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Try to make me look bad? Hope you didn't enjoy your job.

Very long story. TL:DR at the end.

September 6th, 2017 will be an ordinary day for most people, but that day, today, marks the end of my quest to right a grievous wrong committed against me by a co-worker who was worried that I might usurp his easy job in the company.

Let me take you back roughly five years. The engineer of our company called me into the office. I had spoken to him before, primarily whenever we needed a tolerance adjusted for an order that began production over or under a limit, in order to avoid completely throwing away anything that we had already spent time and money producing. I figured that $engineer simply had a question about one of the machines, or about an order that had been ran the night before, but instead he had a proposition. I was to be offered a spot in our in-house testing lab, and to start training the next week. Obviously interested, I took the offer on the spot, and that Monday I began coming in earlier in order to do training with our only lab technician at the time.

Enter, $labtech.

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Battle of the Dates

Request: oooh! hello, can I request a reader x eth on a double date with amy and mark?? (psst if you want split it into a couple parts where they do something different each time because I support the idea of lots of double dates) thanks love xx // hello again, I requested the double date with amy and mark, just wanted to add that it would be a fem!reader :) thanks, sorry for not telling you before xx

Summary: Fem!Reader goes on a double date with Amyplier. It’s a fun time I guess.

A/N: You guys I made a gif for you people. Be proud of me, I’m crossing mediums! Jk I just went to a website and typed in a URL I’m not special haha. But forreal, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WHY ARE THERE ALMOST NO TEAMIPLIER GIFS IN THE GIF SEARCH THING it’s annoying af and results in me having to make crappy gifs on the internet. Anyway, this fic is open to multiple parts! If you have an idea for a part 2 to this, send it in! There is a text conversation in this fic! ‘-’ is the reader, ‘=‘ is Amy. Hope you all enjoy!

Wordcount: 1000, it was so short originally I literally had to add in an entire extra scene to not give you a shitty 500 word fic lol

Request some more guys! I’ll get to them in the next batch of fics!

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Intertwined - (Bucky x Reader)

A/N- I wrote this for @bionic-buckyb​ who is having an AU writing challenge celebrating 5k followers and this is my submission! Congrats again Kait and I hope you like the fic! Also inspired by the song Intertwined by Dodie, definitely check it out the music video is dope AF!

Prompt- “Just because I don’t physically show you that you hurt me, doesn’t mean you didn’t.”

Words- 1.9k

Warnings- Swearing, and I mean A LOT of swearing, angst but do you guys honestly expect anything different from me at his point. ALSO EVERYTHING IN ITALICS IS A FLASHBACK it will make sense when you read it.

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White Roses [Spencer Reid]

Summary // Out of nowhere, Spencer has been receiving white roses on his doorstep with no clue as to who sent them, out of nowhere the most recent case seemed to have a lot to do with white roses

A/N // Please reblog this, I know this isn’t the typical fic / x reader fic but I spend a lot of time on it and I loved writing it.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Spencer woke up early, he did every single day. He never got much sleep, whether it was due to his active brain or just because he drank too much coffee, he still didn’t know. It definitely was one of the two, most likely the second when he looked at it with objective eyes.

He dressed himself up, ready to head for work yet the second he stepped out to head for work, opening the door and that left him stunned. A single white rose, nothing else. A white rose, long with thorns, he carefully picked it up at the bottom, that was when he noticed a single petal was missing. Oddly, he scrunched his eyebrows and simply put the rose down inside of his table, leaving his apartment after.

As he went to work and did his work he was left confused, the rose kept bugging him in his mind. A white rose symbolised purity, innocence and things alike. Maybe it was delivered to the wrong house? He stuck with that through the day up until his mind immediately went to the petal that was missing, maybe it fell? He never looked at it to see if it fell out or was ripped, the rose looked fresh though, it must’ve been ripped off.

As he worked the Rose remained fresh in his mind.

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Coming Out Story

Yeah, story time!

It has occurred to me that I’ve never really openly expressed how I felt after “coming out.” I’m not the type of person that would write “Bisexual” on all my social media profiles, but I just want to let this out my system.

It hasn’t been 2 years yet since I’ve been “out” but to be honest, it’s more of I’m just sticking my leg out the closet. But first, here’s a little story on how I’ve come to know my sexuality.

Also, for a little background: The Philippines isn’t an LGBT-friendly country despite the claim. We are predominantly Catholic, with strict teachings on heterosexual relationships and a society that makes fun of you if you are openly gay.

As a kid, I wasn’t very feminine. I preferred wearing t-shirts and shorts, I liked to play with cars and robots, and coupled with my short hair– I was very tomboyish. My parents never scolded me for preferring guy toys over Barbie dolls, and my mom never stopped buying me t-shirts rather than filling my closet with dresses. Of course, the concept of attraction was foreign to me at that time until I was in 2nd grade. That was when I discovered my “natural” attraction towards guys (I was still very tomboyish though). I’ve had maybe a dozen crushes throughout my grade school years, with one guy I’m particularly very loyal to. I was in a Catholic school mind you, so naturally we were taught man is for woman, which was unfortunately ingrained in me (but this was after I had developed crushes on guys). I was unconsciously homophobic and my old elementary drawings were evidence (I liked to draw queerbaiting comics with m/m pairings, always so openly disgusted of f/f, etc).

Here comes the awful, hormone-filled angsty high school phase. I was going through a lot of emotional rollercoasters in HS, one of them was my developing attraction towards some of my female classmates (I was more touchy with the girls, I never felt jealous when they looked pretty rather I was into them more etc) and it felt so wrong at that time. Again, it’s due to societal pressure so I did my best to shut down my homosexual feelings. I actually tried to be feminine, mostly to assure myself I was a girl. I still had my natural attraction towards guys, having several crushes and even having a boyfriend, but I still couldn’t shake off my attraction towards some of my female peers.

I had a falling out with the group of friends I frequented with back then, so to spare myself more drama I kept quiet about my sexuality (I was sure they would label me an attention whore if I confided it to them). While I eventually did allow my feelings to do as it pleases, I didn’t act on it till I was in college.

The state university I got into mostly had a female population and our batch in particular had the lowest number of males (and of those males, most of them are gay). Eventually, I’ve found a family in a small circle of mostly female friends AND had a relentless crush on one of them. I still refused to openly label myself as Bi, likely because I didn’t want any awkwardness between us while I “flirted” with her. I was marginally more intimate with her compared to the others (I was always a hugger type of friend), I almost always go out of my way for her, I treat her to free meals more often (but not more than what’s considered a friendly gesture), I liked holding her hand a lot and there was that one time that I just wanted to kiss her out of the blue. Of course, I’ve never had the courage to confess to her how I felt nor come out to my close friends even though they were open-minded and accepting people.

