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Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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Chaos and the Calm

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N (Reader), Officer Jacobs (OMC), Officer Wheaton (OMC), Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Garth Fitzgerald, John Winchester, Thomas Y/L/N (OMC), Dominique Sandgren (OFC).

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: AU, Language, Angst, slow build up (more warnings would be included in future chapters)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle aka my beauty, Nichelle’s Angst Challenge! I got the prompt: “She was an angel craving chaos, he was a demon seeking peace.” I really hope you guys like it and stick around for the ride!

**Also, huge thank you to @neversatisfiedgirl for reading over this and giving me the confidence to post it like this.** -This will be a series-

Chapter One: The Calm and The Storm

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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 4)

A little earlier than expected! As I’ll probably be busy on Friday and didn’t want to keep you waiting for long…:)

Chapter 4 – They All Come Rushing Back

Broch Mordha, 14 years and 9 months ago

“Are ye ill, mo ghraidh?” Jamie asked, his brow furrowing in concern. They were in her small cottage, eating bowls of fragrant pasta that Jamie had cooked for them. “Ye are verra quiet this evening.”

“No.” She gave him a weak smile and drank profusely from her glass of water. “I’m alright.”

“Something amiss, then?” He insisted, searching her eyes with his as to force her to make eye contact with him. “I can see something is troubling ye.”

“Fine. Just tired.” Claire replied shortly, playing with small bits of garlic with her fork. “Long day in the clinic.”

“No, ye’re not.” Jamie said and she noticed the tension on his face. “I’ve seen you tired to the point of falling asleep on your feet during that gastroenteritis outbreak last month – and ye were never like this.” He touched her hand and winced as she slowly retreated from his grasp. “I’ll respect your desire of not telling me – but please, dinna pretend everything is fine.”

Claire exhaled and slowly raised her eyes, meeting his – anger, sadness and confusion shone in her whiskey coloured iris.

“If you want to know,” She said with some asperity. “Laoghaire came to see me today. She had plenty to tell me.”

“Och, aye?” Jamie nodded, expectant. “What did she tell ye, then?”

“That you have been fooling me since we met.” Claire said in a hoarse voice, clenching her hands together near her plate. “That our relationship is nothing but a dalliance to you – something to entertain you during the summer, until I go back to Edinburgh and you take up with her - again.”

Jamie’s mouth was slightly ajar, as the small blue vein on his temple throbbed furiously.

“The lass must have lost her wits!” He grumbled, pushing away his own food, having obviously lost his usually insatiable appetite. “I knew she was a little soft for me – for helping her with the brute that is her father, I guess – but this is ridiculous!”

“Is it, Jamie?” Claire blatantly looked away. “Can you honestly say she means nothing to you – and that I’m not just…a distraction in a boring summer in the village?”

“How can ye even ask me that?!” Jamie roared, his fists closing. His blue eyes were blazing and his entire body pulsed with rage. “Are you suggesting I’m playing you false?”

“You didn’t answer the question, Jamie.” Claire hissed, her cheeks blushing with fury and her curls curling madly around her face. “Avoiding simple questions usually means there is something to hide.”

“Must I tell you with words what I have been answering you with actions from the day we met?” He clenched his teeth. “Must I tell you that – no! – I haven’t been fuckin’ Laoghaire behind yer back?”

“She knew an awful lot about you.” Claire raised from the table and started to throw dishes into the sink. “She knew you have a small scar on the inside of your thigh – I’ve barely seen it myself, only noticed it when we went to the lake.”

“Probably the exact same reason why she knows it too.” Jamie rubbed his knuckles against his forehead in despair. “Not because she has been in my bed!”

“Laoghaire loves you, you know.” Claire clashed her hands against the kitchen counter, speaking in a broken tone – hurt and afraid. “She has known you all your life. She is the type of girl everyone here expected you to marry – I’m aware of what they say about me. Foreign. Outlander.”

“Stop this madness, Claire!” Jamie almost yelled, coming to stand next to her. She could feel the urge that moved him, the intensity of his eyes fixing her. “I love you, mo nighean donn. Your words of distrust wound me more than your wee scalpel could. Do ye not know that I have but one heart – and ye are the sole master of it?”  

“I can’t bear the thought of you touching her!” Claire shouted, her hands grabbing her own hair. “I can’t bear the way she said you name in front of me! If you must leave me – do it now. Before there’s not enough of me to live when you’re gone.”

Jamie was breathing fast and came to stand behind her – his palms next to her waist, but not quite touching her.

“You’re killing me, Claire.” He almost sobbed in a husky voice. “You are the breath of me, the spark of my body. Away from you I have no air – no heart, no life. Maybe there was a time when I could be with Laoghaire…” He bent his head and pressed his forehead in the hollow between her shoulder blades. “But now there is no turning back. Ye have marked me and made me yours, mo chridhe. And I shall remain so for the rest of my days, whether when I’m inside ye, in the brink of touching ye or a thousand miles away.”

“Jamie…” Claire whispered, her body relaxing against his. “I’m scared. I’ve never been so happy in my life – and so afraid.”

“Tell me.” He pulled her closer, gluing their bodies together. “Tell me all your heart – as I’ve told you my soul.”

“I want you so much.” She turned inside his arms and hugged him by the waist, their lips almost touching. “Will you have me?”

She could feel his heart beating under the palm of her hand, rushing – not from anger any longer, but from anticipation. From tenderness. From desire.

“Are you sure?” He kissed her palm and then her temple. As an answer, her hands came up to take off her blouse.

Their lovemaking was slow and tactful – after being so honest with each other, they felt vulnerable and exposed. Sometimes one of them would be a little rough, just enough to seal their claim on each other – just enough to find that ultimate redoubt where they have been hiding. It was not a battle for dominion or possession – they had established their peaceful surrender to each other – but a fight to merge together until no doubt could be raised, ever again.

“Will you come with me to Edinburgh?” Claire asked in the darkest hours of the night, when they laid together, sated and tranquil. “I know it’s too much to ask.” She was caressing the soft hairs of his stomach, a roadmap to the secrets ahead.

Jamie moved slowly, reaching for his jeans that laid forgotten on the floor. From his back pocket he withdrew an envelope, which he presented to Claire.

“What is this?” She nuzzled his hand.

“My request for a transfer from Glasgow University to Edinburgh’s.” Jamie’s eyes were intent and limpid. “I shall be where you are, Claire. I canna leave you.”

They kissed, passionate and hungry, their tongues seeking each other to celebrate their pact. And when Claire finally laid her head on his chest, slept lulled by his heart calling only for her.


Edinburgh, Present day

At the sight of Joe walking out of the sliding doors that led to the OR area, crumpling his blue surgical cap on his hands, Claire jumped from the chair where she had been sitting for the last couple of hours.  

“How did it go?” She asked impatiently, searching his eyes for tell-tale signs of an unfavourable outcome, and slightly relaxing when she saw the good-humoured wrinkles around his golden brown eyes.

“It went smoothly, LJ.” Joe smiled. “Your man is strong as a bull. He’ll pull through, I’m sure. The orthopaedics team is still in there working on his hand.”

“He is not my man.” Claire grumbled as she awkwardly hugged Joe, silently thanking him for taking care of Jamie. Joe was a trusted friend and had been an irreplaceable support over the last few years - his agreement to accompany her to Edinburgh and to integrate her team had been decisive in her acceptance of the proposal to return to Scotland. “I should be there when he wakes up from the anaesthesia.”

Joe offered her a knowing look, with a hint of reproach.

“You should take care of yourself, doll.” He shook his head and raised his sketchy eyebrows. “Go home and take a shower. Clear your head away from here - and think exactly what the hell are you going to say to him afterwards. Not that I wouldn’t agree with you punching him, but that spleen was hard work.”

“We have said plenty already, Joe.” She sighed. “I’m not expecting – not sure I even want to – anything to happen. We will fix him and send him back to the life he chose.”

“For a man that broke your heart,” He brushed her jaw in a tender gesture. “He cares an awful lot about you too. Kept asking about your life right until he dozed off from the drugs. Seemed afraid that you had someone…special.”

“The bloody gall of the man!” Claire growled, outraged. “I could be shagging the entire Scotland Rugby Team and he still wouldn’t have any right to say a word about it!”

“The entire team?” Joe snorted. “You are one lively brod LJ, but not sure even you could handle it – besides, you’d never see the inside of an OR. Not really time to do anything else.”

“Oh, shut up!” Claire jokingly pushed him with her elbow. “You are missing my point.”

“No.” He stopped and grabbed her by the shoulders, suddenly serious. “You are missing mine. You are my friend, LJ. A lovely woman – only second to Gail - and one hell of a surgeon. But I still remember you from when we met, those odd years ago – how you smiled so often and how joy seemed to follow you everywhere you’d go. If you have the chance…can you do something to find that girl again?”


The closet door in her bedroom hung open like the entry to a mysterious cave, where jumpers and jeans plotted together in her absence. For the first time in a long time she felt the pull of it – the box religiously kept behind her rarely used summer hats and beach towels, ever present yet distant from her everyday thoughts.

With her hair still dripping from the shower, she walked to the shelf and stood there, breathing deeply, trying to gather her courage – she could still recall its contents with her mind’s eye, as clearly as the day she had put them there to rest. Biting her lip in reluctant decision, she stood on tiptoe to get the box down and sat on the floor with her legs crossed.

Once she took the lid off, the smell of old paper and dried flowers floated to her nostrils, as if she had managed to successfully bottle the aroma of her happy days. God, sometimes she could almost doubt she had been so happy – if not for the undeniable photographs of them together, smiles that reached their eyes and joined hands; if not for the nagging pain that lived in the back of her mind, ever-present, all-consuming.

Inside the box were plenty of photographs – the older ones from their first summer together in Broch Mordha, Lallybroch and the Highlands. Pictures of them together laughing, eating pizza snuggled on the couch, kissing in bed. Images of her, which he had captured when she was unaware, smiling above her shoulder to him or peacefully asleep on the curve of his arm. A couple of Jamie, standing by the lake with his hair moist and a huge grin on his beautiful lips.  A succession of small sized instant photos of them together in a shady photo booth in Edinburgh on their anniversary, her sitting on his lap, complete with an array of hilarious faces. There were letters there too – Claire saw Jamie’s crocked handwriting and her old stationery. No point in reading them, though – she knew each one by heart, the written words imprinted in some secret part of her that never agreed to let him go.

