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What if.....?

What if, in every fandom universe that we love and adore, we are a fandom and they want our lives?

Dean, Sam and Cas watch a show about your brother and his friends in school and their biggest worry is whether or not they’re going to pass their maths test, and not demons plotting the end of the world.

Harry, Ron and Hermione read a muggle story about your group of friends who go shopping together and just laugh, and have fun, and don’t need to worry about family or friends who might get killed by an evil wizard.

The Avengers read a comic about you and your struggle to find out who you are, and what you want, while never having to worry about saving the world or any villain trying to destroy it. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy watch a movie about us as we giggle and yell and cry and flail about over superheroes, wizards, hunters, time lords, high functioning sociopaths, cartoons, anime’s, and a whole other things that would that too long to mention, and we don’t have to worry about trying to stop the power of the galaxy from getting into the wrong hands.

All of them smile fondly at us, all of them laugh at our jokes, all of them cry when we do, and all of them sit on the edge of their seats wondering if we’ll pass that test, if that t-shirt we want is in stock, if we overcome our social fears, if the new episode of our favourite show is good or not, and what our reaction will be. They think: ‘Sure, their life isn’t always the best, and they might not always be happy, but it’s a life I want’

They don’t understand why we want lives like theirs.

‘What’s so good about my life?’ They think

Why would they want to give up that for this?

What if?


Okay, I know this scene has been giffed into the afterlife, but there are some things we just don’t talk about enough. Like, we flail for days about Marcus’ dumb lil grin and how he holds her and takes her face in his hands but I have yet to see discussion of that top right gif - Abby Griffin, nemesis-turned-tentative-friend of Marcus Kane at that point, wakes up, sees that it’s him, and is relieved (the tiny upturn of her brows there ruined me for days, y’all)

And then he tucks her into his shoulder, and what does she do? Presses her goddamned cheek against his bare, sweaty, heaving chest. 

Yes…… yes, this is exactly how two people who have always hated each other  would behave. 


There was never a time these two meant more to each other than just being opposing colleagues. 

(I’ll let you in on a secret: there absolutely was.)

It’s Thursday!

Time for the weekly Supernatural Liveblogging warning! Starting in about 45 minutes or so (8pm est)

There will be flailing about the glasses, flailing about the fact we know Cas is in this episode but we know nothing else about what he’s gonna be doing in it, and probably just general flailing… generally. :P

There will be many posts.

Every one of them will be tagged exactly as this post is for all your blacklisting needs.

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Being a popular blog with potentially unpopular opinions must be tough sometimes. Just thought I'd pop in and say you are awesome and I'm excited to continue to flail with you about Captain Swan, even if we might get annoyed with the show at times. OTP of all OTPs!

Well aren’t you the best??? I really appreciate you. 

And it is what it is. I am not here to inform people’s experiences any more than I let them inform mine. People are always free to ditch me if I am not their cuppa tea! And plenty have! And I have ditched plenty as well! It’s all good. 

I am happy to be here and hang with anyone who wants to, to continue to nerd out as I have for the past 4 years over all the shit I/we love. I’m glad you still want to hang out! :)


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So @helotastic​ wrote this awesomely hot fic about Jack and Bitty at Shitty and Lardo’s bachelor/ette party, right?  So I reblogged it and in the tags I speculated about Jack and Bitty’s stag party, which felt like kind of a digression that distracted from the original post! except then @helotastic very kindly MESSAGED ME ABOUT IT and we flailed about the idea together.