When I transferred to a university in a different city where I’m far from my hometown and my parents, that’s when I’ve finally come to fully accept my sexuality. My current uni was a hodgepodge of colorful people (of different cultures, sexuality, and had literally colorful hair) and while there was that assurance that I would be accepted by my peers at least, I still feared for how my parents would react so I kept quiet still. I eventually had a relationship with a girl which lasted longer than when I had a boyfriend so I felt the need to inform some of my closest friends. My gf then wanted me to tell my parents about us and I couldn’t because that meant I had to come out and I wasn’t ready yet. For reasons unrelated to coming out and whatnot, she broke up with me and that became a catalyst to my accidental coming out. I had a night out with friends and got horribly drunk that I had my father come fetch me from the bar. When we got home, my drunk ass self kept babbling about how much I still loved my ex and I drunkenly proclaimed I was Bisexual. I’ll be honest, I never felt the need to come out since I was no longer in that secret homosexual relationship, as I could just “pass myself as straight” again.

The next morning, having remembered everything I said while intoxicated I formally came out to my mom. She didn’t really understand the whole “I’m attracted to both guys and girls” thing but I just thought she needed time and I was grateful she was being open-minded about this. It was honestly relieving because finally I was being true to myself out loud; it was more comfortable expressing my sexual attraction towards girls just as I am with guys in a casual conversation with friends.

To my parents however… we never really talked about my sexuality again up until just recently so it didn’t feel like I was really out. Hell, my relatives don’t know, I couldn’t make gay jokes during my 21st bday (which I jokingly referred to as my coming out party) and whenever I posted f/f art on my facebook my mom would be fussy about it. In those almost two years that I was half-out, my queer expression remained subtle out of respect for my traditional parents that still found it uncomfortable. And when we had that recent talk, she mislabeled me a lesbian and fervently expressed that I should not become like Jake Zyrus (a Filipino trans celebrity). Now, I’m not really mad about being confused as lesbian (because a part of me is gay) but it’s just frustrating to see upfront a manifestation of my country’s internalized homophobia. She could have reacted far worse like disown me maybe, but it still hurts me nonetheless to be aware that my parents are merely tolerating me– treating this as merely “a phase.”

It’s probably why I’m more on the queer spectrum of my Bisexuality right now just to piss off my mom. It’s also probably quite a surprise to my non-close friends that I’m being aggressively gay in my social medias lol

Anyway, this obviously doesn’t compare to others’ coming out experience but I just really wanted let this out. This has been emotionally draining and it’s just the beginning ;A; Thanks for listening though if you made it at the bottom of this paragraph~

Summoner/Chrom C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


(y/n): No one will notice if I hide in here to take a nap, hopefully…


Chrom: Dammit, that’s another hole. I guess I have to tell (y/n) now… Where is s/he, anyway?

(y/n): Zzzzz…

Chrom: (y/n)? Is that you?

(y/n): Huh?! Oh, it’s just you, Chrom…

Chrom: Why are you sleeping in a broom cupboard, of all places?

(y/n): I can’t get any rest anywhere else. It’s always crowded around here now, ever since I accidentally went a little overboard with my summoning.

Chrom: I have noticed an increased amount of heroes, lately. But aren’t you supposed to be taking them out for training?

(y/n): I was just taking a break in between teams. I hope I didn’t keep them waiting too long.

Chrom: Don’t worry, (y/n). You are truly admirable, to be taking on such a task. I don’t blame you for needing to catch up on your rest.

(y/n): That may be so, but I have a responsibility now, and I have to live up to it. I admit I never had to take on a task this important back in my world and I don’t really know if I’m doing a good job.

Chrom: Well, I was coming over here to tell you that I broke the wall again-

(y/n): Chrom!

Chrom: -but instead I’m going to offer atonement by taking out the next batch of heroes to be trained. Take this time to rest up, alright?

(y/n): Chrom, I can’t ask you to do that for me. 

Chrom: You didn’t ask - I offered to. As our summoner and tactician, you’re certainly shouldering a lot of responsibility. I know how that feels. Let me take this team out for you.

(y/n): Alright, if you insist… I guess I’ll just hang out here for awhile. It’s surprisingly comfortable.

Chrom: S/he’s falling back asleep… Well, I’d better make good on my promise. Time for battle.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): Dammit… Where is it?

Chrom: (y/n)? What’s wrong?

(y/n): Oh! Chrom. Nothing is wrong. I just lost something kind of important.

Chrom: What is it? I’d be happy to help you search.

(y/n): No, no, that’s not necessary. I can find it myself. Please, don’t get bothered over this.

Chrom: I’m offering my assistance. It’s the least I can do, really, with everything you do for us. What are you looking for?

(y/n): I’m a little embarrassed to tell you, to be honest…

Chrom: Oh? How scandalous is it? I’ll keep your secret, don’t worry.

(y/n): What?! No, nothing like that! It’s just a stuffed animal, okay? It was somehow brought with me to this world, and I guess it reminds me of home. I can’t sleep without it.

Chrom: That’s nothing to be ashamed of! My sister kept a huge collection of dolls in her bed with her for several years after she had outgrown them. So, did someone steal it?

(y/n): Most likely. Uh, lately I’ve been keeping it in my pocket in case I want to grab a quick nap. But it’s not there anymore.

Chrom: Should I ask around?

(y/n): No! Please don’t tell anyone else. Everyone seems to see me as some sort of big, important hero around here. I don’t want them to see that the truth is I’m just another scared person who misses home. That would probably drop their spirits.

Chrom: I don’t see anything wrong with that. I miss Ylisse terribly. I’m sure many here feel the same about their homelands.

(y/n): Be that as it may, I still don’t want anyone to know. If you could just… keep an eye out for it, that would be great.

Chrom: I’ll keep a lookout. See you, (y/n). I hope you find it soon.

(y/n): Thank you, Chrom.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank B.]


Chrom: (y/n)! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.

(y/n): Sorry, Chrom. I’ve been busy all morning taking out heroes on training missions. What do you need?

Chrom: I found it! Some dastard had pocketed it and tried to sell it as a foreign relic. I taught them a lesson they would never forget, rest assured.

(y/n): Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Wait, I mean, um…you didn’t have to go to that trouble, really.

Chrom: Of course I did. You are a leader we all look up to, so I’m happy to help you where I can. Here.

(y/n): Thank you.

Chrom: (y/n)? Are you crying?

(y/n): N-no, I’m just…sweating from my eyes.

Chrom: I’ve never heard of that happening before. Is it a rare disease? Are you okay?

(y/n): That wasn’t meant to be literal, Chrom. Ah, never mind. Sorry for turning into a leaky faucet all of a sudden.

Chrom: … A what?

(y/n): I’ve just been so stressed lately with all the duties I’ve taken on, and the pressure of having a million eyes on you, expecting you to be great is really taxing. I probably haven’t slept at all in three days.

Chrom: I know exactly how you feel. When I became exalt, the pressure on my shoulders increased tenfold. But the way I coped was by finding friendship in my close allies and forming bonds with them.

(y/n): Bonds, huh?

Chrom: If you’d like, I’d be happy to be that friend for you.

(y/n): Hmm…

Chrom: (y/n)?! Are you alright? You just collapsed out of nowhere.

