we are georgetown

Tom Wilson - Chapter One

Tom’s POV:

I groaned as I untwisted myself from all of my sheets, rolled out of bed, and shuffled to the front door of my apartment that Andre was banging on.

“Tom! Come out right now! You never leave your apartment! We are going out today! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!” Andre yelled from the hallway as he pounded his fists against my door like a gorilla to his chest.

“Tom seriously – “ He began as I opened the door.

“Oh, hey. Didn’t think you were going to actually answer.” Andre said as he pushed passed me and plopped himself down on my couch.

“What do you want, Andre? You know I’m not feeling good.” I told him as I ran my fingers through my bedhead.

“That’s exactly why I’m here. You have been moping around this small ass apartment feeling sorry for yourself because Anna broke it off with you. It’s been almost a month. I’m getting so bored not having anyone to do anything with. You need to get back in the game.” He explained as he played with the Snapchat selfie filters on his phone.

He was right. My girlfriend of over a year… my first serious girlfriend… had broken things off with me. She was an athlete back in Canada and really wasn’t around. Things were just getting too difficult to keep up with. There was more bad than good, so she walked away. I was torn up. 

“My game is fine. Did you somehow miss both of my goals in the game last night?” I questioned with an annoyed tone.

“I’m not talking about hockey, babycakes. You know exactly what I mean. Don’t let one girl ruin your whole world. I know you got your heart broken but there are so many girls in the world.” He went on.

“I didn’t get my heart broken. We’ve been over this.” I sighed.

“Oh, you didn’t love that girl?” Andre asked as he stood up.

“It was complicated. You know that. She was never around.” I explained, for the millionth time.

“Whatever, man. Just get some clothes on. I thought we could go to Georgetown today. Get out of the building. It’s an off day, we should enjoy it.”

“Fine.” I answered as walked back into my room to change and wash up for whatever adventure Andre had planned for us today.


“So what’s on the schedule for today?” I asked Andre as I got into his black BMW.

“Filomena for lunch, shopping, Georgetown cupcakes?” He suggested.

“Italian food? I just woke up.” I questioned as we rode over the bridge and into Georgetown.

“It’s 1PM. And don’t act like you don’t want Italian food. You always want food.” He argued.

“Okay, true.” I answered reluctantly.

We parked down by the water and walked into the small restaurant, luckily not running into any fans. I hated running into fans when I was in a bad mood. Made me look like a bad guy.

“Table for 2?” Andre asked the host.

“Mr. Andre,” the host began in a thick Italian accent, clearly remembering us from all the other times we’ve been here. “Our restaurant is rented out for a Georgetown University award ceremony. We do have one small table in the corner, we could seat you there if that’s okay?” Andre looked over at me for approval, and I nodded.

We weaved in between several college students and finally found a small table in the corner.

“This isn’t so bad.” Andre said as we sat down and began browsing through the menu. I nodded in agreement as I silently selected the chicken parm off the menu.

“Attention everyone!” An older woman said as she stood up, clinking her knife to her glass. “I would like to get started with the awards now.”

“Spoke to soon.” Andre said. We shared a quiet laugh.

“I just want to start by saying that we have grown into such an excellent Sports Management Program here at Georgetown. We truly are a family in this department and this year we have some of the most brilliant students I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.” She continued. “We have four awards to give away this afternoon. The first is our prestigious Academic Achievement Award. This award goes to a great young woman who has demonstrated her drive and passion for all of her classes. She always goes above and beyond with all of her work, and she finished up last semester with a 4.1 GPA. Congratulations, Y/F/N Y/L/N!”

A beautiful blonde wearing lace up sandals and a flowy olive green dress stood up amid the loud applause that Andre and I had joined in. She smiled and shook hands with the woman, then returned to her seat.

“Our next award is our Character Award. This award goes out to a student who is always willing to lend a helping hand. This student logs almost 20 hours each week tutoring others and is always a leader on campus. Come back up here, Y/F/N Y/L/N!” The woman announced.

Andre and I joined in the applause once more as the same blonde made her way to the woman, accepting the award and smiling for a photo. Her long dirty blonde hair fell just below her breasts, and her long tan legs looked as if they had been kissed by the sun. The woman went on to announce the other winners, but my eyes stayed on Y/N, watching her sway around the room and accept hugs from her classmates.

“Hello? Earth to Willy.” Andre began, snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Your food is going to get cold. What are you looking at?” He asked, turning around to spot what my eyes were fixed on.

“Willy! She’s hot! Make a move.” Andre pushed with an enthusiastic smile.

I shook my head. “I’m not ready.”

“I didn’t say you had to marry the girl. Just rebound hook up.” He suggested.

“After having a solid relationship, I’m really not into that anymore.” I told him, still watching Y/N float from table to table gracefully.

“Damn. The puck bunnies are going to be very disappointed about that.”

“Oh well.” I said as I finished up my meal. I contemplated introducing myself and grabbing Y/N’s number, but I couldn’t make myself do it. I needed to take the single life one step at a time. First step, getting out of the house and back on the town with my friends. Check. Maybe another day I could test out my flirting game.

On our way out of Filomena, I turned around to get one more look at Y/N. Our eyes met… hers were brown and inviting. She smiled sweetly at me, allowing a warmth to grow in her eyes. I regretted not going over to her from the minute I turned around.


