysis of Cullen Rutherford (much longer than originally intended; my deepest apologies to mobile users who weren’t looking for a history lesson today) - under the cut so I don’t hit you with a wall of text. CW for some discussion of torture.

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Jackie was a woman who worked very, very hard, and made it look effortless. Ultimately, she did it to not only help her husband, but to help our country. She understood the power of – if he looked like a king, and she looked like a queen, then our country would look amazing. That’s why we still look back so fondly at this time period. Her relationship with Jack is something that we don’t really know. I think the positive thing about these two people is that they really did adore each other. What we’re trying to portray is that intellectual match. They were a powerful team. Together, when they were hosting a party or meeting people, they were on. It was like they were putting on a play and they both knew it. - Katie Holmes

Reader Tips

Thank-you to everyone who participated in YourNewApartment’s first ever “Reader Tips”! We’re so excited to share all these wonderful tips/suggestions with you. Keep sending them our way, and we’ll include them in next week’s segment. XX


“If you need help getting your skin tone matched just pop by (if you live in the U.S.) to Belks, Dillards, ULTA, etc., and poke around at the foundation for ones that appeal to you. Stay away from Urban Decays foundation as it’s crap but their eye shadows are nice. Also if your having a hard time matching your skin yourself just ask for help as the people who work those stores are there specifically for that. They’ll walk you through everything to help get you a leg up. So don’t be afraid to ask!“ - Anon


“Hello! I live with anxiety, and I have battled depression. My depression manifested mostly in angry outbursts at my family for years before I learned to cope and how to self-care. With that background, here is how I passive aggressively fight depression/anxiety: Get angry at it, like your ex boyfriend just told you all those things depression said. Then, say “Screw it! I’m gonna do it anyway, because I’m an adult, and there is no reason I can’t push through this!” - @dorcastabitha from East Texas


“Tips for the broke af: you may not want them to be, but ramen is your friend. Put cheap proteins and vegetables in it. I get the sandwhich meat and put it in my ramen. It’s weird. Also, apples are your friend! Usually pretty cheap, but they’re good. If you want a *sweet treat*, what I do is cut up an apple. Then, you mix some cinnamon and sugar, and brown sugar together, maybe with a little bit of milk, put it in the microwave, voilà. You got some sweet sauce for your apple. It’s pretty good.” - Anon


“If you have multiple part time jobs or two full time jobs try do meal prep/plan on Sundays or your day off it saves so much time TIP4 try to plan your outfits and also make sure you have a small bag inside your work bag that has all your essentials IDs keys everything you need to have with you TIP5 Have a complete first aid kit in your car(if you one)and a smaller one inside your work bag“ - @purekate88

“I just to wanted to share a tip that helped me start getting experience right after graduation and helped me land the job I have today…temp agencies! If you don’t mind an office environment it can be a great way to get your foot in the door, and a lot of temp positions turn into permanent positions with the companies if you preform well. They don’t pay amazingly right away, and may mean you bounce around a lot (but your resume only lists one thing-the temp agency!) But they can get you experience that goes towards other jobs, get you references, and get at least some income! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is trying to get their first “grown up job”.” - @val-the-wilding


“Here’s a tip for people in the U.S. who can’t afford nice clothes that’s also cheap. If you don’t mind getting them used that is. Go to the part of your city that’s expensive or a lot of people who live there are wealthy and find the nearest Goodwill. The clothes you’ll find there will be higher quality and will cost a lot less.” - Anon

“In regards to the Costco question; I think you can buy a Costco gift card from a retailer and use that to get into the store without having purchased a membership. It’s not the most moral thing in the world, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re short on funds and looking for bulk.“ - Anon


“I just found this apps and thought it may help someone Udemy Online Courses for mostly everything and for language practice HiNative and HelloTalk and Tandem: Find Language Exchange Partners Worldwide. Safetytip: do not turn on your location dont put a personal photo of yourself do not give personal info to the person your talking too. Be very clear on what you want on your profile“ - @purekate88


Another AU no one asked for lol!!

