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Health class- Kurt Wagner x Reader part One

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A/N: I’m totally doing more to this. I’m sorry if its short, I’m backed up on requests for Kurt. I need some of the others.
Word count: 432
It was a normal school day and of course, being a teenager, you were required to take health class. After you took your seat, you noticed a very uncomfortable looking Kurt Wagner trying to situate his tail as Scott giggled. Today’s lesson was about a more promiscuous topic, sex. You were dressed in comfortable clothes and a lot of students murmured about how this was probably jean and Scott’s fault.

Yes. Because not everyone gets laid, right? You were being sarcastic, even in your head, which earned a smile from Jean, even if it wasn’t out loud. “Thanks, (Y/N) ” her voices was soft in your own head before you nodded quickly,looking up to the front of the room in time to see Charles holding out a condom. Out of the packaging. Almost instantly, your cheeks were pink and you glanced away as he rattled off that the condoms were to be used so there wouldn’t be any crying tiny baby mutants around here since we were all basically children still. Charles then turned to Scott directly, “and I expect theses to be tied and thrown away properly, not everyone needs to know about your sex, Summers”.

Yep. Its Scotts fault. Your mind basically yelled and jean laughed before you seen Kurt shift awkwardly out the corner of your eyes. “ its not funny Jean! You’re all like my children and I know you will experiment, but please stop experimenting each others bodies!” Xavier sighed loudly. You looked up. Just was blushing a dark purple at you and once he caught you, he looked away quickly.

Of course he’s uncomfortable, he was pretty much the most innocent person you’ve ever met and right now,Kurt wasn’t thinking so innocently and it was a total shock to him and the other telepathic mutants that could hear him. You however, weren’t telepathic. You were pretty damn flexible, and that’s where most of Kurt’s dirty thoughts went, straight to your mutation. But he didn’t mean it! He thought, no, he definitely meant it.

As soon as class was over, there was an all too familiar BAMF and black sulfuric smoke, Kurt was gone. He didn’t feel like facing you at the moment to say that he wanted to have sex with you, not only that, but he was completely for saving himself for marriage and wasn’t entirely sure that someone as amazing as you would want him. He had to take care of problems, and he knew, he just knew that Jean also knew his reasons to leave. He just hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone.


(A/N): Guys, I miss writing Peter, I need more peter requests pleaaaassseee

Request: Hii, how are you? Im from Brazil, so I’m really sorry if I write anything wrong. Can you do a imagine with Spiderman? I would really like if (Y/N) have superpowers like Scarlet Witch, and she’s new at this “world”. She’s enjoys the avengers team and gets really close to Peter, starts go to school with him, and etc. They both fall for each other and start dating. Thank you!!! ❤️

Warnings: swearing 

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   “They’re just a kid,” Steve whispers as he eyes the mutant sitting in Tony’s office, their hands clasped in their lap, their eyes glued to the carpet.

   “And a damn strong one too, Charles theorizes that they’re stronger than Wanda…maybe even Jean,”

   “So why aren’t they in his care?”

   “He’s getting old Steve, his mind is slipping, he can’t do it anymore,”

   “This isn’t fair to them…to have something dropped on them so suddenly,”

   “We’ll get Wanda to train them-”

   “Wanda’s still learning herself,” Tony hums, nodding his head at Steve’s point. It seems they were at a crossroads; they couldn’t personally teach (Y/N) about their powers and with Charles slowly decaying he was no longer an option, plus Wanda was still shaky with her own powers and she was no way prepared to teach someone how to control their own power.

   “What if-” Tony licks his lips, his eyes alight with his new idea. “What if we had Peter train them?”


   “Come on, they’re the same age, Peter’s great with people, he’d love them!” Steve sighs shaking his head in disapproval but at the moment it was the only plan they had, even if it was completely shit.

   “Fine, we’ll have Peter Parker, the sixteen year old spiderling train some all powerful mutant,”

   “Glad we came to this agreement,” Tony smirks as he clasp Steve on the shoulder, giving his muscles a firm squeeze. “Well, now I have some good news for the poor kid, god knows they need it after what they’ve been through,”

   (Y/N) had been deposited at their doorstep by Scott Summers after they were rejected for Charles’ school. Their powers had sprung upon them suddenly and to say it turned out horribly was an understatement. Mid fourth period (Y/N)’s hand began to glow yellow and suddenly everything around them was chaos. It took them a minute but they realized all the materials flying through the air, hitting people, damaging school property, was their fault. Needless to say their parents weren’t very happy, not one bit, and so like any “good” parent they booted their child out of their house. So after being passed from place to place to place (Y/N) had finally found a home with the avengers or namely, Peter Parker.