“Why have you been so quiet today, bud?” Andre asked as he checked out at the Nike store.

I sighed. “Just had a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” Andre asked. “You’re playing great… that should be your main concern and that’s nothing to worry about right now.”

“That girl that was in the restaurant. The one getting all the awards. She was really pretty. And seemed really smart.” I said.

“I knew you thought she was hot. You could probably try to find her on Instagram.” He suggested as he slid his card.

I made a face and shook my head. “Hell no! I never even said anything to her but I’m going to follow her on Instagram?” I questioned.

“Uh yes. Then, when she follows you back, you do the 3 picture like thing and then send a DM. Protocol.” He explained.

I laughed. “You’re ridiculous. I’m not into those social media head games. I’d rather just find her again and then talk to her.”

“Whatever, man. I really just want a cupcake.” Andre told me, brushing off what I was telling him about Y/N.

We made our way out of the Nike store and down the street to Georgetown Cupcakes, and the ridiculous line that wrapped around the building and down the residential street. We waited patiently in the line, barely moving an inch in the forty minutes we stood there. Our conversation remained light, consisting of the upcoming road trips and the solid memories from our Dad’s Trip this season.

“Tom, look.” Andre said, tilting his head to the side and motioning to Y/N, who was walking up the street next to the line with a few of her friends. She must have noticed Andre motioning to her, because she looked over at me, shooting me that gentle smile that I had gotten just a few hours before in the restaurant. She was in the middle of her group of friends, surrounded by a brunette on her left and a bleached blonde on her right. They stopped where we were in line and chatted for a few moments, soon saying their goodbyes.

“See ya! And Congrats Y/N!” Her friends said in sync as they walked down the hill, leaving Y/N standing a few feet away from me, alone. She turned towards me and Andre pushed me over to her.

“Hey.” She said with a giggle and a small smile.

“Uh, hey.” I began. “Not sure if you remember but a few hours ago…”

“You were at Filomena today. How could I forget?” She asked, a sweet look growing in her eyes.

“Right, well I just wanted to say that you are really beautiful, and congrats on all of your awards. That all sounded awesome.” I stuttered.

“Thank you.” She answered. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“I’m Tom.” I said with a small smile.

“I know. I’m a sports management major, remember? Obviously I know who you are.” She answered with a laugh.

“Oh, duh. Right, sorry. Well, maybe I could get your number and…” I tried, but was interrupted by Andre.

“Do you want to come to our game tomorrow night? Home game at the Verizon Center. He’ll leave tickets for you at will-call. And bring a friend.” Andre chimed in, noticing me struggling.

“Oh, sure.. that would be a good time.” She laughed hesitantly.

“Andre, please man.” I said quietly as he backed away.

“But my number, sure.” She smiled.

I handed her my phone and she punched in her number.

“I’ll text you. And tomorrow, I’ll leave you two tickets? Don’t feel like you have to come if you don’t want to.” I said shyly.

“Looking forward to it, Tom. I’ll talk to you soon?” She asked as she backed away.

“Talk to you soon.” I smiled as I stepped back in line with Andre.

“Back in the fucking game Willy baby!” Andre laughed.

“Shut up.”

Okay y’all so I’m back from NYC

And I wanted to give you all a little background on this vanilla man that I have been going on for the past week or so. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even unpacked the stuff from our NYC trip last week. Anyways, back to the story. 

So it all started when I broke up with my ex and made my first Tinder account ever(using my real information and all). At this point, I had not entered the bowl and hadn’t put much thought into sugaring at all. I was just trying to sleep around to get over the stuff with my ex (not a good idea btw). Over this period, I matched with over 700 guys. Went on dates, some high and some dry. The last vanilla Tinder date I had gone on was with my now vanilla bf that I previously mentioned. At the same time we started dating, I matched with this (what seemed to be white) man. All of his pictures were professionally taken with graffiti in the background… in front of murals and stuff. So we start talking and instantly connect because it turns out we have the same area code. He owns a beach house in the part of Florida where I’m from. All this takes place back in June btw* So we text and text almost everyday. Even Facetime sometimes. He was in the process of buying a home in Baltimore so he was too busy to make the trip to the part on Maryland in which I live. Things progressed with my now-boyfriend so after all that penpal stuff, I finally stopped texting back(I had sworn off anything vanilla-like or with vanilla tendencies because I have strong feelings for my boyfriend). This man would send me message after message, day after day. “Hey lil mama” “Hey what’s up?” “What happened to you?” I would just ignore ignore ignore. So the message he sent that got me to respond finally said “What happened to traveling and shopping?” At this point, I was a bit flabbergasted that he wanted to do that with me since I hadn’t responded in weeks. I took that and ran with it just to see what he would say. I responded “Hey babe, sorry I haven’t been responding, my screen on my phone is busted and I’m messaging you from my laptop but its broken too. Text me at [insert sugar number]” So he texted me and the first thing he said was “Do you need a new iPhone? I can’t have you walking around with no phone.” Keep in mind this is a complete lie. My screen had cracked but it was nothing major and I just went and got a new screen the next day. So I responded “No sweetheart. I’m more concerned about my laptop being stupid since I have school and stuff. It’s been stressful.” He responded “What day are you available? We will go get you a new Macbook” So I responded “Sunday”. We texted a little more but fast forward to Sunday. So he drives into the city from Baltimore and I suggest we go to Georgetown because there is an Apple store and a bunch of other cool spots and restaurants. He agreed so we went to Georgetown and my oh my was it an experience! We ate lunch first then headed to Sephora where I racked up a $400 bill… He covered it with no questions asked. Same thing happened at American Apparel, LUSH, and Zara. No bill was less than $400. I was in complete shock. Luckily, we had parked close to the Apple store so we went into the store, I picked out the computer I wanted and boom! He handed the man $1500 cash. Again, completely stunned.  After we left Georgetown, we headed to my favorite nail salon (Mimosa Salon in Dupont Circle) and my favorite restaurant(Hot n Juicy Crawfish in Woodley Park). We talked and laughed and it was all cool. He drove me home and didn’t even ask for a kiss or anything… It was such a pleasant experience. 

