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La Fábrica in Barcelona

In the words of the architect Ricardo Bofill:

We found enormous silos, a tall smoke snack, four kilometres of underground tunnels, machine rooms in good shape… This was in 1973 and it was our first encounter with the Cement Factory. This cement factory, dating from the first period of the industrialization of Catalonia, was not built at once or as a whole but was a series of additions as the various chains of production became necessary. The formal result was given, then, by a series of stratified elements, a process which is reminiscent of vernacular architecture, but applied to industry.

Keeping our eyes moving like a kaleidoscope, we already imagined future spaces and found out that the different visual and aesthetics trends that had developed since World War I coexisted here:

  • Surrealism in paradoxical stairs that lead to nowhere; the absurdity of certain elements hanging over voids; huge but useless spaces of weird proportions, but magical because of their tension and disproportion.
  • Abstraction in the pure volumes, which revealed themselves at times broken and raw.
  • Brutalism in the abrupt treatment and sculptural qualities of the materials.

Seduced by the contradictions and the ambiguity of the place, we quickly decided to retain the factory, and modifying its original brutality, sculpt it like a work of art. The result proves that form and function must be dissociated; in this case, the function did not create the form; instead, it has been shown that any space can be allocated whatever use the architect chooses, if he or she is sufficiently skilful.

“Presently I live and work here better than anywhere else. It is for me the only place where I can concentrate and associate ideas in the most abstract manner. I have the impression of living in a precinct, in a closed universe which protects me from the outside and everyday life. The Cement Factory is a place of work par excellence. Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure. I have the impression of living in the same environment that propelled the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia.”

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I really wanna say something with all due respect

In season one, I used to ship Alex with Maxwell. I thought they had chemistry and I saw a sparkle there. In season two we found out officially that Alex is homosexual. And this is perfect I love Sanvers very much really it’s an otp. But what if I continued to ship Alex and Maxwell? According to the fandom, I would be homophobic, disrespectful and racist for trying to change someone’s sexuality even if it’s just a TV show character. So, at least for now, the show has made it official that Kara is straight. I’m not saying that she couldn’t be bisexual and fall for Lena. But for now she’s only dated and falling for boys. You can hate Mon-El all you want if you don’t like his character. I can’t relate because I don’t HATE characters or ships I just “don’t like”. But hating him and Karamel because of SuperCorp (sorry if I got the name wrong I mean Lena and Kara), it is disrespectful towards the fans, the writers and most importantly the actors who are just doing their jobs. I ship Karamel, I see Mon-El as I see a refugee who comes into a foreign country and tries to learn how things work and what are the rules (I live in Greece so I know some stuff about refugees). He wasn’t born on Earth. Kara and Clark had the chance to grow up on Earth and learn things. Mon-El is alone, trying really hard.
Anyways, this fandom used to be so much fun. Now I am just ashamed to be a part of it. Peace!

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Wait when did briana steal a baby bump picture ??? Do you have photos? I have heard she's done this more than once and I want the Receipts

so cousin trashley posted this when briana was “going into labor”:

but we found out that this picture looked eerily similar to a lifestyle blogger named amber fillerup clark:

and when briana announced the birth on instagram, she was wearing different nailpolish:

why would ashley need to post a picture of some other girl ready to give birth? hmm suspicious right?

there are more instances but this one is the most obvious case 

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My friend said Brendon and Sarah are over reacting but like??? That was their home they have every right to be mad/upset. Brendon wrote his first solo album there.

Remind your friend to keep in mind that we haven’t seen the whole picture, we weren’t given an exact amount of how many people they have to deal with, all we know is what we’ve seen/found out ourselves and what Brendon’s said, and even so, I wouldn’t feel comfortable if people kept coming to my house all the time even if they were chill, 90% of the time celebrities don’t feel comfortable with people hanging around their house, it’s their personal place of comfort and if they felt things were escalating too far for them to feel safe then they’re allowed to move, hell I think they had an under reaction if anything. Brendon could’ve gotten pissed he couldve ranted on twitter and he would have every right to, but instead he said to take this as a lesson for learning the boundaries of someones lives, whats okay or not, and set up a place for people to send things because he does wanna see what we have to say or give him. (and y’all better respect that too, don’t go sending him weird shit)

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So we recently got a new GM right before the holidays that is total shit useless, but the guests love him since he's the one to give away meals for free because of very minor complaints (the bacon on the buffet took longer than 2mins to be refilled). And he yells and screams at the cooks and anyone he feels like while in the kitchen. He's told me that he doesn't trust anyone to do their job. Too bad we recently found out that he's been fired b4 for embezzlement at his last job. Bye bye asshole.

