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Ooh this is going to be a long one. Like looonnngggg so it’s going under a cut. Also this is less of a favorites and more of a “all the blogs I love and why I love them”


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This may seem kinda weird but I gotta say your Chara helped me come to terms with being nonbinary. Like we don't have to be ethereal genderless angels, we can be weird and gross and fucked up in the head and that's ok. I mean obviously life would be better without mental illness shit but...you get what I mean, I hope

hey thanks me too lmao

serious under cut

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Identifying If A Person Is An Incarnate Deity, Angel, or Demon: Are There Markers?

This post is based in the knowledge I have come to obtain, and my personal views and journey experiences. Not all will agree, and as always, this is perfectly okay. These are the patterns and beliefs I hold to as it pertains to this subject. Take what resonates with you, feel free to discard the rest.

The first thing I have to say on this topic is that there is no way to label who is and is not an incarnate. In the Mortal World we are cut off from the knowledge of the Grand Illusion and its subsequent plans. We can become more aware and in tune, but we are incapable of knowing everything. We are not mighty, we are not to be worshipped nor praised, and we are not to police other Kins. We have no way of knowing who is and is not incarnated, and it is egotistical and misguided to say who can and cannot be a shard of a being, or how many shards can exist of an individual. In fact, we are capable of meeting and interacting with shards of ourselves as well. Shards from a soul can split almost infinitely, and all of the Shards will connect back to the main source of the Soul. The main Souls all connect to the Source Creator, and all shards also link back to the Source Creator. It is a web of threads that bond every living being in any form across any dimension, plane, or world back to one another and ultimately the Source – the Collective Consciousness that we all stem from.

So what do Kins of these Spirit worlds look like?

The answer is ANYTHING. They can come in any form, any species, any color, any shape, any country, any social class, and any religion or background. There are no markers or governors on what any being incarnates as. It is not possible to describe what an Angel, Demon, or Deity incarnate will or should look like. All Souls, no matter their race or Kingdom, are the same in the final form – A Radiant spark that originates from the Source Creator. None of us are different – not here on Earth, not in another realm. Plants, Animals, Rocks, Planets, Water, Elementals, Ethereal Beings, and Humans – we all are the same inside, we are all run by the same battery in essence – the Radiant Spark.

I have written a post on the Soul Shards before, as it pertains to the Soul splitting while it is here. I have also written on how a person’s Soul can exist in infinite realms, worlds, and even in duplicates here in our Mortal Realm. All it takes is the ability to separate from the ego, from the dogma, from the manmade tales and methods of control we have all been told since we were small. There is no truth you will find in any existent book written by the hand of Man. Humans have this innate need to claim they are Divinely Chosen to dictate to the masses how they should live their lives, but this is also bastardized into ways used to control their fellow brethren here. If you want the Truth, you will not find it in a book; you will only ever find that within yourself. No living Mortal Shell has the authority to tell you what is Truth as you know it. If you feel you are an incarnate, explore the idea and meditate with yourself to see what you can find. Each story as to why or how a person came to identify with a being is personal and unique, as it should be. We are not all here to learn the same lessons, so it would stand to reason that we do not all incarnate the same – not physically, mentally, socially, health-wise, or even locale. Some may have mental problems, some physical problems, some both. They can be any array of race or color, and from any type of background. It always varies on what that Soul/Shard came here to experience personally.

I have known I was an incarnate for a very long time – ever since I was a child, to be precise. That being said, I never made the claims until I had spent years dedicating myself to my own inner study, as well as my own studies of the many worlds around me. I have since accepted my kintype as well as what I am an Incarnate of. This was a long, very eye-opening journey, and I am still learning about it every day I am still here on this Earth Plane. I find that I have no authority to tell others how to live their lives, nor do I have the authority to tell someone they are right nor wrong. Nobody can ever exhibit every aspect they think is true for their kintype because we are still here – on the Earth Plane. That means we are still Human, and even though we are aware of our Soul types, we are still here as Humans. We just strive to exhibit our Highest Truths as they are in line with our Moral Compasses.

How does an Incarnate of any of these groups behave or interact?

Honestly, just the same as any other person here trying to find their way. There is not a set skillset or temperamental marker set that can validate nor debunk a Kin’s type. We all make mistakes, we all learn and grow in our individual Spiritual Truths. An Angelkin may well have been a criminal and bully before starting to awaken to their journey, or even an atheist or occultist. That is just fine, it is part of the growth process. A Demonkin may well exhibit highly religious affiliation, empathy, kindness, and a desire to help or heal, and this does not invalidate them either. A Deitykin may struggle with emotional issues or crippling shyness, or even not follow any pagan traditions, and this does not invalidate them either. There are no rules or markers, and there is not a set outcome that they all will reach Spiritually. It is up to their code of virtues and what belief system, if any, brings them comfort. They may muck up just like the rest of the world, because regardless – at the end of the day, all of us are still Human.

