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Fic Rec: Fic That I’ll Read Over & Over Again

•         Love Is A Rebellious Bird

•         Wild And Unruly

•         If You Asked Me If I Love Him (I’d Lie)

•         baby we could be enough (i’ll make this feel like home)

•         If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night)

•         Sing When You’re Winning

•         Unbelievers

•         Naked & Proud

•         Nicotine

•         Loving You Is Free

•         Want you to want me

•         Absolutely Still

•         for now (and forever)

•         These Roads We Stumble Down

•         Take My Breath Away

•         Cold

•         why don’t we go there?

•         I’ll Crash Until You Notice Me

•         These Constant Stars

•         To the Ends of the Earth

•         Behavioural Ecology

•         my heart is breathing for this moment in time

•         After Hours

•         so keep my candle bright

•         So Much We Didn’t Say

•         like a boomerang

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hey so i dont know much about the specifics in kpop so can you tell me if 9 wins is a lot or is this no big deal and super common and other groups have gotten this many wins before and stuff

it kinda is? i mean multiple wins (especially 10+ wins, which i hope we can achieve) are more rare and kinda “reserved” for bigger groups or Very Popular Songs (ex: call me baby, cheer up, rough, luv)

from what i’ve witnessed in kpop, most group average about 5 wins per song, on occasion going beyond that bc of a few factors: theyre an extremely popular group/have a big fanbase (exo, twice), or the song gets extremely popular (cheer up, growl, rough, some). but for the most part, each comeback can usually garner anywhere between 1-6 or so wins (for example, infinite, shinee and vixx usually get about 3 each comeback recently, bts’ highest record currently is 6, similarly with girl groups - usually about 3-6). this really depends on the popularity of the group and how many actual competitors there are for the #1 - which you’ll see a great deal of competing considering twice and bts just came back on the same day

and red velvet usually get about 5 - 6 wins each comeback(icc/rr = 6, ootn/dd = 5), so we average out to 11 wins in the entire year, so the fact that they’ve gotten 9 wins with just ONE song is kinda a big deal.

basically the formula kinda goes:

week 1 - comeback week (usually no wins)

week 2 - winning week! anywhere between 1 and all the trophies available

week 3 - maybe you win again on show champion but this is usually when another group swoops in and wins instead, unless the song gets really big and the group who won last week continues to win, or lack of any real competition (sorry nct) means u continue to win (this is what’s currently happening with rv - not to say the song isnt popular but its no “cheer up”)

week 4: usually the goodbye stages (sometimes groups are still winning here but THAT is really rare - i think i can only remember exo, twice, and apink win in the fourth week)

tldr; it’s really dependant on popularity (but even so, groups people deem popular - like vixx, infinite, shinee, seventeen - don’t get anywhere near 9 wins for one song, at least not recently)

• January 12, 2015 •

Proposal Story: Today was our last day in Naples, FL so we made it a definite plan to go to the beach. Whenever Tim and I go to the beach we always pick out shells and have a little competition on who can pick out the best shells. So we’re there on the beach taking pictures, goofing around and being silly as usual, then we begin our seashell hunt. He goes a little ways down the beach and I’m still looking for shells and I hear him yell “baby I found the winning shell!” as he’s running towards me, mind you he said that a couple times before so I laughed, & right when he reaches me he “trips”, gets on one knee and presents the winning shell. He most definitely won this time ❤️

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Costume Contest & Trick-or-Treat Winners
  • Romano: huh? Why is our group costume 'unique'?
  • Netherlands: Ophelia does not carry a sub-machine gun, and Juliet looks like she could beat up both houses just to marry Romeo.
  • Liechtenstein: yay, we won something~~
  • Austria: never again will I go to America during Fall shirtless...
  • Iceland: I can't believe we dressed up as the Teletubies... and I was the sun-baby... *cries*
  • Denmark: oh-ohh~
  • Norway: Den if you made an actual 'oh-ohh' I will stab you win my antenna.
  • France: honhonhon- *gets thrown into oblivion by England*
  • England: I-It doesn't mean that this makes up for France being a fucking dickhead, or anything...


