we are hot and you know it

Don’t remember

Uh yeah so, I know Mark makes fun of us for over analyzing but you know. The he does this so uh… fuck you.

We wake up in the van, we sleep there that’s been established in ‘Man’s Not Hot’

Mark literally wakes us up in the van and tells us not to sleep in there cause it’s hot.
We sleep in the van for some reason.

We wake up to the tv turning on which has already established was ‘creepy as hell’ by mark and also in ‘World’s First Pop-Up Haunted House’
We fiddle with it until it makes the Slender noise of when you get a game over, the sharp pitched screechy noise

So the tv is not good.

As to what the voice says I can only get
‘I said, we are going to do great things together..’
‘Go back to sleep’

Now i’m not saying it’s Dark but it’s something not good. highly possible that it’s WKM related. Maybe WKM Mark? Damien? Dark?

And the title is what unsettles me the worst.
‘Don’t remember’

With the title like that, the way the the van videos are filmed and all this WKM like stuff… maybe this is a continuation of WKM.

This is us in another time line. in our Mark’s timeline? Possibly maybe some other Mark time line. Maybe even WKM Mark’s timeline in the future? What ever it is, I think the thing speaking to us wants us to remember what happened in WKM… but us in the van series doesn’t remember a thing. We were never WKM us. We didn’t know anything that happened. 

But we’re the same. 
And it wants us to remember.

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I know that Taylor loves blondes but she should let her wife embrace her full hotness and go back to brunette.

Given Taylor fell fucking head over heels for short haired brunette Karlie (Ohhh, I want to cut my hair. Karlie, if you see me in a few months with that haircut, know it’s because of you.’”, the big flirt. Though she did so clearly she was also being genuine.), I don’t think she’d be opposed. However, Karlie knows her girl loves blondes and also the urge to merge has always been ridiculously strong for those two so I don’t know that we’ll be seeing brunette Karlie anytime soon.

LWYMMD - Clues Perhaps

The ring box in the background.

She’s wearing a shirt with a Tiger on it and it says BLIND FOR LOVE and that means she’s saying she had hots for the wrong guy.

Look at the N and we know that Calvin gave Taylor a heart locket necklace for their first anniversary. He may have proposed at one point and she said NO. 

After they broke up Calvin was backing up and he hit a pole. When the post came around on my dash I reblogged it and I said “I bet the paps are asking him about the break up”. I remember later on @talk-turned-2-screams said they were. To me the crash means it’s him saying to her Look What You Made Me Do as if she was the cause of him hitting the pole because the paps were asking him questions about the breakup.

Then look what is in the car, a Tiger. We all know that Calvin uses that emoji to let people know it’s him on snapchat and the Tiger is in the car.. 

After watching this a lot to get boosts this is what I think this song is about. I may be wrong, but then I could be right. 


A tribute to my treasured Asaka Manato❣️:

   I am posting this on the morning of your last day/performance (Japan time) with Soragumi and Takarazuka (11/19/2017). I have…some feelings😓. I’ve only been a Zuka fan for about 4 months, but in that short amount of time, it’s become my favorite and most beloved diversion, obsession, hobby, and form of entertainment🎶, above all others. This, my dear Maa-kun, is because of YOU😗. Over the summer, I randomly stumbled upon photos of you while browsing my friend’s Tumblr blog one day, and was at once enamored with your charming look, your captivating smile, and your sparkling Hot eyes. I immediately needed to know everything about you, and where I could see more of you. Very shortly after that, we started binge watching your entire career, and are still having a blast exploring this fantastic collection of musicals and revues. To date, I have seen most of your Soragumi🌌, and a handful of your Hanagumi🌸 shows. They are all wonderful, but ‘Hot Eyes!!’ changed my life, and it will always be my number one.                            

   You are a ray of sunshine🌞, a magnetic, engaging, and alluring top star, and you have danced💃 your way into my heart forever. I recently wrote and mailed my first Zuka fan letter💌 to you, because I wanted you to know the incredible impact you had on me… someone who lives in a faraway foreign country, doesn’t know your language, and but for a series of unlikely coincidences, might never have known you existed. But none of these impediments prevent me from loving and devouring this dazzling universe✨. Because of you and all of Soragumi, I am a devoted Takarazuka fan for life. Your face, smile, and charm opened a door for me to a whole new world, and not only did that result in a strengthened bond and connection with my closest friend👭, it also quite literally improved the quality of my life. For this, I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you for giving us, your devoted fans, the gift of your talent and charms, and thank you from the bottom of my heart💖, for making my world a brighter and better place. I love you always. xoxoxo 🌟❤️😙🌟❤️😙🌟❤️😙🌟

Weight of the world

“I wonder if one day we won’t have to worry about all this weight we were born under.” It was a statement that had plagued me for a while now.

