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Cristiano wins Portugal’s player of the year at the FPF Quinas de Ouro Awards (20.03.17) 

(src: @FCPortoGlobal on twitter)

PT: ”Falar mais um bocadinho… Bom, como disse anteriormente, 2016 foi um ano de sonho - a nível pessoal, a nível coletivo… Aquilo que conquistei no Real Madrid foi super importante - a Liga dos Campeões. Mas acho que a cereja no topo do bolo foi o Europeu, sem dúvida alguma. Foi a primeira vez na história de Portugal e, de certa forma, é especial. Para mim foi especial porque era o último troféu que me faltava e, por isso, fiquei super contente.

Agradecer, uma vez mais, aos meus companheiros do Real Madrid e, obviamente, aos meus companheiros da Seleção, ao mister, todo o staff que esteve connosco, que nos acompanhou e a todos os portugueses - tenho de frisar uma vez mais, porque acho que eles foram super importantes na nossa conquista do Europeu, porque nos deram confiança e fizeram-nos acreditar que, realmente, as equipas favoritas também podem ganhar, e foi isso que aconteceu. As coisas correram… no principio, lembro-me, foi muito difícil, mas a crença sempre esteve presente: no nosso treinador em primeiro lugar, e em todos nós jogadores. 

Por isso, foi um ano de excelência - a nível pessoal e a nível coletivo - e, como digo, foi um ano de sonho. Por isso, estou muito contente. Obrigado a todos e… [em espanhol] Pasadlo bien!”

ENG: “Talking some more… Well, as I said before, 2016 was a dream year - at a personal and collective levels… What I achieved in Real Madrid was super important - the Champions League. But I think the icing on the cake was the Euro, without any doubt. It was the first time in the history of Portugal and, in a way, it’s special. To me it was special because it was the last trophy that I was missing and, so, I’m super happy. 

Thank you, once again, to my team mates in Real Madrid and, obviously, to my team mates in the National Team, to the mister, to the entire staff that was with us, that accompanied us and to all the portuguese - I’ve got to emphasize this once again, because I think they were super important in our conquest of the Euro, because they gave us confidence and made us believe that, really, the favorite teams can win as well [note: I can’t speak for Cristiano but I think he meant to say the ‘non favorites’ here] and that was what happened. Things were… in the start, I remember, it was really hard, but the belief was always present: in our coach firstly, and in all of us players.

So, it was a year of excellence - at a personal and collective levels - and, as I say, it was a dream year. So, I’m very happy. Thank you to everyone and.. [in spanish] Pasadlo bien!”

feels like home

y’all can blame Sophii for this one


Annabeth is pacing.

It’s never a good thing when Annabeth paces, not for Percy at least. It usually means he’s a in a great amount of trouble. It usually means he’s about to get an earful. He can see it brewing, below the surface of her tanned skin, below her furrowed eyebrows and her pursed lips, below the steely glances she keeps throwing at him like knives.

“Hold still,” the poor, innocent Apollo camper mumbles as he moves to stand in front of Percy, gingerly inspecting his wrist and blocking his angry girlfriend from view.

Annabeth makes herself heard then, if she cannot be seen.

“I just can’t believe it. How many monsters have we fought and you’ve walked away fine? We literally walked through hell and there wasn’t a single broken bone in your body. And a stupid skateboard gets you? How many times to I have to tell you to wear safety pads? And don’t tell me they’re not cool because that doesn’t stop you from wearing that stupid hat, Percy Jackson.”

“Hey, I like this hat.” Percy touches the rim of the blue snapback he’s wearing self-consciously. Annabeth peers around the Apollo kid to roll her eyes at him. “And I never said they were uncool- OW, motherfu-”

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Well it was about time for some new commission info! It’s not quite 2017 but I wanna start the new year out right, so this is what I came up with. Everything is ultimately negotiable, and there are often times commissions that don’t quite fit the standard fair there - please don’t be afraid to ask me questions! And I’m happy to work with you, payment wise. The only reason I ask it’s paid up front is due to some past commissioners stiffing me, so it’s just easier to make it a rule. But if you can’t pay it all at the start, that’s fine! We’ll work it out! ♥ And hell, even if it’s on the “will not” list, it’s still worth asking because we may define those things very differently. 

Thanks for taking a look and every reblog helps more than you know!

me: holy shit, whose live is actually coming to actual chicago, wanna go?
husband: who’s in it?
me: the… same people we saw last time? the guys who do whose live on a regular basis?
husband: oh, nah. we already saw them.
me: …you know it’s. it’s an improv show. it’s different every time. you know that, right?
husband: meh.

so anyway i’m going with my cousin and i’m so excited and my god, i married a weirdo.


Can we all appreciate the fact that:

Yoongi is looking fine as hell leading the hook and dancing FRONT & CENTER?!?!?! Like holy hell Yoongi.

Taehyung was having the time of his life performing on stage and looking super baked in this particular photo.

Hobi is owning this performance and seriously blindsiding ARMY with his bias wrecking status.


happy trans day of visibility!!

i often struggle with my emotions, especially guilt. the first few times i considered myself non-cis were absolutely awful, and i felt like i couldnt tell anyone because they would think im doing it for attention or lying. after months of debating with myself and feeling uncomfortable constantly, i decided i was genderflux. the day i came out online to my friends on here was so nerve-wracking, but everyone online was so supportive and i felt like i could be at ease.
im so happy seeing all these beautiful people all over my dash, and im really nervous to be a part of it, but above all im glad to be myself. (they/he/she)