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We Are Number One but it’s a mashup with Discord (LazyTown v.s. Eurobeat…

This… This works so well, it’s terrifying.

Are stans actually implying that we would harass a child if they liked su?

News flash! Unlike some people here, we can respect other people’s opinions! Not to mention we have a brain, and know it’s wrong to harass or belittle actual children

What do they think we are, bronies?

yall need to leave yourselves alone honestly. sophmore year of highschool i had just gotten out of an incredibly abusive relationship with a dude that policed everything i did on a daily basis and constantly made me feel like garbage for everything i liked. He wasnt the first, every boyfriend I had up to that point had treated me the same way, and I was constantly looking for approval from everyone pretty much 24/7.

Then that stupid fucking pony show came out and it was lame and dumb and i remembered that me and my sister watched it once on summer vacation and had a blast making fun of how stupid it was the whole time. so i watched it and it was horrible and dumb and i was so embarrassed but i thought: You know what? Fuck it. Ima keep watching. so i did. then my friends also started watching. yeah we were the ironic hipster bronies that bought all the merch and drew fanart insisting that we only liked it because it was stupid, but none of that matters. nothing about the show actually mattered. that experience taught me to give new things a chance despite being made fun of. it taught me to enjoy something even if its unpopular and people look down on me for it. every time i see something cringy or shitty i just think to myself “maybe this’ll be like my little pony, maybe theres something in this that will improve my life” and i always give it a shot.

if not for the pony show i would have never stuck with Steven Universe through the slower first episodes where the art was kinda lackluster and steven was an utter annoyance (you can pretend your son is pure and perfect all you want but pearl herself admits that steven was obnoxious before he started to mature) if not for the pony show i probably wouldnt even wanna be an animator, because while i always loved cartoons i was too ashamed to admit it to friends or family and would always have nightmares of them finding out and making fun of me

everyone has a piece of media that influenced them in this way. for some people its anime, for some people its superwholock, for some people its tumblr itself. and all of you look back at your first fandom you joined on your own and think how cringy it was and feel shame but im here to tell you dont. 

maybe supernatural isnt the cinimatic masterpiece you thought it was, and maybe there isnt anything really that artistic or insightful about the pee scenes in elfen lied. but you liked it, and through liking it you were able to give other more deserving pieces of media a chance. and for that you should offer yourself a little more respect, and give the new generation of people learning to be themselves through media a little more respect. thanks and goodnight


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Finally, I can release this one! I’ve been done with this track since March and it has been burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. This is written about chapter 23 of Fallout Equestria - Project Horizons, so, uh, spoilers. That chapter had a scene in it that really impacted me, so I wrote this (with some wonderful violin work from @kingsley-evergreen ). I got some wonderful art from @makkon and there we have it. Enjoy!

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Using your dirty laundry analogy. I basically get the idea that the brony room has dirty laundry and filfth all over it. Other fandoms have just about as much, but like to point out the brony room to turn heads the other way while they hastily try to shove everything under the bed & cram it in the closet.

I say this because one time I got groped in cosplay at an anime con when I tried to speak out about my situation people tried to say bronies are worse and derailed it, just turned it into a thread about how awful bronies are and pretty much ignored and insulted me. “at least we aren’t bronies” should not be a get out of jail free card

(I’m combining both of your asks together so people can get the whole story, if that’s alright.)

First and foremost, I’m sorry to hear that your convention experience was like that.

Secondly, that’s the thing: fandoms always want a scapegoat. Whether it’s DC fans saying ‘at least we keep true to our characters, unlike Marvel’ or Marvel fans saying ‘at least we have representation, unlike DC’ or the fans of various musicians and groups having to resort to bringing light to the dirt of the other fandoms or the musicians themselves.

And, what is so sad here is that there are sooo many major fandom fuck-ups that are out there but people never bring them up. Why? Because its much easier to make fun of bronies and tie them up onto a Salem Witch Trials Brand pyre. 

Oh, yes, bring up the one fucktard who boiled a Rainbow Dash toy in cum or the guy who made some serious bank by making a Lyra plush into a sex-toy.