And finally she saw it – amongst all those broken pieces that fitted together to create a perfect image of them - what she had been looking for all along. A sob caught in her throat as she reached inside and closed her fist around it – and for the first time in almost ten years, Claire held her wedding ring on the palm of her hand.

“Little Did I Know”


After a long *long* hiatus, I have finally recollected my inspiration and I am back in time to celebrate our favorite *Academy Award Winning* movie with my man Mr. Scamander!

AU: Hogwarts (bcuz I’m trash for a school AU)

Word Count: 1333 (sorry kiddos I had a lot to write)

Warnings: So sweet you might get diabetes (also contains a timeline jump)

Without fuuuuurther ado!

Originally posted by claracivry

You stuffed your potions paperwork back into your briefcase, brushing your bangs out of your eyes and recollecting your thoughts. There was no clock in the Hufflepuff common room, but you didn’t need one to know it was late. Much later than a third year like yourself should be staying up. Yet here you were. And you know what could make you feel a hell of a lot better now? That fluffy brown hair. Those freckles and that wide goofy grin. You could listen to that boy all day. You could…

No, you willed your thoughts to halt, and clapped your hands down on the desk.

“No…” you swiftly pulled out the next set of paperwork, banishing any thoughts that weren’t related to polyjuice potions and proper cauldron cleaning.

You would often get on Newt for forgetting to clean his cauldron. He, of course, would assure you there was nothing to be worried about.

And it would blow up in his face every time. Quite literally.

You smiled fondly.

“Sporting a grin I see, may I ask why?” you hear that all too familiar voice call.

“Newt” you yelp in surprise, the papers you were holding were suddenly airborne.

“That’s me. May I ask, what are you still doing awake?” his puppy dog eyes squinted in concern. “It’s well past midnight”

“Is it? Why I haven’t even finished studying! This is all your fault anyway, for keeping  me up with those fascinating drawings of yours” You giggled in an attempt to wipe the worry off his face, but somehow your hysteria seemed to frighten him even more.

What? It’s not like you were drun-

“(Y/N) we have a big potions test tomorrow, the time for cramming has come and past.”

“You see Mister Scamander, there will always be a time for cramming” His smile widened, causing your’s too as well. Damn, this boy’s charisma was infectious.

“While I find our debates quite amusing, I’m afraid your well being must come first. Now go to sleep” He began to bend over and pick the discarded potions papers off the floor, most of which were either blank or covered in red marks. He studied one of your papers closely, eyebrows furrowed and nose scrunched. You couldn’t help but stare at how his eyes always maintained its light, even at God-knows-when at night.

“Why have you never asked me for help? (Y/N), we’re in this class together, how did I not know you were struggling?” Your attention was suddenly turned to the crisp paper in his hands, dread filling every crevice in your body.

“Oh my God I’m going to fail…” the realization dawned on you.

“Oh my God oh my God I’m going to stay at Hogwarts ‘till I’m thirty” you gathered your hair in your fists, staring off into nowhere in particular. “Newt I’m going to throw myself off the Astronomy tower.”

He suddenly rushed over to you, sensing your panic, and wrapped his warm hands around your wrists, trying to whisper any words of comfort. But you refused to meet his gaze.

“No, (Y/N), you’re not going to fail. It’s only one exam, you’re going to be fine. We are going to graduate and travel the world together. You, me, and who knows what else?! Maybe we’ll find a Niffler, how cool would that be? (Y/N) Look at me” You smile fondly at your best friend’s words, and turned your head in his direction easily.

“Maybe tomorrow won’t go so brilliantly, but I promise you will get a perfect score on the next exam. We will study for hours, just you and me, how does that sound? All you need is rest. Can you do that for me?” Your eyes wander down to Newt’s hands, still entrapping your wrists in the gentlest of grips.

“You always know what to say, Newt”

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now, I would carry you to your bed but I’m afraid that involves trespassing to places with cooties.” You let out a soft ‘pffft’  and ruffle his curly hair, making his freckled cheeks blush in embarrassment.

“Alright alright, only if you get to sleep too. That reminds me…why were you up Mr. Scamander at such an ungodly hour?” He pauses.

“I was…thinking” he admits, tilting his head to the side like a dog.

“About what?”

“About things. The future, our future, really.” Your sleep deprived mind was suddenly picked with curiosity.

“Our future? Tell me Newt, what lies in our future?” There was that grin again, and he ducked his head to hide his teeth.

“All the places we would visit. I was thinking we could start with Japan. I heard Occamies are native to the land, but I doubt we’d be able to find any.”

“Nonsense” you replied, your mind in a bit of a haze.

“I bet we’ll find a whole family with your luck! I can’t wait.”

“Yes, all of that is waiting for us if you go to sleep and not fail third year potions.” He then leaned down and pressed a kiss against your forehead, making your entire face heat up.

“You’re an asshole” you tease, attempting to swipe at him, but he was already up and out of the way.

“Goodnight (Y/N)” he called once again before disappearing up the staircase, leaving you with nothing but a dreamy feeling and a blush as red as a lobster.

You did end up lugging yourself to your bed half an hour later, instantly falling asleep as your head hit the pillow.

And you dreamed…

And you dreamed about Japan.

And you dreamed about Newt.

-Four Years Later-

“Newt! Come on we’re going to miss the train!” You called to your boyfriend as he scurried down the platform, his ridiculous blue coat and Hufflepuff scarf flapping in the wind.

“I’m coming! I’m coming don’t leave without me!” He finally caught up to you and the luggage, sweat visibly forming under his curly brown bangs.

You couldn’t help the smile widening across your face.

“And he crosses the finish line with two minutes to spare!” you exclaim, lifting his arm in the air in a display of victory.

“Stop that, people are looking” he blushed as he pulled his arm back down, looking around at the many pairs of eyes resting on the two of you.

“Oh that’s probably because of your ridiculous blue coat. I begged you not to buy that, you’re going to stick out of Japan like a sore thumb” you thumb the sleeve of his new woolen garb. He then proceeded to pout and rub his arm self consciously.

“I thought it looked dashing”

You reach for his shoulders and raise yourself onto your toes, planting a small kiss on his cheek.

“Of course you look dashing, I was only teasing. Besides, you’ll match the Occamies”

He scoffed, averting his eyes from you to the newly arrived train, a blush forming around his freckles.

“I doubt we’ll find any.”

“Nonsense, I bet we’ll even find an entire family with your luck!” His eyes suddenly brightened with a sense of recognition.

“Well that sounds familiar. Didn’t you say that to me four years ago when you were cramming like mad for a portions test?” You nod, blushing like an idiot.

Oh, you remember that night.

“Yes, I recall you gave me a kiss that night and gushed about our future.”

“Something like that…” he trailed off, staring off into the distance like he was remembering something. Your placed your hand under his chin, tilting his face down to meet your gaze, and you smiled so wide your eyes crinkled at the sides.

“I remember you said we would go to Japan together. Little did you know ‘together’ meant more that you thought”

“Little did I know…” he repeated, his eyes filled with something you couldn’t describe with anything but love.

“Now come on love, we have a train to catch”

I Had You, I’ve Lost You.

//Jerome Valeska x reader.

Requested: Yes.

A/n: Sorry this was kind of short.

Summary: While all the rest of the Maniax are down celebrating with Theo, Jerome goes up to the roof and thinks about his life.

Rating: Angsty Fluff.

Warnings: Lots of angst.

Song: The Night We Met, Lord Huron.

Title: I Had You, I’ve Lost You. //


I am not the only traveler

Who has not repaid his debt

I’ve been searching for a trail to follow again

Take me back to the night we met

And then I can tell myself



Jerome swings his legs subconsciously as he stares out at the dark night sky, his hands gripping the edge of the roof. He can vaguely hear the cheering and laughing of everyone in the building underneath him, and he lets out a long sigh, tipping his head up, lifting his face to the sky. “How’ve you been?” He asks, closing his eyes as the wind picks up, the air suddenly chilling. His grip tightens, anger boiling through him. “I know it was my choice,” he whispers, his head hanging quickly as he stares down at the twinkling lights framing the mansion. “I know…” Jerome’s body convulses as he shudders, the hairs on his neck standing up. He pulls out his phone and unlocks it slowly, clicking into his contacts and staring down at her name. His thumb hovers over the call button. He hits the button and he shoves his phone back in his pocket.

“Jerome! No, come on. Don’t take a picture of me- Jerome! Please delete it Jerome, I look really bad- Jerome, come on.”

“Aw, sugar. You’re adorable. You’re the cutest little thing, look at you- hey! Don’t try and take my pho- ah! Nope, you’re not getting this.”


“Jerome, come on!”


A smile slips onto his face at the memory of that. He loved it. He loved how she had tried to take the picture, how she’d jumped when he’d held it over his head. His hands dig into his pockets again as he pulls out the photo, the one thing he always carries with him. He holds the laminated paper in his hands, and he begins to shake slightly.

“Jerome, I love you.”


What the hell I’m supposed to do

And then I can tell myself

Not to ride along with you

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met


A part of Jerome recoils slightly as he thinks about when y/n had said those words. He hadn’t deserved to hear them.

He still doesn’t deserve it.

He falls back and lays down on the flat roof, his feet still hanging off as he stares up at the sky.


I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Oh, take me back to the night we met

When the night was full of terrors

And your eyes were filled with tears

When you had not touched me yet

Oh, take me back to the night we met

I had all and then most of you

Some and now none of you

Take me back to the night we met

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do

Haunted by the ghost of you

Take me back to the night we met



“I miss you,” he murmurs. “I’ve thought about calling. I’ve thought about it a lot…” His eyes flutter shut and he lets out a long sigh. “I should’ve answered when you called…” His eyes pop open as a sad smile slips onto his face. “But I couldn’t answer. Not after how I left you. I couldn’t drag you back in, y/n. That’s why I didn’t answer.” He didn’t know if she had picked up, if it had gone to voice mail, but he can’t bring himself to check. Something about knowing whether or not she was going to hear what he was about to say…it scared him.

