we are all so happy because we are reds

LotF Mean Girls AU
  • “Get in, loser. We’re going hunting.” -jack, upon seeing ralph staring at some other guy during soccer practice, promptly getting jealous, and trying to turn ralph’s attention on him.
  • “Raise your hands if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by jack merridew.” (everybody including the entire choir stands up.)
  • “That’s why his hair is so red. It’s full of anger.”
  • “On wednesdays we wear war paint”
  • “I don’t hate you because you’re fat, you’re fat because I hate you” -jack to piggy
  • “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” -simon probably
  • “Bill once caught making out with a hot dog.” “Oh my God, that was one time!”
  • “Samneric both hooked up with Coach Carr?!”
American Football (Tom Holland)

Summary: Reader makes Tom and Harrison watch the Superbowl with her and they struggle to understand how the game works.

Word Count: 1487 

Warning(s): Swearing

“Remind me again why are doing this?” Tom groaned as I dragged him to the TV.

“Tom it’s the Superbowl, everyone watches it.” I said turning on the TV to project the game.

“Harrison!” He yelled. “Come in here. Y/N is making me watch the superbowl and you need to suffer through it with me!” Harrison groaned from the other room.

“You will enjoy it.” I frowned at my boyfriend.

“Why are we even watching it?” He asked. “Your team didn’t even make it.” I rolled my eyes.

“We still watch it!” I grinned. “Lady Gaga is performing and we have to judge the commercials! Plus it’s the Superbowl!” Tom groaned sitting next to me on the couch.

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I stayed in this converted storage container this weekend and it was awesome! Oh also ran a bit. (10k Saturday and 50k pacing duties Sunday.)

The food picture was taken after the 10k. Yes, run a 10k, eat for an ultra.

Okay so weekend breakdown.

Saturday 7am 10 ran with Robin. Then I volunteered at the expo’s pacing booth for a few hours. Then I went home and hung out with Andie/pack. Checked in at 3 and relaxed. I ate a the Spiral Diner, a vegan restaurant with the best “ice cream.” I ordered a cheeseburger, chips and queso and a brownie sundae. No regrets. Also bought some cookie dough.

Okay race morning was hectic. I forgot my watch and didn’t realize until I got to the race site. Which would be okay. If I wasn’t pacing. Went back and got it. But I missed the photos. Oops. Then I realized I forgot my pace band. And my bananas. I’m kind of shocked I remembered a sports bra.

Okay the race was fine. I had to potty three times, which was tough because then I had to catch up. But one of my people from last year was in my group again. And he met his goal this year. (Yay!)

After the race, food and shower. Then Sara recommended a foot massage place. So we went there for a $35 foot massage. The lighting was red. Happy ending options tbd.

Then we went to an escape room puzzle game. And I sort of saved the world. Run 31 miles. Save the world. No big deal. All in an average Sunday.

Also sat on the rooftop and watched the stars. Ate some more food. And slept in. It was nice to go to bed without setting an alarm. Even though I woke up by 8am. Oops.

My Running friends are the best. Those there this weekend and those who weren’t. All of them.

Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips:1

Veronica steps back from the bench and flattens her dress, takes a deep breath and blurts out; “Betty’s moved back in town, she’s here!”

It was like a foreshadowing that I should have paid more attention to. River Vixen’s Man, Archie being weird at coffee date. The universe was trying to tell me something but I didn’t listen. If I had listened then maybe I wouldn’t be standing here right now with my mouth open so wide, it was about to catch flies. Abel was tugging at my shirt, trying to get my attention but I couldn’t pry my eyes away from his parents. The way Archie’s face contorted or the way Veronica just stood there with her hands on her hips just waiting for me to respond.

It was like the heart I once owned before it was torn out, was shoved back into its empty cavity but it just doesn’t fit properly any more.

Betty Cooper was in town. Here, in Riverdale where I live.

Betty Cooper was back in town for good.

“Well ain’t that a kick in the metaphorical guts,” I say forcing a laugh.

Archie tries to laugh too and I give my friend a nod in respect. He was trying to make this as simple as possible but naturally, in the life of Jughead Jones, things weren’t so simple. “Yeah.”

Veronica rolls her eyes and shrugs. “She’s back to live.”

