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Terrorists do exist in the us. We usually shoot them before it gets too far, unless it's in a gun free zone. Then they get their body count like you see in Europe.

That’s right. The situation would have been better if every single person on crowded Westminster bridge had a gun. It would have improved the situation to have shots going off everywhere amongst the crowds of tourists and school kids. In such a chaotic situation, even a well-intentioned bystander might accidentally shoot innocent people. Instead, we had a fanatic who emerged from his car with knives- clearly he was unable to obtain a gun- who was shot by armed police who are specially trained for this. 

You can’t make it easier for Random Civilian Good Guys to get a gun without also making it easier for the Bad Guys to get them. Maybe that’s how you prefer to do it in the US, but we like our strict gun control laws here. We prefer that the ‘good guys’ who have guns in our country be confined to the police and the military. And I do believe in many US terrorist shootings, for some reason, it’s also usually the police who finally stop the suspects, not a bystander with a gun. 

It’s all and well to focus on terrorism, but the US continues to have a much higher homicide rate than the rest of the developed world. And the vast majority of it is from firearms. Even if you factored in our terrorist attacks, we don’t even come anywhere near the homicide rates in the US. If you want to talk about to us about body counts, maybe take a second look at your country before you dispense your advice about how we do things. 

About the whole “Don’t let Bendy and the Ink Machine End up like FNAF or Undertale” thing

What it means:

Please don’t let this fandom:

  • Attract closed-minded people who insult anyone who doesn’t like their fan theories and/or headcanons
  • Bring in people who cyberbully anyone who doesn’t like the game
  • Bring in (graphic) fetish porn
  • Bring in suicide-baiters
  • Bring in people who claim anyone who doesn’t like the game is X-phobic

What it DOESN’T mean:

Please don’t let this fandom:

  • Attract a young Audience
  • Result in OC’s
  • Make fanart I don’t like
  • Be creative

If you don’t understand why people are concerned, you haven’t seen the ugly side of fandoms, you sweet summer child. We’re not trying to turn Bendy into “The Perfect Fandom” we’re simply trying to prevent it from getting out of control and more toxic than the average fandom.

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Re: Thopter and " Language grows up in ways we can’t always control. Literally now can mean “figuratively”. " ==> Well, but in that case, Wizards DO control the creature types it writes on cards, right? We're not talking about some player slang, here.

I was going to say we didn’t invent the word “thopter”, but I figured I’d check the internet to make sure that was true. And it turns out, it seems like we might have coined the term. (I would love evidence if we didn’t.)

So I had to take a different tact. I’m going to use what I’m calling the Star Wars defense. The word “android” is a combination of a Greek root (“andr” meaning “man”) and an old English root (“oid” meaning “resembling”). It means “something resembling a man”.

Star Wars wanted to create its own term for robots so it created “droid”, an abbreviated version of “android”. Like thopter, droid breaks at a point different than the separation of the word roots.

My argument, if it was good enough for “Star Wars”, it’s good enough for Magic.

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I got to scream about Jimin’s bottom with @park-loins and @thenjw GAVE ME THE JIN 2017 SEASON’S GREETINGS PHOTOCARD, introduced me to @blotthis  and screamed with me about Jin  All in all two lovely, fantabulous, wonderful humans I’m so fucking lucky to have gotten to meet face to face!!!  HIGH FIVES x 10000 to awesome Tumblr folks. < 33

y’all i was chilling, finishing working on my theme and then i Remembered that fox is planning on doing the dark phoenix saga again and i’m…… y’all……….

The energy of personal planets is expressed internally, and thus are always within our line of sight and accessible to us. They are the tools with which we achieve the needs and wants represented by the Luminaries. 

Mercury allows us to solve life’s problems, and communicate our ideas and desires. Venus connects us with others in order to satisfy our emotional needs, it shows us how to appreciate and be inspired by the beauty of others and the world around us. Mars is the drive that we use to accomplish our goals, and it is the life force with which we create.

