we are collateral

We’re here to connect. Love, time, death. Now these three things connect every single human being on earth. We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death.
—  Howard Inlet, Collateral Beauty

I think this is a painful reminder that it is impossible to know any celebrity if you are just watching from the outside. It’s a reminder that yeah of course people are going to say you’re a great person. How many of us publicly badmouth our co-workers after all? And who would do that when your livelihood is tied to theirs? What are the people who work with Sam and Cait really going to say? It’s also a good reminder that these people are actors and are extra good at giving people what they want and figuring out ways to get ahead. It’s a reminder that these people have a crafted public image to make them as appealing as possible to as many people as they can. In Sam’s case I have wondered for a while if the romantic, loyal, respectful, one woman man schtick was actually part of the crafted image. Given that his fanbase is almost entirely 30 something women and up it would make sense to play this up and give these quotes about not liking long distance relationships and wanting to share the day to day with someone. We all go ‘aww he’s so sweet’ so why not make that his public persona? I have wondered if the hot mess back in fall of 2014 was maybe the real him and when they saw the reaction to that they came up with this other plan to present him as the Barbour man who craves privacy and has no desire to do the Hollywood scene and would never try to steal someone else’s girl and doesn’t only deal with women who are 10 years his junior. I think this is a sad, yet useful reminder that we are always being sold something by the Hollywood crowd and that ultimately we are just collateral damage; a means to an end if you will. I mean we have said it time and again in regards to Sam and Cait: better together. I think they are accutely aware of how much more attention and good will they garner when presenting themselves 'together.’ I know going forward I am going to be a lot more careful when deciding whether or not I want to buy whatever a celebrity is selling me. So thanks for that…I guess.

I love how answers come. Today I was struggling with the Why of my life? Why am I having these experiences? What is the point of my struggles?

I took a friend out whose Grandma just passed for a drink and a movie to celebrate her life. We saw Collateral Beauty and my answers came. The Why is Love.

We are all connected in this beautiful experience. There is a Collateral Beauty in our experiences, good and bad. We must have opposition to decern and truly appreciate what we want. And in both the joy and pain there is Love. We walk together through these experiences taking turns Holding Space for one another. My friend comforted me when my Grandma died last year. Today it was my turn.

I will probably need this lesson again. But tonight it seems so clear.

ELI5: When someone loses a hand/arm etc., and the wound is cauterised, what happens to the blood flow? Wouldn't the arteries leading to the wound clog up with blood, leading to extremely high blood pressure and a heart attack?

Our circulatory system is a lot like a big road system. Now imagine you’re taking a trip in a car. Along the way there’s a wreck that no one can pass. It slows cars down and there’s traffic buildup so you take a detour. You exit off the highway and try to find a different way to go. In very simple terms this is how circulation works in the body. Red blood cells behave a lot like people in cars - they hate traffic, and they always want to take the least congested route. In the body, what path these cells take is determined mostly by pressure, traveling from areas of highest pressure (left ventricle) all the way back to areas of lowest pressure (the right atrium). So what happens when there’s a kink in the system? To answer your question about cauterization, this is like a whole road being closed. Red blood cells build up behind the blockage, increasing crowding, which increases the pressure. Blood cells coming into the jam are more likely to be detoured into another vessel branch that has less pressure. Now our circulatory system is incredibly connected by branches that we call “collaterals.” This connectivity prevents the problem of “extremely high pressures” that you’re talking about because there are literally millions of release valves that keep the pressure manageable. They’re essentially branches in parallel, if you know something about circuits.

The amazing thing about collateral circulation is that if there is still high pressure, the body will make completely new vessels to reduce the pressure over time. It will even remodel existing blood vessels to handle more blood than they could originally. A great example of this is the rib notching phenomenon in patients with coarctation of the aorta. This is a disease where the aorta has a spot that looks like someone tied a rubber band around it. So instead of passing through this tight squeeze, blood takes a detour through vessels that go around your ribs. The vessels get bulkier from all the new blood they have to carry, eventually causing them to create “notches” in the rib where the vessel bulges against it.

There are some cases where the catastrophe you described can happen though, and this typically only occurs where there are no alternative branches for blood to escape. The best example I can think of is a saddle embolus, often happening from a clot in your leg veins that breaks off and travels all the way to your heart. Some background, there is only one route to get from the heart to the lungs - the single pulmonary trunk that branches off into the right and left pulmonary arteries. If a clot is large enough to get caught at this branch point it will “saddle” both arteries, cutting off blood supply to the lungs and left heart which kills you almost instantly.