My life was permanently put on hold. Betty was back in town and she mentions it as if things were as they were five years ago, would it be a rewinding of time where we would go strolling through the woods? Go and watch Archie play music as if we were some sort of cult following and then go and sit in her sickeningly pink room and talk about our dreams and aspirations? Where we thought, we were young gods trying to decipher the way of the world? Veronica had a gift in pretending we were still the same young gods we were all those years ago.

Veronica’s candy apple red lips moved almost as if in slow motion. I could barely make out the words she was saying. I could hear her describing Betty’s shotgun trip home and how Mama Cooper was so happy and now Betty’s a teacher at the High School and Archie was so pleased because he got to see her everyday just like every other mundane day in his life from birth until the reckoning that was Betty’s leaving.

It was like watching an art form unravel in front of my very eyes. Veronica’s arms flew through the air and her grin explained so much to me. She was happy to have her friend home. She believed Betty would just slot right in next to us during coffee date and would be a standard guest at Veronica’s candle light suppers. Archie seems to believe it too because his eyes are stuck to his wife, nodding at the right times, make sounds to show he is listening.

Jughead on the other hand? Well, I can barely process anything past Betty’s name.

“That’s great,” I say clapping my hands together. “I’m so happy for her.”

Ronnie just bites her lip and slides a plate across the table in the same fashion she did this morning when she fed me. “Hungry?”

“I’m not hungry,” I mumble as I shove back from the bench and jump off the stool. I snatch my cigarettes off the bench too and start to head out of the kitchen but I have second thoughts.

I turn around and see Veronica has placed a glass next to the plate, I walk back. “Sorry,” I say quietly. “I’m actually starving now.”

I will go and eat these in the darkness of my room.

Hey guys, you can read the full chapter here at Fanfic called Vanilla Lips and Cigarette tips. I would love some reviews. Some good Bughead lovin’.

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I'm sure this is just me reacting to everything in my life and not just this game but I'm so mad and upset and sad and I'm literally crying because of all those feelings and god why can't I just have one little good thing like a football match that makes me happy?? when sergio got that red card I knew we were in trouble

I’m all of those things too, anon. I really thought we could at least draw. I literally cannot wait until the season is over. My life is so full of other stress right now and this not helping at all. I’m so over it. My head hurts, my heart is broken.

Fierce Reads Recap

Hello friends!!!!!

Once again, it is time to review the most recent Fierce Reads updates. (Y’know, because you all deserve to know EVERYTHING we’ve been up to.)

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New Books:
FOUR new books have hit shelves since our last recap:
1. Pyromantic by Lish McBride
2. Eyes of the World by Marc Aronson & Marina Budhos
3. Perfect by Cecelia Ahern
4. Duels & Deception by Cindy Anstey

YEAH. YOU READ RIGHT. Fierce Reads has a NEW AND SHINY LOGO. It’s all of everything. We are so happy.

A Contest:
We want to put your selfie on a book cover. You should probably find out more about that.

Cover Reveals:

Fun Bonus Stuff:
We wrote a post with tips for making room on your shelves for all of the books you accidentally bring home with you on a daily basis; Author Deborah Heiligman wrote a sweet post for National Sibling Day; To celebrate the launch of Perfect, we interviewed author Cecelia Ahern; If you preorder The Battlemage by Taran Matharu, you’ll receive annotated chapters from the book; and if you preorder Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld, you’ll receive awesome tattoos; 


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An Unexpected Christmas Miracle

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Written by Danielle 

Category: Christmas fluff 

Word Count: 1562

A/N: OMG GUYS ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS?!?! Happy Holidays to everyone! If you don’t celebrate, I hope you enjoy your holiday! :) I also just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for over 400 followers?!?!?! It’s been two months now since Christina and I started this blog and I’m just so happy you guys like what we write and post enough to follow us 😭❤️ Thank you!! If you have any requests let us know!! 😊 

New York City is extremely famous for Christmas because of all of the lights, huge Christmas trees, bright lights, ice skating, and cozy snowy weather. The streets are always busy, but during this time of year, everyone has more of a festive cheer in their step. You’ve always loved the holidays and are grateful to spend them in New York City, but this year was different. Due to the crazy snowstorm, your family wouldn’t be able to come this year and that’s what makes Christmas complete in your eyes- spending it with the ones you love. But this year it would just be you and your mom, like any other day. It was a week until Christmas and you still didn’t have a tree yet due to mom’s busy schedule with work. Things started to get overwhelming. It was your favorite time of year and everything was just going wrong. You decided to put your favorite Christmas film on to try and cheer you up. As you got to your favorite part of the movie everything went black. The power went out from the bad weather and you didn’t know when it would be back on. Sadness engulfed you and you ran to your room to get tucked up in bed. Your emotions were already overwhelming you and this had just been the last straw. Picking up your phone, you called the one person you knew who could cheer you up; Peter. He answers after the first ring.

