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X-Men Preference: How You Met

Peter Maximoff

Peter and you met when you went with the X-Men to invite him to come to the mansion.
“Who are you guys?” The speedy silver-haired mutant asked.
“We’re mutants like you Peter, we all have different abilities and want you to come to a place, a school really that can help you.” You told him in a sweet encouraging voice.


Gambit was playing cards at a club and since no one else let you at their table because for some reason ‘women can’t play cards’, he let you sit and play a game at his.
“Hey can I play at this table, for some reason no one wants me at theirs.” You asked the table, especially the man who seemed to run it.
While all the other men looked around with smug stupid smiles and side glances he looked up.
“Of course ma’am, have a seat.” He told you.


Deadpool, for some reason unknown to any body, was at a christmas party this bar was running and he sparked up a conversation.
You sat down with your drink at a place by the fire and once you sat down you saw a man in a tight red suit sit also.
“Hi! I’m Deadpool.” 


Erik, as per usual, was up to no good and you and the X-Men had to stop him. When the fight was over however he hold you how impressed he was with your power.
“You were the one with wind almost ripping me in half?” He asks intrigued.
“Yep, that was me.” You tell him deadpanned.
“Well… I’m impressed.” He said back.

ooc ;; just a heads up, my verson of Logan is meant to be kinder and less naive, so anyone who thinks I’m playing him incorrectly, I’m just playing him the way I think he would be later in life. don’t get me wrong though, he is still an asshole, just less of one :’)


Marvel | Alex Summers x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you write an Alex Summers x reader imagine where they get into a huge fight because he doesn’t want her to fight and he ends up admitting that he wants to protect her because he is in love with her and at first, she is confused and then she says the feeling is mutual and the they kiss and just… Adorable? Haha

Charles called a meeting with some of the mutants but when we were all in the room, I noticed we were the only ones able to fully control our mutation. I sat next to my best friend, Alex, and assumed why we were here.

“Yes, Y/N, that’s exactly what you’re all here for,” Charles spoke, “Trask Industries has taken mutants to their facility and none have walked out. You all need to lay low and bring back as many mutants as you can find.”

“That’s vague,” I commented.

“Because I don’t need to tell you to get the job done by any means necessary,” Charles replied.

“You want us to kill?” Hank asked.

“If it comes to that,” Charles sighed and we all knew that wasn’t what he wanted, “the facility is heavily guarded and we’ve all seen what the sentinels are capable of.”

“And these are just prototypes,” Raven added.

“You leave at nightfall,” Charles dismissed. 

He’d been more stressed out than usual since Trask started taking mutants. I nodded and left, Alex shortly followed after me.

“You can’t go,” he huffed when we reached my room.

I turned around immediately and he bumped into me, “Excuse me?”

“You. Can’t. Go,” he repeated.

“And why is that?” I crossed my arms.

“It’s too dangerous,” he said obviously.

“Our whole lives are dangerous, Alex,” I scoffed.

“You can’t go.”

“If it’s danger you’re worried about, then be worried about our enemies.”

“Y/N,” he raised his voice. He was getting frustrated and it was ridiculous.

“Alex, I can literally stop time and when I focus, I can make sure only the X-Men are able to move through the facility.”

“You need to stay here, stay protected.”

“So should you! So should everyone! But we can’t do nothing about Trask!” I started yelling.

“You don’t get it!”

“Get what?!”

He started pacing and running his hands through his hair.

“Dammit, Alex! Where is this coming from?!”

“I can’t protect you and focus on the mission at the same time! I can’t keep you safe if I’m there with you! I can’t lose you, Y/N! I don’t know what I’d do if they caught you.”

“Since when do you worry about me? I’m physically capable of taking care of myself and you know it!”

“I KNOW! I want you here so you are safe and so I can come home to you because I’m in love with you!” he admitted.

I stopped time. The thoughts I had ran by my mind at a hundred miles an hour. Alex? In Love? With me? How? Why? When? I looked at his face. His features weren’t angry, just concerned. My best friend was in love with me and I knew I loved him. Time continued.

“The feeling’s mutual,” I said.

I closed the distance between me and Alex, lacing my fingers behind his neck. His hands were on my waist and I felt a little nervous. I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I looked up at him and his smile was one that could make me weak at the knees.

“I might kiss you,” he whispered.

“I might be bad at it,” I confessed.

In seconds, his lips were on mine. Soft, supple, and gentle. It felt as if butterflies fluttered around us or a tender flame ablaze. This was new for us yet we were in sync. We broke the kiss and let out a soft breath.

“Definitely not bad at that,” he said, placing his forehead on mine. I blushed and couldn’t stop the smile that came.


