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Do you think that maybe other gems could fuse into fusions that we have seen before. As an example, we know that when a Sapphire, Ruby, and Amethyst fuse, we get Sugilite, but also when a Iolite and a Lepidolite also make Sugilite when they fuse? Just a random thing i was wondering about

no i don’t,   a sugilite can only be made  by  fusing those component gems,  fusing other different types of gems even ones in similar color  wouldn’t make a sugilite  it would make another gem.

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I think the first time Choromatsu and his half-gem s/o learned they could fuse, the fusion only lasted for a few seconds. It had honestly been on accident, brought on by the two doing a quiet slow dance when his s/o said, "I think if you were a Gem and we could actually fuse, our dance would looking something like this." So when they suddenly found themselves as a taller, magical being, they both freaked out but Choro freaked the most and they came undone. His s/o, however, is elated.

Oh it would definitely last a couple of a seconds because Choro would be so scared and unable to focus.  His s/o would understand completely and wouldn’t be upset in the slightest,  they’d be ecstatic to know they could fuse.  They wouldn’t ask him to do it again right away given their boyfriend’s reaction, but would like to try it again another time to get a better look at their fusion.

Do you ever look at your best friends or your s/o and wonder “What would our fusion look like? What’s our gem? What would be our name? What kind of weapon would we have??” These are the things I think about a lot…

  • America:yo bro-bro, I wonder what it would be like if we fused together.
  • Canada:I'm already your neighbour! I put up with your shit more than any country in the world! You invade my privacy half the time! AND YOU WANT US TO FUSE??? *high pitch screaming*
  • America:... So is that a yes or nah?
  • Canada:... We should, it'll be cool.

Okay so I’m a little worried

In “Mindful Education”, the two Holo-Pearls fuse

And when they fuse, their two gems become one, even though everyone knows that it’s still two Holo-Pearls making up the big one.

We’ve only seen gems fuse when they have gems in different places.

But if this is implying what I think it is… If Pearl and Peridot, or any other characters with gems in the same place try to fuse… Will they literally become just one gem? And worse still…

Would they be able to separate?

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for some reason i always thought u and tides-miraculous was the same person lol

Me and Tides both like Steven Universe I think so i was thinking like ‘the ultimate fusion’ but then i realized if we both fused we would just be Nino



So first major development: Sardonyx has her own room in the temple, which means ALL fusions have their own room in the temple, and I would really love to see Opal, Smoky, and Rainbow’s rooms (not to mention Ruby and Sapphire’s individual rooms). I would like to see Sugilite and Alexandrite’s rooms, too, but given their sizes and the trouble Sardonyx had fitting through the temple door, I doubt we’ll see them any time soon, if at all. Of course, it makes sense for them have to rooms given Garnet’s ability to open her own door, but it was still pretty cool. Not to mention the fact that Sardonyx’s room is a talk show stage.

But let’s talk about how prevalent Garnet was while she and Pearl were fused. We did get a few moments of Pearl and a lot of Sardonyx herself, but Garnet had the most control tonight. We could tell because Sardonyx had the same reaction throughout the episode that Garnet had when Steven and Amethyst first fused: she was excited beyond belief (something she admitted right before Sardonyx fell apart).

Garnet was so focused on what made Smoky Quartz different that Sardonyx went out of her way to put them in the spotlight and compare them to other fusions in the show by seeing if they could match their abilities. Opal’s bow skills, Sugilite’s strength, even Alexandrite’s fire breath were the main points of interest, and Smoky had NO WAY of possessing any of those abilities because Steven and Amethyst can’t collectively contribute to any of them. And let’s not forget how dismissive Sardonyx was of their yo-yo tricks, which is really all they’re currently able to do. It wasn’t until Smoky started talking about how much of a failure they were that Sardonyx even knew what she was doing, and that’s when we learned it was Garnet in the driver’s seat.

Now, it only makes sense for Garnet to react this way. Being a fusion herself, any new fusion (especially one involving her son) would make her ecstatic. But she, of all people (or gems in this case), should know that it takes time for a fusion to figure out who they are. There’s no telling how long it took her to figure herself out after Ruby and Sapphire first fused, but we learned in “The Answer” that the first time it happened, she had NO IDEA who she was. She couldn’t even separate herself from Ruby and Sapphire when Pearl had a sword at her neck. Now obviously Smoky had somewhat of an advantage when they first formed since it sounded like Amethyst and Rose fused at some point, but it’s still going to take time for Smoky to get used to being someone completely different than their old self. They have a completely different look, a completely different personality, and quite likely a completely different weapon. They aren’t sure who they are yet.

But Garnet still pushed them to try and find what makes them unique. I’m not saying her intentions were bad. She was just trying to help them where she was left to figure things out on her own, but she did get carried away with trying to see these things with her own eyes and she admitted that.

I for one was really pleased with this episode. Too often, Garnet is depicted as this perfect, badass, psychic love goddess (not as often as Rose, but it still happens quite a bit) so it was nice to see more of her flaws and, more importantly, see her own up to her mistakes.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amount of fourth-wall breaks that happened tonight. My personal favorite: “Footage courtesy of Cartoon Network” during the clips Sardonyx played on her talk show.

Flashvibe Week Day 6: Crossover Day

The Flash X Steven Universe

“I’m telling you we totally need to fuse, its an emergency!”

“Cisco, doing a Gravity Falls marathon is not an emergency.”

“Sure it is! Being Carnelian will make it so much better!”

Coral and Agate, or as they like to call each other, Barry and Cisco, are two Crystal Gem Warriors. The two are sworn to protect the Earth from any harm that might befall it, like rogue gems or natural disaster that would harm any humans. Cisco loves to fuse with Barry, which Barry, while embarrassed due to the intimacy, would never say no to his partner. Carnelian, their fusion, is a strong and stable fusion, that loves to do science and watch movies.