“Hey (Y/N)! Did you lose your power over there too? I was just in the middle of using a microwave and an old VHS player to build- Wait (Y/N)? Are you okay?” You can’t help but smirk a little from already hearing how enthusiastic Peter is, but that doesn’t stop him from hearing your sad sniffles. 

“No..” you let out in a shaky breath. 

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Taking a break from studying for finals to talk about something else that I hate: Christmas Time.

So, I wanna preface this by saying that I personally do celebrate christmas since my dad’s side of the family is christian and my dad wants to keep a few of his childhood traditions alive, which is reasonable. But I dont get super into it, we dont have extended family, we dont decorate our house aside from a small tree, I obviously dont go to church, and I do the stereotypical american jewish christmas of chinese food and movies. But even I get the piss taken out of me when I talk about *gasp* eating chinese takeout on christmas rather than, idk ham or some shit.

So, there are some very real things to be upset about as a minority religion in America during christmas time. Its fucking alienating as hell.  For a growing part of the year (id say about 2 months rn) christian goyim just seem to forget that not everyone celebrates their holidays.  “You can’t just not celebrate christmas! Its not a christian holiday its an american holiday!” Yeah buddy Im not gonna get super fuckin excited about the birth of a religious figure of christianity.  I dont care that its about “family.” I have OTHER holidays to be close with my family. You know, JEWISH HOLIDAYS.  Then when I dont get into it and just politely refuse to take part in my school’s christmas time bullshit, not even saying it shouldn’t happen, just saying I dont want to take part, suddenly Im a heartless monster. 

Oh yeah and is it just me or is Scrooge from A Christmas Carol antisemitic as hell? Oh yeah money grubbing old man usually depicted with a big hooked nose hates christmas and children because the only reason anyone would not enjoy christian holidays is if theyre a heartless greedy jew- I mean monster.

then theres the white christians whining every fucking year about the war on christmas and how christians are just sooooooooo persecuted in America and someone said happy holidays to them at work while holding a plain red starbucks cup and it made them weep all over their cross necklaces.  This year its especially painful because we just elected a man president who could actually do tangible real harm to jews and especially muslims so, white christians, your fucking crocodile tears about how the j00z just hate family values so much arent fucking working on me. Y'all act like we have a persecution complex then turn around and pull this shit. Its not cute.

Then ofc the goyische nonsense rumor that hanukah is somehow the most important jewish holiday started because “it happens in the winter it must be like out winter holiday!”

And, of course, Im going here, the rise in antisemitic hate crimes that happens consistently every christmas. Its worse on easter but it really is bad on christmas too.

Anyway, hating christmas does not fucking make you a bad person. 

this felt really good to rant about ngl Ive been thinking all this for weeks

Still on Hiatus

Thank you for being very patient and understanding (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ ) 

fic: We, Us, Dan and Phil.
title: we, us, dan and phil.

genre: reality | warnings: swearing

word count: 1200

description: a late night reflection on the seven year mark since their first meeting leaves lots of feelings scattered on the floor and gives a small glimpse into their future. And a couple of glasses of red wine.

He doesn’t know what they are or if they’ll ever know what ‘they’ means and he’s not scared about it, either. They’re them, ‘we’, ‘Phil and I’, ‘us.’ Who says they need to define anything? 

a/n: happy october 19th. 

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Finally got around to make a pawpsicle mould!

I made another clay pawpsicle because I didn’t bring the other one. Ben and I used Pinkysil from Barnes. It worked really well and not complicated at all. So happy with the result. 

Actual pawpsicle made of frozen red fanta! It’s so bubbly! So we tried adding more water and a lot less fanta because we wanted to make it not fizzy and transparent. It turned out pink and not that transparent, less bubbly though. We’ll try making hard lollies version next time.

Vixen doesn’t even want it so we have to bribe her with a piece of fried mushroom so she’ll pose ahahaha.

