we are just hot tubbing

  • Lance: *singing* 🎶 Two bros! 🎶
  • [zooming in on Keith]
  • Lance: 🎶 Sitting in a hot tub! Five feet apart because they’re not gay! 🎶
Love Affair Part 8

Beginning Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Slight Smut.

Love Affair Part 8

Chapter 15

“So let me get this fucken straight?” Negan said as he stood out of his seat. “Even though my girl doesn’t want that fucker’s house, truck, or fucken money. Will she pretty much doesn’t want shit but her personal stuff, she still has to fucken take that fucken prick to court. Which may take months to final the whole shit hole marriage that’s been over for months. And then..”

“Negan.” I said, tugging at his jacket. “Stop please.”

“I’m almost fucken done doll.” Negan said, looking over at me and smiling. He turn back to the lawyer, still smiling. “And then, she as to do this what did you fucken call it “Discernment Counseling” Negan use his fingers to do quote and unquote. “Which happens when one person wants to fucken end the marriage and the other one wants to fucken save it. So doll now has to do that, if Danny is still fucken set on saving their marriage, for some fucken reason. Also she’ll have to do that shit for 30 fucken days with him. Talking about their feelings and shit. Then after that, she can finally fucken file for divorce and deal with all that fucken fun shit that will take months. Unless, he just fucken signs that papers, which he fucken won’t. Did I miss fucken anything?”

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“Uhh.” The Lawyer said trying to gather his thoughts. “No, that’s pretty… Uh pretty much it.”

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Happy Birthday, spooning-always-leads-to-forking!

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Happy birthday to @spooning-always-leads-to-forking from all of us here at @everlarkbirthdaygifts! We apologize for posting so late in the day, but hey, this way you get to party a little bit longer, right? ;) To help you celebrate, @shesasurvivor has written a story just for you! Enjoy!

Title: If you like making love at midnight

Rating: M

Author’s Note: Happy birthday! Enjoy this little piece of Everlark-on-vacation, with slight influences from The Piña Colada Song! ;)

“Mind if I join you?

I try not to let myself look as annoyed as I really feel about this question. The entire reason I came out to use the hot tub so late at night was precisely because I wanted to be left alone, and not be bothered by the other loud, annoying hotel guests. I know it would be rude to make that apparent, though, so I put on the most fake smile I can muster, and turn to nod assent to the intruder.

I stop when I see him, caught off guard. He’s not what I’m expecting, not by a long shot. He’s my age, which immediately would make me coil away, my guard already up. But there’s something about him that already puts me at ease. Maybe it’s his gentle eyes, which I think are blue, but it’s so hard to tell for sure in this dim light. Or maybe it’s the kind smile plastered across his face as he looks down at me, genuinely awaiting my approval.

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Japan (Shawn Mendes)

Hey! I’ve been inspired to write this fluff by the Instagram Shawn uploaded, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so here it is, I hope you like it :) Only thing I have to say, that Shawn’s girlfirend here’s 18!

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: none, just too much fluff

I tossed and turned myself to the point, that it became morning, and the sunrays – instead of warming my body – pointed right to my face, making me grumpy in a matter of seconds. I covered my face with my right arm, inhaling the dry air, then stretching my limbs. After I hid my face into the huge, white pillow it became quite obvious, that it wasn’t my usual one, judging only by the size of it. It took me a good two minutes to realize, I wasn’t in my own flat, neither in my country.

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Yesterday I was introduced to an adorable vlogging couple, and a recent video of their’s was a rather interesting event. Then I was prompted to turn it into a CC ficlet. Fluff. Attempted humor. ~2,100 words.

Darren instinctively pulled his hands away, as his laptop screen suddenly slammed shut.

“Chris, what the fuck?”

“You need a break,” Chris stated, without missing a beat.

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Do I look tired? I’m bleeping exhausted. I had a rough night’s sleep last night (too hot, too cold, do I have to pee? is the cat throwing up?) but I was still up and at ‘em for my 6am kickboxing class.

I freaking love that place. We have so much fun as a group and get such a great workout. Plus, I feel so badass learning how to properly kick and punch! 💪🏻 I’m really excited because my co-worker and I were invited to be a part of their 4th of July parade float! 😎 There will be 15 (or so) of us hitting bags on a moving trailer! 😅 It should be a blast.

I bumped up my membership from 7 months (I got 9 months because of the grand opening special, plus 2 free months - 1 for each member I have referred so far) to 12 months, so now I have 16 months of kickboxing in my future! 😁 What’s really great is if we decide to have a kiddo in that timeline, I can freeze my membership. Also, we canceled the Y because we just weren’t going enough. I go to ILKB 4-5 times a week and when we run we prefer to run outside, so we were really just hanging on for the hot tub and pool option. No point throwing money away. Speaking of running, I think my knees can finally handle it again in combination with kickboxing. I’ll be on that next week! 🙌🏻

In other news, I’m planning to take my meal plan way back to basics. I’m looking forward to it since I’ve been resorting to a lot of quick, convenience snacks like protein bars or rice cakes instead of some celery sticks and peanut butter (for example). 😬

That’s all I got! PLL and the genius. finale tonight! (Is anyone watching that show?! We love it!) HAPPY TUESDAY! 🎉

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1988 bath

“I need a bath,” Patrick sighs, flinging his hockey bag off his shoulder and letting it thump to the ground at the base of his bed. He pretends not to notice the way Jonny’s nose wrinkles and stretches his arms up above his head, his spine popping with the effort. 

“Baths are disgusting,” Jonny says. He strips off his jacket and t-shirt only to toss them on the gaudy carpet, likely to stay there unwashed until they moved on to the next city. Patrick resists the urge to roll his eyes. “And they take forever. Can’t you just shower like the rest of us?”

Patrick snorts. “I already showered, dick,” he says, idly scratching his stomach. “I just want to soak in some hot water, all right? I’m sore.” 

Jonny’s eyes skirt over Patrick with something akin to concern. “You okay?”

“Yes, weirdo, I’m fine,” he says. “I just want to take a bath, I don’t have Ebola.” 

“I could get PT up here,” Jonny says, already reaching for his phone, “if you need a massage or something.” 

“No, Tazer, Jesus,” Patrick laughs. He snatches the phone out of Jonny’s hands and tosses it onto the bed. Jonny doesn’t look convinced, though, so Patrick actually does roll his eyes. “Look, the tub here isn’t big enough for me, anyway. I’ll just hit the hot tub when we hit the next locker room.”

