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Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

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#exactly as expected #technically it's a risk #but he's not a risk- what do you mean?

guitar-based rock-pop is not currently the mainstream pop trend. right now everything is very EDM/House/TropHouse/R&B heavy on the radio. guitar music that makes the radio is usually acoustic ballads. there was actually a decent take on this from billboard:

“We don’t know what sort of lyrical content Styles has cooked up, but we aren’t expecting him to follow Zayn down the alt-R&B path. From his influences to his fashion to his onstage persona to his (formerly) flowing locks, Styles’ vibe has always screamed rock star, and despite the genre’s recent lack of presence on the Billboard Hot 100, he’s got the charisma to make it happen. And guess what? From Up All Night to 2015’s Made in the A.M., One Direction basically morphed into a pop-leaning rock band, one whose tendency to build songs on guitar and keys was often overshadowed by the fact people insisted on the boy band tag. Zayn veered away from this, and despite a fervent built-in fan base (which purchased 402,000 first-week copies of Made in the A.M. in the U.S.), his not-very-One Direction-sounding album sold considerably fewer copies – 112,000 – in its own debut week. Granted, “Pillowtalk” topped the Hot 100, but the Styles persona could give his solo career an even higher ceiling. So much hinges on how his first single fares. 

So what’s it gonna sound like? The safe, industry-tested route would be a collection of folksy, acoustic-based ballads, ones that allow for a little soul-searching, while reminding radio program directors of the Ed Sheeran and James Bay songs they’ve had success with lately. One Direction even collaborated with Sheeran; pre-fame, he co-wrote their 2012 single “Little Things” and he was brought back to help with “18” on their final album. Styles didn’t write “Little Things,” but that’s exactly the sort of doe-eyed balladry we expect on his solo material. Even writing for Ariana Grande, Styles delivered a ballad, so expect him to focus on his comfort zone, even if it means pushing outside PG-13 1D territory. Getting almost any guitar sound outside of acoustic balladry on pop radio is a tough sell these days, but again, a Harry Styles debut won’t be treated like an ordinary debut. He’d be smart to build on what worked for One Direction, though we’re not exactly pining for a Maroon 5 spin-off like “Drag Me Down.” Something that taps into the U.K.’s rich tradition of guitar music – without giving into simple revivalism – would help Styles follow on the grown-up tastemaker appeal that Zayn was able to court with Mind of Mine. DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean” kind of sounds like Duran Duran if they started out in 2016, and it managed to crack the top 10. Take it from Joe Jonas, another grown-up former member of a boy band that people were afraid to call a rock band.”

I think what many critics will be looking for is 1. a flat out good song lyrically and musically and 2. the fine line between mimicry and inspiration. If he veers to inspiration, then they’ll praise the bold, stand-out move. If it’s too close to the source material, then they’ll call it out. We may get a mix of both depending on how cynical the reviewer is.

ETA: to answer your specific question 1. this is the kind of music most people expected from harry 2. in general this kind of music is a risky sell 3. but because it’s harry it has a better chance for success vs. an unknown trying to bring that sound into the mainstream.

Silmarillion Project Help

As some of you well know, this semester I am attending a lecture class called the ‘Life and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien’. As expected, we have a finale project at the end of the semester in which we are supposed to present. Such must of course relate in some mannerism to Tolkien’s life or his works.

For myself, I have decided to discuss the dynamics between Morgoth and Sauron, primarily their roles as Dark Lords. The presentation within itself is to explore the differences between their approach and ultimately strive to answer the question– could it be argued that one is more dangerous than the other?

As some of you know, an often disputed conversation is a quote found within the Silmarillion when Sauron is first introduced stating; “–and was only less evil than his master in that for long he served another and not himself.” It is obvious from a logical approach, Sauron cannot be more powerful (or even equal) to the authority of Melkor, as being a maiar; he is physically weaker to that of a Valar, especially one that is ‘mightiest among the Ainur

However, as directed in the Silmarillion; “In all the deeds of Melkor the Morgoth upon Arda, in his vast works and in he deceits of his cunning, Sauron had a part–” Sauron’s influence in Melkor’s dominance over Arda cannot be disputed or discredited. But as we are evidently shown throughout the legendarium, Sauron was no master of war. Where as Morgoth could easily designate with brute force, his servant had to turn towards charm and manipulation for gain.

