we are going to bang alright

  • *phone rings*
  • Makoto: You can answer that.
  • Akira: *answers phone* Hello?
  • Ryuji: Hey buddy what's up? Ready to go to our Phantom Thieves Hideout?
  • Akira: !!!
  • Makoto: ?
  • Ryuji: You know, where we go to change people's heart. Just like we did with Madarame. Madarame's heart.
  • Makoto: ...
  • Akira: *tries hanging up the phone*
  • Ryuji: And like just like we did the other day with Kamoshida. The shitty PE teacher we hate. Kamoshida's heart.
  • Makoto: ...
  • Akira: *banging phone on the table*
  • Ryuji: You, me; Ryuji Sakamoto. Ann Takamaki and Yusuke Inari from Kosei. We're the Phantom Thieves that take people hearts. Just like we did Madarame's and Kamoshida's hearts. Remember?
  • Makoto: ...
  • Akira: *bangs phone on table harder*
  • Ryuji: Anyway just wanted to remind you that we'll be in the Subway accessway because that's our hideout. Our Phantom Thieves hideout.
  • Akira: *throws phone at the door*
  • Ryuji: ...alright. I'll see you soon at our hideout with the other two. Later. *hangs up*
  • Makoto: ...
  • Akira: ...
  • Makoto: ...
  • Akira: D-don't you just hate wrong numbers?

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Alright so I was just wondering, is there a story behind the title "Crooked Kingdom?"

It’s not much of a story, but here it is: We desperately needed a title and everyone was very keen on Kingdom of Crows except for me, but we’d been banging our heads against the wall so long on it, I was ready to give in. I sent an email to my publisher saying we were good to go. Then, as  I was standing in line at the airport on the way home from a book fair in Brazil, I was still grumbling about it. “It’s a kleptocracy, not a kingdom,” I said. “It’s a kingdom of crooks.” And then I did this: 

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The Arrangement (Epilogue 2)

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Summary: Not telling, don’t wanna spoil anything, just keep reeeaading

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: teeth-rotting fluff, implied smut

A/N: Here we are, kiddos. Ask and you shall receive… the demand was so high and I love this series so much that I just can’t let it go. Not that I think any of you will be upset by this news… ENJOY

Find the rest of the series HERE and my mobile masterlist HERE

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La Vie en Rose

Request: For the Drabble list thing , can you do 5&3 <3333

3. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”
5. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Word Count: 1819

A/N: Reader is 17 here~Starts off 16, but is 17 cause woo time skips. But wow I just realized I slightly changed things a bit. So basically. May doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman. But it also doesn’t take place during the movie. But Peter is 16. So, after the movie, but May doesn’t know. YIKES! (Im really only explaining this like this because I’m splitting this into different parts. The next part will go more into the title).

Summary: the reader grew up with Peter and when the reader’s mom dies, May takes her in.

Warnings: None.


You and Peter grew up together. Kind of. Peter’s aunt May was your mom’s best friend. When Peter’s parents died when he was young he went to live with his Aunt, and May would often invite you and you mom over so Peter would have a friend to play with.

The only thing is, you and your mom moved away when you were 10 and you only saw Peter and May about once a year.

So, when your mom died, you found out she had put May as next of kin, and you were shipped off to Queens to live with Peter and May.

It was odd moving back to the city you had called home for so long. After living in a small town in Maine for six years, it was odd being back in a big city.

Of course it was a difficult transition when your mom died, trying to get used to May and Peter again. May treated you like you were her own daughter, and Peter was so nice to you.

You had had a crush on Peter for as long as you can remember. Probably eight or nine years. It was always something small where it would always sit in the back of your mind, but wouldn’t really hit you unless you and your mom went to visit.

By the time you were 15, you and Peter had exchanged phone numbers when you stayed with them for a week with your mom. You had kept in touch after that. You would text at least once a week, mostly telling each other about your days.

Moving to Queens really wasn’t easy. May tried her best to help you, but Peter was really the one who go through to you.

One night, shortly after you had moved in he had heard you crying in your room. He had let himself in and sat down on your bed with you.

He began to tell you about his adjustment to Queens when he was really little and how hard it was for him to make friends, to get used to staring a new school at such a young age, and get used to May and the city.

“I remember that on my second day here in Queens, May told me that someone was coming to see me, and that they were my age. And a few hours later, you walked through that front door. As soon as you saw me you ran over and shoved two toy cars in my face asking if I wanted to play. I was six, Y/N, but I knew that I had made a friend and I would be okay,”

After he had told you this, he pulled you into a hug and held you for a while. But before you knew it, your lips were on his and you were pulling his shirt off. The next morning when you woke up naked next to Peter, you both agreed that it would be best if nothing like that were to happen again. It would be too complicated given your situation.

After that night you and Peter remained close. One could argue that you were even better friends than you were when you were little. And your crush had grown. Living with him only helped it grow into something more than a crush. You couldn’t help but admire Peter.

May was amazing support to you and helped you adjust to living in an apartment in Queens.

When the new Semester at school began you joined Peter at Midtown High School. When Peter introduced you to Ned, you clicked instantly.

Your Friday nights soon turned into a time when you, Peter, and Ned would hang out. The three of your would study or watch movies or go out and wander the city.

One night, almost a year after you had moved in with May and Peter, you were helping May with dinner.

“I have to say, Y/N, since you’ve moved in, we’ve had go out for take out a lot less,”

You laughed, “well, in your defence, you just never set the timer on the oven and leave the food in for too long,”

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say, but why don’t you go get Peter from his room while I change and then we can eat,” May said, heading towards her bedroom.

You walked over to Peter’s bedroom door and knocked twice.

“Peter?” You asked

Suddenly there was a loud bang at the front door, it swung open and Peter fell through.

“Peter? Oh my god, are you alright?” You said

You rushed over to where Peter had fallen on the floor.

Peter quickly hopped up, held a hand over his face and tried to make a run to his room.

You stood in front of him, not letting him pass you.

“Peter Parker, what’s going on?”


“Then take your hand off your face,”

Peter slowly removed his hand from his face, revealing a giant bruise below his left eye.

“Oh my god,” you said

“Please don’t tell May,”

“I’m not going to have to tell her, I think she’ll notice,”

“Can you please just help me cover it up,” Peter begged.

You hesitated for a moment, May had welcomed you into her home and took you in as her own, you didn’t like lying to her.

“Fine,” you agreed.

You allowed Peter to pass you and head into his room. You went into your room and picked up you makeup bag and headed back into the hallway where you ran into May.

“Y/N, did you get Peter?”

“Uh, yes… he’s just - uh he’ll be out in a second. He just needs my help with something,” you said and quickly moved past May and entered Peter’s room.

Peter was sitting on his bed when you walked in.

“So, I have to use makeup to cover that up,”

You pulled Peter’s desk chair close to his bed so you could sit and fix up his face.

“So are you going to tell me what happened?” You asked, rummaging though your makeup bag for your concealer.

Peter remained silent.

“Peter i’m not going to help you unless you explain this to me,”

Peter sighed “Look, I got into a fight,”

“You’re lying,” you said, applying the concealer to Peter’s face.

“Yeah, okay well then if i’m lying you’re an idiot,” Peter said, (knowing that you are extremely smart and not at all an idiot).

“In that case, I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. Tell me the truth Peter,”

As Peter went to open his mouth Peter’s bedroom door opened and May walked in.

“Guys it’s dinner,” May paused and looked at what was happening, “Y/N, are you putting makeup on Peter?”

You and Peter exchanged a look.

“No?” You said

May eyed you both suspiciously.

“What’s for dinner?” Peter said, standing up and walking out to the table.

“Y/N and I made a lasagna,” May answered as the two of you followed Peter to the table.

“It was my grandma’s recipe,” you said, taking a seat.

You stared Peter down the entire meal, hoping he would get the message that you weren’t finished with the conversation from earlier.

“Y/N, you haven’t touched your food. What’s going on?” May said

“Nothing, May. Sorry. It’s just been a long day at school and I could really use Peter’s help with my calculus homework,” you lied

“Well, why don’t you eat something and then you two can go study,” May suggested.

After dinner, Peter helped May clean up while you waited in your bedroom for Peter.

Eventually he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I need answers, Peter. You can’t just walk in here all bruised and ask me to help you hide it from may without an explanation,”

“I wasn’t lying before. I really did get into a fight. Someone tried to steal my backpack and they punched me, and they stole my backpack,”

You were hesitant to believe him.

“You’re really not lying to me?”

“C’mon Y/N, I would never lie to you. You know that,“ Peter said.

“Actually, I clearly remember this one time when we were eight that you lied straight to my face,”

“No, Y/N, please don’t bring up the barbie incident again,”

“Peter, you cut off my barbie’s hair. I will never get over that,”

“How many times do I have to apologize for that? It’s been eight years,”

You shrugged, knowing every time you brought this up you got Peter all worked up.

“Peter let me ask you something,”


“Who is she?” You asked.

“What?” Peter said, confused.

“Ive deduced that you must have a girlfriend. You sneak out almost every night, you claim to be at your Stark internship every day after school, but I don’t buy it,”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,”

“Again, I still don’t buy it,”

"Well, what about you, Y/N, do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?” Peter questioned.

“Oh yeah, great job turning the tables on me there, Peter. But you know there hasn’t been anyone since Gwen,”

“Shame, you guys were cute together,” Peter said.

You and Peter stayed silent for a while before Peter spoke up again.

“Y/N, remember not long after you moved in with me and May and how I told you about the first time we met and what I remembered,”

You nodded, remembering what else had happened that night.

“I know we agreed that nothing should happen after that night, but I just always thought something would,” Peter admitted.

He sat and stared at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You know what, I think i’m gonna go. All this sneaking out has left me extremely tired,” Peter said.

Peter placed a light kiss to your forehead and got up to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?” You said, stopping him at your door.

“I’m actually kind of waiting to see if anything will happen with this one girl,”

Peter gave you a small smile, said goodnight, and closed the door behind him.