Jonny’s consternation seems to only increase at that, and Patrick is out of ideas. “Dude. What’s going to get you to calm down?” 

“Nothing, I,” Jonny starts, then shakes his head. “Just want you in top shape, y’know?”

“Your concern is flattering,” Patrick says. He pinches Jonny’s hip and grins up at the glare sent his way. “But I’m a big boy.” 

“Not that big,” Jonny grumbles, and Patrick can’t do anything but laugh. It’s moments like that, standing a little too close in their hotel room, riffing about nothing, that Patrick tries to memorize - someday, he thinks, someday they’re going to be really important. 

Hot Tub - Jackson (Got7)

You were currently on tour with your boyfriend, Jackson. He had flown you out to see him because he missed you. You had been with the boys for about two weeks now, going new places with them and having fun. Currently it was about one in the morning and all the boys were asleep beside Jackson. You and him were in your room deciding what you wanted to do because you were both bored.

Jackson’s face suddenly lit up,”Let’s go try out the hot tub.” he said and you smiled nodding. The boy’s hotel room had a private hot tub that no one had tried out as yet. Jackson quickly put on his bathing trunks and you your bikini and you both exited your bedroom and went onto the balcony where the hot tub was located. 

Jackson got in first and sighed in satisfaction. “Babe come in quick, it feels so good.” he said sitting to the side. You nodded and entered as well, he was right it did feel good. It was so relaxing to be in the heated water. You sat on the opposite side than him facing him directly. 

“This is so relaxing.” you said closing your eyes and enjoying the water. 

“Yes babe we should get one for our apartment.” he said referring to yours and his apartment back home. You chuckled. 

“We don’t need a hot tub in our apartment hun.” you said looking at him and he pouted. “Why do we need a hot tub?” you asked.

“Because it’s fun and relaxing.” he said and you just nodded. His pout suddenly turned to a smirk as he stood up and made his way to you sitting on your side. You just looked at him in confusion. “And babe there are other things we could do.” he said innocently. 

“Like what?” you asked and he immediately placed a hand on your thigh. You froze. He smirked at you as you stared back at him with widened eyes. He began rubbing your thigh and carrying his hand higher up, getting closer and closer towards your core. “Jackson stop” you whispered out.

He just smirked and attached his lips to your sweet spot on your neck sucking on it softly. You moaned. His hand was very very close to your core now. He began rubbing circles into your upper thigh making you moan again and he bit down on your neck. “Fuck” you groaned enjoying what he was doing to you. You bucked your hips forward trying to signal to him that you needed his touch but he kept teasing you by just touching your thigh. 

“Jackson.” you groaned impatiently and he removed his lips from your neck looking at you. 

“What princess? Tell me what you want?” he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 

“Touch me please.” you said desperately. 

“But I am touching you love.” he said and squeezed your upper thigh hard. You moaned loudly placing your hand over his on your thigh and pushing it inside your panty. He chuckled and began stroking you softly making you whimper and pull him close attaching your lips to his needily. 

He kissed back immediately slipping his tongue into your mouth. The feel of his fingers stroking your core, his lips on yours and the warm water surrounding you was so pleasing. Jackson knew exactly how to tease you and please you. He nibbled on your bottom lip slightly making you moan softly into the heated kiss. Jackson began rubbing slow circles on your sensitive clit making you gasp into the kiss. You pulled away and looked at him through lust filled eyes.

You undid your bikini top letting it float in the water. He eyed your boobs lustily for a second before he  attached his lips to one sucking on your nipple softly. “Shit Jackson” you moaned tangling your hand in his hair and tugging on it gently. 

He stopped rubbing your clit and pushed his hand lower down entering two fingers into you suddenly as he grazed his teeth on your nipple at the same time. You screamed loudly at the sudden intense pleasure making him raise his head from your boob.”Princess if you make noise you might wake the boys. Do you want that?” he asked smirking at you.

“No” you whimpered as he began moving his fingers in you, fingering you.

“Then be quiet love or I’ll stop ok?” he asked and you nodded your head wanting only for him to continue pleasuring you. Jackson was such a tease. He reattached his lips to your nipple swirling his tongue around it as his fingers worked magic in your pussy. You had to use all your will power to stop yourself from making noise because you were feeling so pleasured.

He sucked hard on your nipple as he arched his fingers up and thrusted them into you, instantly hitting your sensitive g spot. You gasped loudly throwing your head back at all the pleasure. You clenched around his fingers signalling to him that you were close. He stopped sucking on your nipple and looked at your face. He loved to look at you as you orgasmed. 

“My precious girl” he whispered pecking your lips and looking at you lovingly. “Cum for me please baby” he whispered and that did it. You closed your eyes and moaned softly as you clenched around his fingers hard before releasing. “Good girl” he whispered pecking your lips again as you stared at him panting.

“Now do you think you can take my cock?” he asked.

Your eyes lit up immediately “Yes please daddy I want it.” His eyes darkened as soon as you called him daddy. He loved when you did. 

“Then you’ll get it baby girl” he said, “Come ride daddy.” He took off his trunk and you took off your bikini bottom. You moaned when you saw his hard cock standing upright in the water as he sat down. 

You straddled him not wasting any time and you dropped down, entering his cock into you immediately making both of you groan. His hands went to your bum instantly as yours was around his neck. You stayed still on him for only a few seconds before you started bouncing on top of him. He bit his lip as he watched you on top of him.

Your boobs were bouncing with you as he eyed them. You pulled him close and attached your lips to his kissing him softly as you moved on top of him. His dick felt so good inside you, it felt hot like the water around you. The water was splashing slightly with your every move but you almost didn’t notice from all the pleasure that was over taking you. Jackson moaned softly every now and then into the kiss which just made you moan as well.

He loved when you rode him so much, it was his favorite position. You gasped into his mouth when he trusted up into you and dug your nails into the back of his shoulders. He pulled away from the kiss and smirked at you, your face had pleasure written all over it.

He placed his hands on your hips, stopping you from bouncing again as he began to thrust up into you now. You moaned softly as he hit your g spot, just doubling the pleasure that you were already feeling. “You feel so good baby” he whispered as he continued thrusting into you making you feel so good. He leaned forward and attached his lips to your boob again sucking on it as he thrusted up into you hitting your g spot.

Your nails dug into him again as you felt your second orgasm start to build inside of you now. You began clenching around him feeling your orgasm getting closer and closer. He nibbled on your nipple making you whimper. You closed your eyes and threw your head back as his thrusts quickened you.