The tendrils of smoke from your cigarette hung in the air between us. A wall of disconnect in the hot summer evening. You chuckled and looked over to the golden treeline as if to ask the setting sun for the answer to such a big quandary. You frowned, and the smiled.

“I don’t know if *we* ever will. But let’s not add on to the pile if we can. Bare it now so others don’t have to, yeah?”

I remember this moment with you. I remember many moments with you. The last time we spoke will never leave me. Even now as I float in this tin can of a spaceship. Packed in with the other “valuble people” I can still see your face, etched into my core, video chatting with me at the world’s end, somehow laughing as it all went to shit.

Did you remember that summer?

Did you carry that weight?

Vi’s No Sugar, No Bullshit, Delicious Herbal Hot Apple Cider Recipe:

When it starts getting dark by 3:30pm, one cannot help but encounter a royal case of the blues, yet, some of my favorite memories are from early evenings with a cup of hot apple cider and a great book. This time of year, it’s always nice to have a hot drink to snuggle up with! Unfortunately, most powdered and packaged apple ciders are filled with chemical agents and flavorings that don’t do much for our health or waist lines. Yet, true apple cider can not only be a joy to drink, it can also have wonderful medicinal qualities via the fruits, citrus, and herbs we add.

Some of you may know that I have a lifelong interest and love for herbs (and have patiently listened to my discord rants on botanical medicine), and some may also know that I am a Clinical Herbal Practitioner, so the herbs chosen in this recipe reflect my choices for chasing away the winter blues, and warming up our circulatory systems while also nourishing our bodies. I hope you enjoy!!

Though I am horrendous when it comes to crock pots, I suggest if you have one to use for this recipe. If not, it can certainly be done via stove top. Bring the ingredients to a gentle boil, then put on low. Either way, this recipe should be cooked/decocted on very low for 6 to 7 hours.

Herbal Apple Cider Recipe:
8 to 10 pieces of fruit, this can be apples only or apples and pears, you can also add any sort of berry (1 to 2 cups depending on your taste). Leave the skin on your fruits!

2 juiced and sliced lemons, 1 orange cut in half with skin left on

1 heaping tablespoon Cinnamon (ground or chipped)

1 heaping tablespoon Yarrow leaf and flower mixed

1 heaping tablespoon Cardamom seeds

½ table spoon dried Ginger root

½ tbsp. ground Clove

Enough water to cover fruit

Cover and cook on low 6 to 7 hrs. in crock pot OR bring to gentle boil on stove, cover, then cook on low 6 to 7 hrs.

Strain through wire sieve, if you need a finer strain use muslin cloth (bakers cloth).

Put contents in pitcher, refrigerate to store, and enjoy it hot or cold.

Not just a joy to eat, but extremely beneficial to our health! Of course the best way to enjoy an apple is simply eating it raw, but for the sake of discussion I am supplying the medicinal qualities, some of which may be applicable. However, keep in mind that when we cook fruits, the natural fructose (sugars) becomes more concentrated, which can in turn spike blood sugar levels. Due to this, I found it important to add cinnamon, which is an herb commonly used in balancing blood sugar. From the standpoint of health, apples are pretty amazing and are like mini-multivitamins wrapped in a pretty little fruit. They are high in fiber when eaten raw, and the natural occurring pectin in the skin has a detoxifying quality that is used in many pre-made cleansing and detox programs. One apple has roughly 100 calories which mostly come from its carbohydrate rich body. It has nearly 2 grams of fiber and about 10mg of vitamin C, 150 IU of vitamin A and some very modest amounts of vitamins in the B spectrum (B1, B2, B3, B6, and Biotin). Additionally, apples contain some pretty helpful trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, and also traces of copper (how mind blowing is nature?!). Apples even have some vitamin E (commonly known as the soft tissue repair vitamin).

Citrus is wonderful for balancing the pH in our bodies. Though citrus is acidic, once it comes in contact with our digestive system, the reactions with our natural digestive enzymes render it alkaline. A more alkaline system can assist the body in naturally maintaining it’s metabolic, enzymatic, and immunological functions. Though, don’t run away with the idea of a completely alkaline body, as being too alkaline can have its own set of issues. Citrus also has something called the “bitter factor” the bitter factor or rather natural bitterness is important because bitter foods directly stimulate one of the twelve cranial nerves, specifically our Vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) which   helps in controlling the smooth muscles of the GI tract and also sends indicators to our liver to release bile. This is important because bile directly aids in proper digestion and also in breaking down proteins (think big juicy steak).

