we are lennox

Worst feeling is having to low key ship two people because the writers don’t give you much to work with. 

But the best feeling is when they surprise you with some good scenes or even getting together and you begin to find all the other people who shipped them too and you all ride the wave happiness together with smiles on your faces because your low key has now become high key.

17 of 24

“If you say so” the look on her face clearly showed her doubt.

“I think we should go back to class” Juniper said.

“No” was the combined response to her suggestion.

“I’d rather face them now” she persisted “It’ll be worse tomorrow.” she stared out the window “besides we left Lennox there by himself.”

“As much as I hate to admit it” Cinnamon sighed “she does have a point.”

Slowing the car Blake turned the blinker on to make a left hand turn “are you sure about this?”

“No” she said “ but I have to face them sooner or later.”

you’re my saving grace


For vengeful gothic monster queens and pure-hearted heroines.


. halo - Beyonce // . i want to hold your hand - T.V. Carpio // . save you - Emilie Autumn // . as the world falls down - Girl in a Coma // . love - Robin Hood (Soundtrack) // . maps - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs // . shadows of the night - Pat Benetar // . i’ll keep your secrets - Trans-Siberian Orchestra // . asleep - Emily Browning // . if i apologized - Josephine Cronholm // . her kiss - In This Moment // . set apart this dream - Flyleaf // . love song for a vampire - Annie Lennox // . we belong - Everly // . violet skies - In This Moment


[ l i s t e n ]

“My name is Saint. I’m a Pit Bull, Rottweiler mix. Because of the way I look, I will undoubtedly face discrimination. People will cross the street to avoid me, will pick up their children and small dogs to avoid me. I won’t understand it, will look up at my mama with a grin and a tail wag. I’ll wonder why so many people don’t want to meet me, and why only my family and friends trust me.”

I am Nicole, Saint’s mama, and I will never be able to explain to him why people are so cruel toward dogs, just because of their breed.

More importantly, we are both Lennox; an innocent dog killed for looking like a pit bull. This cannot continue to happen. Dogs would give their lives for us, and gladly.

It’s time we returned that favor.

We are ALL Lennox. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

This week, after being wrongfully detained for two years, a bulldog/labrador mix named Lennox was put to sleep simply because he looked like a “pitbull." Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is being used to “rid” the world of pit bulls - or any dog that might even kind of look like one.

Soon, BSL may be used against Dobermans (like my brother) and other breeds deemed to be “aggressive” and, eventually, it could be used against other dogs, including myself. 

Read up on BSL and educate yourself all you can. Use that knowledge to educate friends, families, and other individuals and use that knowledge to fight BSL yourself. We need to judge the breed, not the deed.

I am Lennox.