So the main idea here is that collateral circulation is the key to keeping your blood flowing when there is a blockage. I mentioned two examples that show the role collaterals play. In coarctation of the aorta, the body may divert blood through pre-existing collaterals as an emergency pressure release, and remodel/make new ones as a long term fix. But in a saddle embolus there are no collaterals and there is no time to make new ones. The pressures build up to dangerous levels on the right side of the heart and fall to near zero on the left side. Eventually the heart stops pumping altogether and you die.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Zootopia Fan-story 24 Tumblr Lonewolfwriter Re-blogging is welcome.


“Jack…I think he knows who I am…. What do we do?” blurted Judy, the first sentence to be spoken at the meeting.

“Who nick?” Asked Jack shocked and a little taken back by Judy’s suddenness and nervous that perhaps her cover was blown.

“No Tyrone…”she corrected. Fiddling as she sat across the Jack and the captain.

“We need to step up our game… bring Nick to his knees… you need to collar and muzzle him…” explained Jack

Judy placed her paw over her mouth “Jack no… I can’t do that, you know what that would do to him…”

“You have to…bring him to the distress call when we find the foxes… he needs to be there, If I miss Tyrone, Nick will be the fall”.

“What about Nick?” choked Judy

“What about him?” grimaced the captain “He’s collateral, we will fix all that once this is over”

Jack could see Judy’s expression pass through, anger, pain then acceptance all in one motion.

“This has to be done” reinforced Jack, “As much as it hurts…” explained Jack empathetically. 

“He’s right…it’s the only way to get Tyrone to stay in the open long enough to catch him, he’ll come to Nicks rescue, Bogo will try to keep Nick out of it, but you  have to get him there” explained their captain “But you both better be ready to stop Tyrone when the time comes”

“Your still up to it right Maria?” asked Jack grabbing hold of Judy’s paw.

“Her name is Judy Laverne Hopps” grilled the commander, his glare enough to put Jack in his place.

Jack gently let go of Judy’s paw, partly because he knew he had to and partly because she pulled it from his grasp.

“I’ll get it done” confirmed Judy in monotone, “Now if you’ll excuse me” Judy jumped from her chair, turned walking away from the two. As she walked away Nick’s playful smirk radiated her thoughts, tears welling in her eyes as she also recalled the happiness in Jacks eyes when he placed a wedding band around her finger.

“What am I doing” whimpered Judy to herself, whipping her eyes into her soft palms exiting the building to meet up with Nick.

When Judy had left Jack turned “Her name is Maria Savage” growled Jack at the commander, pointing a stern paw at the leader of the operation.

“Secure that tone Savage, it has been too long for you to try and pry her from her identity so suddenly, what are you thinking, you know the repercussions, that can cause serious distress or even collapse”

“Dangar, that’s my wife…” scoffed Jack.

“That is an undercover officer and it will remain that way until we have Tyrone back in jail or dead, do I make myself clear?”barked Dangar.

Jack took a deep breath, his heart bled in his chest as he thought of the love he knew Judy felt for Nick and the love she was losing for him by the day as she stayed ever enveloped as Judith Laverne Hopps.

“Sir, yes sir” adhered Jack, like the officer he was, saluting before also removing himself.

Nick ran down the right hand side of the shed taking cover behind stacks of crates and having to take down foxes every few steps, He stopped at a crate and was taking a breath, before he was startled by a loud groan, next to him was a blacked out window where the noise had come from, he looked through to see Jack on his knees In front of a monstrous looking fox, just the sight of the fox sent a shiver through Nicks body, he was unlike the other foxes he had encountered, he radiated a darkness.

“Oh cripes, Jack! Jack get up” cried Nick, banging on the glass, seeing Jack in obvious distress, he was too preoccupied to notice Reece, one of Tyrone’s two right hand foxes, come out from hiding, but in the silence Nick heard a wooden board of the pier behind him squeak, something was off.

Nick looked hard and to late he saw a fox sneaking up behind him in the reflection of the window, he went to turn and shoot, but Reece grabbed hold of his ears with one paw and Nicks rifle barrel with the other, pulled his head back before slamming it against the window smashing it through the glass, Nicks gun being thrown from over his shoulder, landing inside the warehouse. Reece then spun Nick around throwing him across the pier.