Social planets commonly manifest externally in the outer world as people that we meet and things that happen to us. We subconsciously program our environment with these energies so that we can grow and learn. While the energies of these planets can be internalized, it’s relatively uncommon and no one is able to fully control them. 

Jupiter becomes the lucky breaks we receive, and the teachers and mentors that we meet who help us along our path. Saturn manifests as the hardships that we face and the difficulties that we must overcome in order to mature as human beings.

Transpersonal planets are largely inaccessible to us. We may feel the itch of Uranus making us feel stifled and oppressed, the dreamy intuition and delusion of Neptune, or the fear of Pluto calling us to crave power and control but for the most part these planets are expressed externally and play a large role in our interaction with larger societal issues and structures. 

Uranus is externalized as the unexpected (and often unpleasant) changes that force us to into rapid growth. Societally it becomes the growing unrest and dissatisfaction that is felt by a people whose government no longer serves them. Neptune is externalized in the ways that we’re deceived by others, the dreams and delusions that we project on to our reality in order to make the world feel safer. Societally it manifests as the glamour and trickery of mass media and the idolization of celebrities, it also becomes the ideas of what constitutes spirituality and what does not. Pluto is externalized as others who try and control and manipulate us, a force which makes us grasp our own power to retaliate and rise anew. Societally it becomes the power games that are played in politics, and what we consider important in our relationship with governance.

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Okay so I'm an ENTP and I hate it when people touch me in any way. I don't have any trauma and have never had any bad experiences with physical contact but I hate it to no end when someone even touches my arm let alone my hand. Is it just for me or is this common with ENTP's?

ENTPs don’t like being touched unless it’s by someone they like to touch them typically. We don’t necessarily mind being the touchers. As long as we have control of the situation we’re good. This is another control/vulnerability problem. But really, it’s not even a problem too. I know that for me, as a girl, I am so ridiculoulsy not trusting and on gaurd about stuff like this, and I’ve had no traua either.  So it’s okay to be careful too. You never know people’s motives. 

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Why don't people like to be around me

Hello friend,

First of all, you are so special. So valuable. No external circumstances or social interactions will change that. Things like this can be difficult because the opinions that others have about us is something that we cannot control, and something that we often make incorrect assumptions on. It’s difficult to tell how people truly feel about us, simply because humans are so complex.

However, try to realize just how special you truly are. There is no one who has been, is, or will be quite like you. You are a gift to this universe, regardless if whether people outwardly worship your presence, or are thankful for it in silence. You are still the same, amazing person that you are, whether you are alone or in a group.

During the times when you are not surrounded by other people, remember that you will always have yourself. Being able to treasure your own company is far more important than anyone else being able to, for you have ownership over yourself and are your own closest companion.

So, you are never alone. Never. And you never will be. You will always be supported and loved unconditionally by those couple of people who are close to you, as well as yourself.

I hope I could help, friend.
Please do take care.

  • Sara Lance: We need to destroy the Spear through a dangerous and elaborate plan involving Tolkien and one of the most dangerous battles in history
  • Amaya Jiwe: No we should use it. We can control the power and destroy the threat
  • Gideon: For fuck's sake just throw it in the Sun. Do what you should have done to Vandal Savage and just throw it into the Sun. I am a spaceship. Doesn't anybody notice this?I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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So is lexa not having any realistic struggles? She's just automatically first string and perfect and somehow is really famous after a game of college football? Am I the only one that gets really bugged by arrogant lexa in fics tbh it doesn't let me enjoy it as much idk she annoys me... I hope the angst part of it isn't clarke like a loser while lexa's all famous it pisses me off. Please make her the next bob ross+giselle brady super famous has her own booming business queen thank.

Okay like I’m gonna hold myself back rn but Dude are we reading the same fic? That girl has 0 control of her life and is pathetically trying to impress everyone? Struggles that aren’t visible to the whole world are still struggles.