You cannot place anyone into a neat little box, even though you may want to. Anyone who tells you who is real or fake, or that you should worship them is not someone that has yet obtained their Spiritual maturity yet, as they are still governed by the Mortal Ego. Someone who has grown in their Spiritual pursuits understands that there is no roadmap or guideline to any of this, and the journey is uniquely tailored to each individual. You can be a shard/incarnate of any being, no matter its class or level, but never does it give you the right to dictate to others how to live or what their journey should and shouldn’t be. You can be there as a guiding Light when others are lost, and you can always share your journeys and lessons with all, but there are no two that are the same, even as shards of the same being. For example, four shards of Michael may not all behave or act the same, much less look the same, and the point in this is to gain different lessons and experiences. This is all about higher Understanding and conscious awareness. All paths lead home, and all paths are equally treasured as experience and new understanding of Life and its duality and choices.

- A Fellow Incarnate/Shard

PS: As an afternote, I want to reinforce that I do believe that multiples, in an infinite sense, can feel they are a Shard of an ethereal being, be that an Angel, Demon, Deity, or any other being. The Soul is always larger than one physical body can contain, so it splits multiple times to gain multiple experiences, across every time period, plane of existence, planet, solar system, and dimension. We are all more than we can see from the vantage point of Earth.

i keep seeing fights and I'm feD U P

WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WE ARENT PEDOPHILES BECAUSE WE SHIP AN UNDERAGE PERSON WITH AN ETHEREAL BEING !!??!!?? maybe be more concerned that he’s, i dont know… a LITERAL DEMON. half the people who ship it are like 12 themselves. and those of us who write fan fiction never said it wasn’t problematic, its just that we cannot be held responsible if some fucked up actual child molester reads it and thinks its okay them to go out and touch children. none of us want to have sex with 10 year olds. literally none of us. were attracted to the dynamic and relationship, not the fact that ciel is considered underage by our standards now. context is very real and very important, here. you can own a gun, you can use it to shoot targets etc… but the moment someone takes a gun and kills with it, its not the gun’s fault. its the person’s fault. if someone with preexisting issues sees a piece of fiction that they see as acceptable and/or as an excuse to use in the real world, its their issue. they’re going to find an excuse to be a pedophile or a murderer or an abuser regardless. 

you can’t censor the real world.


ok im so literally done

[RusAme] Unknown Spirit- Part 4

Originally posted by dinsintegration

Part One  ||  Part Two  ||   Part Three

Canada ended up taking nearly all of the kitchen knives despite Russia and England reminding him that weapons wouldn’t do them any good. “I would take America’s guns, if he had them here,” he complained, looping a bright blue ceramic knife and its cover onto his belt. When England looked like he was going to complain to him again, Canada turned around, brow furrowed in anger. “Until you can prove whatever this is doesn’t bleed, I’m taking a weapon.”

“It is not bad to be prepared,” Russia said as England sighed, handing over Ziploc bags full of salt to each of them.

“This will do more damage,” England said, eyes darting around the kitchen, looking for more things to arm themselves. “If you have silver, that’d be best to wear.”

“I don’t know about silver, but I know there’s iron around here,” Canada muttered and pulled out a cast iron pan from a lower cabinet. He fished around a cutlery drawer and pulled out a spoon and pie server. “These are silver, at least.”

“Great,” England said eyeing the items. “You can make it a great omelet,”

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Some A lot of late-night thoughts on fusing with Steven.

I, personally, adore the slight awkwardness to Smoky Quartz’s design because it’s got me thinking about what a variable Steven is in fusion. Granted we’ve only seen him fuse with two people now, but hell two’s enough of a trend for my conspiracy-theory-spinning noggin to obsess over.

Every fusion we’ve seen between the CGs has been tall, elegant, and graceful with the possible exception of Sugilite. After that, only other pure-gem fusions we’ve seen are either Mega Hell Toddler Ruby or Malachite; but, even Malachite was eerie and beautiful in her weird, handsy way. They’re also new, singular beings, totally separate from their component gems (especially while the fusion is stable).

On the other hand, Steven’s fusions still seem to have relatively separate consciousnesses. The two parties involved even refer to each other by name while fused, or will hold casual conversations. As far as I remember, the only time we’ve seen a pure-gem fusion conversing with herself is when Garnet and Malachite were in danger of destabilizing. However, Steven’s only half gem. I don’t think the human half of Steven can merge with gems (or for that matter, the gem half being unable to fully merge with Connie), so there’s always that degree of separation. 

