we are his peasants

Dating Minghao would include:

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Xu Minghao

-what a baby

-but he’s your baby

-loves to do totally age-inappropriate things with you (like sneak out of the Pledis dorm at 3 am just to meet you at a local playground and run around with you until dawn)

-((what no that never happened))

-teaching you Chinese

-then getting pissed off when you can’t form a coherent sentence



-lets you pick all of his hair colors 

-for some reason he just loves to listen to your reason behind picking the color

-“I just really like the red because you’re starting to mature and take on a more serious role in the group and… why are you looking at me like that”

-and he’s just sitting across the table like

- :^))))

-attack back hugs

-he loves to snuggle up to you at any given moment because you’re his walking pillow

-therefore, he’s VERY big on skinship

-you don’t know why, but he always thought you were out of his league

-so he likes to make sure everyone sees his arm around you or his hand in yours

-dance parties in your living room at all hours of the day

-sometimes you start a competition, but then he pulls out those fricky fricky fresh b-boy moves (because Minghao is an over-competitive lil shit)

-and you’re just like

-“ok cool bye”

-and he goes running after you and tackles you to the with one of those back hugs and attacks you with lil kisses

-“jagiiiiiii I’m sorry I loooove youuuuu”


-and you two just lay there giggling in each other’s arms until

-“…..I did technically win though didn’t I”


-surprisingly rough with kisses????

-idk why

-like they’re never just chill lil pecks on the lips

-it’s always i n t e n s e

-like push-you-up-against-the-nearest-wall intense

-even when it’s a simple goodbye right before he leaves for practice

-he’ll grab you and swing you around all of a sudden and just crash his lips into yours

-“okay bye love you”

-“um uhhhh o-okay yeah right back at ya hahaha”

-and after the door shuts you’re just like

-“frick he’s good at that”


-even right in front of him

-“Hey guys do you like this shirt I-”



-“I hate you both”

-taking you out is his number one favorite thing to do

-like he prepares weeks in advance

-he even buys you new dresses to wear so that “we can match, jagi!!”

-you must admit, he picks them well

-you guys are always the hottest couple in the place, doesn’t matter if you’re at the fanciest place in town or a KFC

-but he would NEVER allow a date in KFC

-no no only the finest for his woman

-he especially loves taking you to high dollar Chinese restaurants so you can “stop pretending Panda Express is Chinese food”

-the kind of man to hold your hand across the table and dab your mouth with a napkin while he looks at you all sweetly

-but then y'all get home and it’s


-jk but for real, nights spent with him are incredible

-really slow and sweet, just wants to take care of you

-and then you two watch the sun come up through the windows as you lay your head on his chest and listen to his breathing

-and he’s just softly running his fingers through your hair

-and really quietly, he’ll remind you that you’re the light of his life

-and you just look up at him and smile as he caresses your cheek

-so yeah Minghao would be so perfect you could never understand why he chose you

-yet he thinks the same about you

-you just live in awe of each other every day and it’s as close to euphoric as you’ve ever been

Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), March

The snow has melted and the peasants go about preparing the soil for the spring planting. In the background we can see the Château de Lusignan (in the Department of Vienne) on a hill top dominating the farmland about.

On the slopes below the castle we can see various peasant activities: a shepherd and his dog looking after a flock of sheep; three peasants pruning the vines; a vineyard which has already been prepared for the spring growing season; a peasant sifting a bag of seed corn; a peasant ploughing a field with two oxen.

Given its prominent place in the picture and the extraordinary detail with which it is painted, the Limburg brothers were keen to show how important agriculture was to the peasant economy and how dependent upon it for their upkeep were the castles of the aristocracy.

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Oh, shut up, Karin has been with Sasuke longer than Sakura or Sarada lmaoooo.. All Sakura & Sarada see is an empty void in which Sasuke doesn't feel like feeling in. Karin is his friend stop being a jealous peasant hoe, we totally know you SS hate seeing Sasuke with anyone that isn't Sakura yet he doesn't care for that THOT. Sasuke leaves she doesn't get that god shit from him. Deal with reality lmao, not even a fan would write something so bad for SS lmao, Kishi screw you bitches.