Imagine EXO otps if they could use their powers #Chanbaek
  • [good mornings]
  • Chanyeol: THE LIGHT,THE LIGHT IT BURNS!!OH-HO THE LIGHT!/waits for a certain someone to stop making him blind/
  • Baekhyun: /clasps his hands and the light rays stops tormenting Chanyeol/
  • Baekhyun: But I thought burning doesn't hurt you
  • Chanyeol: It wouldn't if someone stops putting the sun on MY FACE AT 5AM...because I'm sure sunrise in Seoul is around 5:34
  • Baekhyun: /kisses the corner of Chanyeol's lips/
  • Baekhyun: good morning
  • Chanyeol: Gaaah I feel like a vampire around you/bites Baekhyun's arm because he was too embarrassed/
  • Baekhyun: you're welcome/bites back chanyeol's nose till he goes red/
  • --
  • [how to flirt;A Park Chanyeol guide]
  • Chanyeol: When you smile,Sunshine!
  • Baekhyun: that's sweet Yeol,thank you.
  • Chanyeol: /feels down because he was expecting Baekhyun to say something similar/
  • Baekhyun: uh
  • Baekhyun: When you smile,Happy viruses germinate!
  • --
  • [BBQ time!]
  • Chanyeol: but I heard they make g-good charcoal...
  • Chanyeol: I'M SO SORRY BAEK/runs/
  • Baekhyun: COME BACK HERE YOU DEAD GIANT!/runs after but accidentally knocks the grill on the ground creating a huge fire which burns the whole place/
  • Baekhyun: oops.
  • Chanyeol: Shit.they are going to kill us
  • Baekhyun: this wouldn't happen if you didn't refuse to make us food
  • Chanyeol: yup /fervently nods his head/
  • D.O: /face palm/ you're right.Now please call Suho and Lay.
  • --
  • [power outages]
  • Kris: NO-NO DON'T
  • Chanyeol: OH YES I WILL/evil grin/
  • Chanyeol: /smacks Baekhyun's butt, grinning/
  • Baekhyun: IT'S TIME TO PARTEYH!!/starts dancing while blinking his eyes rapidly,every time he blinks, neon colors of light flashes from his eyes to the whole room,making it look like a club/
  • Chanyeol: YAS BABY GROOVE IT!
  • Luhan: /smacks Baekhyun's butt/ It's not working...
  • --
  • [bed time]
  • Baekhyun: whoa it's so hot in here~/looks away from chanyeol/
  • Chanyeol: I know babe,I'm hot but, it's you who's driving the temperature ranges insane hehe
  • Chanyeol: /pouts/I'm sorry...
  • Baekhyun: no it's ok I have an idea /goes out of the room, comes again and throws Xiumin on his and Chanyeol's bed/
  • Baekhyun: move to the middle,Yeol be on his left and I'll sleep on the right side.
  • Xiumin: So why are we kid-napping me again?
  • Baekhyun: SHUT UP! good night Yeaolie!/gets up and leans to kiss Chanyeol/
  • Chanyeol: Good night Baek!/gets up and leans to kiss Baek/
  • Xiumin: why-what did I do to deserve this! /cries ice-cubes and shuts his eyes..tho he can still hear them kissing/

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LITERALLY THOUGH there are not many things on this earth that make me happier than imagining Zayn Malik’s skinny lil nerd ass in JOGGING SHORTS, doing his straight-armed penguin-run up the sidewalk, taking like three strides for every one of Liam’s.  And Liam’s just chatting casually away, like not even really breaking a sweat, pointing out all the nice dogs they’re passing, CRUELLY OBLIVIOUS to Zayn’s pain, even though Zayn is red-faced and CLEARLY MISERABLE, but trying to contain his DEATH GLARES because it’s his fault for agreeing to this in the first place???