   After Tony’s little meeting he immediately set up (Y/N) and Peter, let them get to know each other a bit, made sure they’d get along well. At first (Y/N) had been more than shy, they wouldn’t even acknowledge Peter but as soon as he point out their NASA hoodie they perked up, a slight shine to their puffy eyes. It didn’t take long after that for the two to fall into an animated conversation about the Mars 2020 mission as though they had been friends for years and talking so animatedly and robustly was normal. It was then Tony knew they were going to get along just fine, more than fine really, most likely great. And he’d been right too.

   Tony enrolled (Y/N) in Peter’s school, made sure they had all the same classes, made sure that they were going to be friends but that didn’t seem to be a problem at the moment. The two melded immediately, finding solace in each other in such a cramped hell. They went from class to class together, ate together, hell, Peter even took them along on his little escapades, taught them how to control their powers. And in little over a year, after months of bonding (Y/N) had finally mastered their powers. In fact, they seemed to have more control than Wanda and Jean combined but that wasn’t the only thing. With Peter in all of their classes they had better grades, higher citizenship, and all together happier outlook on life.

   Tony smirks as the two sit on one of his various couches, talking about their art project while Star Wars played mindlessly in the background.

   “See? What did I tell you?” Tony snides as he looks at Steve beside him, the man nearly shrouding him with his height.

   “They were just lucky,”

   “No, I was right and you don’t want to admit it. For once Steve Rogers isn’t right and he doesn’t know how to accept it-”


   “No let me gloat Mr. Supersoldier-”

   “No, Tony, look,” Steve points at the two teenagers, his face holding a rather surprised expression. Tony rolls his eyes as he looks back to the two but his face contorts with surprise when he looks too. The two were kissing- both of them smiling as they did.

   “Well I’ll be damned,” Tony chuckles, a huge smile overtaking his features. “I’m a matchmaker too?”

   “Oh my god,” Steve groans, raking a hand down his face in sheer agitation. “Tony, you did not-”

   “Shh,” Tony places a finger to Steve’s lips, shutting him up immediately. “Just enjoy the cute teenage moment,”

   “You do realize how creepy this is right?”

  “Look at my little babies,” Tony sniffles, completely ignoring Steve’s comment. “All grown up and kissing,”

   “Oh look,” Steve mutters, shaking his head as he does, “You just made it weirder-”

   “Oh my god, if you two are going to spy can you please be quieter next time?” Peter breaks away from (Y/N) to glare at Tony and Steve, his expression less than amused.

   “Righty-o,” Tony smiles and gives him a thumbs up. “We’ll be quieter next time,”

Hey Fox, psst, hey. Can you bring James Proudstar onto The Gifted? Can you write him in? Look, he can even wear shirts with no sleeves like his brother. You can have two Proudstars without shirtsleeves. We can get rid of all the shirtsleeves in the Mutant Underground. And have two guys with the Best Hair.

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X-Men Preference: How You Met

Peter Maximoff

Peter and you met when you went with the X-Men to invite him to come to the mansion.
“Who are you guys?” The speedy silver-haired mutant asked.
“We’re mutants like you Peter, we all have different abilities and want you to come to a place, a school really that can help you.” You told him in a sweet encouraging voice.


Gambit was playing cards at a club and since no one else let you at their table because for some reason ‘women can’t play cards’, he let you sit and play a game at his.
“Hey can I play at this table, for some reason no one wants me at theirs.” You asked the table, especially the man who seemed to run it.
While all the other men looked around with smug stupid smiles and side glances he looked up.
“Of course ma’am, have a seat.” He told you.


Deadpool, for some reason unknown to any body, was at a christmas party this bar was running and he sparked up a conversation.
You sat down with your drink at a place by the fire and once you sat down you saw a man in a tight red suit sit also.
“Hi! I’m Deadpool.” 


