we are all wierd

Little message from Otabek and Yurio to all Otayuri anties :P 

I mean, seriously guys, calm your utty-botty poo-poo factories down, it’s only three years! That’s age difference between my parents, so it’s not wierd at all. And we don’t know if we’ll have another canon ship, or just bromance, we have to wait for season 2 to find out (I need that in my life, it can’t be over ohmydear), right? So let’s all appreciate amazing artworks from those who obviously has more talent from me, instead of doing drama out of nothing, okay?  ^__^

//Re-rephrasing myself again cos I just feel I was expressing myself too extremely;

people are into whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me. However, I feel strongly that taking advantage of a being without its concent, is messed up.

Now in fantasy, things are different and it’s just fantasy, we all have our kinks, our wierd turn ons, we all want to bang fictional characters, creatures and monster people and dragons. We can accept what we don’t like and therefore can move on knowing we don’t have to like everything.