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I rang through an older couple today and when I asked if they were in our system they sighed and gave me the phone number. Then the lady launches into a rant: “your system is a complete JOKE, it’s absolutely pointless and has no actual purpose and yes I get that *uses high-pitched voice* it keeps track of all your receipts so you don’t need to keep them BLAH BLAH BLAH it’s the biggest joke ever, and (she says proudly) I tell this to every clerk every time I come in here.” I looked her in the eye, gave her my customer smile, and said “we have no control over that. *customer voice* [our system] also keeps track of your warranty on clubs and shoes! :))))))*
The amount of uppity assholes who play golf is absolutely outstanding

I hate snakes. All those people that go behind other people’s backs to talk shit about them. If you have a problem with someone confront them directly or shut up and ignore them. This reporting of “he said - she said” is incredibly immature and nasty.

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What is Acceptance?

by Samsaran

There seems to be some confusion as to the meaning of this simple term. Acceptance is not fatalism.  That is to say acceptance does not mean that we cannot work toward a goal or attempt to change a bad situation.  

Acceptance means detachment from a specific outcome. An example would be in setting up an intricate pattern of dominoes so that they fall in a pattern.  

We prepare our dominoes with great care. Then when we have done our best, we topple the first domino and sit back and enjoy it without care or worry that it will be perfect. 

This is the way we live our lives. We do our best, fix what we can and then refuse to worry about outcomes which we do not control.  Our worry helps nothing and harms us.

☯ Samsaran ☯

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Do you, by any chance, have ill feelings towards Mercadia since it was the first weatherlight story (not counting the urza diversion) after you lost creative control over the story?

We lost control in Rath. That’s where our story got twisted. The Mercadian story had almost nothing to do with us or our story other than it used our characters.

The Epic of Chandra Nalaar: The Spark

Book 1: Spark

She’s a little Spark
Child of Pia and Kiran
A rebel at heart

Sent on a mission
to deliver a package
“Take this to, young one,

“Ovitya Pashiri,”
Kiran says. “Long time friend.
Family really.

“Be careful my Spark.
“What we send is illegal.
“We encourage art.

“The Consulate fears
“all that they cannot control.
“Even what we feel.

“Now go my dear girl.
“We love you, Chandra. Be safe.
“You are our whole world.”

Mission’s a failure.
Our dear Spark gets herself caught.
But they can’t cage her.

From her fingertips
sprouts great bouts of flame. She’s free!
Fireballs equipped!

Once home, they three flee.
They must escape! Nothing’s safe.
Not in the city.

A village hides them
from the Consulate’s eyes.
They’re safe for a time.

Young Captain Baraal
is the man Consulate sent
to catch the Nalaars.

Cruel, mean, and vicious.
Baraal stops at nothing to
sate his ambitions.

One day he finds them
and burns down the whole village.
No more safe haven.

Mad smile on display,
Baraal cuts down Spark’s father.
Blood spatters her face.

She gives up the fight.
Mom’s missing. Dad’s dead. Both gone.
Our Spark stars to cry.

Spark’s taken away,
sent to be executed.
She’s got one more day.

Next day he arrives.
Baraal cackles and then says
“Spark. It’s time to die!”

The event’s public
People are watching as she
she kneels before him.

Ovitya Pashiri
Watches from the crowd. Helpless.
Countenance dreary.

As Baraal’s blade falls
Spark ignites. Planeswalker!
In flame she has gone.

Robbed of his bloodlust
His face scorched and burned, he screams,
“You’ll pay for this runt!”

It is for the best.
She’s gone to another world.
Goodbye, Kaladesh.

Regatha’s the name
of the world where she arrives.
Our Sparks’ now a Flame.

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For a show that prides itself in being a good representation of POC and the LGBT+ community, Steven Universe falls flat at doing so.

ruby and sapphire are lesbians! but we never see them. pearl is a lesbian! but she’s abusive and controlling and whiny, chasing jealously after the woman she can’t have. uh….rose is bi! but it’s never confirmed she actually liked pearl in the show, and what is confirmed is that she likes men enough to have had multiple relationships with them in the past. 

also, they can’t be lesbians because they’re genderless. 

thanks, rebecca sugar. 

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Hi, sorry if this sounds stupid, but could you explain radical feminism to me? I am a feminist and from an assumption radical sounds like extremist? Like "I hate men"? Correct me if I'm wrong I just want to be educated!

This isn’t a silly question at all and I’m always happy to discuss this with women!

Radical Feminists aim to get to the “root” of patriarchy and eliminate male supremacy in all aspects of society. Radfems believe in sex based oppression ie the oppression of women is linked directly to our bodies and more specifically our reproductive capabilities. They believe that gender is a tool of patriarchy used to control women that we are socialised into. They believe that gender should not exist and females are caged by femininity. Radfems oppose the sexual objectification of women and are therefore against the porn and sex industries and the exploitation of female bodies. Radfems are against all forms of male violence towards women and the goal is to liberate women from patriarchal control.