Nick got to his feet, he was frazzled and threw a blind punch, to worried to open his eyes; in fear he would get some glass shards in them , Reece simply ducked and bucked forward, head butting Nick in the muzzle making his eyes water and putting him on the ground.

Nick knew Reece was part wolf as he was about a head taller and his muzzle was much denser as well as the distinct mixture of patterns in his fur.

“You’re pathetic, you turn against your own kind” growled Reece, shaking his head in disgrace.

Nick grudgingly pulled himself off the deck, finally opening his eyes and brushing his face with his paw; helping Jack was his only thought.

He went to dash past Reece who simply held his arm out, jolted forward and coat hanged Nick.

Reece climbed over Nick who was sprawled out on the ground, to tired and hurt to stand, Reece grabbed his head in a head lock; Nick began to fight and claw trying to pry Reece’s arms from around his throat, but to no avail.

Reece was choking Nick out, each breath becoming thin with oxygen, Nick reached out, he didn’t know exactly what he was reaching for, but whatever it was he wished it would help. Slowly Nicks eyes began to darken and his world seemed to vanish into unconsciousness, his paw going limp.

Reece laughed “Yeah go to sleep Nick, I’ll look after that little bunny of yours” knowing exactly who the fox he choked out was. No other fox had ever been a cop so it was easy to guess.

Reece was too focused on Nick that he hadn’t seen back up arrive, Reece felt someone tap his shoulder and turned to see a giant fist coming at his face, hitting him square in the muzzle and knocking him off Nick. Fangmyer stood above Reece and Nick, his rifle slung over his right shoulder.

Fangmyer dropped to his knee gently, rocking Nick to a fro; he came to almost immediately grabbing his throat and coughing several times to get his breath.
“Hey Bud you okay?” enquired Fangmyer, carefully patting Nicks back between his shoulder blades to help him catch his breath.

“Jack” choked Nick, pointing to the window.

Fangmyer got up and went to go to the window when Reece came in from his blind side with a plank of timber smashing it over his ribs, Fangmyer releasing a pain filled roar as he dropped to his knees wrapping his paws around his mid section, his injuries forcing his body to give out.

Reece smashing the leftovers of the timber over the back of Fangmyer’s head, chips of timber flying through the air with the force Reece had hit him with. The fur around Fangmyer’s crown becoming stained with crimson and deep burgundy spots as blood began to seep from a gash on his head. One of Fangmyer’s paws stayed hugging his ribs the other shooting to cover the injury on his head.

Nick looked up to see Fangmyer in distress, again at Nicks dispense. Nick ground his teeth; he forced himself to stand and got a running start, tackling Reece to the ground and throwing a flurry of punches at him, before Reece got a foot on Nick stomach and kicked him off, throwing him a few meters back.

Reece dragged himself to his feet, after a moment of regaining his focus, he went to storm over to Nick, when he felt his arm get wrenched up his back “Hey Big guys, it’s you and me now” growled Fangmyer into his ear, pushing Reece’s face into a stack of crates, trickles of blood now staining all across the orange and black fur of Fangmyer’s face.

“Nah, it’s just me” shouted Reece bucking his head back and coping Fangmyer in the eye.

“Get inside and help SAVAGE!” cried Fangmyer who now wrestled viciously with Reece.

Nick got up a little wobbly, running toward the window, vaulting over the shattered glass and inside, swooping his paw down to grasp the rifle he had dropped.

Judy ran down the left side of the shed she was taking her time moving from crate to crate, using typical police manoeuvres to guarantee the way forward was clear, there was a slightly opened slider door leading inside just to her right.

“Bingo!” she cheered with glee, as she recklessly ran for the door, to worried about Jack to see the obvious trap, she was under the doorframe when from inside a foot came out kicking her in the guts, putting her straight onto her back, her gun falling from her paw and sliding across the ground.

“Noo” she cried reaching her paw out for it, although it was obviously out of reach.

The door slid open and out came a black fox, her Crimson eyes leering like she had just found a meal. The fox leaned over Judy, “Hello little Bunny” Roxy greeted patronisingly, her voice sensual and seductive, the fox then stood up straight looking down her nose at Judy, “hmm, not as cute as I thought you’d be”.

Judy snarled, her face going angry “Don’t call me cute, get out of the way” she threatened placing a paw on her knee to help her stand, dusting herself off.

Just as Judy was straightening up Roxy dashed forward spinning with a low swooping kick and swiped Judy’s feet out from beneath her, putting her once again on the ground, this time on her stomach.