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"I really need you" prompt

Harry’s at an important dinner with the label, sitting next to Jeff, when his phone begins vibrating. He checks the caller ID, sees it’s her, ignores it. A few seconds later; the same thing, he ignores it again. The third time his phone rings and her contact picture comes up he sighs and excuses himself to pick up the phone.


“Pick up, pick up.” I mutter to myself with my phone pressed to my hear, tears streaming down my face as I look over the totaled car seeing the police cars make their way down to me. It all happened so fast, the car that hit me ran a red light and smashed into my side of the car hard enough to make the car spin. My head had ricocheted off the steering wheel and I had a killer migraine now which was making it difficult to walk.

After the third attempt to call Harry, he finally picked up.

“What is it, sweetie? I told you this dinner is really—"

“I got in a car accident.” I say, trying to keep my voice steady.

“What?! Where are you? Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

I really need you.” Is all I manage to get out before I’m sobbing.

“Alright, baby? Baby, listen to me. I need you to share your location with me on the phone, can ya do that for me?”

I nod for a few seconds before remembering Harry can’t see me, “Yeah.” I hiccup.

“Okay, do that right now, I’ll be right there, don’t move.” And then the line goes dead and I already feel alone as I see a police officer walking over to me.


“Fuckin’ traffic.” Harry groans to himself in the back of the car, his leg bouncing uncontrollably. He tried calling her back a few times since he left the restaurant, but she won’t pick up. “Oh, to hell with this.” They’re only a block over so Harry jumps out of the car and starts running, hoping no one will follow him.


I can hear my name being called, but the medic is trying to bandage my forehead and I’m pushing her hand away and then my boyfriend is standing in front of me and I’m crying.

“Oh my God, love you’re bleeding. Are you alright?” He turns to the medic, “Is she alright?”

“I told them not to call the ambulance, I’m fine.” I say.

Harry turns his attention back to me, “You’re not fine.” His hands are shaking as he holds my face, inspecting for damage.

“I’m sorry about your car.”

“Wha—?“ He frowned and turned before seeing the car and immediately turning back to me, “I don’t care about the car, I care about you.”

I rolled my eyes as he stepped away from me to allow the medic to bandage my forehead, “Harry—“

“Love, I swear I don’t give a shit about the car.” He looked to the medic, “Is she alright? Can we go home?”

She shook her head, “She banged her head pretty hard, I think she should go to the hospital.”

I immediately started to panic and Harry grabbed my hands, “Hey, hey, hey, you’re fine. I’m gonna come with you, okay?”

“I just want to go home.” My voice broke and I saw Harry’s eyes beginning to shine too.

“I know, my love, I know, we’ll go home as soon as we know for sure that you’re okay.”

Harry held my hand in the ambulance and sang to me over the sound of the sirens because he knew I didn’t like loud noises. We found out when I got to the hospital that I had a pretty minor concussion and that was pretty much it. They said I was extremely lucky.

Harry carried me into the house when we got home, gently placing me under the covers. After propping my head up he slid into bed beside me and I was half asleep, but I felt him press a quick kiss on the corner of my mouth.

He doesn’t think I’ll remember, but I hear him when he says, “If you scare me like that again, you’re in for it.” He sighs and gently runs his fingers through my hair and kisses my cheek again and I feel his breath on my ear as he whispers, “Thank you for being okay, angel.“

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When Steve’s Away Part 2

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: a little angst, crude innuendo, swearing

Word Count: 1065 

Summary: Steve’s about to leave on a three week mission leaving you at the compound. Just before he goes though he gives you a proposition you aren’t quite sure what to do with.

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted all week, life has been kicking my ass. Hope you enjoy this next part though !! 

The first week of Steve being away I mostly stayed in our room, admittedly a little terrified over what he and Bucky might have spoken about. The few occasions I had run into him over the last few days had been a little awkward, mostly on my part. I’d stuttered and blushed around him as though I was a sixth grader with her first crush. Bucky of course, found it hilarious; he’d throw a wink my way, waggle his eyebrows a little and leave the room. It was maddening.

Steve’s comment had been so left field that I really and truly didn’t know what to do with it. Strictly speaking it wasn’t permission for Bucky to fuck me into oblivion while he was out of town, but it also wasn’t a warning not to. It was like he was leaving the decision completely up to us, and I would have been kidding myself if I hadn’t thought about it while lying in bed all alone. Since the moment Bucky had moved in I’d found him attractive, there was just something about him I couldn’t help but like. He was different from Steve but similar in a lot of ways, maybe just a little rougher around the edges.

Once, at the tail end of one of Tony’s parties I’d made a backhanded comment to Steve about the shape of Bucky’s ass and how much I wanted to slap it, tequila had never been my friend. He’d laughed it off, probably putting it down to me just being drunk, but I couldn’t help but think that maybe this whole thing stemmed from that. Three weeks wasn’t really a long time to be away in the grand scheme of things and it wasn’t like Steve and I had a rambunctious sex life, it was more of a when the time hit sort of deal. The fact that he was okay with any of this was really throwing me.

Deciding on clearing my head a little I made my way down into the kitchen, pulling out the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I had a lot on my mind baking seemed to help focus me a little. Mixing all the ingredients together into the bowl, I was so focused on my task that I didn’t hear when Bucky entered the room; a startled gasp falling from my lips as he locked me to the bench with his arms.
“Are you gonna avoid me the whole time?” He whispered, his breath hot against the side of my neck, causing a shiver to roll down my spine.
“N - no.”

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Numb prologue episode

Lance was lay on his grandma legs while she play with his hair “Abuela what is like to be happy?” Lance ask “it feels warm and like tickles you also get a smile when you feel happy” she answers “what is like to be sad?” Lance ask “it feels cold and empty that’s when you search for someone who feels happy to hug you so they can share their warmth with you” she answered “what it’s like to love?” Lance ask “well that’s more complicated you feel happy and exited also you feel butterflies on your stomach but love can also come just with happiness and tenderness like the love I have for you or you hermanos and hermanas also like the love you mamá has for you” she answer
“Lance cariño ya nos vamos!” Lance mom called “bye abuela” Lance said staring up “goodbye mijo” the grandma said “hay mijo why did you got to be curse like this” she said looking Lance with sad eyes as he got picked up by his dad.

Lance never felt anything like his family said he was numb so he will often ask what does it feel every emotion to everyone his older brothers or sisters his mom and dad but he ask his abuela more often Lance figure out that because she’s the one who has live the most she understand better the emotions.

“Lance bebe get dress we’re going to the doctor” Lance mom called Lance visit multiple doctors really often his mom will take him two times a month but the answers was always the same “miss your child is a very healthy kid” it was always the same his mom took him back home and his abuela was there “again on the doctor?” She said “si mama again on the doctor” Lance mom answers with an mad tone “stop wasting you money like that what Lance has is not a sickens is a curse” abuela said “he’s not curse it doesn’t exist such thing like curses!!” The mom yelled back “then what did the doctor said? Huh? What is his sickness?!” Abuela yelled “the doctor said his healthy is just an error I need to take him with a different doctor” Lance mom said “JULIANA ENOUGH! You’ve taken Lance to every doctor on this damn city! You’ve even took him back to Cuba you can’t keep wasting your money like this!!” The Abuela yelled “WHY NOT!? I just want my kid to be normal happy there’s gotta be someone who can help him…there’s have to be” Lance mom start crying and his grandma hug her “I know Mija I know” Lance he walk away from them and walk to his room just to get pushed to the floor by his brother.

“That hurt” Lance said with his normal stone face his brother push him again “stop it” Lance said being pushed again and again and again “get mad” his brother said with tears in the corner of his eyes “why are you crying?” Lance ask being answers with another push this time harder “get mad!” His brother yelled “stop that” Lance say standing up but getting pushed again to the floor “get mad damn it! Get angry yelled at me get annoyed!!” His brother yelled calling the attention of his other siblings “Carlos stop” Lance sister said “get MAD AT ME!!” Carlos said this time kicking Lance leaving him breathless his older brother grab him “Carlos stop Lance is only 6 you could kill him” the older brother said Lance only cough for a while then stand up and leave.

The years pass and Lance grew up always getting bullied for his lack of emotions and he dislike the faces his family made when he came back home hurt but honestly Lance did want to have emotions he wanted to feel something anything love hate he would’ve like to feel something even guilt so he try everything he could to feel something…nothing work so he fake it “mama what’s for dinner?” Lance ask “quesadillas” his mom answers “mmm yummy” Lance answers if he was going to lie to the whole world he will have to start with his family Lance start showing emotions his family was so happy he stop getting bullied he even fake his dream was being a pilot fighter it kinda was but Lance didn’t care if he couldn’t do it it’s not like he actually felt bad he couldn’t “MOM I GOT ACCEPTED!!!” Lance rush to his mom “IM GONNA BE A PILOT!!” Lance said.

On the garrison the lie kept going he will flirt with girls and make jokes play the goofball Lance faked he got a rival his name was Keith a guy who was an amazing pilot, he also fake he got a hero takashi shirogane who got lost on a space mission he got a friendship with this guy called Hunk he was nice then Lance meet Pidge a pretty cool and smart dude (he’ll know Pidge is a girl like it happen on the serie) he got a normal life but destiny had diferente plans for Lance he end up in space saving the universe maybe in space he could feel something?…no, he couldn’t not even when he was piloting his lion it did pass the idea of telling his team because when they discover Pidge was a girl they accept it really well but there’s a difference between lie of being a boy and lie about having emotions.

“La mentira tiene patas cortas” it was what Lance Abuela always said and today she was damn right it happen on a mission a galra grab hunk and it was
choking him “Now paladins give me the lions or I will kill the yellow paladin” the galra said the team couldn’t do anything there weren’t a lot of options but they couldn’t kill the galra they where defenders not killers but hunk he was going to die he was slowly stop fighting “Please let him go! We….we’ll give you t-” *BANG* shiro got interrupt by a shot the galra let hunk go and fell to the floor with blood coming out of his face hunk cough and drag himself away from the galra cadaver “wha-who did?” Hunk said and the team turned at Lance just to find this emotionless expresión Lance was carrying it took him a tick to show concern “Buddy are you alright?!” Lance said “y-you killed him” Pidge said “well it was him or hunk I didn’t have a choice” Lance said faking his emotions but now his team could feel the cold in his words.

