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“When [Floriana] came on set, it was like, “Oh, okay.” It’s one of those times where you meet somebody and it feels like you’ve known them forever. It’s the same thing. We were very similar in a lot of ways, so it was just easy. That’s what I really appreciate about it; we didn’t have to manufacture something. In our business, you never really know who you’re going to get and who you’re going to work with. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful, and you gotta do what you gotta do. But this was one of those cases where she’s a special girl and we have a cool bond.” – Chyler Leigh

Can you guys believe Hunk exists? He actually exists guys. That’s so incredible. That he exists at the same time we do, it’s one of the most breathtaking, amazing, humbling things ever. I feel so honored, so blessed, to be living in this world around the time that Hunk is actually a character that exists in all his beautiful, kind, loving, sun shinning glory. I love him so much.

But seriously tho, on the topic of temperatures we can survive and stuff, aliens would flip the heck out if they lived where i do.

I live in a part of southern Canada that gets so cold that being outside for more than 2 minutes means you have a good chance of getting frost bite.

My room has two outside walls, and is very well insulated. In the winter i get frost on the inside of my walls and i couldnt give two shits. I sleep with the exact same blankets i do in the summer.

Like you see all these things about Australia, or rainforests, or Florida, and how extreme they are.

But id like to see aliens take on a candian hosehead. They’re like red necks, but with more crazy stunts, more beer, and more guns. Like can you imagine???

Alien: ah yes a nice cool region this will do nicely for the invasian

Human: *careens off building on a ski doo towing another man on a toboggan, hollering about how he left his beer at the lodge*

Alien: well perhaps the local species are a bit strange, but mostly harmless! After all, this species of humans “can-ayy-dee-ins” are known throughout this planet as kind and docile, we shall have no difficu-SMACK- HOLY GILSNIP YOU HIT ME WITH A PEICE OF ICE YOU PRIES FROM THE LAKE AND NOW IM BLEEDING HOW DARE YOU FEEL MY WRATH

Humans: WEEEE HEEEHEHEEEEE you came to the wrong neighbour hood, bud!

Alien:…. my scans say you are heavily intoxicated. This shall be a easy fight

Human: *whistles loudly and gives a big toothy smile*


Humans: high fiving as they climb on their sleds and chase after their herd of buffalo because that will take a while but it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT DID YOU SEE THAT ALIENS FACE GET REKT

A little help?

So an anon told me about this tumblr user who copied a lot of parts from Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know part 3. I checked and she did use a lot from my story and added some of her ideas in but thing is, she still COPIED and didn’t even bother rewriting them in her own words. I already sent her a message asking her to take it down or at least rewrite it in her own words but I’m not sure if she’ll respond to it.

Seriously, I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to go as far as reporting her?

Sorry for tagging you guys but I just thought y’all needed to know because I’ve seen a lot of writers go through the same thing and it’s really unfair and offensive. We put a lot of work and effort in writing and for someone to just copy it? Ugh, it’s really frustrating and I was hoping you guys could help me figure out how I should deal with her.

Here’s the link to the story: http://lollywooop.tumblr.com/post/157743142041/dinner-time

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For those who are upset about Harrison not performing at the Oscars. I totally get it..as a Carrison Fan I would have loved to see him sing a tribute.

BUT at the same time Harrison is and will always be a private person. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to sing to someone who he once loved and was still his friend. Doing such a thing would have been hard and probably opened wounds hes healing from [honestly from pictures Harrison seemed very upset].

So please dont lash out at Harrison for this, he’s probably as hurt as we are about Carrie and let him [and Mark, and Billie and the The rest of Carrie’s friends and family] Mourn at their own pace and the way they want to.

Dembe? I mean Really?

The Blacklist likes to work with parallels. We often see scenes that were a close match to something we saw in a prior episode. This helps give us little clues of what may happen. And we had one with the Dembe scene at the end of 04 x 15.

Above at the end of Episode 04x15 we see Dembe, Red’s supposed betrayer pulling up his hood and disappearing for a while.