More to my original point, this does leave the fact that there’s only half of Steven that can contribute to a fusion at a time. Especially after meeting Smoky Quartz, I think his role in fusion is to optimize the character traits of whoever he’s with. Sure, Stevonnie is gorgeous and elegant like the CG fusions, but I believe–for the most part–that’s Connie. Specifically, that’s Connie standing taller and being comfortable speaking authoritatively when supported by Steven’s optimism and feeling his adoration for her. She’s the part of Stevonnie that takes charge and makes the analytical choices that made them the awesome warrior that took down Jasper. Steven gives Stevonnie the peace of mind to trust themselves in these split-second decisions.

Meanwhile, neither Steven nor Amethyst have the personality to carry themselves as some ethereal being from space. Instead, we get Smokey Quartz. A chunky little powerhouse with an uneven number of arms who can still fight amazingly well. Just like Steven taking a back seat while Connie drives, ultimately it’s Steven’s presence that lets Amethyst get out of her head enough to fight Jasper without getting stuck in a loop of self-deprecation. His half of the fusion keeps things light and cracks jokes at inappropriate times, because that’s what the Gem at the Wheel needs to be her best in that moment.

I realize this could’ve all been said in half as many words, but In Short I think all of Steven’s fusions (personality and visual-wise) will end up boiling down to him helping his partner be at their absolute fullest potential instead of creating an entirely new person.

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The benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet knock animal products right out of the park. Why do we have a growing epidemic of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis if this is the food we should be eating?

Wow I can’t believe vegans are ethereal beings that can never ever get sick (im being sarcastic ffs)

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admit that ur a queen, an angel, an ethereal being and someone we don't deserve cuz ur perfect :(

:( but I can’t admit it usually people call me evil bitch or something like that :(

idea: instead of drawing sweaty hairy fat dudes every time you need to represent misogyny, devote urself to drawing fat people being beautiful and ethereal and mystical like we are irl ⭐⭐⭐

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Riarkle and Lucaya camping headcanon

akjhfkjan this would be so funny

+ ok so like . farkle and riley would be completely clueless

+ like no fucking idea of wha t is going on

+ maya and lucas would have their tent up in like five minutes and farkle would still be trying to understand the directions as riley is sitting up against a tree, crying, because she stepped on a butterfly

+ and then lucas would try to offer help and farkle would be like super stubborn bc HE CAN DO IT he’s a GENIUS he surely can put together a fucking TENT

+ but . it turns out he can’t

+ so he begrudgingly joins riley against the tree and is just all huffy but she reminds him that he is very manly and talented and HOW EXCITING LOOK AT THAT BUNNY! WE’RE ONE WITH NATURE FARKLE!

+ and he suddenly remembers why he even went camping in the first place

+ bc he’s fucking in love with riley matthews

+ MEANWHILE lucas and maya have already set up both tents and are preparing lunch

+ and lucas is being a cocky little shit about how fast he can light a fire and maya is like …seems fake but ok

+ so his masculinity is Shook™ and challenges her to a campfire off and whoever lights it first gets to call the shots later

+ and as everyone knows, maya never steps down from a challenge especially if it’s one that could take lucas down a peg

+ so they begin working and within like two minutes Maya has a fire going and is screaming bc she even surprised herself

+ and then all of a sudden riley is running up to Maya and jumping on her BC SHE’S SO PROUD HER PEACHES

+ so lucas mumbles something irrelevant and sulks over to where farkle is and sits next to him so they can be whiny babies together

+ and then the girls come over and harrass them bc they boys are being so EXTRA 

+ and they’re just like “whatever you two are better off without us”

+ and the girls are like “u right”

+ so they walk back over to the tents and the fire where they start lunch and riley is playing music off of her solar powered bluetooth speaker that she will literally never use again

+ and then theyre dancing and laughing and the boys are having a very hard time acting like theyre helpless and whiny

+ bc look at their girls theyre so happy !!! we should be happy with them !!! such ethereal beings !!! how did we get so lucky

+ but of course they dont say that bc the masculinity is strong with this one

+ it isnt until the girls run back over to them and grab them to dance that they allow themselves to be happy and dance with them and eat their lunch of hot dogs and actually have a good time

+ and then night falls

+ and things get wild

+ maya is cold . always . but she hates admitting it

+ so lucas tries to offer her his jacket and she’s like IM FINE

+ and he’s like YOURE FREEZING

+ so they’re bickering and farkle are laughing at them as theyre all snuggled up together as they have like thirteen blankets