Erik, as per usual, was up to no good and you and the X-Men had to stop him. When the fight was over however he hold you how impressed he was with your power.
“You were the one with wind almost ripping me in half?” He asks intrigued.
“Yep, that was me.” You tell him deadpanned.
“Well… I’m impressed.” He said back.

Ooo great picture. It’s weird though that there can be so many sharp objects drawn on the cover of this comic book and the only thing getting cut are their costumes. Like, I can’t even peel an apple without stabbing myself in the god damn eye. Anyway, it’s time for round 2 of Wolverine Vs Sabertooth during Mutant Massacre. Hopefully this fight is better than the one from Uncanny X-Men #212, and hopefully Sabertooth will be acting more like the sociopathic mass murderer we all love as opposed to the feral mutant at odds with his instinctual savage nature that we just saw in Daredevil #238. (Uncanny X-Men #213 – Jan 1987)

Chapter One: Not Always Bad

Pairing: Reader x Wolverine

Word count: 1541

Warnings: None, except you’re a boss cagna

sorry if this isn’t the best it will get better i have a idea! Thank you all. <3

7:23. Class begins with Professor Storm. Today we were learning about Mutant History. All the mutants that were publicly proud to be so. Which is crazy to me. Being a mutant wasn’t always easy. Especially when you had two mutations. Telekinesis and earth element control. Professor Grey and Professor Xavier work with me daily for them both, they’re only concerned about one though. Ever since I was 13, they’ve taken me in and taught me.

Lately they’ve been dealing with a new mutant that came in with Rogue, and Magneto. Rogue is really gnarly, actually. She tells me she came with a man, more animal than anything from what I hear. She’s into him, I can tell.

“Y/N, are you listening?” Professor asked, as I giggle with Rogue about some joke she said. I quickly straighten up.

“Yes, ma’am.” I shot back.

She nodded and walked back to the whiteboard. She continued to talk about the great inventors and even Presidents that were secretly a mutant. Interesting to say the least.

Professor Grey walked in.

“Good evening, Storm. Can I borrow Y/N for a while?” She said with a perfect smile. I stood up and fixed my flannel button. We walked out the door and downstairs where Cerebro was. Nobody has seen it but the professors. I walked in to the metal doors.

“Is there something I did wrong, Professor?”

“Call me Jean.” She said sweetly, “And no, nothing is wrong. Just a check-up with Charles.”

As I walk in I notice a tall man with cigar hung by the lips. His brows furred together, gripping his cigar with his fingers.

“Who’s this?” he ruffed.

“This is Miss Y/F/N,” Professor Xavier rolled to us, “Welcome. Please, take a seat.”

I sat on the side of the tall medical bed, as Jean put stickers on my head. The unknown man made heavy eye contact with me.

“Y/N, this is Logan.” Jean introduced. He held his hand out, I stared at the three scars between his knuckles, then to his rough face. Taking a long stare at his combed hair and patchy beard, I then looked down.

“She doesn’t talk much, not with new people at least.” She said to Logan, “Its okay, he won’t hurt you. He’s a friend” she then said to me.

I looked back up at him, then spoke. “Hello” came from my mouth quietly. A quick but sweet smile at me. Followed by his cigar being pressed to his mouth.

The regular tests were done; same questions were asked.

“What’re you guys doing to her?” Logan asked as if he’d been waiting to ask.

“She’s undergoing tests to make sure she’s not developing more than she should be. She has two mutations as opposed to one.”

“What does she have?” He questioned further

“You know, I’m right here.” I spoke aloud, not completely meaning to but not entirely regretting it.

He looked at me for an answer, confused with my talk, I suppose.

“I have telekinesis and I can control the elements. I guess they just go hand in hand. His face was stuck in a confusion.

“She’s very talented, Logan. I am sure you could learn a few things.” Charles said with a wink to me followed by a smile.

“If you know what she ha- you have, then why poke and prod? She’s just a kid.”

“She might just be a child but she has level 4 abilities. She needs to be watched.”

“You’re trying to control her.” Logan protested.

I slowly move the ring off my finger and swirl it around my hand. Listening to the bicker was somewhat interesting. I knew what I had was powerful and that it needed to be tamed. I was dangerous and I didn’t really see it as them controlling, just looking out.