There’s a LOT that we need to talk about. First off, this:

Before the Finals, Yuri is reviewing the promise that he made to the world and to himself, which puts a lot of pressure on him. He’s unsure of whether or not he’s actually going to win, which is causing him anxiety, similar to what we witnessed at the China Cup. The main difference between the two instances, however, is the fact that he knows that Victor will help him. ‘Help me, Victor,” is no longer a question that has to be asked, it is what Yuri knows Victor will do for him, and what he can expect from him. 

Their relationship has grown so much stronger over the span of 3 episodes, and it continues to be one of the most honest and healthy relationships that I’ve ever seen on TV. 

Second, I want to acknowledge the fact that Victor says this:

Victor and Yuri have never, ever said the words ‘I love you’ in the show. While they have expressed their feelings in a variety of other ways, those three words have never been said. BUT since Victor is narrating the episode, we get to see into his inner thoughts. The fact that Yuri and given him not only love, but also life, just shows how much Victor is head over heals for Yuri. 

The other part of this, however, hit me even harder. The fact that Victor knows that so many others have been affected by Yuri’s love and kindness; his parents, his friends, his sister, and most importantly Yurio. This line is said almost directly after Victor’s conversation with Yurio, where he talks about motivation. To be honest, I think that Yuri has motivated Yurio more than Victor ever could have. Yuri gave him a fierce competitor,  a drive to compete harder than he has in the past, thereby restoring his love in the sport, and giving him a reason to keep competing, not just skating to because he was good. 

The last thing i want to talk about it everybody’s reaction to the EnGaGeMeNt!!

AKA where my elegant language goes down hill because I am TOo EXCITED TO TYPE ANYTHING 

Phichet goes 0-100 real quick and is legit so hyped that his best friend got married. WoW LOOK HOW PROUD H E IS OF YURI AND VicTor ! prolly gonna be Yuri’s best man at their wedding!! Also JJ 

he just straight up swoops in and is like me n’ ma girl r gonna be the ones getting married, not u guys. SO NOW, it’s like battle of the couples: who wins gold? edition and I honestly cannot wait to see how it turns out…still a little anxious though, cause it could put some pressure on Yuri…

but lowkey so happy that no one EVER comments on the fact that they are a gay couple, and that they are engaged to be married and that makes me really happy 

  • what she says: i'm ready for the finale
  • what she means: i'm not ready but i'm kinda ready wait i'm actually not fucking ready because yuri on ice is ending what if yuuri doesn't win gold but hey let's be positive he's definitely gonna pull this off and perform his free skate perfectly and he's gonna win gold and we are gonna hear him and viktor exchange i love you's to each other and finally witness an uncensored kiss and we are going to see them get married and make babies together but like can six people win the gold medal instead pls because they're all so precious i don't want to see them sad and let's hope that there will be a viktuuri pair skating to the stay close to me duet version and we get to see them eat katsudon together and live happily ever after

Graduation Album Mini-Chapter: The Everyday Life of the Karasuma Household

I ended up doing the translations out of order after all, but here’s Karasuma’s and Irina’s chapter in English! 

Page 1

Takaoka: The sequel to the incident that occurred seven years ago

Takaoka: You and your wife must know of it

Irina: That’s right! The battle between husband and wife never ends!! Tonight will be my win!!

Irina: …How mortifying!!

Irina: I’ve been treated like a baby for these seven years…!!

Karasuma: It’s that guy’s genes…Are these…clones!?

Irina: I’ve heard that our child has built up a harem at the nursery. Just who does she take aft-

Karasuma: You.

Karasuma: Wasn’t the possibility that it would be used as a weapon abandoned!!?

Page  2

Karasuma: A dangerous location!?

Irina: Yes, I’ll go anywhere!!

Irina:  Although, I hate it when I’m ordered around by someone other than you  


Karasuma:  We shoulder the heavy things

Karasuma: Together, as a team

Technically, I can’t say with 100% certainty that the guy in the hat and the one screaming “KARASUMAAAA” is actually Takaoka but he sure sounds (and looks) like him, and it’s a lot cleaner than writing “random guy”. Karasuma’s and Irina’s marriage is going more or less how I expected.  


