we are gonna get to see more of them tomorrow

“It’s lovely Henry, thank you,” Emma smiles as she reaches across the table and squeezes Regina’s hand. 

Regina nods trying to hide her grimace as she swallows some more chicken, “This was very thoughtful of you Henry.” 

Henry beams, “You’re welcome Moms. I hope you like it…I had no idea what to get you for your anniversary so I figured dinner. I’ll leave you to your night.” 

“You’re not eating with us?” Emma asks. 

He shakes his head, “No, I’m gonna stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s so you can do anniversary stuff.” 

“Thanks kid,” Emma replies, “We’ll see you tomorrow.” 

“Tell Snow we can have a family breakfast at Granny’s,” Regina adds. 

He nods waving goodbye to them before running out the door. Emma peers around the table to make sure he’s gone before using her magic to lock the door and turning to her wife, “Are you okay?” 

Regina releases the control of her magic letting Emma see how pale she’s become, “I thought he knew how to use the oven.” 

Emma nods placing her hand on Regina’s forehead, “Okay, I think we better get you upstairs before the worst hits.” 

They love their son and his gesture was undeniably sweet…however his skills with the oven leave a lot to be desired, especially when both his mothers realised that he’d undercooked the chicken by 200 degrees. 

“I think I’m about to die,” Regina groans as she collapses into the bathroom. 

“I can’t believe you ate it,” Emma replies rubbing Regina’s back. 

“I didn’t want to upset him. It was so sweet Emma, I had to eat some.” 

“You’re so much stronger than I am.”

“Please don’t leave me…no matter how gross this gets.” 

Emma smiles kissing Regina’s forehead tenderly as she reminds her, “Sickness and health, remember?”

The only one - Chapter 14

Reader x Jimin (?)

Warnings: Smut

Words: 3,227

Chapters: 13 ,


I couldn’t get my head around it, how could she cheat on him, why did she? I needed answers. “Baby?”, Jimin groaned out, he lifted his head which was resting low on my stomach, “yeah?”, “why aren’t you sleeping? It's…”, he looked over to the clock on the wall, “quarter to 6, go back to sleep”, i shook my head and began combing his hair with my fingers, “it’s okay, I’ll have to get up for work soon anyways, you sleep, you need it”, “nope, you’re sleeping with me”, with that he pulled me down and hugged me, I laughed as i tried to get out of his tight embrace, “Jimin-ie…”, i whined, “(y/n)…,please”. I looked up at him, he was pouting and I sighed and gave in, “fine, but wake me up at 7”.

I felt small, delicate kisses being placed all over my face, as well as tiny hands cupping it. I scrunched my nose in response, to which i got a shriek mixed with a giggle, “mommy, up now, work time”, Mikey climbed onto my stomach and started bouncing up and down, making me groan and open my eyes, “okay, okay, I’m up”. I turned to my side to see nothing, “baby, where’s Jimin?”, “Minmin is making breakfast, he tolded me to get mummy up”, “oh okay, let’s get down then”.

I carried Mikey downstairs to the kitchen to find Jimin placing plates full of food on the dining table, “morning beautiful”, Jimin said, taking Mikey from me and placing a kiss on the edge of my lips, “morning, what time is it?”, i asked sitting down at the table, Jimin placed Mikey on the chair next to mine before sitting down himself, “it is now…”, he looked at his watch, “almost half ten”, my eyes widened, “half ten?! I thought i told you to wake me at seven, Jimin I’m late and so is Mikey”. I stood up from the table to leave, but Jimin grabbed my wrist, “(y/n), I called in for the two of you, so you can take the day of”, “why?”, “because i felt like we need it, just one day to ourselves, trust me i would have done it another day, but Jackson is going to take Mikey tomorrow and i just want us to be the way we were before”. He did have good intentions, i couldn’t be angry at him for it, “okay”, i sat back down, Jimin placed a kiss on my hand and smiled, “have you planned anything then?”, he nodded his head, “but it’s a surprise, so i just need the two of you to be dressed by 5”.