“Oh little Bunny, are you okay?” Roxy asked in a patronising tone laughing into the back of her paw, she was so quick with her kick, Judy hadn’t even seen her move. “How’s my boy Gideon” asked Roxy with a wink.

“So you’re the one who attacked Gideon…you’re going to regret hurting him” threatened Judy

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do all the way down there little bunny?” teased Roxy

Judy went to stand again, and in the fluid motion of standing up drew her secondary firearm, only to have Roxy dash at her once more and disarm her in a moment, by clawing it out of Judy’s paws, scratching her paw open.

“Oh please hunny, you got to be quicker than that, I’m ex-military sweetheart”.

Judy held her paw firm; applying pressure to stop the blood, her face upturned into a look of disgust “Don’t call me sweetheart…. sweetheart” Threatened Judy gently letting go of her paw and letting the blood flow.

Judy looked to the right and could see that Tyrone was standing above a wounded Jack.

“I wonder how he’s gunna kill him” snickered Roxy following Judy’s eyes. “Wonder if it’ll be like those other bunnies all those years ago, just eat him then and there… alive”.

Judy rushed at Roxy throwing a leaping Kick but Roxy simply knocked her to the ground landing on top of her and pinning her face to the ground, her free paw having its claws opened by Judy’s face.

“Or maybe he’ll wait till Nick is there and convince him to help eat him, wouldn’t that be funny, bunny lover to bunny eater” Roxy chuckled at the end of her joke. “Maybe I’ll seduce Nick, I like weak ones” laughed Roxy into Judy’s ear, licking the side of Judy’s face, who squirmed to get away “hmm you may not be cute, but I guess Nick has good taste”.

Judy could see her gun only a paw length out of reach, she had to get to it, she had to get free.

“Your jokes are as gross as your looks” Groaned Judy, in a whisper, while trying to break free

“What, was that little bunny, I couldn’t hear your little mumbles” snickered a snide Roxy moving in to hear her better.

Judy smiled realising her bait worked and in an instant, threw her elbow back coping Roxy in the face and rolled far enough to get her paws on her gun, she pulled the revolver forward and it was aimed at Roxy’s chest.


A round went off, deflected to the side, as Roxy had parried Judy’s arm just in time, Judy’s arm now pinned across her own body. In the same instant Roxy, had used her other paw to pull out her own gun from her pants placing it on Judy’s chest, a sinister and victorious smile crossing Roxy’s long sleek muzzle.

“Well this wasn’t much fun…Bye-Bye bunny” she laughed squeezing the trigger.
Judy felt the explosion of Night howler on her chest, the blue thick liquid staining her fur.

Roxy stood up tucking the gun into her pants.
Judy put her paws to her chest and groaned and growled, tossing and turning on the floor.

Roxy smiled with delight, “don’t fight it little bunny just let go and let the savage take you”

Judy huffed and huffed and….and….and pulled her paw up holding the revolver at Roxy and taking her down in a single shot.

Roxy was on the ground writhing in pain, when Judy simply got up walked over and placed paw cuff on her, radioing in for a medic.

Roxy’s face held disbelief “You…” she groaned clawing at her chest “You should be savage” she explained with a face wet with tears.

Judy took a knee next to Roxy and pat her twice on the muzzle sadistically, “Me and Nick trained long and hard to build up a tolerance to that stuff, got shot with it every day until our bodies built up an immunity”.

Judy rubbed her chest, covering her paw in the night howler

“But tell me how it feels. Sweetheart” Judy then proceeded to smear it on Roxy’s face. Who tried in vain to pull away.

“Don’t go anywhere okay?” ordered Judy with malice. Walking off as Roxy fell into savagery.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you” screamed Judy slapping Jack across the face.

Jack took the hit and smiled meekly at his wife “Do I enjoy hurting the fox?” repeated Jack with a disbelieving tone. “No, no I don’t enjoy hurting the fox”. The images of Nick sprawled out across the ground of the warehouse and the look he shot Judy, pleading for help only to have him muzzled and degraded, made Jack disgusted in himself.

“You’re a liar! And your only lying to yourself” Judy sprayed Jack with venom in her tone.

“Are you enjoying loving him” replied Jack with equally as much venom in his voice.

Judy’s rage came to a complete halt and she was lost for words.

“That’s what I thought…” sighed Jack with defeat.