VIXX! Father Series: Han Sanghyuk

Author’s Note: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Here’s our favorite devil maknae

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Hyuk yawned as he entered his house and heard the clanking of dishes in the kitchen. He grinned as he made his way to you quietly.

“If you think you’re going to scare me, you should’ve shut the door softer.” You spoke, knowing your husband’s tactics by now.

“Oh I’m tired.” He moaned as he leaned his body on yours lazily, until his whole weight was on you.

“SANGHYUK! THE BABY!” You called out, trying to shove him away.

“Oh right. Good thing I didn’t tell you you looked like you gained a few pounds this morning.” He laughed teasingly as he rubbed your stomach.

You glared at him. “Well, since you’re home. Come here and help me with the dishes.”

“Soap or wash?”

“You soap. I’ll wash.” You stated but was met with his blank stare. Sighing, you shook your head. “Fine you wash. I soap.”

“Nah, I’ll soap.” He grinned as he hip bumped you over, and grabbed the sponge.

You rolled your eyes and began washing the plates that you had already scrubbed clean.

After a minute or two of silence, Hyuk called, “Wife.”

But you were thinking about what you needed to do tomorrow and didn’t hear him.

“Mother of my child.” He stated more firmly.

You turned and your face was met with a foamy palm. Your husband cackled at how gullible you were. During his laughter, you grabbed the sponge and scrubbed his cheek in retaliation. You both giggled at each other.

“Done.” He washed his hands and sat down at the table. “Gosh you’re so slow.”

You sassed, “I had to wait for you and your soapy plates, your highness.”

“Excuses, peasant. Finish quickly so we can retire.” He changed his voice to fit the character.

“I have fulfilled my duty.” You dried your hands, grinning.

“Awesome.” He cheekily smirked as he walked up to you and scooped you up easily. “Let us go Sanghyuk Jr. And my wife.”

“We are not naming our child Sanghyuk Jr.” You protested as you wrapped your arms around his neck while he carried you to your bedroom.

“The name exudes overwhelming strength and power. Why not?” He light heartedly bantered.

“What if its a girl?”

“Sang HyAk then.” He grinned as you smacked his chest.

He gently laid you down on the bed and plopped down face first dramatically. You smacked his butt.

“Get changed.”

“Hai.” He deepened his voice sassily as he got up.

You sat up and opened the latest novel you were reading as he scampered around the room to find comfortable sweats to wear to sleep. Finally, the bed dipped beside you and he pushed your torso forward so he could slip an arm around you. You smiled,

 "Do you want a son or a daughter?“ You shift over so his arms were completely around you as he opened up his latest manga book.

           "It doesn’t matter. I’m sending them over to the Leaf Village either way.”

           You looked at him disapprovingly.

           "Our child is going to be Hokage.“ he whispered as if it was some big secret.

           You rolled your eyes. “How about the Pirate King instead?”

           He smiled and kissed your cheek. “That’s Ken-hyung’s child.”

           "Let’s be real, our child would totally win. With my brains and your brawn.“ You chuckled.

           "How about sending them to Hogwarts?” Hyuk grinned.

           "But you’re a MUGGLE.“ You gasped teasingly.

           "Are you discriminating against Mudbloods?”

           You laughed and pecked his cheek. “I guess Hokage it is.”

           You turned off your bedside lamp and slipped underneath the covers, exhaustion taking over your body. He grinned and followed suit, putting his book down on his table. You had your eyes closed and were teetering into slumber when you felt his strong arms surround your body warmly. Welcomingly, you moved back to fill the gap between your bodies so that his chest was flush against your back. You were close to entering REM when you felt his teeth playfully sink into your shoulder repeatedly.

           "Turn into a Titan. Turn into a Titan. Rahh.“ he teased.

           You groaned. “I swear Sanghyuk, if you don’t go to sleep I’ll Super Saiyan you.”

           He giggled and kissed the spot on your shoulder where he had left his teeth marks gently. Then he wriggled you tighter in his embrace and intertwined his fingers into yours. He moved his head on top of yours so his mouth was near your ear and whispered,

           "How about become the leader of the Akatsuki?“

           You grumbled and pinched his arm in the exact spot you knew was his weakness, causing him to wince. 

            He giggled and squeezed you. “You know you love me.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Go to sleep father of my Hokage child.”