“I didn’t deserve you,” he continues. “I didn’t deserve you. I wasn’t good enough, y/n. I’m not a good person. You’ve seen the news…I’m sure that’s why you called. I won’t drag you down with me, y/n. I won’t do it. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you, y/n. And I know I’ve never said that before but it’s true, I love you. I love you, that’s why I left you. I can’t…I can’t watch me poison you. You’re so perfect, y/n…you care so much. I’m sorry.” He reaches into his pocket, gripping the phone. “Goodbye…I love you.” With that, he pulls out the phone, his thumb moving over to the hang up button.

“Jerome! You idiot!”


He recoils at the faint sound of her voice, closing his eyes and relishing in its sound.

“Don’t you dare hang up! Don’t do this! Just tell me where you are, please,” He can hear her soft sobbing, and his heart aches.

“Answer me Jerome. Answer me!” Her voice rises to a shout. “You broke my heart you idiot! Answer me right now! You say you don’t want to hurt me but that’s what you’re doing!”

A sharp pain slices through Jerome’s heart.

Please answer me! Jerome, I can’t take this. I love you, answer me! I know you’re there. Don’t do this to me Jerome, please! Pl-

The beeping of the call being disconnected silences her pleas, and Jerome’s eyes grow misty as he puts his phone back in his pocket.

“Hey, what are you doing up here?” He stands up and turns around, his gaze landing on Barbara. “Come on, you’re gonna get sick. We’re talking about our plans for tomorrow. Get down here,” Barbara’s voice is filled with fondness, and Jerome steps forward, wrapping his arms around her. “Hey! What the-”

“I made a mistake,” he whimpers. Barbara glances at him in confusion before hugging him back, her heart immediately warming.

“It’s okay. Come on, let’s get down there and celebrate.” As Jerome goes back into the building with her, he ignores the insistent ringing of his phone.

He’d given himself one call. He’d said what he needed to. He was free of his past.

Then why do I still feel so empty?

Everyone Knows

Pairing:John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1,555
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected Sex. Semi-Public sex. Car Sex. Littering.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @ofdragonsanddreams16. Prompt: Baby (The Impala) / Quote: “You are going to get us arrested.”
Challenge: This was written for @roxy-davenport‘s SPN Birthday Celebration. I had to work three things into the story.  The movie “The Babadook”, Impala Sex, and the quote: “You’re safe now, I’ve got you.”

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Lostcauses Fic: The Commander’s House

Yeah.  Still not over it.  Sorry.  

(Any similarity between Levi Ackerman and Emma Hamilton is entirely coincidental.) 

It doesn’t get any easier.  The pain doesn’t dull.  It’s as sharp and bright as it was four years ago in Shiganshina.  It’s just buried deeper.  Carved into his bones, woven into his sinews, twined around his heart, his lungs. Some days it feels like it’s strangling him, suffocating him from the inside out.  Other days Levi knows it’s the only thing holding him together.

But he keeps on going.  He does his job, leads reconnaissance missions beyond the walls, accompanies the surveyors and cartographers as they map every inch of the island.  Strange to think that all this time they have been on an island, and that out there, across the ocean, is a world vast beyond their comprehension. He wonders what Erwin would have made of it all.

There are settlements outside the walls now; farms and villages, homesteads dotted along the rivers and valleys, straggling along the coast.  But Levi always returns to the walls. To Shiganshina.  

He buys the house.  The one where they laid Erwin to rest.  Repairs it with his own hands.  Hanji had it cleared out, burning every last stick of furniture when they removed the body. His body.  When they took Erwin away.  “We can’t risk spreading disease, Levi.”  He knew that of course, he’s not a fucking idiot. Growing up in the Underground, he saw first hand how quickly disease could spread. But he saves the bottle from beside the bed, washes it carefully, and every time he visits, he fills it with fresh flowers.

People call it The Commander’s House now and the local children whisper that it’s haunted. It is, but only by Levi.  He inhabits the house like a restless spirit.  He doesn’t really live there.  He doesn’t really live anywhere. He just exists.  

Levi moves some of Erwin’s belongings into the house; his books, personal papers, a few clothes.  He claims a worn uniform and weathered cloak, the threadbare shirt with the ink stain on the sleeve, old boots, worn and scuffed by wear.  They hang in the wardrobe in the bright upper room now.  Erwin’s dress uniform, the one with the gold braid and the sleeve pinned back, is in the museum at the cenotaph.  Levi tries not to think about tearing open the buttons of that uniform, tries not to picture it lying in a crumpled heap of gilt and braid on the floor beside the bed, tries not to feel the weight of his Commander, lying hot and heavy on top of him, slick with sweat and consumed with desire.

Levi, fuck…Levi…

Sometimes Levi sits in the room at the top of the house and reads or just listens to the sounds from the street below; children playing, a dog barking, the notes of a blackbird singing somewhere.  But if he closes his eyes he can still smell the blood and the ash and the entrails.  Still feel the titan blood evaporating from his skin.  Still hear the words “teacher…how…find out…don’t exist?” more real than the sounds of laughter filtering in through the window.  That was Levi’s world, not this one.

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A Crime Against Pizza (co-authored with @mshoneysucklepink)

From this prompt:  "Your pizza keeps getting delivered to my house by mistake and I need to talk to you about your choice of toppings AU" by @ashesinyourhair from the @dailyau

Rating: PG (for innuendo)
Summary: Some people are very particular about their pizza.
Warnings: Pineapple on pizza, orgasmic descriptions of pepperoni, egregiously overused italics, general idiocy. Stoner Brett.
~3100 words 


First this happened. Then this happened. Super thanks to @snarkyhag for the awesome beta.

The only saving grace about exam time, Blaine thought, was that somehow it made pizza taste even better. He wasn’t sure if it was some psychosomatic reaction or the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fat traveling through his bloodstream straight to his brain - but it set off his reward center like nothing else. Except maybe a good orgasm (ideally brought on by something other than his own hand, thankyouverymuch).

The only problem was his roommate. Sam HATED Blaine’s preferred toppings of pineapple and ham, (“it’s fruit on pizza, Blaine, and fruit is healthy, it totally defeats the point of pizza being junk food! It makes it, I don’t know, less junky!”) Which was why he considered himself lucky that Sam had a nighttime photo shoot. Nothing was stopping him.

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Who Did That To You?

4: “Who did that to you?” from Barba to reader please? 

Prompt from this 1,000 Followers celebration–HERE!!!

You quietly entered the apartment desperately trying not to alert Rafael of your presence.  He was asleep on the couch and looked as though he was previously nursing a scotch. He must of been trying to wait up for you to be off work.

You winced a little as you tiptoed down the hall.

“Hey,” he mumbled voice laced in sleep. It was fine, he was asleep there was no way he could see your state at the moment.

“Go back to sleep Rafi,” you whispered trying to keep walking down the hall.

“No, thanks, I was waiting for you.” He smirked. “What time it it?”

“Um, 1ish, I’m sorry I kept you waiting I’m just going to sleep, like you should be doing.” He hummed a response as you returned to your previous trek.

You finally made it to the bathroom and sighed in relief as you sat down. You carefully peeled off your favorite button up blue shirt, which was now ripped. At least your bra was still in tack you did like this one and you stood up with a hiss. You examined yourself in the bathroom mirror.

Your arm was scraped up, but covered in bandages and your torso was pretty black and blue, but you’d be okay, no broken ribs.  It just hurt, like hell. Your face was a little less than clean.  You had a bloody lip that had stopped bleeding, but it started bleeding again. And your cheek was bruised, but you could cover it with makeup tomorrow.

You took a towel from the counter and sprayed some water before touching your cheek sighing at the cooling sensation. Your eyes popped open at the sound of footsteps behind you–

“Who did that to you?” Rafael eyed you up and down eyes running over the bruises on your stomach, your arm, and finally your face ending in a deep frown etched on his face.

“Rafi, I told you to go to bed–”

“And you told me you were going to sleep. Don’t change the subject.” He huffed. “What happened?” He whispered bringing his hands up, but setting them down, as he didn’t want to hurt you.

“Nothing,” you rolled your eyes towards the mirror bringing the towel back to your cheek.

“Are you serious?” He questioned. “This is not nothing,” his face was turning a deep shade of red.

“I was going to tell you in the morning,” you furrowed your eyebrows.

“It’s morning, so tell me now.” He crossed his arms. “In fact, please sit down here,” he carefully without touching you lead you to the toilet and left without a word. When you winced he frowned.

You twiddled your thumbs awkwardly until he returned.

“Okay, I have some ice, where do you want it?” You snatched the ziplock from him with a frown and winced as you moved. “Please, at least put this paper towel, so the ice isn’t directly on your skin.” He muttered. He crouched opposite looking at you expectantly as you huffed.

“We were chasing down a perp and he got in a few good shots is all and I’m fine now, no broken bones, so you don’t need to worry, it looks much worse than it is.” You hissed as you moved the ice to the side.

“Did you go to the hospital?”


“Why not?”

“The paramedics helped me and I was sent on my merry way.” You watched as he shook his head. “Rafi, I’m fine.” He nodded slightly before bringing his hand to touch the side of your face that wasn’t bruised.

“Is it so wrong for me to worry?”

“I suppose not, but you don’t need to.” You replied stubbornly.

“Let me worry,” he looked at your seriously with a frown. “Please?” He kissed your forehead and you sighed softly at his begging.

“Mmkay.” You hummed.

He carefully pulled off the bandages.  Then he took the towel and dabbed your arm. He was so gentle as he took the towel and lightly wiped down your body.



“I love you.” He froze and you held your breath until he made eye contact with you.

“I love you too.” He smiled softly.

Happy birthday, Logan

Prompt: “You’re actually a man child”
Pairing: (my pick) Logince!!!
Requested by: @killerfangirl3
Tagging: @velocifoxy
AAAAH OK SO this is one of s e v e r a l prompts I got tonight, and while it was gonna be short and include multiple prompts, I CANT HELP MYSELF so hopefully you like fluff. Because that’s all this is. It’s just. Really a lot of fluff. Princey is too fun to write. Btw it’s p late when I finished this, so please forgive any typos/grammatical errors… please take this away I’m so tired. (May have been inspired my Thomas’s actual birthday coming up 🎉)

All I can think of is that someone gets tackled to the ground, theres consent talk (always ask, kids. Princey just forgets people can’t read his mind), they kinda argue a little mid kiss, and they… might makeout a little. (Spoiler: they definitely makeout a little).

