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An Amazing 1969 Account of the Stonewall Uprising
Despite progress, the circumstances that gave rise to the rebellion that began the contemporary gay rights movement haven't changed as much as we might think.
By Garance Franke-Ruta

Pride is fun and a joyous celebration of love. But let’s keep in mind its origins as we continue the conversation and fight for compassion and equality.

honestly you know is it really fair to condemn breeding pugs and bulldogs with squished faces and not all the other deformities we actively breed into dogs that are less jarring but equally detrimental? not that im saying we should encourage brachy dogs, by all means we should strive to introduce more moderate faces onto bulldogs of course

but like i never see anybody going after great dane breeders who have bred them for gigantic size and now have a breed that has a life expectancy of like 6 years due to all these health problems with their hearts and bones and whatever cause theyre abnormally and awkwardly huge. nobody ever really rails on dalmatians for how a huge percentage of the dogs are born deaf due to their spot mutation.

like yes the brachy breeds are bred on purpose for incapacitating traits, which is not okay, but so are many other breeds that nobody really gets up in arms over

why do people only shit on pugs and bulldogs and roached-back showline shepherds and nothing else

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I really hope that despite of all, Louis knows deep inside that he is equally important. That we all are not just a fans of a band, of music. He must know it's something more, when he says we are remarkable. He must know we are fans of THEM. Without him there would be no THEM. There would be some other band. Not One Direction. There would be no global phenomena. No biggest boyband od the planet.

It’s the fact that everyone knows that without him 1d wouldn’t ever be a thing. That he’s been the superglue, that he is SO important and it’s to not “then there’s me” it’s then there’s Louis Tomlinson, an incredible human being who’s been pushed aside despite his incredible voice and talent, but who’s always been the one who kept the band together and who gave them confidence even though he struggled with it himself, he was the one they saw as a leader and as he said and as we’ve heard from many places he was the one who often fought for them and I hope that whenever he doubts himself he remembers how important he is and how loved he is by the boys and by his family and also by the fans. And it’s not only about this. He also helped 1d have a unique sound, his voice matters so much holy fuck. And he wrote on so many songs. He is so incredible and I am so happy to be a fan of someone like him

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Do you spread charity signal boosts?😺

To be honest, No.

There is too much responsibility in supporting someone in that way. We have so many followers that we have decided that rather than using so much of our time ensuring the accuracy of the claim, we would be better served in continuing education on political topics. 

Even some of our Mods have had charity signal boosts needed, and we have avoided putting them on our blog. We just find that we must treat all equally. If we are unwilling to place our own needs on here, we will not be putting others on here either. 

We have a responsibility to our followers maintain their trust, and one scam could ruin all of that. 

It is nothing personal, just a choice we have made to ensure that we can continue fighting the good fight.

- @theliberaltony

I would rather men get harsher punishments then women. I would rather we are held to a higher standard then to be held to lower standards because ‘muh equality’. 

There are actual humanitarian issues we face, sure, but they’re few, relatively speaking. And just because it’s socially acceptable for one gender to do something shitty doesn’t mean it’s right to make it socially acceptable to make the other gender able to do it. Fuck your equality. Be a better person. Do not bend and lower your own qualities because life isn’t fair.

tumblr racist starter pack :

’ we’re all already equal ‘
‘ i don’t see race ‘
‘ you can be green for all i care !! ‘
‘ stop making everything about race ‘

funny how homophobes are like “they’re bigger problems in the world than marriage equality!!” , “we need to work on the REAL issues!” and “it’s not a big deal!!”……like if it wasn’t such a BIG DEAL then why are u making it….such a big deal for it to not get legalised….if it isn’t such a big deal for u and not a problem then why aren’t u just legalising it…..just sayin



So this wasn’t going to even be a post but I feel like this needs to be explained. 

Now I understand why you’d get defensive, if you’re living in America poc have to suffer with racial attacks and shootings nearly every other day. I understand why you’d be upset about it and I understand why you’d get so protective. However here in the UK racial attacks and deaths rarely happen, at the moment we are dealing with terrorism but that’s a whole different story. 

