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Hey! I'm really interested in the relationship shared between the signs that share the same ruling planet, but I can't seem to find much information on it. Like what similarities and differences the two different signs (Virgo and Gemini for example) would have due to the common ruling planet influence and if those similarities and differences would make the signs more compatible or similar in their thought process etc! I was hoping you would please share your thoughts on the topic! thank you :)

The Sun rules Leo and exalts in Aries
Leo: “I am the King!” Leo is the resplendent exhibition of self expression. It’s God’s creative genius coming to life. Leo is born to lead and emanate the fabric that he has been sewn into. The whole world literally revolves around Leo, without the Sun we are nothing, Leo is equally as indispensable
Aries: Aries is fighting to form a personality, battling on behalf of his inner child for the right to flare and fire. Aries is the prince or princess who wants to rule. It’s the life quest to shine his inner sun.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and exalts in Virgo
Gemini: Words! Language! I can talk! I can talk my head off and I can open your mind and release a Pandora’s box of quips into it and it will be delightful and dizzying. Geminis can read anything from gossip to scripture.
Virgo: But is this information correct? How valid is this knowledge and where can I apply it? Can my silence do the talking for me this time? It’s breaking down information like minerals and nutrients.

Moon rules Cancer and exalts in Taurus
Cancer: The moonlight mother, under the hostage of Luna’s waxing and waning, the Cancer has moon beads shining under his skin, he is the epicentre of new life and creating new tapestry. The female fertility principle
Taurus: Facilitates the new life of daisies and dandelions. Gives birth creatively, to sound, poetry, and architecture. The male fertility principle

Venus rules Libra and Taurus and exalts in Pisces
Taurus: This is a pure love of every sensual, sexual, and artistic form. It is an appreciation for love, life, and beauty. It is exquisite the form of a body, the taste of cherry chapstick, the sensation of massage oil
Libra: Everyone is God in human form to Libra, it is connecting, collaborating, socialisation, finding yourself in someone else, losing yourself into something deeper. Devoutly seeks partnership - marriage or otherwise
Pisces: Searches for a marriage with the Divine Source, wants to re ignite the love story between her and God. Because Pisces is all encompassing, the  frequency of love itself

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio exalts in Capricorn
Aries: Aries doesn’t contain his Mars, its like flashing lights - sparks from an electrical socket, the energy radiates from their pours and is
reflected in their restlessness
Scorpio: Internalizes and holds Mars like a battery. Energy caverns inward, the streams, volcanic eruptions, and confronting a battlefield within
Capricorn: Internally systemized Mars energy then directed externally, into tweaking surroundings and moving forward with worldly ambitions. I think
Capricorn equally distributes mentally and somatically..there is
resonant streams of high octane intensity in Capricorn that isnt erratic
and volatile

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Piscesand exalts in Cancer
Sagittarius: The vision that extends beyond the horizon, a quest for the expansion of consciousness that lures the individual across land and sea, searching for meaning, wisdom, and personal experience. Searches for intimacy with the Source through nature, the universe, and learning
Pisces: Jupiter is the Piscean faith and belief. Jupiter is turned inward for spiritual pilgrimage. Idealism and vision. The lenses into the divine are enlarged and the hidden is magnified. This is how Pisces see, feel and hear  divinity in lucid perception.
Cancer: This is the exploration of the far inner landscape, traveling the amniotic fluids and valleys of the divine kingdom that rests inside. Can dwell within to find the spirit

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius and exalts in Libra
Capricorn: Life is under the command of discipline, diligence, and duty. The voice of the critic is deafening inside the Capricorn mind, and there is little room for lethargy or half attempts
Aquarius: There is tremendous depth and perception in Aquarius. Limitation with personal acceptance of belief. Saturn is where traditional astrologers claimed Saturn “rejoiced” in masculine territory with moist air jubilation. Saturn gives Aquarius a pedantic mental state, a need to project ideas onto humanity
Libra: The sign of law and justice expresses fluidly in the planet of authority and establishment. Libra has  through every idea and perspective, and the decree of Saturn is wade through every factor and reach a conclusion based on rationality and fairness.


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So, you know how each to their need and ability? In a theoretical communist society, would a theoretical trans individual have access to medical things to help them transition? Or is that not considered a priority?

why wouldnt they? in a theoretical communist society all have equal access to medical care. why do we need to prioritize when we overproduce everything today. prioritization is more of a capitalist or welfare capitalist type thing tbh….. ranking lives, deciding what is and isnt more important. plus i imagine by then our technology would be a lot more advanced tbh. so itd be easier. but like its all theoretical, anyone can argue for any theoretical future. 

Possible SPOILERS - Arrow 5x20 - Felicity “Rebirth” (?)

A few days ago @tdgal1 was searching for something on Reddit and gave me a shout out.