Logics birthday was going to be perfect. Not that he cared. Logic thought it was silly to pick separate birthdays from Thomas, just to celebrate themselves, but Roman considered himself very convincing. So, if logic wouldn’t do it himself, he’d just do it for him! Easier said than done, however.

Roman ran a hand through his hair, which was a lost cause at this point, sending down a shower of cheap craft glitter. Parties where his thing! He loved them. The attention, the excitement, everything! Unfortunately, planning… wasn’t.

So here he was, midnight, the night before the party, with tape stuck to his everything, in a hell of his own creation, surrounded of a nest of craft supplies and ripped paper, trying to figure out how to wrap things so perfectly like he sees everyone else do. It works in his head, he just… the black and white chalkboard themed wrapping paper ripped. Again.

He threw his head back in frustration.
“UGH, You’re actually such a man-child, Roman, what is wrong wi-”

“I don’t think you’re a man-child.”

Roman fell backwards onto a pile of tissue paper. Leaning on the door frame, looking at him over his glasses with his ‘teacher with an idiot student’ face, was Logan. Princey glared at him from the floor.
“You shouldn’t scare a man with scissor, Logic. You should know that… how long have you been standing there?”
Logic shoved off from the door frame and walked towards him, keeping his arms folded.

“A while. Did you know you talk to yourself in spanish sometimes?” Roman nearly forgot what he was doing, watching logic try to keep his mouth from smiling. When he remembered, he fell dramatically back onto the pile of half wrapped books. (Ow, part of him said. Worth it, said the rest of him.)
He pointed the scissors in his hand at Logan like a sword, though it was somewhat diminished by the fact that they were kiddy scissors.
“Stay back!”
Logic snorted, trying to see around him to what he was covering. “There’s no reason to hide them. If you wanted to throw a party, you should have just said so, here, let me help-” “No!”
Princey jumped up, tackling logic to the ground. All he could think about was 'this birthday has to be perfect he works so hard and wow our faces are close now hang on w h a t’
“…Okay.” Logic said slowly from the floor.
“I have… several questions.” In his excitement, Roman had actually pinned logic to the ground, his hands braced on either side of his head. He froze. 'This is it. The most. Unsuave moment of my life.’
Logic adjusted his glasses.
“First of which. Is that glitter in your hair?” Princy felt his cheeks heat up even further. “…yes.” His voice cracked a little. … ok maybe more than a little.
“That’s going to be hell to get out. Alright… now, why exactly… do you have glitter in your hair at midnight?” Roman sighed, shifting uncomfortably. “…Because it’s your birthday tomorrow.” Logan furrowed his brow. “I do not have a birthday.” Roman sat up, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.
“I KNOW! You don’t have one! You don’t care about birthdays! You don’t care about picking on movie night, you don’t care about telling us what your favorite food is, you just eat, and sleep, and work without asking us for anything! It’s like we aren’t allowed to care!” He let his hands drop to logics chest, trying to keep tears out of his eyes.
“I just. I wanted to do something. For once. To say that I see how hard you work. It was foolish of me I- I apologi-”
Logan moved remarkably fast for someone with a grown man sitting on his stomach.
He sat up and grabbed Roman by the collar in one move, pulling him close, so close that he could feel tears on logics face too and they were almost touching and WHY wasn’t he DOING ANYTHING- “… Roman?”
He had his eyes shut tight. He might have been holding his breath. “Yes what?” “Can I kiss you?”
His eyes snapped open. “What!?” “I sai-” “no I heard you, I’m just confused why exactly you would ask such an idiotic question!” Logan pulled away slightly, or as much as he could in the situation, looking away and readjusting his necktie.
“I should have read the situation better, my apolog-” “IM SITTING ON YOUR LAP CRYING ABOUT HOW MUCH I CARE FOR YOU, WOULD YOU JUST KISS ME ALREADY?”
Roman felt ridiculous. He had his arms folded like a three year old and tears running down his face, but Logan still leaned in, smiling like he was the sun, ghosting a thumb over romans cheek. “Consent is important.” “I know….” princes didn’t pout. But Roman didn’t care about being princely at that exact moment. “Do you forgive me?” He huffed. “I’ll forgive you when you stop running yourself into the gro-”

logic pressed his lips to his, gently, hands pressing lightly at the small of his back. When Roman threaded his hands in his hair by the back of his neck, pulling him closer, he sighed, and began to kiss in earnest.
Roman, growing less upset by the minute, still mumbled between kisses.
“Ok well- I don’t think- this is- a reliable debate tactic-” Logan hummed, moving to pepper kisses to Romans jawline.
“A-and you really ruined the- the surprise. I was so looking forward to- you are being very distracting!” Logan grinned up at him sheepishly.
“I’m sorry. Did you still want to wrap the presents?” Roman sighed.
“I… not that I’m not enjoying this but… kind of. I know it ruins the surprise, but I… wouldn’t mind some help.” He put his hands up defensively “I know it doesn’t make sense, I just. I really wanted this to be nice. For you. Stop looking at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like I’m doing something amazing! I’m just. Doing normal people things. Like being bad a wrapping presents.”
Logic picked up one of his hands, and brushed his lips to the back of his knuckles, like in a romance novel. “You are being amazing, Roman. You always are… wait. is there- is there tape stuck to your hand-” “THIS IS NOT MY AREA OF EXPERTISE, LOGAN!”

The few short hours before sunrise were spent attempting to wrap the every book neatly, although most of it ended up with logic flipping through them, enthusiastically spouting out facts while Roman leaned on his side, filing away all the exited looks on his face, and occasional kissing. They only got through about half by morning, and morality woke up to them lying in a tornado of tissue paper and tape, Logan with a book on his face, and Roman curled up besides him, tucked under one arm. He smiled at the two over his coffee cup while anxiety took as many photos as he possibly could.
“Happy birthday, Logan.”

Eleventh Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


They’d been forced to leave northern Minnesota mid-February after Mulder caught one of his bosses staring longer than necessary and asking more personal questions than Mulder deemed appropriate for someone on the run from all kinds of law to be able to answer. Scully had quietly left with him at midnight, walking away from her job, her semi-friends and her identity as Ella Fargas, the nice janitor lady at the high school who hadn’t flinched, regardless of what she had to clean up, which impressed everyone at that school above and below the age of 18.

They’d learned, over the years, to keep everything packed up and ready to go. They didn’t have too many personal possessions but what they had, they didn’t want to lose. Scully’s suitcase contained her clothes, her carved chess set and the ornaments they’d collected while her backpack contained the monstrous medical exam and study book she’d received the previous Christmas from Mulder because ‘he didn’t want her to lose all those smarts she had’. In Mulder’s suitcase and backpack were his laptop which they’d saved months for and gave him access to the world, articles, newspapers, the Internet and forums for everything and anything he wanted to find out. Also, his notebooks, a collection of stolen pens and as he told Scully, a few other odds and ends that were completely and totally useless but completely necessary to life.

They lived out of these bags, two each plus a third large duffel for winter gear, shoes and food in case of quick getaway.

This out-of-suitcase living was now so common place that when Mulder forgot momentarily and hung up his clean shirt in the closet, she gave him a look of such incredulity that he flushed, feeling like he’d cracked their system in half and the world was on the verge of collapse.

Then she smiled at him, taking the shirt from the hanger and folding it, packing it away with the rest of the newly laundered items, “brain farting, as you put it Mulder, is not usually your style. Got something on your mind?”

“Not yet.” Squeezing her hips as he slipped by her, “I’ll tell you if it pans out though, promise.”

Now intrigued, she carried on with her nightly routine, bathing, hair-drying, reading, having Mulder quiz her, volleying back and forth about some whacked-out theory Mulder found online before she asked again, “what are you planning in the brain of yours?”

Poking her side as he lay next to her under the sheets, “hey, a little intrigue is good for us. Keeps the fires alive.”

In one fell swoop, she rolled him over, climbed on top and pushed his shirt up around his neck, “I think our fires are just fine.”


They wandered East and West, North and South, back and forth, two days or a week at a time, deciding the comforts of their semi-settled Minnesota existence might not be the best way to go for awhile. It wasn’t until late September that they slowed their ramble, Scully becoming frequently more ill-at-ease with the aimlessness of their journey. She’d made it through almost three years but it was taking its toll. As a couple, they were doing okay, the occasional fight, the occasional silence, the occasional mutterings of ‘jackass’ and ‘pain in my ass’ while both fumed at one another, testing who would crack first and apologize.

But her mind and her spirit were exhausted and it showed, Mulder apologizing more frequently and hugging her more closely than she thought possible.

One morning, huddled safely in a cabin they’d rented in cash, off the beaten path to all but the passing deer hunter, he pulled her towards him, moving the stray blonde hairs from her cheeks, “hey Scully?”

“Unless you have breakfast somewhere in the vicinity of my mouth, don’t wake me up.”

Knowing her just that well, he held up a torn section of cinnamon roll from last night’s dessert, “will this do?”

Eyes still shut, she opened her mouth and accepted the peace offering, sucking the icing off his fingers with a slow, drawn-out lip smack, “yes. What do you want?”

“What would you say to us looking for a place to live, like a real place to live? One with walls and windows and a fridge bigger than a stamp and maybe even more than one toilet.”

He really should have waited until she’d swallowed before dropping this bomb on her and it took a few minutes to dislodge the dough from her lungs, coughing until she cried then calming again from her scary little fit of near-death, “what?”

Mulder could smile now that he knew she wasn’t going to die in front of him, “I was thinking that we could start concocting some kind of story where we’ve gone our separate ways and you would like to come back to the real world and need help finding a house and you could talk to Skinner and see if it’s even possible. Have him feel things out, maybe ask around to know if it would be safe for you to go back to normal.” Sliding her gently back down to lay beside him, “I can’t keep doing this to you. You deserve more than hotel mattresses and living out a suitcase.”

