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I absolutely love your Muslimah Volpina and wish she was an actual character on the show because her design is so perfect for volpina! Also having such a well known and important character on the show would give great representation and it would be really amazing to see Mari designing scarves and little accessories for her and I just love the idea so muuuchh

daang that would be so awesome, maybe they’ll explore the past miraculous user and we’ll get to see the different wielders throughout history so there’s a chance of seeing some. but hey we go this gorgeous lady so that’s pretty cool

  • Jikook: does something
  • Salty shippers: he barely touched his neck. He was kissing his hand. They shouldn't force themselves to this level of fan service.
  • *Other ship does fan service*
  • Salty shippers: oMG!!!! Did y'all see that! Abdjdkx it's real, you can see the emotion! ...

also the psychiatrist seemed confused when I said I was afraid of people without any disabilities. and I keep thinking about that. like that’s why it’s so hard to communicate with them. they’re from a different world. they don’t know the things I know about why certain things aren’t safe. it sounds paranoid and irrational if you don’t have context for it. of course he’d have more context for it if he’d read the things I wrote which he clearly didn’t. but the thing is they don’t get that it’s not just an irrational fear, the world is genuinely dangerous for people like me. and they’re a big part of the danger

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I think there's a lack of understanding because most people simply wouldn't even think about stalking nor expect others to stalk, generally.

I think that’s true in part, anon, and I was shocked when I began to discover just how bad it’s gotten. I said this in other tags but I’ll state it here: some of the stalking is obvious. People have said on their blogs that they know addresses of private houses – or even houses that were once private and now are public, before they were made known. Where do you think they’ve gotten that kind of information? Not as a casual fan, I think we can all reasonably agree on that. I’ve never stumbled upon a celebrity’s personal address, have you? And that’s just one example of the kind of thing that actually does get advertised publicly, probably because in all the excitement they knew they’d get away with it. And I’m not just talking about one blogger – I wish the problem were that simple. This is a massive, massive problem in the fandom, that casual bloggers or those not in the infamous group chats aren’t taking into consideration.

K I’m gonna try and keep my whining to a minimum but the thing is, Ben knew the boys were most likely gonna win that award and still, even though he knew there was no actual hug, he teased at one anyway. For years he’s disrespected fans and invalidated us and it’s gross and I will never not be bitter that they’ve repeatedly chosen to work with someone who has no more respect for us than a middle aged man writing some shitty piece about how stupid boyband fans are.

Sometimes I just really want to sit in Jihuns lap 😧

So I was watching Zootopia with my brother.

Later in the movie, Weaselton is selling bootleg movies that are all clearly replicas of other Disney movies. I noticed something weird though. The camera pans to more movies while he says “I even have ones that haven’t been released yet.” 

How familiar does this one look? Moana wasn’t even announced yet when this movie came out. Really makes me wonder though…

What’s this one?


Viktor: When I was growing my hair out…. this happened and…. I THOUGHT IT WAS COOL OKAY?? I even had a photoshoot and everything…. Don’t let Yuuri see this, I’m cringing

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