So what did this scene remind me of? Didn’t Red do this once? Why yes, he did:

The above scene of Red pulling up his hood is at the end of the Anslo Garrick episode where Red was betrayed and almost killed. He disappeared for a while and went after the people who betrayed him.

Could it be that Dembe is doing the same thing? Going after the person who betrayed Red? Good chance. I just found it interesting that The Blacklist created this parallel. Easter egg?

There is just no way Dembe would kill Red - his brother, the man who saved him when he was chained to the stovepipe. The man who raised him like a son and saw to his education. And the man who while he was dying, made it his priority to save Dembe rather save himself. And Dembe himself driving Red to the Mobile Emergency Unit and staying until he was stable after he supposedly tried to kill him.

No, Dembe would not kill Red. He may have gotten caught up in a conspiracy, but NOPE, Dembe would not do that. EVER.

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I love it for mostly the same reasons like you do. It felt so realistic and actually made you think. Like perhaps if we talk more, be more open minded instead of believing the bad things you hear. You find out for yourself, learn to accept the Beauty that is individuality and always fight the demons that lies inside you to better yourself!


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guys thank you so much to everyone that helped with today. we did amazingly. people definitely noticed. this is the best attempt we’ve had so far and I personally learnt a bit more about twitter and how things seem to work so this really did go quite spectacularly, especially since we were accidentally running it on the same day the oscars were trending

we pulled off quite a feat. and we’re gonna be trying again, but first we need to take some downtime 

just be proud of yourselves, as who you are matters and what you DO matters

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when people ask why I even care so ship camren my response, it's rare kind of love when so many people can tell they are in love with just stares, small glances and little touching, it's makes there love so pure because we know how much they have been in love just by that, and that truly is a beautiful thing ❤️ Why do you?

Same as you, and also cause they’re hot together, really really hot.

Chase, Alexander Hamilton x Reader


Word-count: 1,320 (I can’t write drabbles for shit.)

Warnings: Lowkey–midkey cursing. The usual.

Note: Day one of the #hamwriters Write-A-Thon! Hello there! Day one was AU, so I did something I’ve been wanting to do for so long and combined two of my great loves. I had actually been planning this for a while, and it wasn’t meant to be a Write-A-Thon entry, but I just decided why not? We’re celebrating the same thing (1k followers holy shit I still can’t believe it). 

This one is kind of dumb. It’s platonic-meets-angst, which for some reason I really dig writing why. I might write a sequel just to balance it out, but who knows? 

So let us all collectively pray to the gods that I get through this week with consistency, because the lord knows I can be flaky as shit. 


The halls were empty in this particular area of the castle, which you didn’t exactly understand as to why it was so (it was a perfectly good corridor), but now it served as an advantage. When you were running from Burr, Jefferson, or Madison (or in this case, all three of them), the more secluded a space, the better.

You couldn’t exactly recall how and why you got yourself into this predicament, but you knew, however, that it had something to do with that pile of Transfiguration assignments that you may or may not have turned into practice dummies for your Charms homework. (Turning inanimate objects into canaries.) The pile of Transfiguration assignments that may or may not have belonged to three certain people, namely Jefferson, Burr, and Madison. And you may or may not have done the aforementioned Charms practice on purpose, with full knowledge as to whom the aforementioned pile of Transfiguration assignments belonged to, but it wasn’t like you were about to answer those questions now, were you?

Your frantic walking slowed as you neared the end of the corridor, finding what you were looking for in the first place; the tapestry. Merlin bless whoever thought of installing that thing. Even if it was dodgy old Slytherin.

Ignoring the hammering of your pulse in your ear (for whatever reason, you couldn’t begin to fathom), you wrenched aside the tapestry, steeling yourself for roughly five hours of solitude as you waited out the relentless search party that was no doubt hunting for your blood by now.

Only to find that the space was already occupied.

“Hamilton,” you said, surprised. The seventh year looked up at your abrupt appearance, eyes wide in surprise. He appeared to be reading something. An eyebrow went impossibly high up your forehead. “What are you doing here?”

