we are all time travelers


I love all those Time Travel aus, mostly because of Keith’s reactions to hot & mature Lance. Totally worth it. 

(I don’t know how to draw grown up Lance, just imagine he’s very handsome)

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Family Guy Deleted Cut Away Gag

Peter: I dunno Quagmire, this could go as bad as that one time we all traveled to Egypt to fight that immortal vampire.

“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.

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not gonna lie, old man Maul getting spooked by old man Obi-Wan standing hidden behind some rocks just cracks me up; actually, old man Maul just cracks me up by itself tbqh

Honestly??? On one hand he’s such a fascinating villain, with complex motivations and a great aesthetic, on the other hand he is just so ridiculous

Like, ah, yes, Revenge! against Kenobi!! who chopped his legs off!!!

… maul was trying to kill him and he tried to kill him right back, after he killed his master. Like, of all the things that Maul could try to take justified revenge for - Sidious killing his brother, Mother Talzin screwing with his brother, Ventress for… also screwing with his brother (though I guess Talzin and Ventress are dead? maybe? ish? in some canons?), hell probably even the current Mandalorian regime for… being mandalorian, or something, I guess. He picks Obi-Wan. Who he’s not even sure is alive?? Like, Maul. Dude. You have both traumatized each other to hell and back. Just go relax on a beach somewhere.

Music is in the air, my friends.  How can it not be? Music Meister was super annoying butttttttt I have to say, sending people in a musical world – sort of the best super power if you ask me. Barry downloaded the team about what we were all doing in the musical.  I swear, every time Barry time travels or goes to another dimension I never tire of hearing what my doppelgangers can do.  Apparently in the musical, I was a bus boy named Pablo – I dig it.

With Barry and Iris back on the right track, morale at a high - it felt appropriate that we all take a breather and go do something together.  And obviously, given what we were just up against it had to be karaoke. We got there and after a few rounds of liquid confidence everyone was ready to scan the book and pick their songs.

A lot can be said about your karaoke jam – take Iris for instance.  She’s not super musically inclined but girl picked crowd pleaser with TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It got the crowd going and everyone knew the words to sing along.  It brought me back to my middle school gymnasium dances where the girls hung out on one side and the boys on the other.  Yeah, I was the cool wallflower.  But that’s the thing about music – it can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Iris wasn’t the only one of us with good musical taste – Joe chose Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” That guy can sing ­– he’s so soulful and just a natural on stage….seriously, he should think about doing a career change.  Caitlin can’t carry a tune, bless her heart, but her song choice was solid – Alanis Morisette “Ironic.”  I think the highlight of the night was that H.R. didn’t know or recognize any of the songs – so he just grabbed the microphone and sang a “classic” Earth-19 song.  Everyone at the bar wanted to kill us but it was a hilarious moment that was so worth us almost getting kicked out for.

Let That Liquor Ride

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Let That Liquor Ride
[DPRLive at a bar]

yeah wait hold up
let that liquor ride
baby love the way you chillin

Christian sighed rolling his eyes as Dabin stared at you from across the floor. You were waiting by the bar with your friends after Live’s set finished. You’d been nursing the same drink all night, occasionally you’d catch Dabin staring at you and you couldn’t help but to smile and look away shyly.

Christian had fallen victim to your little game of cat and mouse and had grown tired of it. “Please ask her out already. Mate you’re drivin’ me insane over this”

“I will…” Dabin mumbled downing back the rest of his liquor. “I will…I’ll ask her out…” he stood up, squaring his shoulders before immediately losing his nerves and sitting back down. “After one more drink” he reached out as the waitress walked by and grabbed another glass of alcohol.

“You’re pathetic. Come on. What are you waiting for? She’s been to every single one of your shows this month. You know she’s into you.”

“It’s not that simple Hyung… She's…”

“Pretty hot and out of your league?”

“Yeah…” he frowned losing what little nerve he had.

“Invite her and her friend up here. Maybe she’ll ask you out.”

“I can’t just ask her up here. What does that look like? Hey, do you wanna come to the VIP area with me? That just makes it look like I’m trying to make a move on her.”

“You are trying to make a move!” Christian groaned raking his hand through his hair. “You are literally trying to ask her out. And if I have to sit here and watch you ogle her for another night I’m gonna ask her out myself. And trust me Mate, it won’t be for your benefit”

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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Could you explain me how much is important for the Atleti fans Fernando Torres?

Ok, sit down and relax because I feel like this is going to be a long post.

First of all, we need to travel back in time. Year 2000, for the 1st time in 97 years of history, Atleti gets relegated to the Second Division. Only 4 years earlier Atleti had won the ‘doblete’ (winning Liga and Copa in the same season) so Atleti fans found a relegation not only surprising, but extremely sad and disappointing. 

Despite Atleti’s efforts on convincing people that the relegation wouldn’t last for long, only one year (”a little year in hell” like their TV spot said), it didn’t happen. That first year in the Second division was really hard. There was a lot of new players, some others who had no idea of how to play against small teams. Atleti started that season with 3 defeats. It was a tricky season and for maximum drama, Atleti finished 4th (Only three teams went up to the first division) with the same points than the 3rd and only 1 point away from the 2nd. Atleti had won the 4 last matches (by 1-0 all of them) but that wasn’t enough.