It’s SO much worse than Zayn expected though, he hasn’t jogged for years and now he remembers EXACTLY WHY and every five seconds he’s almost like “SCREW THIS LEEYUM, I’M TURNING AROUND”, but he keeps stopping himself because Liam’s just SOOOOO HAPPY that Zayn’s here with him??  “Isn’t this fun?? Breaking a nice sweat, aren’t we? I’m gonna make you a peanut butter smoothie when we get back!!  Isn’t this is THE GREATEST?? :)))” And Zayn’s like *STRUGGLE SMILE* “Yep… SO great…” Thinking longingly of the smoothie and praying that he will live to drink it, baffled that he married someone who takes actual joy in strenuous physical activity, something he has managed to avoid for most of his life, and Liam’s like “Just one more mile!  Then we can turn around! :))))” and Zayn just STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PROBABLY

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oh god, okay

  • so it’s 2008, november
  • i’m in year 10, and we’ve already had all our major tests for the year
  • honestly there isn’t even really a reason to be showing up in school
  • we just went because we liked it and we liked hanging out with our friends
  • anyway so because all of our major work was done for the year the teachers had to find random things for us to do to fill up school hours
  • so in history we do trivia games and in sport we do
  • well, sport
  • but in English we do that most insidious of activites
  • reading time.
  • now, usually i love to read
  • and i’m perfectly happy spending class time reading
  • (in fact, that’s what i’ve been doing in maths for going on four years now)
  • but our english teacher is new.
  • she’s new, and she’s young
  • which means she’s mean
  • or, well
  • she doesn’t really have her teaching style down yet, so she’s unnecessarily harsh because she wants us to respect her because she’s unsure about what she’s doing
  • unfortunately for her, we’re a group of sixteen year olds
  • and we can sniff out weakness like a shark smelling a misguided swimmer’s pumping red blood
  • so we all know exactly what she’s doing
  • which makes her even stricter
  • anyway, so usually reading time is pretty good and i like it
  • but in year 10 english reading time means
  • sit down, shut the fuck up, and read.
  •  talk and you’re DEAD
  • which, like, okay.
  • i’m what you would call a social person
  • which means i can’t shut the fuck up even when it’s my best interest to just be quiet
  • so a gag order really doesn’t sit well with me.
  • i’ve been making do in reading time by passing notes to my friends in lieu of talking
  • and it’s going pretty well
  • until election day.

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Soon-To-Be-Father - Jongin


She was everything I ever wanted. The only thing I needed when I was having problems with my time in EXO. She was the only person who made me happy and I love her so much for that.

The first time I met her was when we were on a break with promotions. I just wanted to get out and have a nice walk to get some fresh air and exercise my ankle since it healed. Right when I turned a corner, she ran into me with scolding coffee. But I was too busy admiring her beauty to pay any attention to the pain. But before I came back to my senses, she was gone.

The next time I met her, was surprisingly at a concert. I say surprisingly because well, she didn’t really like us. Technically, our music, and well, us generally. It wasn’t her style of music or something along the lines like that. The only reason why she was there was because her friend dragged her. And how did I know that? Her friend just so happened to be a friend of Jongdae’s and we got to meet them after the concert. That’s also how we found out she wasn’t really fond of us because when Baekhyun tried to flirt with her she totally blew him off and well, she also flat out and told all of us not to try anything else.

But little did I know, she actually did like us, she just didn’t want to admit it. AND HER ULTIMATE BIAS WAS THAT DAMN BYUN BAEKHYUN.

Anyways….I changed that.

The time that we actually met again was the same corner running into each other again with that coffee. That’s when I discovered that she actually did like us. Her playlist told me so when her phone dropped and I picked it up for her.

I remember her cheeks turning red and her speech was broken and she was just a flustered mess. I finally asked her out that day though. A coffee date at that moment. She needed new coffee so it was convenient.

Our conversations during our little date was so random but I didn’t care. Just seeing her talk about the things she liked was all the happiness I needed that day. We exchanged numbers and we met up at the coffee shop almost every Saturday.

We finally made it official after five dates and one tour. Manager let her come with us because we all begged for it.

EXO-L adored her and actually started shipping us two together. She would get all embarrassed when I get a fan sign that has our ship name on it and show it to her. She always wondered how the fans new about her. But I always told her that it could have been the dates that we did. We never hid or anything from those. I didn’t want that with her. She was too good for that.

After we came back I took her on another date which was just a night walk. That’s when we had our first kiss and we were just so in love with each other. I couldn’t live without her at all.

Our announcement of our relationship to the world was a mix. There was love towards us but then there was hate too. But me and my boys took care of that situation and made them shut off for talking to my baby girl that way.

Everything was beautiful. Even our first times together. I knew I could never lose her. That’s why I asked her to marry me.

A year after all of the marriage ceremony was when I knew I could never ever lose her. That day was today.


I was on the couch when she came out of our shared bathroom with a pregnancy test in hand.