I just want to say that I won’t be accepting your apology because I feel like if you can’t accept mine why should I accept yours? The way you come across to people, me and my friends is aggressive, nasty and quite gross the way we see it. You go on about how you want equality and respect yet you don’t do the same for others. You act like you’re some special snowflake just because you’re a poc but I don’t think that’s right. As people say, everyone is equal, so maybe stop spreading gross hate about white people - and start acting like you’re an actual human being who believes in equality. This doesn’t give you an excuse to act like the way you are acting. What happened to poc with slavery and all of them issues is disgusting yes but you have to remember this is 2017, we have moved on from that and it doesn’t happen anymore. It’s part of history. White people made mistakes, other ethnicity, races etc made mistakes but we move on and learn from it.

I’m sorry but my apology wasn’t half arsed or fake - and I would really like to know how I quoted someone when it’s words people say everyday?? I’m a little confused by like. However this will be the last I am saying because of this issue. I will move on knowing that I apologised and tried my best to reason with you from the start but you just didn’t want to listen and spread your vile words to others. ( I know you say I didn’t listen & your friends might agree with you but I did try to explain myself and reason with you ) I apologised to you for making some horrible comments but you didn’t want to listen yourself. 

 In the end I just want everyone to be equal as much as you do, however maybe start treating people with respect, stop acting like some special snowflake and maybe come to me if you wanted to sort stuff out without spreading rumors on how I’m a racism when simply saying “ this community is toxic “ because that my friend is twisting words - this is not me making this issue about myself. 

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Help me targuzzler I'm a bisexual woman and my bf says gay people aren't really oppressed for being gay, we pretty much have equality, and that the large resurgence of LGBT pride is among a bunch of kids who haven't gone through any real suffering but have aligned themselves with the group and feel entitled to act like a martyr. Basically he's being a huge dick how do I shut this down I can't even come up with words to explain how wrong he is and why

he just sounds like a piece of shit with no redeeming qualities from this description but maybe he’s just ignorant and is usually ok aside from this? the problem is that i dont know the full situation so i dont feel comfortable telling you to just break up with him. but i have to admit thats pretty fuckin shitty. i’d say weigh your options… if hes this shitty all the time maybe break up with him but you know more than me honestly

Sam’s IG post less than an hour ago…and I quote:


What a city..! #pride #usa

Do we need anymore confirmation that Sam is actually in NYC????

pride is an odd time for me because part of me really hates it when cishets participate?? like ok i get that we need allies and that some of them are genuinely trying to help and those aren’t the people im talking about. i mean the cishets that think pride is just a big party. the cishets that get mad that they weren’t “invited” and that we’re not “including them.” i just hate that some of them think it’s cool for them to just go to parades and act like it’s just some trendy party that they can snap a cool selfie for their instagram followers at. it just makes me so mad because they never cared when pride was a protest. how many of these cishets would actually go and stand up for us when our livelihood is being threatened? how many of them cared when we were fighting for marriage equality? how many of them care about the transgender people who can’t safely use the restroom? how many of them care about our fight for employment equality and better healthcare for trans people and better treatment of hiv and the fight against conversion camps? how many of them didn’t bother to vote in the 2016 election? so many of these cishets don’t know anything about our movement or our history or our struggles, they don’t know the names of the first lgbt activists, they don’t know what stonewall is or why its so important, they don’t know how dangerous it was for people like us to simply EXIST. their support is so performative. and if it weren’t for the cishets that oppress us, we wouldn’t even need a pride!! so excuse me if i don’t want my oppressors partaking in an event that is supposed to be about love and acceptance and equality for people like me!! everything is for cishets. they have everything. why can’t they just let us have this ONE THING without encroaching into our safe spaces and talking over us and pushing to be included when they’ve NEVER made an effort to include us in the first place?? like ok cool come to our parades and support us please but remember that it’s NOT ABOUT YOU. it’s really not. just let us have this. please.

Guys!!! I went to pride!! I wasn’t supposed be going but my mom surprised me by letting my older cousin take me!! I bought a gender non-binary flag and a tank top saying we’re all made equal and just!! I’m so happy!! I already hung up my flag in my bedroom and put my fairy lights around it!! I ALSO TOOK A TWO AND A HALF HOUR BUS RIDE BY MYSELF!! 

TALES OF KRISHNA ~5~ the mud in his mouth !