Fast forward to Tuesday, we’re texting and somehow we got on the topic of my favorite city(NYC). He said “let’s go tomorrow” and I was like “yeah alright” sarcastically.. He asked me what time I wanted him to pick me up and sure as hell this man was at my house at 6:30 pm ready to go to NYC. So we drive to NYC and it’s such a fun road trip! We ended up staying two nights in the Trump Soho(everything was booked.. killed me to stay there). Shopped at Louis Vuitton(finally got that Neverfull), Topshop, HM x Kenzo, Zara, and Bloomingdale’s. We had amazing food! The whole trip was perfect.. It all ended with a 90 minute couples massage at the Trump spa which was just pure bliss. So I got to talking with him and he told me he really wanted to come to NYC to purchase a $33,000 Presidential Rolex that he had his eye on… I was literally in total shock. So he went to try it on and it looked good! He told me we’d have to come back up to get it because he didn’t have the cash on him ( he only pays cash for everything. Apparently he doesn’t trust banks). So we leave NYC and head home. 

Fast forward to Monday, he texts me and asks me if I want to take a day trip to NYC to go grab the watch and the Stuart Weitzman boots I had my eye on. I said of course, knowing that a day trip would turn into an overnight one, which it did. We stayed right in the heart of Times Square at the Crowne Plaza. So last night when we arrive (we took the train this time), we walked in Times Square which was crazy because it was election night. I ran into this little store called Laline? I had never heard of it but the diffusers, whipped body wash, and scrubs were all right up my alley. I rang up a $200 tab and he covered it with no hesitation. So we eat then head back to the hotel devastated after watching the election results. Fast forward to this morning… We woke up and headed straight to get the watch because he “didn’t want to walk around with all that bread on him”. He asked me if I could hold the money in my bag since he couldn’t fit it all in his pocket. I said no problem and we checked out of the hotel. So we get to the diamond district and while the guy is preparing the watch, we have to go to another store to get a gold chain for his friend that wanted one. So while he was dealing with the guy, I was looking a pair of diamond earrings.. Just looking. Then he was like “you like those? try em on” so I tried them on and they were gorgeous and he told dude “just add these”. $2000 diamond studs yall.. Just like that. So we paid for the stuff and left to pick up the watch.. Then we headed to Stuart Weitzman to grab the boots($900 bill) and Century 21($500). We ate(twice) then headed back to the train to head home. When I tell yall the best part of alllll of this is that this man won’t even look at me naked! Didn’t try to  have sex one time. Just wants me to rub my fingers through his hair. Sneak a kiss every now and then but for right now, nothing. It’s so crazy yall! I’m almost worried… Anyways.. We had some talk about the kinds of cars I like and he said “hmmm we’ll have to see what Santa does for Christmas because you definitely need a car” so my fingers are totally crossed… 

Sorry for the delay on the story!! 

Stay sweet!

Wondering if we will be seeing a LOT of CW this summer/fall/winter with his high level schedule, or if it’s going to be completely sporadic.   How is he going to do all this.

– Directing Falstaff from Dec. 13, 2017 and Jan. 20, 2018 (how much time will he have to be over there before and during production)
– Tulip Fever opens August 25 2017 (premieres, interviews, The long long long await we patiently deserve)
– Filming of Georgetown in Canada starts in July 2017 (sneak peeks of him, or nothing at all)
– Downsizing opens December 22 2017 (premieres, interviews)

He is going to be so so busy and running around everywhere.  Bless his heart.

Tom Wilson Imagine - Chapter 15



Tom’s POV:

One Week Later


Today was huge. I was picking up Y/N’s parents from the airport to surprise her. Her mom and dad had decided to fly into the city after the break in, just to see her and make sure that she was okay.

“Tom!” A woman shouted from the baggage claim area where I was waiting. “That’s you, right?” She laughed as she walked over to me. She had Y/N’s eyes, so I knew it was Brenda.

“Mrs. Y/L/N! It’s so nice to finally meet you.” I said as I grabbed her suitcase and pulled her in for a hug.

“Please, sweetheart, call me Brenda.” She answered as her perfume rubbed off on my shirt.

“Mr. Y/L/N, pleasure to meet you, sir.” I said, kind of nervous to meet her dad.

“You too, Tom. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl.” He said, shaking my hand and giving me a small hug.

“Absolutely.” I responded. “My car is out this way, I was thinking we could stop by Georgetown and pick up Y/N from her class, grab lunch and then I’ll get you guys to the hotel? But if you’re tired now I can take you to the hotel and we can meet you guys a little bit before the game?”