Are you also going to bring up the fact that the WTNV fandom almost killed themselves with a Tiramisu recipe? Or the fact that they were planning to harass the Comic Con committee when the WTNV team didn’t get cleared to do a panel at the event?

Or what about the Dangan Ronpa fandom tormenting and chasing away a Japanese trans woman when she tried to tell them that their insistence on Chihiro and Sakura being trans individuals was both hurtful and ignorant to what actual trans people in Japan go through on a daily basis?

Did you know that the reason cosplayers who do characters that center around weapons have such a hard time whenever they go to conventions is because of the Naruto fandom having people who liked to throw around actual kunai and shuriken at people when they went to cons?

Oh, speaking of Naruto, how about the fujoshits who like to shove Sasuke and Naruto cosplayers together to try and force them to makeout for their own pleasure. Some of them have even been kids cosplaying as Sasuke being shoved up against teenage and adult Naruto cosplay for ‘teh kawaii yaoizz’.

The Hetalia fandom (I love you guys with all my heart, but still): We still have the S. Korea incident to deal with (though, admittedly, it was the S. Korean government over-reacting to a piece of fanart) as well as half the fandom trying to slander Himaruya as a transphobe just because he described the Roman Emperor Heliogabalus – who was, in fact, just a cisgender, feminine man who had a male lover whom he referred to as his ‘husband’, and used lavender linguistics – as ‘the Roman Emperor who lived like a woman… Though he was really a guy’. 

… Also, guys, why were you so passionate about defending the ‘honor’ of this guy? After his mother killed several people to get him to the throne, he returned the favor by killing her. His favorite hobby was getting other Roman officials drunk and then letting lions and tigers into the room to eat them – He wasn’t a ‘poor, oppressed’ figure — But I digress.

Did you know that there was a fanfic from the early Power Rangers fandom called ‘Agony in Pink’ that almost caused an International incident between America and Japan. Yeah, apparently the idea of the American Power Rangers fandom producing a fanfic that dealt with the intensely graphic (for the time) torture and rape of the Pink Ranger didn’t go over so well.

Must we bring back the fact that the Supernatural fandom’s favorite hobby is making the cast of the show feel uncomfortable at every con panel they do by asking sex-related questions for the sake of their precious Destiel? Despite some panels even having signs at the door saying ‘These are the types of questions you can and can not ask. Please respect the comfort-levels of the actors.’

The Pokemon fandom has made it impossible, impossible


To Google ‘Gardevoir’ without finding porn… And that was years before MLP:FiM even existed.

The point of all of these examples? To remind people that plenty, plenty of fandoms have done monumentally fucked up shit. There should actually be no reason for other fandoms to try and use the brony community as their own personal whipping boy. 

You can’t be a three-dollar hooker in a gangbang with another three-dollar hooker and, at the end of it, sneer at the other hooker ‘Ugh, you’re so disgusting; look at the cum on your face’… When you yourself are going to have to go home and comb the jizz out of your own hair!

“So I was watching my sister and because I was watching her I had to watch whatever she was watching and it was a Monster High double feature. I knew she liked Monster High but I had never watched the movies or really seen the dolls. Later on at night I was talking to a friend who did like the Monster High dolls about the movies and characters, I stopped and yelled "Wait a minute did I just become a brony for Monster High?!” and my friend replied “probably but not as annoying.” I’m 21 and male.“

We call them "mansters”. XD

New MLP fandom?

hey guys!
so theres been some talk about starting another MLP fandom, to let people enjoy the show without being associated with the toxic part of the fandom. Like, with a new name and stuff.
So I was thinking we could use ‘Equestrians’, because

  • its completely genderneutral
  • it references the show
  • it shows we arent affiliated with bronies
  • it sounds pretty cool lets be real

so, if you’re on board with this, would you mind liking/reblogging this to spread the word, and then referring to yourself as such?

and even if you arent, would you signal boost for others who might be?

anonymous asked:

Actually the reason we don't like Bronies is because you guys steal a show from little kids. If you like a show just because "it has good ethics" it shows that your brain has the same mental capacity as a 5 year old. Grow up. It's your fault the little girls can't google mlp without getting porn in their face. The only reason why MLP porn exists is because of the males above 7 that enjoy the show.