I wanted to finish this before Moana came out, BUT I am glad I waited because now I have a story to my AU based off of one of my favorite songs from the movie ( x )

So now this exists! And I took what I knew from my Samoan heritage, and the rest the beautiful islands to make it! I made it very general, so I used a few different Islands and languages to do it, so in speaking, this is generally polynesian, but more Samoan based, since I am more familiar with that.

Since Komugis name wouldn’t work in the language, I did some research and came across Komaki! So here we have our little blind Island girl, Komaki. 

Meruems name was hard to find a match that sounded close to his original name and held an important meaning.. but I did it!  In this AU he is Chief Mārama! Which is translated from Maori to the word light, which.. meruem apparently means the light that illuminates all or something so.. Yup!! we good!

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Everything that is seen is being seen through a character’s eyes. Filter your description through their emotion and thought. Do not tell us how it is. Tell us how it is to your character.

How to avoid flat, dull description.

Description should work on many layers. Watch;

  1. The room was blue. (Flat, no emotion. Might work for an observant or apathetic character, however.)
  2. The room was a bright, happy blue. (Now we have an emotion. The character is happy.)
  3. The room was bright blue, so bright she could imagine birds flying across the walls. (Even more! The character is not only happy, but possibly feeling free, like the birds in the sky. Make them lovebirds and we might know why she is happy.)

It is sometimes hard to do this. What happens when the description you must have doesn’t seem to match the emotions you need? You make it match. The color blue is usually associated with happiness, calmness, or sadness, depending on the shade. Lets work with some other emotions, and with mixing up the shade:

  1. The blue walls only made her angrier. She was not in the mood for the calming tone. (Here, I use one of the regular “blue emotions” to evoke a completely different emotion. This example is also multilayered: Not only is she angry, but she does not want to be calm right now. Her anger fuels her, or maybe it is something she believes she deserves. She wants her anger.)
  2. The room was an icy blue. (This character might be afraid, or maybe this is foreshadowing that the character will meet a “cold” person in the room.)
  3. The dark blue room looked as bright as the sky in her eyes. (Dark blue usually means sad, but the character sees it as bright, so they are probably happy. Note that there is some author intrusion here, we see the “dark” room through the author’s eyes first before seeing it through the character’s. This might be necessary sometimes, but emotion is still here.)

Try to do this in your writing. You really have to get into the character’s head to do it, but it will be worth it!

New Rules

Shawn Mendes x Reader

I honestly think this could have turned out better or I could have took it a different way but for now, enjoy!

 One, don’t pick up the phone. You know he’s only calling ‘cause he’s drunk and alone
Two, don’t let him in. You’ll have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend. You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning. And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him.

The vibration of my phone was felt against the table, his name lighting up my screen. A month ago I would have answered with a cute pet name or too much excitement. I press the lock button on my phone facing it downwards trying to forget my ex boyfriends name flashing on my screen.

“Is that him again?” My friend, Charlotte asks with a roll of her eyes. 

When she first met Shawn, she was so sure we would end up getting married and growing old together but as soon as that ship fell apart he was every name under the sun. It made me laugh but also felt so thankful to have a friend like her in my life. 

“Maybe you should change your number?” She suggested, slurping the rest of her cocktail as the waiter made his way towards us. It seemed like a good idea but more hassle to make sure all your contacts have your new number. 

The night had progressed rapidly but Charlotte wanted to hit a few clubs since it was her only weekend off this month and I knew she could do with it with the work load she’s been doing. 

“Brian, just texted me” She grinned, reading over his message as she tried to get her arm into the sleeve of her jacket. 

“What does he want?” I’m really hoping he isn’t trying get Char, to play match maker with him. It’s almost like the two of them seem to forget how hard I took this break up. 