(y/n): Zzzzz…

Chrom: S/he’s asleep again… I should find a better place for him/her to rest. The way s/he’s clutching that stuffed animal is rather cute, I’ll admit.


Chrom: There you go, (y/n). Sleep well, and know I’ll still be here for you when you wake.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank A.]


(y/n): Chrom?

Chrom: Hm? Oh, hello, (y/n). How is your day going?

(y/n): To be honest, a lot better. I’ve been getting more sleep ever since you started helping me take out the new heroes.

Chrom: Excellent. I’m glad I was able to help.

(y/n): Also, Chrom… There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.

Chrom: I’m all ears, (y/n). You can talk to me about anything.

(y/n): You know how you were talking about bonds between allies?

Chrom: Ah, yes. Essential to any war, I think you’ll find.

(y/n): Right. When you were in the Shepherds, did any bonds of friendship turn into…something more?

Chrom: Oh? What do you mean?

(y/n): I mean, did any friendships turn into, um, romance?

Chrom: Romance? Well, yes, I suppose a lot of close friends began to find love in each other. Why do you ask?

(y/n): Because I think I’ve fallen desperately in love with someone I have a close friendship with.

Chrom: Oh. Well, I’ll leave you to that, then. Have a good day, (y/n). I hope it works out.

(y/n): Wait! Chrom, don’t leave!

Chrom: Hmm? Why?

(y/n): Because it’s you, okay?! You’re the one that I’m in love with. Somewhere along the way in this crazy endeavour I’ve fallen for you, hard. You’re always there for me, and you’re always doing nice things, and…

Chrom: (y/n)…

(y/n): I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, especially because we’re from entirely different worlds, but I had to at least tell you how I feel.

Chrom: Don’t apologise. The truth is, I have feelings for you as well, (y/n).

(y/n): …Really?

Chrom: Yes. Our bond has grown so strong that nothing could break it. I love you, (y/n). Come here.

(y/n): Oh… It’s been too long since I had a real hug. Thank you, Chrom. For everything.

[(y/n) and Chrom have reached support rank S.]

Confession Quote:

Chrom: You are the most important person to me. May our bonds of love last…for all of eternity.

Arranged (III)

1 /2

A/N: Sorry I only seem to post on weekends :/

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,597

Warnings: Cursing, Lack of Christmas spirit

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Hole in the Fence (Coldwave with goats) - 2

Fic: Hole in the Fence (ao3 link) - chapter 2/4
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Mick Rory’s life was changed forever by the fire he didn’t escape.

(in which Mick Rory retires, raises goats, and saves the world more than a few times)

WARNINGS: medical procedures, hospitalization, detailed description of injury recovery, emotional trauma, hurt/comfort


Mick stares.

The goat, perched delicately on Mick’s belly, stares back down.

It is a very small goat. It’s pale white and speckled dove grey all over, except for a darker blotch on its eyes and again right above its tail.

The goat bleats.

It’s a little trilling sound.

Mick blinks.

“Hello to you, too,” he says.

The goat bleats a bit more and headbutts Mick’s face very lightly.

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Rating: T (language)
Word Count: 2469 (Oneshot)
Tags: Jikook, Jungkook, Jimin, Angst, Angst and Fluff, Fluff, Jealousy
Summary: “Yeah, maybe I like Jimin a little. So what? And so what if I’m a little of jealous of just how into Taehyung he is right now? So fucking what? I’m 20, I’m an adult, I can get over this stupid little crush. I can beat these stupid hormones.”

Notes: Jealous Jungkook is jealous. And maybe a little needy. And he swears a bit, haha :)

[x-posted on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6492175]

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Fluffy Fridays: Ch. 2: The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Heist

Okay, so I posted this earlier today in the cs writing challenge, but I figure it’s appropriate for Friday Fluff as well.

Missed the beginning? (Chapter 1)


The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Heist

Warning:  This fic contains pure, unadulterated, undiluted fluffy silliness. And cookies.  Lots of cookies.  The devouring of this story may result in weight gain and tooth decay. Reader discretion is advised.

Genre: CS future fic

Emma had to admit that when her father first made the complaint she thought he was full of crap.

“They were stolen!” David sputtered, pointing to an empty spot on his desk in the sheriff’s station.  “Taken right from under my nose, and I’m not going to stand for it!”

Emma smirked up at him, crossing her arms and swiveling her chair slowly back and forth.  “So what do you want to do about it?  Open an investigation?  I can just see the headlines: ‘Local law enforcement seeking information in the theft of a dozen chocolate chip cookies’.  Think we’d be laughed out of office.”

David glared.  “No, I think we both know just who the culprit is.  Your pirate has tangled with the wrong man.”

Emma rolled her eyes.  “I already asked Killian about the cookies and he denies taking them.”

“You’re going to believe that?  Just take the pirate’s word for it?”

“I know my husband,” Emma said, “and more importantly I know when he’s lying.  This time he wasn’t.”

David paced for another moment.  “Well, someone took them!  They didn’t just get up off the desk and walk away of their own volition.”

“In this town, you never know,” Emma muttered under her breath.

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LA Night 5// Woman Crush Wednesday

I really don’t know where to begin. I think i will just start out by once again thanking alltimeswiftie for being so kindhearted and loving. Without you, last night would not have happened and I will always be so grateful…..beyond grateful….for the beautiful act of kindness you blessed me with. Thank you so much Jamie. The world needs more people like you.

Basically….I held one of the biggest secrets of my life for about a week. Around Thursday, Taylor Nation reached out to me and called me Tuesday basically as the arena doors were opening saying “Taylor is SO excited to see you!” I only told a few of my closest friends and my mom and cousin…..and the Lady at Jamba Juice who was handing me my smoothie as i was crying on Thursday, seconds after getting the message. (I’m just gonna breeze through this part because i don’t know how much I’m allowed to tell.

ANYWAY… i originally had PIT 1 tickets (again thank you so much alltimeswiftie) but when I picked up my ticket from the Box Office, my ticket said BSTAGE and i was beyond confused?????? But completely okay with this type of confusion????? i didn’t dwell on it too much. Then I met up with its-a-swiftie-metafour, twopaperairplanenecklaces (who gave me the shirt and socks to give to Taylor….AKA some type of Mission Impossible-type shit) and the lovely bitch herself swifternet…..what a time that was. Love you guys so much.

Doors open and I get to the meeting place ASAP. I’m in line when i spot Grace Helbig in line as well. I freak out a little because she’s hilarious af but i didn’t want to bother her so I watched from afar lol. I also stood in line in front of Siedah Garrett (one of Michael Jackson’s former co-writers. I had the most amazing conversation with her, her Manager, and Scott Swift (who soon came out to say ‘hi” to everyone and give out guitar picks. I absorbed so much from the conversation we had about the music industry and all of the problems with it and how hard Taylor is working to make it better for every artist who is just trying to do what they love. He also started talking about how excited Taylor is about the tracks she’s thinking about for the next album and how much she loves the process of making something new. “She can’t stop…she doesn’t want to” is what he said when we started to talk about how she only has one more album left.Then he talked about stocks and my mind drifted because……numbers….when do I ever like to talk about numbers?