Jean butted in. “I’ve been working with her to concentrate her abilities and learn to control them. Not the other way around. She has made fantastic progress.”

They let me leave and told me to be back tomorrow. Logan said something, then followed me out.

I tried to ignore him and walk to my room. I didn’t have to share, thank god.

“Hey, kid!” He hollered. I turned around to face him.


“I. uh, just wanted to make sure. You know. That you’re okay.” He mustered out

“I’m okay. Thank you.” I gave a smile.

“Well, good.” He said after a second of silence.

“You’re not good at making conversation, yanno.” I pointed out.

“I, don’t deal with children.” He looked down. Maybe he’s not always bad.

“I’m not a child, I’m in my twenties, thank you very much. I laughed at how incredibly awkward this man was. I studied him and started walking away. He stood there, like a deer in headlights then walked back to the room.

I walked to my room and Rogue was sitting by my bed.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, I like to think she was my best friend and I was hers.

“Hey girly, what’s up?”

“I have so much to tell you.” She smiled.

“Yeah, me too. Actually, about the guy you came with. Logan?” Her face turned.

“Logan? What about him?”

I tried to even fathom what he was trying to do earlier. Protect me? Stand up for me? “Well he was just asking a lot of questions about me, really. Then asked if I was okay after my tests”

“Oh, I have news about Bobby! yanno, the guy I have a thing for…. Ice Guy? Yea, we’re getting lunch” It then seeped I that I would be eating alone.

“OOooohhHH, I know him. That’s great! I’m so excited for you.” I swallowed my anxiety of being alone and became happy for my friend. We talked a little bit more until it was time for lunch.

She met bobby outside of my room, and I slowly became third wheel before silently excusing myself to the bathroom.

I walked in, and there stood, Maggie Trout. A nasty girl with a nasty attitude. She could multiply herself. All 3 of her was standing in front of the mirror trying to figure which lipstick looked best. Typical, honestly.

“What’re you looking at, bitch” She emphasized. I was not one for violence but I wish in so many ways that I could drop rocks on her perfectly curved face. Strike her with lightening. Smother her in vines. But, being a GREAT Samaritan I am I will refrain.

“No, just trying to go pee.” I shot back.

“Sorry,” as she filled the bathroom stalls up with 7 copies of herself, it then left no room, “they’re all taken.” Her devious, cunning smile was enough for me to grip my fists together. I shut my eyes so I could no longer see the face haunting my bad side. I felt the ground rumble, as the sky went black through my eyelids.

I heard a soft voice, “cut it out, prick!”

Why she decided to egg this on, I had no idea. But I was not having it, gripping my teeth, I march towards her. An arm grips me tightly and pulls me back, both arms now wrapped around my torso as the ground continues to shake.

I grind my teeth as angry tears fall down my face, my breathing now heavy.

Jean who was now in my head, softly cooed a child’s rhyme that continued to calm me down.

“Y/N I need you to take a deep breath.” She said with a gentle voice. I still struggle silently and less aggressive to break free, which then became no struggle. The hands I was being held with was not Jeans, but with Logan’s.

He picked me up and carried me to the down stairs office. I was approached by Storm, Jean and Professor Xavier.

Storm came first with a soft yet assertive touch to her voice.

“You can’t do things like that, Y/N, it’s dangerous.”

“I thought it was pretty bad ass” Logan laughed, which came to a halt as they all gave him looks. I was most disappointed to let down Jean. She had almost become a mother figure to me. She said nothing but simply looked down with arms crossed.

I knew she was upset and it broke my spirits.

Charles looked at me for a second or two, reading me, I guess.

“I understand your rage, your hurt and how you feel, Y/N. But that was a dangerous thing you did. If it happens again, there will be grave coincidences. Is this understood?”

I nodded my head with an apology shortly after.

“You may go.” Professor said. And with that I walked out.

Logan’s POV

“Why not, Charles?”

“She doesn’t need a protector; she needs to learn to control herself.”

“Tell me I’m not the poster child of learning to control yourself” I said with a sharp tone.

Charles gave me a look, along with Scott.

“If you can give me your word you can keep her under control, Logan. You may watch her and help her. If by a month’s time, nothing has improved then we will take matters into our hands and take care of it.”

Maybe Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters wasn’t always bad.

