we are changers

You hold galaxies in your heart.

Yet, such a small speck of dust in this vast universe. Such an insignificant little speck that has done so fucking much. So much to people he’ll meet and never meet. So much to people who stay and go. So much to those who’ve passed and those who still keep kicking. 

I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done. And I know he’ll blow that off, that we are the real life changers. But I’m serious. He has done so much for us. He’s helped so damn much. So much that can’t be explained in just words. While the birthday piece isn’t the best I can do, it sure is a step. I’ve come so far because of him. Drowning out reality and quelling my anxiety with him. Drawing his big dumb face nearly everyday for over a YEAR. And he’s brought me so far, without even being near me. Helping me, and I’m sure other people, become better. I know he has so much impact on other people all the same. I know he knows that, but I want him to really fucking know that.

I will keep it short though, since this is already kinda long. Happy birthday, Mark. You’re an old man now. And thank you, for everything you do. I hope your birthday is going swell!

edit: i forgot to mention! i’ll be getting a tattoo inspired by you at some point in the future!. yeah.

dragonslicee  asked:

will you and holly be releasing any more silver mask snippets soon? the entire fandom is antsy to know more about the next magisterium book, since it looks to be a huge game-changer!!

We certainly will, but more close to the release date of the book – maybe start looking for them after July!

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what exactly did luke DO back on tatooine? like, what was his life as a member of the slave rebellion like? you've made it sound pretty wild (vandalism, accessory to grand theft, gunrunning) but I Need To Know More?

Well the “grand theft” charge in fact refers to stealing people. Or it would, if they could ever pin anything on him.

Luke was mostly involved with running people to safety, helping to hide them on his family’s farm, and in particular helping Aunt Beru perform the surgeries to remove transmitters in the hidden room off their garage. By the laws of the Hutts, that makes him guilty of grand theft and accessory to grand theft.

By the time Luke was a teenager, and starting to get pretty heavily involved with the freedom trail, the scanner had spread through most of the underground network. The stories say that Ekkreth stole the secret of the scanner from the Depuran and gave it to the people. And Ekkreth wears a hundred thousand shapes and works with a hundred thousand hands, making modifications, passing the device along, spreading from safe house to safe house and giving the people the tools they need to steal themselves.

Luke himself has made a couple of modifications to the scanner: he’s made the design more streamlined, smaller, easier to hide. And, of course, he’s used it quite a lot himself.

They have a system, Luke and Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Aunt Beru is the surgeon. She was Grandmother Shmi’s student and her hands are steady and strong. She teaches Luke, too, and he’s performed a few surgeries himself. But usually his job is to work the scanner, and then to talk the person through the operation, to help them in any way he can. Uncle Owen runs interference and makes sure that everyone is fed and safe, and sometimes he pays off the right people when it has to be done.

And, of course, there’s the farming business to attend to, as well. They all do that.

And okay, maybe sometimes Luke likes to sneak out with his friends, and maybe they’ve tagged a building or ten, and maybe there was one time they almost got caught red-handed by Bib Fortuna himself. But they didn’t. That’s the important thing.

And yeah, all right, maybe Luke’s run guns a few times, but that’s not a big deal. Everyone on Tatooine has run guns at least once. It’s just something people do.

(A few years later, Luke casually mentions some of these things to his new Rebel friends, because really they aren’t a big deal so sometimes they just slip out in conversation.

Wedge stares into the camera like he’s on the Office.)


Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


hit express

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“Keep ISPs from being able to make power-plays with internet content.  Keep Net Neutrality safe under Title II.” (or however you want to phrase it)

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what do you think prompted hook to want to ask emma to marry him

Well, not that exact moment. We’ll have to see if there are any clues dropped during the Charming/Killian conversation on the topic, but I actually think Killian has been in that head space for a long time. 

He’s probably wanted to marry Emma since he realized he was in so far deep, he was willing to give up his ship, his home of 300 years, to get back to her. Ever since then he’s been waiting to build a relationship and for her to be ready and for them to have a breather from certain death. 

As to what prompts him to know that she’s ready, I think her asking him to move in together and then finally being open to him about everything probably was the game changer. We know from his conversation with Ashley that he felt like they were taking things slow and it was pretty clear that was on Emma’s side. (though it’s only slow in Fairy Tale relationship terms where you have a magical first kiss and run directly to the alter, in real world timeline they’re moving fast!) 

So, my guess is that since we know that (SPOILER ALERT) she changes her mindset about her own fate and destiny in 6x11, her new outlook prompts Hook to realize she’s ready and it’s time. 

Hey, hey so,, Mercy can revive robots with her ult and even treat their “wounds” right?

But, how??

Well, you could easily say the omnics have a conscience thus, making them alive. But, what about their bodies? They aren’t made of organic properties so, how do they “heal?”

That begs the question: how TO heck does Mercy actually heal people?? What is that beam that comes from the Caduceus Staff and what does it really do?

It couldn’t be cell replacement, replication, or repair since robots aren’t made up of cells. And sure, we could simply say it’s magic. (And not read too into a fictional game with a woman with blue skin and a giant, talking gorilla.)

