we are going to be life long best friends i hope you know that

So….It’s officially our THREE year anniversary here on the east coast.

Three years….I’m completely amazed that we’ve been open for three years. So much has changed since the first day of this RP. It’s grown and expanded so much and become a staple of so many people’s daily life and I’m honored to know that we’ve been there with you through so much. Honored to know you all and become your friend. 

I couldn’t be more humbled by and proud of all of you. To those who have been around since early on, and those just added today, you are what makes this place keep going on. You have all been so kind, caring, and loving people I’ve ever met. I love seeing how much you all care for one another  and how you cheer one another on in our day to day lives. Our family here is the best and I love you. 

I hope you’ll stick around for another three years, because as long as you guys want this, I’ll stick around and help keep it alive. So congrats to everyone here. We’ve hit three years. It’s time to celebrate!

In thirty minutes, my friend, who i love dearly is on her way to New York…to live. I havent known her for very long, but, she has changed my life and helped me through so much. To think, I met her, a few months back, and she was so sick she couldnt laugh. I wanted to know her immediatly, she was a ball of sunshine. Since stone soup, we’ve been inseperable. Ive bonded and attatched myself to her so effortlessly.

@witchaj I just want to thank you for everything youve done for me. I appreciate you so much. You are the definition of a true friend. I wish you nothing but the best in New York and i hope to save enough money to go see you soon! Please make lots of friends, and go out, and meet new people! Be safe! I love you !

lambitch  asked:

okay so let's go. the reason i'm single is i have never in my life been in a relationship that wasn't abusive in some way. so i decided that love wasn't for me. then last year i fell in love and we got together. she was the worst mentally abusive person i've been with & i'm still trying to get over it. love definitely isn't for me. where i would go if $$$ wasn't an issue: to new york to visit my best friend through 3yrs. the best person i have ever known. now i can't write anymore ))):

omg i’m so sorry you came across all those awful people :( I have never experienced something that terrible but totally understand you (long story here). I truly hope it gets better and you can overcome what she did to you: i know you are strong and you can do it! Also i hope you find someone who can give you all the love you give to people and treats you well and respects you and is caring and wonderful just like you<3 *hugging you across the screen*

tell me your story, please