we are her fathers now


This scene man. I have a lot to say about this scene but also Im at such a loss for words.

For those of you who haven’t read the manga these lines were added in.

And personally I found it added so much more to both her character and death.

We knew NOTHING about Nanaba’s past other than she was one of the few remaining veterans alive from before the fall of the walls. Erwin, Mike, Hanji, Nanaba, and Levi were the only veterans from the survey corps everyone else came in later on after the fall.

Thats literally all we knew.

Aside from the fact that she looked up to Mike but really who wouldn’t? He was humanity’s strongest soldier until Levi came around. He was also her squad leader. Who wouldn’t look up to a man like that?

But this. Fuckin’. Scene. Right. Here.

It gave us insight into her past. Granted its only canon in the anime but thats perfectly fine with me and probably a lot of you too for once. (Since normally most manga readers aren’t fond of changes in the story)

Because now we know more about an amazing soldier.

Her father obviously heavily abused her if while being /ripped apart/ by /titans/ she saw him doing it instead. Its pretty obvious she was hallucinating. Possibly from blood loss. I mean she did have her leg torn off. Also maybe from the amount of sheer pain she was going through. Just like Mike, Nanaba was ripped into pieces by a bunch of smaller titans. An agonizing death for sure.

And think, her father abused her so heavily yet she still went and became one of the stronger soldiers in the Survey Corps (Well I always assumed she was since shes one of the only survivors from before the fall)

Look how many titans she took out on her own alone. Both her and our boy Gelgar took out even more together. They didn’t even keep count.

Survey Corps soldiers take pride in how many titans theyve killed because it shows how skilled they are. But these guys weren’t worried about their skill at the time being. They were worriedabout saving a bunch of defenseless kids. Sure they’re all trained soldiers but currently they had no weapons or gear aside from a single knife.

They weren’t looking for fame. They even admitted from the beginning they thought they were going to die. For a moment there was hope they wouldn’t but they quickly lost it once more titans attacked and they lost two of the four capable soldiers.

Could we all be surprised and Lotor winds up being enamoured with Pidge?

A lot of people are assuming that Lotor is going to either beeline romantically for either Allura (no surprise due to the history of the series), Keith (Rival turned Romance and Keith helped him) or Lance (due to issues and people want angst). But what if that’s way off the mark? What if the one that Lotor winds up wanting to capture and becomes obsessed with, is none other then Pidge. 

Okay here me out here. We know that Katie is desperately looking for her brother and father, and now with Shiro missing that one small glimmer of hope connecting them to her has vanished with him. Shiro was one of the few that really knew just how much Matt means to Katie and the connection that they shared. It’s why he keeps encouraging her through out the story. Katie hides a lot of her own issues under the guise of logic and helping out the others, and while Keith and Lance and even Hunk struggle with their own issues (betting anything we’ll get more on Hunk’s in season three and four), they don’t always notice Katie’s problems. 

Enter Lotor, who has family issues as well. His father may or may not love him, he may or may not have been trapped inside the belly of a beast (probably trying to get the same things that Keith and Hunk were after) and there’s also the fact that his coloring is very much like the original Lotor’s indicating that he’s probably half Altean. 

So here we have Katie who has not only just got some info on her brother she may have to pause the search for him in order to find Shiro. Now given that we know her brother was rescued by the rebels this means that she’s going to want to go after the rebels to get to her brother. 

Now here’s the cool thing to note about Lotor, he is the sort of person that would be willing to work with Katie to find Matt. If Lotor keeps parts of his old personality from both Go Lion, original Voltron and Voltron Force, then he’ll probably see the easy target in Pidge over say Lance or Keith. Again keep in mind that Pidge is willing to do just about anything to find her brother and she nearly caused Lance and Shiro to get caught because of her looking up info while she should have been paying attention. Now Lance is easy to manipulate, but Pidge, oh Pidge would be far easier to work with. For Lotor it’s not about who’s easy to play with, it’s who is going to benefit him the most, and while Lance certainly could become a useful pawn in all of this…it’s Pidge that has the most knowledge to gain from. 

