we are essentially twins

anonymous asked:

What do you think the twins would be like if the director had not been pulling that shit? Like what is the purpose of an experiment to break about twins?

From what we can gather, it was essentially a psychological experiment. See what happens when one twin gets things that the other one doesn’t, and how that affects the relationship. Why they felt the need to do this? God knows. Honestly, god knows. That’s the answer to half of PFL’s ‘experiments’, there’s like no purpose to half of them except to fuck shit up good.

If the Director hadn’t fucked with them, they’d most likely have continued just as we saw them in their first season 9 appearance. Their relationship was never perfect; North was too patronising and overbearing, South was bitey and mean sometimes etc etc, but their jabs at each other before were likely never actually meant to hurt long-term. Their relationship was playfully antagonistic, brother and sister causing nuisances for each other, getting annoyed at each other. They were close, very close. They worked perfectly together in a fight.

If the Director wasn’t being an asshole, they could have been one of the Project’s greatest assets because of how well they worked together. Their relationship wouldn’t have fallen apart as dramatically as it did. If they were treated with the same respect, been allowed to work together, they could have achieved a lot.