I cannot say enough about the wonderful healing powers of cinnamon when it comes to blood sugar and digestion – however, a word of caution. One can overdo it with the cinnamon, so please keep within a modest range. Remember the cinnamon challenge? Yeah….don’t do that…that’s dumb…people die. Clinically, cinnamon is considered to have the following actions; it is seen as an aromatic herb which is antiseptic, astringent, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, hemostatic, circulatory stimulant, hypotensive, carminative, digestive aid, and antispasmodic just to name a few! Some of its very specific uses when in the hands of a trained professional include its applications in issues with insulin, debility of the digestive tract, issues with candida, increasing circulatory health, poor digestion, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, to name a few.

Yarrow is an ancient herb with over a two thousand year written history. The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans used this herb and it is mentioned in many of their medicinal texts. In folklore, it is said that Hercules used this herb to protect his soldiers in war – specifically to stop the bleeding of wounds. Yarrow is one of those herbs used by nearly every herbalist and home healer, it is a good dependable health ally and one of my favorite plants. Clinically, some of the actions attested to Yarrow include: nervous system relaxant, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, hemostatic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, sweat inducer, helps to maintain a low grade fever, hepatic, diuretic, anti-spasmodic. Specific issues that Yarrow is often used for include sore throat, common cold and flu, bleeding issues (cuts and scrapes, heavy periods, bleeding ulcers, bleeding abscesses etc.). It is considered a general digestive tonic as well, but in the case of this beautiful apple cider, I like to use it for its ability to gently raise body temperature because in the winter one often gets chilly!  As a side note, although clinical reports have never been made, there is theoretically a possibility that due to its hemostatic agents, this herb could possibly interact with blood clotting agents and medications.

Most of us are familiar with cardamom without even knowing it! If you enjoy spiced drinks or Indian chai then you have had cardamom as it is one of the main ingredients in chai and mulled drinks. Cardamom is another ancient herb with its ties to the Middle East and Asia Minor. It is a beautifully aromatic herb that is rich in something called volatile oils (aka, if it has a strong smell, it has volatile oils in it). Additionally this beautiful plant is rich in salt of potassium, nitrogenous mucilage. Additionally it has terpenes, terpineol, and cineol which are all strong chemical constituents often seen in herbal based anti-microbials. Its clinical actions are carminative (calms the stomach).  Medicinally, it is the seeds that are most often used and they are excellent for indigestion, flatulence, colic, and warming the body.

With the various medicinal qualities of ginger one could write a book, however for all our sakes I’ll keep it short and sweet. Ginger is a multi-use herb and is considered both a cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal herb. Its actions are antiseptic, analgesic (assists in pain reduction), anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic (brings up body temperature and can induce sweating), expectorant, antitussive, peripheral circulatory stimulant (meaning it increases blood flow), it is vasodilating (dilates blood vessels to decrease blood pressure), it is a strong anti-emetic (stops nausea and vomiting), carminative (calms the stomach), and is antispasmodic (excellent if you have spastic stomach issues/digestive cramping). Fresh ginger can burn soft tissues, so if you use fresh ginger please be careful with the fresh juice. Additionally it is very spicy so monitor your intake a bit out of caution when using it fresh.

One of my absolutely favorite anti-parasitic/anti-fungal herbs. Clove in its topical/raw tinctured form is excellent for issues with fungal infections, candida, athletes foot, and so forth. Used internally it is a very stimulating carminative and is exceptionally aromatic (think of those volatile oils again). Often given as a decoction (long cooked tea), it has been used for nausea, slow digestion,  flatulence, indigestion, and most often used as a secondary herb with additional formulations. Like ginger, it is also diaphoretic and warming. It is also astringent and has been used as a powder in dental herbalism to assist in tooth pain (applied topically to the area) as it is a short lived herbal topical analgesic (it numbs the area where there is pain).

And that’s it! Thanks for reading my “food as medicine” rant. Remember, everything you put into your body can be an act of self love, even if its a “treat”.



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Hi so I totally discovered they carry your book at my job (books-a-million) and we actually carry TWO copies at a time which is chain bookstore speak for you're hot shit. I'm so excited to read it and I forced the second copy on one of my friends so she's going to read it with me. I've been reading your fanfics for a while and it makes me so happy to know that fanfic authors can have successful books and the fanfic doesn't have to be a dirty little secret. Thumbs up for being awesome!

Thank you! I will always be a fic author no matter what, and I was surprised and delighted when I found out that the world of Actual Publishing doesn’t seem to consider fic the kiss of death the way I always assumed it to be. 

also it is wonderful to hear about the TWO copies :D :D :D


Devotchka - Hot Burrito #1 (I’m Your Toy)

Once upon a time
You let me feel you deep inside
But nobody knew, nobody saw
Do you remember the way we cried?
I’m your toy
I’m your old boy
But I don’t want no one
But you to love me
No, I wouldn’t lie
You know I’m not that kind of guy

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Hi ^^ i was wondering if you could tell me why jhope is being called jay all of a sudden? D: I saw that rap monster changed his name to RM.... so did hobie do the same? (Btw i love your blog ❤❤thanks for sharing those airport pics omg they were lookin hot 🔥🔥🔥)

This ask is about these posts HERE & HERE & HERE

Jay is the name we give Hoseok when he goes to America. In Korea and the rest of the world, he is the Jhope we all know. However, in the U.S he turns into that rude overly sexy man called JAY DOPE

This is JHOPE

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A ray of sunshine

Originally posted by bangsihyuks

A happy soul smiling and laughing all the time

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And most of all, an adorable being that cannot even harm a fly (because he is scared of them …)

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NOW This is JAY

He is the bad boy your mom told you to stay away from. 

