we are gonna bang


highlights from the shield’s table for 3 episode

  • the whole episode
  • “Hey! What’s up?” 
  • “No folding chairs around?” - Yes, Roman. Seth is not to be trusted lol even at the dinner table
  • potato chip diet 
  • “joey from friends” - roman about dean
  • “have you ever told him [seth] about your texas toast? go ahead and tell him” - roman
  • two pieces of texas toast, heavens!
  • dean thinks he’s gonna start balding soon
  • roman’s “DAMN IT NO!” about dean’s hair 
  • “one day we gonna be doing a promo and the bang is not gonna be there” - roman
  • roman’s imitation of dean’s bang sweep/dean is gonna frame his bang 
  • BEER - “my boy knows what to order me” - dean
  • roman’s smallest giggle about beating people up as the shield
  • “Most times I had no clue what we were talking about” -Roman about justice/injustice promos 
  • little army
  • debut was a fashion faux pas
  • the shield is ours - the boys about how they created the shield
  • (have i mentioned how much i hate reliving plan b)
  • seth felt the brunt of loneliness after they split up because they relied on each other so much 
  • “i had no idea what to do. i was not prepared to make people like me” - dean, the asshole 
  • TRUNKS. SHAVING THINGS?! hairy calves/smooth thighs
  • “that’s the tough part about life now: the tan” - roman
  • natural glow dean
  • showing nipples and chest hair i guess
  • dean’s anti balding shampoo made his chest wolf man hairy 
  • the shield has had the most individual success in the shortest amount of time 
  • royal rumble, money in the bank, ic title, u.s title, world title, main event Wrestlemania/ “just building a legacy at this point” - seth
  • roman got dean singing on the spin of a dime/ “I put him on the bus real quick. Lost his train of thought” -Roman
  • triple double/double double/ “either way, we still bombed them” -roman about their double triple powerbomb
  • “y’all have to stick together. the shield is a legit unit.”
  • dean slept on the floor most of the time when they shared hotel rooms together
  • roman getting really serious about being leaders and moving the product forward 
  • “i remember you said something like, a long time ago, when someone asked about how we’re gonna fall apart..”
  • “Well, the thing about us is, you’re looking at three Beyonces” -Dean about Roman’s answer 
  • dean’s single ladies impression
  • THREE BEYONCES *clink beers* 

ok but like imagine how shook we’re all going to be when sizzy finally kisses ??? this slow burn ship is the king of all slow burn ships ??? this kiss is going to be the big bang of all kisses ??? we’ve waited 86463 years for simon and isabelle to get together ??? im ready

  • star wars fandom, 1983: remember that time we thought luke and leia were gonna bang but then they turned out to be related?
  • star wars fandom, 2017: remember that time we thought ben solo and rey were gonna be related but then they banged?

embry; *runs to jacobs house & bangs on door* are we gonna talk about this?! *points to his phone*

jacob; talk about what?

embry; you tagged quil in this post and said ‘this is so us’

jacob; oh please don’t start this *shuts door*

embry; *yelling at jacob though the closed door* YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE?! HUH?!? A FRIEND WHORE

anonymous asked:

Why are people so focused on sexualities? It makes me kinda wary that people will throw out an entire character because it doesn't fit their very specific box of what's acceptable. Bioware put 5 Years into this and all I see is hysteria over "straights" I get people want equal opportunity to experience a relationship with *insert alien* as their gender but there's more to a character than: "do they wanna bang?" If we walk into Andromeda pre-disappointed, were gonna be disappointed. Ppl relax

Oh. You obviously expect me to agree with you and I so do not.
I wrote a long reply to those “romances are superficial” comments here if you’re interested in reading it.
But in summary:

It’s about seeing yourself on the media you consume and feeling this huge relief because someone out there wrote a character that is just like you. They thought you belonged, that you had a place among other characters, that you mattered. It’s an incredible feeling, and a lot of people are looking for it when it comes to romance. It’s not superficial, it’s not that they don’t care about the game. It’s just a part of the experience.
And of course, some people will not look for romances at all, because this is a part of their identity too. They also want to feel validated and appreciated and loved exactly as they are. They want to matter, and they do. They very much do.

There are people who say they won’t play Andromeda if they won’t get the romances they want, but it’s a minority in the entire community and it’s their choices. Others want to stop playing Bioware games for a lot of reasons, btw, including very assholish ones.
And note, that I have friends who don’t care about romances and banging, but they don’t show annoyance when others do care. They understand that what’s not for them can still be enjoyed by others. And me, I don’t care about all the banging - aliens or not - and that’s okay. Others do, and it’s not a bad thing.
I mean it: what is not specifically made for me isn’t bad in itself. That applies to you too.  

And your “hysteria over straights” comment………
Hysteria is a serious word to imply there is something really wrong about people, and by people I think you mean everyone who wants something else than just heterosexual relationships. I’m in this group, so you’re talking about me too. We’re obviously inconveniencing you, so you gotta ridicule us.
It’s not okay, anon. I’ll tell you why.

Almost everything is made for “straights” - it’s when you’re not that you realize you VERY RARELY are the intended audience. You have to look for representation because it’s never handed to you on a silver platter.
So when there is a chance you might get something *specifically made for you* in your favorite game - I’m sorry but you worry, you wonder.
The entire process is exhausting. It’s basically like a very long treasure quest where your reward is rarely worth all the efforts you have to do to get it because more often than not, the end result is disappointing.
But the “straights”, they never have to worry about this. They always get what they want, they don’t even have to look or ask for it. The treasure is there to take, all the time. 
So why do they complain when we ask for what we want? Why do you, anon? Why the fear? We’re not taking things away from you… You know that, right?

You also implied they worked hard on Mass Effect Andromeda but then you’re basically saying we shouldn’t ask for Andromeda to show different types of people (you know, like the ones you see irl, they exist). You want us to lower our standards.
But you… You want great romances, good and well written relationships… You expect a high quality game… but only if it’s for *you* to enjoy.
Other people who might want the same thing - people who aren’t like you - are obviously hysterical. Well, that’s bullshit.
The worst part is that you understand a lot of us are going to be disappointed by the romances in MEA. A part of you already knew what I just told you.
You still decided to send me that message, which says a lot I think. 

Rainflower, or Zephyranthes.

I love you back.

I have to atone for my sins.

I’ll never forget you.


Based upon @redstringbanshee & @rongasm‘s fic, Rainflower


The Wonderful Terrible D&D party I’m in as cat pins (and an unfinished DM kitty).