So after a few minutes he looks me up and down, smiles then says “You’re so tall Taylor is really going to love you”. I smiled back and said “Thank you” then we got a picture together and soon enough I was in the Loft 89 area. 

Fruits and pizza were on the tables, the photobooth was accessible but literally all i did was talk to Siedah about her shoes and watch the clips on the flat screen about 94 times while i tried to figure out why i was so surprisingly calm and composed?????? just chillin on the couch surrounded by label people and what not……and here i am….some heaux from Tumblr…..alright.

Finally a woman comes inside and tells us that Taylor will be coming in and will talk to each of us and take a picture. It still hasn’t set in. SOOOOOOOOOO Taylor walks in, followed by Andrea a few moments later and she legit like BURST through the room “HEY GUYS!!” and i knew from that moment i was not gonna make it….i started looking around for the nearest exit right at that second but she was standing in front of it so i was screwed.

blah blah blah blah she meets everyone in front of me

i try to ease my way towards the far corner of the room before she can get to me

im backing up, looking backwards

then i hear it

“Oh my God you’re gorgeous!”

i look up and she’s standing legit right in my face i couldn’t process shit her eyes were so blue i couldn’t

“Wh-what what thank you so much what”….literally all i could spit out…i take another step back but she keeps getting closer to me lmfao 

“I didn’t know you were like a model??!!!” 

“You’re a model please Taylor”

“You’re so stunning and striking”

then i took another step back and ran into the table behind me and she reaches out to help me and is like “Hahahaha I do that all the time” then we both look at the table and she’s all “This table is so dangerous…but i love it so much it’s so….” then we said “chic” at the same time (LOL) then we literally spend a solid two minutes talking about a table that clearly has something against tall women yet is far too aesthetically pleasing to get rid of.

Then she’s like “Oh my God Kimani I am soooo happy you’re here tonight the show is going to be insaaaaaane”

“Taylor come on, you already killed me last night, we can’t take anymore of this”

“Well if you couldn’t handle last night then you’re really not going to make it tonight. I. AM. SO. EXCITED”

“…..this is honestly completely disrespectful Taylor”

“I think it’s disrespectful that i’ve had to keep this a secret from you guys for so long”

“Please stop”

then we both laugh and everyone in the room looks at us because tbh our laughs sound almost alike and in that moment i felt like i was just talking to an old friend i hadn’t seen in a while

“Where are you at tonight? I want to make sure you’re at the front of the house” then she turns to her assistant (i think???) and is like “Is she at the front of the house?” and the lady says “Yeah she was already moved” then Taylor “Great because you HAVE to see this” then i just smiled at her and was like “thank you” 

then i like frantically waved my hands in the air and im like “WAIT WAIT WAIT SWIFT how much do you know????” she just starts laughing again and im looking at her like

finally she’s like “Oh I know A LOT” and i just start shaking my head. Then i ask her if Calvin knows anything and she starts thinking and she’s like 

“Well….he knows *i love your blog a lot….but he doesn’t know YOU” then she starts to chuckle and im all “Oh God”

“Actually i wanted to make sure Calvin i standing right next to you tonight” AND THIS LITTLE I CAN’T EVEN SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING SHE STARTS CHUCKLING AND DOING THAT SMIRK THING AND IMLIKE 


“He won’t know hahahahahaha”

now im like freaking out like shit this woman is actually trying to kill me tonight she legit has it out for me 

then i remember the things Lia gave me and im like “Oh! speaking of…..i come baring gifts…this is from Lia and pretty much the rest of the tayvin squad” 

so i pull out the socks and she’s like “Oh my God….a cat and a poptart….two of my favorite things”

then i pull out the shirt and im like “now this one i’ll let you open for yourself i don’t know…”

so she unfolds the shirt and reads it

and her eyes get HUGE and she loooks sooooooo excited like when she does this thing

 and she’s like “OH MY GOD YES YES YES THIS YES THANK YOU” and she was soooo stoked about that damn shirt i couldn’t help but laugh and she’s like “this is so great” then she looks at me and she’s like Im supposed to sign something right” and she gets the picture and signs it “KIMANI”

started from the bottom


now we’re here


and she’s like chuckling while she’s signing it and she’s like “this is probably the creepiest signing ever” and I start laughing too and im like “Well you’re not wrong”

then we take the pictures (she took the fighting one with me pulling her hair to help me win a bet with my cousin……she was like “oh my god here, pull my hair” and she just handed me a chunk of her hair????? lol) then she’s like okay let’s take one like we’re obsessed with each other too

after the pictures she’s like “Im sooo glad you’re here Kimani tonight it going to be great” and im like “thank you for everything Taylor” and we hug again and she smiles at me and says “thank you” and keeps going

and that was when i realized everyone in the room was watching us the whole tiime

it was amazing.

then i asked a woman there if we had to go to our seats and she was like “No, Taylor wants you to stick around for the backstage tour” i shat myself.

Austin was standing in front of me talking to some guys and i would be lying if i said i wasn’t checking him out tbh baby boy is a YES

Before we go on the tour, actually, Austin was heading out and he sees me and he like….introduces himself to me like “Hey I’m Asutin” and i’m like “Hi, I’m Kimani” and he just smiled at me and we took a picture then he told me to have a good night and that my friends is how you actually get the girl…..one step closer

So we go on the tour and Andrea shows us around and tells us about how she and Taylor came up with the stage design while sitting around drawing (and eating???) during the planning process and how the huge monitor that shows all of the visuals is one of the biggest flat screen in the world (fun fact kids)

then at one point Andrea was walking next to me and she rubs my arm and moves her arm around my waist and hold me while she walks and she looks up at me while we’re walking and says “you are so gorgeously tall” and i smile back at her and say “thank you so much, you’re honestly the best” and we were just walking and smiling at each other and that was just the most amazing and warm feeling ever. Mama Swift is legititmately a batch of freshly baked cookies i love her so much i will always love this woman with all my heart.

the tour ends and i hug her. i tell her thank you for her strength and support and just….everything. she thanks me for supporting Taylor so much. We take a picture and she hugs me one more time before leaving.

I go to the B-Stage and watch literally every fucking celebrity in the world pack into the sound booth. 

I’m getting lazy now so im just gonna list characters and what occurred with each of them

Burns: Made eye-contact. looked me up and down. noticed his beard is a lot thicker in person. he leaves the sound booth. we legit had a stare down it was great

Jack Antonoff: Thanked him for making such an incredible album and how Wake Me is one of my favorite songs ever. took a picture

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: didn’t take a picture but i told him his character on Modern Family (Mitchell) is my Mom’s favorite and he laughed and said thanks

Serayah and her squad kept looking at me at some points so i avoided looking back because that was intimidating

Jamie is beautiful

Charlie was in his own world during Love Story and when i turned around he was right behind me so i asked him for a picture and he was like “ME???” and i laughed and was like “YES YOU!” and looked like an excited little kid stg he is so adorable. he took the picture and he was so happy then him and the guy next to him were like “we were all just back here watching you!” and then i look behind them and Calvin was looking straight at me and i was like FUCK so I like apologized to Charlie and the guy and they were like “No no no we love watching you dance” and then i was like okay it’s time to turn around now Love Story is too much of a jam to miss.