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As soon as he breathes the US air. His forehead gets revealed and his arms too. He turns into such a stan attractor that …

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Even the members cannot keep their hands away

Originally posted by junghoseok

His moves scream ‘I am taking your innocence away' 

Originally posted by hobichii

His walk yells 'Moooove btch get out the way’. Suga who is used to look the coolest can even lose in that department next to Jay.

Originally posted by syubto

During concerts … even Jimin’s hip thrusts start looking cute next to his. He goes OFFF!

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When in Korea he tells whoever wears a simple V neck shirt to cover themselves while in America he only wears shorts and his 6 pack 

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His tongue goes wild for unknown reasons. Maybe it’s the climate?!

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His whooooole aura turns into a ladies/men/aliens whatever species killer

Originally posted by hoshikio

And please it’s not the styling or the makeup. His attractiveness in no joke also when he is barefaced with messy wet hair. 

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So yeah! That’s JAY one of the most powerful personas in BTS that scares the hell out of ARMYs.

i miss the secret messages so i made my own:

  1. …ready for it?: let the games begin
  2. end game: I’m in it for the long haul so don’t play games with me
  3. I did something bad: I don’t owe him a single fucking thing
  4. don’t blame me: you’re my drug and I’m never quitting 
  5. delicate: I want this to last so I’m being careful
  6. look what you made me do: hiss
  7. so it goes… : when it’s just the two of us everything makes sense
  8. gorgeous: you’re hot as hell
  9. getaway car: we met while I was running away so you can’t be surprised that I left you too
  10. king of my heart: I can see us lasting forever
  11. dancing with our hands tied: the world tried to tear us apart but we kept dancing together 
  12. dress: sex.
  13. this is why we can’t have nice things: first of all, fuck you
  14. call it what you want: you don’t know about our little world
  15. new year’s day: what’s important is what’s left after the magic fades

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Here's another prompt: fell sans react to meeting his hot next door neighbor on the surface?

(oh boi howdy do i have a weak spot for Red and him getting the hots for his potential/future s/o. bless you, sweet anon, for giving me the chance to indulge a little further in that ;) <3 )

Red decidedly did not have a death wish.

Even with Edge out for the day - no doubt chasing Undyne down or accidentally terrorizing parents when he walked up wordlessly with a lost child he found wandering in the park as he trained - Edge’s sense of smell was uncanny for a being without a nose, and would happily shout Red’s skull into the next century if he caught a whiff of smoke clinging to anything inside.

So without bothering to properly walk out of his room, Red tucked his box of cigarettes and his lighter in his shorts and teleported to the balcony.

Their apartment was a pretty nice one, all things considered - decent area too, now that monsters could legally integrate with society. He and Edge had been in agreement on holding onto an apartment for at least a little bit before deciding to set up permanently anywhere - the world was big up here, absurdly so, and even if they’d both feel more comfortable closer to the mountain, there were a lot of areas around the city to choose from. So here he was, leaning against the railing of their top-floor corner apartment balcony, with a view of the balconies in the building adjacent to them accompanying the view of the enormous wooded park they lived next to. It was a view that made him feel a little more at ease when his anxiety was acting up - he could grab a smoke, stare up at the sky, or do a little people watching alongside the next apartment building or in the shade of the park.

As he slipped his cigarette between his teeth and lit it , enjoying the late afternoon sun on his bones and the decent breeze picking up, he noticed that his foot started instinctively tapping - huh, he could hear a song now actually, coming from the next apartment building over, pretty loudly…

“All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright -
That I ain’t gonna die.”

The cigarette almost dropped out of Red’s mouth.

“All that I want
Is a hole in the ground.
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out.”

You were on the balcony closest to him in the next building over - top floor, corner apartment, probably a mere 50 feet away. You had a series of small clotheslines strung out towards one side of your balcony and had clipped up several shirts and what seemed to be a set of sheets for a bed. Next to you buzzed a small speaker, surprisingly loud for it’s clearly travel-intended size, and it played the song on as you shifted and swayed, tapping out the energetic beat of the song while you sang along and clipped up a pair of jeans and took down a few dry pieces of clothing to make further room.