You can also find the translations for:

Nagisa’s chapter

Karma’s chapter

Chiba’s and Hayami’s chapter

Asano’s chapter

EXO Reaction when you have really overprotective sisters

*Cough-liz-cough* Xoxo, Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“I’m ready for it jagi… let’s go see your sisters…” *Knows it will be hard*


*Wins them with just one smile* 


“Hyung… hyung… I need advise… her sisters… they are terrifying..” *Baby is desperate*


“Try to act cool Tao… try to act cool… don’t let them know you are scared… it’s just their sisters… it’ll be okay….” *Trying to encourage himself*


“Let’s go get some chicken… it’s on me. We can know each other more and stuff… yeah let’s go!” *Chicken solves everything tbh*


*There’s no way you can hate this sweetie… he’ll be accepted in no time*


*Dying inside* “H-hi… I’m… your sister’s… boy.. friend.. please-be-nice-to-me”


“Pleaseeeee!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll be nice to her! I promise!!” *So manly*


*Gulps* “Are you sure this is a good idea jagi? There are stories…. about your sisters… you know… I have nightmares sometimes…. Okay… I’ll go with you”


*Prepares himself mentally and physically for the day he’s going to meet them*


*Tries to be himself but realizes where’s he at* “Oh they are watching… this is bad… baobei save me”


“Mission 003, trying to make her sisters like me! Training starts at 0700!” *Feels like in a real Impossible Mission*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Some playlists for the election tonight

If Hillary wins:

  1. At Last - Etta James
  2. Celebration - Kool and the Gang
  3. We Are The Champions - Queen
  4. I’ll Stick Around - Foo Fighters
  5. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight - U2
  6. Some Kind Of Wonderful - Grand Funk
  7. Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls

If Trump wins:

  1. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It - R.E.M.
  2. I Want To Be Sedated - Ramones
  3. Ain’t No Sunshine - Bill Withers
  4. Crumblin’ Down - John Mellencamp
  5. Dust In the Wind - Kansas
  6. Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash
  7. Gotta Get Away - The Offspring
  8. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

A short one for all those who didn’t vote or voted for a third party:

  1. Who’s Cryin Now - Journey
  2. Ironic - Alanis Morissette
  3. Flirtin’ With Disaster - Molly Hatchet

Finally, one for Trump himself:

  1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Satellites
the signs as things i've heard people say at my school
  • Aries: I just got here and I already want to go home.
  • Taurus: *After being tazed* I'm cooked
  • Gemini: *Handing the teacher a dvd* DJ Malec spin this shit
  • Cancer: I smoked a whole baby yesterday.
  • Leo: Do u ever look at your hoeish ways and contemplate how you got here
  • Libra: *Singing* Someday we'll find it, the rainbow- DRAMATIC ASS HOE SHUT THE FUCK-
  • Scorpio: *In the corner* alexander hamilton was the biggest hoe
  • Sagittarius: I heard that someone entered a pringles flavor contest with period blood flavored pringles
  • Capricorn: (To Sagittarius) But did he win???
  • Aquarius: Suck my ass that taco was the shit
  • Pisces: Does homestuck count as a video game???

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Can we hope that zayn will attent the brits? His last two likes on twitter are about it and the last time he was active about awards was the amas which he went and win(well it was heavenly linked to gigi too) Anyway until he resurfaces with concrete evidence in la i'll believe he's in uk resting low rehearshing for his brit performance. Also what are the chances to have a chiam attentance? I dont expect for liam to go unless he's with her and all the question would be baby related.


I personally do think the odds of Zayn attending the Brits are more favorable then not, as keeping in Melly’s Beardsmas 2k17 predictions. I’d put Melly Maths™* at 70/30 in favor of him going. 

One anon pointed out the possibility of what if IDWLF acoustic was meant to be performed at the Brits and be released post performance, which would be smart Business Hoe-ing, but I have zero boob inklings about whether he’s going to perform (although I obvs would love to see that).  He’s supposed to be at the Versus show in the UK tomorrow w/ Gigith, so we’ll see what happens.