Katie is a genius, this much has been shown. Not only did she manage to help Coran fix the ship, but she’s also invented things that actually benefit the Lion’s as a whole. She’s able to figure out the tech of the Galra and probably could reverse engineer some of the items that they built and vice versa as she’s built things to protect and help the Lions. It’s an easy thing to see Lotor seeing her as one of the link pins to the whole team. 

Let’s take a quick look at something short here. When the Stranger takes the bag of  scaultrite he knows what he’s taking there. This to me at least indicates that Lotor is probably going to be more science minded then his past incarnations. Someone who will be more tech savvy then just a fighter and a flirt. This would put Pidge right up his alley, someone who can help him build things. Lotor is also good at playing up being a decent person. It’s not too hard to picture him seeing Katie’s weak spot and going for it. 

So where would that leave us in that case. Let’s for a moment hypothesise a possibility for season 3. Katie now has info on her  brother and wants to go looking for him but the team is more determined to find Shiro. Something she wants to too, but Keith, still getting used to the leader role, makes the mistake of acting like finding Matt is less of a priority to him (not totally true as Keith has shown to care a lot for Pidge) and upsets her. Right now they have Lotor captured for some reason (either he’s playing a trap or they caught him or something of the like) and she goes to check on the cell holding him. During this time he puts into her head the idea that he can help her find her brother if she lets him out. 

Of course Pidge refuses to, at first, leading up to a situation where she decides, against better judgement, to take Lotor with her to find Matt. He claims to really be with the rebels and offers a hand to her. The two have a bit of an adventure as they try to track down the rebels to get to matt. During this time it’s pretty easy to see a more tech savvy Lotor getting interested in Pidge as a whole and seeing Katie as someone that could be a good person to have on his side. Eventually they make it to the “rebel” location and Lotor turns on her saying that he respects her and wants her to join his group. Thankfully the teams followed them and they fight him off, Lotor getting away but now interested in Pidge as a possible future partner in all this. 

it’s a reasonable option seeing that he may find her attractive as well, and I wouldn’t put it past this team for subverting things by having him go for the one character that probably wouldn’t seem as attractive to someone as “Pretty” as Lotor. Losing her to the team, someone who he thinks he bonded with, would be something that would make him obsessed with her, more so then the others. That’s why I’m thinking that we may see that in this series over say Lance or Keith. 

Edit: Noticed I’m getting one or two comments about the age factor on this so a few things of note that is important about this post. 

1. Yes, Katie is a teenager between early teens (14/15) to Mid teens (16/17), and the likely hood is that she’s the same age as Allura in the original Voltron (16 years old) due to the fact that the Garrison would not allow anyone under the age of 15 to run the simulation, since they would not have learned enough by the age of 14 to fly. So I’m assuming that she’s about 16 years old as of this time. 

2. We do not know the age of Prince Lotor at all. Given the situation right now regarding his father (who I want to actually write a post about how the Galra Emperor has lived so long) and Haggar’s reaction to things I would think that Lotor is a newer development. Allura doesn’t mention him at all when the series started, and that at least indicates that he was born at a later point in time. Now given the history of Lotor (or at least the original Sincline -more on him in another post) we can assume that if his history stays roughly the same this would mean that he would be about the same age as Keith (16 to 17, 18 at the oldest) which would then put the whole issue of age as moot since he’s a teenager along with Pidge. 

3. And most important, this post wasn’t to be taken seriously. With all the shipping wars going on and the sudden infusion of fans jumping on a bandwagon that doesn’t yet exist (Lotor x anyone) I just figured it would be amusing to put out the most outrageous ship I could think of as a humorous thing within the context of the series, since Pidge only seems to be interested in tech and geeking out over science. 

So there you have it. Hope this clears some things up for people reading this post. 