You can imagine the frustration and anger from the fans. During that season, there was only one thing that brought hope to them. There was a 17-year old boy playing in Atleti’s youth teams, who played those last matches. The experts said he would be very good. That guy even scored in one of those 4 matches and made the team win one match. 

Fernando Torres.

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I believe Jehovah Jireh
I believe there’s heaven, I believe in war
I believe a woman’s temple
Gives her the right to choose but baby don’t abort
I believe that marriage isn’t
Between a man and woman but between love and love
And I believe you when you say that you’ve lost all faith
But you must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

I still believe in man
A wise one asked me why
Cause I just don’t believe we’re wicked
I know that we sin but I do believe we try
We all try

I don’t believe in time travel
I don’t believe our nation’s flag is on the moon
I don’t believe our lives are simple
And I don’t believe they’re short, this is interlude
I don’t believe my hands are cleanly
Can’t believe that you would let me touch your heart
She didn’t believe me when I said that I lost my faith
You must believe in something
You gotta believe in something

—  Frank Ocean, We All Try
Super Best Friend's on Yharnam Sculptures
  • Matt: Plus let's go back to Yharnam, like if you go to Yharnam...why was there a factory (chuckling)where a bunch of sculptors, that were like 'when the atrocities were going on we really guys, we really need to make a bunch of statues that reflect the pain and misery we're all going through.'
  • Pat: 'I wanna make a statue that symbolizes the monsterism of the Healing Church'
  • Matt: (laughing)
  • Woolie: 'Everyone needs to look up and be aware...at all times.'
  • Matt: 'When we have visitors or travelers-
  • Pat: 'We don't want them to be confused about the level of monsterism on this-'
  • Matt: 'We all need to be very clear with the message that this place is not a good time.'
fic for victuuri week day two!

Title: i didn’t need to graduate, anyway

Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 4.2k

Based on the prompt: “i’ve been brought to the future for historical study and you’re one of the scholars questioning me.” In which Yuuri has to interview someone from the past, and Victor was a famous figure skater who died about 50 years ago. It’s hard to interview someone when you’re either flirting or gossipping, fyi. /
“Um, Mr. Nikiforov,” he starts, wincing at how stupidly awkward he sounds.

“Oh, please.” From where he’s sitting down at the table, Victor smiles at him, leaning forward just a bit, and sets his palm over the back of Yuuri’s hand, making him snap up to stare at him. “Just call me Victor.”

Link to AO3: here

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Things I'd Like To See In Sonic Forces

 -The blue blur’s most recent adventures have consisted of lighthearted and straightforward stories. Colours, Generations and Lost World have the same basic plot; stop Eggman and/or the monster(s) of the week. Whilst these lighthearted and colourful adventures are charming and fun, many Sonic fans have grown up with darker, more mature stories.
I’d personally like to see a darker storyline.

There is a game which balanced lighthearted humour with dark themes well, this being  Sonic Unleashed.
To this day, Unleashed is one of my favourite Sonic games in terms of story, dialogue and tone among other aspects.
In short, give us a game with its darker moments yet balance the more mature elements with lighthearted humour.

 -You have a cast of iconic, diverse and lovable characters to work with here SEGA. Please use them.

Amy, The Chaotix and Knuckles have already been confirmed to be joining the Sonics in this adventure. Fan favourites such as Tails, Shadow and Silver will mostly make their appearances in the game too.

With this said, what are they doing there? Will they contribute to the story?
Will Knuckles and the Master Emerald play a part?
Are Shadow and Rouge working with GUN?
Will Tikal and Chaos make their long awaited return?
Time travel seems like Silver’s forte, is there a timeline he needs to set straight?
Will Blaze be travelling across dimensions to help the cause?

I’d also like to see some character development.
For example: Sonic.
His arch nemesis has finally defeated him. Everything he knows has changed, Sonic has never been able to deal with loss and sadness. So how will he come to grips with this new world?

Give us new character interactions. How do the main cast interact with each other in this time of need? Do they band together or fall apart?

Show us relationships we’ve never seen before.
Show us Cream making flower crowns for Team Dark.
Show us Amy giving Blaze fashion tips.
Show us Big saving Sonic’s life!
Show us how these iconic characters get along!!

 -Sonic has been placed in a situation we never thought he would be placed in. A situation where he has failed to stop Eggman. Now he, his younger self and a mysterious new character must stop Eggman’s rampage.
This is all we know at the moment.

If time travel plays a part in the story, do not overcomplicate it. Generations and CD got it right.

The resolution shouldn’t be as simple as just collecting the chaos emeralds, going super and defeating Eggman. This is a story which we have seen plenty of times in the series. Give us a plot that we wouldn’t have seen coming.

This is Sonic’s 25th Anniversary. Let’s see a game we’ll be talking about for years to come. It’s time to stop criticizing the past, and look to the future. And it looks like one, bright future.

(Feel free to add anything you’d like to see)