Everytime i turned around i could see Calvin perfectly because of my heels and he was always either watching Taylor really intently or whispering to Burns…and when Taylor was closest to the B-stage his dorky ass would just be standing there smiling…..it was magical…i was in a Tayvin sandwhich. When she was talking about illuminating everyone in the crowd she looked right at him and mimicked his accent a little and was like “yeaaah??” and she smiled at him and i could hear him laughing behind me. it was like one of those things where there were literally thousands of people in that arena but these dorks were pulling out inside jokes in the middle of a performance i was so offended @ Tayvin i want in……rude.

she pointed to the crowd during IKP and i thought that was so beautiful of her because honestly for us it really is always her and no matter what, for her, it’s always us.

she mouthed “I love you” to him while leaning in forward on the balcony situation thingy before Clean though and did a little wave to him while she mouthed it after she talked about feeling okay with yourself no matter what other people say about you and at that point i was liquid.

everyone was exiting and i finally just waved at him…no more beating around the bush. i didn’t even ask for a picture, i just waved. then he waved back and almost ran into Andrea and i was like “shit that’s your fault Kimani” but he just put her hand on her back and let her go in front of him and she smiled and patted his cheek super sweetly and was like “thank you” and he looked down with his hand still on her back guiding her and smiled at her and in my head i was like GIRL IF YOU DON’T KEEP THIS MAN I AM SUING OH MY GOD

then i went home

never cried

i was completely calm the entire night except for during the performances

Taylor Swift made sure i had the time of my life

and i did

thank you for EVERYTHING Taylor

(*) reworded to avoid chaos

Scorpion 3x04: Little Lost Boy

Happy: I need to be able to marry Toby, because I’m pregnant.

I’ve wanted a Quintis baby since I started watching Scorpion & shipping them, aka for so long, but I didn’t think I’d get it this soon!!!!! I didn’t think I’d get it for a while!!!!!

  This is EXACTLY what I want!!!!!

Even though Happy seems petrified of children, she will make a good mom (& Toby a good dad) cus she/they know(s) what it’s like to grow up with bad parents.

Happy’s protecting her baby already - breaking the window and wearing a gas mask so she and the baby don’t ingest chemical fumes.

Mommy!Happy is rising!

Why is that reveal the last second of this episode?! I need more!!! I need Toby to run and hug Happy and kiss her!!! I need more!!!!

I need next week right fucking now!!!!!! Please!!!

I literally have SO MANY pregnant!Happy/Quintis headcanons that I hope come to life!!!!!

Back at the beginning of the episode…

Collins gave Toby an impossible riddle to solve, to lead him to Happy’s hubby’s identity.

Collins is such a psychopath!

Turns out… Happy’s married to Walter!

Toby’s so upset at Walter, for keeping this secret from him, that he’s the reason he can’t be happy with Happy, he runs across Walter’s desk and lunges at him, fighting him.

Come to find out, Happy and Walter got married SIX years ago…

so that he could get his green card.

Makes sense, but I still don’t like it.

& they need to stay married for TWO MORE YEARS til Walter is a full citizen.


Toby is so heartbroken, learning how long he has to wait to begin his life with Happy as husband and wife.

I really just wanna hug my babies/parents/Quintis!!!

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The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Heist

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: G

Genre:  CS Future Fic

(Tagging a few who might be interested:@annaamell @flslp87@doracianstormerose@sailormew4@myst-l-vie @mermaidswans @bethacaciakay@effulgentcolors@ilovemesomekillianjones @tnlph@kat2609 @missgymgirl @galadriel26@laschatzi@snowbellewells @charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615 @captainscolts @holmes-a-holic)


Warning:  This fic contains pure, unadulterated, undiluted fluffy silliness.  And cookies.  Lots of cookies.  The devouring of this story may result in weight gain and tooth decay.  Reader discretion is advised.


Emma had to admit that when her father first made the complaint she thought he was full of crap.

“They were stolen!” David sputtered, pointing to an empty spot on his desk in the sheriff’s station.  “Taken right from under my nose, and I’m not going to stand for it!”

Emma smirked up at him, crossing her arms and swiveling her chair slowly back and forth.  “So what do you want to do about it?  Open an investigation?  I can just see the headlines: ‘Local law enforcement seeking information in the theft of a dozen chocolate chip cookies’.  Think we’d be laughed out of office.”

David glared.  “No, I think we both know just who the culprit is.  Your pirate has tangled with the wrong man.”

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anonymous asked:

you got into an accident and have temporary amnesia so you don't remember kris or anyone so he gradually did things to help you remember, by half of the year your memories came back and shocked him? angst but happy teary ending lol

Fight for You ~Kris~

Don’t know if it was really a teary ending, but I tried. I was literally just about to watch “The Vow”, but I wanted to write this first so that I wouldn’t be too influenced by the film. :3 Hope you like it!

“Where is she?” Kris asked frantically as soon as he set foot into the hospital. “Where is she? _______, where are you?”

The nurse at the front desk furrowed her eyebrows and tried to get Kris’ attention. “Um, sir?” she said. “Sir, who is it exactly that you are looking for?”

“______! ______! ______, where is she?” Ever since he got news about the crash, he sped to the hospital as fast as he could, hoping that you were alright.

“_______ what?” the nurse asked. “What is her last name?”

“_______, where is she?!”

Baekhyun ran into the scene just in time and saved the poor nurse from having a small panic attack. He grabbed Kris by the collar and gave the nurse an apologetic smile. “I’ll just take him from here,” he said and dragged Kris down the hall. “Hyung, you look like a mad man.”

Where is _______?

Once Baekhyun reached the area where the rest of the members were waiting, he saw them all give Kris sympathetic smiles. Kris felt his heart drop. He knew something happened.

“What is wrong with her? Is she okay? What happened?” Kris asked, desperately searching for answers.

The members all looked at each other, trying to figure out who should bare the sad news. None of them wanted to break it to him.

But eventually, Xiumin stepped up and placed his hand on Kris’ shoulder. “She has amnesia,” he said sadly. “She doesn’t remember anything or anyone.”

What?” Kris felt like his heart had been torn out of his chest. He didn’t want to believe it, but he knew it was the truth just by staring at his sad members. “She doesn’t even remember me?”

Xiumin shook his head. “Nothing. She remembers absolutely nothing. The only thing she remembers is her name.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, DAMMIT!” Kris slammed his fist into the wall angrily. “No! She can’t! She has to remember.”


“No Xiumin hyung, please tell me you’re lying. Please.”

“It’s the truth.” Kai’s voice broke when he spoke up, because he had always thought of you as a sister. “Go see for yourself.”