It wasn’t a mutual decision but Shawn had been home from tour working on his third album so he was under a lot of stress but then I had a huge workload that seemed never ending. If I wasn’t at the office until almost midnight most nights then I was back in Shawn’s condo working until all hours of the morning. I think with the amount of pressure and stress we were both under, the argument over a dirty glass just escalated into everything else.

“He said they’re just heading out now and Shawn’s almost drunk and whining about how much he misses you and loves you” I could see the smile she was trying to stop forming but she had been our biggest fan from day one so any chance that something could possibly get us back together, she’s all for it.

Toronto at night was a beautiful sight. Everything lit up and the hussle of people making their way around town. The traffic seemed light but come 3AM when everyone wants to go home it’ll seem so loud.

We finally made it to the club Charlotte was desperate to get into. Making our way to the door, I  didn’t even get to see the name of the place as she grinned at security, that let us in without seeing ID and dragged me straight inside. There was a long set of stairs we had to walk down before we joined the madness that waited behind the double doors. 

 I keep pushin’ forwards, but he keeps pullin’ me backwards
(Nowhere to turn) no way
(Nowhere to turn) no
Now I’m standing back from it, I finally see the pattern
(I never learn, I never learn)
But my love, he doesn’t love me, so I tell myself
I tell myself
I do, I do, I do

I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to scream at all of them. But I knew, I knew deep down that as soon as she said Brian texted something like this was bound to happen. 

There they were, sitting in a booth not that far from the door and as soon as we walked in it was like magnets, our eyes connected. I hate to admit it but he looks good, really good. My hands were feeling sweaty and my pulse sky rocketed at the sight of him.

“Don’t let him in” Charlotte, shouted in my ear over the thumping music. Side glancing at her, I knew she was looking out for me but the four of us all knew that was easier said than done. 

Giving Brian a hug as they stood from their booth waiting for us, I slapped his back with a little more force for what they’re both putting us through. A sheepish grin on his face as I finally take in Shawn’s full appearance. He was still sporting black jeans, like always, a nice blue shirt with some design on it and his black boots, his hairs still curly with a slight quiff. His eyes still shining and vibrant and his full on heart melting smile etched on his face.

“It’s good to see you” Shawn’s chest pressing against mine, embracing me in his strong arms. 

“It’s good to see you too” My lips accidently brushing against his cheek as we separate. I could still smell his cologne even with the small distance between us and the small amount of mint on his breath even with the amount of alcohol he’s consumed. 

Two, don’t let him in. You’ll have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend. You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning. And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him.

After taking a practice duel way too far, Albus-Severus and Rose are spending Defense Against the Dark Arts in the Hospital Wing. Madam Pomfrey isn’t impressed....

Madam Pomfrey: Absolutely disgraceful! I would expect better behavior from fifth years, and I would certainly expect better behavior from you two! Just what kind of an example do you think you’re setting? I’ll be the first to admit Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had their share of problems, but this was never one of them!

[Rose hunches her shoulders. Albus scowls at the floor]

Madam Pomfrey(Darkly): You can each expect a visit from your heads of House. I can only imagine what your parents will say.

[She stalks out. Albus and Rose sit in uncomfortable silence, Albus glaring at his shoes and Rose angrily plucking at her bandages]

Albus(Irritably): Well?

Rose: Well, what?

Albus: Oh, don’t bullshit me, you know what. You won, so you might as well start rubbing it in-

Rose: Seriously Al? Are you seriously so insecure that you can’t even win a damn duel without humble bragging about it?

Albus: Excuse me?!

Rose: You’re really so desperate for validation that you need to back into it and make the loser come out and say it-

Albus: I’M desperate for validation?! You need me to go through a damn play-by-play explaining how you won so you can pretend I’ve convinced you, and I’M the desperate one? That’s PATHETIC, Rose even by your standards-

Rose: Oh, you want to talk PATHETIC?

Albus: Have some class-

Rose: Grow some self-esteem!