Edit two: The more I think about it, Lotor was at the destroyed home of the Galra (if my theory is right on that) and he needed the same stuff as Keith and Hunk to make lenses for something, meaning that he probably is scientific minded like Haggar. Meaning that, yeah they could easily get along if they end up allies. :)

An analysis on Prince Adam

The marriage between Adam’s parents has never been a particularly happy one. His father is greedy and selfish and payed little to no attention to his wife and child. The marriage is an arranged one, not made for happiness. Adam’s mother is fierce and loves her son into oblivion. Whenever The Prince gets angry (he has a horrible temper) she nurtures her son who always gets scared when his father yells at him. To make him feel better she holds lavish dinners and balls to distract him from his father’s anger. Adam, of course, also has the servants who help The Princess in raising the boy as his friends. He considers them family. But when his mother dies from a long sickness he loses his whole life. His father, now having more control of his heir, keeps him at his side at all times, trying to make him into the son he wants. God forbid he disappoints him. When he returns from lessons or simply spending time with his father with a new bruise forming his friends bow their heads in shame and say nothing. The Prince feels betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be his protectors, his family, his only friends. His father’s words start to get to him. He’s useless, too soft to rule, too forgiving. He’ll never be enough. From this stems his distaste for other people than himself. He’s learnt the lesson the hard way. No one will ever love you but yourself. For years no one touches him but his father, and those moments are when he is terrified. Simply a brush or look makes him crawl inside his walls and hide in fear.

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I’ve been doodling Breath of the Wild stuff a lot recently- 

Also, in case you can’t read or understand what’s happening in the images: 

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aporeticelenchus  asked:

Alternately, headcanon about Cosette in the convent?

I come here, a week later, looking at the work I have to do and… not doing it. 

  • Cosette, I think, is a bit frightened at first by all the girls in the convent. Not that any of them are particularly mean, or anything, but they’re good and cheerful and well-dressed, and Cosette is a bit too shy, or a bit too wild, perhaps, to go play with them - waiting for a trick, or a mocking laugh, or someone to tell her she doesn’t get to play with other well-dressed little girls. After all, eight year old Cosette would still remember Éponine and Azelma, and everybody judging her (or downright beating her) for trying to play like them. She does get comfortable, eventually! And faster than expected. But I still think she ends up feeling more comfortable with younger girls than her. 
  • As it is, Cosette IS the wild girl of the convent; she has a reputation. For starters, she spends most of her free time with the two old gardeners. Like, sure, she says they’re her family, but still! She’s the one who runs towards the sound of the bell instead of away from it when it can be heard! Also, once, there was a snake, and rumors says Miss Cosette Fauchevelent stayed and played with the snake. Another time, several pupils affirm she climbed in a tree to retrieve the ball younger girls were playing with. She’s also oddly strong; she can carry very heavy weight and help the sisters with the food that comes outside of the convent. 
  • Once, a girl decided she did not like Cosette; but when she tried to provoke her, Cosette visibly shrink, and paled, and went all quiet. Other girls from her dormitory, who sometimes woke during the night and heard Cosette having nightmares, all band together to defend Cosette. Cosette cries a little and thank all of them - she doesn’t know why she was so scared, she’ll say later, but she feels so happy she had friends to help. Later on, she sees the girl who provoked her, all alone because the other girls shut her down; she takes a deep breath, and then she goes to sit with her, and offer her an apple. They never become friends, but they do get along okay after that. 
  • Fauchelvent and her had a real uncle/niece relationship that develops over the course of the years. While Valjean is a very strong moral parent, that tries to teach her to be as good as possible (which, coincidentally, goes extremely well with the sisters’s education), Fauchelevent is the one who gently reprimands her when he finds her with the snake and then help her ‘finding it a good home we won’t tell your father will we now’, or winks at her and gives her a candy from times to times, etc. Cosette cries a lot when he dies. 
  • I think Cosette never think of becoming a nun. She might think she’ll stay in the convent for all her life - but not in a ‘i’ll be a nun’ way, more like ‘i’ll be with my dad and my uncle and my friends forever and ever here’. However, after Fauchelevent’s death, she is sort of glad, and maybe a bit excited, at the idea of going outside again, discovering the world. 
  • She still exchanges letter with the girls from the convent. AT LEAST some of them. They’re here for her wedding, as a surprise from her dad. They’re all charmed by Marius, who blushes a lot and smiles awkwardly and holds Cosette very close to him the whole time. 