Therefore, the purpose of this presentation is to discuss the basis of Chaotic Evil vs Lawful Evil. Such is where I would love to have your thoughts and/or opinnions upon this topic for I do not believe there is an honest answer here. 

Some may believe that Sauron came closer to achieving the conquering of Middle Earth in the 6,000 years he reigned from the Second to Third Age then Melkor managed to accomplish in the 50,000 years that was the First Age. However, an argument could be poised that Sauron faced a lesser competition, with the glory of the elves fading and the Valar retreating from this world. After all, Morgoth did manage to hold superiority for 50,000 years. 

But what do you all think? Is the brutality of Morgoth more deserving of the accreditation of a Dark Lord or do you believe in the slyness of Sauron proved a much more deadly advisory? Feel free to comment on this post or even reblog with your ideas or simply share to help spread the word! After all, asking yourself who’d be worse to deal with is a lot left up to opinion then an honest answer and because of that– I need opinions for this presentation!

- Ardie

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Why are Taurus, Libra, and Gemini seen as the most shallow out of the signs?

Those signs are shallow in an archetypal sense on things society dictates that we should be deep on. For example, we’re expected to be deep on emotions. Archetype wise, Taurus, Libra, and Gemini are deeper in other things, but not emotions. Since they don’t satisfy the expectation, they get the “shallow” label.

Taurus is deep in values, beauty, and comfort.

Libra is deep in social interactions, fairness, and relationships.

Gemini is deep in talking, learning and logic.

They’re not shallow, but more so focused in other areas. People just call them shallow because it is socially seen that if you’re not emphasizing on emotions, BAM, automatically shallow, lol.

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Would you say the dceu treat their poc right? (Apparently justice league is going to prove they are treated 'badly')

As far as how the actors feel I can mostly only speculate, but I assume you mean characters of color, in which case I’d say the track record is not stellar.

As excited as everyone was about Man of Steel includng General Swanwick and Perry White as positive black male authority figures, I really expected more progress in BvS because Man of Steel was still very white.  The casting in both MoS and BvS is a problem because it treats non-white characters as a backdrop. Including these characters and casting this way increases the realism of the film, but without allowing those individual characters to be much more than set peices that revolve around the white heroes of the peice. We need to fix that. 

  • For example, the crowd shots during the Black Zero event were pretty diverse compared to what we’ve come to expect from both the disaster movie and the superhero genre, but those characters don’t have names, and while I think the film is directed toward the audience sympathizing with them, they’re disposable backdrop at the end of the day.
  • BvS one-ups MoS with the Nairomi incident, offering a large number of jobs to underemployed black actors in roles where the characters are slaughtered as a ploy to harm Superman. It seems like General Amajagh is a truly fascinating character, and he has some really iconic lines, but we never even know what becomes of him. Viola Davis’ husband Julius Tennon appears in that scene, too, and then never again.
  • These roles need to expand past their utility to white characters, but some of the roles listed with actors of color on imdb are “Inmate thug,” “ Nairomian Crying Woman,” “Hostage Girl,” and “Island Diver.”
  • Even when the characters of color in these films are pushed toward the center we have problems. In the theatrical cut, Kahina Ziri merely disappears once she’s served as a mouthpeice for Lex and for the film’s major themes, but in the Ultimate Edition, she’s pushed infront of a subway train. Racebending Mercy Graves was one of my favorite decisions that this film made before they decided to give her two scenes and then blow her up to show how pitiless Luthor is. The man in the Gotham tenement who delivers the “there’s a new kind of mean in him” line isn’t even listed on the imdb page.

