we are horrible owners


This lil sweetheart got her mouth cleaned and one of her teeth pulled because she had an infection we are horrible cat owners but look at her lil baby

Idk how to feel about this “don’t support Kat Von d” thing because on the one hand yeah I don’t want to promote an anti Semite or give my money to them but also like, finding out about this collab with Billie joe really made me so fucking happy and now it’s kinda ruined because I feel bad about wanting to buy it? Like it’s just an eyeliner, why can’t we just enjoy things without digging up problematic shit people have done? Literally everyone has said and done horrible things, if we were to boycott every business owner who has said or done something problematic you just wouldn’t be able to buy anything ever. I personally am going to buy the eyeliner because I love Kats makeup and I love Green Day and this fkn eyeliner made me happy, but this doesn’t make me a bad person. I can be aware and acknowledge the shitty things people have done but still choose to enjoy their shit and that’s okay

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Oh, can we have an update about Freya, please?

Eeeeee, you absolutely can! :D Any excuse to talk about my lovely girl!!

For those of you who don’t know: after long years of waiting, Mr. Darling and I finally adopted a cat from our local shelter. Her name is Freya, she’s a polydactyl (more toes than usual!) domestic shorthair, and we have fallen completely head-over-heels in love with her.

Freya has been settling in INCREDIBLY well; especially at the beginning we were shocked at how quickly she’s become accustomed to living with us! She is the sweetest, snuggliest little darling and neither of us can understand how anyone could bring themselves to give her away. She is a truly gentle sweetheart who loves having her belly rubbed, getting chin scritches, and sleeps snuggled up with us in bed.

She gets vocal if she doesn’t get the snuggles and attention she wants, but she actually does that much less than she did in the first we she spent with us. (I think she was afraid we were going to abandon her.) 

We’ve also been teaching her how to play, which has been fun and absolutely adorable! I don’t think her old owners played with her at all, because she genuinely had no idea what we were trying to get her to do at first!! But she’s been a quick learner, and it’s been so much fun to help her figure out how to have fun. 

Freya’s already a hugely important part of our family, and we’re so happy to be able to provide a happy home for her!!

We didnt really talk about it in the podcast cause I keep forgetting to bring it up but we got asked “why are Volkswagen/euro kids owners so horrible?”

Quick answer: cause most of them are shitty people.

Long answer: its tiring. Its so damn tiring seeing anything remotely bad happening car scene wise and then seeing it being directly related to VW / eurocentric car owners. You guys ruin everything you touch. Sowo, h20i and the list can undoubtedly go on but I dont keep up with your scene. You isolate yourselves in all car events sectioning yourself off like you have something to prove whilst drinking your Pabst blue ribbon beer and shitty blue moon (I’ll get heat for that one but I hate hoppy beer and that’s just known lol) with your cut off jeans and key hooks hanging off your right outmost belt loop. Your gross “I skate but dont actually skate” worn out vans lows that are 3 seasons behind and those gross unkept beards that say “I buy bacon toothpaste cause I’m a man and I hit girls while I drink Jack Daniels straight cause I have all the negative traits of being raised by my father who was bullied himself in highschool and now passes on those traits to me” all while maintaining the ego of you think you’re better than everyone else. Am I saying all of you guys are bad? Nah I’m good friends with a few kind hearted VW/BMW and really any German car owners and they hate what the american Volkswagen scene is like. They want no part in it. Am I saying this because I hate these cars? Nah of course not I love German cars, my family grew up around them , I love Porsches and etc but lord the scene is bad.

You can cry and you can moan but 9/10 times you’re probably mad cause I described you. Listen if a license plate “R U 18 yet” is in mass production on a fake German license plate maybe you should sit down and take a minute to think “do I want to be apart of this scene ? Is this what I want to represent”

TLDR; euro kids need to relax and be less white

Since things have been heated I want to show you guys something.
This happened yesterday, and this was completely my fault, and I’m lucky it didn’t end worse than it did.
And as a disclaimer, I know I shouldn’t have hissed, but if I hadn’t, Lotta would not have scooted out of the room and into safety since Gugga will not let up after the moment is over and will continue trying to attack (hence the “A!” when she gets off the chair. She does not warning strike, just attacks.)

I was recording, and was not looking at Gugga.
I missed seriously obvious signs of her being uncomfortable. 
She has whale eye, ears are back, she is stiff, she is licking her lips.
But because I am unfamiliar with her body language, because she is so much more different from Lotta in every day life, I didn’t notice.

And I missed it, and it almost ended in my dog being bit in the face and injured.
I am showing you this, for several reasons.
So for those who do not recognize these signs, can now do so. 
For those who think messing up makes them a horrible owner, you’re not, I promise we all fuck up at times.
For those, who sit there judging other people for their mistakes, knowing very well that they themselves have made mistakes, to realize that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you don’t make them repeatedly. 
I am being the bigger person here by admitting my mistakes and using them to educate others instead of sitting here on my high horse pretending I’m perfect.

Understanding dog behaviors can be hard, especially for those not educated, and we can not expect people to just “know” and bash them instead of educating them. You were not born with the information you hold today. 
Someone else taught you, whether it be a vet, an article or a friend. 
It’s fine to be harsh if the person is obviously not taking you seriously, but give people a chance to learn, and you are more likely to succeed in helping them.