Albus: GROW UP!


[Madam Pomfrey appears in the doorway and shushes them with a disapproving glare. They fall silent and she withdraws]

Rose: …What’s wrong with us?

Albus: Just one thing in particular, or do you want the full list?

Rose: Hilarious.

Albus: …Well, I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be… I’m not supposed to be ANYTHING that I am. I’m not supposed to have a hard time with people, I’m not supposed to be angry, and I’m DEFINITELY not supposed to be in Slytherin. Everyone knows it, but they all try to act like there’s no problem, like I can still be Harry Potter Jr the way they’re all hoping for. But no! I can’t! Everybody my age figured that out back in the first year when we got sorted- and on one hand it’s kind of a relief, but on the other hand it’s annoying. A constant reminder that I can’t even be the one thing I’m meant to be, you know?

Rose: Of course I do. I’m not Hermione Granger.

Albus: OH. Oh no, Rose-

Rose: And we both know that’s not for lack of trying. I thought that if I made sure I was enough like her, maybe I could learn to BE her. Why do you think I work so hard? I got into her House, I matched all her old grades, I’ve made sure not to do anything that could embarrass the family, but I’m not her. I see it every time one of the professors talks about something she did back in school, something I wouldn’t be able to do in seventh year, let alone now. She makes everything seem so easy but it’s NOT- or at least, not for me.

Albus: …Maybe you’re not Hermione Granger, but for what it’s worth? That work is paying off.

Rose: You think so?

Albus(Holding up a bandaged arm): I know so.

[Rose chuckles. Albus gives a slight grin]

Rose: Look, Albus, I know we’re never going to be friends the way we were back when we were little, but we’re still family. And if there’s anyone who’s going to understand the way you feel about your dad, it’s me. So from now on, maybe instead of cursing each other, we can just-

Albus: If you say ‘talk about our feelings’, I’m going to barf.

Rose: Al, we were having a moment. We were having a moment and you ruined it. Good job.

Albus: Oh, you WERE going to say it, weren’t you?

Rose: No, I wasn’t!

Albus: You were! Aw, how disgustingly sentimental of you!

Rose: Oh, shut UP.

Albus: And by the way?

Rose: I said shut up.

Albus: Thanks.

I’ve been looking at the Galra symbols on the armour as a reference for another character in my multichapter fanfic. I noticed something interesting…

This is the symbol on the higher ranking soldiers and lieutenants’(although, Thace got promoted later on) armours on the show…

Granted, these soldiers hold pretty high positions in the military, since and that guy who captured Shiro and his team in episode 1 had the same symbol. If I had to guess, they are somewhere in the middle in the Galra military ranks.

This is the symbol of the Galra high commanding officers…

The high commanding officers seem to have two yellow dots in the centre of the torso…which almost look like cat eyes (fitting?).

This is the armour for a Galra drone, who is not a robot…

It’s grey armour (I think, it’s hard to tell with the lighting here) with a pink and purple symbol on the chest with a helmet to cover the eyes.  

This is the armour of that prison warden from when Shiro and the others break Slav out near the end of season 2…

Which also matches Ulaz’s symbol from when he was working as a Galra doctor…

This is the Weblum Galra…

The symbol on the chest doesn’t match anything we have seen so far!  The closet thing to it is maybe the lieutenant’s symbol  and the colours used are close to that prison warden’s, but that’s about it.  

Not only that, like I and others brought up before, the helmet is the same design as Allura’s, probably being common before she and Coran were put into the pods.  Most of the Galra do not wear face masks outside of the Blade of Marmora. Even then, the Weblum Galra’s face mask doesn’t match that either! So it makes me wonder all the more why a Galra in Zarkon’s ranks would have such a helmet when no one else does.

Also, they have Zarkon’s symbol on the armour, the same one from when Keith got the Red Lion…

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship, and even he does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well. 

It is a very odd and distinct design to say the least.  