Back at the castle they all got undress and back to their normal clothes “well I’m gonna go to talk to blue alright bye guys” Lance said leaving to the hangar of blue while the team share a concern look “was just me or Lance words sound so cold now and back there” hunk said “yeah they do” Pidge answered “it was scary I’ve never seen Lance that cold” Pidge said “yeah but the thing that concern me is that he didn’t hesitate he wasn’t shaking or shook about what he just did he was…emotionless” Shiro said “we have to talk to him” keith say “keith is right let’s go team” Shiro said walking to the hangar of blue just to find Lance closed eyes probably receiving vibres of blue they where communicating, “yeah girl” Lance said “I’ll tell them one day but not today” he said and that’s what make his team walk in “Tell us what?” Shiro said looking directly at Lance cold blue eyes


(Nailed it….yes it’ll be shklance)

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Hey Cap. I'm gonna have a v v shitty day, how about some Superfriends (ans yes, i am including Lucy) playing dinking games à la truth or dare and never have I ever? Bonus for some Director Sanvers if you are up for it, but only Sanvers I alright too. I send very much love to you, stay awsome!

Maggie swears to M’gann that they won’t let Kara have more alien rum than sh can handle, and even though Alex apparently trusts Maggie with her life but not a flash grenade, M’gann trusts Maggie with Kara’s liquor.

She strolls out of the bar with a bottle of the stuff and a smug expression as she heads to Kara’s for Game Night.

It’s board games for a while, but as the night presses on – and as a J’onn-imposed day off on Alex and a captain-imposed day off on Maggie settles in around them – the alcohol, human and alien, comes out in full force.

Lucy leans over Alex’s lap to whisper something in Kara’s ear that makes her blush, that makes her splutter and adjust her glasses, but she nods and she clears her throat.

“Someone thinks we should play Never Have I Ever,” Kara tells the group with a pointed look at Lucy, and James and Winn cheer.

“I’m in,” Maggie shrugs, leaning back into the couch, legs spread and confident, and Alex and Lucy both gulp at the sight.

“Okay okay, since it was my idea, I get to go first, okay?”

“Make it good, Lane,” Winn tilts his beer bottle toward her, and she smirks.

“When have you known me to not make it good, Schott? And don’t you answer that, Jimmy,” she teases, her hand on his knee, and James laughs and squeezes his ex’s hand briefly, shaking his head happily at how this crowd, this family, transforms her into a version of herself that is so much more likely to smile.

“Okay, so: everyone knows the rules, right? I say something I’ve never done, and if you have done the thing, you drink.”

“And every fourth time you’ve done something, you drink water, not alcohol, okay everyone? I don’t want anyone floating away.”

“Yeah Kara.”

“It was one time!”

“Alright alright: so. Never have I ever worn a red cap and put my hands on my hips.”

Kara scowls and shouts “no fair!” while Alex laughs into Lucy’s shoulder. Lucy’s hand slips onto Alex’s thigh and Maggie gulps, both on her own spit and on her beer.

“Maggie, did you just drink?” James calls her out, and she curses internally.

“I was really into Superman as a kid, okay?”

“Awww, little baby SuperSawyer! Ow! No pillow attacks, pillow attacks spill beers!”

“Babe, should we introduce you to Clark next time he’s in town?”

“My sister’s been banging him for years, James wanted to for a while, and hell, Schott still wants to, so I don’t blame you, Maggie – he’s someone to emulate alright,” Lucy grins as everyone yelps in laughter, before leaning in between Alex and Maggie, lowering for voice so only the two of them can hear her. “We can always explore more of your cape-wearing, hands-on-hipping later, too, Sawyer.”

Maggie bites her lip and Alex clears her throat. Loudly. But her smile gives her away, and Lucy’s smug as she sits back down.

“Who’s next?”

“Me, me, I’ll go!” Winn almost spills his beer down his front in his eagerness.

“Okay, okay. Um. Never have I ever had sex with anyone in this room.”

Everyone drinks.

Alex splutters.

“Kara, you and James – “

“No, you know I’m ace with men, I mean we’ve… done things, but not – “

“Well I know you didn’t sleep with Maggie, so who – “

Lucy’s busy examining her nails and James is busy burying his head in his hands and laughing to himself.

Maggie’s jaw drops, as pleased as she was when Alex punched Rick Malverne in the face.

Alex nearly falls off the couch.



“My little sister!”

“Is a very grown-ass woman. A very fine grown-ass woman.”

“My little sister!”

“Listen Danvers, it’s not my fault Kara discovered things about her sexuality before you did, otherwise you could have gotten with this earlier,” she winks. “Thanks for the assist bringing her out, Maggie. A service to lesbians and bi women everywhere.”

Maggie chokes on her beer as Alex stammers and gapes, her smile almost as bright as her blush.

Falling Slowly

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: This took so long to write because I was considering writing it as a series but here you go and I really hope y’all enjoy it.

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Originally posted by agsztrashbouquet

Watching the person you love falling in love with someone else right in front of your eyes, was hard. It hurt you emotionally and drained you physically, you watched as he absentmindedly placed his hand on her bare knee, he’d rub small love hearts against her skin, he’d whisper an inside joke into her ear and her giggles would fill the room. He’d glance at you, gulp nervously and shift awkwardly, removing the hand you were eying up and get back to what he was doing before.

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Edmund x Reader: Afraid

Prompt/ask: (Requested via message) Can you write something involving ed set in vodt? Where the reader is afraid of storms and he brings her to his cabin to comfort her? and kisses? thx!

Word count: 760

Warnings: none

Setting: VDT

The rain outside had become heavier with each passing minute, the storm almost consuming the Dawn Treader. You could nearly feel the entire weight of the boat move with you as you stood up and violently pushed your sheets back from where you previously lay.

Each step you took from your small bed seemed to be weighing you down, as if your socks were flooded from the rain outside. You just needed a breath of fresh air, away from the violent noises.

 As you closed the door to your cabin chambers and stepped into the window-less hall separating the rooms, you felt a surge of relief overwhelming you. Without another look around at the dark corridor below deck, you let your eyelids fall shut and your body sink to the floor.

“Everything alright?” 

Immediately, your eyes opened and your gaze turned to the gentle face of Edmund Pevensie. “Oh, uh, sorry.”

 “Sorry for…?” Edmund inquired softly. 

“Bothering you?” You offered, a bit timidly. 

“No no, I was just, uh-” He paused, “Actually, I don’t quite know.” 

The two of you remained in silence for a moment, you looking up at him from the floor. A crack of thunder broke the silence, its impact hitting the boat like a rush of water. You jumped involuntarily. 

Edmund shot you a look of concern as he took a step towards you.

“If you’d like, we could go to my cabin,” Edmund suggested, almost in a whisper as he knelt down a little. “Just so you-oh dammit.” 

He stopped mid-sentence, looking oddly flustered. “I’m just now realizing how this sounds.”

You chuckled softly in response, although your smile faded instantly as yet another wave of thunder hit you with a bang. You raised your eyebrows slightly.

“Uh, could we actually? Go to your cabin? I don’t, uh…really want to sleep in my own bed tonight.”

Edmund nodded without hesitation, kneeling down a little more so you could take his hand. 

“Of course, not like-well, you know. I won’t be spending the night...” You stammered, trailing off as you got to your feet. You could feel the heat rise to your cheeks as you stood up to meet Edmund at eye-level. You opened your mouth to speak again, the warmth of Edmund’s hand in yours.

“I just-”

“It’s alright.” Edmund said with a small, reassuring smile. “Come.”

 His cabin was only a couple doors down from yours, and as he opened it, you immediately felt safe. 

There was nothing different about this room compared to your own shabby one below deck, but something about it made you feel as if you had been homesick for it your entire life. Perhaps it was because it belonged to Edmund-although, seeing as you barely knew the man, you doubted that this was the case. 

“Thanks.” You said softly as he shut the door behind him. You stood awkwardly for a moment, suddenly becoming aware of how flimsy your nightdress was against your bare skin. 

“So, uh-”

 “Oh, do forgive me! Please, sit.” Edmund said hastily, guiding you to the small bed in the darkened room. “Make yourself as comfortable as possible, okay? I can get you some water if-” 

“That won’t be necessary Edmund, I’m fine.” You retorted, almost defensively-though you didn’t mean for it to sound that way. Even in the dark, you could tell Edmund was raising a skeptical eyebrow. 

He sat beside you tentatively, remaining silent for a moment as the rain continued to pound against the glass in the small window. 

“I’ve always been afraid of storms.” You muttered, more to yourself than to Edmund. The latter’s gaze snapped back to you, his eyes questioning you to elaborate. 

“Well, I’ve always hated the violence in rain. It’s like an ongoing war you see, each drop…racing for safety.” 

Edmund nodded, not breaking eye contact. 

“And it’s, I mean,” You continued, leaning back a little on the tiny bed, “Not…pleasant.”

To your surprise, Edmund chuckled faintly. “Well, if it was-as you say-pleasant, I don’t think you’d be sitting on my bed right now.” 

You groaned in mock-irration, a small smile forming on your features. “At least something has come out of this storm.” 

“Oh?” Edmund said with great amusement, standing up now. “And what exactly?”

 “Well, to begin with” You muttered, raising yourself from the bed with deliberate slowness, “I can confirm something.” Edmund raised an eyebrow. “What would you want to-”

 And then you were kissing. And, all of a sudden, the rain died out. All that mattered was Edmund.

Thank Aslan for the storm.

Kick His Ass (2p America)

He wasn’t happy that they were dating this guy. Not at all. The way he treated them was disgusting, and it made Allen’s stomach twist every time he saw them together. Y/N deserved much better than a slime ball who couldn’t keep a job. But what could he do? Beat the fuckers face in? Hell yes. But would Y/N ever speak to him again? Never.