“I have to sit back and watch you fall in love with someone, while as your husband I’m powerless to do anything but accept it, do you know how hard that is…” Jack finished his rant before he sighed and continued “I do enjoy it a little, but for all the wrong reasons, and it makes me horrified in myself to know I enjoy it…He does not deserve everything that’s happening to him, none of us do, when this is over…will anyone come out unbroken? Will you even still love me still?”

There was a sizzling tension between the two, a tension of heart break and desperation to save what was once a beautiful and constructive love.

Judy lunged forward, grabbed Jacks fur on the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, a poisonous kiss, a kiss they both knew shouldn’t happen as they were meant to be undercover with no intimacy allowed.

“Till death do us part” whined Maria.

Jack fell onto the bed with Maria in her apartment, their breath hot and heavy as they rekindled what they thought lost.

“I will still love you Jack” gasped Judy as Jack explored her body for the first time in years.

Although the longer he was intimate with her and the longer he looked into her deep purple eyes the more his thoughts wondered if he was making love to Judy, the undercover Alias, or his wife Maria, the walking dead.

Tyrone was standing tall over Jack, a giddy feeling of finally being able to taste Jacks death made him quiver with excitement. Jack could only picture his wife he was not going to die here.

Tyrone went to lean down and finish off Jack, but Jack reached for his chest grabbed his handgun and drew, it taking aim at Tyrone, however his injuries made him slow and sluggish, Tyrone simply Kicking Jacks paw, sending the gun flying from his grasp.

Jack just watched as his gun, flew through the air and come crashing to the floor with a subtle “clink”

“NO NO NO” cried Jacks thoughts.

Tyrone also staring at where the gun landed, a pleased grimace crossing his mouth.

“Nice try Jackie boy” explained Tyrone slowly turning back to him, Jacks eyes meeting him with fear, before he swallowed hard and hid his obvious distress.
“I’m going to kill you” groaned Jack exhausted, but trying to sound tough.

Tyrone Grabbed Jacks head in his great paw, and gently swivelled his neck left to right, left to right, left to right. “Oh Jack, shut up” grilled Tyrone, “You know how this is going to end, so just keep some of that sweet modesty you have such an abundance of”

Jack who looked as though he was drugged, his eyes half shut and his face covered in sweat just coughed “Do it you piece of shit, end it”

Tyrone smiled and obeyed to his request, his claws dug deep into Jacks face, making him groan in pain for a moment as Tyrone’s claws sliced through his skin, like scissors through paper, Tyrone got a solid grip on Jacks head, he went to snap Jack neck like a pawpsicle stick, when Nick ran in through the window took a solid stance and shouldering his rifle shouting “FREEZE” in the nick of time.

Tyrone, looked to his son and his eyes became soft, his paw gently sliding away from Jacks face, his claws grazing across his cheeks, causing large lacerations, before being removed altogether.

“Nick” gasped Tyrone.

“Shut up, get on the ground” ordered Nick, gesturing to the floor with the end of his rifle

“You okay?” asked Nick looking over to Jack.

“Get out of here” ordered Jack lazily throwing his paw as if to dismiss Nick.

Tyrone began to move, slowly creeping around to the left, Nick taking a step for each of his paces.

Nick and Tyrone danced in a circle around a destroyed Jack.

Nicks fur was raised on his shoulder but Tyrone seemed to be at ease, and even relaxed Nick looked insignificant in build to Tyrone.

“Nicky, oh god Nicky it’s good to see you”

“I said get on the ground fox!” repeated Nick, with more agitation and threat in his tone, his teeth gritted.

“Nick shoot him” murmured Jack trying to get to his feet.

“Nick Piberius Wilde, that is very rude” affirmed Tyrone as if insulted.

Nick raised an eyebrow, his gun dropping ever so slightly, “How do you know my name? Who are you?” quizzed Nick nervously, holding his gun up at Tyrone, “your scent…your voice…. I Know it”

“What’s the matter Nick, the rabbits didn’t tell you who I am… you can’t tell who I am?”

“Nick shoot this piece of shit” repeated Jack with more urgency.

“I know your voice” confirmed Nick, ignoring Jack, “I know you attacked me when I snuck into the warehouse…Why didn’t you kill me”.

Tyrone took a step forward and Nick pulled his gun into his shoulder tighter “don’t fucking do it” he warned.

There was a pause and Tyrone retreated his step, standing calmly.

“But I know your voice from before that, did we hustle together?” quizzed Nick rubbing his sweaty forehead on his forearm nervously, unable to face the truth, not wanting to hear what he knew was imminently the truth.