The only way this would make any sense is if the armour was custom made for that one Galra. Even the best of the best are not offered the  chance to have custom armour, which makes sense since Zarkon doesn’t seem like anything near Boss of the Year territory and this is still the military operation that uses uniforms.  Sure, there are some variation in the commander’s uniforms, but even then they are still very similar. Even then, the same can’t be said for anyone else outside of that.

To add on to the “This Galra Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb” sundae is the fact they seem to be operating on their own accord, like @radioactivesupersonic  mentioned in another meta, going off into a Weblum on their own without any backup and let Hunk and Keith go free after backstabbing them before hand. If this was your average Galra in the ranks, they would be terrified to report back they let not only two paladins free and operated on their own devices to get a single bag of Scaultrite like that, especially with Zarkon’s whole KO “destroy everything that opposes you” attitude.

If this was a Blade of Marmora member in disguise, I think they would recognise the paladin armour and not backstab them like that.

The only way all of this makes any sense to me is if the custom made armour was bestowed onto someone tied to Zarkon extremely personally, but still is not someone deemed worthy of super high honours in the military because Zarkon might have negative or mixed feelings towards them – someone like say, Zarkon’s son, Lotor.

With that said, this is still a guess. I am curious to see who this is in the next season.

Espresso or Caramel

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Seungcheol (S.Coups) x reader

Words: 2.1K

Author’s Note: If you want me to write another drabble or another chapter to follow up with this, please do tell me.

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Single - BadBoy!Calum Smut

inspired by Daddy Issues and Single by The Neighbourhood - masterlist


God she’s beautiful.

The first time I’d seen her in a year and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Weddings almost always made me uncomfortable but with her in the room I never wanted to leave.

“You’re staring again.” My cousin, Luke, nudged me out of my daydream.

“Shut up.” I scoffed at the blonde boy opposite me, although avoided his eye contact and fiddled with the watch strapped across my tattooed wrist.

“It’s obvious you’ve still got a crush on her.” He laughed, glancing over his shoulder to where she was spinning round his baby sister with a grin lighting up her face.

I immediately felt my jealousy flare up and slapped Luke’s head round so he’d be facing me again.

“Wow I wonder why she’s not falling back into your arms?!” Luke sourly quipped as he rubbed his head.

I was about to curse him out but she came bounding over, begging us for a dance. She took my breath away, I was lucky she was talking to me.

“Come on you guys! It’s almost the last song!”

She loved weddings. She said she loved the meaning behind them, two souls becoming one. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her and nodded at her invitation.

“Luke’s feeling tired.” I lied through my teeth and he just lightly snorted at my attempt to keep him seated.

As I followed her to the dance floor I gave Luke the middle finger from behind my back to which I’m sure he returned his own.

The steady beat of the pop song that had been playing for the last few minutes quickly scratched out and was replaced with a slow song the second we stepped onto the hardwood. I could see she wasn’t expecting the sudden change but I couldn’t let her slip from my grasp. With a small cheesy grin I wrapped my hand securely around her waist and pulled her close to me, not hesitating for a second. I was sure I looked dumb with an uncontrollable smile on my face as I soaked her in whilst rocking side to side, but I didn’t care. It’s not like I could figure out how to get rid of it when I was around her. She seemed content at our positioning, maybe I had a second chance with her.

“What are you thinking about?” She looked up at me and reached her arms up around my neck.

Her touch that I had yearned for for too long sent warm sparks through my body.

“Whatever you’re thinking about, baby.” I winked before realising my mistake.

I can’t help calling her baby even though I shouldn’t. When we were together I barely called her anything else. It still felt right.

“Baby?” She whispered the word as if it was filthy. When I used to whisper it, it was.

“Slip of the tongue.” I apologised, tearing my eyes away from her in embarrassment.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was acting like a bumbling idiot in front of her. I guess the year apart didn’t give me as much closure as I thought it had.