So he watched, and waited for the perfect moment. The moment that this asshole slipped up, so that Allen good swoop in and save Y/N. But it never came. Even though the guy was a couch potato he was extremely loving, well in every one else’s eyes at least. Allen viewed the touches as harassment, Y/N clearly didn’t want such greasy hands on their skin. The kind words we viewed as verbal abuse. The romantic dates were brainwashing. Allen just couldn’t accept that they liked this guy.

That was until one day he got a call. They were crying, and in the background was someone banging on the door and yelling for them to come out.

“Allen? Hey it’s Y/N. Look I need a places to stay,” They said, voice quivering as they spoke, “Lutz and I aren’t exactly together anymore, and I got no where else to go.”

“You alright doll? Do I need to come get you?” He asked, tucking his bat into a duffle bag.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” The conversation ended there, and Allen raced to get to the apartment address Y/N had given to him month prior. He saw them right away, standing at the bottom of the steps with two suitcases in hand.

“Need a ride cutie?” He joked, wishing for the person before him to smile. They didn’t speak, only sliding into the car silently, “You gotta tell me what he did to make you so upset if you wanna place to stay.”

“He fucking disowned me in front of his friends. Wrote me off as some slut he picked up. Then got mad when I flipped him off in front of his buddies,” They snarled, refusing to look Allen in the eyes, “He than proceeds to argue with me when he got home, and eventually he…he hit me.”

Allen flipped after hearing this, and sped home, dropping his heart broken friend at his house.

“Keys are under the mat, call me if you need anything”

“Where are you going, if you don’t mind me asking?” They replied, walking up to the door. He gave a slight chuckle and devilish smirk.

“To kick his ass”

Without A Trace Part 3

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A/N: This is going up later than I wanted it to because of technical issues with my Wifi, but here is part three. The is much fluffier toward the end than the last two parts, and there is one possibly two more parts of this story to come. Hope you enjoy :)

Warnings: Discussion of slightly gruesome injury (nothing too descriptive, mention of rape) 

Rating: T

Word Count: 3k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

Sirens blazing, the team drove like bats out hell toward the two locations. Hotch was practically white-knuckling the steering wheel as he drove much faster than the posted speed limit.

“Hotch, are we doing a quiet entry or guns blazing?” Prentis asked.

“Soft entry,” he replied. “If we come in too strong, we don’t know what he’s gonna do. He could kill her off and run.” Coming up to the property, the three agents dove out of the car, SWAT team following close behind, and ran toward the entry. “His car is here. Prentis, get Rossi on the phone and turn them around,” Aaron muttered, as SWAT opened the door with a crowbar. Hotch and Morgan were the first inside, moving as quietly as they could through the house to clear it. “Morgan. Basement door,” Aaron whispered, nodding his head toward the door behind him. A muffled scream rang through the house, as Morgan tried to open the door only to discover it was locked. “We don’t have time for this,” Hotch grumbled and kicked the door in. They both rushed down the stairs, Prentis following close behind.


You heard something smash upstairs. You cried, silently praying for a miracle, and bit down on the rag in your mouth as he dug the scalpel into your skin, running it down your back for the seventh time. You were in so much pain, you were almost ready to give up. You felt so weak and tired. “Daniel Owens, FBI drop the knife,” Hotch growled. Owens seemed to pay absolutely no attention, as Hotch, Morgan, and Prentis came into the room.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset with me,” he muttered absentmindedly, still holding the scalpel right next to your throat. “I was just teaching your lovely agent here some manners and breaking her in.”

“You need to drop that weapon now, or you’re not walking out of here alive,” Prentis snarled.

“Is that a fact?”

“Look man, we do not want to shoot you,” Derek snapped.

“Now see, I don’t really think that’s true,” he sneered, moving the scalpel downward and thrust it forward. Aaron fired off two rounds, both striking Owens in the chest, but not before he’d managed to bury the scalpel in your side. You cried out in pain and Owens crumpled down on top of you. Hotch quickly holstered his weapon and immediately started undoing your restraints, starting with the gag.

“Get him off me,” you sobbed as Morgan hauled the dead man off of you and onto the cold ground.

“I need a medic down her now,” Prentis said as she knelt down to inspect the wound. “I need something to put pressure on this with,” she muttered fanatically looking around for a clean rag or towel.

“Here,” Morgan grunted, tearing off his bullet proof vest, yanking his t-shirt, and handing it to her. “Use that,” he told her and quickly went to work on freeing your feet. As soon as Hotch had managed to free your wrists, you threw your arms around Aaron and sobbed into his stomach.

“Sh, sh, (Y/N), it’s alright,” he said trying to comfort you and smoothed a hand over your hair. You shifted around and started trying to dislodge Prentis’ hands to pull the scalpel out of your side.

“No, no, mama, you gotta sit still and leave it there,” Derek told you as he finally freed your legs. Two paramedics rushed in and started checking you over. You squeezed Hotch tighter as the started touching your back and side.

“It’s ok, I’ve got you,” he whispered. One of the paramedics had Prentis move her hands so he could look at the stab wound.

“She’s bleeding out. C’mon we’ve got to get her to the hospital and into surgery ASAP,” he muttered as they set up the stretcher. “Ma’am I need you to keep pressure on that,” he told Prentis who immediately put her hands back on your side.

“What’s wrong?” Hotch demanded, facing paling slightly.

“The tip of the scalpel has nicked an internal organ which is causing her to bleed out and most likely there is some internal bleeding as well. I need you to help us get her on the stretcher and then keep her awake,” the paramedic explained. Hotch unwound your arms from his middle despite your cries of protest and gripped your shoulders. Morgan grabbed your legs and the paramedics slid under your stomach. The four of them lifted you swiftly onto the stretcher. You immediately grabbed onto Hotch’s hand again, still quietly sobbing. Morgan grabbed one end with the paramedic, and the other paramedic took over keeping the pressure on the wound from Emily. Hotch jogged beside the stretcher was they quickly made their way up the stairs.

“Hey, hey, (Y/N), look at me. C’mon keep your eyes open,” Aaron pleaded with you as your eyes started fluttering shut.

“I’m trying, but I’m so tired,” you cried quietly. The rest of the team was standing outside as they carried you out to the ambulance. You felt the world spinning around you as you faded in and out. They loaded you into the ambulance and you pried your eyes back open. “Please don’t leave me,” you pleaded with Hotch, through teary eyes. Aaron looked at the paramedics who nodded in approval.

“I won’t leave you if you won’t leave me,” he promised and climbed in the ambulance beside you, re-clasping your hand in his.

“We’ll meet you at the hospital,” Rossi shouted as they closed the doors and sped off toward the hospital. The paramedics worked quickly, disinfecting the wounds on your back and trying to slow the bleeding from your side. The stinging of the alcohol against your open wounds was actually helping keep you awake, and you squeezed Hotch’s hand tighter.

“Aaron,” you muttered.

“What do you need?” he asked automatically.

“Talk to me.”

“About what?”

“Anything,” you pleaded, squeezing his hand again as a large burst of pain rushed through you.

“Uh, well,” he mumbled, “Remember when the whole team had a picnic out in the park during one of the mandatory team building exercises that the Bureau makes us participate in? even though if we’re being honest there is no team more in tune to each others’ needs than ours.”

“Yeah, and you brought Jack,” you said, trying to smile despite the pain.

“Yup, and we all had sandwiches and cookies. Then we decided to play soccer. It was you, Morgan, Reid, and Penelope versus Rossi, Jack, Prentis, JJ, and me. Which was hardly fair because you had two of the least athletic member of the team.”

“But we also had Derek, which made up for it,” you replied, starting to feel drowsy again.

“True, and we were playing with a five-year-old.”

“A very talented five-year-old,” you mumbled eyes falling shut.

“Hey, eyes open c’mon visualize with me,” Hotch begged, “Remember, you and Morgan were pretty much carrying your whole team, but the two of you let Jack score a few times anyways? He had so much fun that day.”

“You looked like you were having fun too. It’s nice to see you smile. We all should do that again sometime,” you muttered before your head fell down against the pillow.

“No, no, no, c’mon wake back up,” Hotch pleaded, shaking your shoulder slightly as you pulled up to the ambulance dock. A team of medics rushed out and took you away behind the doors that said: “Medical Personnel Only” leaving Aaron standing in front of the doors face almost sheet white. The team arrived a few minutes later and found Hotch in the surgery waiting area.

“What’s going on?” Rossi asked, sitting down beside him.

“I don’t know. They said that the scalpel had nicked some internal organ and that there might be internal bleeding. She passed out in the ambulance and they took her back about seven minutes ago,” he muttered in reply and put his face back in his hands.

“I’m going to go see if I can find one of the nurses and get some information,” JJ said, wandering off because she couldn’t just sit there. Reid and Prentis wandered off in search of a vending machine knowing that it was going to be a long couple of hours. And indeed they were. Hotch alternated between pacing and sitting in the chair moping, while Morgan leaned against the wall and talked to Garcia, who wanted updates practically every second. Emily and JJ gave some half-hearted attempts at girl talk, but it felt so wrong without you being there to join in they ultimately fell into a tense silence holding hands. Reid and Rossi played chess, though neither seemed to have their hearts in it as they periodically looked over their shoulders to see if any doctors had come through the doors since the last time they had looked. About five hours later, a physician finally came through the doors into the waiting area.

“For, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” he asked. The whole team stood up and gathered round. “My name is Doctor David Smith, I’ll be monitoring and looking after her for the rest of (Y/N)’s stay here.”

“How is she?” Hotch inquired.

“Very lucky to be alive,” the doctor replied. “She had three fractured ribs, a dislocated shoulder, a series of burns varying in type, seven long slashed down her back, and of course the stab wound to the left side of her abdomen. The scalpel punctured her kidney which is what caused the internal bleeding that we thought was there but that turned out to be very minor. She’s banged up and lost a lot of blood, but she’s going to be alright.”

“Can we see her?” Reid asked.

“(Y/N)’s just been moved to a regular room from recovery. She should wake up soon. I’ll have one of the nurses show you the way to her room,” he said and walked over to the nurse’s station to pick up more charts. The team sighed in relief once it was confided you would physically recover. Hotch walked over to the doctor.