“You are so sweet to plan all of this.” Her mom said as she grabbed my arm as I lead them to my car.

“I try.” I laughed.

“I can see why Y/N is so into you.” Her dad, Mark, said.

“I don’t know about you Mark but I’m dying to see her. I want to go pick her up at school.” Her mom said.

“Whatever you’d like.” Mark chimed in from the backseat.

“Alright, off to Georgetown.” I said as I pulled away from the airport.

Driving through the city I made my way, to Georgetown, stopping in front of the same big brick building that I was becoming all to familiar with.

“There she is! I see her! Oh, she looks so beautiful.” Brenda exclaimed from the passenger seat of my car.

“Brenda just stay in the car and let her find us.” Mark laughed.

“Okay, okay,” She sighed. “Ooh! Here she comes!”

“Hi babe—- ah! Mom and dad! What are you guys doing here?” Y/N screamed as she opened the door, not being able to see through my tinted windows.

“Surprise!” Brenda said as she jumped out of the car and hugged her.

“How are you, sweetie?” Her dad asked as he pulled her in for a hug after her mom squeezed.

“I’m good. So much better now that y’all are here. Are you coming to the game tonight?” She asked as everyone climbed back in my car.

“Yes! Tom got the hook up for us.” Her mom laughed from the front seat, rubbing my arm. I smiled and carefully pulled away from the school, dodging college students walking in front of my car.

“I’m so excited. What made you guys decide to come into town?” She asked as she pulled her seatbelt on.

“We really just needed to come check on you after the break in. We just didn’t feel right about not coming into town after that happened. We’re so glad that Tom called us.” Her mom said as she turned around, placing a hand on Y/N’s leg.

“We just want to make sure our little girl is safe and okay.” Her dad chimed in.

I looked back from my mirror to see Y/N’s excited expression fall. Her eyes trailed out the window and her eyes welled up with tears.

“Babe don’t cry.” I said out of habit, forgetting that her parents were in the car. Whenever I see her get upset I just go into protective mode. Nothing hurts my heart more.

“I mean, Y/N – stop. What’s wrong?” I corrected as I cleared my throat.

“It was just so scary.” She began quietly.

“I’m sure it was sweetie. I’m sorry that we couldn’t be there for you. That’s how it is when you go to school far away.” Mark said as he rubbed her back.

“Mark, please.” Brenda yell-whispered to him.

“I’m just really glad that Tom was able to get there. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” She continued.

“We are happy he was there too. We’re glad that you have someone to look out for you while you’re here.” Her mom said with a smile as I pulled up in front of their hotel.

“Here you are, guys!” I said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

“Thanks for picking us up, Tom.” Mark said as he got out of the car.

“Of course.” I said as I met him at the trunk, helping them with their luggage.

“Thank you so much sweetie.” Brenda said as she gave me another hug.

“Alright, beautiful.” Brenda began, pulling Y/N in for another hug. “We’ll see you in a little bit.”

“Yeah, I’ll come by and pick you guys up at around 4:15.” I told them as they walked inside the hotel.

“And make sure you’re outside waiting at 4:15 because Tom has to be at the game at 5!” Y/N called after them. I laughed.

“Surprise baby.” I whispered to her as I pulled her into a hug before we got back in the car.

“Thank you for doing this.” She said as she kissed me.

“I rented out a suite for you guys tonight at the game too. It’ll be really special. I know they don’t get out here much.”

“I love you so much. Thank you for doing that.” She said with a smile as I helped her into the passenger seat.



The suite that Tom had set up for my parents and I was incredible. We got the arena at 5, and there was a four course meal waiting for us when we got there.  It was so nice to catch up with my parents and hear about life back in Texas. Two hours of chit chat passed quickly, and the horn sounded as the game began. We made our way to our seats as the puck started to move around the ice. The Caps were playing the Penguins tonight… always a wild game to be at.

“Is that Tom, fighting?” My mom asked as she pointed to the ice. Tom had dropped the gloves halfway into the first and left a Penguins goon with a broken nose and a bloody face.

“Yes mom, Tom is an enforcer.” I laughed.

“How could anyone so sweet just kick someone’s ass like that?” She questioned.

“It’s his job, Brenda!” My dad chimed in. “I like the fact that he can take someone out.”

The first period went on to be scoreless, and then things picked up in the second. Tom scored on the first shift of the second period, erupting cheers and applause throughout the already bumping Verizon Center. His goal boosted morale among the fans and the team, causing him to score once more not even a minute later. The three of us were on our feet screaming and yelling as the goal light went off.

“He’s amazing!” My mom yelled over the cheers as she clapped.

“I’ve never seen him score two goals in one game before. Maybe you’re his good luck charm.” I nudged her with a wink.

“He’s a very good guy, Y/N. Please keep him around. I know he takes good care of you.” She answered with a soft smile.

“He does. I love him very much.” I answered. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it, silently telling me how lucky I was to have someone who loved me and wanted to protect me.

The screen inside our suite showed Tom sitting on the bench, his smile still big after scoring his second goal. I knew he was so proud of himself and that he was so excited. I was too. I needed to do something for him. To say that I owed him was a complete understatement. Not only was he there for me in my time of need after we had a bad fight, he let me move in with him, he took complete care of me, and even reached out to my parents to surprise me. Yeah… he needed a surprise of his own.

Hey Carly, remember that black lingerie set you bought awhile back but you never got to wear because you and your boyfriend broke up?