The Les Mis X-Men AU no one asked for

So I have this headcanon and nothing to do with it, so here you go.

Thanks to @mysunfreckle for putting this damn idea in my head, and my friend Browen for headcanoning it out with me.

Our glorious triumvirate road trips across the country to the capital to protest mutant registration laws and mutant persecution. Along the way, they gather up a motley crew of fellow exiled mutants we all know and love.

Here’s what their powers are:

  • Enjolras: Has the power to mildly manipulate people’s emotions. Need a small crowd placated? No problem. Riled up and enraged? Sure. Can’t tell if the boy you like actually loves you or you accidentally made him feel that way? Shit.
  • Courfeyrac: Can shoot lightning from his hands and manipulate electricity. I guess you could say he has an electric personality. “Is it just me, is there an electric force between us?” *shocks someone mildly. “You could say you’re shocked to see me!”
  • Combeferre: Has the power to glean the history of an object just by touching it. This comes in handy when they start tracking down secret mutants in the cities they pass through.
  • Grantaire: He’s basically a green version of Nightcrawler. He can teleport, but looks like the part demon he is. He frequently argues with Enjolras about how easy it is to peacefully protest when you can hide your mutation easily.
  • Eponine: Has the power to briefly glimpse the future, but it’s sporatic and comes in snippets. Her parents have tried exploiting this trait, resulting in her leaving home with Gav and trying to make the most of it on the streets until she meets the Amis.
  • Gavroche: Is still really young and isn’t showing signs of powers yet. It sends them all for a loop the day he discovers his powers are intangability.
  • Cosette: Explodes with force power when she gets anxious or upset. A wall of force erupts from her, driving people away. She finds it difficult to control.
  • Marius: Can speak, read, write, and understand any language inherently. He finds his powers incredibly mundane compared to everyone else’s. But he follows the Amis along after Cosette.
  • Joly: Has the power to heal other people, but when he does, he suffers pain proportional to the damage he heals. This pain stays with him until he heals someone else. The Amis often run around giving themselves paper cuts for Joly to heal in order to alleviate his suffering after one of them gets injured.
  • Bossuet: Thought he had no powers at all, just incredibly bad luck. But he sympathized with the mutant cause. Until they discovered that his mutant ability was actually generating bad luck around him. They figured this out when a cop was snuck up on Joly and somehow comically misfired his taser gun into his own foot when Bossuet stepped in to protect Joly.
  • Musichetta: Can make duplicates of herself she can control simultaneously. Much to Joly and Bossuet’s amusement. But this skill has also come in handy when they need protest crowds to look bigger than they actually are.
  • Jehan: Is a shapeshifter. Yes, he actually chooses to appear like this. No one assumes anyone dressed like this is a shapeshifter.
  • Montparnasse: Can control shadows and darkness to an extent, similar to Dr. Facillier in Princess and the Frog. He’s more of a showman than anything and likes weaving fancy black clothing out of the dark.
  • Bahorel: Super constitution. Can eat anything, take a punch, that sort of thing.
  • Feuilly: Can manipulate the air around him like an airbender. He uses his fans to do this. He’s also better than the shitty car AC unit, so they squabble over who gets him in their car in the height of the summer.
  • Jean Valjean: Super Strength. THE MAN LIFTS A FULL CART OFF OF A MAN IN CANON. ALONE. So obviously he’s super strong.
  • Javert: Is in favour of mutant registration and works with the police force to enforce the new laws. He’s an excellent detective, but his values are thrown into crisis when he discovers that what makes him a good detective is actually a mutation. He thought it was just good instincts, but he’s actually hyper aware with better than human senses.

But yeah, the X-men AU no one asked for.

Before I get a ton of comments about Lorna’s hair in The Gifted, I say:

1. Just because she doesn’t seem to have green hair in this trailer doesn’t mean she won’t ever have it. It doesn’t mean she won’t have it in the first episode, even.

2. Bryan Singer directed this. We all know his fixation in giving mutants their iconic hair via an ‘experience’ (Rogue in X1, and Storm in XMA). I wouldn’t discount Lorna acquiring her hair as an adrenaline response to some sort of trauma.

ETA: She could also be dyeing it to pass as a non-mutant (as she did in the comics).

In conclusion, I wouldn’t despair just yet.