“One final question,” he muttered, trying to keep his voice low so the team wouldn’t hear. “The man who did this to her was known to sexually assault his victims as well and-”

“And you want to know if I found evidence of that,” the doctor finished for him. Aaron nodded. The doctor glanced over Hotch’s shoulder at the team who were staring at them intently, before nodding. Aaron grimaced and thanked the doctor for taking care of you before walking back over to the team. 

“What was that about?” Emily asked hesitantly.

“Just asked whether or not she was going to need to be released to someone’s care when she gets out of here,” Aaron replied trying to keep his face stoic and not give anything away.

“Miss (Y/L/N)’s room is down this way if you’ll follow me,” one of the nurses said and the team proceeded to follow her down the long hallway. Rossi hung back slightly to talk to Hotch who was lagging behind the group.

“So what did you actually ask?” he inquired quietly. Aaron pressed his lips together and flicked his eyes over to the team. “Aaron, they already know you weren’t telling them the truth. They just don’t know why.”

“When the doctor listed off the injuries (Y/N) sustained, you should’ve noticed that there was something from Owen’s ritual that was missing. I just confirmed its presence because the doctor neglected to include it,” Hotch muttered in reply. Rossi sighed and shook his head sadly.

“She’s been through a lot and needs her rest, so don’t rile her up too much. She should be waking up any minute,” the nurse explained showing them to your room. The team filed into the room quietly and took in your sleeping form. The bandages wrapped around your torso and chest were peaking out from under your hospital gown, a variety of different sized bandages covered the cuts and scrapes on your arms, and you had a nasty cut on your cheek. Aaron sat down in the chair beside your bed and took your hand in is, smoothing his thumb over the back. The team watched him closely but chose not to say anything, just wordlessly took their spots around the room. You started to open your eyes about five minutes later. You cracked your eyes open slightly and immediately shut them again. All you saw was bright white light and you were so sore. You cautiously opened your eyes and looked around. Relief rushed through you when you saw the team and realized you were in a hospital.

“Well, well, well sleeping beauty welcome back to the land of the awake,” Derek chuckled placing a hand on your shin. You rolled your eyes at him.

“How are you feeling? Do you need something?” Aaron asked leaning toward you slightly. You raise your hand to your throat and mouthed “water”. JJ quickly grabbed your glass off of of your table and placed the straw at your lips. You sucked down have of the glass before you took the glass from her and set it back down.

“Thank you,” you mumbled graciously.

“Glad to have you back (Y/N),” Emily said sitting on the edge of your hospital bed by your legs.

“Glad to be back,” you replied, smiling at her. “What happened?”

“How much do you remember?” Hotch asked.

“Um, I remember the three of you coming in and someone shooting him after he stabbed me in the side, but the rest is kinda hazy. I know that I ended up in an ambulance and you were there but that’s it” you said, looking over at him. “Oh, I also remember that Morgan whipped off his shirt so Prentis would have something to hold against my bloody side and then walked around the rest of the time half naked, so sorry for ruining your shirt,” you giggled.

“It’s ok mama, they have those in stores and they are easily replaced. Plus you know I look good so all the ladies got a treat,” he joked, waggling his eyebrows at you.

“Well, I’ll buy you a new shirt when we get home,” you laughed, wincing slightly as your laughing aggravated your side. “So, what did they have to do to fix me up?”

“You lost a lot of blood. The scalpel punctured you kidney so you had to have emergency surgery,” Reid told you.

“Well, that makes sense,” you said and swatted Morgan and Reid’s hands away from your Jello. “Did they say when I could fly so we could go home?”

“The doctor didn’t-”

“Knock knock,” Dr. Smith said as he walked into the room. “Well, Miss (Y/L/N) it’s nice to meet you and good that you’re awake.”

“Nice to meet you too, and it’s good to be conscious again. I find that’s when I do most of my best work,” you chirped. Everyone chuckled at your comment, grateful that your sense of humor hadn’t been affected. Hotch rolled his eyes at you, squeezed your hand.

“Well, I’m sure that’s true. You’re very lucky to be alive, (Y/N) I’m sure you know that.”

“Yeah. When can I go home? I just really want to get back to Quantico and forget this ever happened,” you sighed leaning back to rest your head against your pillow.

“Well, considering you did just have emergency surgery I’m going to have to keep you at least overnight. If you’re doing well enough in the morning, we can maybe talk about letting you go; however, due to the nature of your injuries, I’m going to have to release you into someone’s care for the next two and a half weeks until your stitches dissolve and wounds close up,” he explained.

“Great,” you muttered closing your eyes. You had absolutely no one to take care of you once you got home. You parents lived in Maine, and both of your siblings lived out of state one in Louisiana and the other in Oklahoma.

“Now, I know you all want to stay but visiting hours are coming to a close and we only allow one overnight visitor that isn’t blood-related, so I’m going to have to ask you all to wrap this up. (Y/N) needs her rest,” Dr. Smith said and walked out.

“Be free my friends,” you giggled, as JJ leaned forward to hug you.

“So glad you’re ok,” she whispered.

“Me too,” you replied smiling.

“Call if you need anything, Mia Bella. The hotel is only five minutes away and we’d drop anything for you,” Rossi told you and kissed your forehead. You laughed at his silly nickname for you, especially since it meant “my beautiful” and you felt everything but beautiful at this point in time. The rest of the team said their goodbyes and walked outside. Morgan made you promise to call Penelope in the morning. You pressed your head against your pillow and closed your eyes, but the door opening again drew your attention.

“Aaron? What are you doing? I thought the team left,” you said, slowly sitting up.

“I sent Rossi to go get my go bag, I was planning on staying the night here if you don’t mind,” he explained dropping down in the chair beside you again.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“And if I want to?”

“If you’re sure, then that’s fine with me. Not sure how much company I’ll be since I’m already feeling pretty drowsy,” you said, smiling shyly at him.

“That’s fine. You need your rest,” he replied, closing his hand around yours again. You glanced down at your hands and blushed slightly. “(Y/N), I want to apologize for what happened earlier.”

“Aaron, there’s no need for that. You were just doing your job and trying to keep me safe. Clearly, I should’ve listened to you,” you muttered squeezing his hand.

“No, I should’ve gone about it differently. Sometimes I let my feelings cloud my judgment when I’m making important decisions.”

“Feelings?” you asked, eyes flicking up to his. Hotch went rigid and was trying to figure out how to backtrack, furious with himself for letting that last part slip. You didn’t need to be talking about that right now.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“No, don’t do that,” you protested. “We get so close to talking about the fact that both of us have been dancing around each other since I joined the team and I need to spill my guts about really being into you or else I’m going to go insane and take the rest of the team with me because they all know, well everyone but you apparently. Now I’m rambling and I can’t stop myself so I’ll-” you were cut off mid rant when Aaron pressed his lips against yours. You practically melted, feeling the warm fuzzy all over, kissed him back. Hotch pulled back slowly, studying your face to gage your reaction. “Wow,” you sighed happily, leaning back against your pillow and closed your eyes. “If this a dream and I’ve fallen asleep on my desk back at Quantico, no one pinch me because I never want to wake up,” you mumbled. Hotch laughed at you and smoothed a hand over your hair.

“It’s not a dream I promise, just a good end to a horrible day,” he replied and kissed your forehead. “Get some sleep. We’ll talk about everything later.”  

“Promise?” you asked cracking one eye open.

“Promise,” he chuckled, pressing his lips against the back of your hand as you slowly drifted off to sleep. Hotch smiled and laid his head down on his arms which were resting on the hospital bed still holding your hand.  

Girls vs Guys playing Video Games.

Guys; Oh, alright. So we gotta enter from here, then reach there.. okay, I see. I’m almost out of ammo though so I should check around really quick.. okay. So, we go there..


Fourth of July

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Reader

“Good evening, gentlemen!” you yell, strolling into the lair.

Mikey runs around a corner to greet you, a cheesy Uncle Sam hat he obviously found in a dumpster perched on his head. “(y/n)!” he yells, scooping you off of your feet in a typical Mikey hug. “I didn’t think you were coming today!”

You laugh. “Of course I came! It’s a holiday!” Mikey takes your two grocery bags (you gave to on protesting against the brothers’ chivalry awhile ago) and the two of you walk to the main living area. “Besides, I couldn’t leave you to party all on your lonesome.”

“(y/n)!” Donnie yells at you from where he lays on one of the couches, a book in his lap. Raphael and Leonardo both turn around in their seats and greet you with a smile.

“Hey guys!” You jog forward and plop down next to Leonardo on the couch. “Happy fourth!”

He smiles at you and gestures over to the two grocery bags Mikey’s now going through. “What’s Mikey about to find?”

You grin. “Oh, just some sparklers, hot dogs, these crazy fourth of July sugar cookies, and some other Fourth of July bests.”

Mikey holds up a box of bang-snaps. “No way. I’ve always wanted to try these!”

Raph smirks slyly and looks over at his purple clad brother. “You know, Donnie tried to make poppers once-”

“Which we never, ever speak of. Ever,” Donnie says with narrowed eyes.

You lean into Leonardo’s shoulder and whisper: “What happened with the bang-snaps?”

“Trust me when I say you don’t want to know.

You nod, believing Leonardo, and shove down your curiosity before it gets out of control. You stand up and clap your hands. “Alright, guys, off your lazy butts and grab Master Splinter! We’re going to cook some hotdogs and burn each other with sparklers!”

And that’s exactly what you do. After having more hotdogs than you should have eaten, you and the boys (mostly the boys) get to work on the poppers and sparklers. Master Splinter even held one, smiling softly as it sparked and watching his sons cheer and goof around. Raph ripped the Uncle Sam hat from Mikey’s head (thank god, because it had started to smell), which caused a bang-snap and sparkler war between the four brothers that you were happy to sit out of with Master Splinter.

You all finished the night by crashing on the couch, watching the New York City fireworks show with disgustingly full stomachs. Fourth of July will never be the same to you after this one, and you’re glad for it.