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Also, I just noticed something. Is it just me or every time Hannibal's mask comes off in Will's presence(or goes from reserved to full dastardly cannibal), the first thing he does is touch him in some way? Apart from the two hand scenes(where he takes the gun away from Will and the one where he bandages his hand), I don't recall them ever touching.

I think most of the time Hannibal touched Will to manipulate him. It´s also mentioned several times in the show how touch can influence someone.

In S1 Hannibal touched Will when they talked about Abigails crimes(we are her fathers now)  and when Will was sick  - in S2 they touched in the barn and after Will killed Randall. And of course in Mizumono T_T

In S3 they touched in Dolce after Will got shot and in the finale of course.If I remember it correctly then it was the first time that Will reached out to touch Hannibal.

Originally posted by existingcharactersdiehorribly

Take a look at this gifset - all scenes are here.

I would really love to see how this would evolve in S4 - I can imagine that now Will would be the one to use touch to influence Hannibal.

I´m a sucker for manipulative lil shit graham who knows exactly what he´s doing while Hannibal realizes he is just helpless.

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hey love! i was wondering if you could maybe write a teeny tiny fluffy hannigram ficlet? my mom is in a hospital and i'm having some severe depression/anxiety episodes, so it would really help. you absolutely don't have to, though, love anyway xx

Hello nonny, I’m so sorry about your mom and I hope things begin to look up for the both of you soon. Here is a little thing in which Will and Hannibal find a fawn. I hope you enjoy. <3

They came across the fawn as they walked the dogs in the fields behind Will’s house. She was no more than a week out of the womb. The blood nearby told her story well. Her mother had been taken by hunters.

“What should we do?” Will turned to Hannibal.

“Certainly you’re no stranger to strays.”

Will laughed. “I’m no stranger to dogs.”

Winston sniffed the little deer. The rest of the pack looked to Will, frozen. Hannibal’s eyes too fell on him.

Will sighed. “Let’s take her back to the house.”

The fawn allowed Will to scoop her into his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder as they trudged through the field toward the house. In the corner of his eye, Will could see Hannibal smiling.

Back in his own yard, Will laid the fawn down in the grass. She watched Will with her dark and shining eyes. No fear, grateful to have been found.

“She’s going to need milk,” Will said, performing a quick search on his phone. “Goat, apparently.”

Hannibal went into town for the milk and Will sat in the grass with the fawn, the dogs gathering to sniff her all over. Will ran his hands along the skinny slope of her back, connecting the white spots that painted her with the tips of his fingers.

Soon enough, Hannibal returned, a carton of goat milk and a bottle in hand. He had it filled almost as soon as he’d stepped from the car.

“Here you are,” Hannibal said, sitting next to Will and presenting the bottle.

“Thank you.”

Will could feel Hannibal eying him intently as he presented the bottle to the fawn. She sniffed at the nipple and, at the first drop of milk dripping from the tip, hungrily took it into her mouth to suckle.

“She’s going to be alright,” Hannibal said, leaning in, his knee knocking right up against Will’s.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve cared for something so helpless. Most of my dogs have come to me as adults.”

“I’m happy to help however I can.”

Will watched Hannibal watching the fawn suckle. He smiled. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me,” Hannibal said, meeting Will’s eyes. “We are her fathers now.”

i stayed up with my mom and sister until 4am and talked about family drama and everything makes sense now :u

friends, old and new: a captain beauty ficlet

a/n: inspired by this colin quote from ouatchi, set one month after the season six finale! this fic is pro-captain swan and pro-rumbelle. also on archive of our own.