She does have a witch skin, after all. But, the late Angela Ziegler is heralded as a scientist known for her superior advancements in the medical field! It just wouldn’t do her justice– And it’s more fun this way.

So, what if her “healing” beam isn’t a healing beam at all but, a steady stream, or flowing supply of time? One of which she is able to manipulate and regress wounds to a state prior to injury, undoing the process of harm? Slightly misleading, but all the same.

As for her damage boost? Potential kinetic energy. It becomes kinetic when a projectile is fired or the target make any sort of motion. Since it’s not naturally occurring kinetic energy, the units of joules to produce it can be ramped up or maximized to give attacks much more force than a regular blow.

And then we have Mercy’s ultimate game-changer; the ability to ressurect the fallen. Those little yellow orbs are not souls but, materialized balls of consciousness. Like compressed zip folders, she unloads the files back into the corresponding bodies, rebuilding the database.

It takes a long time to set up and get just right because it is a highly difficult procedure that requires lots of calculation and a high amount of skill that she is the only one capable of performing it. (Be thankful to your Mercy mains!)

That, or, she just literally breaks quantum physics, creating a momentary temporal loophole in time to rip your spirits out of Limbo, binding you to her eternally and for some reason I don’t think that's​ too far out the realm of possibility for Mercy lmao.

That would explain her voice line “Heroes never die! …For a price.” Like, it’s so sinister,, girl, what do you MEAN? Perhaps that’s why she has a Devil skin to begin with lol.

I’m not a science person so, I know I probably botched some things but, I figure that’s alright since anything goes in a world with lore like Overwatch. This started out a crack theory for laughs but, idk I think it’s a fairly interesting take and if y'all wanna add on, you can. :P

This week we spotlight The Game Changer!

When Henry and Regina meet Emma at a Red Sox game, a fast friendship blooms, eventually bringing Emma to Storybrooke and setting in motion an entirely unexpected chain of events. With the curse still in place, @angeii-k writes of a world where opposing baseball teams divide the town of Storybrooke, Henry and Emma bond over their love of the Red Sox, and Regina is the star of her baseball team the Queens. With twists you won’t see coming, incredibly sweet moments, dramatic baseball matches, and Swan-Mills Family at its core, this fic has something for everyone. Accompanied by wonderfully inventive art by @supernana494, this is a story you’re sure to enjoy!


A Beorn Fanfic

Based on two imagines found here and here

I blinked at the giant of a man before me, entirely sure I had misheard him.

“You what?”

A low grumble rumbles through his chest, one that peaks my own bear’s ears up.  "I cannot allow you to leave.“

I stare at him and then a smile twitches to my lips.  "Sure.  Right.  Like I’m going to believe you.”

But his gaze does not leave mine.  "I am being serious little one.  I will not have you out there alone again.“

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There could be so much progress in the world. This could be the age in which we change everything. The blood of our generation is boiling, because we are the generation that not only has to the power to communicate, but to connect. As one—a whole, a surging tide against the gravities we face. Our thoughts are no longer simply that; they are words, they are actions, and they fill every corner of every box in which we find ourselves. We, the youths, the solemn soldiers, the Game-Changers. We are the children who must stand and mourn for Michael Brown. We are the era that must shout for Trayvon Martin. Because we are the generation that knows. We could do and be so very much. We could the future that they talked about in reverie. This could be it.

And yet, we linger.


d.e.m. // “This Could Be It”

I posted this a few years ago when I first started this blog. It was a piece that I think I adapted from an editorial I wrote for my high school newspaper. And it meant a lot then. But as events continue to unfold in the United States, and we stand in anticipation for what these changes might mean for our country, now more than ever, these words are particularly important to me. I hope they will be important to you too.

What matters most now is where we choose to go from here. Don’t lose faith. Stay hopeful, stay human, stay kind.


Superstition is a very loaded word. A lot of things can be covered by it, and most of all it implies that the truth of something has been lost. The Cybertronians are a race that is millions of years old. But they do not have millions of years worth of memory. Or at least intact memory.

Information creep. It’s a real problem that is affecting Cybertronians, and according to Skids it also affects other long-lived mechanical races. That after some amount of time their older memories aren’t exactly forgotten, but more malleable and vulnerable for change. We already know that 10 million years are kind of a cutoff point, where Alpha Trion forgot that he was one of the Thirteen, yet Galvatron has very real memories of the first Cybertronian Civil war.

At the time of when the colony titans left, Information Creep was settling in, and Navitas and perhaps the rest of the titans, saw it as a plague of some sort, damning it because, well, it is making Cybertronians seemingly forget their own origins, replacing them with superstition.

Navitas also tells of the need to break the dependence on something. Given that Navitas’ mission was search for alternative sources of fuel, it might be that he’s talking about Energon. We know that Cybertronians are not that dependent on it now as Pink Alchemy, using living organics as a farm, was used to produce fuel, and Cybertron was pretty much dead for a long time.

If there is any other dependence Navitas is talking about, then I’m not sure what it could be.