“Mulder …”

“No, I think we should think about this. If it works, then good but if it doesn’t, at least you know we’ll have tried.”

“You … you wouldn’t really leave though, right? You promised.”

“I would be perfectly content to hide in the house all day. I can go running and outside after dark or if we get a place with enough land, I could garden or build stuff, who knows. I just know that I can’t do this to you anymore.”

The thought honestly scared her but in a giddy, good way and kissing him, icing still on her lips, they celebrated the possibility of not having to run anymore.


It was a long process and they were holed up in North Carolina when Christmas arrived, with two feet of snow, windchills in the double negatives and a Mulder-smile, commenting on how it felt just like they were back having their first Christmas together, only naked this time.

Even though it wasn’t Christmas morning, Scully leaned over the edge of the bed and retrieved his gift, “open it. I know it’s early but open please.”

Never arguing with an unclothed Scully had been his personal rule since the first time he’d laid eyes on her perfect breasts and not about to break that rule, he took the gift, unwrapping it with paper flying everywhere, then staring at it in confusion.

It was a clear ornament, one that unscrewed in half, holding a single key.

Opening the orb slowly, he took out the key, never taking his eyes off her, “you have me totally befuddled.”

“That’s one of our house keys.” Now he just looked so totally ‘what?!’ that she smiled, sitting up, wrapping comforter around shoulder before continuing, “the paperwork went through with a little help from Skinner and the real estate lady sent the key to the Post Office box and I picked it up yesterday and thought it would be a pretty good gift.”

For some crazy reason, the fact that she would be in a home again soon, with him, like some sort of kind of a hint of a real family, made tears fill his eyes. Holding it up between them, “we should go look at it now.”

“Um, it’s after 9pm, it’s a three-hour drive and that boatload of snow out there isn’t just for looks. Maybe tomorrow or the next day after they’ve plowed some of the highways but right now, we’d be stuck before we got out of town.”

Impatient to the core, he opened his mouth to argue but she shut him up swiftly, her mouth covering his, her body following. Eventually, exhaustion forced him into sleep, mouth slack, body sated, limbs tangled with hers as he mumbled something about christening the new house as soon as possible.


Three long days later, they were trudging through snowdrifts higher than Scully, forced to leave the car at the main road while they walked the half-mile to the house. Frozen solid, yet sweating profusely under their winter coats and leggings, they didn’t stop to look at the porch or the shuttered windows but went right inside, shucking off clothing to leave in a heap by the door.

Only when they were stripped down to jeans and thermal shirts did they look around.

This time is was Scully crying, stepping up the stairs a few feet to grab him in a proper hug, squeezing his neck until he choked out a laugh and she lightened her grip. Burying his face in the side of her neck, “welcome home.” A few minutes later, he peeled away from her, holding up a finger to keep her in place, which she obeyed with open wonderment. Watching him carefully remove a box from his jacket pocket, he held it up to her, still in its Christmas paper, “I would have given you this on Christmas morning but decided to wait until we got here.”

Intrigued, she ripped the paper, opened the box then removed a clear glass Christmas bulb. Without looking or reading the words on it, she looked at him, “you stole my idea.”

“Actually, Dana Scully, you stole mine. I’ve been waiting since October, when we decided to find the house.”

The Dana made her grin, the Scully made her warm from head to toe but the gift made her speechless. Inside, on a bunch of pulled apart cotton balls, sat a simple, gold band, a small, deep red-purple stone set with a small diamond on either side. Stomach officially all over the map and brain forgetting how to speak, she turned the bulb slowly, reading, “will you marry me?” and the year, Mulder’s script careful and precise in its sloppy familiarity.

She couldn’t answer. She couldn’t breathe. She could, however, feel her heart thudding against her ribs, painfully strong and erratic as all hell. The only thing she could do was stare, the tears blurring things before they fell but in between watery visions, she could see Mulder clear as day, across from her, perfect as anything in the world and all hers.


The answer shot out towards him like a bullet, fast, sharp, crisp and unmistakable.

He laughed, truly afraid for a moment she was either going to faint, explode or most scary of them all, say ‘no’. Taking the ornament from her, he opened it, slipped the ring on her finger then held up the words to her again, “sure about your answer to this?”

This time her ‘yes’ was whispered in his ear.

Hope of Morning: Mother’s Day (Flash Forward) | Modern OQ AU

Previous chapters aka how to find out what the hell is going on.

We’re going to flash forward about eight or nineish months for a Mother’s Day fic. Also, fair warning, Regina likes to swear to blow off steam, so if that’s not your thing, then this isn’t your fic. Enjoy, peeps, and call your mom.

Sundays aren’t supposed to be this difficult.

Regina adjusts the volume on the small, cylindrical speakers to the right of her console and bites her lower lip as she tries to decipher the officer’s last transmission.

Traffic that’s garbled or muffled as it enters the single earpiece on her headset tends to magically clear up when played back on a higher quality speaker. But not always. Sometimes her officers are simply marble-eating mumble-mouths. Like this one.

“Goddamn motherfucking shit ass unit. Take your beat partner’s dick out of your mouth and then speak on the radio.” Regina sighs, hard, and stomps on her foot pedal to open the channel. “4311, readvise your location,” she broadcasts, pitching her voice higher to compensate for the mocking frustration leaking through her delivery.

The unit keys up, speaking slower, if not more clearly, but it’s enough for her to piece together his cross street and get his traffic stop entered into the computer. She slumps back in her chair, then kicks away from her console to stand and stretch her lower back. Two hours into shift and she can already feel her blood pressure flushing the tips of her ears.

“Regina, take a break. I got your radio,” her supervisor yells from the front of the room. “We’ve got observers in the lobby. I need you to bring them up.”

Great. Why the hell are there observers on a Sunday night? And on Mother’s Day, no less. Sundays aren’t known for the balls to the wall, crazy, careening call volume or types they see on Fridays and Saturdays or during the full moon; Sunday is typically the most boring, and longest, shift of the week.

Regina pulls her headset off, wincing as the edge catches a length of hair and tugs it free of the bun she’d thrown up haphazardly after shift meeting, and then hangs the metal headband from the long arm of her desk lamp. She pats her pocket to ensure she has her card key to get back into the center, shoving her chair out of the way with her foot as she exits her pod.

“However did you guess I needed a break, Granny?” she asks as she strolls past the supervisors’ desks, in no particular hurry.

The silver-haired lead supervisor raises her eyebrows over her square spectacles. “I think the deputy chiefs heard your last outburst all the way downtown.”

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victoria’s secret

Originally posted by junqkookied

WARNING: 2927 WORTH OF CRACK and also how many times Jeon Jeongguk can fuck up while saying “Victoria’s Secret”

Contains foul language and mentions of sex

this is part 2 of my birthday celebration!!! this one is specially dedicated to my favourite jjk thigh enthusiast, @97gguks, ily bby ❤️ i was inspired by all the trash we talk about, it’s our quality conversations that keep me going tbh :’) 

Summary: In which you teach Jeon Jeongguk a little lesson. Jeongguk is looking for a summer job, and you’ve offered to help him look for one, but when his cockiness and smug confidence pisses you off, you decide to take revenge. And revenge is as sweet as the body mist from Victoria’s Secret. 

“9-5 office hours, admin work. $10 an hour. Includes filing and organizing paperwork.” 

“Overqualified,” Jeongguk indulges in a lazy stretch with his arms above his head, causing his white t-shirt to teasingly stray just shy of his happy trail. Taking a deep breath in an effort to regain patience and self-control, you skim down the list of classified ads once more. 

“Stock manager for a grocery store, $8 an hour-“ Jeongguk sits up immediately, eyes blazing in indignance.

“Such a handsome face like this, stuck in the backroom all day? _________, you’ve got to be kidding me. Someone with my looks was born to be in the frontline, babe.” The way he preens as he checks his reflection in his phone screen and runs a careless hand through his hair only to have every strand of it fall back into place perfectly should irk you, but the casual way in which he drops that endearment has you a little flustered.

Hoping to hide your flushed cheeks, you flip the paper over with a huff instead, fully intending on giving up on helping Jeon Jeongguk in his search for a summer job. He’s obviously way too self absorbed for this, although he tells you that he really does need that extra money for that upcoming Big Bang concert next month. He’d evaporate before he’d miss a chance to see G Dragon live and rapping before his very eyes.

“What did you have in mind when you said a summer job? Sitting on your lazy ass and getting paid to do nothing?” You can’t keep the exasperation out of your voice. 

“Sitting on this very perky ass and getting paid,” Jeongguk amends with a cocky smirk. You roll your eyes at him and continue flipping through the section of the paper, if not to take your mind off a very perky ass sitting only a few spaces away from you.

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Take Me HIGHer

For my stoner queen @deleted-scenes in honor of her birthday and signing her book deal for her diss today.  You deserve all the good things my dear, especially the good smut. 

Shout out to @runedsterek for the inspiration. 


The setting sun cast a shadow over the loft, silhouetting Derek as he stood in the middle of the room, his eyes on the door.  A moment later it was pulled open by Stiles, his eyes bright and his hair a little wild, but when was his hair under control these days?

“Happy birthday big guy,” Stiles said with a grin.  He pulled a small gift wrapped box out of his back pocket and tossed it to Derek.

“Who told you it’s my birthday?” Derek asked, catching the package and eyeing it suspiciously.  He had intentionally not told anyone when his birthday was, he had started a sad tradition of spending it alone, ever since Laura died.  He usually left town for the day, just in case someone found out and tried to make him celebrate.

If hadn’t been a problem for the last four years because the pack had been off at college, but now that they had graduated and some of them had moved back he should have expected this, even though he should have known, he was still a little annoyed.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please continue the Daddy series with Jimin next please?? I love how cute you make them 😄

THIS ONE SEEMS A LITTLE CHOPPY idk im stressed my writing is suffering but i wanted to get something out for you all!