“Studying,” He was not lying; a cursory glance around told the story quite clearly. Books and tomes were lying around in assorted piles, and crumpled bits of parchment littered the ground not occupied by what looked like half the library and Hamilton himself. “What are you doing here? “

At his words, you remembered the very reason why you had to go into hiding in the first place. You shoved him aside, nearly sending a nearby stack of tomes asunder. Hamilton cursed, loudly, and you shushed him.

“What the bloody hell are you doing?” he asked, his glare sharp and had you been a lesser woman you would have backed down from the force of that thing, but you were you and Alex was Alex and you knew him well enough by now (six years in the same house and with relatively same group of friends would do that to you) to know that while he would probably skin you once this was over, he was for the most part harmless.

You gave him a look. “Hiding,” you said, like it was obvious. This only angered Hamilton further, and he was about to speak again, but you heard the distant rumble of footsteps and slapped a hand to his mouth, effectively silencing him. “Not exactly the time for questions, Alex.” you said, voice barely above a whisper.  “I’ll explain when we are out of relative danger.”

Relative dang—“


The footsteps were a lot closer now, and among them you heard voices.

“Where the devil has that girl gone now?” Burr.

“Agrippa only knows.” Jefferson. There was a thud and a yelp of pain. “Buggerbuggerbugger, what in the name of?—“

“Thomas, stop kicking the shit out of things.” Madison. You stifled a laugh.

“Boys, she’s not here.” Burr said, ever the voice of reason. “The essay is due tomorrow, and if we start it now, we’ll get it done by morning.”

There was running again, mingled with the sound of Jefferson’s complaints, and when the last patter of feet left, you felt yourself begin to breathe easy.

“Fucking hell,” you mumbled, rubbing at your forehead. That caused you more stress than it should have. “Remind me never to cross those lads again, Alex.” you said, getting up and dusting off your skirt. “As fun as it is, I don’t think I can survive all this unnecessary anxiety.” You threw Alexander a wink, and threw aside the tapestry. The halls were clear, and you were free.

“Just a minute,” You heard a frantic scrabbling and then Alexander was on your tail. “What the hell did you get up to now?”

“Nothing extreme, don’t worry your old head Alex. You know I value it so; who else is going to drudge through my Potions essay?” you said flippantly, waving a hand in his general direction. Alex was taller than you (not by much, mind, but still), but you were the faster one, and you chuckled at how he struggled to keep up.

“’Nothing extreme’; that’s bullshit and we both know it.”

You were a bit of a prankster, some would say. (Others would call you rabid (those others namely people like Jefferson and Burr and Madison), but who gave a rat’s shit about them? No one, really.) And no one knew better than Alex, who, while for the most part went along with your oftentimes elaborate schemes, held himself with a propriety that warranted the occasional wariness. You knew it was all for show, and he knew it was all for show, but Alex was a good actor, and what kind of actor didn’t go along with the precedent?

“I turned their Transfiguration essays into birds for Charms.” you said at last, sick of the game already. You were both nearing the Great Hall, and the smell coming from it meant that dinner was finally served. “Happy?” You faced him for the first time since the alcove, eyeing the stacks of books in his arms without pity. That was something he could deal with on his own. (Had you been in a kinder mood, you would have helped him, but boy, could Alex grate on your nerves.)

Alex looked indignantly impressed. “You’re most definitely daft in the head, but damn, you can be absolute genius sometimes.”

You grinned, grabbed a few of his books. He was forgiven. For now.

“He’s leaving in a few weeks,” Rebecca said, causing you to look up from your Astronomy homework for the first time in two hours.

You raised an eyebrow at your friend. “Who is?”

“Alexander.” Rebecca looked at you plainly, and you knew exactly what she meant. But you weren’t going to say that.

“So?” you said, returning your eyes to your star chart, where you had been labeling constellations. It was due in three days and you had only just now started.

“Don’t act dumb, Y/N.” Becca said, rolling her eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“I really don’t,” you said, not looking up, but the tone of your voice pretty clearly getting the message across. I don’t want to talk about it.