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Young!Remus Lupin x Female Reader: Marauder Invasion (Night Intruder, Part 2)

A/N: Un-fucking-believable, pardon my french. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record, but I just want to take a second to thank each and every one of you for the time you’ve accorded to this reader insert, it honestly means the world to me. The support you’ve shown came completely unexpected and I honestly hope that you guys are going to like what follows! The third part is probably going to be out before the end of the week, if you would still want to read what I have all mapped out in my head, that is lol

WARNINGS: Marauder squad (a very legit warning if you think about it), a LOT of swear words and my hideous English - the usual.

New to the series? Accio first part!

P.S. This gif made by talented @potter-imagines-here is this part summed up. I couldn’t resist :) 

As always, I hope you enjoy, lads xo

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Sitting in the Grand Hall, you tried desperately to focus on the Transfiguration essay you had finished writing yesterday, proof-reading it. Both Lily and Marlene kept silent, their interest in cinnamon-sprinkled porridge phenomenal. 

When you finally abandoned any attempt to fall asleep at around six in the morning, you lay in your bed struggling to keep your mind from wandering towards a certain Gryffindor Scarface, whom you once considered your best friend. As you kept rereading the same line in your Herbology textbook an hour later, sitting cross-legged on your pillows, you heard Lily’s worried ramble, as she grabbed your shoulders, still half asleep, her piercing green eyes studying your face.

“Y/N, are you hurt?!”

“What?” you furrowed your eyebrows, looking at your friend as if she’d gone mental.

“Your face…” Lily said, confused, not noticing any visible scratches.

“Oh!” it finally dawned on you as you jumped off your bed, leaving Lily behind. “It’s nothing, it’s just…”

“You didn’t kill that poor guy last night, did you?” Marlene asked, disappointed, awoken by all the commotion.

“No, I…” your brain was running at the speed of sound, trying to come up with a legit excuse for the blood smudged all over your face. The fact that you couldn’t invent anything that very instant was maddening you even more – you were sick of lying for Remus. “I guess I cut my palm and the blood ended up all over my face… You know how agitated my sleep gets, so…” Lie number 10005000697.

From the looks on girls’ faces they didn’t buy it, nor did they ask any more questions ever since, not even regarding last night’s visit. As a matter of fact, they refused to talk to you, point blank. And you were perfectly fine with that – if someone would make you lie on Remus Lupin’s behalf one more fucking time, you were going to kill your now least favorite werewolf in the world.

When you were about to pack your things and head for your Potions class, you felt the bench you were sitting on tremble, as masculine voices echoed all around you.

“Marlene, Lils,” you barely found the strength to crush a groan in your throat before you could let it out. “Do you mind if we steal Y/N here for a couple of minutes?” the infamous Gryffindor Chaser, James Potter, placed a chaste kiss on top of Lily’s head, standing across the table from you, his eyes fixed firmly on yours.

“Make it fifteen,” you turned your head to your right just to meet Sirius Black’s resting smug face. This boy had so much swagger you internally wished he’d choke on it one day.

“It’s important,” a small voice to your left added and you didn’t have to turn around to know that Peter Pettigrew was sitting there.

What is this, a fucking Marauder Invasion? you thought, grabbing your essay and standing up in an attempt to flee.

Before you could make as much as a step away from the trio, both Sirius and Peter placed their hands on your shoulders, making you sit back down.

“On a different note,” you heard Sirius speak sweetly. “We can talk here.”

You turned his way and honestly contemplated whether you should silently hex him. Noticing your glare, Sirius did justice to his name for once, his smile quickly fading. Moony had probably told him all about your non-verbal ways of performing spells.

“It’s okay,” you snapped your head back only to see both Lily and Marlene standing up. “You can stay here. We have finished eating anyway”.

You tried to catch Lily’s eye, silently begging her to stay, but she only muttered ‘see you’ and both girls disappeared from the Great Hall so fast as if they learned how to apparate. You followed them with your narrowed eyes, unbelieving. You could bet a galleon both Lily and Marlene knew what was going on, thanks to Potter and his sidekicks.

“So, Y/N”, James took Lily’s seat right in front of you, studying you face. You stared back at him, daring him to continue. You were never close with James or any other of the Marauder squad except for Remus. In fact, you were positive the legendary marauders were scared of you shitless. “I bet you know what we came here to talk to you about”.

You rolled your eyes, masterfully hiding the expression of utter surprise behind it. What did Remus tell them? Why in the world would they come to plead his case considering they didn’t even know you?

“We think you might have misunderstood Moony last night”, Peter let out, letting go of your shoulder.

You directed your glance at him with a burning desire to facepalm. This was just plain stupid. You couldn’t believe Remus would talk his friends into having this conversation with you.

“Oh I understood him alright,” you assured them, your gaze travelling from one marauder to another. “And even though I have no fucking idea what you four fuckboys were up to last night, I think it’s only fair that Remus should come banging on my door himself to justify that shitty stunt he pulled! I am so done playing Madame Pomfrey with that jerk seeing that he has his head so far up his ass that he just wouldn’t see how my heart can’t take seeing him bleed anymore!”

It took a minute for the meaning of your words to settle in. When you realized you might have just confessed your undying love to a certain werewolf in front of the three closest people Remus had – after you, of course – strangely, you couldn’t bring yourself to give a flying fuck. Last night and this whole consequent mess had started to finally have its toll on you, and a part of you was glad that your naked feelings were now out in the relative open.

“I will just pretend I didn’t hear ‘the fuckboys’ part, because the rest of it is brilliant”, Sirius finally spoke, making you turn his way. “I know we have never been that close, Y/N, but I have it on a good authority that you are a girl to die for, you get what I mean?” you raised your brows at him in confusion.

“We weren’t with Remus last night, Y/N”, James informed you in a low voice. “That idiot got himself in a double duel with Gerard Crabbe and Lucius Malfoy when he heard what these two trolls were saying behind your back… And he didn’t even invite us.”

Your breath hitched as you felt the drops of cold sweat roll down your back. Oh Merlin, he couldn’t have…

“When he went out of the dorm yesterday he told us he had a date in the Astronomy Tower”, Peter picked up where James had left off. “Of course we automatically assumed that he had finally grown a pair and was going to tell you how he felt about you. Sirius and James wanted to follow him, but I talked them both out of it, privacy and all… I wished I didn’t though’, Peter added, his voice small and sad.

“Oh My Godric,” you subconsciously covered your mouth with a palm of your hand, the scene from last night playing over and over in your head.

“…So when he came back at night all three of us were already asleep, it wasn’t until this morning that he told us what had actually happened. We spent two hours searching for this,” Sirius produced Rem’s wand out of his robes, as your best friends’ voice resonated in your ears:

I don’t have it… I lost it when I fell…

“Is this all some kind of an attempt to redeem Remus in my eyes? Please tell me it is!” you urged all three of them, imagining all too-well Remus standing up for you after Lucius and Gerard called you a mudblood behind your back and getting himself a double duel rendez-vous. Actually, that sounded exactly like what Moony would do. Remus John Lupin, always a gentleman.

“No,” all three Marauders showed no mercy, shaking their heads negatively.

“Moony doesn’t even know we’re here talking to you”, James added, his eyes darting around warily. Somehow you got a feeling that if Remus had known, the remaining three marauders would have ended up running from his hexes faster than Snivellus from shampoo.

You felt blood boil in your veins as a wave of anger consumed you.

“What a stupid moron! I bet that Malfoy bitch insulted me on purpose… What kind of idiot would fall for that?” you felt your face redden against your will and you smashed both of your hands on the table surface, making a couple of heads turn in your direction.

“A head-over-heels-in-love idiot, I’d say”, Sirius winked at you.

You closed your eyes for a second, regaining composure, trying to prevent your heart from jumping out of your ribcage. Remus, your best friend, was in love with you. And you told him yesterday that you wanted nothing to do with him.

Still, some things didn’t add up. He must have noticed how much you cared for his sorry ass. Why didn’t he tell you he cared for you too, or at least didn’t kiss you senseless, instead of walking away every time the atmosphere in the room got heated?

“Okay, you three, listen to me,” you opened your eyes abruptly, eyeing all three of them. “This changes nothing. Don’t expect me to wear a Marauders T-shirt now that you’ve helped me learn what has really happened. I still disapprove of your ways of having fun.”

Just when Sirius was about to open his mouth to protest, obviously willing to tell you more about all those ways in which you two could have fun, James shut him up with a very telltale look.

“And If you tell Moony I love him before I do, I will skin you alive, is that clear?” you finished, pretending not to notice their antics.

Your message was definitely received. Peter nodded frantically, moving a couple of inches away from you. James threw both of his hands in the air, his expression dead-serious.

“Clear as vodka”, Sirius swallowed hard, a mix of fear and admiration almost tangible in his voice.

The sound of the school bell reached your ears.

“Alrighty then,” James seemed way too happy at this beginning of the school day announcement. “See ya around then, Y/N?”

Not waiting for your answer, the three marauders rushed out of the Great Hall, never before had been so keen on making it to their Potions class on time.

As expected, Remus never showed. Considering that his broken hand was the last to be healed, you thought you might have done a next to shitty job on it. Your mind fixed on how bad Remus was having it that very instant, you completely fell out of the class discussion. When Slughorn asked you something about a poison antidote, you didn’t have a slightest idea what the conversation was all about.

“You just made your House lose ten points, Mrs Y/L/N,” all the Gryffindors groaned silently. “And earned yourself a three hour detention. Maybe next time you’ll honor my lectures by paying your undivided attention to what I’m saying”.

The day passed in a blur. Every single time you wanted to go see Remus in the boys’ dorm, fate seemed to be against it. Professor McGonagall asked you to help her out with the preparations for tomorrow’s class right before lunch, so you missed the meal entirely, rushing to the DADA class and still not making it on time, but luckily, getting away with a warning.  

When at 8 p.m. you finally made it back to the dungeons to complete your detention, you were a nervous, tired mess. Scrubbing what seemed like century old cauldrons clean, you somehow managed to fall asleep, exhausted from last night and a really bad day you were having. When you stirred awake, one of your hands buried inside an exceptionally disgusting cauldron, professor Slughorn came in, saying he’d accompany you, seeing it was well past 10 p.m.