I texted to Carly… realizing how insensitive it sounded after I already pressed send.

Wow, thanks for the reminder. But yes, why?


Could I borrow it? Tom surprised me. My parents came into town and he was in on it. Picked them up from the airport, hooked them up with a suite for the game… the whole enchilada. And he scored twice tonight. I want to “surprise” him if you know what I mean….


Okay, yes I get it. I don’t need details. Could you swing by and get it? My car is in the shop and Ava isn’t here. Plus I want to say hi to your parents.


Yeah. We’ll take an Uber that way after the game. Thank you so much! And put it in a gift bag or something so my parents don’t ask questions… lol


You got it. See you soon you soon!


The third period went on without much action, leaving the Capitals ahead 2-1, thanks to my baby.

A few minutes after the final horn blew, I got a text from Tom.

Hey babe, getting pulled for interviews so I’m going to be a late. I called you guys a car that’s waiting outside. It will take your parents back to the hotel and you back home. I’ll see you when I get back : )


Amazing game, babe. So proud of you. Thanks for the car. See you soon.


I told my parents about the car situation and they followed me outside, where we met a gentlemen in a big black SUV.

“Could you please make a stop at a house in Georgetown? I just need to pick something up.” I asked the driver as we got inside.

“Of course, Ms. Y/L/N. You must be so proud of Tom tonight. What a talented young man!” The driver said as he pulled off into the post game traffic.

“We most definitely are! He is just such an exhilarating player to watch in person!” My mom answered, still on an excitement high from the game.

Their conversation about his skills on the ice continued as I notified Carly of when we would be arriving.

“Sweetie, where is that we are stopping in Georgetown?” My mom asked after she was down fawning over my boyfriend with the driver.

“I just want to stop by the townhouse, Carly has to give me something. She also wants to see you guys.” I explained.

“Such a nice girl. Do you miss with her?” She asked as we crossed the bridge.

“Yes, but – “ I tried, only to be interrupted.

“But she is safer staying with Tom.” My dad chimed in firmly.

“Yes.” I answered with a deep breath, trying not to let my mind go back to the night of the break in.

“Here we are.” The driver said as he pulled in front of the townhouse. Carly was waiting for us on the stairs outside.

“Thank you so much!” I said as I rolled down the window and she handed me a blue gift bag with the lingerie inside. She made small talk with my parents for a few minutes, but I rushed their conversation as I was eager to get home.

“Alright, it was really nice seeing you guys. Enjoy your visit!” She called as she stepped away from the car.

“Thanks Carly!” My parents called to her in unison.

“What’s in the bag?” My mom whispered to me as the driver pulled away, making his way to the hotel.

“Nothing, mom.” I said as I quickly pulled the bag away from her.

She gave me that look like, “I know exactly what you’re doing.”


“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow? I’ll text you in the morning and we can make plans.” I told my parents as we stopped in front of their hotel.

“Sounds good.” My dad said as he kissed me on the cheek and got out of the car.

“He deserves it.” My mom said, motioning to the bag. “Have a fun night. Be SAFE.” She winked.

“Ugh! Mom!” I screamed, shoving her a little.

“What! I’m just saying. Love you, honey.”

“Love you too.” I said reluctantly.


I thanked the driver and ran upstairs in the apartment complex. I turned on CSN to gauge how much time I had before Tom would be home. He was wrapping up an interview, so he would still need to shower and drive home. I jumped in the shower just to shave my legs. Not allowing my face or hair to get wet, I carefully moved the razor from my ankle to my hip. I stepped out of the shower and moisturized, making sure every part of my body is smooth and ready for his touch.

I stripped out of my plain bra and underwear and stepped into the back lingerie. It wasn’t your traditional bra and underwear set…. It was a one piece lace outfit with a neck line plunging to my belly button. The thin lace barely covered my nipples and showed most of the skin on my breasts. I freshened up my makeup and sprayed on some perfume on my neck.

I returned to the bedroom to find that the after game talk show had taken over CSN. By now, Tom was probably on his way home. Deciding that something was missing from my ensemble, I put on one of Tom’s dress shirts. I picked a white one and rolled the sleeves up just a little. Messing up my hair In the mirror and taking one last look, I heard the front door unlock.

“Babe?” Tom called as he walked through the door.

I slowly got off the bed and walked to the doorframe of the bedroom. “Hi, baby.” I cooed, playing with the buttons on his shirt that I was now wearing.

“So I was thinking about grabbing a drink with the guys to celebrate the win-“ He began, setting his bags down at his feet. He hadn’t looked at me yet. “Oh.” He said as he looked up at me, starting to shoot me that sexual smile that always made me wet. “No I’m not.” He laughed, still staring at me.

“Or, you could just stay in and celebrate with me.” I said as I let one of the sleeves fall off my shoulder.

“Yeah I think that’s a better idea.” He said as he walked over to me. He pressed me up against the bedroom door running his hands down my sides and kissed me intensely. I lifted my right leg and hooked it around his hip, allowing my wet and warm center to press against the side of his leg.

“I like this.” Tom said as he pulled back and ran his fingers against the lace that barely covered my breasts.

“I’m so proud of you, baby. I thought you deserved a surprise.” I murmured as I let the dress shirt slide off my shoulders and onto the floor.