It soon came around to 5 and i got myself and Mikey dressed in something warm as it was quite chilly and then were on our way.

“FESTIVALLLLLL!”, Mikey screamed out, kicking his legs in excitement, Jimin began to chuckle and told him to calm down. “Mommy, Minmin tell me about this, then i really wanted to go”, he explained are, “really?! What type of festival is it?”, “it a festival for all, different people”. I furrowed my brows and looked at Jimin, “he means culture wise, it’s a multicultural festival”, “oh, that should be fun”.

“Asian!”, Mikey screamed running towards the Asian section, “i get he is Asian, but I blame the mother for his obsession”, “shut up”, I mumbled shoving him a little. “Minmin, mommy, hurrryyy”, Mikey whined as he pouted, “okay we’re coming”.

God knows how many hours we have spent at this festival, I was currently sat at a table with Hoseok and Taehyung, we found the two of them as we went around. Jimin and Mikey were getting food for us, “but you do need to be careful (y/n), no matter how much you two love each other, it’s always those you love the most, that hurt you the most”, I sighed, “i know”. We continued talking, the topic was chosen by Hoseok, so it was no surprise it was about guys, “i know he and you had a little…but that doesn’t make him any less sexy”, Hoseok stated, “are you gonna continue speaking as if your boyfriend isn’t here”, Taehyung said in an annoyance, Hoseok just rolled his eyes and mouthed, “jealous”. I giggled at the two, “he’s right, you should only be talking about him like that, but you are right and surprisingly he is not the dick I thought he was, he’s actually really sweet”, i jumped at the sound of Jimin’s voice, “who’s really sweet?”, he placed the food down on the table, Mikey jumped up onto the table next to me, “oh, j-just a new co-worker, he didn’t make the best first impression”, he nodded slightly, “not like it matters though, i don’t really pay attention to him”, he gave me a small smile after i said that. “Right let’s eat”, he announced and gave out the food.

Halfway through eating Jimin’s office went off, “ahh, excuse me”, with that he got up and left the table to take the call, the rest of us continued eating. He soon came back, but had a frown on his face, “Jimin, what’s wrong?”, “oh,erm… that was Jin, he called to tell me to come in, there’s this important visit that’s happening today, i completely forgot”, “you should go”, his work is something the is passionate about, “(y/n)-”, “nu-uh, go before i drag you there myself, I don’t mind and I’m sure Mikey doesn’t either, do you?”, he shook his head and continued to stuff his face, “nohhh, i don’t mind Minmin”, he said with a full mouth, making Jimin chuckle. “Okay then, I’ll see you two at home”, he placed a kiss on both of mine and Mikey’s head and said goodbye to Taehyung and Hoseok before leaving.

“I need to go pee, you two watch Mikey”, “we always do”, Taehyung flashed me a wide smile and winked.

As i was walking out of the bathroom, i bumped into someone, “i am so sorry”, “i thought you’d be a lot more wary of where you’re going, especially after last time”. Jungkook was stood there wearing a black and red checkered jacket, with a black t-shirt, jeans and shoes, was there anything that he couldn’t pull off? “Hey”, he gave me a small smile, “h-hi…, “(y/n), i need to talk to you”, i was about to speak up, but he dragged me away to a secluded area, where no-one could see us.

“Jungk-”, he cut me off by kissing me, hard. He backed me up against the wall of the toilets, his grip tight on my hips. I didn’t kiss back, instead i pushed him off, “s-stop”, i placed my hand on his chest, “I’m with Jimin”. He chuckled before walking closer, “he doesn’t love you”, “yes he does”, “as much as i do?”, he questioned, i furrowed my brows, “you’re just saying that-”, “no I’m not, i don’t just throw around shit like that, you should know that”.