  • Jack and Bitty have the most disgustingly wholesome stag party ever.  No strippers, no embarrassing photos, only moderate amounts of alcohol.
    • Because like, they have both HAD the option to run free and sleep with whoever they wanted and party hard. It’s not about ~one last look at what they’re giving up~ or whatever.  They’re doing what makes them HAPPY.
    • The point of the stag, ACTUALLY, is to have a party with the close friends who are in town for the wedding WITHOUT annoying hangers-on and chaperones like parents, professional contacts, or media journalists
  • So they have a DIY ceramics painting party where everyone gets an unglazed ceramic mug and an instructor guides them through decorating it.  
    • Then it’s glazed and fired and everyone gets a super custom “Jack and Eric 2020″ mug as a keepsake.
    • And if it’s godawful ugly they have only themselves to blame.
  • Lardo’s mug is the best, naturally.  Lardo’s mug is fucking magnificent.  Lardo’s mug gets featured on the studio website.
  • Bitty makes a snarky Tweet at the party, a picture of him and his mug with, “Gay Agenda: 1. Finish this ceramic monstrosity 2. Get lots of sleep for my big gay wedding tomorrow!!!”
  • Lies. After that everybody goes dancing.
    • they actually rented a small nightclub for the evening, invitation-only, to ensure everybody’s privacy.  That way Jack actually feels comfortable enough to dance, and Bitty gets to spend three hours briefing the DJ ahead of time.

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OMG another IRONWING shipper :)) I'm 9 episodes in and then my brother wanted to take a break so I thought I'll check online but I didn't want spoilers so I went on ao3 and apparently there's only one ironwing ship and it's actually misty/danny/colleen. AGH I know it's only been 2 days so I hope more fic writers fall for them and write because I'm a shorty writer but I. WANT. IRONWING. FICS. AND HEADCANONS. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

NO SPOILERS. Still haven’t had a chance to watch past episode 7. But dude headcanons are my thing and you should totally message me so we can flail about them because I have a lot of feelings about them dude xD

I was recently talking with Keith about Welcome to Night Vale, and we started flailing over how very autistic Cecil is. I immediately went in search of fan things, and found a lot of autistic Carlos (which is also def. a thing) but almost no autistic Cecil. To remedy that, headcanons!
1. Carlos’ perfect hair and Cecil’s anger over it being cut: Cecil’s faceblind. He can’t really recognize Carlos without his hair, and is upset because now he doesn’t quite know which person in a lab coat is Perfect Carlos.
2. He canonically has whatever gender you want him to have. This is because he doesn’t quite understand how gender works, and anyway likes tights because they’re compressive and soft and fuzzy.
3. He mentions having no friends in Night Vale but Carlos. This is not quite true- he and Old Woman Josie go bowling together - but he’s been rejected too many times, for various reasons, by random people he tries to be friends with (and, um, his mother ) that he just doesn’t try anymore. This is why he overshares on the radio- he has nobody to talk to, and loves to talk, and his microphone doesn’t talk back or judge him.
4. One of the reasons he has no friends is his unfortunate habit of recording every conversation he has with people (this, also, is canon) and then listening to it obsessively when he gets home. People find this sort of behavior creepy, even for Night Vale.
5. His special interest in reporting beginning very young: he has a need to be useful. He has a talent for words, just not conversation. (See: eloquence in radio and “neat!” when talking to Carlos)
6. He’s really alexithymic. See him reporting, “Madeline laFleur was both relieved and pleased. ‘I’m relieved, ” she said. ‘I’m also pleased.’ “ He also doesn’t realize, really, that he’s depressed.
7. Spinny radio booth chairs. Singing lyrics from the weather over and over. “Welcome to Night Vale. Welcome to Night Vale. Welcome to Night Vale. ”
8. He honestly can’t imagine people not following posted signs. That’s why he “barricades ” the door with “Keep Out” signs. He would not go in a place where there were keep out signs! Therefore, he doesn’t really think others will.
9. He wears such odd outfits because he doesn’t really have a sense of conventional fashion.

I also have mentally ill and chronically ill and ace Cecil headcanons, but we’ll leave this here.

What I liked about 12x03 (2)

(Okay, I cooled down a bit, so here are my notes on 12x03.)

1. The case: I really enjoyed that. Super creepy dolls and ghost kids and derelict houses – give me all the classic horror motifs. All the kudos for the set design and cinematography!

2. Cas: Him talking to Mary about fitting in was heart wrenching. You DO belong!!! We already flailed so much about the breakfast scene and aside from #sunshine: The easy way Cas fit in here was sooo important and just perfectly done. No big speech or grand gestures, just this calm invitation to have coffee together and the willingness to help Cas in his hunt for Lucifer …. I needed that. I enjoyed Cas and Crowley, too, even if I found Cas a bit ooc at times. Mark and Misha made it work nonetheless.