“I like this surprise.” He whispered into my neck as he left gentle kisses on my soft spots. He slid is hands from my waist down as he moved to his knees.

“No, baby. Tonight is about you.” I said sweetly as I ran my fingers through his long hair.

“Shhh.” He smirked as he ran his fingers along my slit over the lace the covered me. I moaned and bent my knees, shooting my hips forward and into him.

“Don’t baby, I don’t want to come just yet.” I winked at him. “I’m so horny for you.” I whined as I tugged on his hair again.

“Those fights turn you on? And the goals?” He asked, still running his hands over my center.

“You have no idea.” I said, still bending my knees to feel his fingers more, as if he was going to enter me.

He ran his hands up my legs as he stood up, letting his mouth stop at my sex. He bit me gently through the fabric, causing my knees to go weak.

“Don’t do that to me. Not yet.” I scolded as I regained my strength and dragged him to the bed.

I threw him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, sitting on top of his growing erection. I slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off of him, running my hands up and down his chest and abdomen underneath his undershirt. I swiftly pulled his undershirt off of him and slightly gyrated my hips on top of his clothes, making him harder and harder.

“Baby,” He got out after a series of sharp breaths.

“Shhh.” I said as I kissed him gently to silence him.

Moving to his pants, I unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles, moving myself so I could remove them completely. I did the same with his briefs and freed his erection from confinement. He moved his right hand to his cock, slowly stroking as he looking me up and down.

“No.” I scolded as I moved both of his hands above his head.

“Oh, this is how it’s going to be tonight?” He asked with a sexy smile.

“This is how it’s going to be.” I answered with my bedroom eyes.

“This thing is kind of itchy.” I began as I pulled the fabric away from both of my breasts. “I think I should take it off.”

“Please.” Tom said as he moved his hands to my breasts.

I slowly moved my hair to the side and undid the halter knot that was keeping me covered. I slowly slid the fabric down my body and climbed out of it, placing my center on top of his throbbing length.

“God.” Tom sighed.

“What?” I asked with a smirk.

“My baby is so sexy.” He answered as he pulled me down to suck on my breasts. I let him lick both of them, moaning out in pleasure as my center grew more and more warm. As he sucked, I moved on his dick, not letting it enter me just yet. I moved slowly, just slow enough to drive both of us crazy. I gently bit down on his shoulder as my pussy throbbed against him.

“Fuck me, baby.” He whispered softly as he bit my earlobe.

I took his orders and sat up just a little, allowing his length to match up with my entrance. I slowly slit down, stabilizing myself on his abs. I moaned as he filled me and his hands pressed firmly on my hips, pushing me farther and farther down.

“Ride me.” He begged.

I moved forward and placed several gentle kisses on his lips as my bottom half pulsed up and down on his length. He moaned out in pleasure as I kissed from his neck to his shoulders, picking up the pace. My center grew more wet as we continued, some of my juices making noise as I increased my speed.

“I think your pussy is calling my name.” Tom whispered as his bit at my earlobes.

“That’s the only name it knows.” I shot back with a seductive smirk, sitting upright and moving my hands to his lower abs. Tom placed his hands on my breasts and squeezed as I continued to move faster and faster, dancing on him dick. He bucked his hips into me to increase pleasure as I continue to bounce up and down on top of him. Reaching behind me, I grabbed his balls and massaged as I rode him all the way into oblivion. His breathing grew erratic as he neared completion, taking me by the hips and flipping me over. He slammed into me until we both reach our climax together.

“Scored three goals tonight.” Tom whispered as we collapsed next to each other.

“Having insurance coverage for our 24-year-old son meant he received treatment, for heroin addiction, which saved his life…Michael is now 4 years sober, and has just finished his first year at a community college in Minnesota on the dean’s list. He works full-time at a local hotel restaurant and is enrolled in MNSure, Minnesota’s Health Care (ObamaCare!) program. The business we were able to open, Georgetown Antiques and Artisans, because of having coverage outside of a former employer, is going strong after two and a half years and is collecting sales tax far beyond any insurance credits we received. The ACA still works.” —Russ and Linda Dickson from Texas on how the Affordable Care Act changed their lives. Here’s how the ACA continues to help people in all 50 states—and what’s at stake with the Republican proposal to repeal it: http://go.wh.gov/ACAworks

Tom Wilson - Chapter Twelve

The next night, I found myself wandering through the Verizon Center looking for beer. Carly and Ava had sent me out for Bud Lights. This was the first time that both of them could join me for one of Tom’s games, and I was so excited to have them in the stands with me.

I heard the puck slapping from stick to stick as I stood patiently in line, and then the goal horn. I ran to the nearest section entrance to watch the instant replay. It was Tom, he had scored. And I missed it. I rolled my eyes and paid for the beers, basically throwing them at Carly and Ava as I got back to our seats.

“Next time, you guys are getting your own damn beer. I missed his goal! I’ve never seen him score in person before.” I whined as I plopped back down in my seat.

“Don’t worry about it. Tom is good. There will be others.” Ava assured me, patting my leg.

“Whatever.” I muttered, definitely more frustrated than I needed to be.

The game ended shortly after with the Caps ahead of the Rangers by 2. It was a good game, despite the Verizon Center being filled with blue dressed and loud New Yorkers. I guess that’s always how those games went, though.

Despite the guilt I felt for missing his goal, my sprits were high as I said my goodbyes to Carly and Ava. They were going out with some of their nursing friends, and I was going to be spending the night with Tom. Or, so I thought.