“I’m pregnant.”

I was shocked at first like any other guy. But after I came back to my senses I got up and hugged her and kissed her all over the face.

“We are going to have a family baby girl! Oh my god. I’m going to be a father. I love you so much.” I think I remembered crying out of happiness. But It went by too quickly today for me to remember exactly.

We are going to have a family.

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

she is blood stains upon the snow
i know this because she told me
i imagine it went like this:
frozen tears upon her eyelashes
grief on her tongue like a howl
a broken heart so keen the moon ached

she’s a beast
she murdered her love
i should stay away

i am yellowed pages on a dusty road
she knows this because i told her
i imagine she thinks of me like this:
a too large knife unsteady in my hand
lies worn on my tongue to look like bravery
a young girl too naive for this cruel world

i am no hero
i’ve never been fearless
i ought to stay away

we are tentative courage on a dark night
i know this because i didn’t stay away
she imagines it’ll all fall apart one day:
a hurt smile upon her sharp teeth
determination in her eyes like an affliction
a happy ending about to be broken with a word

we’re a tragedy
we won’t make it
but i love her too much to stay away
so i do the brave thing
and hope bravery will follow where she goes

—  a love story for wolves and books, a.d.
Caryl cuteness (Throwback Thursday style)

Ok so as promised here’s a different kind of Thowback Thursday post.. here is a happy Caryl feels post so enjoy :)

I had a feeling the tag needed a little lighthearted positiviy cause we aren’t getting much  from the spoilers. I however reamin annoyingly positive self and  my feels are back in session and,  decided to give you all this post  Just a little trip down memory lane to some happy times in our shipper lives. So here goes

5 Cute Caryl moments

(not including the scene above which just makes a great header haha) 

putting under a cut to save dash clutter

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skulkcatastrophe-deactivated201  asked:

hey like how about like lil 11 yr old sirius and irish!remus meeting and sirius is so enchanted by his accent that he makes remus read hogwarts a history on the train whilst james is like "sirius youve just met the kid cMON" thank you!!

Disclaimer: I have never met an Irish person so whatever I write henceforth is whatever I’ve gotten through whatever research material I could find. I really hope I don’t offend anyone. 

Note: If you’re on mobile, then you probably won’t see the whole post because tumblr app keeps messing up posts with a ‘read more’ so sorry about that. 

  • Sirius glared at Severus Snooty Snape’s retreating back despite the red haired girl’s warning glance towards him, as if she knew he was willing his magic to accidentally set Snape on fire. 
  • He heard the light haired boy in the seat opposite him let out a whoosh of breath, smiling slightly. “Well, that was awkward,” he said. 
  • Sirius sat up immediately, surprised not just at how sweet the voice was but also at the lilt to the words that he hadn’t ever heard before.
  • “What’s that accent?” Sirius found himself asking before cringing slightly, expecting a sharp rebuke from his mother about manners. 
  • But the other boy just smiled again, shrugging. “I’m Irish,” he answered. “I’m also Remus,” he added, reaching out a hand for Sirius to shake. 
  • Sirius instantly decided that he would be talking to this boy, Remus, a lot more, if only to hear him say ‘Irish’ a thousand more times, hear the way his tongue rolled around the ‘I’ sound. 
  • “Sirius,” he responded, trying to think of ways to keep the conversation going. 
  • The other two boys in the compartment introduced themselves as James and Peter, and Remus seemed to pull himself out of the conversation completely, much to Sirius’ disappointment. 
  • “So Remus,” Sirius interrupted James’ tirade about the absolute filth that made up the Slytherin house. “What house do you suppose you’ll be in?”
  • “Um,” Remus started and Sirius felt adoration light up inside him at Remus pronouncing ‘um’ as ‘em’. “I guess…Me mam was in Ravenclaw so I think I’ll be there too.”
  • “And what about your dad?” Sirius asked, storing away the fact that Remus called his mum ‘mam’ in the section of his brain that he had just started calling ‘Fascinating Boy’s Fascinating Accent.’
  • “Uh…he never went here,” the other boy replied, shoulders tensing up for some reason. 
  • “Oh? So he went to Beauxbatons or somewhere?” Peter asked and Remus’ cheeks turned light pink. 
  • “No, he’s a muggle,” Remus said quietly and it took Sirius a minute to make himself to stop giggling internally at the way Remus pronounced ‘muggle’ to realise what he had just said. 
  • Remus was a half-blood. An Irish half-blood who called his mum ‘mam’ and blushed very prettily. 
  • Some distant part of Sirius wondered why he wasn’t more shocked and disgusted at what Remus had just admitted. Instead, he just barreled on with more questions. 