He sighed, dropping his head onto my shoulder, “at first i thought it was just one of those kiddie crushes, then once i actually spent time with you, i realised it was more than just that, I’ve honestly only ever loved one person like i do you and he’s gone now. So please (y/n), don’t tell me i don’t love you”, i heard him sniffle, “don’t cry please…”, i ran my fingers through his hair, i felt his lips against my neck, “tell me you love me”, “i can't”, he groaned into my neck, “it’s because of him, ain’t it”. I lifted his head, holding his face with both hands and just kissed him. Was it wrong? Yes. Do i regret it? Not one bit.

“No it’s not, it’s me, i honestly am so confused right now, i do have feelings for you and Jimin, but ugh…”, tears escaped my eyes, but were stopped by Jungkook’s thumbs, “hey, it’s okay, you take all the time you need, i don’t want you to make a decision you’ll regret”, he smiled lightly, before kissing my cheek, “you should get going”. I nodded and made my way out of the secluded area, but just as i was about to, i stopped, “Jungkook, I’m sure Mikey would love to see you, before bed he asked about you and when he’s going to see you again”.

“KOOKIE!”, he jumped onto Jungkook as soon as he was close enough, “hey buddy I missed you”, Jungkook hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “i missed you too, kookie let’s go get a teddy”, “only if mommy doesn’t mind…”, the two of them looked at me,”yeah it’s fine, but no more candy, you’ve had enough today”, Mikey thanked me before the two went off.

“Only if mommy doesn’t mind”, Hoseok imitated him, “shut up”, “ooh, I’m sure Jimin would love to know about this”, “don’t you dare…”, “relax we won’t, but (y/n), you need to tell us what’s going on, we’ve known you for lord knows how long and we know when something is up”, “so go on spill…”, Taehyung added. I could tell these two, they were the ones i trusted the most and wouldn’t judge me one bit.

“What am i supposed to do, i am such an awful person”, “you’re not babe, you just-”, Hoseok looked over to Taehyung for help, “-you just need to figure out who you really want to be with, you can’t go back and forth between the two, it’s not fair”. “MUMMY LOOK KOOKIE WON ME DONALD”,  Mikey came screaming with a huge smile spread across his face and he was hugging onto a Donald duck that was the same size as him, “did you thank him baby?”, he nodded his head quickly before scurrying over to Hobi and Tae to show them his amazing new toy, Jungkook wasn’t far behind.

“Hey guys it’s getting late, i think the two of us are gonna call it a night”, Taehyung said, “and i think this little one is tired as well”, referring to Mikey who was half asleep on his lap. “Yeah we should get going, guess I’ll see you guys at work tomorrow”, we all said our goodbyes and went off I’m different directions.

I decided not to ask Hobi and Tae for a lift as they looked like they were gonna pass out, and i didn’t want to them spending more time away from their bed, so i stuck with walking. And Jungkook, well he got a call from Mr Kwon telling him to go to the office to sort something out.

“Shhh”, i patted Mikey’s back as he began whining, “go back to sleep”, i had put my jacket over him so he didn’t get cold. It would take me about an hour if not more to get home. As i was walking, i heard a car slowly driving behind me, i wouldn’t be scared if the road was busy, but unfortunately it wasn’t, so no one could help me. I did what practically everyone would do in this situation and began to walk quicker and obviously the car sped up as well, i was going to start running until the person I’m the car spoke, “(y/n)! Wait”, “Kookie?”, I said relieved, “yeah, what are you doing walking at this time, do you have any idea how dangerous it is?!”, he raised his voice and got out of the car, “here…”, he carefully lifted Mikey from me, “Kookie", Mikey mumbled out, half asleep, his hand was touching Jungkook’s cheek, “hey buddy, it’s part, you go back to sleep”.

I sat in the back seat, Mikey’s head resting on my lap, whilst my jacket was covering his body. “Where’s minion, i never got to see him today”, “he got called in for work, he says he’s gonna be back later, i doubt it”, I sighed “i thought you were called in”, “meh, u could do it in the morning”, i turned and looked out of the window. My eyes began closing on their own and eventually i passed out, leaning against the door.