           “Yes, my lovable Muggle wife ~”

**references made are from anime Naruto (Hokage & Leader of Akatsuki), One Piece (Pirate King), and Dragon Ball (Super Saiyan) as well as Harry Potter (Hogwarts & Muggles) **

General George S. Patton’s grave, located at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial. 

Luxembourg served as the headquarters of Patton’s Third Army, and many of the Third Army’s casualties are buried there. General Patton, on his deathbed, requested to “be buried with my men." 

There is general disagreement as to where war dead should be interred - in their home nation, or in the place where they fought and died. Patton certainly preferred the latter, and even wrote a poem about the subject:


Dickey, we’ve trained and fit and died,

Yes, drilled and drunk and bled,

And shared our chuck and bunks in life.

Why part us now we’re dead?

Would I rot so nice away from you,

Who has been my pal for a year?

Will Gabriel’s trumpet waken me,

If you ain’t there to hear?

Will a parcel of bones in a wooden box

Remind my Ma of me?

Or isn’t it better for her to think

Of the kid I used to be?

It’s true some preacher will get much class

A tellin’ what guys we’ve been,

So, the fact that we’re not sleeping with pals,

Won’t cut no ice for him.

They’ll yell, "Hurrah!" 

And every spring they’ll decorate our tomb,

But we’ll be absent at the spot

We sought, and found, our doom.

The flags and flowers won’t bother us,

Our free souls will be far –

Holdin’ the line in sunny France

Where we died to win the war.

Fact is, we need no flowers and flags

For each peasant will tell his son,

"Them graves on the hill is the graves of

Yanks, Who died to lick the Hun.”

And instead of comin’ every spring

To squeeze a languid tear,

A friendly people’s loving care

Will guard us all the year.

Exo reaction to baekhyun

Chanyeol: Hey Kris…have you noticed anything weird?

Kris:Um it depends what do you mean by weird?

Chanyeol:Well not normal or you know unsual

Kris:Oh you mean Luhan

Luhan:*glaring at baekhyun*

Chanyeol: No he does that all the time

Kris: Then what?

Chanyeol:I’m talking about baekhyun!!

Kris:*looks at baekhyun*

Baekhyun:*hugging xiumin*

Kris:Um whats so weird about that?

Chanyeol:Damn it Kris! I thought you were smarter than that! You know what dismiss 

Kris:Good I didn’t want to be here anyways

Luhan:Hey kris where are you going?

Kris: To the galaxy where I plan to stay and never come back to you idiots



Luhan:so you’ll be back for dinner right

Kris:Shut up

Luhan:So chanyeol why do you have such a sad look on your face?

Chanyeol: What I’m not sad ….i’m just slightly upset thats all

Luhan: Yeah because its completely fine for your hoe to flirt with my man

Chanyeol: well…..

Luhan:Look you really think thats cute

Chanyeol:*looks at baekhyun*

Baekhyun:aww xiumin you’re so big and strong…I like strong men

Xiumin:Baekhyun….please get away from me!

Baekhyun:So how do you feel about mermaids?

Xiumin:I hate you so much

Chanyeol: Well I guess you right..

Luhan:you really want to get your bootycall back then make him jealous

Chanyeol:But how?

Kai:*walks in the room*

Luhan:well didn’t you have a thing for Kai?

Chanyeol:shhh he might hear you

Luhan:Well maybe its time for you to become a hoe….flirt with kai to get your hoe back…simple as that

Chanyeol: But I don’t know how to-

Luhan:Just wing it…..

Chanyeol:You’re right get your shit together chanyeol..its time to be a man! Kai!

Kai:Yes chanyeol?


Kai: Are you okay?

Chanyeol: I-well I was- Do you- I suck my thumb!

Kai:Okay….i’m just going to leave now bye

Sehun: And here we have a peasant in his natural habitat

Chanyeol: Sehun what do you think you’re doing?

Sehun: Making a documentary on the life of the average peasant…Tao are you recording this?

Tao: Yeah babe I got it

Chanyeol: Why are you doing this?

Sehun: Well I needed to do a project to help raise awareness for a deadly disease

Chanyeol: And what is that disease?

Sehun: Peasantitis…its deadly

Chanyeol:That isn’t even a real disease you dumbass

Sehun: Well its not our fault that Kai doesn’t want your thirsty ass!