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When We Were Young

When we were young-

He still looked like a movie…

There he was. Across the room form me, sitting in his button up shirt that only had the need for the bottom 3 buttons, something I guess he hasn’t changed. I used to tease him, asking why he would even bother with a shirt when he barely was covered.

The boots remained the same as well. Dark brown with scuff marks but he still managed to make them look like the $5,000 he probably spent on them. He always got offended when I made fun of his boots, but he got the last laugh when I got myself my own pair.

It had been years. But it felt like just yesterday, we were making out in the back seat of his car, hot and bothered. I can still remember waking up on the uncomfortable leather seats, sticking to him and completely naked, the sun starting to rise. He looked just as beautiful that day, with his gleaming green eyes and 3 little beauty marks.

I watched him smile at his friend, and my chest hurt. It ached, felt like someone was tearing it out of my chest because I used to make him smile. I used to be one of the main causes and I hadn’t seen that smile in person for so long.

He still sounds like a song

His laughed rumbled out of his chest and resonated across the room, his head thrown back as the gleeful sound circled the air. I missed it. I missed it so fucking much. Sometimes I could still hear it if I was lost in thought.

My god this reminds me, of when we were young.

We used to stay up all night, just to see the sun rise. And during that time, we would laugh so hard our stomachs hurt, until we had tears in our eyes and red faces. Every single thing he did on those nights made me so happy.

And those days he would randomly show up with a sea shell, or a candy heart, a pen, a pair of socks, giving them to me excitedly because it reminded him of me.

The times we made love in every corner of his home, until his legs were weak and we collapsed on the carpet in giggles, falling asleep right in that position.

I missed the times we fought. When he got angry at me for not wearing a coat and getting sick, when he was 4 minutes late picking me up so we missed the movie, when he didn’t wake me up in time for my job… I missed them because the make up was so much sweeter.

But then things changed. He had to leave me, he had to go overseas and leave me. My heart was leaving and I didn’t know what to do. No matter how much he apologized for not telling me, no matter the phone calls or messages or even the flowers to my house, I couldn’t let it go. Though I wish I did, because this man in front of me… I still want him.

I wasn’t expecting his eyes to meet mine. I wasn’t expecting him to walk over, and I sure as well wasn’t expecting him to sit down next to me.

“You’re still just as beautiful as the day I left.” He said, looking intensely at me with a passion I realized so well.

The sting of his words, the ‘the day I left’ still hurt my heart. My smile was weak, with a quiet thank you being given.

“I came back for you.” He said, getting closer. “You blocked my number. No one would tell me anything, except that you would be here tonight. I miss you.” His voice was quiet, his face moving closer.

The anger bubbled in me, looking at him with fire in my eyes.
“You missed me? You came back for me? What about those years? When I’ve been sitting here missing you, and you’ve been off across the sea, without me. I loved you so much, you tore my heart out when you left me. Why now? When I was finally trying… Trying to forget you.” The loud statement was ended quiet, voice cracked at the end.

His face was full of pain, stepping closer and grasping my cheek. His hands felt the same, god, they felt warm and comforting and I wanted to cry.

“I wanted you to have better. I wanted your life to be fun and stress free and I wanted you to find someone who could love you better than me. Someone who could be around all the time but…” He stepped closer, pressing my body against the bar, his own breath shaky.

“I can’t. I can’t let you go. I’ve tried for these years to let you go, thinking it would make you better. I thought maybe, that you’d be happy and move on but I was wrong. They said you aren’t yourself. You’re sad and quiet and you’re not the same, and I’ve been in the same situation. No one else feels right, nothing feels right without /you./” he whispered fiercely.

“You still look like a movie. And you sound like a song. And how we’re standing right now, god, this reminds me of when we were young.” He studied my face, before leaning in and giving me the smallest, lightest kiss. My heart was pounding but I couldn’t bring myself to pull away.

“I’ve been sad, trying to grow old. Without you, my love, I just feel… Cold. I don’t know what else I can do but ask you… Would you let me make you feel, like when we were young?”