“Hard times
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives-”

Your back was mostly towards Red, and stars was he grateful. He felt a bead of magic forming on his skull, and knew a bit of a flush had picked up on his face- because by Asgore’s shitty beard, he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the figure you cut as you finished hanging up your laundry and spun around, your hips hitting side to side in perfect time, a mischievous grin on your face as your eyes closed and you sang along to the deceptively upbeat song.

“And I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times,
Hard times -
And I gotta get to rock bottom-!”

Your foot stamped against the balcony floor, your arms thrown wide as you crowed the line to the sky.

Red’s soul jumped in his chest at the sight -

You were attractive as hell.

And then you made eye contact.

(continued below the cut… <3 / / mobile link)

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Thanks Mom

Prompt: You’re Steve’s gf and the golden girl of Hawkins High School … and you aren’t quite as good at taking the high rode as your bf when it comes to Billy Hargrove. 

Warnings: Innuendo. Language. Threats. Basically 25% trying to kill Billy; 75% fluff with Steve’s gf being the Mother of his Children 

You shoved you’re books in your locker just in time for Steve to sweep you off your feet. 

“Hey, good lookin’.” He smiled. 

You rose an eyebrow and restrained a laugh. “Hi Gorgeous. Why are you so chipper?” 

He sighed, toying with the hem of your shirt. “Well I’ve got this crazy hot date tonight.” 

“Ugh, I know, she’s so out of your league.” You grinned. “How do you cope?” 

“Well, you know I’m good in the sack.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone.  

You tossed your head back in laughter, checking to see if anyone had heard him, before leaning closer. 

“You do have that going for you.” You murmured, pecking him on the lips. 

“Yeah?” He kissed you back, and didn’t pull away this time, pressing you against your locker.  

“Harrington. Leave room for Jesus, will you?” Ms. Lockhart barked from her classroom door. 

You pulled away from him and giggled, the slightest hint of blush in your cheeks as you peeked over Steve’s shoulder.  

“Meet me at my car?” Steve said. 

“Why don’t you meet me at mine, sweetheart?” Billy Hargrove strutted by the two of you, shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest. “I’d love to give you a ride.” 

Steve took his hands from your waist to face Hargrove, but you grabbed his hands and put them back on your hips, looking Billy in the eyes. 

“Stick to what you’re used to, Hargrove. We both know your car isn’t built to handle a girl like me.” You said evenly. 

Tommy, who flanked Billy, let his mouth drop, a giggle escaping. 

“Shut your mouth.” Billy said, with a side glance at Tommy, and then looked back to you, a ghost of a smile on his lips. “Well that’s one hell of a bluff, baby. Why don’t you call me, if you’d like to prove it?” He winked at you and then looked at Steve, “Or if you just get bored.” 

You and Steve both watched him as he made his way down the hallway. 

“Wow.” You said. “What a dick.” 

“Yeah, he’s been after me for a while.” Steve shook his head, “All this alpha male stuff about who runs this school or whatever. It’s bullshit, don’t worry about it.” 

“I won’t.” You said, then Steve looked at you.

“‘We both know you couldn’t handle a girl like me’?” He rose an eyebrow, a smile on his face. 

You bit your lip. “Yeah, was that a bit much?”  

“Babe, that was so hot.” 

You giggled as he pressed you up against the lockers once more, his lips on yours. 

Mister Harrington!” 

He broke away. “Sorry Ms. Lockhart.” He said, still looking at you. “God, you’re wonderful. Do I tell you that enough?” 

“No, not nearly.” You smiled. 

“Jesus Christ. Why don’t you just cream your pants now, Steve?” Came Dustin’s voice, with Will, Lucas, Mike, and Max in tow behind him. 

“Fuck off, man.” Steve took a step back. You noticed a slight blush in his cheeks, and it made you smile. 

“Aw, did I hurt your feelings?” Dustin said. “No really, we can all turn around, give you your privacy in this public school hallway-”

“Hey, I’m the one with the car. So clearly you didn’t hurt my feelings, or your ass would be biking home.” Steve griped, grabbing your hand as you all made for the parking lot. 

“Sorry about that again, by the way.” Max said sheepishly. 

“It wasn’t your fault.” Lucas reassured her. 

“Yeah, she can’t help it her stepbrother’s the Antichrist.” Dustin added. 

“Billy Hargrove? What’d he do?” You turned to look at them. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve look at you, and then to the kids. 

“It wasn’t a big thing, really.” Steve said. 

“Basically, he tried to kill us.” Dustin said, ignoring Steve’s pointed looks. 

You stopped on the school’s front steps and turned. “He did what?” 

“Tried to run us over on our way home from school a couple weeks back.” Mike said. 

“I was arguing with him, he was just trying to freak me out.” Max added, rolling her eyes. 

