we are leeds

  • Peter: and then he kniGHTEd me, dude, like legitimately hand-on-each-shoulder KNIGHTED me -
  • Ned: wHOOAAH
  • Peter: YeaH YEAH
  • Peter: and theN HE SAID *deep voice* "alright, Peter, you're an Avenger now" and I just about -
  • Ned: wait I thought you were already an Avenger you said that -
  • Peter: nah, man, no - I mean, basically, I kinda turned down the offer back in June but Mr. Stark kind of just appointed me while we were in space and -
  • Ned: you turned down tONY STARK?
  • Peter: yeah, you know, I just kinda wanted to -
  • Ned: PETER.

Hey, with all the rants and stuff going on about racism and fat shaming n stuff (in this fandom more specifically Jacob, Tony and Laura), I think we should do something like a “underappreciated characters/actors night” !!!!! This weekend you can send in anything about the actors and/or characters you feel like are not appreciated enough in this fandom and we can write lil blurbs and headcanons about them and show em some loveeee :))