But Rebecca was almost as stubborn as you were. “Be that way, fine. But the next time we go into Hogsmeade and he’s got his arm around another pretty girl, don’t bitch about it—“

“Stop, Becca. Stop.” you said, slapping your reference book closed. Rebecca barely even flinched. “I know he’s leaving. A lot of them are leaving. We’ve had this conversation enough times. Stop.”

He was graduating in two weeks, no doubt with top marks, if his test scores were anything to go by. He’s leaving. Him, and Lafayette, and John, Hercules having long since left, being a few years older than the rest of you.

He was leaving in two weeks. You’ve spent six years—the first two brushing shoulders and the rest wreaking havoc together—getting to know him and getting known by him. That was enough.

He was leaving in two weeks. There was no time to entertain silly little crushes when you have to say all your goodbyes.

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like not kidding iasip and moonlight winning best picture these things are moving us forward they really are. it fucking sucked Sherlock couldn’t do the same but 2017 is giving us what we want and what we need, just not in the way we expected

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I really don't think it's darrens voice in Mia's snap. Plus, Chris is on the guest list for the Elton John Oscars event tonight which is in LA. So they can't possibly have the two boys in the same city :)))

I’m waiting to see if we get more. There are multiple things that could be happening. Simply-it could be him. It could be someone that is imitating him. It can be a video taken previously, snap absolutely can be manipulated (again I think for the most part they don’t do this. But desperate times).

Thing is they want Darren out of NYC as Chris is headed here to promote his book. Plus we don’t know if Chris will attend tonight. I’m assuming yes. I think Chill is going to be heavy for the immediate future if they are trying to phase her out. But he didn’t go last year.

I think we will have our answers soon enough. I for one am just really over it. May be that I’m overly tired. But beyond frustrated when I head the snap.

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Hi! I just started reading tarot and the readings don't seem like they could possibly related to the questions I am posing, they do however all seem like they would apply to something else going on I haven't asked the cards for guidance about. Do you think it's more likely I'm just missing the contenction between the cards and the question or that my subconscious is messing things up so I'm actually getting guidance about the other thing? Thanks!

I think you could definitely be needing guidance on other things!! I know for a lot of us, when we are avoiding situations, we get the same card or two over and over and over coming up, even if we are reading for others! Definitely time to deal with whatever it is it’s calling you out on. Also maybe a good cleanse and charge could do it some good! (:

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I understand anon trying to lift up harmos spirit about Orlando show. I wish I can agree. It's not a bad thing to be honest. I feel like 5h fashion about performing is not there. Lauren voice is so tired, I choreos suck. It's not there let's be honest on this. But of course we know them, how talented they're. Maybe they're just tired physically and emotionally.

they’re working non stop, yesterday wasn’t that good tbh i think dinah saved the show and i think they’re doing so many things at the same time they feel lost

Tomorrow with You Episode 08

I wish every episode would be like this one, even when I know this was the calm before the storm. And yet, I can’t help but feel like I want Soo-joon and Ma-rin to make it through and live this life. A life where they can fight and work things out, where they can be careful and awkward around each other, have make up sex and say I love you. I am really cheering for them.

The entire episode was a beauty and super hilarious. We got to see our leads navigating a new kind of understanding with one another and finally confirm their feelings for each other. I love how Soo-joon finally spoke up to his closest friend about how he can’t and won’t leave Ma-rin, and even told her to her face how he was feeling at that moment.

Do I think he needs to be telling to present Ma-rin the same things he told future Ma-rin? Yes, but the difference is that future Ma-rin knows things and is in a place where Soo-joon can be fully honest with her. I thought it was a lovely scene outside the bread shop, because it somehow gave future Ma-rin a reassurance that her husband still loves her, that he is still trying to make his promise good to grow old and happy together.

As for Soo-joon, he started the episode by taking huge steps towards having a better relationship with Ma-rin and I like how he kept it up through the entire hour. Smart cookie also realized where the rumors where coming from and cut it from the root by confronting in a really hilarious way to Gun-suk.

Speaking for which, Gun-suk seems to be a little more weary of her husband in this episode. What was that face she made when she overheard his phone conversation? What did she look a little freak out by him?