But back to the superstition. There is a very real possibility that what I’ve written on Cybertron and Cybertronian’s orgins is just that, superstition.

But what is it really replacing?

To know, we have to look at something solid, something tangible. Something that is real and that has survived. And there are just two things that fill that criteria.

The Creation Matrix is something we know that was around before the colony titans left. Camiens worthship the Thirteen, and make a specific mention of the Matrix (though if they associate it with Leadership or Creation is never specified). And in the Creation Matrix we have references to the Guiding Hand and “many from one” or “one from many”, even Rewind is confused on that. Seems pretty straightforwards to the reader who knows it better as “All are one”.

But I said there were two immutable things. Before I go into speculating the true origins of the Guiding Hand, lets check out the other.


No, I’m being serious.

The fact that there exists a law that specifically require the existence of the Knights of Cybertron pretty much proves that the Knights of Cybertron exist. Law is something that cannot be vague. It has to be overly complicated because it has to be very clear on what the law is covering. Were the Knights of Cybertron not real, then the law would have specified just how someone would be judged by them, be it by through some sort of tests or by seances or something like that.

So this basically proves that the Knights of Cybertron are real and were not conjured up by some superstition.

But either of those things don’t say that the Guiding Hand or the Knights of Cybertron were invulnerable for change that Information Creep brought on. That while the names stayed the same the concept could have changed, making Cybertronians forget their actual origins.

Origins that might be very hard to belive.

Because when it comes to Cybertronians, they have one huge inherent flaw.

They are finite. Even a close ecosystem could be constructed to run in perpetuity, but then why isn’t Cybertron?

The first thing that generally comes to mind is Population Control. But that implies that Cybertron and Cybertronians were something that needed to be controlled. There is nothing about something like that anywhere. The Guiding Hand created the Knights of Cybertron, and then the subsequent generations came forth. Why would there be need for finite population to begin with?

Let’s look at the Guiding Hand, “One from Many” or “Many from One”.

Five is not a common number in Cybertronian lore. We have two, for each mode a Cybertronian has, we have three, for the triple changers, we have six, for the sixchangers, and then we have thirteen, for the Thirteen. And of course we have “One”, for the common “Until All are One” phrase. This is literally a very original Genesis that has not appeared in Transformers media before, so the fact that there is five of them is very important.

Especially important when we consider that we’re looking at this story after the corruption of Information Creep has irrevocably changed it.

Because the number five is an important number for another species. A spark-based species.

What if the haze of Information Creep makes the Cybertronians forget the most important thing? The faces of their gods. The faces of the Knights of Cybertron themselves. Because while Luna-2 might still have them in their laws, it is possible that the Knights of Cybertron were also in Cybertron’s laws as well. And we all know just how much the Quintessons love being judges.

What is the superstition Navitas spoke of? The belief in the Guiding Hand to begin with? Or the perversion of making the Guiding Hand and the Knights of Cybertron as “theirs”, bringing down the gods and rulers to their level.

This explains the finite population. While manufacturing manually would be a good thing, it would be better to let Cybertron do it by itself, but make sure that there is some sort of population control in effect.

And given that we’ve only seen one Quintesson in the comics, and a Relief in a temple depicting a Quintesson, where are they? Is it possible that after creating Cybertron and Cybertronians that they did achieve the next level of consciousness? That they evolved to the next stage?

That they finally came to Cyberutopia?

A Cautionary Tale

When patients are laid for days in post-op care they are at higher risk for a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is when blood pools in your extremity that isn’t being used much and causes a clot to form. This can have multiple implications that are bad; Pulmonary embolism, stroke, or block the venues line causing fluid back up distal to the blockage.

With that being said, we like to have patients up and moving around as soon as possible. It might not be much, just sitting in the chair for meals or going to the bathroom, but any movement is good movement. It’s standard protocol for medical staff and it is always go to help with a speedy recovery.

My Cautionary Tale

There once was a patient that was too lazy. She didn’t like to get up to use the bedside commode or sit in the chair. All of the aides and all of the nurses spent hours trying to convince her. She would go begrudgingly and usually when we needed to force her to, so we could changer after she purposefully soiled herself.

When they put her on to hourly commode breaks, she wasn’t happy and would refuse regularly and complain when she wet herself again. Her passive aggressive attitude towards staff was bad and no one wanted to deal with her. This continued for three weeks and since she refused move, physical therapy couldn’t get a decent evaluation, causing her to be delayed. Then she would refuse to leave, since she was receiving timed narcotics too.

Finally, she left to head home to her nursing home, since she’s not able to take care of herself. Unfortunately, nursing homes do not always take the best care of patients, let alone have them get up to move around. So, for a week and a half, she laid in bed. But then she was back.

She ended up passing a DVT to become a blockage in her brain, causing her to have a stroke. After her stroke came a series of little seizures and she fell from her bed falling and breaking a bone. That is when she returned to use.

Though she was a bane to all that deal with her, it is still terrible to have something so preventable from happing. Had the patient been willing to move, she might have not had this issue. For all the nurses, students, and aides out there, remember that we may not like to deal with these patients, but it just might mean their health or their life.