3. Mary, Sam and Dean: Up until THAT SCENE I loved the subtle and not so subtle dynamics between the Winchesters. FAMILY HUNTING TRIP! I think it’s fantastic that Mary is written three-dimensional, between being a badass!hunter and a mother who has a different view on a lot of things and trusting her combined instincts. The brother’s heart to heart over the burning grave (flashback to Everybody Hates Hitler) was great, too. “Years of personal experience” – no kidding, Sam.

And coming back to the end: I get where Mary’s coming from and I think it’s great they explained her going away with something personal and relatable as opposed to some supernatural cause. This is fine storytelling that explores new layers of the characters and the scene was done near perfect. But still…

Bonus points: Everybody looked so pretty!!! Ruth’s outfit was stunning! –––– The John parallels in the case and the continuation of the theme “What grief can do to people” hit right in the feels. ––– The visual effects!!! ––– Cas checking his HAIR!!! ––– Cas without the trench coat!!!! That suit fit a lot better than previous ones …

Questions: What was up with the bike? Made me think of Jensen’s idea of the perfect last scene of the show. On which he changed his opinion just a week ago… just saying.

I’m done with my finals and somewhere a 50-something year old Eric Forman is flailing like the fanboy we know and love about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

I’ve always been curious as to how the show would have handled Eric finding out that Luke and Lei were siblings. Does anyone know any fanfic regarding this? I’d write one but basically everything I know about this franchise comes from That ‘70s Show (lol).

I dont know what’s with everyone acting like Xiumin never got any love before..

He has always been loved and he’s been the most popular EXO member within the Korean fandom since Growl era. There’s a reason he’s nicknamed as the ‘trend’. 

Just because he’s showing off his body now and fans are praising him doesn’t mean they didn’t like him as he was before and that he felt bullied to change himself. 

Xiumin had a personal goal for himself that he was passionate about since Day1 and now that he’s accomplished that, he’s proud and wants to show it off.

We are also happy for him.

Idk why people are acting like we have to always make Xiumin trend #1 on Tumblr and flail about his body everyday to prove that he is liked..

Making posts like “seriously exo-ls, no one ever gave a fuck about xiumin and as soon as he shows his abs he immediately gets attention” is completely unnecessary..and just not true.

Plenty of fans cared about him before. When Xiumin was seen during the pre-Wolf era hiatus looking thinner than usual, fans were worried for his health and wanted him to eat and be healthy. When he shows his insecurity about his weight, fans always say that he’s fine the way he is and doesn’t need to diet or do anything to change himself. We take his insecurity and turn it into his endearing charm with nicknames like Baozi.

So dont say that just because we are giving him praise for something he worked hard for that we didn’t “give a fuck” about him beforehand. 

Drooling over his body is not the only way to show that we care.

The first half of this episode was GLORIOUS.

Then it went to shit.

Anyway, all of the adorable SQ things have already been pointed out and flailed over, but can we talk about how Hook said Emma “became the Dark One out of love”.

OMGAWD. So it is canon that Emma loves Regina and that Emma sacrificing herself was an act of true love for Regina.

Then in the first ep of the season, they had Regina say, “I can’t turn my back on those I love.” They have to be bringing all of this up for a reason.

Despite being sad about CS clearly never ending, I still feel like an SQ TLK is coming. There are WAY too many clues. Even when it’s not their episode, these two are still always there and Henry having two moms keeps getting stressed.

The Talk

Okay, I’m still riding high from the Kimmel interview and everything else is going to seem boring for awhile. BUT, I saw a lot of negative opinions about The Talk as a show and how outdated and non-feminist it is. I want to just point out, that in this interview:

-she was interviewed by women who are clearly supportive fans of hers who know her work
-she was not asked what it was like working with David Duchovny
-she was not asked about being single
-she was not asked about being “old” by industry standards
-she was not asked anything embarrassing to catch her off guard
-she was complimented on her fashion but not asked about it or about her beauty regimen

She was asked about her work, and pretty much only her work, besides the bit about her sons which she clearly gave them ahead of time to ask.

This seems pretty current and refreshing to me. Meanwhile we (and I say we, me included) are flailing about her relationship with her male co-star.