All of this, if you ask me, is a little more disturbing given that the most hiring they did for actors of color was for a film composed almost entirely of villains. I thought Suicide Squad was really fun, and I think a lot of the criticism it gets is bullshit, but I also think that Croc, El Diablo, Slipknot, and Katana deserved better than they got from that film. At least SS seemed to propose the idea that these characters stories were worth telling and that they were just as capable of heroism as our white centerpeices.

I do think that there are reasons to be hopeful, going forward, though, and I think that arguing that Justice League will “prove” that characters of color are treated badly in the dceu is pretty foolish, considering the fact that there’s no good reason Cyborg shouldn’t be the center of that narrative, and that Aquamomoa looks like he might even pull MY focus from casting a dewy eye to the horizon for red capes.

In particular, I’d like to see much more of Deadshot, Waller, and Katana, especially using Waller as a connective fiber for the universe. I still scream a little watching her after-credits scene with Bruce. I am pretty sure Wonder Woman is not as white as it seems from the trailers, but I have a feeling it’s still not gonna be progress. They need to do a lot more racebending and include more characters of color in these stories, which is why I think fancasts that don’t go for the obvious white fave and campaigns like #keepirisblack are really significant work that fandom can do. I hope the naysayers aren’t right. I want the dceu to welcome everyone.

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that anon must feel weird for wanting to be attracted to/ turned on by PIXELS !!!!!! lmfao

EXACTLY! Like wow my sim isn’t attractive enough for you?? What the f*ck??? RLLY?
Says a lot about society tbh how we’re all expected to be attractive all the time!

If we wish to follow Christ - to to walk in the easy yoke with him - we will have to accept his overall way of life as our way of life totally. Then, and only then, we may reasonably expect to know by experience how easy is the yoke and how light the burden.
—  Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines : Understanding How God Changes Lives

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What do you think will happen between Clarke and Bellamy until the end of the season? How do you think the season will end? What do you think about the theme of season 5?

I think Bellamy and Clarke will become canon this Season. Canon for me might not be the same as canon for others though. When I say canon Bellarke, I mean a kiss or a romantic confession, which I expect we will receive sometime between 410-413. 

I think 408 and 409 will be a bit rough for our ship, but I think we will be sailing happily after that. I am hopeful that they will end the season together. 

I think the Season ends with the majority of their people in cryo sleep, while our main Delinquents (plus Bellamy and Raven) will wind up in space to avoid the radiation and so that someone is still awake to wake those in cryo sleep. I think there is a possibility that Bellamy and Clarke are separated at the time of the radiation wave, but that we will get a time jump during the Season Finale and see them reunited at the end of the episode. 

I think Season 5 will be all about rebuilding and recreating a new society. I keep thinking about Kane’s: “The youth will inherit the Earth.” and I think that will be relevant to Season 5. I’m expecting Bellamy and Clarke to step up in an even bigger way as leaders this Season. Bob said recently that Season 5 was really going to surprise us though, so without seeing the last few episodes I really can’t move past that. 

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i started to think out of the blue about that video where a magician(the one who wore glasses and that looked pretty young)impressed liam with some tricks and DUDE my eyes started watering (at least i didn't cry lmao)because i miss him so much, i miss his voice, his dorky self you know? Like i'm so fucking jealous of people who stan the other 4 rn (especially zarry)??they're getting everything and i'm here dying!! in my own tears. I love the fact that he's a dad now but pls give us something omg

honestly i’ve been jealous ever since niall dropped this town on us like obviously i’m happy for the other boys doing their thing and their stans getting to see and hear from their faves but… stanning liam is just having one big question mark above your head bc?? is he gonna drop something? what kind of music can we expect? does he know that he has fans who are waiting for him to literally do anything? and how soon is “soon”?
of course being a new dad is the main thing in his life rn and i honestly hope and wish he gets to spend a lot of precious time with his son bc kids grow up way too fast but on the other hand i get closer to death every day i don’t wake up to solo liam music

and to end this on a lighter note, here’s some gifs of the video you were talking about

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I don't want to rush you, but when should we expect it? :)

Assuming you’re talking about the dating sim, I’m already formatting the images and shit, all I really need is a story bahaha

Here, look at what I done did:

I was just testing out the coding, but it’s looking pretty good so far!