“(y/n), we’re here”, Jungkook said in a hushed tone, he had Mikey resting in the crook of his neck. I looked at my surroundings to see an unfamiliar building, “w-where are we?”, “we’re at my apartment, i didn’t want you to be alone at night”, i warmed up at what he said, although i could have told him my brother is at home, so i wouldn’t be alone.

“This is your apartment?”, he nodded taking off both his and Mikey’s shoes, “why is it so big? It’s bigger than my house”, he chuckled, “well if you even want to move in, let me know”, “will do”. “If you want anything to drink kitchens over there”, he nodded his head in the direction, “or if you want to go to sleep, the rooms down the hall on the left. Right, i’ll go put this one in bed”.

I made my way to the kitchen, i found the cups straight away, now i was hoping to find hot chocolate. I couldn’t reach the top cabinets, so i climbed onto the kitchen unit and began looking through them. I tried opening one of the larger cabinets, which didn’t seem to be a good idea, as i lost my balance and fell backwards, off the unit, “yah, be careful”, Jungkook scolded as he caught me, my eyes were shut tight. He placed me back down on the ground and i opened up my eyes, the second i did i looked at the floor, my cheeks getting warmer, i heard Jungkook let out a light laugh. I looked up at him again, his toned upper half on show, whereas the bottom was covered by his sweatpants, “what were you looking for up there anyways?”, “erm…hot chocolate”, i felt quite embarrassed when i told him, “oh, unfortunately i don’t have any powder, but for you, i can make it from scratch”, “no don’t do that, it’s okay i can live wi-”, “hey, i said I’m making it so sit down”, i complied and sat down on the island unit and watched him. His back view was just as good as the front.

I was too busy staring, i didn’t realise he was done and was now staring back at me with a steaming cup in his hands. “Do you want your hot chocolate now or do you want to carry on staring, i honestly don’t mind”, i hid my face in embarrassment, “s-sorry”, I stuttered out. Jungkook walked closer placing the cup down next to me, before placing both hands either side of me. He gripped my chin and made me stare directly into his eyes, “don’t apologise”, he whispered. His eyes were filled with pure lust and adoration, “will you stop me this time?”, “Just do it already”, i replied and in an instant his lips were on mine, his hands were touching every inch of my body.

His lips attacked my neck next, he left behind a single mark before kissing up, along my jaw, I moaned out in pleasure, “(y/n), I’m controlling myself right now, carry on doing that-”, I moaned out again, just to see what he would do, “right then”, he lifted me off the counter, i wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, “i did warn you”, “i was curious…”, “well in the morning you’re gonna regret being so curious”.

He threw my down on the bed, my clothes were already scattered all over the floor, leaving me bare, he still had on his sweatpants. Jungkook was about to get between my legs, but i stopped him, “you need to lose it all as well”, “babygirl, you don’t have any power in this room”, with that he got between my legs and pushed me back so i was laying down. The first thing he did was take my nipple into his mouth, he played with the other one using his fingers. He began sucking and once it’s was erect he bit down on it causing me to moan out in both pain and pleasure, “Jungkook-ah”, my hand was in his hair, pulling at it. He traveled south with his mouth, leaving behind a trail of love bites, i felt his breath over my heat and soon felt his tongue, he was giving it small kitty licks, “ahhh, please, Jungkookie”, i begged, wanting him to do more.

“Okay, okay, baby”, he moved away from me, i whined at the loss of contact. He pulled down his sweatpants along with his boxers, giving me the view of his very, large manhood, already dripping with pre-cum. I got on my knees and pulled him closer by his waist, “what are y-“, i took his manhood into my mouth, as much as i could. It hit the back of my throat, but that didn’t stop me from trying to get it further. I gagged so i took it back out, but didn’t gone Jungkook much time to recover as i took the most sensitive part into my mouth and sucked it as i could, “ugh (y/n), you’re killing me”, he groaned out. I continued sucking and licked at times, but soon Jungkook had, had enough and pulled me back, off him.