That was it, your orgasm took over, propelling your body into a state of pure pleasure as Jackson came as well fulling you were his sweet juices. You both moaned each other’s names as you came. You rested your head on his shoulder panting as the water surrounding you both soothing you. His hands were on the small of your back rubbing it gently as he calmed down.

“So” he said after a while “Can we get a hot tub?” 

You just chuckled at how adorable he was.

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🌌 the best dream involving yours. I had a dream the ither night that we had mad passionate sex in a hot tub…hahaha just joking. Nah, i had a dream that we were happy together and we lived together and we were married. I know that sound corney but it actually made me smile because i was finally happy

The curse of being human

What a gift this life is. How could we ever complain? All of the heartache and tragedy that there is, how could we ever have a rebuttal? We play and skip through life as though it’s easy, while others contemplate the end. We dislike the choice of wine while knowing that many cannot taste anything because they are in a coma or in a state of depression and taste does not matter.
There is no end until the end.
We work. We play. We love. We fall. And so on and so forth.
I watch movies at times to take my mind off of the inevitable. I write to shift the game’s platform. I try to be normal while knowing it’s all going to stop some day.
I’m petrified. I don’t want to be here for one moment past my wife’s last breath. I don’t want to be here without my love.
My children need me though. They need her mostly. I hope I go first. I will then be free of that burden.
I hope we all end up in some awesome hot tub somewhere just shooting the shit and thinking about the best parts of our lives. Oh this curse. This blessing. This life.


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Honeymoon fluff with GoM, Kiyoshi (Teppei), Himuro and Takao please! ♥ And good luck with the blog!

are people still crying over the airplane crash thing omg sorry babus. lemme make it better

KUROKO: You two were visiting the tourist island of Kyushu and there were more people there than Kuroko was used to. His hand was wrapped firmly around yours the whole time, worried that you’d lose track of him in the crowds. “Have more faith in your significant other, Tetsuya.” You said, teasing him.

KIYOSHI: Kiyoshi was the most embarrassing right after you two got married. When people asked you what you were doing here, he’d simply reply with the biggest grin: “I’m honeymooning with my (wife/husband)!” And he’d watch without guilt as you buried your blushing face in your hands.

KISE: The pair of you would do all the embarrassing couple things; get your photos printed on various souvenirs and matching newlywed items. Kise had looked so refreshed to get out of the country, away from prying fans and media and spend time alone with “my ____cchi!”

AOMINE: Though he was hesitant to leave his home country at first, now his eyes were taking in the new sights with excitement. A honeymoon with Aomine would be action-packed, with everything from ziplining to bungee jumping. He wants to enjoy his favorite things together: adrenaline and you.

MIDORIMA: He’d be planning this honeymoon from the time you accepted his proposal. However, the plans slowly fell apart when unpredictable things kept happening. Midorima looks disappointed, but you comforted him with soft kisses. “It doesn’t matter, Shintaro. As long as we’re together.”

TAKAO: He was the cutest little tourist on your honeymoon, excitedly taking pictures of you at all the landmarks and getting giddy at the thought that you two were now married. He’d show these pictures to strangers, and gush about how you were now his “precious spouse”.

MURASAKIBARA: Even once you two got to the resort, Mura was stuck indoors, refusing to go outside to see the beach. “Tomorrow, ____-chin… we’ll go tomorrow.” He states, wrapping arms around your waist and pulling you back in bed. You laughed, giving in and spending the first day with him just kissing and eating.

HIMURO: The whole honeymoon, he felt like he was walking through a dream. The beautiful sights, the most beautiful person by his side… it all felt so perfect. You felt the love from Himuro, unchanged since the first time he confessed. “It’s like every time I look at you, I realize all over again that you’re everything I want.” He admits with a straight face.

AKASHI: When you said you wanted to go skiiing, you didn’t expect Akashi would fly you to the Alps! You stood at the top of a mountain- a real mountain and looked down. “I can’t see the bottom.” You murmured. Akashi chuckles, skiing back to you. “We could just skip this and hit the hot tubs instead.“

Am I In love With My  Best Friends Brother-Derek Luh Imagine Part 1

A/N: Please message me if you guys want a part 2 because I already have a few ideas so please let me know what you think.

Description: Your Delany’s best friend and roommate and currently Derek is living with you guys cause he is trying to find a new apartment after getting kicked out of his last one, you and him have always had a little chemistry but you would never do anything about it because your best friend hurt you by dating your brother and then cheating on him your not a cheat but you would never do anything to ruin your friendship with Delany!   

I slam the door behind me and run upstairs and fling Delany’s door open “Girl I just got asked to do a Calvin Klein Shoot” “oh my fucking gosh that’s fucking great news” “I know girl but I’m so out of breath from running upstairs” “girl I fell you” we both start laughing when a sleepy Derek opens the door “gosh guys really I was trying to sleep” “well it is like 3pm” Delany sassed back “alright but why were you making that much noise anyway” as he slumps himself on the bed “oh I got asked to model for Calvin Klein” “wow really like underwear?” “Yes Derek now stop being creepy to y/n and leave” I laugh “hey I wasn’t being creepy I just didn’t know that your body must be fire they don’t just let skinny model for them” “what’s that supposed to me” I say slightly offended “no no not like that like you must have a big but and chest which I can tell when you wear jeans you have” “oh my gosh Derek stop hitting on my best friend and roommate” “well technically she’s my roommate too” “no your just crashing here until you find a new place” “fine whatever” he puts his hands up in defence

“I’m going to go get some food, you guys want anything?” “Yeah we both will” “what do you guys want?” “whatever I don’t mind” I say “alright D what you want?” “I’ll have the same as y/n” “alright see you girls in a bit” Derek leaves the room and shuts the door “sorry about Derek he can be so annoying” “don’t worry about D I’m used to being hit on and used to annoying brothers” we both burst out laughing

