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Filipino American Heritage Month Ideas

Hello TINP community! So, for most of you who have been following us for a while, you know what PFAD is and how it works- it’s coming up 10 days from now and what we do is share Filipinx selfies with the rest of tumblr! Now, we’re still gonna be doing that, however, I was thinking of a twist for it in celebration and recognition of Filipino American Heritage Month. Here’s the idea:

  • For the whole month, we’ll be accepting selfies, pictures, stories–whatever YOU want to share in regards to your FilAm experience! Our submissions box is open so we’ll always be willing to take anything! You can also mention us (using the @ when you make a post) and using the tag “FilAm Heritage Month” or “thisisnotpilipinx”, we will reblog and queue your post! 

Now, I’m just sharing the idea but if any of my fellow FilAms are interested in this, feel free to start! I was thinking of sharing my parents’ story, perhaps as a video if they’re down with it. (They’re kinda camera shy.) 

Q. What constitutes being FilAm? Do I have to be American Born Filipino (ABF/ABP)? 

A. Being FilAm is for any/all Filipinxs living in America! If you are 1.5 gen, 2nd gen, 5th gen, or any gen, you can share your experience! It doesn’t have to be limited to you either. If you want to share your family’s story (granted they are all willing to share) then you may do so as well! It’s not just for those of us who were born here. 

Q. What sort of content can we submit? 

A. As I listed above, you can submit: selfies, family photos, videos (if it is long, feel free to link us to youtube or vimeo), stories, art, whatever medium you’d like for being FilAm! Poems, fiction, nonfiction, digital art, spoken word, traditional art, clothes, makeup–literally whatever medium you have can be shared with us for this month! The theme of course sharing the FilAm experience!

Q. What about Filipinxs who are not American? 

A. Y’all can still share any news/stories/art throughout this mont and participate in PFAD and I do hope I’m not discouraging you if you’re not FilAm. Since I myself am FilAm, I only know about Filipino American Heritage Month and that it is observed/noted in the United States and would like to hear from fellow FilAms. If your own country has a celebration in regards to Filipinx heritage, please message us and let us know! (Side note: There’s also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, APAHM, that is celebrated in May for other/all AsAms.) Y’all have always been open to submit stuff to us so don’t let us stop you now. 

That’s all I can think of for now! I really hope this can be achieved this month. Let me know what y’all think okay? 

- Admin V