Chanyeol:You know what screw you and your perfect butt

Sehun: Hey….thanks

Chanyeol:*grabs camera*

Tao:Hey don’t touch that!

Sehun: Yeah your spreading your filth

Chanyeol: Wanna know a secret sehun uses steriod shots to get his butt so big!

Sehun: filthy peasant! Hey look over there

Tao:*looks at kyungsoo*

Kyungsoo:Chanyeol is trying to steal my man…oh no oh hell no

Tao: Dude that is just messed up

Sehun: Shh don’t let that filthy peasant hear you!

Tao:Man its like he’s possessed or something

Sehun: Don’t do drugs kids

Kyungsoo:*having mental breakdown*

Sehun: Oh shit he caught us!


By the way gifs are not mine credits go to their owners. I’ll be taking requests :)

Verryfinny x Ignis Scientia at a cafe

Check out this BEAUTIFUL art commission fulfilled by @niuniente​! Can you see the chemistry Ignis and I have together? See it? SEE IT?! …see how he looks so done with me. Isn’t it just so perfect?

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@faithserum :  the other day i logged into a blog i’ve been neglecting to see that he had followed me  and i logged out immediately lol

i do not blame you one bit, he’s trying rly hard to worm his way back in and i don’t understand at all why he thinks it’s gonna work

@bird-dove-wolf : He makes me want to leave tbh. I’m just so..tired

he doesn’t deserve to take something away from any of us so i hope you nor anybody else does leave because of him, but eurgh s a m e 

@handofhonor :  but…. i don’t understand roleplayer.me, why would i go there??

AHAHA i know right?! come on everyone, the 99% of us are through, it’s time for us to all move because Mr Powerful Scary Fake-Euron Man owns this land and we are mere peasants beneath his almighty iron fist

@thelittleqveen : ’ i owe you nothing ’ he says. he owes us the safety of being here without feeling like he’s going to post things none of us are comfortable with, without remembering experiences that are still triggering to our well being.

lmfaooo exactly?? this is exactly it?? the point i tried to make but it went in one ear and out the other. he doesn’t even WANT to consider it! he’s too busy weltering in his pity party because his need to feel powerful through fictional characters is above the very real and very traumatic experiences of real people

@sadisticwiitch :  IM HOLLERING

I’VE GONE FROM LIKE,, cry-laughing to being enraged fifty times in the past hour 

Fumbled Beginnings

Happy Valentines Day, @baellamyblake!

AN: All characters belong to The 100.

Summary: Clarke tries to avoid Finn, and runs into Bellamy.

Clarke was going to kill Octavia. Literally. Octavia would not be alive come tomorrow morning, because sheโ€™d promised Finn wouldnโ€™t be here and now whoopdy fucking doo look who had just walked through the door.

Clarke was going to kill Octavia.

Sheโ€™d only agreed to come to this party because Octavia had pulled the puppy dog-face, and unfortunately for Clarke, that face was irresistible. Octavia had also promised that it would be a super low-key party and not the huge rager they had found themselves at, which is why Finn wasnโ€™t supposed to have been there.

So that was how Clarke found herself standing in a swarm of drunken bodies, wearing a short blue dress that made her eyes look super blue and showed off her awesome boobs.

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Starter for ms-glaistig because witch!Jessie isn’t enough…we needed a dancing goat fairy ;p

Jack firmly believed his little peasant mare Nell was the best outlaw horse in all of Manhattan, and probably everywhere else.  But even he recognized that the intelligence and curiosity which made her such a dependable mount also tended to get her in trouble—like that morning, when he and the boys had found their corral gate unlatched, horse toothmarks plain in the wood around it, and their horses scattered everywhere from the clearing all the way to the East River.

By afternoon most of them had been found, but Nell hadn’t, and Jack knew if the mare was exploring, she wouldn’t come back until she got good and ready.  So he was probably ten miles north of the clearing, all of it walked on foot, following tracks that faded in and out with the terrain, and wishing he’d thought to drag Skittery with him.

“Nell!” he shouted into the trees, for the hundredth time.  She’d come if he called, but only if she could hear him.  “C’mere, pretty girl!”  And then, a few minutes later, “Hey, c’mere, ya bum!”