 "what are we doing tonight though cause I can’t be bothered to go out" “I know I feel you but Derek is having the crew as he calls it round” “we could just be out of the way in the hot tub have a real girly night like wine and face masks” “sounds like a plan” Delany agrees. Derek enters the house with food in his hands “Delany Y/N foods down here” he shouts upstairs we both come down the stairs grab our food and start to eat “oh my gosh this tastes so good” “I thought you’d like it” “yeah it’s so good” “Delany what are you two doing Tonight” “having a girly night in” “alright but the crew will be here” “yeah it’s fine we are just going to be in the hot tub” “alright they will be here in a couple of hours” “alright” Derek walks upstairs and I find myself watching him until I can’t anymore “oi y/n hello” I shake my head “sorry what were you saying” “nothing but …… You like Derek don’t you” “no why would you say that” “cause the way you flirt with each other” “it’s just fun Delany don’t worry I know how it feels for your best friend to like your brother I get it, I don’t so let’s go start this girls night” “alright but honestly I don’t mind you’d be cute together” she says as we are walking upstairs

 "who would be cute with who" Derek says emerging from the spare room he’s staying in “no one” I say quickly “yeah stop listening to my conversations” Delany snapped as she walked into her room and I walked into mine the doorbell rang it must’ve been Derek’s friends so we both left it as we got changed into bikini and throw on a Victoria robe and walk downstairs and outside picking up a bottle of wine from the kitchen on the way out we both get in and pour a glass and just start chatting about pointless gossip when I realised we were out of wine

 "I’ll go grab another bottle" I hop out of the hot tub and quickly walk inside and open the slide door to the kitchen I open the cupboard and realised that it had none in so I tried to reach the back up cupboard just as I was trying I felt a hand on my lower back “I got it” “thanks Derek” “don’t slip your feet will be wet” “hahaha thanks Derek” “everyone’s about to go to the club do you and Delany want to come” “uh no it’s fine we both didn’t really want to go out tonight” “oh alright see you later then” “yeah have a good night”

I walk out with the wine “what took you so long” “your brother wanted to know if we wanted to go out I said no” “oh my gosh did he stare at you” “no I think he was trying not to look” we both started laughing “he likes oh it’s obvious” “shut up Delany”

*Few hours later*

Me and Delany had both gone up to bed, I was asleep when I hear my door Creek open “hey y/n” I hear Derek whisper “hey Derek” “I’m just to let you know I’m back” “alright did I really need to know that at” I turn around to my phone “4 am” “no I don’t know why I told you” he chuckles some reason I get I sudden urge and pull him towards me “you want cuddles” “of course baby” he climbs in my bed , what was I doing “goodnight y/n sleep well baby” “night Derek” I place my head on his chest as my leg wraps around his he places a kiss on my head and we both drift off to sleep.

the one with the girl that luke and ashton both love



part two

in which (y/n) and luke are the couple of the year but ashton loves her

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this is ashtons pov btw

You’re my dream girl. Everything about you is just perfect. I’ll always remember the day Luke first introduced you to us. We had known that Luke was seeing someone for a while, he had been dating you for a couple of weeks and Luke was the happiest we had ever seen him in those weeks. Whenever you text him or called him, his face just lit up and I understand how he felt. We didn’t meet you until you were ‘official’ so there wasn’t much I could do about it at that point. I mean you and Luke were official for about a month by the time I realised my feelings for you.

If a genie turned up here and told me I had three wishes, I wouldn’t even have to think about the first one. It would be that I met you before Luke did. I’m such a bad person to think things like that, Luke is basically my brother, for Christ’s sake, but I can’t help how I feel about you.

I love you.

It was about a week after your two year anniversary and we were just hanging out backstage before the show. You had gone home to Sydney and Luke was kind of down in the dumps because he missed you.

Luke had shocked everyone with how long he stayed with you. The longest Luke had ever been in a relationship before you was like 8 months. You loved Luke and Luke loved you and it didn’t look like you were separating any time soon.

“So man, two years,” Michael said. “That’s a long time for you. You haven’t been with anyone for over a year before this.”

“Yeah, I know. Jesus Christ, I’m a changed man,” Luke chuckled. “But what’s funny is, the other girls that I’ve been with I could never picture myself with them forever but with (Y/N) I cant picture myself without her ever, I don’t know. It’s weird, I mean, I know we’re only 20 and 21 (let’s just pretend luke is 21 okay?) but I want to be with her forever. I feel like I could never get bored with her.”

“Jesus, man, you’ve got it bad, huh?” Calum said.

“She drives me crazy but in a good way. We’ve been together two years now, known each other 2 and a half years and I cant get enough of her. With all the other girls I was with I just got bored with them and after a while of being together they were just too clingy but with (Y/N) it’s so different, ya know?” Luke said.

This moment I was 100% sure I would never have a chance with you. I always knew I wouldn’t but there would always be something nagging in the back of my mind saying if things go sour for you two, like always happens with Luke’s girlfriends, maybe I might have a chance. I know now that you love Luke and Luke loves you and, like he said, he never wants to be away from you and can never picture him and you breaking up. Even if you did break up Luke would totally freak out if we started dating because he really does love you and you would have a good enough conscience to know that it’s wrong to go out with your ex’s best friend.

Luke never told anyone he was planning to propose, maybe it was just a kind of spur of the moment thing, I never asked because I was heartbroken. Over 4 years later and I still wasn’t over you.

Us and a couple of other friends had all pitched together to rent a villa in Greece for 2 weeks just to get away and have some fun together. It was our last night at the villa and we were all flying home the next evening so we decided to just chill all night in the hot tub and have a few drinks and just enjoy our last night in the beautiful country.

You and Luke decided not to drink because you would be too hungover the next day so you decided you would go for a walk on the beach together to watch the sunset. You were gone about 3 hours which didn’t surprise anyone because the beach was 30 minutes away.

You finally arrived back when the celebrations were in full swing. The two of you came stumbling through the doors, giggling like school children. You were clingy to Luke like a life support and he was kissing you all over your face.

“We’re getting married!” Luke blurted out and a massive grin spread across his face. You let out an excited squeal and started waving your hand around.

“Look at my ring, it’s beautiful. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love it,” you rambled.

Everyone stared at the two of you in shock and totally speechless. This was all totally unexpected. Luke had never mentioned proposing. Obviously everyone kind of gathered that it would happen eventually but I thought I would’ve at least had a couple of weeks notice. I mean Luke was never the spontaneous, romantic type. He was always very organised and precise when going on dates or romantic getaways with you. The boys and I assumed that he would ask for our help in picking out the ring and organising when and where to do it when he decided it was time to take that step in your relationship. Luke clearly had other plans.

“Well, congratulations,” Michael grinned. “I’m really happy for you, guys.”

The rest of the group shouted congratulations at you. I joined in but they weren’t sincere. I’d hate to admit it but I was jealous.