“Get in the middle of the bed”, he whispered into my ear, i complied, but spoke up as i saw him walking away from me, “where are you going?”, “to get a condom”, “leave it”, “you sure”, i nodded, “yes”. He came over as quick as he could and soon has his manhood inside me, my eyes slightly watered as i felt his member stretch me, “are you okay?”, Jungkook asked once he noticed my tears, “yeah”, i have a small smile to show I was. Once i adjusted to his member, i told him to move, which he did, but very slowly, scared he was going to hurt me too much. I soon encouraged him to go faster, he hesitated, but soon sped up, going harder.

“Turn around, get on your hands and knees”, i got in the position he wanted me in and he inserted himself into me again. He hit deeper this time, i couldn’t help, but moan and scream as he pounded into me. My arms soon gave up on me as i reached my high, so my upper half had collapsed and was flat on the bed, Jungkook on the other hand was getting closer and closer to his high. “baby, I’m…almost there”, he continued to thrust into me, slower than before.

The thrusts became sloppy as he groaned out loudly, spilling his seeds into me. He rested his forehead against my back, trying to catch his breath like me.

Once we both got our breath back he pulled out and went to get a wet towel from the bathroom. A few seconds later he came back and cleaned the two of us up, i could barely move, i felt completely worn out.

I must’ve fell asleep as he cleaned as i woke under the covers, in some clean clothes and Jungkook getting into the bed also in some new, clean clothes. “Goodnight (y/n)”, Jungkook kissed my temple, “goodnight Jungkook”.

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Life with the Winchesters. Part One.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Dean and Sam get back to the bunker and realize that you’re not in the backseat sleeping. 

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader. (Dean x Reader)

Warning: Some language

Word Count: 1067

Feedback is always welcomed, as are requests! 

Reader’s perspective:

I can’t believe it. Those idiots fucking left me. My phones in the car, I have no change for the payphone, and the gas station employee is being stubborn and won’t let me use the phone unless I buy something…asshole. I bet the guys haven’t even noticed that I’m not with them. I’m going to be here all night. You would think my boyfriend would at least check to see if I was in the back seat.. Fucking Dean, they are gonna regret this. 

Dean’s perspective:

“Sammy, Y/N! Wake up, we’re home!” I’d only been driving for the last four hours but I was ready to get into bed with Y/N and sleep for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow. This last job had really taken it’s toll on all of us. Espeically since the Vamp nest we had raided turned out to have more vamps than expected. Shit, I’m pretty sure that’s the most I’ve killed in a week. I smirked to myself as I thought about the new personal record. I pushed Sammy once more, must be exhausted too. He jumped awake and looked at me startled.

“Well, Good morning sleeping beauty.” I gave him a quick smile, which I’m sure he didn’t appreciate. Groaning he got up and walked inside the bunker.

Y/N had been extremely quiet the entire way home, quieter than usual. Normally she’s acting like a 5 year old asking where we are and if we are almost there. I’m pretty sure she just does it to get me going and most of the time it works. She’s the biggest pain in the ass, but she’s mine and I’d do anything to protect and keep her mine. She wasn’t getting up so I stepped out of the car and opened the back door so I could pick her up and carry her to bed. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t there..

“SAMMY!” All of a sudden Sam was at the door with his gun pointing in every direction, eyes wide. As soon as he saw it was just me he dropped the gun.

“What? Where’s Y/N” He said with a confused look.

“I don’t know! I thought she was in the back seat sleeping! Where the fuck is she!?” I swear to Chuck, I’m going to kill the son of a bitch and his family when I find who took her! “Son of a bitch!!

“Calm down, we’ll find her. Her GPS is on so let’s see if we can track it.” Sam brought out his laptop, and pulled up the locater. “Well, obviously this isn’t right, it says she’s here.”