Sad to say I wasn’t of much help but I did dig up a Spoiler reddit comment on Felicity in 5x20:

The use of the word “Rebirth” nagged me a bit. I note that they were not discussing Olicity but Felicity Smoak.

In Cambridge Dicionary “Rebirth” means a new period of growth of something or an increase in popularity of something that was popular in the past.

And I was happy even if with the lack of more information I still couldn’t understand the phrasing clearly yet (still can’t).

Then last week @dmichellewrites posted this BTS she had spoted on an SA account

I posted by then (like many others including @tdgal1) that Felicity didn’t look well.

Isolating her image she really didn’t look well IMO (other people saw it diferently… at this point we are all equally right)

Over the weekend I started thinking about that Reddit coment and the BTS. 

Rebirth could also mean “be born again” figuratively speaking. 

There were theories about this BTS being the moment where Oliver reminisces on the time between S4 and S5… I won’t get into that discussion.

My line of thought was with Felicity. The guy from Reddit asks if she’s going to die… after the last Oliver/Adrian face off and how close Prometheus can get to Felicity (he got her glasses from the loft that’s pretty close - I’m assuming this is true) I think it’s highly probable he’s closer to Felicity than both Oliver and Felicity think.

Felicity being seriously hurt his not a new theory or speculation but it seems to fit the scenario. The BTS could fit into that theory.

If Felicity is seriously hurt, I think Oliver won’t stop funtioning and crumble, I think he Oliver will grasp for any help any knowledge any expertise he has to save her, if he could he would move Heavens and Earth to save her. And she will be back, a parallel to 

Originally posted by oliver-and-felicity

With an all so emotional situation where no barriers no past “rules” no present situation can contain the overwhelming feeling happiness for being together.

As I write this I think I’m probably wishing for to much. Probably nothing is going to happen like this…

Still the Anti-Olicity group keeps on pressing that 5x20 is like Hell on Earth to them in a way that makes me wonder if we won’t get them finaly back to being Olicity… even if they eventualy can’t be together in short term (I hope they can but… it’s 5x20 not 5x23).

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Gillian Anderson Is Redefining What It Means To Have It All
Gillian Anderson, known for her role as is FBI special agent Dana Scully on The X-Files and , broadcast journalist Jennifer Nadel have just released their book, We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere and now they have made it their mission to redefine work and success for women.
By Michelle King

King: How could women better support one another?

Anderson: We have been taught to have a competitive edge over other women as we’ve fought for the limited female roles in the workplace and over time, among other things, it has translated into harsh judgment and criticism of each other. We are our own and each other’s harshest critics and yet our very nature is in fact to be collaborative and compassionate.  Now more than ever we need to work together to make sure that our civil and equal rights are protected.

ghetto news: remain earthen.


we went from the back of the bus
to the back of the class;
hard-hearted–back up that ass
as long as the beat’s dope;

I know I got the midas touch
grant me a brief reprieve
while I roll this dutch–
help me remain earthen.


up curtains–
we get shot every day–
protect and serve,
serve and obey;
work on the tray,
the only thing new round here
is the day;

broke together
rich alone;
we atone
like monks–
put that acetone
to the pigs lips–
we’re just as equal;
Animal farm is just another name for a zoo
and we a zoo– Jumanji; rolling dice with the crew;


get lifted,
like Rafiki did Simba
bleeding cinder;
swim Babel fish, swim–
translate the sins that float to the surface
when the drugs don’t work;

when the things don’t hurt
we don’t know what to feel.

we don’t know what to feel,
we’re just sure we’re feeling.  

If humanity, taken as a whole, were truly wicked and cruel, then there would be no point in fighting for anything better. The cruelty and wickedness would simply rise back to the top. We must believe that a higher sense of justice and fairness resonates within the human spirit, or we are lost. Cruel and wicked men rule this world, and it is easy to see what they have made and conclude that there must be some intrinsic feature of humanity which caused it. But to do so only feeds their own propaganda, and only serves their purpose.

The spirit of humanity is one of justice, fairness, and equality. We must believe this, and we must fight for it.

okaaaaay so i love the noragami fandom. i love all the ships and respect them equally because we all ship what we ship because we love the people who are involved in it. no hate or shade needs to be thrown on one another and being petty about it shouldn’t even be okay. noragami is such a pure and amazing fandom and i hate when i see ship hate in tags. i understand not everyone is going to agree with everyone on the same thing but we can all learn to just let people ship as they please and not bash one another. please, just respect each other for your own opinions.

Liberty and Justice for Some

Stereotyping fuels stigma and stigma fuels fear.

Fear blinds us to the humanness that we all share.

They say ignorance is bliss,

But I ask at what cost?

We must love one another and educate the lost.

