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The fact that not only my friends are going, but teachers and staff at my school are going to the Women’s March is heartwarming. I’m proud that women are uniting with one another in a society that teaches fellow women to be enemies.

IRAQ. Baghdad governorate. Baghdad. April 9, 2003. Firdos Square.

“What can I say - I almost missed the moment. I was with my pal Alexandra Boulat running around the other side of town photographing the looting of government buildings. Many Saddam statues had been toppled before, but for some reason, this one became iconic. Looking at it now [in 2013] wakes up a few ghosts. Two days earlier, the Americans shot at the Palestine hotel and killed two friends. Two who had given six months of their lives to cover history from the other side. Two for whom the war has not ended, and never will. Two we could not save. Jose Couso died from his wounds. Taras Protsyuk died in my arms.” 

Photograph: Jerome Delay/AP


This just in: the Astros are the cutest team in the league 

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          “WE HAD A promise made. We were in love.”

 Years ago, a man by the name of Conor McGregor promised the world he would one day achieve his goal of becoming a UFC champion, as well as having so much money he wouldn’t know what to do with it. The “Notorious One” is the fastest growing superstar MMA has ever seen, and this Saturday, Interim Featherweight champion, Conor McGregor fights opposite the current champion, Jose Aldo.

  If you’ve got a goal, stop at nothing to achieve it.


It’s tough to set goals during training camp. Just to find a good feeling I guess– that’s what I want during this camp. (x)