we are all songs in the end

It was my high school choir performing in our school auditorium. We were lined up REALLY close to the audience. Me and a couple other people kept moving spots and stuff while singing. Then, the piece was over and the director pulls out a piano solo piece and expects us to know the words to the song. So we all mumbled through it until it got so awful sounding that the director cut us off early and hoped that the audience didn’t notice the abrupt ending. I woke up before anyone could detest or clap for us.

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im pretty much in love with tswift's songwriting lol what are your all time favorite songs by her?

hi, best question of the day. red is my favorite (AND HER BEST!) album, so most of my favorite songs from there. also, lbr, most of her singles are GARBAGE compared to the rest of the album

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All Too Well is peak Taylor Swift. I never get tired of it. The longing angst, the imagery (YOU ALMOST RAN THE RED BECAUSE YOU WERE LOOKIN’ OVER AT ME) the build up to THAT BRIDGE. Like, just kill me. I need an All Too Well on the next album or my emotional soul will die.


number one on the underrated t swift songs list, jesus. again, IMAGERY, and the end! my heart.


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again, the bridge brings this masterpiece together:







fuck i am still so disappointed that this video was not the kind of lonely, sexy highway roadtrip i had in my mind instead of the weird transition images and lightning we got THE IDEA FIT BETTER WITH WILDEST DREAMS, TAYLOR


This song basically illustrates Taylor’s whole instalove scheme but, fuck, it’s so good on the “i’m 27 and i wanna wear a poofy princess dress and dance around my room because LOVE IS GREAT AND I HAVE FEELINGS!” level. 

Honorable mentions: 


it’s so sweetly savage hahaha fuck you and your hurt feelings, mayer


i love this one more every time i listen to it. she should’ve kicked welcome to new york off 1989 for this greatness instead. 


fuck you, it doesn’t matter if tswift only writes about constantly being smited by love, but HERE’S A GREAT EXAMPLE OF ONE THAT’S NOT ABOUT LOVE!

So the band and choir went to the riverboat tonight for like 4 or 5 hours and we sailed on the Tennessee River. It started off fancy, then turned into a horrible, horrible grinding party, which was only stopped near the end by the band directors because the parents and stuff wouldn’t do anything#!! Like it was so gross. There’s having fun, then there’s that. Anyway, at the end, the DJ played hardcore metal songs and we headbanged so hard my body is in pain. A moshpit began during Downfall of Us All and I was PUNCHED IN THE GUT TWICE and my friend was knocked on the ground and pulled out luckily 😂😂 My stomach hurts now, though

Okay so my mom, my brother, and I went out to dinner and the restaurant we went to was at a mall so we were like hey let’s have dinner and then go shopping and my brother really likes this store called Zumiez because they sell skateboards and stuff there and he’s really into skateboarding (holy heck that’s a run-on sentence if I’ve ever seen one). So we go into the store and you know what song they’re playing in there? FRICKING WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE. Long story short, I freaked out and probably made a fool of myself and it was very emotional. And then a few songs later they played Sugar We’re Goin’ Down and it was all better. The end.

guys I missed having canon victuuri feels and I am still rewatching the anime (probably will do until we get second season) and I just noticed something from the ending song

I am sorry if this has been done before but LOOK AT THIS

so we all know the ending song is instagram posts (and idk why I never thought about pausing to see what they have written under the pictures until now) 

so we have this one first and under it victor wrote this

Nakasu in Japan, where is that?

oh look it’s all the way in fukuoka! an hour drive away!

did he drive there alone? he couldn’t have gotten all the way there only to drink alone, take the train?

and trust me you wouldn’t want to take a train to another city alone when you have a Japanese friend to save you the trouble of getting lost 

so yeah why not take yuuri on date, that he doesn’t know is a date, yet 

(notice he is wearing the same shirt from the previous post) it’s already morning

oh time- 

flies so fast

when does time fly so fast? when you enjoy it and don’t want it to end

let’s take a look at how they look at each other again

and I can’t work out what yuuri is holding but I’d like to think its a stuffed poodle they won at an arcade or something

‘I don’t get why the mermaid-’

‘Mer-person, Rans, we’ve been over this.’

‘Why the mer-person won’t leave the Captain’s side. We helped free him from the nets too!’

‘Brah, think for a moment. That mer-person has never seen a butt before, and now they’re confronted to the beauty of our Captain’s glorious assets. Usually it’s the sailors who, following the siren’s songs, drown to their deaths. Now, well, the position is reversed, I guess?’

‘… because our Captain has a great butt.’

‘The greatest on all sever seas!’

(you know when it’s midnight and you end up spending way too long on what was supposed to be a quick sketch of a stupid idea…)

(I love Zimbits, I love mermaids, sue me.)