If you guys have a story/stories you’d like me to work with, let me know c:

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hi!! I have a question for you because i value your insight an opinion as a fellow autistic!! Why is it that autism is described as a pervasive neurodev. disorder and that it DEFINES your whole you, when e.g adhd/add is not talked about like that? My partner has add and i am autistic, and i guess im biased because all ive ever known is the world through autism but why is my autism my entire life and world, and my partners add only a factor in how they experience life? Idk if this makes sense ha

Both ADHD and ASD are pervasive developmental disorders, but I think you are right about the perception of ADHD as being something other than a developmental disability.

I think that there are a lot of reasons why ADHD is viewed as it is, but I think there are a couple of reasons that influence that perception more than others. First among those, if I had to guess (though it is an educated guess), is how we expect children and adults to behave.

Short version, we expect children to have short attention spans and hyperactivity anyhow. Compared to adults, they probably do. Only there is a difference between normal inattention and hyperactivity and clinical. The point is, we expect them to grow out of it because most people do.

When you pair that with the most common trait of ADHD - attention issues and hyperactivity - it is easy to see how people misunderstand what ADHD is about it. The think it means someone who has never grown out of the normal range of inattention and hyperactivity. Of course, that’s bullshit - children with ADHD do behave differently than neurotypical peers - but that is the popular perception of ADHD.

Put another way, rather than viewing ADHD as a pervasive developmental disorder, people view it as an inability to grow up. From there it is a super short step to, “just try harder” - and when you put it that way it sounds like a behavioral issue.

This perception was particularly common in the 80s and 90s with the rise in popularity of ADHD medication. What people saw happening was that the medication made people less hyper - it solved the obvious behavioral problem.

This perception is changing of course, in large part because of the neurodiversity movement, but there is still a lot of work to do.

So how does this all relate to ASD? Well, one of the more common comorbidities with autism spectrum disorder is intellectual disability. We are viewed as being mentally disabled because ASD often times includes includes intellect.

Especially early during the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, the perception was that autism was largely an intellectual disability. That set a different tone.

It wasn’t until diagnostic criteria expanded to include “high functioning” autistics that autistics started to widely encounter the same sort of ableism that occurs with regards to ADHD.

While Autism was viewed primarily as a developmental disability, Asperger’s and PDD-NOS were not. They suffered the same perception of behavioral issues that ADHD and this was compounded by the exceptionally high comorbidities between ADHD and ASD, the conflation of the two, and misdiagnosis between the two.

To this day both ADHD and “high functioning” ASD struggle to be recognized in popular culture as anything other than a behavioral issue. This happens some for so-called “low functioning” autistics because of the conflation between tantrums and meltdowns, but it happens less because it is easier to visibly identify them as disabled.

Awareness campaigns for autism also contribute, but these are almost always centered around that “bad kind of autism” - the previously mentioned “low functioning” autistics, which promotes the “awareness” of autism as a developmental disability. While these campaigns are very lopsided towards “low functioning” autistics, it does help in regards to people understanding that autism in general is a developmental disability.

I could go on, but those are the primary points. I hope that answers your question!

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Baby Patrick announcement!

“And remember guys, that’s just a stream! A live stream! Thanks for tuning in, we’re expecting a baby some time in December, have a good night everyone!” Matt said, him and Steph waving to the camera as Jason shut down the stream.

“Do you think that was mean?” Steph asked once the stream was turned off. “Oh completely. But it was also pretty funny.” He replied, wrapping an arm around his giggling wife and pulling her close.

“You’re evil. Wonder if that means babypat will come out a super villain.” Steph replied after a moment. Matt snorted and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. “I hope, that would be pretty cool.”