When you stumbled through the hole behind the Fat Lady’s portrait, struggling to keep your eyes open, you tried to stop yourself from nurturing a tiny hope living in your chest that Remus would be waiting for you in the Common Room, as usual. You heart still fell once you spotted no one in the dimly lit chambers – crushing a sigh in its wake, you slowly made your way up, to the room you shared with Lily and Marlene.

The talk you ached to have with Remus was going to have to wait.

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Once Prisoners - Part 2 [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I request a voltron imagine where the reader was rescued from the galea because when shiro “disappeared” he was transported on the reader’s ship and they travelled the galaxy together, messing with galra bc she was a prisoner too, and trying to find voltron. Then when they find voltron, the reader keeps getting hit on by everyone and lots of jealous shiro. (I love your work and change this if you want just something x shiro i love him)”

A/n: Here’s part 2! Sorry it took so long, I was having a bit of trouble with it. There will be one more part (probably), so I hope you guys look forward to that. I appreciate any feedback and I hope you guys love it! <3

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Part 1 - Part 3

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers


Ever since you and Shiro escaped the Galra, you had become close. It was just the two of you while trying to find his friends. You’d had to have been searching for at least 3 spicolian movements. Though every transmission from Galra ships ended up with no Voltron. You and Shiro had taken out many Galra invasions due to your fighting and flight abilities and his experience with Voltron. Each planet was eternally grateful and would offer you supplies or some sort of upgrade to your ship. Which doesn’t resemble much of a Galran fighter anymore.

However, Shiro was beginning to feel the pressure. The Galra were still around and he can’t find his team. Where are they? You should’ve found them by now.

You noticed his discomfort when boarding the ship but didn’t point it out. That was until he lost his temper and hit a toolbox off the table. “Whoa! Shiro!” You yelled, he didn’t look at you. Just leaned against his hands on the table. Seeing the tightness in his shoulders, and entire being.

Expression softening you walked over to him. “Shiro” you called quietly. He didn’t budge at your words. Seeing this you placed a hand on his arm, “Takashi, please look at me.” You begged, lightly tugging on his arm. He did turn to you this time but didn’t look in your eyes. Moving to where he had to look at you.

He had been looking at the ground, so, you had stepped very close to him to catch his dark grey eyes. “Takashi” saying his name once more. He finally looked at you, “What’s the matter?”

Sighing he answered, “What if this is hopeless? What if we don’t find them?” You could see the panic in his eyes. Reaching up you cupped his face, forcing him to look at you. “Takashi, we will find them. I promise you, I will get you back to your friends. Your family.” Saying while brushing his bangs out of his face. His eyes caught yours, staring into them he lost himself.

Shiro had these growing affections for you for a long time but just couldn’t find the courage to tell you. “[F/n] I-” He began but was cut off by another Galra transmission. You left his side and rushed over to catch it.

“It’s close. We should go.” You said going to your seat and setting the coordinates. Shiro nodded and took his seat. He watched as you flipped switches, you noticed his eyes in you. “Hey, it’s gonna be alright. We’ll find them.”

He smiled gratefully “I know. Thank you.” Nodding you turned to the controls again, beginning the flight to the planet the Galra was targeting. “Buckle up, igniting boosters in 3… 2… 1.” Saying while flipping a few switches and Shiro doubled checked his belt.

Feeling the rush from the boosters, it didn’t take super long until the planet of interest was in your sights. Coming closer to the planet’s atmosphere you took a glance at Shiro, he was sitting stiff and nervous. His Galra hand was gripping the armrest tightly, never loosening in the instant.

Taking a deep breath you thrusted toward the planet, entering the atmosphere, feeling the force from the pull of the planet’s gravity. “We’re comin in hot” You said while pulling back on the controls, trying to ease the nose of the ship up. Shiro grabbed hold of the dashboard as you hit some turbulence making you laugh. “The top pilot of his class can’t take a little turbulence?” Teasing over the sounds of the ship.

He rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his lips. “Just keep your eyes on the sky.” Yelling back to you, making you chuckle again.

Fully entering the atmosphere you saw the Galran ships, one being a large battleship. “Shit” you cursed, “how are we going to take that down?” You cry exasperated. “Maybe one of us can infiltrate, but right now we have company.” Shiro pointed to the Galra fighters coming your way.

Gritting your teeth, “hold on!” Crying before thrusting your controls forward. “Pay attention I’m gonna line them up for ya.” Saying to him but keeping your eyes locked on the ships headed your way. Flipping a few switches and a jerk of the controls you had the ship going in an upward spin. “Ready?”

Shiro gripped his controls, “Ready!” Hearing that you pulled back the ship looped around and the ships were right under you, “NOW!” That’s when Shiro engaged the blasters and took out all of the ships following you. Smiling you glanced at him, “Nice shot!”

He grinned back, “Nice flying, but we’re not done yet. Look.” He was pointing toward the main ship where more of the fighters were flying out. You sighed, but all of a sudden the both of you heard a loud roar.

Shiro immediately recognized it. “Did you hear that?!” You nodded looking toward the atmosphere, where four of the Voltron lions appeared along with the Altean castle-ship. A smile bloomed on your face.

“Get me near the castle-ship, maybe I can get to the black lion.” He looked at you. “You got it!” Saying before flying toward the castle. “We have to get there before the barrier’s up!”

You sped up but shooting from Galra fighters diverted your course. “We’ll never get there with these fighters on us. Though Shiro got an idea, “If you can fly over the ship before the barrier goes up I can jump down there from the hangar door.” He explained while unbuckling his belt.

“What?! Are you insane?!” Yelling at him while seeing his belt unbuckle as he stood. “This is the only chance we have, if I can get to the black lion and we form Voltron, I can end this, and they’ll know I’m okay.” He looked at you sincerely.

“It’s too dangerous I won’t let you.” Right then a fighter hit one of your engines. “Agh! One of the engines are damaged.” You assessed the damage. “[F/n], we have to do this now. Do you trust me?” The way he said that sounded like the same way you asked when you first met.

Sighing you turned back to the controls completely and flipping the switch to the hangar door, “You better come back to me Shirogane.” The way you phrased that made him blush, but he smiled and nodded, “I will.” Saying before running to the door.

He held on to the walls, waiting for your signal. “We’ll be over the castle in 5… 4… 3… 2 “ he heard you say through his com. You flipped a final switch, opening the door, “…Give ’em hell.” After hearing that Shiro jumped from the ship, engaging his Galra arm. Falling toward the ship he caught himself with his enhanced arm and pulled himself up onto a part of the castle. “I’m on” he informed you, making you sigh in relief.

Inside the castle Coran and Allura were trying to figure out, what the quiznak just landed on the castle before the barrier went up. Though as soon as Shiro was in range the black lion activated. “What’s going on with the black lion?” Coran asked, looking to Allura. “I don’t know“ she answered.

In response to his presence and bond, the lion flew out of the ship, right to where Shiro was, catching him in it’s mouth. The other paladins were looking toward the ship in shock when they heard, “Did ya miss me?”

“SHIRO!” They all yelled. “You’re okay!” Pidge was the first to ask. “More or less but let’s deal with this. I can explain later.” He smiled while joining the other paladin’s sides.

“[F/n]” Shiro called, leaving the others rather confused. “At your service”

“How’s that engine?” he asked, a bit concerned. “Sputtering but operational.” You laughed on the other end. “Sounds like you’re fine then, keep’em off us and we’ll take down the main ship.”

“Can do” Answering while accelerating in front of them, activating your blasters and clearing them a path. The other paladins just stared at the ship in awe. “Shiro who’s that?” Lance asked excitedly.

“A friend” he simply answered, “now FORM VOLTRON!” Shiro called, initiating the transformation.

“All yours” You informed them while flying underneath the main ship. Witnessing as the giant robot began to cut through it like butter. It wasn’t long until all of the fighters and main ship was down.

You witnessed nervously as they all landed, including the castle-ship. Watching the reunion from the safety of your ship. ‘Maybe I should just go. They have such a good dynamic, I don’t want to disrupt that.’ You thought, nervous at the thought of seeing your old friends along with meeting the new paladins.

Hesitantly you landed the ship and Shiro noticed with a smile, “Guys there’s someone I want you to meet.” They all watched as the hangar door opened, and you walked out.

“[F/n]?” Allura asked recognizing you. “Allura” You smiled at her while walking up. She held a hand over her mouth before running over and pulling you into a hug, “I thought you were..” she paused. “Dead?” you laughed, one of relief. She nodded, “Can’t get rid of me that easy.”

Pulling away you saw Coran. “Coran” you greeted approaching him. He stared at you in shock, “I can’t believe it! Oh thank the heavens” he cheered before pulling you into a hug as well, very very tight. “Coran. Air. Please.” Saying that he released you with a chuckle.

Turning to Shiro, you noticed the other paladins. “Guys, this is [F/n]. [F/n] this is –” Shiro began but was soon cut off.

“Heey, beautiful!” A tan boy jumped at you, “the name’s Lance. Paladin of the blue lion, respected leg of Voltron. How you doin?” He cocked his head at you, of which you just rose an eyebrow at. Giving Shiro a ‘is this guy serious?’ look. He just shrugged as you stepped away from Lance. “Anyway, this is Pidge, Keith, and Hunk.” Shiro introduced the others.

“It’s really nice to meet you all.” You smiled at them all. Pidge held up a finger pointing at you, “You’re really really pretty.” She said and the others nodded, making you blush. “Oh, um, thank you.” Scratching the back of your neck nervously. Shiro finding your bashfulness rather adorable. He’d never seen you like that, only your badass side.

“[F/n], are you going to join us?” Allura smiled at you excitedly. “If all of you will have me.”

“Oh I’ll have you, have you for –” “LANCE!” Shiro cut him off, pinching the bridge of his nose. You chuckled, but Allura soon grabbed you arm and pulled you into the castle. “Come, you must see the improvements we’ve made.” She cheered while pulling you, the others right behind you.

Glancing back you saw Shiro conversing with the other paladins, who were asking him all sorts of questions about you and what happened. Though soon his grey eyes met yours and he smiled, a genuine joyful smile.