“Nick, I need you to kill this guy, like right fucking quick” hissed Jack
Tyrone lined Jacks face up and ran up booting him in the chops and putting him on his back, blood flying from his mouth staining the ground “You’ve wasted enough time lay there and bleed in silence would you” grunted Tyrone

“Hey, Hey, back off” snarled Nick, his finger smoothing the trigger of his gun as he gestured it forward.

“Put the gun down Nick, you aint gunna shoot your old man” he explained, taking no heed to Nicks threats.

Nicks jaws dropped open, the words that left Tyrone’s mouth affirmed Nicks belief, his gun lowered. He was stunned and lost for words.

Tyrone rolled his eyes “Aww come on, shut your mouth you look like a stunned mullet, I heard they call you the dumb fox but I thought they were Kidding” jested Tyrone trying to lighten the mood.

“This is why they didn’t want me involved” whispered Nick to himself.

“Besides” continued Tyrone moving again toward Jack “You really going to protect this piece of shit over your own father” exploded Tyrone bringing his foot down hard into Jack’s stomach, blood shooting again from his mouth, splattering on the floor and back onto Jacks face.

“Hey stop!” Broke Nick again raising his gun “You can’t be my father, you lying fuck, you’re way to young…Just another sly fox with a hustle” Nick shouted, but he knew he lied only to himself.

“Oh yeah?” exclaimed Tyrone, “Your mother’s name is Valerie, crystal green eyes and a small patch of fur missing on her face, real hot Vixen in her day, would be about 68 now, right?”

“Yeah, which would make you like 70, yet here you stand looking younger then me” snarled Nick looking down the crosshair of his scope, Tyrone’s head his view.

“Nickie, do you know the biggest kept secret in Zootopia?” questioned Tyrone
Nick shrugged confused by the question and he held little care for the words of Tyrone.

“The reason I look so young, it isn’t genetic, its dietary, eat a rabbit and see, puts years on your life”.

“What the hell are you talking about” span Nick disgusted.

“You eat those chemical mixes to get your protein each day, right?”

Nick nodded, “Yeah so?”

“If you get it from a natural source” Tyrone looked down at Jack, instinctually licking his lips “It’s the fountain of youth Nick, why do you think animals go carnivore?”

“you are demented…”

“Nickiiie” sighed Tyrone walking towards him, without any fear, Nick raised the gun and Tyrone walked up until it was in his chest “Nick, come with your pop, we can live the life together, you’re the reason I’m here, I’m here to save you Nick”
“I don’t need saving” snarled Nick “You weren’t there to save me when I need it and I don’t need it now, I was saved by someone else” He explained.

“The Rabbit” spat Tyrone “Tell me you’re joking?”

Nick didn’t reply he just held a very serious look in his eyes.

“You really want to stay here, with this prick, this prey” grunted Tyrone pointing to Jack. “I’ll make the Wilde name immortal and our bodies to go along with it, just trust me, it isn’t as hard as you think, first time will be hard but after that, it gets enjoyable”

Nicks reserve had run out and he dropped the gun in his paws. His eyes looking down at Jack as though he was thinking about the words Tyrone spoke as if perhaps he was right.

“You and me, were red, you need to come with me and be who you were meant to be, I love you Nick, I’m doing this for your best interest” spoke Tyrone with an undeniable prowess

Nick looked at his paw holding the gun, his red fur bristled and the shade was so eerily similar to that of Tyrone’s.

“Let’s eat this low piece of shit, and let’s start the greatest hustle ever, together as father and son, let me take you before they break you”.

Nick looked to Jack, but addressed his father “Were both red?” questioned Nick.
“Exactly, one in the same” agreed Tyrone

Nick glared at Jack and Fangmyer’s voice echoed his thoughts

“Your police officers; were all blue, “species” doesn’t count for anything when you put the badge on, that’s why I respect everyone, and give respect to everyone from the tiniest bunny from the burrows and a fox under a bridge, to the most elite officers like Savage and Bogo”

Nick looked at the injured Jack, who shook as he looked up, pushing through all sorts of pain to make eye contact with Nick. The look of Jack actually making Nick sad, and empathetic, his injured comrade, his brother in blue.

Nick sighed, what had to be done had to be done,
“You must be colour blind dad…” Began Nick with furious eyes, “Because I’m not red…. I’m blue” snarled Nick raising the gun to Tyrone’s chest “This is for all the people you’ve hurt!” cried Nick pulling the trigger, three tranq darts entered his father’s chest, the force sending Tyrone stumbling several paces backward.