Dad Chim

Originally posted by babiescars

  • okay time for chim chim aka probably best dad material in the group
  • okay jk they’d all be amazing dad material
  • but you get what i’m saying yah?
  • chim is someone i don’t see caring if he was married or not when he had a kid? he would want to marry eventually but if he had a kid before marriage it wouldn’t be that big of a deal
  • like he would only care about the fact he’s about to have a beautiful cute baby!! that’s all that would matter to him!!
  • but obviously he wouldn’t just have a kid with anyone?? that’s obvious right
  • i think he would want kids pretty bad, but he wouldn’t want to burden his love and so he would keep his mouth shut
  • but then after all the other boys start to have families he’s like yup it’s time
  • so he comes up to you one night, and by comes up to you i mean he legit flops on top of you as you’re watching a psych marathon,,,
  • and you’re like oh hello there i thought you were idk, supposed to be showering??
  • and he shakes his head “no no i had an idea!!”
  • and your eyebrows furrow at this “last time you had an idea it ended with yoongi nearly beating you half to death for trying to put his baby in a sheep costume”
  • “but she looked so cute!!”
  • anyway
  • “well what’s that got to do with anything?”
  • and jimins eyes get all wide and he smiles all shyly and he’s chilling on top of you like it’s the most casual thing in the world “i wanna have a baby too!! but our own baby, and we can name them after jeongguk or something!”
  • you smile softly and stroke the hair from his eyes
  • you love jimin but you’re not ready and you don’t want to break it to him and ruin things and ruin the moment but you’re just not ready for a baby
  • you try to think of a lie before he catches onto you oh he catches onto you
  • his smile falls and he kinda rolls off you and he “oh. i shouldn’t have forced that on you like that, i’m sorry…”
  • his voice is so soft and quiet and you regret not having an actual talk about this sooner
  • because you knew it would happen sooner or later and you knew that he would want to start a family but you’re scared and you’re worried that you two are too young and that you guys don’t have enough life experience for this
  • you want to tell jimin and explain yourself but he’s up already, and he says he’s gonna take a shower and that you should sleep because it’s late but you know he doesn’t want you to see him get upset
  • “jimin wait a minute!”
  • but he’s already in the bathroom and he has his music on and the door is locked
  • after that night he doesn’t bring it up again but nobody can deny the way his entire face lights up when he’s holding taetae junior
  • he’s good with kids, great even like even hoseok’s sonny boy, who shrieks when hoseok isn’t holding him, is pretty okay with jimin
  • he gets so smiley and his eyes twinkle and he giggles when he gets the babies to laugh
  • he’ll legit have mini min on his lap and baby jung snuggled up to his side and princess kim trying to climb up his shoulders and it’s so endearing
  • and you’re like oh hell nah im not gonna take that happiness from jimin like he’s so happy and bright and you can tell he’s in heaven
  • so you’re like hell yah man i’m gonna talk to jimin okay i’m gonna tell him i’m ready for a kiddo we can do this as a family
  • you wanna make it something special so that night you’re like imma make a delicious dinner and i’m gonna make this so memorable cause this our baby!!
  • but then it gets to dinner time and jimin is gonna be home from practice in like thirty minutes and you’re so ready for this
  • but apparently your stomach is not because out of nowhere you’re stricken with the sudden need to hurl
  • you race upstairs to the bathroom and you lean over the toilet and that’s how jimin finds you when he gets home
  • he goes into panic mode right away like does he get you a drink, does he pull your hair back, does he call an ambulance?
  • you’re moaning on the floor
  • jimin does what any normal person would do and he calls mom seokjin instead “help the love of my life is on the floor idk what’s going on right now i’m scared jin please come over.”
  • and then he kneels beside you and he cradles you in his lap and strokes your hair and he sings to you so soft and sweet in an attempt to calm you down
  • you bury his face in his tummy “oh jimin that came out of nowhere i hurt jimin, i hate throwing up you know.”
  • he kinda laughs at this “baby doll, why are you throwing up? i heard there’s a lot going around, i guess that happens a lot in winter ya know? we can see the doctor tomorrow if it gets worse.”
  • jin does come over and he’s holding his baby in one of those little holders that you wear on your front you know what i’m talking about he has his baby in that and she’s wearing a tiara and sunglasses
  • and he kinda oh !! alright !!
  • “jimin, it’s probably just the common cold,,, or maybe the flu yah that’s what that’s called…”
  • and jimin is like wth i leave the love of my life for one second and they contract the plague that’s it i’m calling out tomorrow this is serious
  • and he does call out okay the next day he makes you stay in bed even though you’re like plz i’m fine
  • he makes you soup and he braids your hair for you or puts it into pigtails if your hair is short and you two watch your favorite movies and you’re still feeling kinda weak so you kinda forget about what you were gonna tell jimin
  • and then you don’t bring it up because as the weeks go on he gets slammed with new album work and your personal job that neither of you have much time to think about babies
  • until wait, surprise, you guessed it, you find out that you’re pregnant!!
  • since you continued to feel pretty shotty you were like ehh i should go to patient first!! and patient first was like!! you’re looking kinda pregnant there kiddo!!
  • and so obviously you got the little test (well they gave it to you) and they were correct believe it or not
  • you guess you’re gonna need to be having an entirely different talk with jimin
  • except christmas (for non celebrators just think new years time!!) is almost here and you’re like hell yah man that’s a good time to do it
  • except that you’re not really about planning stuff and you get absorbed in other things aka jimin trying to lift that tree by himself,,,
  • jin is throwing a pretty rad holiday party by the way and you and jimin are obv invited to come celebrate and by celebrate i literally mean there’s going to be a wii bowling tournament where half of those involved are tipsy off eggnog
  • but that’s okay because you’re with friends and that’s what matters!!
  • in the back of your head you’re like yah i better tell jimin that i’m pregnant,,, but you’re distracted again, this time by the pictures of sugar cookies jin has put in the “santa squad” group chat
  • you know better to keep secrets especially something so big but jimin was so excited to have a lil kiddo you wanna make it special and stuff
  • you decide you’ll ask some of the other boys for help tonight if they don’t end up drunk singing christmas carols instead
  • you’re excited for the party though, you wanna try your hand at parenting by seeing if you can manage some of the babies
  • tbh if it comes down to it, you wanna hold mini min, she’s still so soft and chubby
  • you wonder if your baby is gonna be soft and chubby and you rest your hands on your tummy and jimin kinda catches you from your reflection in the mirror
  • “are you feeling sick again? we should really take you to the doctors…” and jimin kinda starts to worry
  • you laugh and pat his head because he’s so caring?? and so cute??
  • “i’m okay just thinking about those sugar cookies.”
  • and he smiles and his nose crinkles up and his eyes get those lil wrinkles at the sides you know what i’m speaking of??
  • you hope to god that your baby has his smile
  • better yet you hope the baby looks like him in every single way possible
  • like you’re dating an angel and you hope your baby is an angel too
  • you know they will be cause jimin is the dad!!
  • anywaaaaay
  • y'all are at the party now okay and immediately there’s a child on jimin’s leg and you like down and it’s taetae junior!! and he’s babbling excitedly and jimin just beams and scoops him up in his arms and kisses his lil baby face and your heart just floods with this warmth that you can’t really explain
  • you kinda rest your hands on your stomach again and you’re like baby please come soon so i can see jimin this happy every single day
  • before long there is another baby trying to climb jimin and it’s princess kim so jimin hands you over taetae junior so he can hold jin’s baby
  • taetae junior is not happy and he starts to wail
  • “oh my god jimin i broke it”
  • jimin laughs “just bounce him on your hip!!”
  • and so you do, and you make funny faces and start to sing a little bit and soon the kid is calm, cool, and collected and actually snuggled up to you and trying to play with your hair and you’re actually really like this feeling?? and it feels so right??
  • jimin looks over at you and he gives you a soft smile “you’re gonna be an amazing parent one day…”
  • you just want to scream out that he’s gonna be an amazing parent too, and he’s gonna be one soon and that you’re expecting but you keep your mouth closed and silently thank him
  • okay time for the party to start but taekook have already turned up they’re dancing to some freaking weeb nonsense and you’re like god help us how are they parents and the babies just watch on in awe and hoseok is trying to get his kid to dance even tho that kid won’t let hoseok put him down and-
  • you can’t believe you didn’t want this for yourself and jimin and you’re feeling kinda guilty and you wanna apologize but you know you should focus on the good instead
  • okay so the kids are playing on the floor, tangled up in christmas lights and wrapping paper and jin is like shoot i made eggnog it’s hella good guys i’ll go get some cups
  • he comes back with glasses you know, hands them all out
  • you politely decline
  • everyone freezes and stares at you with wide eyes and you don’t really understand why but within five seconds jimin is shrieking and he’s tackled you to the couch and the others are cheering and clapping and the babies look mildly horrified save baby jeon who’s trying to get a foot in her mouth
  • and you’re laughing and trying to get him to stop kissing your face all over because it tickles too much “well i wanted to make it special but i guess i ruined that huh?”
  • jimin won’t let go of you the rest of the party he has you on his lap and he keeps his hands folded on your tummy and he’s smirking like guess what guys who’s gonna be a dad that’s right it’s me it’s me
  • and the others would definitely tease him “too bad you’re the dad, they’re never gonna grow over five feet tall!!”
  • jimin gets all pouty at this
  • he gets so into the baby thing like he’s trying to take pictures every month to compare belly bump sizes cause he’s like hello my child!!
  • he talks to the baby casually as if they can actually respond “hey there lil park pumpkin, don’t you love this movie? it’s like my favorite ever especially the romance subplot ehehe.”
  • “do you want spaghetti or carry out for dinner, yah i agree, i like carry out too!!”
  • he spoils you rotten like he’s like hey guess who has a massage appointment with me that’s right, you do!!
  • like if you continue to work expect to come home to a bubble bath every single night
  • he low key seems more excited than you for the baby,,,
  • stockpiles baby food in the house even though you explain babies don’t eat baby food right away and you still have like seven months to go before they’re even born?
  • buys a bunch of toys too!!
  • he wants to teach the baby korean first like he begs you every single night that you teach them korean first it’s very important that your baby is raised in korean culture
  • so you two would have a korean name for the baby for sure
  • he definitely insists in raising the child in his culture whether that means through food, language, traditions, or whatever
  • but at the same time he doesn’t want the kid to be made fun of for being different so he wants an english name for them as well and so he asks namjoon for help a lot and namjoon is bitter because he’s riding the no dad train alone
  • the first time you guys go to see the baby he starts to laugh rather than cry because “oh my god is that a dinosaur in the- HOLY HECK I SEE A LITTLE BABY HAND DO YOU SEE THAT BABY HAND?!”
  • he just giggles and waves to the screen as if your baby is able to see that do they even have eyes at this point??
  • jimin would definitely want to find out the gender of the baby he would tell himself he wouldn’t care but he wouldn’t be able to contain his curiosity and the other boys are like pestering him to find out??
  • okay and you guys follow in the footsteps of all the boys before you and you’re like gender reveal party except sneaky little jimin checked the envelope when you two said you were NOT going to check the envelope i’m actually crying,,,
  • so jimin knows
  • nobody else knows and they make it a family ordeal to try and guess
  • namjoon shows up alone, in blue, tugging along a bunch of presents cause he has a soft spot for chim
  • jeongguk and baby jeon are in pink and have lil pony tails on the tops of their heads, princess kim and jin are in pink as well, along with hoseok and baby hobi
  • tae and taetae junior are in blue!! along with yoongi and mini min who are late because they were taking a father daughter nap
  • jimin is in white,,, to signify purity,,, which the little scoundrel lost when he checked the envelope
  • you yourself are in blue cause why not??
  • the party goes well except jimin nearly crying because he loves all the babies so much and he can’t wait to have his own,,,
  • okay but y’all reveal time
  • it’s like at the most random moment like you’re stuffing your face with a cupcake and trying to open yet another present from namjoon and jimin is like “ATTENTION EVERYBODY I WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT MY BABY, MY BUN, MY MINI ME… OR IS IT A MINI ME”
  • s/o to nancy and will this one goes to you
  • okay so once he has everyone’s attention he gets all shy and flustered and he buries his face behind his hands “well it should be a girl…”
  • and he’s smiling and you’re gasping and you run to hug him and you have cupcake all over your face but that’s okay
  • anyway you always have cravings speaking of which,,, the convenience store owner down the street knows jimin by name because he makes so many trips to pick you up pickles and strawberry ice cream
  • okay also !! he wants the baby to have her crib in your guy’s room so she has a bassinet right next to your bed
  • jimin’s parents send you two a bunch of gifts and his mom sends over some of jimin’s old play toys and old clothes (even though they were boyish- for baby two she says), and some traditional family recipes so you two can raise the baby as surrounded by korean influence as possible
  • jimin always cooks for you even though he’s not amazing and he cooks all the time sometimes he does too much,,,
  • first kick is actually amusing because before i saw someone’s baby kick i thought it would be cute then i was like exposed to the reality and that shit is scary so like when it happens you’re chilling and then the baby kicks as you’re sitting there getting rid for your bubble bath and you shriek because that’s scary?? have you ever seen that??
  • jimin comes running in and you’re like “baBE my stomach moVED”
  • and he gasps and he puts his ear to his stomach even though you said kick?? and he’s screaming with you because what the hell your baby is kicking and it’s weird as hell and you two break down into laughing because it’s so overwhelming
  • anyway the baby comes on the exact due date
  • like the exact date
  • chim is nervous so he laughs tbh,,, like you’re driving there because you dropped a plate while cooking eggs for breakfast and you were like wth is this oh wait my water bROKE
  • anyway he’s pretty calm but he’s so excited that he just giggles and laughs and smiles and you’re like jimin plz you’re driving like a graNDMOTHER
  • anyway you get there and everything is pretty calm, you get into the delivery room but then you see the needle they’re trying to stick in you and you lose it
  • jimin holds your hand super tight and he smiles and starts to sing save me to you to be ironic and as you’re distracted they stick the needle in you yikes
  • he’s actually really good at calming you down!! like he got lessons from the other boys and he talks you through it and he gives you deep breathing exercises to use and everything and squeezes your hand and helps you focus
  • pregnancy through meditation
  • anyway she’s born and he’s laughing and crying at the same time like tears are streaming down his face but he’s in hysterics and he holds her and she’s so small and he immediately goes to kiss her face all over
  • she looks more like you but she has his eyes and his lips but other than that she looks more like you (she ends up super short too btw thx)
  • you guys bring her home and she’s immediately the most spoiled baby
  • she has at least a million stuffed animals
  • when she’s older jimin always plays dress up tea party with her and they have jin and his baby over sometimes
  • she’s a pretty fussy baby at first like she’s always crying and you’re about to lose it because you’re exhausted from having that bean so jimin always gets up at night and takes her downstairs to watch some baby einstein with her to make sure she calms down
  • he LOVES holding her and giving her the bottle he feels truly like a dad in that moment
  • he sings to her obv like he always has and it’s super calming she’ll just stare up at him with the widest eyes in the world and babble and try to sing along when she’s old enough
  • she’s always eating too i swear, always needs to be fed or else she’ll cry
  • also cries when she’s not being held but jimin is okay with that because that means he gets to hold her 25/8
  • he likes to sprawl out on the floor and have her sleep on his chest because she’s so tiny
  • always has her in stripes and then matches her always
  • he always takes pics of her too and sends them to his mom i cry
  • doesn’t like when the other babies get near here for the most part because he’s scared they’ll scare her…
  • loves buying her cute clothes too, like his fave hobby
  • always thanks you for making his dream come true too
  • also would probably suggest you two have another baby like a year and a half after this angel is born ;)))
  • you slap him
  • but it’s definitely up for consideration,,,
  • part two to comE!
Ahkmenrah x Reader: The Intern