Stop assuming Muslim equals terror

That’s a dangerous error,

That only furthers the construction of fear thriving barriers.

Don’t let vanity, insanity, and inhumanity

Become the root words associated with Christianity.

Practice what you preach and the lesson will be heard.

Do the opposite and I assure that those lines will be blurred.

Regardless of your religion and whatever you believe in,

Respect is the key that must not be forgotten.

Language needs to be held accountable

And to a higher standard.

Freedom of speech does not mean we have the right to slander

The names of millions and billions

Of innocent civilians.

We do not choose the skin that we must live in,

Yet if that same skin has a proliferation of pigment,

Then life quickly turns into a social prison.

Criminalized for something out of our control?

And I thought our laws were here to protect all.

Silly me,

I too was blinded by “the land of the free.”

More like a land that is only free for some,

For others they can only thrive if they pick up a gun.

We label them “gangsters”, “hood-rats”, and “well-fare queens”

Yet we choose to ignore our privilege

And everything in between.

Why are we obsessing over a girl kissing another?

Or two men who are happily in love with each other.

Why do we concern ourselves with such trivial matters,

Matters of the heart rather than what actually matters?

Why is it that children are still going hungry?

In America “the great”, a 1st world country.

It is time that we mobilize and seek the truth,

We must demand answers and change that will save our youth.

Our youth is the future and the future is now,

So challenge the oppression that others allow.

It is time that we challenge the insanity,

Only then will humanity be able to achieve humanity.

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

Since people don’t understand what this post means i’ll explain. Just because a women wants to be treated equal as man does not mean we want you to treat us as you’re guy friends. We are women and we deserve respect no matter what the case is. Women have been fighting for equality unlike men for years. Our opinions are not taken into consideration unlike men’s opinions. Just because you don’t a penis doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain and good ideas. Our opinions matter and we matter as much as men. We are important. If we want to dress in guy clothes we should be able to do as such. If we want to do manly things we should also be able to do as such but don’t assume that when I ask for my equal rights that I want you to smack my ass like on the football field.

I’m a feminist because...

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.

Growing up, my parents would always tell me to be properly dressed around my brothers. Never mind that they were walking around in short boxer briefs, it was me who had to be presentable. I was the girl, after all.

In school, I was always taught that the way I dressed affected a boy’s education. I was taught that the slight peek of my shoulder was enough to get me sent to the head office. It was much too distracting, because after all, a boy’s education had to be more important than a girl’s. At least, that was what they were teaching me.

This is why I’m a feminist.

I’m a feminist because it is 2017, and when I talk about how unfair it is that a professional athlete gets to walk away from the accusation of raping a girl without a single ding to their career, I’m some sort of radical that needs to calm down. Because that poor girl’s life will never be the same, but said athlete’s career is perfectly intact.

I’m a feminist because my aunt says things like, “Oh, those feminists, they just need to shave their armpits and get over it.” Because somehow the grooming of my body hair has everything to do with the rights I’m fighting for.

I’m a feminist because people still think you must have a vagina to be considered a woman.

I’m a feminist because I am 20 years old, and when I tell people I’m not sure I want to have kids, they look at me like I just defied all womankind.

I’m a feminist because when mothers choose to work rather than stay at home with their children, they aren’t doing “enough.”

I’m a feminist because when fathers choose to stay at home with their children rather than work, they somehow aren’t as “manly.”

I’m a feminist because parents still won’t let their sons play with Barbies.

I’m a feminist because young boys are taught that crying is bad. Showing emotion is bad, better to bottle it up and never feel. If you cry, you’re a girl, and no one wants to be a girl.

I’m a feminist because when my family talks about the Women’s March that happened yesterday, they say things like, “What’s protesting going to change?” and “They’re honestly just wasting their time. Nobody’s going to listen to them.” Never mind that the country we are living in found its freedom through protesting—No Taxation Without Representation. But I suppose that’s okay. It was men protesting then.

I’m a feminist because when my aunt saw a picture of a man marching with women yesterday, she snorted and said, “What’s he doing there? Doesn’t he have something better to do?” Her seven year old son was sitting next to her.

I’m a feminist because a highly qualified politician lost the presidential election to a less than mediocre businessman who based his campaign on misogyny, racism, bigotry, and slander. Because this country would rather see an over privileged, racist, homophobic, white man, whose years of experience sums up to zero, in office rather than a woman whose qualifications are more than his will ever be. Because I somehow have to have years of experience before I can even get my first job, but Donald Trump can get sworn into office without a single day of political experience.

I’m a feminist because the President of the United States speaks vilely of women and all minorities, and I’m the terrible one for disliking him.

I’m a feminist because I get made fun of for being a feminist.

I’m a feminist because I want the next generation of girls to live in a better world than mine.

I’m a feminist for these reasons and so many others.

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.