Kris stared at the door for a long moment before slowly walking inside. He saw you lying on the bed, staring around the room with furrowed eyebrows as if you’ve never been inside a hospital room before. “______,” he said breathlessly.

You looked up at the sound of your name. “Yes?” You squinted your eyes and stared at him. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m Kris,” he stuttered out painfully. “Your boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” You tilted your head and tried hard to remember any sort of memory you had of him, but you couldn’t find anything. “I don’t remember having a boyfriend…”

“You don’t remember anything.” Kris sat down on the chair beside your bed and grabbed your hand, which took you by surprise. “I’m your boyfriend, Kris. You were in an accident and you don’t remember anything. But I’m your boyfriend, you have to trust me.” If there was one thing he wanted you to remember most of all, it’s that you were his. If you knew that, it would be a start.

“Okay,” was all you said in response. “But who are all those other boys that are waiting outside? They all look really sad for some reason, and I think one of them was about to cry.”

“They’re really good friends of mine, and they’re good friends of yours as well,” he explained. “The one who was probably about to cry was Kai. Do you remember him? You’re the closest with him. He’s like your brother.”

“I don’t remember anything…” you said sadly and looked down.

Kris was trying his best to hold back tears at that moment. He couldn’t believe the fact that you actually couldn’t remember a thing at all. “Don’t worry,” he assured you. “I’ll make sure you start to remember things.”




Kris took you back home the next day and carefully showed you around the house as if you were a guest. “Do you remember anything at all?” he asked hopefully.

You stepped inside and gazed at the walls and furniture. “No,” you replied sadly. “Do we live together?”

“Yes.” He pointed upstairs. “Our bedroom’s upstairs.”

Your stomach churned at the thought of sleeping alongside him. You couldn’t remember anything at the moment, and you weren’t completely comfortable with the thought of having to sleep next to somebody you could barely remember.

“We don’t have to sleep in the same bed now,” Kris said as if he could read your mind. “I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s going to take a while for me to help you remember things, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable by sleeping in the same bed. Don’t worry about it.”

You let out a sigh of relief. “You’re a true gentleman,” you said. “Any girl would be lucky to have you.”

Kris just bit his lip and nodded his head, not knowing exactly what to say to that.




As time progressed, Kris learned that sometimes, if he did certain things, they would trigger something in your memory and you’d slowly begin to remember them.

And so for half of the year, that’s what he did.

He took you to the bakery down the street where the two of you had your first date. He grabbed your hand and pulled you to the table all the way in the back. “We sat right here about four years ago,” he said with a small smile, thinking back at the memory. “My aunt’s friend owns the shop, so we got some free cupcakes and we sat here the entire day, eating and talking.”

You couldn’t help but smile yourself. You could very faintly remember that memory.

“And we had our first kiss here too.” He pulled you back to the door. “Right here,” he said. “You had to leave, but I stopped you because I didn’t get to kiss you yet. So then we had our first kiss at this very spot.”

“Four years,” you repeated the number that Kris had said a little while ago. “We’ve been together for four years?” You couldn’t believe a relationship could last that long.

He nodded. “Four long, amazing years.”




Kris pulled out a box of cookies from one of the kitchen cabinets and placed the box in front of you on the table. You stared at the cookies for a while, trying to remember their significance. They were sugar cookies.

“Your favorite,” Kris said as he sat down. “You love sugar cookies. They’re actually part of the reason why we went out in the first place.” He chuckled and picked up one of the cookies. “Since my aunt’s friend owns the bakery I showed you, I got her to make me a batch of sugar cookies. Then, I hid them in your locker at school with a note, asking you to go out with me. I owe these little cookies a lot.”

“How cute,” you commented. The thought of a guy knowing such a small detail about you and using it to go out with you was quite amazing. Guys don’t typically remember small things like that.

“Have one.” Kris pushed the box towards you. “I literally buy a new box every month for you, because I know you love snacking on them. Especially in the middle of the night. A lot of the times, I wake up and see the kitchen light on, which means you’re in there eating up all the cookies.”

You hesitantly reached for one and stared at it. You could faintly recall a memory of you and Kris in the kitchen one night, as he said.

You saw yourself getting caught by him, munching on a cookie. He smiled at you and attacked you with a big hug…

But you couldn’t remember anything after that.

Kris watched you with focused eyes, trying to figure out if you could remember anything.

You bit into the cookie and closed your eyes. The image of you and Kris, laughing and kissing in the kitchen in the middle of the night came back to you.

Your memory was slowly coming back.




It was a month or so later that you gave Kris the biggest shock of your life.

It had to have been around 2:30am when you woke up. You threw the blanket off of you and looked around. “Kris?” you called. “Kris, where are you?”

You jumped off of the bed and ran downstairs. It was all coming back to you now.

Kris… The boys… Your first date… The cookies… The accident… All those memories… They were back.

“Kris!” you yelled and ran towards the couch, jumping on top of him and shaking his shoulders. “Kris, wake up! Kris, I remember! Kris!”

Kris fluttered his eyes open and knitted his eyebrows. “______? What are you doing up so late?” he asked.

“Kris,” you said softly and stared at him deep in the eyes. “Kris, I remember.”

For a second, he was utterly confused. He thought that he was in a dream at first, but when he saw the way your eyes were slowly beginning to turn teary, he knew it was reality. “Jagiyah,” he said. “Jagiyah, your memory’s back?”

You nodded. “Kris. Kris, you’re my boyfriend. We’ve been together for four years now and we have the same eleven crazy best friends who are the most annoying yet lovable boys in the world,” you recalled. “I was in an accident and I lost all my memory, but I know everything now. We had our first date at the bakery, you were so nervous that night you accidently dropped one of the cupcakes on me and ruined my favorite skirt.”

“Oh my goodness, you remember that?”

“Kris!” you cried and threw your arms around him. “Kris, oh my goodness, that was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. I literally felt like I was in this darkness the entire time because I couldn’t remember. But you stayed the entire time.”

“You honestly think I’d leave you?” Kris asked when you pulled away. “There is nothing in this entire world that can take me away from you. No accident or obstacle of any kind is ever going to come between us. I love you too much to ever let go.”

You took a deep breath and tried to sustain your cries. “I can’t imagine how it felt to know that I didn’t remember anything,” you said. “Kris, if that were you… If that were you, I wouldn’t even know what I’d do. It’s been six months now and you still pulled through for me. I… I thought I lost you.”

Kris sat up and tried his best to not break down. He was so overwhelmed by the fact that you remembered everything now; he didn’t even know how to take it. “Jagiyah,” he said quietly. “Jagi, you never lost me. It could’ve been six months or six years, I would stay there until the end with you. I knew that one day your memory would come back, and I kept hanging on that. That was the one thing keeping me going.”

“I love you so much.” You got pulled into his embrace again and held him tight against you. “Thank you so much for staying.”

“I love you even more.” He pressed a kiss against your head. “Don’t ever scare me like that again.”

You wiped away your tears and smiled. “I promise I won’t.” You pulled away and kissed his lips for the first time in six months.

