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Shepard Fairey, Greater than Fear, 2017. Photo by Jessica He. Courtesy of Amplifier Foundation.

In time for the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration, the Amplifier Foundation collaborated with artists Shepard Fairey, Jessica Sabogal, and Ernesto Yerena to place powerful symbols of hope and inclusivity in three American newspapers and distribute them for free online. 

Over two million copies of the artworks were distributed across all 50 states, appearing in the Women’s March on Washington and in marches around the world. “This rallying cry is just the beginning,” they said. “Let it be a reminder to us all to stay vigilant and mobilized.”

Learn more about this project — and other vital works of public art brought to life on Kickstarter — at kickstarter.art.

Ernesto Yerena, We the Resilient, 2017. Photo by Patricia Guerra. Courtesy of Amplifier Foundation.

Painful feelings are, by their very nature, temporary. They will weaken over time as long as we don’t prolong or amplify them through resistance or avoidance. The only way to eventually free ourselves from debilitating pain, therefore, is to be with it as it is. The only way out is through.
—  Kristin Neff

| Los Angeles, CA | 2017 by [DV8] David Patrick Valera


24 artists, 398,452 free graphics downloaded in 205 countries, 135,500 wheat-paste posters distributed, 109,260 stickers distributed.

Shepard Fairey, Jessica Sabogal, and Ernesto Yerena’s Kickstarter-funded artworks — created in partnership with the Amplifier Foundation — have been printed and shared by people all over the world. 

See for yourself with this interactive map — and download the work to share with your own community.


i’m so very happy that someone reminded that this exists


9x17 “Mother’s Little Helper”
Dean Getting Lost in the Emotions the Mark - or should we say Darkness - Amplifies



Season 1 Episode 1 - Racial Justice ft. Morgan Givens
A hub for all Excellent Broads and their allies.

Here it is. Our first SEB podcast. Heather got on a call with Morgan Givens and discussed the continuing threat white supremacy poses to people of color in the United States. If your skin is white, you are inherently gifted with privilege and safety in this country regardless of where you live, how much money is in your bank account, or how educated you are. Now that Donald Trump has taken office, the white community is up in arms over the potential “loss” of our rights or how his decisions are affecting us. To people of color, this is just business as usual.

Whether you want to accept the hard truth or not, if you’re white, you have racism living within you. It may not be sheet-wearing, lynching bias, but it’s no less dangerous. In fact, I’d offer that the nuanced racism of the liberal white left is even more dangerous because we’re in denial about it. We’ve for too long tried to talk over POC, explaining ourselves, defending ourselves, trying to prove that we’re not racist. As Morgan points out in our conversation, it’s time for white people to show up. We need to be listening when it’s POC discussing their experience, and speak when we need to amplify those voices within our own white ranks.

Please listen and when your internal white voice decides it wants to knee-jerk react and get on the defensive, ask yourself WHY.

There are plenty of pious & practicing sisters that can provide their own narrative on situations that are most important to them. 

Instead of interjecting on issues that we don’t face ourselves as men, we can amplify their voice.

March is Women’s History Month, so we at the CYC have been trying to highlight the lives of the Orthodox Church mothers and female saints. We want to share their stories, words and wisdom. By focusing on the hard and holy things these Christian women have done, we may amplify their wisdom and examples.

Often the voices of our female saints are drowned out in recounts of Church history, so we will especially be trying to share their spiritual writings. 

Hopefully we’ll add to this project as the years go on!

Stories of Female Orthodox Saints

St Marina the Great Martyr and Vanquisher of Demons

St Theodora the Monk

St Pelagia the Penitent

St Photini, The Samaritan Woman

Mother Sarah

Teachings from Female Orthodox Saints

Our Holy Mother Irene Abbess of the Convent of Chrysobalanton

Mother Gavrilia

St. Syncletika the Righteous of Alexandria

St. Maria of Paris 


hello again!

it’s kind of a running theme that those who dare to have an opinion that runs counter to yours (which simply can’t be wrong) are blocked. and yep, that’s my situation right now! so hopefully one of your friends you love to confab with will send you this post.

the tides have turned on you lately! I’m sure you’ve noticed. so i’m gonna give you a suggestion. take it or leave it.

maybe listen to people when they call you on your shit. if you did, your block list wouldn’t be the length of the phone book. and especially, especially listen when poc are calling you on some racist shit you posted?! instead, you post a half-assed apology posing as a justification.

just yesterday, we had a “discussion” about kent fans excusing his abusive and manipulative behaviors. you got your feelings hurt by my post and i’ll cop to that. it wasn’t nicely worded. this isn’t daycare. you’re a thirty-year-old woman playing in a discourse-filled fandom on the internet. i do not owe you kindness.

nevertheless, you even said that you thought some of my points were valid! imagine my surprise, then, when i tried to write a response and assuage you about my intentions, only to find i couldn’t respond at all. and babe, if you’re going to try to critique my discussion skills, make sure you have yourself together.

but this ain’t even about me! you’re playing with fire now. and i’m sitting here trying to puzzle out how you could think that post was okay, or how you’re now trying to run a bizarre defensive play on it. politicians don’t even backtrack that fast!

(i’m a bitch too, but at least i own it. also, i’m not a racist who ardently defends their shitty white fave while lambasting poc. that helps.)

you’re excusing shitty behavior, shutting down any form of meaningful discourse, and blocking important voices of reason (especially the poc voices we should be amplifying) because you can’t handle being wrong. maybe it’s time to start acting your age.

but who cares, right? i’m blocked anyway.

xo, bren

Hacking Gut Bacteria Could Be The Next Major Class Of Medicines
MIT biologists are reprogramming gut bacteria as "live therapeutics."

“We start with the probiotics that you can literally buy over the counter at your local pharmacy,” Lu explained. “We’re trying to show that probiotics that are really engineered with our technologies can treat serious human diseases. So we take those probiotics and modify them so that we can significantly amplify their beneficial effects.”  

Here’s how it works: Lu and Dr. Jim Collins, Synlogic co-founder and biological engineer, developed “genetic circuits” made of synthetic DNA or RNA that carry instructions for certain bacteria, telling them to seek out and cure infections. Essentially, the researchers are tweaking the genetic codes within the bacteria in order to program them like a computer.

The bacteria can be programmed, for instance, to detect inflammation in the gut and create anti-inflammatory molecules on the spot, as well as producing molecules to boost immune system function.