This is the second time I’ve responded to an ask about someone in a manager position stealing from the company. How the hell do they get so far up the food chain without getting caught? -Abby

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I love my friend group bc my best friends are pan, pan, and bi, then there's another girl whose figuring out a label (but is currently identifying as bi), a lesbian, and then there's also a girl who I'm like ninety percent sure is bi anyway I Love It (btw my grade is like 200 people and the fact that we all found each other before coming out??? Awesome)

Sapphics Sticking Together™

For I Think I Still Love You (Do You Mind) (14/16)

Okay, wonderful readers, this is the climax. I’m ridiculously nervous about this chapter because I love this fic so much and everything’s coming to a head here, so I hope I’ve done it justice.

Help from Tavyn again, and guest starring SylvanHeather. Thank you, ladies!

On AO3.

Between Leonard’s passionate goodbye and the knowledge that he has information he isn’t willing or able to share, Sara isn’t too surprised when the team is scrambling to get ready when she gets back to the Waverider.

“What’s going on?” she asks Jax.

“We found ‘em. We’re all going this time; they won’t be getting away again.” He looks guilty for a second before his expression shifts to resolved. “Gideon says if we don’t stop them today, lot of people are gonna die, so this one’s gotta count.”

He walks back toward the bridge, and Sara makes a pit stop to change before she does the same. The rest of the crew is waiting for her.

“Sara,” Rip acknowledges before taking the time to look each member in the eye. “We’ve faced worse than this before. No one we’re up against today has any special powers. We’re going up against League training and a cold gun.” His gaze pauses on Mick before flickering to Sara and moving on. “Use your strength. Use your smarts. Don’t let what they mean to you stop you from doing what you must.”

Sara’s fist clenches, despite knowing he’s right. She can’t forget that Merlyn’s the one who had her killed. She can’t forget that Darhk’s responsible for her sister’s death. She can’t forget the man Captain Cold could have become.

She can’t forget, and yet, she knows if she sees Cold again, she’ll see too much of Leonard to do what she needs to. She remembers Amaya’s advice.

Amaya is right, too. She can’t try to be the one to take on Cold today. She can’t try to protect him at the expense of the team.

He isn’t her Leonard, and the team needs her.

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Every now and then I have a “life is so weird” moment. I’m currently watching 90’s movies (“Desert Blue” by morgan freeman- which has nothing to do with anything, just makes me think about where I was in 1998 when it was released) and feeling giddy that I am married to my high school sweetheart, aka the kid that I had an on-again-off-again crush on since our sophomore year of high school. That was 14 years ago.. been together almost 12, and we still like each other?! That’s crazy to me, in the scheme of things. We were children, had no idea what we wanted out of life, but we found each other.. like, what?!

After unpacking everything, the two stood beside each other, looking proudly at the house. The sun gave its last shine and some stars were becoming more and more visible.

The night phase just started.

Agatha got near the window, watching the town.

Miguel just rested by the wall “Can you believe it?”

“Salem.” Her eyes, cold and precise, looking for any sign of movement outside in the night.“This has to be.”

“If Y and their recordings are right, then we might have found not only one mafia, but several.”

He could see the way her hands were trembling. Her reflection on the window with anger mixed with disgust.

“It wasn’t your fault. We were too young and you-“

“Miguel, I don’t want to think about it now. We need to focus.”

“It’s just a report, nothing too complicated. “

Fists clenched, she punched the closest wall she found. “Just a report? Just a report?!  We are talking about mafia, God knows how many! We need to work precisely, a mistake could cost a life and-“

“Agatha, calm down, you don’t need to get too involved.”

“I want to get involved.” She was already grabbing her hair to stop hurting her hands “I want to. If there is something wrong here, we need to fix it. I need to fix it. “

He sighs.  “We have orders, Agatha.”

“I know.” She huffs.  “So…We begin tomorrow?”

“We meet the locals and then start the investigations.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Replies from Yesterday’s Commotion

Yesterday was WILD and I LOVED IT

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about a week ago we found a letter on the fridge that said "Dear Sidney, please stop putting Dissociative Identity Disorder memes on the bigscreen that we use to broadcast important information to the rest of the system. Love, Eliza." then two days later we found a letter beside that letter that was a printed out meme that said "when one of the other alters tells you to stop putting DID memes on the bigscreen" and the picture below it was a screenshot of a DID meme on the bigscreen


Car Update (+ other)

I think we found a good choice for a car! The unfortunate thing is that it was my grandparents’ neighbor’s car… and she passed away. She was a really kind lady, and I liked her a lot.

She didn’t drive it much though, which is nice I guess. But anyway, yeah! I should have a car this weekend and I’m really excited. 

P.S.: Sometimes I favorite things on FA that probably shouldn’t be mature rating, then you all can see it and it’s embarrassing. Hahaha

Oh god. I remember when these pieces of shit were a thing. Such a dumb idea. 

On the other hand, I do love these dorks. 

Marco: Oh man. The only thing cooler than these Love Sentence singing toothbrushes is the fact you got us tickets to see them tomorrow!

Well, I guess we found our plot for this episode. Of course Marco would be into boy bands. Also, I am going to mentally replace “Love Sentence" with “One Direction” for this entire episode.