I was jealous of Luke. I was jealous of you. I wanted to be the one to meet you first. I wanted to be the one to hold you and kiss you and just be with you. I wanted to be the one to propose to you on a beach in Greece while the sun was setting. I wanted to be the one you loved.

After pulling your sundress over your head to reveal a bikini, you plonked down in the hot tub beside me with Luke on your other side. Luke had his hand intertwined with yours under the bubbling water but he was turned talking to Calum, everyone else was talking in small groups so that left just me and you. You turned to me and smiled your beautiful smile. You looked me right in the eyes and frowned.

“Ashton, are you okay? You don’t look well,” you said and pouted slightly.

“Just tired, I guess,” I shrugged.

“Aw, poor Ashy,” you giggled, jutting out your bottom lip.

“(Y/N), are you drunk?” I said, trying to ignore how hot you looked in your bikini.

“Just a little, me and Luke shared a bottle of champagne on the beach,” you said. You gently tugged on Luke’s hand to get his attention. He turned his head and raised an eyebrow as if to ask 'What’s up?’. “Gorgeous, tell Ashton how good the champagne was we shared at the beach. Wasn’t it the best champagne you’ve ever tasted?”

“Oh wow, it was amazing. Only the best for my fiancée,” Luke grinned and kissed your lips. My heart dropped to my stomach and I just couldn’t look at you being in love with each other much longer.

“You know, I’m really tired I think I’m gonna call it a night,” I announced and climbed out of the hot tub and grabbed a towel from the side. I smiled weakly. “Congrats again, guys. You deserve each other.” Lies, I thought. I don’t think you deserve each other. I want (Y/N) to be with me.

“Thanks man,” Luke grinned, giving me a thumbs up. He pulled you in to his lap and kissed your cheek. “Have a good sleep.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled and dragged myself towards the stairs. It’s true what I told you, I did feel tired but more emotionally tired. I knew it was wrong to be jealous of you and Luke but I simply couldn’t help it.

Over the course of the 4 years I’ve known you, I’ve dated a couple girls. I didn’t stay with them for long and things weren’t too serious, I suppose I was just trying to feel something towards anyone but you. It didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, I did care for all these girls and I did like them but you were always in the back of my mind when I was with them and it just felt wrong. I really did care about them and it felt wrong to lead them on when I would always know that I didn’t return their feelings. You were literally taking over my life.

Luke and yourself had decided to have the wedding on the 9th week of a 14 week long break we had coming up which would mean you had been engaged for almost 2 years. Your wedding planning was in full swing and you were loving every second of it. It was hard for you to organise it with Luke being constantly away but you didn’t care. It was worth all the late night Skype calls if it meant you could have the perfect wedding.

Luke couldn’t decide which one of us to pick as best man because he said we all had 'different best man qualities and we would all end up organising a sick stag party (aka a bachelor party) together anyways so he decided the fairest way to do it was to pick a name out of a hat.

I prayed to any God up there that I wouldn’t be picked because I really did not want to be best man when it’s the girl I love getting married and it wasn’t to me. Thankfully my prayers were answered and it was Michael who got picked.

Over the course of many months we helped Luke organise things for the wedding. We went suit shopping together. Decided if he should have live music or a DJ at the reception. The stag party, of course.

In the end Michael, Calum and I decided on a pub crawl starting at 3pm and lasting all night and then the next day we rented out this place that was basically a movie theatre where we could watch movies and play video games and drink beers together all day. Then at the end of the night Michael had booked for a stripper to come for Luke which he had no idea was happening.

There was a lot of cool people coming. Us, his brothers, the boys from All Time Low, John Feldman, some of the crew members, friends from Sydney and a couple other people.

The same weekend you were having your hen party (aka bachelorette party) with all your friends and family. Your best friend, also your maid of honour, and your sister had organised for you all to go over to New Zealand for the weekend and have a day of clubbing followed by a spa day.

I would probably really be looking forward to it if it was under different circumstances. I knew I would have an awesome weekend with all my friends anyway but I couldn’t help but be upset. I must be an amazing actor because I’ve hid this for almost 6 years.

After the hen and stag parties, you and Luke were really stressing over wedding stuff. You were stressing because the shoes you ordered wouldn’t be here on time and Luke was stressing out because you were stressed. When the florist called to confirm your order of flowers, he only had half the amount you needed.

I was hanging out with Luke, Michael and Calum one day at your house. We were in the living room watching TV when you came in and sat beside Luke. You buried your head in his chest and wrapped your arms around his waist. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy, I wanted to be the one you cuddled.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Luke said and kissed your hair.

“The driver cancelled on us, Lukey. It’s 12 days until the wedding, what are we going to do now? Just when I thought everything was going perfect, this happens,” you sighed and moved so you could face Luke.

“Don’t worry, we’ll sort something, okay? If worse comes to worst, I’ll carry you. I promise you nothing is going to ruin our day,” Luke laughed lightly.

“You’ll have to keep your eyes closed though because you cant see me in my dress before I’m walking down the aisle,” you giggled.

“Hey, my mum’s uncle has a car rental business, I’m sure if I let him know the special circumstances he’d be able to get his hands on a wedding car. I could ask Mum to call him,” I suggested.

“That would be amazing, Ash. You’re a lifesaver, thank you so much,” you grinned and gave a quick hug.

“It’s really no big deal,” I shrugged, trying to ignore the butterflies I felt in my tummy when you hugged me.

The day of the wedding finally arrived. Luke, Calum, Michael and I were getting ready at Michael’s house because you were getting ready in Luke’s. Michael was getting his hair dyed black because you had told him if it didn’t match the colour scheme he wasn’t being best man and nobody could save him.

Luke had asked our stylist that we had with us on tour to dress us for the wedding. She had flown over to Sydney with her a couple other people to help us get ready and she even got the best make-up artist she knew to go and do your make-up.

Luke was currently pacing up and down Michael’s kitchen in his boxers and a dress shirt, while Michael was getting his hair dyed.

“Michael, are you sure that everything is booked for today? Because if something goes wrong, (Y/N) will probably end up not marrying me. I’m not even joking! She’s so nervous, she called me last night crying because she’s really nervous and excited and happy. She said that she just couldn’t control her emotions so she started crying,” Luke rambled.

“Dude, relax. Everything is going to go fine. (Y/N) is going to marry you whatever happens, I promise you,” Michael reassured, running a hand through his hair.

“Okay, okay. I need a drink before I pass out,” Luke sighed.