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!
“Y/N!”  You jumped at your boss’s sudden outburst.  You turned around to see Dr. McPhee frantically sorting through the papers in his arms as he speed walked over to you.

“Yes?”  You asked, trying to lower your heart rate back to normal.  Dr. McPhee stopped in front of you and dumped the pile of paper into your arms. 

“I need you to sort through those and organize them chronologically and put these on my desk before opening tomorrow.”  He spun on his heel and rushed off to his office.  The entire exchange had taken no more than ten seconds and left you dumbfounded.  You looked down at the pile of paper in your arms and groaned at the size of the stack.  The joys of being an intern.   You slowly made your way back to your office which was just the rickety table in the back of the locker room.  After closing the door behind you, you pulled an old metal chair over to the table and sat down.  You put the large stack of papers next to you, and fished your phone out of your pocket.  You turned it on, and played some  music.   You were making pretty good progress, and eventually hit the halfway mark.  Deciding to take a break, you got up to stretch and turned up your music.  You grinned as your music transitioned to one of your favorite songs.  Suddenly feeling energized, you began to move to the music.  Within the span of thirty seconds you were bouncing around the room, swaying as you laughed. You heard the door open, but you brushed it off, still caught up in your music.  When the song finally ended, you walked back to the table and turned the volume back down, still giggling.  As you sat down to resume your work, it finally hit you that the door had opened.  You glanced up, and a shriek tore from your throat when your eyes landed on the Egyptian pharaoh watching you with an amused expression.  You stood up suddenly and ran to your bag in the corner, pulling out a can of pepper spray.  You aimed it at him, and he quickly put his hands up in defense.

“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?”  You hissed, your hands slightly shaking

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just—”

“Answer the damn question!”  You shouted.  He took a deep breath and nodded.

“Fine.  My name is Ahkmenrah, and I am the fourth king of the fourth king.”  You rolled your eyes and moved your finger to the trigger.

“Bullshit.”  You deadpanned.  “I’m going to ask you again, and if you try that again I’m calling security.”  He smirked.  You pressed the trigger lightly, letting a cloud of pepper spray release into the space between you.  “Who.  Are.  You?”  You asked, trying to keep the tremor out of your voice.  Honestly, you amazed that you hadn’t gone hysterical yet.  Before the stranger could answer again, the door swung open. 

“Y/N!” Larry exclaimed when he came in.  “What are you still doing here?”

“Larry!”  You shouted.  “I was doing some paperwork for McPhee.”  You turned to the stranger.  “But who the hell is this?”

“Oh, that’s Ahkmenrah.”  He answered.  You stared at him, confused.

“Wait.  You mean to say he was telling the truth the entire time?”    Ahkmenrah nodded.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just trying to hide from Rexy and this is one of the only places he can’t fit in and—”

“Wait a minute,” You held a hand up.  “Who’s Rexy?”  Ahkmenrah and Larry exchanged a look. 

“Give us a second.”  They walked over to a corner of a room and discussed something quietly.  Every once in a while, one of them would glance over at you, making you nervous.  Eventually they came back to stand with you.  “Alright, come with us,” Larry motioned for you to follow the pair as they opened the door.  Screams and whoops drifted through the door along with blaring music. You shrunk back from the sudden change in atmosphere, and wondered if you really wanted to know what was going on.  A hand landed on your shoulder, and you looked up at Ahkmenrah.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” He told you warmly.  “I promise.  You nodded as you tried to fight the heat rushing to your cheeks.  You awkwardly brushed his hand off your shoulder and walked over to where Larry was standing.  He wiggled his eyebrows at you teasingly, prompting you elbow him in the stomach.  He dodged your elbow, laughing, and motioned for you to go through the door.  Just as you were about to step through the door, a massive skeletal foot slammed down just a few feet from where you were standing. With a shriek, you leapt back from the door.  You collided with Ahkmenrah, whose hands shot out to keep you from falling over as Larry began shouting at the massive skeleton.

“Are you alright?”  He asked you.

“Yeah,” You replied breathlessly.  You looked over your shoulder at Ahkmenrah.  You froze at how close his face was to yours.  “Yeah…I’m fine.”  You both stared at each other for a moment.  You both snapped out of your trance and leapt apart when Larry cleared his throat loudly.  You both were blushing madly, and you could’ve sworn that you saw Ahkmenrah glaring at Larry over your head. 

“We can get through now.”  Was all Larry said before striding through the door.  You heard a cough from behind you .  You turned around to see Ahkmenrah holding his arm out. 