One day, 

the bigger children, including His brother Balarama, rushed out to eat the fruits of a tree growing in the compound. Krishna loved those fruits, so He toddled after them even though nobody had thought of inviting Him. They shooed Him off as being too small to climb trees. Still, He insisted on accompanying them, so they agreed to give Him the task of picking up the fruits as they fell.

                                     (above ~ LITTLE KRISHNA)

“Now mind you, don’t eat a single one,” they warned, knowing His capacity for food. “Your job is only to collect the fruits and we’ll come and divide them equally." 

 "All right,” He said meekly.

The big boys, including Balarama, scrambled up and started dropping bunches of lovely, ripe, purple fruits to the ground. Krishna started picking them up and gobbling them as fast He could. He crammed His mouth, and His little hands were going up and down like pistons from the ground to His mouth. After some time, one of the boys chanced to look down and discovered what was going on.

“Hey! Stop that nonsense at once!” he shouted. 

“Look at Krishna,” he called to the others. 

“He’s eating the fruit instead of collecting it!”         

“Stop it! Stop!” all of them shouted from the top of the tree. 

All the little heads popped out from among the branches, shouting angrily at Krishna, who seemed supremely unconscious of the whole affair and continued to cram His mouth. The purply fluid was oozing down the corner of His mouth and in His hurry to eat as much as He could, He had not even cleaned the fruit. Quite a bit of mud also found its way into His mouth. The boys came sliding down and shook Him hard. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” they shouted.        

 Krishna did not speak a word for the simple reason that His mouth was packed with fruit.         

“All right, we’ll show you,” they cried and ran inside searching for His mother.         “0 Mother!” they cried. “Your son is eating mud!”         

Yashoda came running to find out what the commotion was all about.         

“Your son is eating mud!” they cried, pointing accusingly at Krishna.         

“Have you been eating mud?” she repeated sternly.         

Krishna shook His curly head and started sniffing loudly as a prelude to crying. He dared not open His mouth yet, for He hadn’t quite finished swallowing the fruit.        

 "Ask Him to open His mouth, Mother!“ Balarama urged. Krishna glared at him as if He couldn’t believe that His brother would stoop to such a low trick.

                    (above ~ Yashoda looks in to krishna’s mouth & is spellbound to                                         see the whole universe  whirling in it !)

"Yes, ask Him to open His mouth,” the rest of the boys chorused.        

 "Open your mouth, Krishna,“ Yashoda said sternly.                 

And the Lord who had become a human child out of sport, without any loss of His divine powers, now opened His rosebud mouth. She bent forward to peer more closely and lo! she felt herself to be whirling in space, lost in time, for inside the baby mouth was seen the whole universe of moving and unmoving creation, the earth and its mountains and oceans, the moon and the stars, and all the planets and regions. She was wonderstruck to see the land of Vraja and the village of Gokula, herself standing there with the child Krishna beside her with a wide-open mouth, and within that mouth another universe, and so on and on and on.       

 "0 God!” she thought. “Am I going mad or is this a dream or the magic wrought by this strange child of mine? Krishnaaa  ” she cried, clinging to His name like a drowning person to a lifeline.

 "Krishnaaa" ….

 It was a despairing cry, for she felt her head whirling. Immediately, He shut His mouth, and she got back her equilibrium. In a trice, she had almost forgotten what she had seen. 

“Why have you been eating…..” She stopped in mid-sentence. What a fool she was! This child carried the whole universe within Himself and she was worrying about a few grains of sand! “Krishna! 0 Krishna!” she whispered, snatching up her boy in her arms.

 “Who are You? Who are You? Who are You?” she whispered, nuzzling His baby curls with her lips. 

Before the astonished gaze of a dozen small boys, she carried her darling inside, caressing Him and murmuring endearments to Him. The boys gazed after her in disappointment. You really couldn’t tell with adults, they decided. There was no saying how they would react. They had fully expected to enjoy the spectacle of Krishna howling for mercy from an irate mother and look at her! Hugging and kissing Him!

He whom the Vedantins (followers of the Vedas) speak of as Brahman, whom the yogis consider the Atman ( individual soul), and whom devotees call Bhagavan, that Supreme One was considered by Yashoda to be her own son.