“Do you want some Corona?” Calum said, opening up the fridge.

“Are you kidding me? I’ll get my balls chopped off if (Y/N) can smell drink off him!” Michael protested. “Give him some water.”

“Sorry, bud,” Calum shrugged and poured him a glass of water. “You’re super quiet, Ash, are you okay?”

“No, yeah, I’m fine. I’m tired, it is 7 am,” I shrugged. The real reason I wasn’t talking much was because the girl I love was getting married to my best friend.

“Well, drink a coffee or something. I don’t want anyone feeling bad on my big day,” Luke grinned.

(so luke and (y/n) are 25 now and luke has known Michael calum and ashton about 10 years okay)

Luke was sitting in the front pew with Michael, Calum and I beside him. There was no one here yet except the florist who was just getting ready to leave. Luke’s family was on the way over from your house where they were checking to see how you were doing.

“Thanks so much,” Luke called to the florist as he left through the church doors.

It wasn’t long after the florist left when Luke’s family came rushing through the door. Liz came straight over to Luke and he stood to hug her. She held him at arms length, admiring his suit.

“Oh, my baby boy is getting married. You look amazing, honey. Oh God, I would kiss you but I don’t want to get lipstick on you,” she gushed.

“Thanks Mum,” Luke grinned. He went to hug his dad and brothers. “How’s (Y/N) doing?”

“Honey, she looks fabulous. She’s so nervous but so happy at the same time and I told her not to worry because you feel exactly the same. They’re nearly ready, she’s just getting the finishing touches done and the car was on the way already,” Liz said.

“She really does look stunning, Luke, you’re a lucky man. Mum had tears in her eyes,” Jack chuckled.

I could just imagine how beautiful you were in your dress. You always looked effortlessly stunning. Luke really was lucky to have you. I was pulled out of my daydream when Liz was stood in front of us complimenting our suits and saying how she’s 'never seen us looking so smart in all the time she’s known us’.

“Thanks Liz,” Calum smiled. “You look great too.”

“All of you stand up there and I’ll take a picture of you. There’s some people outside so they’ll be coming in in a few minutes,” Liz said and took out her camera. “Luke and Michael, you two go in the middle. Ben and Jack, you can get in for the next one, I want one with just the boys first.”

We all stood on the altar and grinned while Liz took photos and then grinned some more when Ben and Jack joined. People started to spill in the doors and take their seats. Michael’s phone beeped in his pocket and he took it out to see it was a text from you.

(Y/N): is luke at the church?? please tell me he hasn’t got cold feet bc I will vomit all over my $3000 dress :(

Michael: this is luke. i’m hurt to see how little faith you have in me :( nothing could’ve changed my mind this morning :) xx

(Y/N): sorry gorgeous just making sure ;) I love you lots x

Michael: love you too babe x cant wait to see you mum says youre stunning

(Y/N): you can be the judge of that x i’m outside in the car (Y/BF/N) is yelling at me for texting you gtg

Michael: get in here quick so I can see how beautiful you look :) xxxx

“Okay that’s enough,” Michael interjected, grabbing his phone from Luke, turning it off and putting it in his pocket. “C'mon, you’re going to be a married man in a couple minutes.”

“Are we okay to sit here?” I asked Ben and Jack who were sitting in the second pew from the front, behind yours and Luke’s parents.

“Yeah, go ahead, man,” Ben nodded and moved down the pew.

Everyone rushed to their seats as the music started playing and your 5 year old niece, the flower girl, came through the door throwing petals haphazardly. Luke straightened his posture and quickly fixed his hair. Michael gave him a small thumbs up and he relaxed. 

Your dad pushed open the doors with you linking arms with him. Everyone stood up and there was a collective gasp from the church. You were a like a literal angel, a picture of beauty. From your hair to your make-up to your dress, you looked absolute beautiful but you still looked like yourself. Your make-up didn’t look too heavy and your dress wasn’t over extravagant but was still beautiful.

Luke locked eyes with you and he mouthed 'shit’. A blush grew across your cheeks as you began walking down the aisle. Nobody could take their eyes off you, you looked absolutely amazing. Luke had tears in his eyes by the time you reached the altar.

Your dad kissed your cheek and you walked up the small steps. You reached across and squeezed Luke’s hand.

“You look so incredibly beautiful,” Luke whispered.

“You look amazing too, Gorgeous,” you replied.

The priest started speaking but I couldn’t pay attention, all I could do was look at you and think about how much I wanted to take Luke’s place. You said your vows and the priest spoke the words that changed my life forever.

“Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

It was like I wasn’t controlling my own body or mind. I stood up from my seat and everyone turned to stare at me. Michael glared at me from the altar and you looked at me with wide eyes.

“Not funny, man,” Calum muttered and gripped my wrist, trying to make me sit down.

“(Y/N), I love you. I’ve loved you for six years. I don’t know what to do, I’m, uh, sorry. I’m sorry,” I said and turned to run out of the church., ignoring all the glares I was getting.

“What the fuck?” I heard Luke say as I reach the doors. I walked out to the church grounds and took a deep breath. Calum walked out the doors.

“You’re such a fucking idiot,” he shook his head. “What is wrong with you? That’s your best mate getting married to the girl he loves in there, ya know? If you really love her as much you say you do, you would have kept your mouth shut and said nothing especially when it’s her wedding day. You better pray that Luke stays in there with (Y/N) because if he comes out here, he’s going to kill you.”

The doors pushed open and Michael came rushing out. “You’re such an asshole, oh my God.” Michael caught me by collar and slammed me against the church wall.

“Mike, don’t, just stop,” Calum said and pulled Michael away from me.

“Why’d you do it, Ash? Could you not have just left them have their day?” Michael said.

“I told you. I love her! I have since Luke introduced her to us! I cant help how I feel, believe me I’ve tried to get over her but I just can’t! I didn’t mean to do that in there, I didn’t plan it. It just happened and I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, okay?” I sobbed.

Michael and Calum softened a little but they still looked extremely angry. “You’re lucky Luke cares more for (Y/N) than he does for you because if I hadn’t told them I’d deal with it, he would’ve been out here and you would end up in hospital. He’s so angry. You made (Y/N) cry tears that aren’t happy on her wedding day. Luke cried a little too because (Y/N)’s so upset,” Michael said.

Luke came storming through the doors just as Michael finished speaking. There was a tear stain on his shoulder and his eyes were bloodshot and angry.