“Shall we?”  You smiled and looped your arm through his, trying to ignore your racing heart.  Inwardly you were dumbfounded.  How do I already have crush on this guy?  I’ve only known him for ten minutes!  How does that even work?  But despite your inner debate you still followed him.  You were instantly surrounded by a giant celebration.  There was a T-Rex chasing a bone being dragged along by a little car that you swore you saw people inside.  The little car stopped at your feet, and two little voices shouted up two quick introductions to you, and sped off again as the massive dinosaur raced after them. There was a group of Huns doing the limbo by the information desk that waved and shouted something in another language to you as Teddy Roosevelt rode by with a Native American girl behind him, slowing down to talk to you and Ahkmenrah for a while.  Larry walked over to where you stood with Ahkmenrah.

“So what do you think?”  Larry asked smugly.

“What do I think?  This is amazing!”  You exclaimed.  “How is this happening?”

“The tablet, actually,” You were amazed. 

“Does it happen every night?”  

“Since my first night here.”  You looked around the foyer with wide eyes, trying to take everything in, still in shock that this had been going on for decades and almost no one knew.  Ahkmenrah tapped your shoulder and you turned to face Ahkmenrah again.  He pulled you to the side of the room.  “Y/N, I just want to apologize again.  I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s alright,” You assured him.  “I’m sorry I threatened you with pepper spray.”  You said awkwardly.

“No, it’s fine!”  He exclaimed.  “But I must say, you are quite the dancer.”  You blushed heavily.  He noticed and laughed.  “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you’re really good.”  He reassured you.  You smiled shyly, and he smiled too.  After a few moments of silence, Ahkmenrah spoke again.  “Would you like to dance, Y/N?”  In all honesty, you’d love nothing more, but your thoughts strayed back to the half-finished pile of work lying on the table in the locker room.  “I’d love to,” His face brightened. “But,” His face fell.   “I still have a lot of work I need to finish.  I’m sorry, Ahkmenrah.”  He thought for a moment, before getting an idea. 

“Alright, first of all, call me Ahk. Second of all, would it be alright if I stayed with you while you finish your work?”  You smiled and nodded, your heart fluttering once more. 

“That sounds great.”

Thanks to intergalacticsmith and robotharrie for requesting this one!

A Week Long Birthday: Shownu Scenario

Originally posted by sonhyunwoomx

This is dedicated to @cloudsofsonder . Happy birthday!!

It takes a special kind of person to date an idol. They have to be patient, supportive, and understanding. Most importantly though, they have to be willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice physical affection by going weeks without seeing them. Sacrifice their time with them, having to share it with the world. Sacrifice special occasions, such as birthdays. Yes, it truly took a special someone. To Shownu, you were that person. And he was going to miss your birthday, again. 

“I’m sorry,” Shownu breathed into the phone for the hundredth time. 

“It’s okay.” You tried to comfort him, but it appeared that his guilt was too much for him. After three years of dating, Shownu had never managed to make it to your birthday. While it did hurt you initially, you understood he had to work. He was living his dream. Who were you to whine about one missed day? 

“It’s not, and that’s why I’ve made a few arrangements.”


“Yes. Have you ever heard that a persons birthday is actually a week long?”

“A week long?”

“Yeah! So, the whole week leading up to your birthday you will receive something.”


He quickly cut you off. “Stop right there. I’ve already made the arrangements. Your first package will arrive tomorrow. Sadly, I won’t be able to talk much.” He paused, “So I wrote notes too.”

“You didn’t have to do that Hyunwoo. I don’t need anything.”

He chuckled. “You’re so selfless. Please Y/N, let me spoil you. For all the missed birthdays and big events I missed. I really wanted to do this for you.”

“Fine, if you must.” You smiled at the sound of his laugh. “But I’m only accepting this because I love you.”

“I love you too. I have to go now, let me know when your first gift arrives.”

“Will do. Goodnight babe.”

“Goodnight sweetheart, and happy birthday.”

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A Long Distance Made Short

Kiki’s 200 Follower Celebration Word Challenge

Word Prompt: iPad from @babypieandwhiskey

Pairing: Cas x female!Reader

Word Count: 691

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Unbeta’d. Wrote in a car ride, so it may not be the best thing ever, but I hope you enjoy. xoxo

Word Challenge Masterlist

Castiel had never had the talent of being able to work with technology. More often than not, he was the reason an error message was popping up than fixing it. Dean and Sam just summed it up to him being an angel. It took the guy about five years just to start grasping pop culture references, they figured it would take him a bit more to handle the internet.

But you felt empathy for the sweet angel you had grown to love. Day after day you would patiently work with him and teach him how to maneuver through the invisible cloud. It was frustrating sometimes, if you had to be honest. Castiel wasn’t incompetent, but it just seemed that technology hated him.

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Flowers- Andre Burakovsky imagine

It was late and it was raining and the last thing you wanted to do was leave your apartment. So where are you right now? Out in the rain heading to the grocery store because you’re roommate waited until the last minute to tell you that she had finished all the bread and that she really needed more for tomorrow. You had to go instead of her because she had to finish a paper that was due at midnight that night.

               The streets were dead as you walked the few blocks you needed to to get to Whole Foods. The rain was pouring pretty steadily and chills had crept up your back causing you to hustle across the street and into the grocery store. Once inside you pulled your hood down and readjusted your hair and noticed how this place was just as empty as the street with the only two people inside being you and the cashier. You passed by some flowers as you walked towards the bread aisle and noticed that some of them looked really beautiful so you made a note to pick some up before you left.

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Hell Hounds Celebrate Christmas Too - Parrish Fluff

Originally posted by showandwrite

Request; @demwebbedtoesdoe said: Hi! I’ve read the rules. And after clearing up the whole Parrish thing, I’d like to request a Christmas fluff imagine. Maybe where it’s the reader’s first Christmas with him, and as a present you got him a little hellhound figurine for his desk. :)

Warning; fluff?

note; I quite like this one actually, I hope you’re okay with it. I know the hellhound didn’t have a massive thing in it, but I found this fitting a little? Anyway I hope you like, merry christmas :)


You closed the door to your car and looked up at the station. First christmas with your new boyfriend, and he had to work.

Well, you weren’t going to let it go to waste.

You pulled the bag of presents from your car and took them inside, greeting the woman at the front desk who let you in. You dropped a small present on her desk before you continued to put small little things onto everyone else’s, before you knocked on the sheriff’s door, finding Stiles in there too.

“Hey guys,” you grinned as you opened the door after being called in. “How’s your christmas going?” you asked.

“Hey Y/n,” Stiles sighed. “It’s going all right. Just waiting for dad so we can pick Malia up and grab some dinner,” he told you.

“Out on a call or?”

“Just a call. It’s a full moon, and everyone goes crazy around this time,” he shrugged.

“How’s Liam dealing with it?” you were kept up to date with everything going on in the town, thanks to Parrish’s constant worrying about being something, but no one knew what. He had a few nightmares before, and you demanded to be told about everything. Now you knew… You even helped the sheriff and Parrish out when the supernatural was involved, but you thought you all deserved a bit of time free from it, at least for Christmas Eve.

“He’s fine, actually. Scott said he was good to be left alone,” Stiles shrugged.

“Great! Well, this is for you, and for your dad, and for Malia,” you pulled out three small presents and walked towards him, putting them in his hands as he just chuckled.

“Thanks Y/n, that’s- you really shouldn’t have,” he told you.

“Well I thought it was a tough couple of months, you guys deserve it. I have more for Scott and the others too, I’ll see them tomorrow at the pack thing, but now that I see you, I thought I’d give them to you.”

“That’s so nice, thanks,” he grinned.

“No problem. Enjoy the dinner,” you told him.

“Enjoy your first Christmas with Parrish,” he replied with a wicked grin as you rolled your eyes.

“You’re so immature.”

“We all know what you’ll be doing tonight, Y/n,” he laughed as you just stuck your tongue out - because you’re that grown up - and then left him in the office, going straight to Parrish’s desk and sending him a grin as he finally looked up from his computer and turned his chair as you sat down in his lap and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips before you reached down into your bag to grab the carefully wrapped present.

“I got you something,” you told him as you sat back up and he reached behind him to pull up a bag from your favourite take out and another box with your name on it, literally.

“Ooh, presents,” you grinned like a five year old, making him laugh before you got up and dragged a wheely chair beside him and sat down, letting hm unpack the food as you put both of your presents on his desk.

“I’m really sorry that this is our first christmas. Tomorrow will be better,” he told you with a small sigh, picking up a box and starting to eat while you took the other.

“It’s cool, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” you smiled, leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.

“Marry her,” you both turned to see the sheriff and Stiles standing outside of his office.

“Oh, Sheriff-“

“Don’t worry Parrish, it’s all right. Enjoy christmas. Call me if you get an emergency, but otherwise, take it easy,” he smiled.

“And marry her, for real, not enough girls would say that,” Stiles said before the sheriff lightly hit his sons shoulder and steered him towards the exit.

“Thank you for the present, Y/n,” he added before following after his son, who said the same and then wished you all a merry christmas before saying bye and leaving.

“No problem!” you shouted after them, “Merry Christmas!”

“You got everyone a present?”

“Yeah, well you know, spreading the christmas spirit and all,” you shrugged, continuing to eat.

“That’s so sweet of you,” he grinned.

“All right, shut up messenger of death, open your present,” you laughed as he just watched you with amazement.

“Okay, fine, what did you get me?” he asked, placing his portion on the table and then picked up his present. He found the edge of the paper and gently took off the sellotape, keeping the paper intact and torturing you. You just wanted to know what he’d think of it, but he was up to make it a slow process. Once he finally unwrapped the whole ting, he turned the small hellhound figurine in his hands, seeing the engraving on the bottom.


“It’s great, thank you, I love it,” he smiled wide and glanced up at you before he pecked your lips again and pulled your chair right beside him as you chuckled and put your head on his shoulder.

“Merry Christmas Jordan,” you told him with a fond smile.

“I love you,” he suddenly said. You looked up from him before you grinned and put a hand at the back of his neck, pulling him to you as you kissed him properly, both of you smiling into the kiss.

“I love you too,” you told him once you slowly pulled back. “That’s the best christmas present, I don’t even mind what’s in that thing,” you told him with a happy grin.

“Well, you might want to know,” he laughed.

“But I love you too, either way.”