And what about Yong-jin? I know he is kinda of a good man, but I also know he is been push by ambition and the need to prove himself smarter than Soo-joon, which means he might be making decisions that are not only devious but also might have deadly consequences. Cue to: Doo-sik.

So, Doo-sik is indeed Ma-rin’s father. And somehow he seems to know things that Soo-joon doesn’t even when they both have the ability to travel to the future. Doo-sik is trying to make sure Soo-joon and Ma-rin have a good future together (just like our lead) but he is more shady about it. Why not tell Soo-joon he is his father in law?

It seems like he is working Yong-jin to leave the company so he can save Se-young’s father and in the process assure his daughter’s happiness with her husband.

On the other hand, does Soo-joon only find out things related to his business? Didn’t he ever try to find out about his friends’ personal lives? Why doesn’t he know about Se-young’s father? Does he think is better to not know these kind of things? Couldn’t he figure out what happened to Ma-rin and him faster hearing from the people around him and from her? This is were the rules of time-travelling get a little confusing to me.

I also enjoyed having confirmation about Ki-doong’s crush on Se-young, who is as dense as Soo-joon when it comes to feelings. Can’t she see he is sad she’s leaving? That he is sad Se-young doesn’t even consider him when it comes to her life so much so that she choose to live the country and not even try to make a clean cut and life with all her other people? I know she probably needs this but I have to say it’s really painful to watch Ki-doong going through this.

Future Ma-rin’s comment on whatever Se-young should not leave the country felt dismal and gloomy and I know it has to do with Doo-sik’s plan to stop Yong-jin but with how things are going, I just don’t know if they will be able to.

What do you think will happen next week? Will our couple manage to manage to have a happy life and protect the ones they love? I hope so!

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As per your post. Same! I don't understand the hate. I mean.. It's fiction.. Who tf cares? If you don't like it then don't like it. But if you don't like it why do you spend so much time and effort on it? People are weird. Anyway, I love your blog

I agree, Anon. I guess some people just like to see us riled up and ready to throw in some fire. I wish they didn’t, but they do and it’s never going to stop. The only thing we can do is ignore them and continue to ship Levi and Eren with a smile on our face and a heart that’s ready to burst because they’re so FUCKING ADORABLE AND DESERVE ALL THE LOVE. And thank you! I try my hardest :)

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I wonder what could of change if Kaneki met Touka, Ayato, Shuu, and Nishiki when they were children. Of course before Kaneki was still human and had Hide along with the others are Ghouls, but it will be kind of adorable seeing them play together as kids. Just thinking some kind of scenario of wanting to see Kaneki and the others in happy times.

Well I think it depends! They could positively effect each others lives at that time, but at the same time, there were a lot of things happening that might make that difficult, nishiki being homeless (i think?) eventually losing his sister, touka and ayato eventually losing their dad at a very young age and having to run, kaneki was being hit (and repressing it) and was more shy :”D tsukiyama and hide are (as best we know) the ones who would be the best off and push/hold the group together. tho before their dad died, touka and ayato weren’t as closed off, so they could probably do it too. i can see kid touka lecturing kaneki on not sitting alone reading books by himself so much lmao

BUT there’s a lot of nice things that could come out of that, too (and it would be super cute)

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If we are talking about nightmare I get false awakening and sleep paralysis at the same time so I wake up & can't move, I spend what feels like forever trying to move & then wake up & can't move. I do that like 5 to15 times. It is the worst.

I cannot imagine going through this as a regular thing

I woke up to sleep paralysis one time, and when it passed I was in tears

I think people forget...

That Sam and Cait are in charge of their narrative, not anyone else.

They may get advice, they may seek advice, but they make the decisions for themselves.

And yes they make mistakes.

But when they make the same mistakes, over and over again, it’s no longer a mistake.

It is part of who they are.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

And as fans, we are allowed to decide who we respect and who we support with our time, attention and money.

And we are allowed to have opinions and snark at their actions and behavior.

And when you talk about doing better, make sure you too are doing better.

Because those who think they are better fans, are not.

Calling out fans on Twitter, because they deal with things differently than you do, doesn’t make you a better fan… it makes you one of us.

Just saying….