It’s 3 PM in Goldwater, South Carolina and Santiago Ventura, part of a founding family, and town council leader, called upon an emergency town meeting. Everyone is expected to attend. 

“For years, this town has known nothing but peace, even though it hasn’t always been so peaceful we have prevailed with both dedication and perseverance. You, the citizens of Goldwater, are responsible for this victory, for the peace we are surrounded by. It’s why these news are heartbreaking to share. 

Our peace is at risk as we are faced with a threat. Earlier today, we were informed that we need to take precautions for what is to come. We have no knowledge of this threat, but we know to take this warning seriously to protect all of you. 

Humans and mutants alike, we urge you to remain calm and alert. Be aware of any suspicious situations that might cause you any discomfort and, if possible, we recommend that you stay inside at night. Our main priority is to keep you safe so we are doing everything in our power to ensure that safety of you and our town.”

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Crazy Friday night in at my house!
Breakfast for dinner. Post dinner coffee. (Of course) Then movies on the agenda include: Doctor Strange and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.
We are all having a relaxing night to help brace for tomorrow’s, all day, basketball tournament.

things about the marvel universe that i wish i knew more about:

• the underground mutant punk/hardcore scene
• radical politics in a universe where you have superpowered people
• religions besides christianity and how they react to the existence of mutants
• mutants in healthcare professions
• literally all the mutant kids who never get the chance to go to one of the mutant schools we’re all familiar with
• mutant town in general
• what is the wider mutant community’s understanding/opinion of the phoenix force
• mutants on youtube
• mutants on tumblr/social media in general


Y/N: *practicing alone*
Q: *speeds in undetected* holy shit.
Y/N: PETER! You can’t just speed in like that, what if I was naked?!
Q: first off if you were naked I wouldn’t mind a bit, maybe we can save that for later, and secondly what were you doing that was so cool!
Y/N: you’re not scared?
Q: no not at all, just tell me more!
Y/N: well I’m a necromancer.
Q: oh this is so cool why don’t you tell anyone about this, we’re all mutants here.
Y/N: it’s different, my powers are scary everyone gets scared.
Q: well that’s stupid, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

-requested by anon
-not my gif

Beautiful Snow Storm

For @favouritefandoms-imagines thank you for the great request!!

Fandom: X Men

Characters: Bobby Drake (Iceman) x (Y/N)

Word Count: 744

Request:  Hello :) I wanted to request a xmen one shot. Where [Y/N] gets to know Bobby Drake better and during they training , Bobby accidentally creates a snow storm and [Y/N] gets really pale and gets frost all over her body and Bobby is sad about that but [Y/N] says that everything will get okay and that how there relationship starts?:)

“I thought we’d do some training.” Bobby Drake shrugged as he and (Y/N) walked out of the courtyard and down past the gates of mutant high

“But why are we doing it all the way out here?” (Y/N) laughed. Since she’d joined Xavier’s school her and Bobby had become good friends, and sometimes she hoped more than that, despite being told that fire and ice didn’t mix on multiple occasions.

“It’s private.” He turned back to her and smiled. They were standing in a patch of field down the hill from the school; he was right, there wasn’t a soul in sight. “And, Storm doesn’t let us train together anymore after last time.” (Y/N) playfully slapped him on the arm and he laughed at the memory of her almost burning down the school.

“It was an accident!” (Y/N) exclaimed, sending a spray hot spark in his general direction, he froze them before they reached his person.

“Hey!” He cried. (Y/N) merely laughed some more and pulled her (Y/H/C) out of her face and into a pony tail behind her head.

“Okay, but seriously,” her amusement died down, “we came to train, so let’s train.” She put on her competitive tone and Bobby smirked.

“Whatever you say Firefly.” He laughed an ice ball at her, she counteracted it with a fireball and it melted to the crisp, green grass at her feet in slush.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.” She challenged.

They kept it up for a while, Bobby threw and (Y/N) melted or (Y/N) threw and Bobby froze, most of their training was about honing there abilities, not just keeping them under wraps. (Y/N) was always quite good with her aim, but sometimes she’d only hit a bit of ice or more than one ball would catch her off guard, it was all about practice.

As it got more intense and their training wore on (Y/N) was beginning to feel her arms ache and her powers wan. Bobby, however, seemed to not be showing any signs of fatigue and was actually going harder on his attack when it was his turn, (Y/N) could barely keep up with his onslaught of well aimed ice balls.

It was getting cold now, like a sudden chill had picked up in the wind. She cast it aside as nothing but when the hairs on her arms seemed to stand on end and her breath was almost visible in the mid-afternoon sky, she realised something was wrong. Just as Bobby’s name formed on her lips snow began swirling around her and she could no longer see his face, it was time to panic.

