we are augustines

The problem is the realization that it isn’t in fact a city or any physical place or love that’s holding you back … it’s yourself. And the immense weight of the thought that you’re getting in your own way, and for so long you don’t even notice anymore. Sometimes we need to lighten the load we carry inside, remove layers, and sit with just ourselves, no matter how hard we hate its critical reality.
—  Billy McCarthy // Augustines
S2EP1: She Knows

Gotye - Smoke and Mirrors
Mike walks into the restaurant to meet Jessica. Later, he comes back to the office reeling from what Jenny told him.

Danny Lütz - Aint Nuthin’
Mike dances in the elevator.
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LCD Soundsystem - Yeah
Patrick J. Adams listened to this during the elevator scene to help him dance. 

We Are Augustines - Chapel Song
Jessica tells Mike to tell her how he got hired. 

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