I wandered my way through the maze that is the tunnels of the Verizon Center until I reached the hallway that the locker room is in. Exchanging “That was a good game” comments with the other girlfriends, I turned the corner to find Tom. With Anna. She was all over him, kissing him gently as she shoved him into the wall. His hands were at his sides and his head fought her touch, but her lips kept up with his movements.

“Really, Tom?” I asked quietly as my heart dropped and I began to shake.

Anna took a few steps back and Tom started to walk towards me.

“Stop.” I said, noticing his forward movements. Tears filled in my eyes as I stared him down.

“Baby, that is not what it looked like. She just came out here like thirty seconds ago and threw me up against the wall. She wanted this to happen.” He eagerly explained.

I looked at Anna who was standing behind Tom, reapplying lip gloss while pursing her lips in her compact mirror.

“You have to believe me.” He continued as he reached out for me.

I stepped back. “I thought you loved me, Tom. I really really did. Too good to be true.” With that, I turned and ran, running down long and random hallways to hopefully lose Tom, who was running after me. I lost him and called an Uber, crying all the way home. I could feel my heart break in my chest as we passed Georgetown Cupcakes, my mind flooded with memories of the loving moments I shared with the one guy I thought truly loved me.


Keeping all of the lights off, I stumbled through the house and ran upstairs, jumping in my bed. A few episodes ofFriends was able to take my mind off of things for a little. I had ignored the three call attempts that tom made… unsure of what to say or how to handle it.

I closed my laptop and set it beside my bed, hoping to get some sleep. As I did that, I heard a large bang from downstairs. The bang was followed by loud whispering and shuffling around. Was it the girls? I thought to myself.

Where are you?


I texted to Carly.

Holding Ava’s hair while she throws up Vodka Tonics.


She answered immediately. Someone was here. Someone who wasn’t supposed to be. I had no one else to call. I didn’t want to talk to Tom, but I needed him.


Tom’s POV:

After losing Y/N in the tunnels and a huge screaming match with Anna, Andre had convinced me to go out. I wasn’t big on going out and drinking these days. I spent most of my nights with Y/N and I loved that more than anything. Even though I had fucked that up worse than I ever could’ve imagine. Who even let Anna down there? I didn’t know. But I didn’t want to think about it either. I wanted a bunch of beer to wash out the events of the last few hours.

“Did she answer any of your calls?” Andre asked as we sat at the bar.

“Not one.” I sighed, sipping from my beer. “I really hurt her.”

Andre sighed. “It was really your fault though. Anna bombarded you and kissed you. The timing was terrible. And we need to tell security she’s off the girlfriend list. I don’t even know how she could have access down there anymore.”

“Yeah I’ll have to talk to them tomorrow.” I responded quietly.

I listened to Andre carry on about the girls he was hooking up with, the models he was talking to on Instagram, and all the other immature stories he had to share with me. Not one ounce of me felt jealous of the lifestyle he was explaining… a lifestyle that I once lived. I just wanted Y/N. No amount of alcohol could erase the feelings I had for her, or the sadness that consumed me knowing that I hurt her.

“You gonna get that?” Andre said, scooting my phone towards me. I hadn’t even noticed it ringing. It was Y/N. I reached for the phone immediately, getting up and heading for the nearest balcony.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. Please just hear me out.” I begged without even saying hello.

“Baby I need you.” I heard her say over the phone.

“I need you too, babe. Wait, are you crying?” I asked, hearing sobs on the other end.

“Tom, someone is in my house. It’s not either of the girls. I think I might’ve forgotten to lock the door when I came in. I’m scared.”

“Babe I’m on my way right now. Where are you?” I asked as I pushed my way back to the bar.

“My room. Please hurry.” She sobbed. Thank God Andre and I had decided on a Georgetown bar tonight. We were just down the street.

“Stay on the phone with me, baby. I’m coming.” I told her.

“Andre. We’re leaving. Now.” I said as I dragged him away from the bar. I slapped a $50 bill down on the counter and lead him out onto the street.

“Stay with me, baby.” I said as we got outside and I started to run.

“What’s going on?” Andre asked as he ran after me.

“Someone broke into Y/N’s house. They are in there and she’s there by herself.” I explained as I ran up the hill to her townhouse. He didn’t respond, just ran faster to get to her. I pulled my phone away from my ear to see if she was still with me, and she wasn’t. She must have hung up. My heart dropped as a million possibilities rushed through my head.

We approached her house as the police were walking inside.

“Sir, this is an active crime scene, please wait across the street.” One officer called to me.

“No.” I said firmly as I continued walking towards the front door, which was open. “My girl’s in there. I’m going in.”

“Sir, please.” Another officer called as he followed me into the house. But I didn’t listen.

“Baby? Baby where are you?” I called as I pushed my way passed broken glass and furniture that had been destroyed.

“Tom!” I heard her yell from upstairs.

“Sir, you need to stand down or we’ll have to cuff you and keep you outside. For your own safety.” The officer told me firmly.

“Baby, they are coming up there to get you.” I called up to her. “Go.” I said firmly to the cop. Drawing his weapon, he carefully walked up the stairs and into her room.

“Put your hands above your head.” I heard the officer yell.

“Hands? There’s two of them? Who the fuck are they?” I yelled to Andre who was standing in the doorway, panting from the run up here.