I ran back out to Baby and checked the back seat, “Her damn cell phone is in the back seat.” I yelled back to Sam. “Fuck! I’m going to kill the son of a bitch when I find him. Sammy, if she’s hurt or even worse I’m going to lose it.”

My mind’s going crazy. Where could she be, we only stopped once and it was back in Tulsa.. Where the hell could she be? Think Dean think.. She was in the car when we stopped at that gas station. I remember because I could hear her soft breathing coming from the back seat, and when I looked back I remember thinking how beautiful and lucky I was to have her in my life. God, if I lose her I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“We have to go back to that gas station Sammy, that’s the last place I remember seeing her and it’s the only place we stopped on our way home.” Just as we were getting ready to leave, my cell phone rang with an unknown number.

“Hello.” I answered shortly.

“Dean, –” a voice shouted at me.

“Y/N, Where are you, what happened?” a wave a relief flooded through me and I instantly calmed down. Sammy noticed and raised his eyebrows.

“I’ve been sitting here for hours and you didn’t even notice I was gone. What the fuck is wrong with you guys!? You guys fucking left me at the gas station in Tulsa!” her angry but beautiful voice screamed at me through the phone. I pulled the phone away from my ear and smiled at Sammy once again. He could definitely hear her on the phone and this time he bowed his head and by the movements I could tell he was trying to hold his laughter in so Y/N didn’t hear. I on the other hand did no such thing.

“You think this is funny! I waited an hour for you guys to come back only to realize that you weren’t, I then begged like a homeless person for change because the asshole cashier wouldn’t let me use the god damn phone. You know I hate begging.” I started the Impala and pulled out onto the street.

“I wouldn’t say that you don’t like begging. You’ve begged me plenty of times.” I could tell by the silence on the other side of the phone that she was getting angrier by the second. I loved pushing her buttons just as much as she liked doing it to me.

“…I swear to god, Dean if you’re not here by the morning I’m going to ruin every piece of pie you every try to eat in the next three years. It’ll be my goal to ruin your happiness for pie every chance I get. I’ll tell Jodie to NEVER make you pie again. I’ll get Sam on my side, and forget about Cas helping you. Be here by morning.”

“You mean Chuck, he’s technically god.” I laughed, I couldn’t help myself it was too easy. She practically set herself up with that one.

“That’s it. No pie. You’ll regret it.” She said through her teeth.

“Please calm down babe, we are on our way now.” If I wasn’t there by morning she would for sure take every piece of pie away from me. She wouldn’t stop no matter what. I love that she is so determined and how tough she acts. “I love you, I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah, Love you too.” I let out another loud laugh when I heard the click on the other side. It was gonna be a great ride home. This woman would be the death of me but I loved her so damn much.

I turned the radio up and glanced over to Sam, “Get some sleep cause you know damn well, that she will not let it go anytime soon.” He laughed and we set off.

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Youngjae Imagine - Public

Part 2

You and Youngjae were sat in a cafe with the Got7 members since you had all been bored, hungry and desperate to leave the dorm. Everyone was laughing and chatting and just having fun. It was nice for the eight of you to hang out as you had all been close friends for a while. The boys were all super supportive of your relationship with Youngjae and they had been the ones to encourage him to confess to you which you were very thankful for as you had been crushing on him for so long. The two of you were very much in love and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. 