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I know about the music industry from friends, but I know it's a dirty place where sometimes people don't really have a choice. Because choosing between bad options it's not really a choice. I hope the fandom will cut them so slack if things don't turn out how we expect them to be.

Yeah, same. Thinking that people make fully free choices is a bad premise, especially in this situation.

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts... what might we see in chapter 2?

So… this week has been super busy, and I don’t feel like I’ve had time to process the first chaper of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts.  But I really want to, so… here’s what I think.  I liked it.  A LOT. It covered so much ground. Hooray!  So now we’ve kind of covered the background about Viktor’s early feelings for Yuuri, and we’re ready to get into the good stuff.  Not that this chapter wasn’t good stuff, but by necessity it didn’t have the intensity we’ve come to expect when we actually get interaction between Viktor and Yuuri.

What might we see in chapter 2?  Well, chapter 1 of OBS takes us to the start of chapter 8 in UMFB.  And wow, does a lot happen in chapter 8!  So here’s my little list of things that we might see in chapter 2 of OBSABH.  For simplicity’s sake I’m going to assume this will more or less equate to chapter 8 of UMFB:

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I think Nick and Reagan's stupid immature breakup actually made sense for their stupid immature relationship. He was an idiot jerk with her the whole time and she was an emotionless fish with him the whole time, so I think the breakup that was written for them, actually worked.

I didn’t love the way Nick handled it to be honest. That’s one of my only criticisms of the episode. It was a little flaky considering how long she was around but we had been told to expect as much.


Written 29th March, 2017, at about the between of 5 and 6 PM.

A world where only spite has luminosity.
Some call me an idiot, I call myself a fool.
We expect competency, but there is no-
one intelligent enough in Me. Life pulls
at our guts. A shimmering kind of thing.
War and devastation gurgle in restaurants.
Served. The violent reation of feeling good:
run to the bathroom, let gold slop out.

They wait in rooms. Irony and panic mix.
I wait also. A plate set in front of me.
My senses presented as a ten star meal.
I eat my own mind, digesting every bite.
A piece falls out, stays for the crows.
They are old beings which hunger most.
Hunger without spite. I raise my glass
for them, the future sweetly unconscious.

What is there to do except face the wall?
Paint graffiti with old things. See our hands?
Even they are made of flaking crust.  Living
all the particles eat away with acid rain our
precious art. If we had any compulsion it was
not for nature. We fell as angels towards
the redness. Until qualia extinguished out.
Now let us stay holding our opened mouths.

The root of evil drips downwards. A drop
by silent drop. What does it mean to be
a color before either black and white. An
Extinguishable idea. Relieved to stumble
back to the hotel. Light a cigarette and
not to cry. Not cry, waiting for a telephone
to ring. God. It is getting so late already.

My stomach is filled with blank rage. No
values ever gush outward anymore. Class
of long detention, that is our end-stage.
Shame to hope for joy to blanket up the
raging inferno. All poor underneath of class.
Bare-naked babies gaping from star-glass.
Preserve perversely the hanging cross in
your video camera. In high tech kitchens
make food of the fucked for the few survivors.

I crouch in spring-light. Touch below snow.
Some will stay there and most won’t. All
will come out for the final resolution. All
as smiles will be beckoned out, to remain
at the one place of peace. There, just
below the surface, my hands, My hands find
the truth: a thing. The thing we could never
say. To walk towards home, steadily, in
pain giving it out for those coming after you.

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listen i'm all for letting people enjoy whatever they want and if people want to be positive about games they bought but i'm so annoyed by people who act as if nothing is wrong with andromeda because is this really the standard we should expect from triple A, $40 million budget, 5 year development games? you can enjoy a game and still be critical of it, if we're not critical bioware/ea will think the state of the game is totally ok and i don't want this to become common :/

i listen loud and clear, i totally agree with you. personally, i’ve spent 70+$ on games that after playing i felt like i would have even paid double for it! but that stunt is getting so risky! i am going to buy the game, and just like i did with da:inquisition, when they patch it up and make it a finished product.

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