“No it wasn’t.” She spoke softly but she knew I was listening.

I didn’t know how to respond. I had no clever one-liner. I could only get lost in her eyes and leave my mouth parted ready for words that weren’t forming.


I was rudely pulled from her gaze by a cold mutter of my name.

“Sir.” I pulled my hands away from her immediately, the absence of her touch making me feel hollow.

“Dad? Please…” She looked around at the busy dance floor, obviously not wanting to cause a scene at her aunt’s wedding.

“You stay away from her.”

Before I knew it I was being marched out the doors by the scruff of my smart white shirt. I lost my footing and stumbled onto the paved stones lining the front of the building. I fell forward but just managed to stay standing, turning on my heels to face the man that chucked me out on my ass for the second time in my life.

“I told you to stay away.” He spat at me like I was dirt, I didn’t know how to explain to him I was sorry for everything.

“I can’t… I love her.” It took everything I could to stop my voice from breaking.

“You lost that privilege when you broke her heart. You’ll never get her back.”

“I’d like to find that out for myself, thanks Dave.” The only person I needed to hear that from was Y/N herself.

I never meant to hurt her, and she needed to know. Before another word was uttered he reached out and slapped me hard across the face. It sounded worse than it felt but my vision spun as I touched my sore cheek in shock.

“Feel better?” I’ve been hit harder before, he has a weak swing.

The man in front of me seethed, his shoulders heaving up and down. He scoffed and shook his head at the ground.

“You’re a waste of space, Hood. I’m her father,” He took a few steps towards me but I stayed put, staring him down, “Do you understand what that means? I guess not, seeing as yours left you. I actually care for my daughter, and out of you and me, she will always pick me.”

My fists curled at my sides and I could hear my heartbeat ringing in my ears. He was fighting dirty and it took everything I had not to punch the 50-something square in the jaw.

“See, that’s the difference between us,” I said through gritted teeth, “I’d never make her choose.”
He didn’t say anything else, just huffed and gave me a dirty look before making his way towards the muted music emanating from the wedding reception. I spat on the ground as he walked away, clenching my jaw before walking towards the wall of the fancy hotel and kicking it hard. I raised my fist and let it hover close to the brick and cement, furrowing my brows deeply and trying to reason with myself hoping my anger wouldn’t take over like it has done so many times before.

There she was. Saving me from myself yet again.

“We shouldn’t be alone together bab-” I stopped short, dropping my head and sighing before finally working up the courage to look at her.

She looked ethereal. Her dress hugged her in all the right places and the crimson colour matched her parted lips. I studied every element of her face, afraid that after tonight I’d never see her again.


“I’m sorry… about him.” You spoke, tentatively taking a step closer to the dark haired boy brooding in the shadows of the sun just beginning to set.

He looked good, his smart shirt had become crumpled - no thanks to your fathers rough handling - and was messily untucked from his ripped skinny jeans. His curly hair was sticking up on end due to his habit of running his fingers through it. Your eyes flitted down to his full pink mouth, the studs on either side of his lower lip instinctively making you pull your own through your bottom teeth. He raised his pierced eyebrow at you, reading you like a book and making you feel slightly insecure. He always knew what you were thinking, and right now that would be dangerous, because he looked even more gorgeous than he did a year ago.

“I don’t care about him, I want to know how you are. I didn’t mean to–”

You had forgotten how hypnotising his lips were.

“I thought you would come back for me,” You interjected, you had to stop him talking or you were sure you’d jump back into the arms of the boy who broke your heart, “When I heard that you left I didn’t know what to do. I–” You swallowed back the lump in your throat, Calum was an arms length away now, like he was being drawn to you, “I cried for days.” As you spoke your voice cracked and your tough exterior came crumbling down, tears slowly rolling down your face.

You felt strong arms around you, cradling you. You looked up at Calum through your wet eyelashes.