Tyrone moaned and growled before yanking the tranq darts from his chest and throwing them across the floor. “Nick” growled Tyrone trying hard to smooth out his anger

“If this is the way you want things to go, I can only warn that there are worse animals out there than me…” Tyrone’s glare moving to Jack, a warning in disguise.

“Shoot him again” moaned Jack who had gotten to his feet, with extreme difficulty, smearing the blood on his face across his fur as he tried to wipe it off.

Without hesitation, Nick pulled the trigger, a Tranq dart entering Tyrone’s shoulder.

Tyrone leisurely pulled it out and threw it on the ground.

“YOU WANT TO BE WITH PREY! THEN BE WITH PREY NICK!” burst Tyrone, turning his attention from Nick and running to finish Jack, “You did this” growled Tyrone “You and that other thing…You’ll die first, then your little girlfriend, then we will see who my son sides with when you’re not there to twist your lies into his soul” cried Tyrone with all his rage aimed at Jack. Jacks mouth crept open in shock “He knew about Judy, he knew about…Maria” stressed Jacks thoughts.

“Unload it Nick” ordered Jack as Tyrone began to descend upon him.

Without hesitation Nick conceded shooting Tyrone with the entire clip, consisting of 15 or more darts.

Tyrone’s sudden run turned into a walk then into a stationary wobble
Tyrone stood like a walking pin cushion, “I loved you Nickie boy, this was all for you, to protect you” he explained slowly pulling each drained dart from his flesh with a groan of discomfort and throwing them across the ground.

He had withdrawn each dart and stood for only a few more seconds before he fell face first into the dirt.  

There was silence and Jack looked to Nick who slowly lowered his rifle.
“Thank you” murmured Jack through shallow breathes of fear and exhaustion.

Nick didn’t reply he just nodded with a smile.  

Judy came through the door with her gun aimed high flashing it left and right.
“Woah there tiger” chuckled Jack “lower the gun” he explained, putting his paws up and gesturing for her to lower her firearm.

Judy adhered dangling her arms by her side, “You got him…” gasped Judy.
“Nick got him” explained Jack slightly bent over, one paw holding his guts and pointing at nick with his other.

Nick also let his gun dangle a little as he shone Judy a pride filled smile, Judy just looking away to the ground.

“Judy I did well, didn’t I?” asked nick his ears dropping at Judy’s careless response.

Judy choked on her words and so without a word moved in with another set of paw cuff to arrest Tyrone. The thought of having to tell Nick the truth burnt her very being as if she was being physically hurt.


“In two miles take exit 19 for Valley Park Drive South.” Siri chirped from my sister’s phone.

“Charlotte, turn that off. I know where I’m going.”

“You sure about that? I mean…it has been a couple decades, Mark.”

“Please, like I could ever forget where Adventure Valley is. Come on, we spent every summer of-“

“There it is!” I swerved briefly into the oncoming lane as Charlotte thrust her arm in front of my face to point excitedly out the window. “There’s Adventure Valley! Oh my God, what ride is that? That coaster, it was called ‘Steel’ something, right? No, no, wait, that’s Mayhem Mountain, isn’t it?”

I gently pushed my sister’s arm out of my face and back over to her seat. I couldn’t fault her for her excitement while I was trying so hard to control my own giddiness. It felt like we were kids again, yelling and bouncing in the back seat of my parent’s car as the first shining rails and wooden planks of the park’s roller coasters came into view above the treetops.

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Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles on Men of Letters Battle – Plus: EP Debunks Arrest Theory
December 26, 2016
By Vlada Gelman

When Supernatural returns with new episodes on Jan. 26 (The CW, 8/7c), Dean and Sam will have been behind bars for six weeks – but don’t blame the British Men of Letters for their imprisonment.

Shutting down fan speculation that the group was secretly responsible for the Winchesters’ arrest, executive producer Andrew Dabb reveals that “it was really the government that grabbed them. It was really the Secret Service.”

However, “the Men of Letters, like Mary [and] Castiel, are going to have a very specific reaction” to the hunters’ predicament as they take a more active interest in them – for better or worse.

“We’re going to see that storyline get fleshed out in the second half of the season,” star Jensen Ackles previewed during TVLine’s visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “There are going to be some recruitment attempts, some disagreements about methods of hunting, and that will certainly boil to a point.”