That kiss itself assured you that no matter what happened between the two of you, he would always stay and fight for you.

AU Request List

send in a number and one of 5sos the boys 

  1.  We met at a concert and become best buddies for the night and can’t stop thinking about each other until we meet again in a minor car crash
  2. We met at a red light and you will not stop singing California Girls to me and surprise! You’re embarrassed because we end up at the same destination.
  3. I’m your waiter/waitress and you can’t decide what you want so I sit down with you for a while to help you decide
  4. My date left me for your date and I’m not even phased so let’s forget about them and hangout together.
  5.  We both want the same kitten and end up fighting for it in the pet store.
  6.  You’re an exchange student and you’re my shadow for the day and I thought from a different speaking country but really you’re from austarila and speak perfect english, asshole
  7.  I’m standing outside your house singing a song to get you back but “Oops, wrong house, sorry.” 
  8.  “My stupid friends roped me into a mall scavenger hunt and you’re on the list” 
  9.  “I’m on a terrible date and you’re my waitor please help me” 
  10.  “My brother/sister asked me to break up with you for them i’m so sorry” 
  11. “Your cat got my cat pregnant and now I have all these kittens please take them” 
  12. “You’re sort of famous and we vaguely know each other through bumping into each other all the time but the media thinks we’re dating” 
  13.  “Your roommate cheated on me and I just threw your laptop out the window thinking it was his” 
  14. “We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” 
  15. “I’ve had a crush on you since the 11th grade but you’ve hated me ever since that one time” 
  16.  “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but actually it’s because you’re stupidly hot” 
  17. “Oh shit this isn’t my car” 
  18.  “You fell off the map 6 years ago and you think you can just waltz back into my life. Literally. You’re the dance instructor for my best friend’s wedding and we have history” 
  19. “My dad’s a cancer patient and you’re his nurse” 
  20. “We’re both on the same multiple stop flight schedules to go to the same destination so we might as well stick together. Also your shoulder is a very comfortable pillow.” 
  21.  “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” 
  22.  “Why do we keep running into each other when we live on opposite sides of the country?” 
  23. “We need to be really quiet but you have the hiccups” 
  24. ‘I came to this party in which I don’t know anyone with my friend and oh shit I lost her, wait you lost your friend too? Let’s look for them together’ 
  25. ‘…and it turns out our friends are making out with each other, this is awkward’  
  26. ‘I went skating to give it a try because my friend said it was really fun but I’m making a complete fool of myself fuck I can’t do this, you seem to be pretty good though can you teach me?’ 
  27. ‘I’m hella sick but not old enough to purchase cough medicine and that sounds really pitiful coming from a college student but would you please go buy me Nyquil ”
  28. ‘I went to the bar last night bc I just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing lead to another and somehow I broke into your house thinking it was mine and now I can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles I smell?’ 
  29. ‘You passed out in Disneyland and I’ve been taking care of you for the past two hours oh my god are you okay??’ 
  30. 'I don’t really know you but I noticed that this creep has been trying to chat you up even though you’ve already turned him down, so I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend/girlfriend  until they leave you alone.’ 
  31. 'I don’t like you and you don’t like me but our best friends just died in a car crash and left their one-year-old daughter in our custody so now we’ve got to act civil and end up falling for each other’ 
  32. 'I just moved into the apartment next door and I am 100% sure that it’s haunted bc this building used to be a hospital and anyway I heard I noise coming from inside the walls can I please just crash here for the night?’ 
  33. Went to the beach for the first time 
  34. 'I know that you don’t know me, but you were on the receiving end of my girlfriend/boyfriend’s heart donation and being around you kind of makes it feel like they’re still here I’m sorry if that’s kind of weird.’ 
  35. 'Fuck my ex just walked into the restaurant with their new girlfriend/boyfriend could you pretend we’re dating so they don’t think I’m hung up on them I swear I’ll pay you later.’ 
  36. 'Okay okay okay I know we’re just friends and I don’t want anything to change that but I may have told my mom that we’re dating so she would stop trying to set me up with people would you be up to going to my sister’s wedding as my plus one so my mom won’t know I lied?’ 
  37. Long Way Home 
  38. 'Sometimes, your soulmate and the love of your life don’t end up being the same person. And that’s something I had to learn the hard way.’ 
  39. you’re sitting in the booth I always sit in but you refuse to leave and I refuse to let you have it so we end up sharing a booth 
  40. ‘we’re both high school teachers and my students ship us but I won’t let them tell you’ 
  41. ‘we’re parent chaperons on the class field trip to a huge museum and somehow we got separated from the group???’ 
  42. ‘I need a child’s birthday present? It’s my cousin’s child, I have no idea what they like but I think maybe it’s a girl can you help’ 
  43. ‘someone starts a rumor that we’re dating so let’s turn the tables’ 
  44. ‘oh my god you’re my ex’s other ex’ 
  45. ‘i kissed the wrong person on news years’  
  46. ‘we were both late to class and walked into each other in the hall and oh god do you have a concussion? i’m so sorry’ 
  47. ‘you’re a celebrity incognito trying to hide from paparazzi and you’re sitting right next to me and i’m the only one that recognizes you’ 
  48. ‘I thought those cookies were for the whole dorm but you needed them for class so now I’m baking a new batch with you’ 
  49. ‘just saying’ 
  50. 'Shit I wasn’t watching where I was walking and ended up spilling my brightly colored drink all over your white sweater I’m so sorry here have my jacket.’ 

We don’t try to add new projects to our already busy schedule without good cause.  The yearlong allocation of milk, daily cheesemaking and affinage (or, “cheese babysitting”)  make adding anything to our plates a decision we approach carefully.  Goat milk, especially in our corner of Vermont, is tough to come by.  We have 135 does milking right now, and with a limited supply of Manchester and Danby every year, taking milk away from those batches meant gambling precious casein on an entirely new product.   Slyboro was a risk that has paid off.

The key and namesake of this fella is it’s hard apple cider wash.  Slyboro Cidery, down the road in Granville, NY, helps us connect our region’s cheesemaking tradition with that of the drink that the average American once downed 35 gallons of yearly.  We can only dream of similar per-capita consumption rates for the Slyboro.

Year after year, the Slyboro has grown with us.  It started off as a larger wheel, made in the mold (literally) of Dorset and Manchester.  At first, it was developed exclusively for Anne Saxelby’s cheese counter at Daniel Boulud’s Upper West Side market, Epicerie Boulud.  In terms of availability and development, the cheese has grown like the little fuzzies that like to populate its pronounced rind.  Theses days, Slyboro is a lot smaller.  You can pick it up with one hand, and kind of get that satisfying feeling of palming a basketball. 

We like the rind to be a little moist, while still being thick enough to possess a satisfying soft-silty bite.  We’re washing it three times a week now, and the paste is a little gooier.  Unlike our now-retired fresh goat cheese Mettowee, it’s made using raw milk, and what it lacks in spreadability and lemony tang it makes up for in brightness and complexity.  