“How-” You stopped, putting your hand on your hip and looking at them. “Exactly how close did he come to killing you?”  

They all glanced at one another. 

“Babe, are you …” Steve began, but you turned on your heel and started down the steps at a fast pace. “Hey, Y/N, where are you going?” 

“Do you still have that tire iron in your trunk?” You asked distractedly. 

“Um … what?” Steve looked at you, bewildered and alarmed. 

You opened his trunk, grabbed the metal instrument, and headed off in a different direction: Billy’s car. 

“Hey. Hey!” Steve called after you, but Dustin grabbed him when he made to go after you. 

Billy sat in the driver’s seat, Carol getting ready to climb in the passenger’s side. He saw you approaching, smiled, and leaned out the window. 

“Bored already, baby-” 

But he hadn’t finish his sentence before you’d lodged the tire iron in his left headlight. The crash attracted the attention of everyone in the nearest vicinity as glass scattered on the pavement.  

“Hey! HEY!” He threw his cigarette out and kicked open the door. 

Billy Hargrove was not a person to be taken lightly, but you only moved closer, stepping up beside the hood of his car. 

“You make a single move, Hargrove, and I will lodge this tire iron in your windshield.” You held it up threateningly. He paused, looking at you in alarm and muted rage. “Where EXACTLY do you get off trying to kill a bunch of kids, huh?” 

“What the fuck are you-”

“Don’t remember that, shitdick?” You raised your weapon higher. 

He glanced at it and then sighed. “Look, Sweetheart, I was just trying to teach my kid sister a lesson, okay? Nothin’ personal.” 

“I don’t give a fuck.” You snarled, leaning forward. “Those kids over there? They’re mine. If I see you so much as take a step in their direction your car will be the least of your problems. I will beat your fucking ass, do you understand me?” 

He watched you for a moment, and then scoffed and shook his head. “Alright, whatever. I get it. Just get the hell off my car.” 

You started to turn and then turned back, putting your hand on his door so he couldn’t shut it. He stopped and looked at you. “And just to be clear, you don’t run this school and neither does Steve. I do.” 

You released his car, turned on your heel, and marched back to the kids, tire iron still hanging from your right hand. Dimly, you heard Billy’s speakers turn up as he tore out of the parking lot. 

“Alright, Y/N!” Mike grinned. 

“Dude, he was so scared!” Max said incredulously. 

“God, Steve, you’re fired. Y/N’s our new Super Mom.” Dustin said. 

You put the tire iron on the hood of Steve’s car and your smile turned sheepish when you finally looked at him. 

“What the hell was that?” He asked, bewildered. 

You shrugged. “He could’ve killed them. We’ve got enough aliens and government conspiracies to deal with without some douche trying to mow them down on the street.”  

“God, I am so hot for you right now.” Steve grabbed your arm and pulled you against him, making you giggle and the kids let out a chorus of hurling noises. “You are the new Wonder Mom, I can’t beat that.” He said.

You pressed a kiss to his lips and grabbed the iron, “We can co-parent. Wonder Dad.” 

Knight in Shining Armor (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Requested by: @cometoceantrenches ( Okie since you take requests, is it okay if you write smth with our boi Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other?? im sorry if its long af, you just write rlly well *ugly cries*)

Summary: While waiting for the Snow Ball to end, Steve and you catch up at a local cafe where they recount the events of the demo-dogs, and then conversation becomes personal.

Word Count: 3013

Warnings: fluffy af and some smooches. Also get’s a bit emotional towards the end. lets also assume he’s always ooc to me

Note: if there is another gif that kills me it’s also this one!  I kind of just a little went overboard and it’s pretty long but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Enjoy!!!

Minor Spoilers of Season 2!!

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

“Do I look okay?” your sister Jen asked for the 100th time from the backseat of your mother’s car. You rolled your eyes, not even bothering to look at her.

“You look great, Jen,” you replied.

“You didn’t even look!” she cried.

For perhaps the third time you spun yourself around to take a look at your sister who was all dolled up and ready for the Snow ball.

“You look beautiful, now stop asking and stop touching your hair,” you slapped her hand away lightly, she flinched and grumbled. You knew she had a crush on one of the boys there, she just wouldn’t tell you who it was. But by how nervous she was, and how she was acting, you knew what was bothering her.

“Hey…whoever this boy you’re crushing over…he’s gonna think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room okay? And he’s going to ask you to dance,” you said, fixing her hair for her. Jen blushed.

“And if he doesn’t?”

You scoffed, “Then he’s a damn idiot, and you’re too good for him,” Jen let out a laugh. Your mother glanced at you two before pulling up in front of the school, behind another car who was dropping off their kid.

Unfortunately for you, your mother had wanted you to stick around the parking lot all night and wait for the Snow ball to end. Also, it was really, really cold out there. But, you didn’t want your mom to worry over Jen all night, so you agreed to stay. You would find something to do, even if that included freezing to death.