To me, radical feminism is not extreme - it’s logical. It is the only brand of feminism which has truly challenged me to think critically about my own life and then women’s lives in general. Part of radical feminism is understanding how deeply male supremacy is imbedded in our societies and how all males have been socialised view women as, at best, lesser than themselves and, at worse, as completely inhuman. This can be very hard to accept especially when women have been socialised to prioritise men our entire lives. Understanding patriarchy can be very jarring and painful, so yes lots of radfems do hate men for what they do to women and what they benefit from.

This is very brief and if you have any more questions feel free to ask! I wish you the best of luck in your radfem journey 💕

I want to make it clear: When we see Waverly acting like Waverly, she is in control. It’s very clear when the demon is in control versus when Waverly is the Waverly we know and love. I don’t want there to be any kind of gray area. I don’t want to take away from the sweetness of the relationship between Nicole and Waverly, but we’ve made it very clear from here when the Tentacle is in charge. But that’s not to say it’s not still scary. It’s pretty much a stone-cold possession, and the problem with possession is, the longer it goes on, the weaker the mortal becomes.
A Girl in Hell

I could never be a girl
I wouldn’t even think about it
I didn’t even know about it

My mother was angry at me
And my brothers
For she could not find a church as radical
As her
Or as radical as she’d like us to be


All the churches were lukewarm
All accepting this or that
Never being as viciously critical of this earth
That we’re never to call home

Our lives are controlled
Our impulses vilified
Our computers “portals of hell”
That she lamented were installed
In our rooms

The absolute only time
I even came close to knowing the T
Of the Abominous, Heinous, Treacherous, Villainous LGBT
was when I saw an episode of Oprah

A woman caught behind the tracks
Unable to accept who she was until she moved on
Unable to move on until she accepted who she was

I was frightened that I would turn out like


A disappointment to my family
An evil lover of this sinful home
A villain to point at and gasp
And warn your children
And warn your children of becoming

So I hid it deep down and never told

Even in my journal, which was filled to the brim
Of the girls in my life I really just wanted to be
And be friends with
And be

But I knew that boys could only court them
So I could only court them
So it was all about Who I Liked and Who Liked Me

Every last Page

Instead of about something, anything else

I was chasing my tail
Not seeing that what I finally caught
In my teeth
Was never enough, could never be enough

Instead I turn around
And chase the other way

And never learning
Because I could never Accept what I did not Know

She would always beg us to stay at home
For as long as she wanted
To control us
To make sure we did not fall away from
The Faith


Was when I first even knew I could be me

After her ultimatum of
Ending Sex or Moving Out
You Unrepetant Sinner, Trading in your
Eternal Pleasures for those more Temporary

But, it isn’t temporary.

I will ALWAYS be a girl

Even in hell.

“I’d rather not,” I made a face.  Alec’s dogged tenaciousness thus far in the conversation was giving me the impression he would be hard to convince without a good reason, so I fudged the truth a little as I told him,

Hm, where are we going now?

“While I’m controlling them, I see everything my bugs see, feel everything they feel, pretty much.  I don’t want to make a regular thing of having my bugs crawl all over sweaty crotches.”



“The point I’m trying to make, if you’ll stop changing the subject, is that these girls would probably take their misery out on me, even if they didn’t know I was doing it.  I don’t trust myself to keep from retaliating, upping the ante. 

Oh, it was a bit of both, then.

You saw what happened with me and Rachel, the first time we met.  Things would escalate, I’d take things too far eventually.  Secret identity blown, or getting someone seriously hurt, like Lung was, only without the regeneration.”

To be fair, Taylor did think Lung would be totally fine. She just hadn’t accounted for the tranquilizers Armsmaster would use on him later, if she was right about that being the cause of his regeneration not keeping his dick attached.

“I don’t get how you can sit there and take it,” Alec said, “Get revenge, or get one of us to get revenge for you.  Go to someone for help.”

“None of those things is an option,” I said, with enough emphasis that I hoped my statement carried some finality, “There’s too much chance for things to go out of control if I take things into my own hands or have you guys do it for me.

Basically, the status quo sucks but if it was upset it might suck more. I guess it’s a fair risk assessment.

As far as going to someone for help, I don’t trust the system.  Not after the court case, not after talking to some of my teachers.  If it was that easy, I would have dealt with it already.”

And there she admits to that, her distrust of the authorities. Granted, she says “the system”, but it really does seem to be about authorities in general.

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



Last night I started thinking about the very real possibility of a klance hug happening in the future and then. i. couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. it.