We Are Number One Live Event Highlights !
  • (Everyone in the comments on laptop) “FLIP THE CAMERA!”
  • “Meme !!” “It’s a m..e..m..e?” “YeAh !!” 
  • -Announcement- All forms of the song will be released to the public. !!
  • (His enthusiasm overly intoxicating on its own)
  • The “Blue Kangaroo”
  • ….”We had mobile then” 
  • -Deep Camera Zoom- “ThrOw It aT HiM nOt ME !!!”
  • Him just constantly throwing out random lines from the song in an attempt to remember and get into character. (facial camera zooms often accompanying him as he says these lines)
  • …”More than 2000 shooting days in makeup..”
  • ….”Fell asleep at 7 wake up at 9 as Robbie !!” -screams- 
  • …”Yeah… it was KinDa C R A Z Y !!”
  • “I know YOU know the song !… I D O N T !!”
  • -Pulls out teeth from Robbie costume- “I use these to get into character”
  • His henchmen forgetting their character names for the show.
  • Them just then sitting their in confusion as they make up odd names.
  • (^^^ The Teeth were in a themed box like all his items from the set !!)
  • one of the Robbie’s using his crutches as a flute during the performance.
  • Robbie singing the “ba-da-ba-da-DA!” parts to the best of his abilities while trying not to break character, dance and die of exhaustion. 
  • (at the end) ….”We must.. have been.. in G r E a T shape.. when we.. did this… “
  • (After a wee break) …”Yeah, everything is just H u R t I n G”
  • At the end him being (despite his obvious exhaustion) still so enthusiastic about doing this for the fans and just so thankful to everyone attending and donating.
  • …”And a special THANK YOU! to my special MeMe Friends!” (were his meme friends !! *^*)
  • …”Goodbye everybody ! and KeEp M e M E i N– Stream cuts out abruptly- 

SO I HEARD IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY @therealjacksepticeye WELL THEN HAPPY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY FRIEND! I just wanted to try you out in a Disney-ish style?? Is it Disney?? I dunno..ANYWAY…HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY AND DO FUN STUFF. WE LOVE YOU AND STAY SAFE! 

~from your lovely neighborhood art college student..Liz. May the memes be with you, always :)….(and yes i did listen to that song for hours on end)

You know after everything we’ve seen so far, it got me thinking, how Victor’s FS Program, “Stay Close to me” might be foreshadowing a possible ending, my total guess here, but just listen to the last few verses of the song. It’s like Victor’s narrating his final feelings for Yuuri. Feelings he’s got the chance to understand not only after the banquet night, but after all those 8 months spend together.

“Stay close to me
Don’t go
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs
My hands, my legs
The heartbeats
Are fusing together

Let’s leave together
Now I’m ready”

Victor is ready to leave, he’s ready to retire, but he wants Yuuri to be willing to become part of this new future. And you get Victor’s afraid, afraid of losing that one precious thing he’s manage to find. “Stay close to me. Don’t go. I’m afraid of losing you.” And this is something which can be interpreted from both Yuuri’s and Victor’s perspectives, they share the same fears, and at the end they want the same thing. “Let’s leave together. Now I’m ready.” It presents this idea of the start of a new life, the start of a new beginning, which they are no longer afraid to face, they see things clear now.

And we know about the duet version of “Stay Close to me”, meaning the song might be telling a story, since they met and now after 8 months the song can finally come to an end, with both men standing side by side. The series starts with this song being an individual routine, while at the end it changes itself into a duet. Them standing together has change the complete sense of the song, it’s like the verses are adding up and the gears are starting to fit. Their time together and what they plan on doing for their rest of their lives is sum up in those two lines of the final verse. Their heartbeats are now one, they stand together, now they are ready.

Ten years from now I don’t want to tell the story of how I lost the boy of my dreams because I was too afraid to try. No, that’s not my story. This is my story.

I love you. Or at least I like you a lot. I don’t know how it works because I’ve never felt anything this strong before. That might sound crazy but it’s true. You are constantly in my head, like this annoying song stuck on repeat and you try to get it out of there but you can’t. And when we’re together I am insanely happy. And I say insanely because it’s just so much happiness that it almost drives me insane thinking about it. You are goofy and handsome and smart and incredible and so beautiful. Just all of you, in every way, is beautiful.

So maybe my story won’t end with you and me being together. Maybe we won’t ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But now I know I’ve tried. My story may not be perfect but at least I know that I wrote it, I didn’t let it write me.
—  Story time.
Day Of Thanks

As We All Hunker Down To Eats 

Our Fatty Gourd’s And Tasty Beets 

Horace Reminds You To Give Thanks 

Unto His Mighty Snowey Banks 

And Giant Mauscled Big Fat Meats 

Down To His Little Piggy Feets 

We Do Not Jast Give Thanks To Boar 

We Also Thank To Many More 

We Thank The Tapir For His Sands 

We Thank The Monkey’s Fruited Hands 

We Thank The Old Ones For Their Call 

We Thank Each One, We Thank Them All 

The Old Ones Sing Their Song To Us 

And Look Uppon Us With Disgust 

And I Have Seen It In The Sky 

Our Eldritch Doom Will Soon Be Nigh 

As We Wait For Our Cosmic End 

Let Us Enjoy Some Veggie Blend

This is a personal interpretation but during the ring scene, we can hear a choir song called “Rocking Carol” and I don’t know but the lyrics had some meanings to me.