(Y/N) was shaking uncontrollably now; she was sure Bobby had done this, they had seen no one else while they were training.

“Bobby!” She yelled, the parts of her hands that she could make out were turning white and fire refused to light from them. Usually she was warm to the core, but now she was nothing but cold. “Bobby!?” One more cry had the snow storm dying down and a shaken and confused Bobby running towards her, his arms wrapping around her shoulders to keep her warm.

“I’m so sorry.” He muttered, rubbing her shoulders to try and make her warm. “I had no idea that I would-” He hadn’t meant to, it had been an accident, (Y/N) knew that.

“I know.” She said through numb lips and tried to smile, but they were too cold and blue to move them much. He brushed the frost that had formed off of her cheek and cupped her face.

“You look so cold.” He said guiltily. She was about to say she was fine. “No, you’re not fine. You’re lips are blue and you’re pale.” It was like he read her mind. Tentative and unsure his face moved closed to hers and he carefully planted a kiss on her lips, for someone known as iceman he was so warm. When his lips left hers she was left wanting more, even just to warm her up.

Bobby took a sheepish step back. “Sorry.” He said.

“It’s okay.” (Y/N) said, the feeling returning to her cold body. She started a small fire in her hands and rubbed them together.

“Although… about that kiss…does that mean…?” They grinned at one another and Bobby took her hand.

“If you want it to.”

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice...
  • Batman: So, what exactly are we supposed to call you all?
  • Superman: Mutants?
  • Legal Department: Uh, nope.
  • Wonder Woman: Enhanced?
  • Legal Department: Nope.
  • Aquaman: Inhumans?
  • Legal Department: Double nope.
  • Flash: Well, what can we use?
  • Legal Department: You can use...
  • Legal Department: *ruffles through stacks of papers*
  • Legal Department: Meta-Humans or...
  • Cyborg: ...or what?
  • Legal Department: ...Power Pals.


I got my wish. I became one of the X-Men. I helped save the world. I helped save the universe! I went to the stars. Best of all, I fell in love. But no matter what we did, people refused to see us for who we truly were. All that mattered was the label. Mutant. Outcast. Enemy. Eventually, the day came when I couldn’t be an X-Man anymore.

X-Men Apocalypse was entertaining, fun and unlike Civil War, didn’t make me want to burn all my Marvel merch afterwards. 

The timeline still confuses me, and I still don’t know if that’s because it makes no sense or I’m not paying attention properly. I don’t know what’s going on most of the time but that’s ok. The new kids on the block were wonderful to watch, as were the reboot veterans. Apocalypse was a fab villain, and I lowkey rooted for him in the first half of the movie, no shame. Wolverine’s cameo was on point, both in his overall story and in this movie - it was great to see Alkali Lake again, it reminded me of X2 as well as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which, shut UP I enjoyed despite everything.

There was some good ol’ nostalgia for the First Class mutants, which made me all emotional because we had Xavier’s generation alongside Storm, Jean and Scott’s generation, and it all felt very sweet and moving.

The females owned this movie, you guys. Oh man. OH MAN. I love them all so much. I would have liked to see more of Jubilee though, who’s downright adorable. Basically all the stuff with the new mutants was gold; Jean, Kurt, Scott and Jubilee were so 80s-aesthetic goals it hurt. Slow clap for the costume department as well, particularly the ending shot with all of them suited up. There’s so much to admire about everyone’s individual costumes, they deserve a post of their own.

I wasn’t a huge fan of where they left things with Charles and Erik, simply because again, comparisons with CA: CW were inevitable, and it stings a little that Erik got off scot-free with all those murders when Bucky was put back in the freezer simply for trying to escape people who wanted him dead or worse. They’re not related at all. I just like to get salty about things.

I’m more into the after-credits scene after I researched it a bit, and if that does end up informing the overall plot of the next movie, and even introduce Cable - WHOO BOY I would be all over that. Great way to tie in Deadpool to the main narrative as well. 


  • Jean Grey (fuckin slaying everything. That phoenix scene near the end. Damn.)
  • Quicksilver (how many people would be dead without him? SO MANY)
  • Alex Summers (deserved better)

Best Dressed:

  • My babe Storm, god damn

Best Lines:

  • Apocalypse. He speaks like he’s quoting Old Testament all the time, talk about eerie

Best Power Effect:

  • Cyclops, for sheer old fashioned coolness ((LASER BEAMS BRAH))

Biggest Fuckup:

  • Erik what the fuck put the earth back stop killing everyone I iunderstand your pain but these tantrums aren’t fun

Best Blue Person:

  • Nightcrawler was the perfect mix of cute and hilarious, and I advocate more of him with the team in the future