+ and then finally maya storms off to the tent

+ and lucas is like “she’s lucky i love her”

+ and then he follows her in there and theyre bickering for a little bit and then it’s silent and riley is like …did she

+ did she kill him

+ so she gets up to go check on them and farkle yanks her back down and is like “i don’t think you want to do that”

+ and she’s all confused bc she’s like LUCAS COULD BE DEAD

+ but then she realizes

+ and she is now disgusted

+ and goes and unzips their tent with one hand over her eyes just to yell at them about how WE WERE LITERALLY FIVE FEETS AWAY HAVE YOU NO DECENCY

+ but then the only response she gets is maya throwing a pillow at her bc “jesus christ riley we were ASLEEP lucas and i did all of the work all day we were SLEEPING”

+ and then she’s embarrassed

+ so she apologizes and zips it back up

+ but little does she know that they were doing exactly what she had thought but pretended to be asleep as soon as they heard farkle try to stop her

+ lol they wild

+ so then farkle and riley go over to their tent to go to sleep bUT NOT BEFORE LOOKING AT THE STARS AND MAKING OUT UNDER THE CONSTELLATIONS BC THEYRE SPACE HOES

+ it’s just . a magical time


My love you are like the moon
pale, soft, and yet radiant 
an ethereal being full of light 
we gleefully sip each other’s wine
talk, love, and smile for a while
then you fade inexorably into the night  
your eclipse steals away my joy
yet my heart will never cease to burn
so once more I lie alone in the darkness
ever patiently awaiting your return

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Aliens. Thoughts?

Hoo boy. This one is gonna get long. 

I totally think there are aliens out there, personally. The Universe is an enormous place. 

Of course, we have the Fermi Paradox to grapple with – if the mathematical likelihood of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe is so high, where the frick are all the aliens?? 

Looking at the Milky Way alone, we can estimate that there are about 1 billion Earth-like planets. If just 1% of those planets hosted intelligent life, that gives us 100,000 alien civilizations in our galaxy. If any of these civilizations have developed interstellar travel, then it would only take about 5 million to 50 million years to colonize the galaxy – yet we have no evidence of this. 

While Enrico Fermi was a much smarter person than I, there are a lot of assumptions being made. 

Looking at water, organic chemistry, and Earth-like planets is a great place to start looking for alien life. But as anyone who has ever smoked weed can tell you, what if, like, there’s non-carbon-based life out there? Even species on Earth evolved to live within their specific biomes – it’s not a stretch that our biochemistry isn’t the only way to go. 

While this thought initially struck me as a “Gotcha, NASA, you carbon-loving clowns!” I eventually realized that 1) many astrobiologists had that thought long before I did and 2) if we open it up that much, it means we have to start looking at EVERY FUCKING PLANET as a potential source of life and that’s ridiculous. 

So, while it’s a great place to start in the search for life, it might be limiting us at the moment. 

Which brings me to the next assumption: that we are even capable of perceiving these other forms of life. 

We’re not sure how many dimensions there really are. The Universe’s mass is composed mostly of dark matter, yet we have no idea what the fuck it is. Our observation has been limited to the electromagnetic spectrum up until very recently

Point being, there’s a lot of stuff about the Universe that we are prevented from understanding due to limitations to our senses. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that an alien species and their technology might just be beyond our perception. Basically what I’m saying is there’s probably an alien right behind you, right now. No, don’t turn around. 

And finally, Fermi’s Paradox also assumes very human behaviors into decidedly nonhuman entities. I mean, of course a hyperadvanced civilization would want to explore the galaxy, right? Or…maybe they would develop super-powered observational tools to study it from a distance. Maybe their ethical codes are more hands-off than ours. Or maybe they are like the people of Krikkit, and once they peered into the depths of the Universe and saw it for what it was, they said, “Ugh, fuck that.” 

It’s often brought up that a super-advanced civilization would have colonized the galaxy by now, but let’s look at the historical motivations for colonizing. We can boil them down to:

  1. Subjugation and increasing of power 
  2. Need or desire for resources 
  3. Attempts to spread an ideology or culture

To a life form that grew up in a context nothing like our own, these motivations might seem – well, alien. And the stories we tell about hostile invading aliens or godlike ethereal space-beings say a lot more about the failures and aspirations of the human condition than they say about the possible configurations of intelligence that might be out there. 

TL;DR Abduct me already yeesh

London Calling


Dean cranks up the stereo, doing his best to drown out the sound of Cas talking. He clenches and unclenches his jaw, feeling the muscle pop as he does, trying to give himself something else to focus on besides the freeway.

His efforts are in vain, and right now there’s just him, Cas, and the open road to Kansas City International.

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