He wasn’t sure if she would even be in the library, but the front door was unlocked for the first time in weeks. It was an impulse decision to go in instead of walking to Granny’s to pick up the food Emma had ordered over the telephone for dinner. “Belle?” he said, walking in, following the sound of movement to the children’s corner.

“Killian!” she said, smiling brightly at him. She had been cooing to her son in her arms, speaking in a silly baby voice. “I didn’t expect to see you.”

“I wasn’t even sure if you’d be here,” he said, scratching his head, suddenly feeling stupid for walking in without a plan of what he needed to say. Belle and Rumple had pretty much disappeared from the town scene aside from a dinner or two, and everyone assumed they were spending time getting to know their new child.

“I’m just grabbing some books for the nursery,” she said. “We like to read before bedtime, hmm?” she asked, swaying with the baby in her arms. Belle had picked up a desperate kind of hopefulness when her infant was an adult, a harsh edge he had never seen before. It seemed she had softened now, mellowed out by experiencing proper motherhood. It was nice to see her so relaxed and at ease. He hated that he wasn’t at ease around her anymore.

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JB has always mentioned that the connection between Liz and Red would be revealed at the end of the series. He also said that the DG question would be resolved by the end of S4. When you think about it, If season 5 is announced, can we conclude Red is not Liz's father?However, I also think that to resolve permanently DG question, we will need scientific or medical proof that Red and Liz are not related.

Yes he said we won’t know the full connection until the end of the show - who is he to her, why does she love her so much, and how all of this fits into the endgame.

He also said we will know the answer to the paternity question by the end of this season.  If Red turned out to be her father, that would answer the connection question wouldn’t it? Who is to her and why does he love her so much? But again JB said we will not know the answer to the connection question until the end of the show - so he can’t be her father since all indications are we are going to Season 5.

Now I do think the connection is complex. A father-daughter relationship is way too simple for this show and this is what the casual fans believe. JB and JE both write much more complex shows and to me would never want a show where the most casual fans got it right - how boring!  This just goes against what they produced in the past.

But it is because the casual fans believe Red is her father that the only way to prove that he is not is by a DNA test. And again, going back to C2E2 JB gave us a hint of how they are going to prove this. When Jon was asked by a fan if he ever heard of a blood test he responded (referring to Liz):

I think this is a great way to do the reveal. I hope it will come out by the end of this season that Liz  had done a DNA test and has known for a while that Red is not related to her. If he was, do you really think she would be so cold and heartless to him most of the time? She is so desperate to know her parents that she even was super nice to Kirk when she thought he was her father. Kirk, the man who shot up her wedding and kidnapped her baby! And why would she think Kirk was her father if she already “knew” Red was? And why would she accept that her father was dead at the end of 04x08 after she found out Kirk was not her father? Because she already knows Red is not related to her.

Thanks for the question #Anon

About Charlotte and Theresia

So first of all I want to say I don’t want to step on anyone’s feet, please respect my opinion and I’ll respect yours. You’re welcome to discuss this matter with me though, I’m always open to new ideas. 

Okay, so what I’ve been thinking about for a little while now was that someone said that Charlotte’s “obsession” with Griffith is creepy. I was asking myself, is she really obsessed or are we missing something here…? 

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memooliy  asked:

Hi again, so let’s say that the lords (Shingen, Kenshin, Kojuro, Saizo, Masamune) had a fight with their daughter and as a result of the young one anger she wishes that they turn into those chibi chickens so that she can do whatever she wants with them (including playing games with her chicken like father) Thank you.

It didn’t occur often that Shingen had a dispute with his daughter, but this one seemed to have disgruntled both of them.
The little girl was bandying around childish curses stemming from her anger and the fact that her father was just frowning, clearly annoyed and not looking at her.
It was obvious that he ended the conversation and didn’t acquiesce in discussing any further.
That was until her most incautious wish came true and turned her father into a chicken, whose features had softened in surprise.
Not sure of what was actually going on, their eyes went wide, but they soon started laughing at the absurdity of the situation.
The Tiger of Kai was now the Chicken of Kai, but the dispute was forgetten at least.

