we are all very uncomfortable with the idea that it can't be defined

veinydicks  asked:

I read through your faq and it's clear you're honestly full of shit. Your only intent is to isolate anyone you see as privileged as a forerun to of truly victimizing them. You can't even see the doors you're opening to allow crimes against humanity, against those many of you social justice types see as "privileged". For example, if genocide was being committed against anyone of European descent, on a large scale, you'd call it karma. You've been trained to accept this new, retributive evil.

Some of the things that are so clear from this post:

  1. White people’s desire to “own” any and everything. They see any discussion where they do not have their say and which doesn’t exist on their terms as being used to “isolate” them. Rather than thinking about the ways in which white supremacy inherently victimizes and dehumanizes us POC, isolating all of us from society at large, they elevate their white emotional universe as paramount above all. THEY are the real victims here.
  2. The myth of “white genocide” to vaguely cloak their racism, especially since “white genocide” has never happened at the hands of POC, as we don’t have the power to do so. Remember that whiteness is a modern construct, and, no, there is no such thing as a “genocide of white people in South Africa”- that doesn’t exist and never happened. Also, whiteness in Europe is not the same as it is in the US, so talking about “against anyone of European descent” is just a completely false blanket statement.
  3. Crimes against [white]humanity“— Yes, sure. As black people are killed every 28 hours extrajudicially in our white supremacist state, of course white victimhood is the actual societal worry of our generation. 
  4. Denying white privilege- privilege must always be given quotation marks because it cannot exist, even as a white man with a felony has a higher chance at getting a job than a black man with no criminal record. But white privilege breeds myopia, so we must obtusely throw quotes around the word privilege because my great-grandma was Irish or some other bullshit. Honey, you’re white. Nobody’s talkin ‘bout granny (who wasn’t considered white at the time, as race is a social construct that changes over time).
  5. White victimhood- whiteness, white privilege and white supremacy breed incredible narcissism in the white subject who has not done the work of deconstructing their internalized racism and white supremacy. Whiteness must always be centered. The discussion must always revolve around them and their emotional universe. Their feeling that discussions which make them uncomfortable are somehow irrelevant, even as the blood of black and brown children spills daily on the street of our police state. Even as they rely on financial institutions and national wealth built on the backs of black slaves on the stolen lands of native and indigenous peoples. But it’s their white feelings which matter most right? No matter how luminescently white you are, I don’t give a shit about your white victim complex.
  6. Their racist presumptions which are again bred from their sense of “ownership” over POC, our ideas and thoughts. 1st amendment rights only apply to white people, and we must go silent into that good night. “You’d call it karma,” would I actually, though? Especially considering that in the same FAQ which you have derided and which has you butt hurt in my inbox, that in the very first link I discuss how I don’t hate white people at all, but hate white supremacy and the people who buy into those systems (which clearly this asker does with their desire to “own” and “define” me and my opinions in a patently false way). 
  7. The failure of the American education system. Literacy is a skill not valued in our communities and schools, and the flagging literacy rates of our generation is testament to this. Not only is the asker in question A) racist, but B) they can’t read. And the latter is an utter tragedy. It is simply wrong that we have people like this growing up in our country without basic reading proficiency, and we must collectively as a society do better by them.
  8. For the asker: CLICK ME.