Fwiw, I think there’s a 0% chance Cheryl is attending any award shows this pregnant. She’s supposed to be due in March now, apparently according to what she told the tabloids? I think if Liam goes, he’ll go stag and avoid any questions related to the Chiam baby and her 174 year pregnancy. 

*fair warning that Melly is shit at maths though


Oh, my beautiful sweet little angel babies. We’ve done it. We’ve reached the season finale. Can you believe that it’s only been 9 episodes? And now here we are, the 10th episode. Consider this our final game of the World Series. Let’s go out with a win!

No matter what happens in the upcoming months, whether we get renewed or not, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure to meet and create and scream with all of you. We truly have something special in this fandom and I, personally, couldn’t be more thankful to have met you wonderful, brilliant people.

Y'all know how this goes! Pitch starts at 9p EST on Fox. Remember to set your DVRs, watch live, stream on the Fox app, tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers you meet on the streets…And keep watching! Hulu, Amazon video, Itunes, and the Fox App have episodes!

And don’t forget to tweet your hearts out! Starting at 8pm EST, get to tweeting with our hashtags #RenewPitch, #PitchOnFox, #Pitch. We’ve trended FIVE weeks in a row (during airing weeks)…let’s make it six!

Episode Synopsis: Ross warns the Padres that Ginny is dangerously close to her pitching limit, but management is reluctant to end her season. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts Will about money that has gone missing from the restaurant fund in the all-new “Don’t Say It” episode of PITCH.

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None of us wanted him to fail but we never dreamed things would go the way they did. That call never came. He has just kept on winning and winning - maybe not The X Factor, but there’s no denying he’s golden. My baby brother never came home again. He grew up, and all of our memories became his origin story.” - Gemma Styles for Another Man (2016)


I never thought that I would lose my mind
That I could control this
Never thought that I’d be left behind
That I was stronger than you, baby
Girl if only I knew what I’ve done
You know, so why don’t you tell me
And I, I would bring down the moon and the sun
To show how much I care

Don’t want to lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don’t want to lose you now
No no, or ever again

I’ve got this feeling you’re not gonna stay
It’s burning within me
The fear of losing
Of slipping away
It just keeps getting closer, baby
Whatever reason to leave that I’ve had
My place was always beside you
And I wish that I didn’t need you so bad
Your face just won’t go away

Don’t want to lose you now
Baby, I know we can win this
Don’t want to lose you now
No no, or ever again

I never thought that I would lose my mind
That I could control this
Never thought that I’d be left behind

That I was stronger than you
Don’t want to lose to loneliness
Girl I know we can win
Don’t want to lose to emptiness, oh no
Never again

- Backstreet boys 

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omg ok so I just got a random idea and I had to share this with you okok imagine jd taking veronica to the fair and trying to get her prizes (plot twist, she's the one who wins it and she makes him carry a giant bear as her trophy) and when they go on rides it turns out jd gets SUPER MOTION SICK and when they get off he's like >>haha that was so fun ,and then throws up in the nearest trash can and veronica is worried but they laugh about it later

JD IS SUCH A LOSER like we didn’t see much of that in canon but I just know that not only is there a sensitive baby under that bad boy exterior, but also a complete fucking dork smh 

I win (Demetri Volturi x Reader)

It was a game of who can hit the other harder.
He killed your parents. You threw him under the bus with his master’s. It’s how it worked.

Was there love in your relationship? Yes there was, but it was covered in a sickly obsession to hurt one another without raising your hand. After all, if there was no love, would you really have a child with him?

He took your pregnancy as an advantage point and hurt you twice as much. He let Jane torture you whilst pregnant and he’d stand and watch.
Yes. He was winning. He thought he’d won. He wore a look of triumph and with one last swing to finish you off…he didn’t let you see your daughter.

That brings you to now. You ripped off Demetri’s head - you needed the head start. No hard feelings Demetri.

You lifted your daughter out of bed.
“Hi baby.”
“Where we going?”
“I’m taking you home with me.” The girl nodded into your shoulder. “Okay, say bye bye to daddy.”
“Bye bye daddy…”
You smiled kissing the top of her head. “I win Demetri.” You muttered.