Although the Brits’ way of doing things, not to mention their handy weapons, have proven to be successful recently, “I think we’ll find out in the future that maybe their methods aren’t the best way,” Ackles adds.

For co-star Jared Padalecki, the storyline is “reminiscent of Season 6 when Sam was soulless and kind of behaved much the same way the British Men of Letters are behaving now, at least in their hunting tactics,” the actor says. “It’s fun to revisit that: Would you kill two people to save three? Would you kill 10 to save 12? You’re still killing 10 people. Would you try to find the middle ground?”

That dilemma will play “a big part” in the upcoming episodes as the brothers “see both the good and the bad” side of the British Men of Letters, Dabb previews. “Because the truth is, even if you disagree with their methods – and Sam and Dean certainly will in some cases – they get results. So that becomes the bigger punch [in the second half of the season]: Do the ends justify the means? And if so, what means are our guys willing to tolerate?”

Every single word out of Garnet’s mouth right now is managing to be the most hilarious thing. I’ve enjoyed her from the beginning, but I hadn’t properly appreciated until now just how hysterical she is when you take her deadpan nature and combine it with the most ridiculous but true shit to an audience of skeptics.


Anyway, Garnet’s gloriously slo-mo hand wave aside, CASUAL INFO DROP ON THIS THING

That’s where the Gems actually live, an “inner sanctum of the temple”, which Pearl says has been here “for thousands of years”.

I have little to directly do with that information right now, but I am glad to have it.

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I agree with you that pic of Niall sleeping is suspicious. He always travels with an entourage, right? Where was everybody when this photo was taken? Also asleep? I don't know that I buy that. And like you said after he said no pics why put the most creepy of creeper shots on your Instagram?? You should know you'll get dragged for that.

Yeah, it’ a shame that we end up questioning just about everything because 1DHQ lies so much and fans lie so much, too. I mean it’s possible this is genuinely a dumb, entitled fan. But the wording of her post actually not only set her up to be dragged by the fandom, but also set up the articles that are being written about it. Also, her post made it clear that Niall was “so friendly” even though he was “sick”. They’re using this as positive profile raising press for Niall (because he’s the new 1DHQ company man) and as a call to attack the fandom. Nice.  

Rarely are positive articles written about the 1D fandom, especially lately. Most of the time they’re hatchet pieces meant to make us all look invasive, inappropriate, inconsiderate, obsessive and entitled. In other words, a repulsive fandom no outsider would want to be a part of. Imo, it’s all part of 1DHQ’s plan to destroy 1D. We the fandom are collateral damage in this war. It’s happened too many times to be a coincidence. This is all part of the plan, imo.  

Look at the play this is getting in the media:

This isn’t even all of them. But to sum up, the takeaway is…

I’m calling this a stunt.

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I can't believe "Don't coerce/force your partner into sexual intercourse even if you really like sex" is a controversial statement.

and here the fuck we are, exactly where all the sex repulsed, traumatized, and dysphoric people involved in hellcourse predicted we would end up. because we are all literally collateral damage as long as they can find any way to bludgeon asexuals.

i. The wallpaper comes alive at night, comforts the cold brickwork, crawls across my vision like a thousand ants.
And so in silent slumber we spoil, like old food, and waste away.
The piano cannot speak for us.
All our chords are cut, veins and sinews torn and useless, those slack vines inside me.
Carry me through the cold.

ii. There is an army lost in the trenches.
We are all collateral damage, living a life of shell-shock, remnants of a forgotten war.
Weighed down with worry, and the wasteful wonder of desire.

And so, these dark and desperate dreams.
I am crawling. I crave your voice, your vision, your calm, your courage.

iii. Think a life of whisky whispers.
Think the soundtrack of your breath.

iv. The mould grows around the window. The wild life is calling, only to be ignored.
Don’t cut your skin like dirty pages, hold me carefully, don’t fall.
The taste of need sickens me.
And I’m sorry.

v. The sky is clear, the clouds have passed into memory. Don’t get impaled on my bad dreams.
The silver light is lost in your eyes, and fades to black.
The moon is for you, little wolf, take the night sky back.

—  giraffevader - Scissors, with running

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PSA: it's transmisogynistic to reblog photosets of masculine trans men asking "would you share the women's restroom with someone who looks like him?" to counter the anti-trans bathroom bills. it's saying trans women cannot look like cis men, they all require expensive surgery and hormones to pass as feminine enough to not be scary to share a stall next to. trans women do not need to perform femininity to be valid women. we are not trans men's collateral damage.