Feeling a little tired, you rested your head on Youngjae’s shoulder to which he responded by leaning in to you as well. It was a common thing for you to be sat like this so none of the others said anything about it. You had your hand on Youngjae’s thigh and began to rub it gently, something that you often did without realising. Unaware of the effect it had on Youngjae, you then tilted your head and kissed his neck softly. The two of you rarely kissed in public as you were both quite shy but for some reason, tonight you didn’t care if anyone saw you kissing your boyfriend. In a low voice he whispered to you, “Babe stop, we’re in public.”
“So? Can’t I kiss my boyfriend?” You asked sweetly, still oblivious to what you were doing to him. Youngjae blushed a little as he looked down to the hand that was still rubbing circles on his inner thigh. He coughed quietly and said, “I’m more referring to where your hand is right now.” You looked down and saw how high it was on his thigh. A spurt of confidence rose in you as you whispered in his ear, “But don’t you like that, baby?” The blush on Youngjae’s face grew deeper as you playfully kissed below his ear, knowing he soon wouldn’t be able to resist. 
“Maybe we should leave…” Youngjae said as he shuffled in his seat.
“I couldn’t agree more, babe.” You then leaned away from him and yawned, “I’m tired. I think I’m gonna head home now. Youngjae, are you coming or do you want to stay with the guys?”
“I’m pretty tired too, I’ll join you. We’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He smiled cheerfully at them as you both got up and let the cafe, leaving the six boys to just look at you both fondly; each of them were unaware of what you’d be getting up to tonight.

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Cheater Cheater Part 5 // L.H

Rating: sfw (13+) 

Synopsis: It is now NYE and you have successfully managed to avoid Luke all night. But will Luke witness something that will ruin things even more?


Part 4

Only Doing a Part 6 if requested!!

When I told Luke that I’d see him tomorrow, I lied. There was no way in hell that I was coming anywhere near him after the kiss. How did he think that was okay? God he confuses me. Although I avoided him at the studio earlier today, I knew for a fact that I couldn’t avoid him later. We had all been invited to a New Years Eve party and there was no getting out of this one. Alex was coming too, I’m just gonna hang with him and Sierra. Neither of them know about Luke and I’s little moment yesterday, and I plan on keeping it that way. I don’t know if it was a mistake to him, but it was a huge ass mistake to me. And then he said he loved me? Ugh he’s so confusing. I sure as hell don’t love him. He needs to get his priorities straight.

A car would be sent to my place soon, so I began getting ready. I chose my favorite black lace dress paired with high black ankle boots. I put a slight wave to my hair for some volume before going to do my makeup. I played around with some greys and black for my eyeshadow, using a black liquid liner and winged it out perfectly. For my lips, I chose a bright red color and put the tube in my purse. I checked myself out in the mirror. Damn I looked good.  I grabbed my purse and my phone before waiting outside for the car.

About ten minutes later, it pulled up and I hopped in the backseat next to Alex.

We all exchanged hello’s as the car drove off again.

“So we’re still on for the midnight kiss, right?” Alex nudged me with a smile.

“Obviously” I chuckled nudging him back.

Last New Years Eve, Sierra and I were planned to go on the Bali trip with the boys. But obviously that never ended up happening due to what happened two months prior. New Years was always a great time for me and Luke, and we would always do that cliche midnight kiss. So, when NYE did roll around, I had no motivation to actually go anywhere because I was still heartbroken over him. However, that didn’t stop all my friends from making me go get ready and dragging me to a party anyway.


The music was pumping as there was only around 5 minutes left until midnight. Sierra and a few other girlfriends of mine had gone their separate ways upon arrival, leaving me with Alex a majority of the night. Neither of us were that drunk, on the account we would have to try to drag  everyone’s drunk asses home later.

“Being single sucks” I mumbled sipping my drink.

“It doesn’t have to” he proposed.

I raised my eyebrows, “what?”

“How about this, we can be each other’s midnight kiss for every year we’re single.”

“Isn’t that kinda depressing? Like won’t it just be reminding us we’re single?”

“I mean that’s one way of thinking about it but at least we won’t be alone.”

“Just friends, right?”


Everyone started chanting when the last minute had hit.

I shrugged, “sure, what the hell?” I smiled.

“That’s the spirit!” He giggled pulling me closer.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

His lips connected with mine as I cupped his face gently.

Our lips moved together before we pulled back slowly.

“Happy New Year, Y/n.”

“Happy New Year, Alex”


“I wish I had a pact like you guys do” Sierra pouted.

“Find yourself a guy then” I teased as she flipped me off.