“I didn’t mean any of this, please,” He sounded broken, “I did come back for you, I did, I did,” He was muttering under his breath, until he fell completely silent, “Your dad stopped me seeing you… He didn’t tell you I came, did he?” He said in a faint whisper of realisation.

“W-what?” You felt dizzy.

Your father had said that Calum cursed you out, calling you awful names you didn’t want to believe. Turns out you shouldn’t have.

“He threatened me if I ever came back to your house, he said…” Calum drifted off, not wanting to upset you more.

You took a shuddering breath and pulled away from Calum’s embrace so you could look him directly in the eye. Everything you thought you knew could be wrong, you went through all that torment not because of Calum… but because of your father.

“You ignored every call I made to you in the last year. True or not true?” The stories of events that had happened last year were unravelling.
“Not true,” Calum scratched the back of his neck as he sighed and explained, “I threw my phone at a wall in a bar soon after that night, got kicked out and lost all the data. I didn’t have any money to buy a new one for months after that, when I could it was a shitty Nokia.”

“You cheated on me. True or not true?”
“What? I never– Who told you that?” Calum seemed outraged at that last accusation, it took him two seconds to join the dots, “Your dad.”

You nodded, hanging your head and staring at your feet; all the anger you had felt towards Calum dissipated. Your lungs felt like they had released a breath you’d been holding for months. The little broken boy you knew a year ago was still in front of you, still searching for a place to call home in your arms. And you were going to let him.

“You love me. True or not true?”

Your lips parted in a small gasp when you heard him ask his own question. Calum’s fingers hooked under your chin and tilted your jaw so you were gazing right at him.

“Do you even have to ask?” You could feel your heart swelling as if a fist was clutching it.

“No.” He gave you small grin, running his thumb along your bottom lip, watching your face carefully.

He looked at you as if you were fine china and he was afraid you’d shatter if he held you too tightly. You looked at him and saw art with a message only you could decipher. You held your breath as he leaned in close to you, your mouths mere centimeters apart. Closing your eyes you could feel the air from his lungs fanning across your skin as he spoke softly.

“I’ll never stop loving you.”

Your mouth broke into a small grin before he closed the gap between you two. All of a sudden it seemed as if he had been gone an hour and not a year, his lips caressing yours so expertly. Before you could stop yourself, tears were leaking down your face, you were overcome with emotion. A year of your life was wasted hating Calum for things he never did. Calum slowly withdrew from you, placing his arms on your shoulders and looking into your glassy eyes.

“Come here little girl.”

You collapsed at his words. He let you break down in his arms, holding you tightly to his chest. Safe.

You felt him kiss the top of your head, making you look up at the the rich dark brown colour of his eyes. No more words needed to be said, you wound your fingers into the thick curls at the back of his head and kissed him deeply. You were suddenly yearning for him. For his touch, his taste. His hands settled on your waist and held your hips tightly against his. As he did so an involuntary moan left your mouth, only encouraging the tan boy more. Tingles were igniting all over your body where your bare skin touched his and you had never felt more alive or more desperate.

“Need you.” You mumbled against his lips, a moan following your words as he took your bottom lip between his teeth and nipped gently.

Calum didn’t need persuading.

He tore himself away from you, somewhat reluctantly, and took your hand in his, beckoning you towards his car in the far part of the car park. He fumbled with the keys and unlocked the battered Jeep, letting you enter first. You felt like a kid again, making out at the back of school and trying not to get caught.

You moved to the far end of the backseat, pulling Calum in by his collar. How did someone manage to look so irresistible in just a plain white button down?

“Goddamn that shirt.” You mumbled as Calum crawled over you, smashing his lips to yours, sending a rush a wetness between your legs.

“Like it?” He grinned against your mouth, teasingly only giving you tiny kisses now.

“You know I do.” You tilted your head back so he’d start sucking on your neck.