It made you heart skip a beat. Your hopes of them accepting you are relieved, but now you have other hopes. Hopes that maybe now, you and Shiro could be more than just partners, more than just friends.

Not that I think it’s going to be this easy, but...

I just wanted to play around with the whole cliffhanger and unresolved issues between Fitzsimmons thing, because good god did I need to write after that finale (which was great, don’t me wrong, I just need to make sure I get my Fitzsimmons fill)!

That being said, if anyone wants to see something specific, whether it be a missing scene/fix-it/specific idea for Season 5, feel free to prompt me - I’ve got a couple other things that need writing first, but I will get to them as soon as possible!

Honestly, I’m not even sure this makes complete sense, but I can’t stare at it any longer, so… Enjoy!


Jemma Simmons was very, very done with space.

She’d already been there, done that, and all against her will, as usual. Waking up to find herself trapped in a prison-like space station hidden in an asteroid belt? The most predominant emotion had been the overwhelming feeling of pure exasperation.

Not this again.

Her next thought, however, had been to wonder where the rest of her team was – where Fitz was. They’d all been together in that diner, and that was the last thing she remembered. Had they been transported to the space station as well? Were they all there together, just being kept apart?

The only thing Jemma was more done with than space was being separated from Fitz. Hadn’t they endured enough of that already to last a lifetime?

And when the ever-silent, helmeted guards began to bring her to a tiny little lab each and every day to do work for whoever it was that had kidnapped them, she made no secret of how very much she did not agree with this arrangement.

In fact, by the time a few weeks had passed, Jemma felt as though the only words that left her mouth now were dry, sarcastic remarks. Even her near-constant attempts to find out information about her teammates (always unsuccessfully) came in the form of barbs directed at her guards.

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Michael Imagine #5: First Time Seeing Him Onstage

“I just want to stop the show for a minute,” Michael said in between songs. “So everyone can say hi to my girlfriend, [Y/N]! This is her first time watching me on stage, so I’m super nervous. Let’s make this one of the best shows ever, yeah?” The crowd screamed as the lights flashed all around the arena.

“Yeah,” Calum added. “We gotta make sure [Y/N] wants to come back to our concerts in the future, so everybody scream!”

Luke shook his head. “Nah…I think you can do better than that!”

Ashton started to bang his drumsticks together. “I think the only way [Y/N] will ever want to come back is if every single one of you loses your voices screaming tonight! It’s gotta be crazy loud in here because Michael really wants to impress her, so everybody go crazy for MICHAEL CLIFFORD!” The audience shrieked in excitement.

I laughed and gave Michael a thumbs up from my seat. Michael smiled and pointed to me. “She’s giving me a thumbs up, everybody! That means we are off to a great start! Let’s see how great this show can be, alright?”

I loved watching my boyfriend do what he loved on stage. That was definitely a great show, but let me tell you, once Michael and I made it to the hotel, I had an even better night that night.

anonymous asked:

Anyway you could write the elevator sick fic with Lance? Love your blog btw!

Let’s see what I can whip up here, and thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

“Why are you still following me, Keith?” Lance spit out as the red paladin followed him into the elevator. He just wanted to be alone– he hadn’t been feeling well all day, and he just wanted to go back to his room to sleep whatever he had off. His head was throbbing, and his face was burning despite his bones feeling as if they were made of ice. He wasn’t sure if it was even possible to get sick in space, but he sure as hell felt sick. 

“I wanted to go rest in my room for a bit before I pick back up with training,” Keith answered, ignoring the bite to Lance’s tone. 

Lance groaned loudly, smashing the button to the third floor where all the rooms were located with more force than necessary. He was one hundred percent done with this day, and it was taking every ounce of what little will power he had remaining to not snap at Keith, who had pushed him to the brink during training. 

“What’s your problem, Lance?” Keith spit out, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. 

Lance wanted to reply; he wanted to tell Keith that he felt horrible, but he didn’t. “Nothing,” Lance opted to say just as the elevator started moving. 

“You’ve been too moody today,” Keith muttered, prompting Lance to roll his eyes in response. 

Lance stared hard at the numbers above the elevator door– it was only going up two floors, but it was taking longer than usual. He was just about to say something about it aloud when the lights flickered out and the elevator jolted to halt. 

Gripping the wall to keep from toppling over, Lance blinked rapidly, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could feel a deep pit of panic settling deep within his stomach, but the faint sound of Keith’s calm breathing had him forcing his breaths to come out slow and casual. 

Keith stumbled forward until he reached the panel beside the door where all of the buttons were. 

“K-Keith?” Lance questioned, mentally cursing how shaky his voice sounded. 

“I’m going to see if the elevator comms still work.” Keith said while pressing certain buttons and calling out different names as he did. 

Lance slid to the floor, drawing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them in an attempt to get warm as strong shivers started to wrack his body. He mentally kicked himself for leaving his jacket in the training room. 

“I think we are stuck for now,” Keith said after trying every button. “Power must be out in the whole castle.” 

“Great,” Lance replied weakly, pressing his forehead to his knees. He listened as Keith sat down against the other side of the wall. 

“I’m sure it won’t take Coran long to fix this. With Pidge and Hunk’s help, we should be out of here soon, and you will be free from me,” Keith said with a bite to his tone. 

Lance breathed out a shaky sigh. He knew he should say something to reassure Keith that he wasn’t actually mad at him. He was stuck in an elevator with him– the last thing they needed to do was fight. But, he found that he couldn’t muster up the energy. He was just so tired– so cold and so, very tired. 

The pair fell into a strained silence; however, it didn’t last long. Despite his best efforts, Lance just could not seem to get warm, and soon enough, his teeth began to chatter. He tried to stop– he really did, but it was as if he lost control of his body. He just couldn’t stop shivering. He felt terrible, and he just wanted to sleep– preferably in his own warm bed and not on a cold elevator floor. 



“Are you cold?” 

Obviously, Lance thought to himself. It was basically an ice box in this damn elevator. “Of c-course,” Lance said, trying to ignore how pitiful he sounded. “It’s f-freezing in here.” Lance heard Keith moving around, and seconds later, he felt a strong, warm hand on his arm. 

“No, it’s really not. It’s hot in here, actually.” 

Lance wanted to laugh, but his throat was too sore. Keith seemed like the type to run hot anyway, so Lance found that he shouldn’t be surprised that Keith was hot despite it being freezing. “Well, I’m c-cold,” he grumbled. He was about to turn his head to face away from Keith but stopped when Keith pressed the back of his hand against Lance’s forehead. 


Lance listened as Keith hopped to his feet and moved back to the door. “W-what?” 

“You’re burning up. I need to get you out of here.” 

Lance looked up, narrowing his eyes to try and see Keith through the darkness. “It’s f-fine. I’m not g-going to d-die.” God, he was so cold, and his head felt as if it were splitting in half. He briefly wondered who he pissed off to deserve this. 

“No, Lance. It’s so hot in here that I’m sweating.” 

Lance frowned, pressing the back of his hand against his own forehead. He could feel the heat, but it didn’t seem too concerning to him. If anything, it felt amazing against his freezing hands. 

“Keith,” Lance started, voice barely an audible rasp. “H-how are you going to get us out?” 

“I’m sorry for this,” Keith said right before he started banging his fists against the door, shouting at the top of his lungs for help. 

This went on for a solid three minutes, and Lance was about to beg Keith to stop before his head exploded, but his words got caught in his throat when someone responded from outside the elevator. 

“Keith, are you alright?” 

Lance breathed out a sigh of relief– bless Shiro for always appearing at the right time. 

“Shiro, hey, we need to get out of here.” Keith said, voice frantic. 

“We? Is Lance with you?” 

Lance craned his neck to cough harshly into the crook of his arm. Well, he thought to himself, that was new. 

“Yeah, Shiro, he’s really sick. How long til you guys can get us out of here?” 

“Just a few more minutes, hopefully. What’s wrong with Lance?”

Lance wanted to reply– he wanted to assure Shiro that he would be fine, but his chest tightened, and he turned his head, pressing his fist to his mouth as a strong coughing fit wracked his body. 

“Shit, is that Lance? He sounds terrible!”

“Yeah, and he’s got a really bad fever. It’s boiling in here, but he says he’s cold.” 

Lance struggled to catch his breath as his eyes welled with tears. “I,” he called out weakly in between coughs. “I’m fine.” 

“Shiro, please hurry,” Keith said before returning to Lance’s side. He grabbed Lance’s hand and pressed it against his chest. “Try to breathe with me, okay?” 

Lance focused on the rise and fall of his hand against Keith’s chest, and after a couple of minutes, he was able to breathe well enough. Now that breathing wasn’t an issue, Lance had time to focus on how hot he suddenly got– it felt as if fire was prickling against his skin. And, the floor beneath him felt as if it were tilting. Shit. He was going to pass out– he was going to die. He was going to keel over in an elevator with Mullet being the one person to witness his dying breath. The panic he had been pushing back was starting to take hold. 

“Lance? Hey, Lance? Stay with me, okay?” Keith cursed as he brushed his hand against Lance’s cheek. The heat was almost unbearable against his hand, and he could only imagine how Lance was feeling. 

Lance was just about to succumb to the darkness tugging at him when the lights flickered on, and the elevator jolted to life. 

“Thank fucking God,” Keith muttered, studying Lance now that he could see. 

Lance could cry from relief. The elevator moving was doing nothing to ease the dizziness that has taken hold of his head, but the sooner he got off this death trap, the better. 

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, revealing Shiro and Allura looking in with wide, worried eyes. Shiro stepped in first, rapidly closing the distance between he and Lance. 

Lance watched with blurred vision, and he briefly thought that Shiro looked like God approaching him. “See,” he whispered, voice too wrecked to talk any louder. “I’m fine.” 

Shiro breathed out a small laugh despite his furrowed brows. “Okay, buddy,” he paused, lifting Lance up bridal style. “We will make sure you are fine once we get you to Med Bay.” 

Lance wanted to ask why he couldn’t just go into a pod, but Shiro’s arms were so warm, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. “Kay,” he breathed out, putting all his trust into his friends as sleep took hold.