“I hate you, do you know that?” Luke hissed. “You made my girlfriend cry on her wedding day. Do you know what it feels like to have someone who means everything to you helplessly sobbing in to your shoulder in front of all our friends and family just because some asshole opened his mouth? No, didn’t think so. Well, I do and let me tell you it’s the worst feeling in the world. Let me tell you something else, if you ever come near me or (Y/N) again, I don’t care how you feel about her, as true as I am standing here, it’ll be the last thing you do.”

“Luke, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do it, I-I don’t know what came over me,” I sobbed.

“I don’t care!” Luke yelled. He turned to Calum and Michael. “C'mon, we’re continuing in a couple minutes and (Y/N) wants to see you.”

“What? You’re going ahead with the wedding?” Michael said.

“Yeah,” Luke sighed, running his hands through his hair. “I told (Y/N) we didn’t have to that I would take her home if that’s what she wanted but she insisted that we go ahead. She said it’s what she wanted.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Michael nodded, straightening his tie. He turned to face me. “You better be gone by the time we’re finished.”

The three boys turned and headed inside the church. When the doors swung open I caught a glimpse of your distraught face, tears streaked down your cheeks. All I could think was, I did that. This is my fault. I’m such a bad person.

“Mum?” I said when she picked up the phone.

“Ash, honey, are you okay? Isn’t Luke’s wedding on?” She asked.

“No, Mum. I’ve did something really bad. I need you to pick me up, I’m outside the church,” I cried.

“Okay, just calm down, honey. I’ll be there in a few minutes, sit tight,” she said and hung up the phone.

I sat on the wall, loosening my tie and unbuttoning a couple buttons on my shirt. Why did I do that? I thought. I knew I had zero chances with you, you were in the middle of your damn wedding. Now you wont even want to be my friend.

Mum had come to get me and I slept and cried for a couple hours, only to be woken by my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I answered groggily, not even checking the caller ID.

“Ashton, are you okay?” You said. I could hear the muffled noise of a party behind you.

“(Y/N), holy shit. I’m fine. Are you okay?” I said, sitting up straight in my bed.

“Well, I’m still really upset with you but I felt like I needed to speak you so I snuck away to call you,” you said. “Ashton, is it true? What you said?”

“(Y/N), it’s your wedding day, you shouldn’t have spent it worrying about me. And yes, it is true,” I sighed.

“Why would you wait until our wedding to tell me? You’re basically Luke’s brother and you’re one of my best friends. Why did you do it? I just, I don’t understand,” you sniffed and I knew you were beginning to cry.

“Please, don’t cry,” I said. “I don’t know why I did it. I swear I didn’t like plan it or anything, it just happened. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“I have to go before Luke comes looking for me. I-I just wanted to ask about that. I’ll talk to you soon. Goodbye,” you said and before I had the chance to reply, you had already hung up.

I was left to my own thoughts for the rest of the night. Thoughts of what might have been, could of been should of been, will be. Thoughts of you and Luke. Thoughts about what’s going to happen with all of us. All I could think about was what was going through my mind when I stood up in the church and how a couple of words can change everything.


lol I love the title for this usually its easy to do a title but for this one it was hard I hope you like it requests are open love you

I'm Ready- A Matt Espinosa Smut

For the anon who wanted: Matt taking your virginity but being super sweet about it.

“Hey happy six months Y/N!” I heard my boyfriend Matt yell from the front door before coming into the kitchen and slipping his arms around my waist.

I smiled and leaned back into him, “really? Is that today? I had no idea!” I was teasing obviously.

He spun me around and laughed, “I picked last date, what does my special girl want to do on this special night?”

I already had the evening in mind. “Well I’m already making dinner; can we just stay in tonight? We can use the hot tub and stuff since it’s going to be nice out. End it off with a movie before bed.”

“Sounds good babe.” With that he kissed my forehead and let me finish making dinner.

After we ate we decided to play video games as our stomachs settled; when sunset rolled around we changed and headed out to use the hot tub. We settled in and relaxed, as the sun went down behind the trees Matt swam up next to me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his lap so we could snuggle up and watch the sky together.

Suddenly I felt Matt’s hot breath in my ear, “I love you, you know that Y/n?”

I rested my head on his shoulder and whispered onto his neck, “I know Matt, I love you too.”

He lifted my chin and kissed me. What started off soft and sweet began to heat up and soon we were in a full on makeout session. I moved over him, straddling him as his hands explored my body. I felt him harden below me; normally I would have moved again but this time I chose to grind into him instead, causing him to groan lightly against my lips. His hands settled on my ass and he squeezed gently, prompting me to grind again. I could feel my core throbbing; I knew I wanted him.

I broke our kiss and panted, “I’m ready.”

His eyes widened as he looked up at me, “Are you sure?” He asked in a raspy voice.

I nodded and he pulled himself out of the hot tub, motioning for me to join him. I stood up and grabbed his hand while he helped me out and promptly restarted our kiss. Eventually we made it up the stairs and to my bedroom. Always the thinker, Matt laid out a couple of towels on the bed before pushing me down gently. Through the whole relationship I had been a virgin; we had done other things of course, but never this; I needed absolute trust before I let anybody take my virginity. The nervousness on my face must have shown.

He moved between my legs, pausing for a moment, “You’re absolutely sure?”

I nodded again, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and kissing him deeply, pushing the nerves out of my head. Instantly his hands moved to my top, where he fiddled with the strings, removed it, and dropped it to the floor. He played with my breasts, massaging them lightly, while his lips moved to my neck and focussed on my sweet spot. I bucked my hips to meet his, prompting him to pull my bottoms off.

“I love you so much,” he breathed out as his eyes surveyed my body. Slowly he brought his hand to my heat, running his fingers over my entrance. He plunged two fingers in and began to pump lightly, I squirmed, letting him know I wanted more. He sped up the pace and began brushing his thumb over my clit.

As my orgasm approached I balled the sheets in my hand and cursed out, “Holy shit Matt, right there.”

He applied more pressure to my clit and I came undone around him.

After I caught my breath I propped myself up and helped Matt remove his trunks. His member sprung up and I marvelled at the size. No matter how many times I had seen his penis it always seemed overwhelming at first. I took him in my hand and pumped him as he pressed his hand to the small of my back, holding me tightly against him. He tipped us backwards and was now hovering over me.

He looked down at me, thinking for a moment, “Do you have a condom?”

I reached back into my drawer and found one, which I handed to him. He rolled it on quickly and positioned himself at my entrance.