Oh look at that, an overgrown child who thinks WE’RE the ones with the mental capacity of a Five year old and need to grow up.

People would probably like you more if you knew how to do anything other than project and lie.

You’re a lying sack of worthless dogshit and you fucking know it,  marceline-aberdeen (seriously, don’t even bother denying it, It’s painfully obvious who you are).

We created safesearch Wrap-up for the SOLE PURPOSE of keeping our porn out of kids’ reach and shitheads like you ignore that fact because it contradicts your narrative.

Also, nice heteronormativity, asshole.

Don’t you know that there are WOMEN in this fandom?

Women who draw porn themselves?


Because they exist. You can pretend all you want that they don’t, but that won’t make you right.

If Pony porn drawn by “males above 7″ bothers you so damn much, how about you start doing something about all the teenage girls in the Adventure Time Fandom drawing porn of Marcey and Peebs scissoring and not even bothering to tag it?

Because There’s porn in EVERY fandom, just in case you forgot.

Oh wait, you won’t.

Because you’re a hypocritical shitstain.

Just like all anti-bronies.

You keep saying that you hate us because of “the children” but everyone with a functiong frontal lobe knows you’re full of shit.

You don’t care about the kids and you never did.

You’re just spoiled little brats who can’t stand that people you don’t like enjoy the show and are getting more attention for it than you.

So instead of learning to share like someone with an ounce of maturity, you decide to lie and slander us instead and bully the hell out of us.

And then throw a tantrum  whenever somebody proves you wrong.

You’re pathetic.

Don’t ever come back to my blog again you parasitic waste of gray matter.

  • 4chan: alright fellow bronies, we have effectively grossed the FUCK out of feminists, anime fans, people who like puppies, and botanists
  • 4chan: But what about the Homestucks?
  • 4chan: nah fuck those people they're weird as hell
I'm just going to say this because no one else wants to say it:

When we say “Bronies” are sick and disgusting creeps, we don’t mean “Male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are creeps. We mean “those entitled, douche-bag, misogynistic fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that ignore the show’s feminist messages and whom just so happen to be mostly male” are creeps. Males who like MLP and don’t fall into the Brony category aren’t the target; just the bad ones are.

Got it, Bronies and Haters alike?

anonymous asked:

Isn't uncle grandpa boogaloo baby war 3??? I thought baby war two was the anime Steven universe prank??? I am losing track of the baby wars very quickly

Nah, the anime prank was more like a baby riot or a baby mass bar brawl seeing as it didn’t seem to last long.

Uncle Grandpa boogaloo’s been brewing for much longer and has now come to a head thanks to these idiots whining about “transmisogyny” (what, is regular transphobia not good enough for you fucks anymore? oh that’s right you guys hate trans men because for some reason you think that “male privilege somehow overwrites the fact that they’re trans) because of out of context pictures and over an incest joke because they all have no respect or understanding for western animation’s long and proud history of getting adult jokes past the radar.

Of course that’s if you actually believe their bullshit instead of seeing they’re obviously just throwing a babyfit because a show they don’t like is touching “their” show that TOTALLY “belongs” to them, despite the fact that the creators themselves saying SU was meant for everybody.

PSA to the SU fans with working brainstems: 

your fandom is going to be treated as a fucking joke until you actually DO SOMETHING about these idiots.

And people are going to be driven away from your show when they learn how godawful your fellow fans are to everyone else.

You already drove one of your own writers off tumblr, for fuck’s sake STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES and put these morons in their place; the garbage bin.

Tumblr always claims we bronies don’t “police our fandom” (which is a lie just  like literally everything else they say about us, but that’s beside the point), so how about YOU put your money where your mouth is and help the rest of us smack these dumbfucks in the jaw with some common sense and decency?

Is this how you all want to be remembered?
Is this the reputation you want Steven universe and it’s fandom to have?