Death. Hah. That word honestly didn’t even faze you that much anymore, not after what had occurred in the past month. Images of alien like dog creatures Dustin had called ‘Demo-dogs’ flashed through your mind, especially of the one he called ‘Dart’ who nearly chewed your face off. And then there was that girl with the slicked back hair who everyone seemed to recognize except for you and Steve. Apparently, she had superpowers and helped close the gate and saved the world or something. You honestly didn’t know what to believe, or even do with all this newfound information.

You guessed life would just go on eventually, and somehow you’d manage to live past it.

You stood next to your sister, both of you waving good-bye to your mother, who yelled, “Have a good time and be safe!” before driving off and out of the drop-off zone. Jen sighed, flattening down her light pink dress.

“Are you really going to stay out here all night?” Jen asked as you both walked towards the entrance, you shrugged.

“It’ll be fun- staying out here all by myself in the freezing cold in order to avoid my past middle school teachers trying to catch up with me,” Jen laughed, stopping in front of the entrance and turning to face you.

“Are you sure I look okay, (y/n)?”

You glared slightly at her, pretty sure she’s just taking in the compliments, but you just smiled and held a thumbs up. Jen was about to speak before her eyes caught something behind you. Her cheeks suddenly turned the same color as her dress. You raised a brow, and turned around, seeing who had made her all flustered.

“Dustin?” you asked, the younger boy was surprised to see you here, but not as surprised as you when you saw how much his hair looked super familiar.

“What are you doing here, (y/n)?” he asked, you tore your eyes from his hair and pointed behind you.

“Just dropping off Jen-” but when you turned around, she was gone and already in the gym. You blinked, huffing slightly as you realized that Dustin was the boy she was so keen on. You laughed lightly, thinking that it was the cutest thing ever.

Your mind went back to Dustin’s hairstyle the moment you looked back at him.

“Okay- tell me right now…is Steve your role model or something?” You asked, jokingly. Dustin gave you an annoyed look before you chuckled, “You look great kiddo, now go in there and for the love of god find Jen and ask her to dance,” you winked. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wait- what? really?”

You clicked your tongue before your eyes went to the car Dustin had gotten out of. Your jaw dropped when you instantly recognized it as Steve’s. Dustin noticed your excitement and gave a smug smile.

“He’s staying because he saw you and is hoping you’ll go over there to talk or something,” he said nonchalantly, you side-glanced Dustin, seeing him look at the car and wave. You can just feel Steve’s glare on the kid. You merely laughed it off.

“Don’t you have a ball to attend, kid?” you asked, Dustin cursed softly and walked into the entrance, muttering something about asking Jen to dance, a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your head, crossing your arms against your chest before turning and starting to walk over to Steve’s car.

You leaned down to his open window, a toothy grin and asked, “Is that you Steve? My knight in shining armor?” Steve smiled at the sight of you, and waved your comment off.

“Yeah, the one and only,” he responded, knowing you were referring to when he saved you from losing your face to some demo-dog, “Are you going to head home?”

You shook your head.

“Gotta stay here until it ends and make sure Jen is still alive after or something,” you shrugged, Steve laughed.

“Oh no- that’s not okay,” he said, “As your knight in shining armor, I’m going to save you from freezing to death…” he reached over and opened the car door, his other hand still resting on the wheel. You put your hand over your heart.

“Wow…what a gentlemen,” you commented as you climbed into his car, Steve shrugged, eyes still resting on you. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you, like Dustin had noticed when Steve pulled up and saw you.

“That’s what I am, didn’t you know?”

You just hummed, hugging your arms closer to you. Steve noticed, eying your shivering form before an idea popped in his mind.

“Wanna go get a warm drink or something?” he asked, you tilted your head in thought.

“Warm drink? You mean like coffee?” you asked, a playful glint in your eyes.Steve stared at you for a moment, before realizing how stupid he must sound.

“I said that…” he muttered. You snickered, but nodded.

“Yeah, I could go for a warm drink…” Steve cracked a smile, eyes still lingering on yours before starting his car. When he looked away as he began to drive out of the parking lot, you looked at the side of his face, thinking you saw a shade of pink on his cheeks…but it was too dark.

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I can’t wait to see the Avengers all pointing weapons at Loki while Thor tries to talk them down.

Steve (Rogers): “I say we give him a chance.”

Clint & Nat: “Uhh, no.”

Bucky: “Is someone gonna tell me who this guy is?”

Tony: “He’s you but worse.”

Bucky and Sam, in unison: “Damn.

Steven (Strange): “I’ve met this guy before. He’s a pushover.”

T’Challa, walking out because they don’t have time for this: “Let him fight. If he betrays us, he can die.”