Two more officers rushed inside to help the one upstairs get the suspects out of the house.

“Tom!” I heard Y/n cry again.

“Get your girl.” One of the younger officers said to me. I looked closely at the guys being lead down the stairs. I couldn’t recognize them, but they didn’t look scary. Typically preppy Georgetown kids, I thought to myself. After threatening both of them with my eyes and hearing Andre chirp them, I ran to the top of the stairs.

“Baby I’m so freaked out.” Y/N said as she jumped into my arms.

“Who were they?” I questioned.

“I don’t know. I think they knew Carly. Friends with her ex boyfriend, I think.” She explained as she sobbed into my shoulder. “I’m so scared.”

“I got you, baby. Nothing is going to happen to you.” I assured her as I held her tightly.

“I don’t want to live here anymore.” She cried as her arms tightened around my neck.

“You’re coming to live with me.”


Today ended a perfect 5 day stay in our nation’s Capitol. I’d driven through DC on my way to Philadelphia for a race this time last year, only getting to stop for dinner. I promised I’d make it back for a lengthier stay and knock exploring the city off my travel bucket list. As most of my trips are planned, I impulsively looked up flights and then sought out a travel buddy. Despite not getting Veteran’s Day off work, Amy did, and it ended up being the perfect time to visit for a long weekend.

And in an even more impulsive manner of decision making, I rationalized celebrating starting my new position with a trip to Paris, simply because it would be cheaper to fly out of DC than Nashville. At least I’m frugal, if nothing else.

With most of my political knowledge being limited to what I learned in school and most recently, refreshers from House of Cards, I was excited to dive into some history. One of the pitfalls of vacation (and one I often fall into) is having the desire to cram in as much as possible in a limited amount to time. DC has so much to offer, I knew I wouldn’t have time for everything, and I also was craving a relaxing vacation, going at my own pace, and having a good time. Damn it if we didn’t nail that on the head.

DC is super walkable – we ended up buying metro cards the day we arrived, but only ended up using them once (oops - anyone need a metro card?). Our airbnb was located in the Capitol Hill area so everywhere we needed to go was very close. Also, can I just say how directionally challenged I felt there? Give me a city on a grid and I can navigate no problem, but I had way more issues getting around than I thought possible, especially when I was out running alone. I felt marginally less stupid when I saw others struggling like I was, though.

Sunday morning I set out to explore a new city in my favorite way, with a run. I had a MAJOR snafu, however. I forgot my running shoes at home. You would’ve thought I had forgotten my passport, I was that distraught. Fast forward to purchasing some cheap ass probably-not-meant-for-running shoes and I was on my way. Rookie mistake. They worked well enough and I ran past the Capitol and down the Mall, and ended up greeting Lincoln with a sweaty photo. I headed back, got a little lost, found an adorable neighborhood, and finally gave into the map. I clocked in at around 6.5 miles - haven’t ran that distance in a month or two but it felt nice to go long again. I bet it would feel even nicer in my Brooks (sniff).

Later on Sunday, we took a bus into Georgetown, which was frankly one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen. I drooled over the architecture of every building. And then we drooled over some Georgetown cupcakes. We roamed around a bit and walked around Georgetown campus as well, and then we did some shopping and I impulsively bought a LBD that I HAD TO HAVE but don’t need. I’ll wear it in Paris, right? Anyway, Georgetown left a lovely impression in my mind.

Monday, we spent our last full day between museums and relaxing in the National Mall area. Can I get a hallelujah for the perfect weather we had all week? It was gorgeous, every single day. The American History museum was fun to explore, despite the rowdy school groups. I felt like an grumpy old irritated adult sighing at the unruly youths because HEY I’m trying to learn over here. After we were finished, Amy lounged in the sunshine while I headed over to the Holocaust Museum, which I had wanted to visit for a long time. It was truly sobering and powerful. One part that truly jolted me was the shoe exhibit - an entire room full of the actual shoes belonging to the victims who were headed to the gas chambers. They were forced to remove their shoes so that they might be sold for profit. The shoes survived, the people didn’t. It was a beautiful and modern building with impressive symbolic architecture. The exhibits will captivate you from the moment you arrive, and leave you in stunned reflection long after you leave.

Something about being in Washington made all of the history feel more interconnected and meaningful, and it was really a fantastic trip. I never went to DC as a child or on a field trip in school, so it was fun getting to see everything. We also got to see Erica and share a delicious dinner, which is always lovely!

Next up: Paris.

Nations all over the world who share a common interest in protecting themselves against international terrorism must make the destruction of ISIS the highest priority. Nations in the region must commit that instead of turning a blind eye, they will commit their resources to preventing the free flow of terrorist finances and fighters to Syria and Iraq. We need a commitment that they will counter violent rhetoric that fuels terrorism that often occurs within their very borders. This is the model which we must pursue in order to address the global threats that we face.
—  Bernie Sanders, at Georgetown University
Tuma Sala- First Amerindian Resturant in Georgetown

Our interview with a local Native Guyanese, Angela is of the Patu'muna tribe. One of nine Native tribes of Guyana! She was open to share her knowledge and show us how to cook one of her amazing dishes served in her restaurant Tuma Sala which is an authentic Amerindian cuisine located in Georgetown. We were thrilled to be able to interview her and get an insiders perspective of Guyana culture!