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I'm sorry you're down. Just know you are loved. Focus on what you can do to take care of yourself: wear your favorite clothes, eat healthy, walk, and write. Some things you can't control, but we all can control these most important things. You'll soon realize you have more power and control than you think right now. *Hugs*

Thank you, sweet anon. Your care and concern lift my heart high 😘

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I know you probably get this ask a lot but I have no friends, literally I have people that I talk to from time to times but no real friends, why do most entps have trouble staying with people and not pushing them away????

Hm. WHY. We hate vulnerability. We like control. We have to learn how to allow ourselves feel our emotions and trust people. Which sucks and is hard because people do nothing but let you down. 

But hey! I didn’t make a real friend until I was about maybe 19… and that experience taught me how to trust more/pick better people to trust/be pickier/be cooler with being on my lonesome/knowing exactly how much I want to give away to each person so that I can control the depth of each of the relationships. So clearly I’m still struggling from what your question is entailing. Uhm. 

The main idea that I was trying to get to at some point in this: if you truly want to, you’ll make close friends. It takes time, and you should be picky about it. It’s ok that ENTPs are picky. And in high school it’s like the zombie apocalypse… you’re stuck with people who you’re just eh about, but you gotta stick it out for 4 years and then peace out of there. College can be a bit like this too… But you don’t want to be friends with just anyone. If you’re pushing someone away it’s for a reason… you don’t like them or you’re uncomfortable with them. There will be people where you don’t have such a strong urge to do this, or someone who will fight to be with you anyway. And after you’ve made those few close ones, no one else really matters anyway. 

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Meg I respect you a lot but a large part of why I like this blog is that I thought you were unbiased and could think critically. Suggesting that criticising the girls actions in any way is somehow lacking critical thought or best reserved to Twitter is frankly stan behaviour and I thought you were a bit beyond that. I'm actually thinking of Lauren herself when I say that ranting against media coverage of photos u put out there (evn if it was your PR that put them out) makes her look silly.

Sorry if I came off strong. But I don’t see how refusing to discuss this by insulting Lauren’s intelligence makes me a biased stan lol. That’s just a rule I have on this blog - i don’t ever judge the girls actions when we don’t know how much they are in control of. I just don’t like it when people talk about the bullshit the girls are put under by judging their character. I think perhaps it was a matter of miscommunication/ misunderstanding. I do see what you’re saying now - that maybe she should have known that it would make her look hypocritical and that she would get this kind of backlash. But I still stand by the point I was trying to make that you can’t possibly think that Lauren is making stupid decisions by not always conforming to what her publicists want her to be - i.e. ultimately it’s not her fault that it doesn’t add up. She is just one person and cannot always make her actions line up with the beast that is her publicity machine, just to prevent herself from seeming self-contradictory. Again, you are welcome here and sorry for giving you quite a strongly worded answer - I just interpreted it as calling Lauren stupid, but I realise now that you didn’t mean it to come across that way.

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I haven't seen Pacific Rim. Tell me what you love about it?

where do i even start!!!

first off just the sci-fi worldbuilding is Amazing and within the first five minutes you go, “oh of course we would fight an alien invasion with giant mind-controlled robots!”

the characters are all so great and well-rounded and the Cinnamon Topography

the colors are gorgeous and the dialogue is simultaneously witty and inspiring??

i could talk for hours about this movie

[the usual warnings abt like, embodiment and control and arguable fatphobia]

i said to girlfriend once ‘maybe i just need to work out more’ in re ~the body i want~ (whatever that even is) and she was like, 'uh, pretty sure that’s a different thing’ than like, gender or whatever, but thinking about it again i’m not actually sure it is? like. not that muscles are inherently more masculine, though they are for better or for (mostly, probably) worse coded that way; but most of my experience in this body has been watching its hips and thighs and chest expand without my say-so, and feeling very powerless and miserably alienated in a way that i associate very strongly with girlhood—not fitting into myself and not fitting into clothes and not fitting into expectations and not fitting into femininity

and shaping my body in accordance with my own will, whether that means binders or T or working out or what, feels very intimately connected with the things i’m thinking about gender and power and control and who my body is supposed to please