His daugther was like the most beautiful flower that was out there, but sometimes she was just not understanding enough. Kenshin knew that this was due to her young age, but couldn’t help sighing, not even listening to her complaints. She was clearly mad at her father, even going so far as wishing for him to be a chicken, so that she could do what she wanted.
That odd wish caught his attention of course, as he looked up with a surprised expression. Before too long, his shoulders shook with repressed laughter, seeing that his daugther was still sullen.
He was ready to reconcile with her and reached to hug her, noting that he somehow couldn’t stretch anymore.
Crouching down, his daugther was watching him closely, frowning in a confused manner. Still not grasping what was going on, Kenshin only noticed that she was so big and her adorable face was almost scary in this state.

It wasn’t even about the fact that he didn’t allow her the things she wanted or granted her her childish wishes, but more about the dispute itself.
When it came to being stubborn, Kojuro and his daughter were very much alike and there was no way that either one would give in, even though their discussion lost its significance.
Her wishes weren’t granted by her father at the moment, but when she verbalized her anger, their eyes widened when it came true, though for different reasons.
Kojuro was shocked of course, while his daughter’s eyes were shining, probably already planning what she could play with him in this state. Forgetting what she formerly wished permission for, she had now many other ideas and a huge grin that replaced the frown.

She had been squeaking for a good while now, wanting to persuade her father to stay and play with her. Saizo knew he would be gone for several days and couldn’t really blame his daughter for her behavior, but sadly couldn’t change anything about the situation either.
Her childish pleading turned more and more aggressive until her angry undertone wasn’t an undertone anymore and she voiced a rather ridiculous wish that made Saizo chuckle. His amusement was met with her ire until they noticed that indeed, Saizo was shrinking and turning into a black little chicken.
Picking her father up, she grinned brightly.
“Now we can play together!”, she chortled happily.
Saizo’s shoulders dropped in exasperation, his tiny wings slapping his sides when doing so and the only thing that was left to do was sigh.

Masamune would have done anything to protect his daughter, even if that meant that she had to be sullen and attack him with her grievances. They didn’t harm anyone, or so he thought until it seemed like her rage made her grow bigger. It took him long enough to understand that not she was growing, but he was literally shrinking in front of her. Oddly enough, that happened exactly after she wished that he’d turn into a chicken.
He was blinking in shock and so was his daughter, apparently not having expected it to come true, when she picked him up and regarded her father in her palm.
“Uh… Could you… call Kojuro perhaps?”
Scarcely to be expected.  

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 8

Originally posted by sugaglos

You pushed away from him and gasped “What are you doing? My dad is downstairs.”

“He left. It’s just us now.” Yoongi said, backing off.

He leaned against the wall and stayed silent.

“Yoongi, I-”

“Y/N. Tell me what you’re up to because I know you don’t care about Mason. You don’t care about anyone, not even yourself.” He said.

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I feel like Katie McGrath gets typecast...

into the role of the young woman who finds out that who she thought was her father is not actually her real father and someone else is her father…

Examples *spoilers*:
In Merlin as Morgana Pendragon (she is the king’s ward and finds out that he is her bio father)
Slasher as Sarah Bennett (finds out that her “parent’s” murderer is her bio father)
Supergirl as Lena Luthor (finds out that her adoptive father is her bio father)

Now, I know that we only saw a little of her in Jurassic World but… you know…

A Day In the Life 2 - A Nuala/Cerridwen Fic (Bat Nannies Part 2/?)

The first part was such a success and people were asking for a second part! I am honored and I hope you like Part 2! I have an idea for Part 3 as well! Original headcanon idea came from @silke-tara and it blossomed into this!

If anyone has any ideas of what they’d like to see during Bat Nannies, feel free to ask!!

Fic Masterlist: here

AO3: here

Part 1: here

Summary: Nuala and Cerridwen: Bat Nannies are back with baby Rhys and Mor, this time playing games and practicing magic.

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