“Let me know if anything hurts and I’ll stop.” He pressed his tip into me and slowly entered, stopping every now and then to ensure I was okay. As the rest of his length slid in I twitched at his size; Matt froze instantly.

He whispered softly “Are you okay baby?”

I felt my body begin to adjust to his size and I muttered my response. “Just don’t move yet.”

He nodded, waiting patiently for me to be ready. It didn’t take long for my body to be comfortable.

I looked up at him and he licked his lips, desperately wanting to move. “Go ahead.”

He thrusted slowly at first, even then I gasped out at the feeling of him inside of me, but it was a good feeling and once I relaxed I found myself wanting more.

The slow friction was torturous and I found myself moaning out loud, “faster Matt.”

He was happy to oblige and began to pick up the pace; I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his hips, letting him deeper. He lowered his body to mine and kissed me passionately, whispering praises between breaths.

“You’re doing so good baby.”

In our new position his shaft grazed over my gspot with every movement. By now I was comfortable enough to buck my hips in time with him, body twitching with each motion I felt myself clench around him and he throbbed back against me. He interlocked our hands as he sped up once more, thrusts growing sloppy. My core heated up again and I hit my second release, calling Matts’ name. Just as I hit the peak of my orgasm Matt dropped his head into the crook of my neck, biting down to muffle his own moans. I dug my nails into his back and ground against him, causing him to groan loudly as he came. We rode our highs out together before he pulled out.

He stood and grabbed his shirt, wiping his sweaty face and tossing it back to the ground. After discarding the condom he dropped back onto the bed, spooning me and holding me close to his chest.

“How are you feeling, is everything alright?” he mumbled into my shoulder.

“I’m okay I think” I rolled over and pecked his lips, “I’m so glad I waited for you, Matt.”

He chuckled, “I am too.” He gazed at me lovingly for a moment before speaking again, “you know I’m never going to hurt you right?”

I smiled at his words, “I know Matt. I trust you. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t.”

His small smile turned into a grin and he pulled me close to his chest, “That makes me so happy Y/N. I love you more than you know.”

I nuzzled into him, “and I love you just as much.”

We lay there for a few minutes before deciding to get under the covers. We quickly kicked the towels off the bed and crawled under the sheets, resuming our cuddling position. I rested my head on his chest as he ran his fingers up and down my back. Within minutes I was drifting into slumber, Matt following close behind.

MAGCON IMAGINE: High School Affair Part 4

Part One

Part Two 

Part Three

“I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.”

Lunch finally came around and I met Cameron back in the AV room. I’d got there before he did, so i hoisted myself onto a desk, and scrolled through twitter. I saw multiple tweets about some part that was going down at Cameron’s tonight. 

I wasn’t much of a party person. At least not since freshman year, when I got wasted and lost my virginity to some random guy. After that the whole school thought I was a slut, and that the guy was some sort of god. 

I think that’s what makes society really fucked up. 

I looked up just as Cameron entered the room. 

“Fancy meeting you here.” He said, flashing his pearly whites. 

“So you ready to get this documentary going Cam?” I watched as he signed one of the cameras out. “You really know your way around here don’t you?” I observed.

“Well, of course! I’m the king of the school, it’s kind of my job.” He laughed, looking over at me. 

It was true, he was every girl’s dream. Mr. Popularity, captain of the football team, class president, and he was gorgeous. 

We walked to meet the rest of the gang in the cafeteria. 

“So are you coming to my party tonight?” He asked. 

“I don’t know. I’m not really a party girl.” I confessed, looking away from him. 

“That guy was just a douche.” He stated. 

“What?” I looked at him. 

“Freshman year. He was a dick, you didn’t deserve that y/n.” He looked at me with sincerity. 

“I’m glad someone thinks so.” I smiled up at him. 

“Ok, well you see tonight!” He insisted before jogging away. 

After school, y/b/n and I got ready. I showered and changed. We hung out at my house for a while before walking to Cameron’s. 

I liked walking so I insisted. 

When we got there the party was in full swing. There were people everywhere, grinding, hooking up, drinking, talking. 

We made our way to the kitchen where we found Cameron, and Matt. 

“Hey, glad you guys could make it.” Cameron said, pulling me into a hug. He smelt amazing. 

“Thanks for having us Cam.” I laughed, nudging his side. 

“So where are Nash, Tay and G?” Y/b/n asked, looking around the room. 

“Gilinsky is in the hot tub, and we were just going to play Nash and Taylor in beer pong, if you’d like to watch?” Cameron responded. 

Cameron handed me a beer, and we followed them into another room. Cameron’s house was huge. 

“FINALLY THE PARTY IS HERE” Nash said moving towards me. He wrapped his hands around my waist before whispering in my ear. “We’re playing for your heart.” He backed away smirking. 

What. The. Fuck.

He was clearly drunk, and didn’t mean to say what he just said. 

But, I finally knew what all of this was about, and they weren’t going to get away with messing with my emotions. I was going to make a new game, and I was going to win. 

They started their game. Nash and Taylor throwing first. 

Taylor was pretty much a basketball stud, and this had the same concept so he had a clear advantage. 

They went back and forth, until both sides had only one cup each remaining. 

It was Cam’s turn. 

Before he shot, I walked over to him and whispered that if he won, I would make it worth his while. Before kissing his cheek and walking away. 

Even  though Nash was drunk I could tell that he was clearly pissed off from my actions. 

Cameron shot and sank it, leaving Nash to drink the lone beer before storming off as the room erupted in cheers. But even during all of the celebration Cam looked over at me and shrugged, giving a cute smile. 

I left the room and made my way upstairs where it was a lot quieter. I don’t know but I somehow managed to end up in what I assumed to be Cameron’s room. 

I began admiring all of the pictures on his shelves. 

His voice broke the silence. 

“So you found my room?” He said, leaning against his door frame before entering and shutting the door behind him. 

“That I did.” I laughed. 

He moved toward me, brushing strands of hair away from my face. 

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He smashed his lips against mine, his tongue begging for entrance. I allowed. 

Somehow we made it to his bed. I straddled him, still making out. His hands ran up and down my body. 

Before he could go farther I got up. 

“Catch ya later Cam.” I said blowing him a kiss. 

“You can’t just leave me like this!” He said motioning to his newly blossomed erection. 

I walked home alone and thought about how I would deal with this whole “playing for my heart” situation. 

Was this all just a game for them? Or was there more behind it?