The car pulled in as all of us piled out.

“I’m gonna go find me a New Years Kiss” Sierra said as soon as we walked in.

I chuckled, “have fun”

I stayed close to Alex as we both looked around. I instantly spotted Calum as he waved softly walking over to us.

“Where were you today?! I wanted to see the dance to Story of Another Us you started working on” he pouted.

“Long story” I mumbled, “I’ll show you soon though”

“And what happened with Luke? When he came back from your place yesterday he wouldn’t even talk to us?”

Alex cut in, “Luke was at your place yesterday?!”

“Nothing, and yes. He was at my place. It was a bad idea and that’s all”. I said. They both nodded but Alex looked a little pissed. I shook it off as we continued our night dancing and drinking.

It was now almost midnight and I had managed to successfully avoid Luke the entire night as I met back up with Alex for the countdown.

“Hey you” he smiled as we looked at the countdown. 10 seconds.

“ready?” I smiled with a small giggle.

3, 2, 1!

Our lips connected just like last year as I let my lips linger a little bit longer. I felt him smile into it as we finally pulled away. And that’s when I saw him. Just Past Alex, Luke was standing there dumbfounded watching what had just happened. I broke my gaze away from him when Alex spoke,

“Happy 2017, Y/n”

I smiled, “Happy 2017, Alex.”


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Out of the Ashes

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Requested by another lovely anon. Sequel to “If you Leave me” and “I won’t leave You”. I got carried away again and it’s pretty long. I won’t split it up this time. I’m sorry it’s such a long story again…xD’‘ I hope you’ll like it.

If You Leave Me

I won’t leave You

You’ve been married to Daryl for a few years. You fall pregnant during the apocalypse and Daryl is worried sick he might lose you. When finally you go into labour there are a few complications….

word count: 2111

I was sitting on the couch in hour new home sipping on a cup of tea with the last piece of chocolate waiting for me on the little plate on the table. Olivia had been kind enough to put some chocolate aside for me. I sighed deeply and placed my legs on the table. I felt exhausted from walking around most of the day trying to help with little tasks and keeping Hunter busy as well. Even though I was pregnant I still felt the strong need to be a part of the community, and as that I couldn’t just sit around all day and let everyone else take care of my duties. Especially my duty as a mother of a six year old son who was sleeping soundly in his own bed right now.
I was about to doze off being all cozy on the couch when suddenly I heard the sound of roaring engines in the distance. I knew that sound. It was Daryl’s motorbike. He was finally coming home. The sound stopped in front of the door and seconds later I heard his footsteps on the porch. 

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it’s so annoying when you realise that a crush you have turns into something way more serious

when you find yourself staring at your phone waiting for them to text you

and go to bed hoping you’ll see them tomorrow because it would make your day 110% better

and then you suddenly get jealous over stupid things that didn’t bother you before

and they’re your first thought when you wake up in the morning

like no bitch fuck you where’s the exit we all know where this is gonna end


What My Everyday Looks Like 

I need to start posting more man. It’s just that if I’m not working or sleeping, this lady right here @qxeenkj has all my time. So just know, most of my post you will see her rude ass in them. Seriously don’t let her sweet face and the beauty fool you, she abuses me every chance she gets. Them hits sting cause she aim straight for the spine. 

This is what we usually do. Besides eat and…. Anyways freshness wants to go to the beach so thats on tomorrows agenda. Today I’m gonna show her how to make a cake Island style… yes theres a difference. 

We haven’t talked for awhile, and I miss you more than ever. I know you’re busy but it hurts that you don’t even make an effort. When you come back home tomorrow I’m scared you’re not gonna make an effort to me. I’m scared. I’m scared you’ll get bored of me and realize you’re happier without me. I love you so much. I miss you. Please make an effort to see me. I’m dreading seeing pictures with “them” with girls… I just, idk how you truly feel anymore and the constant wondering and second guessing is slowly killing me. I don’t know what “ok” is anymore.