Scott: “Can we at least get some food before we kill anybody?”

Peter: “I know a good hot dog stand around here…”

the insistence to characterise aph norway as a violent sociopath is so bizarre because he’s so considerate. he makes sure everyone throws a party for his little brother, who was planning on spending it alone. he refuses to have any kind of grandeur — or even just a warmer house during a cold winter — because he knows denmark is struggling for money. when denmark seems to have become health-conscious, he decides not to offer him any cake so as not to ruin his efforts — but doesn’t refuse him one when he asks.

sure, he’s pretty quiet, and has a touch of arrogance, but taking the occasional overblown anime reaction and translating that into normalised violence and making him an abusive boyfriend and brother is just pretty wrong.

self-control (part 1) - steve harrington

Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some light cursing.

Summary: You’re in charge of homecoming but you don’t have a date.

A/N: OK, honestly I’m so proud of this you guys. It was like ten pages on a google docs. I hope you like it. I know a lot of people want a part 2 to twist of fate, and that will most likely happen pretty soon! But I want to do this as a series as well so we’ll see. Anyway, hope you all like it. I love the feedback, by the way, so tell me what you think!

Gif is not mine, belongs to the owner.

Originally posted by nwetss

The sound of the phone ringing woke you up. Startled, you ran a hand through your hair and looked around before registering where you were. Home. In bed. Things were normal again, right?

Wrong. It was two a.m and the phone was ringing. Why did your parents agree to get you your own line? You quickly flicked on your bedside lamp and then picked up the receiver. “Hello?” You mumbled barely coherently, slowly sitting up in bed.

“Y/N?” It was Steve. You could tell by the way he pronounced your name. Just slightly different than everyone else did. Like it had more meaning coming from his mouth.

You let out a long yawn. “Yeah, Steve. It’s me. What’s going on? Why are you calling me at-“ you glanced over at the clock on your night stand. “Two thirteen in the morning?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep at all,” he said, and you could hear the tiredness in his voice, all groggy and deeper than usual. “Let me apologize. Let me make it up to you. I fucked up, okay-“

“Fucked up is putting it lightly,” you cut him off, your words sharp like daggers. “I don’t want to talk to you about it. Especially not now.”

Steve sighed on the other line. You could almost picture him running a hand through his hair. You hated that you knew him that well. “Go to sleep, Harrington,” You said, and didn’t wait for a response before hanging up the phone.

You tried to go back to sleep but your mind kept drifting back to a few days ago, when everything starting going to shit.

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anonymous asked:

Can you practice Hoodoo if you’re white? I have a very tiny history of black in my ancestry so I’m obviously not considering myself black, in native and white. But I’ve seen a lot of white Hoodoo practitioners and not so many voodoo or Vodoun (for obvious reasons). Since hoodoo is a practice and not a religion, is it closed off for only black people?

This is a question I get all the time and I’ve always been hesitant to answer. However, I think it’s time I do so. I guess I don’t understand why if you truly understood hoodoo, you’d want to practice it.

Hoodoo was created out of slavery, in attempt to protect and preserve ourselves. It is a blend of African magic and traditions, and Christianity because it was forced on us by our oppressors. A lot of true hoodoo is what the west (i.e. Wicca, high magick) would say is “dark” spells. Goofer dust, jack balls, hot foot powder were used against enemies yes, but that largely included white people.

If you do your research and you know what to look for several slave accounts and memoirs talk about “working the root” on their masters or some will talk about the “poisoning” of their masters, or finding a packet of sticks and herbs and people falling ill, some even dying.

The ingredients we use in hoodoo are practical because they HAD to be versatile. One did not buy honey for a jar, they just had it on hand. That’s why so much of hoodoo is dirt, herbs, sticks, and kitchen supplies like sugar and honey. It’s baffling to me why you’d be interested in a practice that was born out of protecting ourselves against the brutality of racism and colonialism. ESPECIALLY when there are so many European traditions that are folk too. That also use dirt. That also use bones and household goods. So why hoodoo? Why practice something born out of black resistance? Why call on a tradition and spirits colonialism tried its best to beat out of us?

Anyway this is the last time I’ll answer this question because I feel like it’s self explanatory. I can’t stop you from practicing no matter what your skin color is and I don’t wish to. However if you’re non black I invite you to truly ask yourself why you’re so interested in hoodoo specifically vs other non black traditions that probably use very similar things and approaches. I write all kind of spells, not just hoodoo, and invite anyone and everyone to use them. Folk magick is not exclusively hoodoo so there are plenty of other spells on my blog and tips that can be used (:

why are hot chocolate instructions always such filthy liars

“one packet” “one tablespoon” “two wedges”

BITCH we both know you’re lying, it is going to take at least twice that to make this into the decadent chocolate-drinking experience i deserve