we are droids

  • Medical droid: I mean the bad news is we did literally pull him from a volcano so his limbs are pretty fucked and he can't breathe right but the good news is we reckon we can sort that with a suit and a mask to get him extra oxygen
  • Palpatine: Okay cool. See while you're doing that, can you put a voice changer in it?
  • Medical droid: What
  • Palpatine: He sounds like a whiny little bitch I need you to make his voice deeper so people will take him seriously
  • Medical droid: I mean we could try but-
  • Palpatine: How are you gonna fix his limbs
  • Medical droid: We thought standard prosthetics would-
  • Palpatine: Make him 7 feet tall
  • Medical droid: ...right
  • Palpatine: Give him a cape
  • Kylo: *carrying Rey* We don't need the droid. I have everything I need in my arms.
  • Hux: What do you mean?
  • Kylo: She saw the map. I am going to extract it from her head.
  • Hux: That's so impractical! The droid would be able to display what we need and complete the map. What are you going to do? Draw it out?
  • Kylo: What?
  • Hux: The map. When you see it in her head how are you going to figure out the coordinates?
  • Kylo: ...It will be in my head?
  • Hux: You just wanted to keep the girl, didn't you?
  • Kylo:
  • Kylo:
  • Kylo:
  • Kylo: ...Maybe.

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I've been wondering what is happening back on the war front. Obi Wan's still high general, isn't he? So is he calling them in his free moments for updates or to offer advice or what? How are Yularen and the other people Obi Wan knows handling things? Has Anakin taken over the 212th or are they all preoccupied having a collective panic attack over Obi Wan's safety? I love these stories. Apart from anything else, I now have a hilarious mental image of Obi Wan accidentally becoming emperor.

Ahahaha, Obi-Wan becoming Emperor would just mean he abdicates his throne immediately and runs off to be a hermit somewhere.

“—Move the troops in position on the north-west side of the mountain region. Should the separatist gain a foothold in the north, move further west and try to bring down any structures you leave behind. As we’re facing a droid army, don’t bother with salting and burning the earth, that will only leave unnecessary damage for once the war is over and the civilian population moves back into the area.”

“Duly noted, General.” Cody’s hologram nodded consideringly. Next to him, Admiral Yularen was frowning slightly, but not saying anything.

“Any concerns, Admiral?”

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I finally understand why K2’s death really gets to me: we’ve never had a droid we’ve grown to know and love die.

 People, yes. We’ve had favorites that die and its sad and its horrible, but a droid? There has never been a droid we’ve come to love that has died. We’ve always thought that “oh yeah the droids are always going to be safe” but K2’s death makes us realize that even the droids can die. It puts the fear in our hearts that maybe next time it’ll be another droid we love, like R2 or C3P0 or even BB-8, who gets killed. It’s always been safe to love the droids as charterers because they’ve always been untouchable.

Until now.

Little Droid Memories
  • Luke: Look, buddy, we did it. We really did it!
  • -R2's memories-
  • Little Ani: We did it R2. We really did it. We saved Naboo!
  • R2: *beeps sadly*
  • Leia: Don't worry, Han. We have that little droid with us.
  • -R2's memories-
  • Anakin: Don’t worry, we have R2 with us.
  • R2: *beeps sadly*
  • R2: *moves to the dark corner and flashes blue image of Anakin Skywalker*
  • R2: *beeps* I miss you. Where did you go? Why did you leave me?
  • -no answer-
  • R2: *beeps sadly*

So you know how Kylo Ren has idolized Darth Vader for like forever and Darth Vader built robots as a kid?

And Poe described BB-8 as a BB-unit that’s “one of a kind,” and BB-8 is clearly valued as one of the favorite droids of the resistance, right up there with R2-D2 and C-3PO? And Kylo Ren insisted to the First Order that capturing Rey was adequate in securing the map, rather than pursuing the droid to take into custody, even though it was undoubtedly nearby?

I’m just saying what if we’re misreading everything and the twist of Episode VIII is just that Kylo Ren is BB-8′s father

We’ve lost Artoo. RIP Kenny Baker (1934-2016).

Mr. Baker’s performance as everyone’s favorite bucket of bolts was a huge inspiration on Wall-E. Every time an animator would over act a scene by injecting too much anthropomorphic behavior, Andrew Stanton would pull us back, pointing to R2-D2. “They didn’t need eyebrows in Star Wars,” became a common refrain. The elevator pitch of Wall-E was “Artoo in love.”

So it is with a heavy heart that I say one final thank you to Mr. Baker. Thank you for soldiering through the Tunisian sun in a glorified rubbish bin to give the world the feisty little droid we’ve all fallen in love with.