Slyboro is due to hit the shelves at Saxelby, Epicerie Boulud, and our farmers market stands in the next few weeks.  Keep an eye to the blog for some tasting notes and an experiment in pairings.  

anonymous asked:

You mentioned yesterday that you helped with some sorta ad campaign for the last quarter of Omniverse;like what was that about and how? Sorry,it's just that I was completely disconnected from the fandom when that last batch of episodes aired because of that mega hiatus during the spring/summer and I saw on the Toonzone forum that the episodes were airing everyday and I waited for it to be over to binge watch the entire OV series from the beginning to end (and loved everything about it).

Well I suppose it’s about time that I explained to all of you in detail the absolute hell/absolute gift that was…

 The Ben 10 Omniverse End-Time Ad Campaign Apocalypse (AKA: The Great Hiatus Fiasco)

Now, it all started circa April 19, 2014 when Omniverse went on what seemed to be just another regular hiatus that we would only find out later ended after SIX ENTIRE MONTHS. Now, at this point, we could tell CN disliked all of their action cartoon line-up (see: “Cancellation/Under The Table endings of LITERALLY EVERY SHOW ON THEIR ACTION LINE-UP”) but this was made strikingly clearer when, after said six month hiatus, either me or cyclone-rachelfound out and announced on Tumblr (which apparently spread very fast) had discovered on CN’s ancient scheduling line-up site showed Ben 10 Omniverse would be coming off it’s long hiatus.

As any group of fans would expect, we thought that with this news, there would also come advertising on CN’s airtimes to get the word out about Omniverse coming back after such a ridiculously long break. But what we discovered with the timeslots of the new episodes was shocking.

Now before I go into this next part, I should explain; When Cartoon Network wants to very quietly take down a show with every bit of intention, they do these things:

  • Incredibly long and inexplicable breaks
  • MASSIVE cut-down on advertising
  • Cut-down on merchandising
  • Bring back the series from said long break with no announcement
  • Put show at horrible timeslot that the target audience has little to no way of viewing
  • (This last one applies if the show is nearing the end of production, which most of CN’s old action line-ups were when CN pushed them under) air out all remaining episodes under these strict pretenses as quickly as possible

Unfortunately, Ben 10 Omniverse was made to fit this criteria to a T and was in fact one of the last remaining action series’ on CN at that point in time. So here was the deal: We got one new episode a day, Monday thru Friday. So far, not a bad deal right? Besides, CN already started airing new episodes in other countries while the US was on the huge hiatus. WRONG. These new episodes would be airing at 5:30 IN THE MORNING, CENTRAL TIME, WHILE SCHOOL WAS STILL IN-SEASON. Not bad enough for you yet? Because CN decided to throw in ABSOLUTELY NO ANNOUNCEMENTS OR ADVERTISING FOR OMNIVERSE AT ALL!

Now collectively, as a fanbase, we found this out all together all at the same time and were absolutely mortified by this discovery, that these were now the final days of Ben 10 (until the upcoming reboot, but we’ll get to that later). I and many others were doing as much as possible at that point in time to get the word out but to me, it was clear that word of mouth simply wasn’t cutting it.

Now, I was an avid follower of stevencrewniverse here on Tumblr and saw that when they were releasing new episodes, they would very consistently have staff members do posters for upcoming episodes to get the word out and get people hyped, and from what I could tell it was a very effective advertising tool that utilized the artistic aspect of people involved in making it. And it was also very appealing to me as an artist and graphic designer within the Ben 10 fan community, and apparently I wasn’t the only one.

So negadweeb and I took it upon ourselves to run an advertising campaign, making individual posters for each and every episode before it came out and spreading it as much as possible with any available synopsis and updated information that came our ways. This became especially and increasingly difficult as we only had synopses for only 10 of the upcoming final 30 episodes, some of which made reference to characters that had not appeared yet, the other 20 of which we were drawing absolute blanks on based on the title of each episode that came our ways.

We each ended up making 30 total posters for the final episodes.

Now we actually come to somewhat of a sub-fiasco known as… 

The 4-Chan Accreditation Caper

Now, in spreading the news absolutely as much as possible for something like this, you can sometimes get it spread to the absolute depths to people you would never want to deal with or interact with, and they do just terrible things, and terrible things come of it. 

That being said, I had gotten contacted via my comment section on Deviantart by someone from 4-Chan being weirdly über grateful about the ad campaign and they had also said the posters had been put on 4-Chan, without permission from me or Enzy (negadweeb). Personally, as an artist, I’ve had a lot of things taken from me out of context and I have a serious problem with people who deliberately go out of their way to take credit away from peoples’ hard work for something. Basically, the Omniverse fandom that was in the grimy depths of 4-Chan decided to start censoring my name and credits affiliated towards me creating the ads for the show simply because I explained what a hassle it was to deal with people that deliberately took my work and put it up somewhere with no credit for it whatsoever. There was a mini flamewar that went on and it was terrible.

So TLDR: Don’t ever interact with anyone affiliated with the 4-Chan Ben 10 Fandom, under any circumstances.

Now fortunately, these posters actually made it to some of all the right people just as it did the wrong, and ended up making it to people that actually worked on the show staff like adelightfultedium (art director), tannertrue (storyboard artist), tnperkins (guest character designer), theyoungberg (storyboard artist/animation director), and especially dou-hong (prop designer/character designer). Dou had complimented one of the posters, as had Tanner, but I had found Dou’s email and thanked her for all her hard work and the hard work of everyone who had been keeping the show alive.

She had responded very very graciously saying:

“No, thank you for drawing more exposure to the show! I know perhaps Ben 10 doesn’t have the Tumblr fandom that other shows have, but from what I’ve seen, it seems like a nice little community.

I think a lot of people do art for a variety of reasons, and what you do reminds me of me when I was younger, and hell, today. I still do fanart because it calms me down and allows me to, well, squee with others. I’ll be honest with you, as inconvenient of time as it is for Ben 10, it’s super cool to see that people are excited for the final episodes. I never really used to check the Ben 10 tag too much, but now I’m checking it everyday, or at least, I try to. You could say that I got caught up in the whirlwind that is Omniverse’s last season.

Ben 10 is such a successful show, that I’m sure it’ll come back. I’m not sure why they decided to throw all these episodes at people at once, but if it paves the way for another version, who knows? It’s such a beloved series, they can’t keep it down. I had a great time working on the show, and it’ll always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first show that I’ve ever worked on.”

After all the trouble the proud couple of us had done to help this show on it’s last run, staying up late on school nights and weekends then getting up early the next morning just to struggle to stay awake while our favorite show made it’s last appearances, this was what had come from it; a sign that what we were doing had a tangible effect on the thing we loved. 

I could not be more proud to have made an impact in this community in having boosted awareness for it with my gift of art and design at as young an age of mine, and especially for the thing that made me interested in art in the first place. This had been my first opportunity to give back to the thing that gave me so much in the first place in terms of creativity and utter joy as an experience, and as I said before, I could not at all be more proud of what became of it.

Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about it Anon, I hope it shed some light on that whirlwind of a situation for you and for others.