We will rock you, rock you, rock you
We will serve you all we can
Darling, darling little man

It’s like an echo of their wishes, to cheerish the other and stay together.
Also since the episode was in Viktor’s pov, I see it also like it could be Viktor’s deep desire, to keep “serving” Yuuri until the end ;v;


don’t let a group of bad armys ruin y’alls night, NCT WAS THE ENDING ACT! they did 8 songs, they performed a song in portuguese bc even though it wasn’t a song in spanish, KCON in Mexico was a HUGE step for Latin-America, so in a way we were ALL represented tonight. also, they have a stage presence that made the concert feel like it was theirs, they covered 2 songs, it was amazing, don’t let anyone take this pride from us okay? to my NCT Latin@ stans, a great job welcoming NCT, I couldn’t be more proud!

one. Every morning leaves me with a mouthful of sorrow. I tell myself that’s because missing you is like an ache but that’s not all true: I miss you, I do, but more than that I miss myself when I was with you, I miss the girl lost in the wildflowers with her eyes open. Eventually the mornings fade into afternoons spent on the couch sifting through maps and ticket stubs and photos littered across the coffee table, a shrine to all the places we’ve been and never will again, but the weight on my tongue never lifts.

two. Sometimes I spend hours listening to your favorite songs to drown out the sound of the girl in the wildflowers calling my name, I think about how you were always full of dreams and ideas and ink-smudged maps with roads that led on and on until the end of forever, you were always so much, you were always more, and I think I was more when I was with you, too.

three. One year ago I buried two fallen angels beneath the wildflowers in the meadow behind our neighborhood, two children with fragile, brittle bones and decaying wings, the evening light paling our haloes and washing the youth right out of our skin. I was too busy crying to realize one of them was still alive, still worth saving.

four. Today I’m going to dig up the girl in the wildflowers and kiss her dirt-streaked cheeks and hold her hand until it becomes warm again. (I won’t look at your body, but the thought of it will be a ghost in my head anyway, like it always is.) She and I will go traveling to all the places marked on our map that you and I wanted to—I think you would have liked that. We’ll hold hands and run into the horizon until, just for a moment, the light breaks around our edges and we blur into one person again, and it will feel just like coming home.

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Okay so growing up we had things we would say after every lyric of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the last one was “You’ll go down in history (like George Washington)” and I need to know if this is something that only kids in the US do and if not then what did you all say at the end of the song because it probably wasn’t a reference to America’s First President

during my ers show, there was this guy in front of me that knew all the lyrics to all the songs by heart even though he didn’t speak english and sometimes he’d turn around and we’d yell the lyrics together even though we’re complete strangers, and he tried to tell tyler how he saved his life. during goner he turned around and just gave me and my friend this fpe sign to hold up and all of us were crying by the end of trees and i still don’t know his name but i love him with all my heart and this. this is what a twenty one pilots show is. being together. being friends, being family even though it’s our first time meeting. this is what the clique is. that guy made the show, and I hope he knows it.

  • Burnout: that one song everybody likes because of the drum solo
  • Having A Blast: amazing bridge, and also suicide bombing yay
  • Chump: jealousy for the win, and half of the song is instrumental
  • Welcome To Paradise: now entering oakland, california. spooky sounds from kerplunk not included.
  • Pulling Teeth: domestic abuse by women against men PSA
  • Basket Case: everybody has the time to listen to him whine
  • She: this was a response to a feminist poem...?
  • Sassafras Roots: wasting precious time
  • When I Come Around: the solo cover art has a pumpkin man on it
  • Coming Clean: bisexual in 1994
  • Emenius Sleepus: what the fuck, my old friend turned into a jackass
  • In The End: dumb parents
  • F.O.D.: fuck off and die, that one person we all hate
  • All By Myself: ayy lmao tré is messing around, creating a "mess" if you know what I mean

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The fact that Namjoon and Wale's collab song 'Change' is free for download really says something. They put all this money and hard work into producing the song and making an MV, but in the end they release so everyone can listen for free. I would have thought since Wale is an American artist his company may want... idk nicer word-> compensation for the effort and also Wale's travel and expenses when he went to S. Korea. It just shows that both just want to join the two music scenes and create.

I’m also really really impressed with this side of bighit. though we don’t really know what happens behind the scenes and how they arrange it and stuff. but just the fact that they encourage/allow these collabs is amazing to me. and it’s kind of like the same with their mixtapes and how bighit doesn’t spare any expense and like we get multiple MVs. Just look at Suga’s August D, and both MVs. Even RM’s mixtape and his MVs too. It’s done like any other track on a new album even though the tracks itself/mixtape isn’t for sale. I love it, I’m really grateful to bighit for it. 

Also yes about joining two music scenes and wanting to meet up, fly across the world and create amazing things!

i love how in the singalongs when the song is clearly about some girl whichever beatle who wrote it liked at the time but they always tried to make it just involve the four beatles 

and we end up with like these confusing romances between ringo and paul 

they try to make it like a little story based on the song title but the lyrics just work against it