Luckily he took the hint and began paying attention to the sweet spot near your ear, knowing it’d have you writhing. As much as you were enjoying the attention he was giving you, you felt like you had to repay the favour, you were aching to hold him. You reached and began to undo his buttons, finally pushing the fabric off his shoulders and revealing his toned torso to you. Your eyes darted across his chest, surprised to see additions to his arm of tattoos. You gently ran your fingers across the new ink, stopping Calum in his pursuit of branding your neck with his mouth.

“When did you get these?” You whispered, looking back and forth between Calum and his arm.

“Uh, a few months ago.” He shrugged, his hungry gaze fixated on your lips, making you break into a small smile.

“They’re nice.” You hummed as he ran his thumb across your lips.

“Still gotta take you to get your first.” He said, kissing your cheek gently, then your neck, then your collarbone.

You pressed your hand against his chest, backing him up and then grabbing the hem of your dress, that had ridden up to round your waist. You lifted it over your head and abandoned it on the car floor, letting Calum see you. His breath hitched when he saw what you were showing him. In small delicate ink read the word “Baby” on the left side of your torso.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at the word. He startled you when he finally moved, grabbing your waist and kissing you with his slightly swollen lips.

You succumbed to his forceful grip, letting his hips rest between your legs. You reached between your bodies and unzipped his jeans sloppily, both of you now getting desperate for real friction. Neither of you cared that Calum was still half dressed, or that you still had underwear on, you just needed each other. Now.

Calum pulled away from you, looking at you for permission as he pumped his length, his trousers barely down his thighs. You laid your hand on his, pulling him back for a deep kiss. You let out a high pitched sigh as he sunk into you, the denim still on him providing a friction against your thighs you didn’t know could feel so good. Calum stilled in you, letting you adjust and just revelling in the feeling, his head sunk into the crook of your neck. You wound your fingers in his hair as he began to move, his need for you too great for him to tease. His length was stretching you blissfully, the feeling heightening your senses and tightening you around him. Calum was thrusting fast, spurred on by your moans. You whimpered as he hit your g spot, and you bucked your hips to meet him, the fast pace he had set would mean neither of you would last long. He reached a hand down between your bodies, the muscles of his other arm straining as they fought to hold him up over you. His skilled fingers began rubbing circles on your clit, causing you to arch your back and tighten around him. His hips stuttered and he let out a wrecked groan as you did so, his fingers working overtime to get you off first.

“Gonna cum?” He asked, knowing very well the answer was yes as your mouth was fixed in a permanent ‘o’ shape, “Gonna cum for me baby?”

“Y-yes.” You choked out, your hips bucking wildly as your released with a series of loud moans.

You reached up and dragged your fingernails down Calum’s chest as you whimpered his name, your high being dragged out as he continued to pump into you. He began to let out small grunts, desperately seeking out his release until he finally let go, groaning and his arms giving way, leaving his panting form to fall onto you.

He stayed inside you, both of you holding the other in silence, knowing the inevitability of having to let go but refusing to for just a few moments longer.

“Come with me.” Calum said, swiping his dark curls from his sweaty forehead and making an effort to sit up, pulling out.

You both shuddered as he did so, still sensitive from your orgasms.

“I want to,”

“But…?” Calum said, predicting your next word forlornly.

“I have a job here, friends, family.”

“I have that on the road!” Calum protested, trying to keep his voice calm as he pleaded, “I found these guys, we’ve made a band and people are liking it. We’ve been spotted by this massive management team and… I want you to be part of it. I need you by my side, or else none of it will be worth anything. Please babe.” His voice cracked and you knew you couldn’t say no.

Who were you kidding? Your job was long hours for minimal wage, you couldn’t trust your family anymore and all your close friends had moved away for work or university.


“Okay?” He seemed stunned, but quickly a massive grin broke out on his face.

You nodded reassuringly, “Okay.” Giggling as he threw his arms around you.

“I love you.” He mumbled into your neck.

“I love you more.”

“No you don’t.”