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Health class- Kurt Wagner x Reader part One

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A/N: I’m totally doing more to this. I’m sorry if its short, I’m backed up on requests for Kurt. I need some of the others.
Word count: 432
It was a normal school day and of course, being a teenager, you were required to take health class. After you took your seat, you noticed a very uncomfortable looking Kurt Wagner trying to situate his tail as Scott giggled. Today’s lesson was about a more promiscuous topic, sex. You were dressed in comfortable clothes and a lot of students murmured about how this was probably jean and Scott’s fault.

Yes. Because not everyone gets laid, right? You were being sarcastic, even in your head, which earned a smile from Jean, even if it wasn’t out loud. “Thanks, (Y/N) ” her voices was soft in your own head before you nodded quickly,looking up to the front of the room in time to see Charles holding out a condom. Out of the packaging. Almost instantly, your cheeks were pink and you glanced away as he rattled off that the condoms were to be used so there wouldn’t be any crying tiny baby mutants around here since we were all basically children still. Charles then turned to Scott directly, “and I expect theses to be tied and thrown away properly, not everyone needs to know about your sex, Summers”.

Yep. Its Scotts fault. Your mind basically yelled and jean laughed before you seen Kurt shift awkwardly out the corner of your eyes. “ its not funny Jean! You’re all like my children and I know you will experiment, but please stop experimenting each others bodies!” Xavier sighed loudly. You looked up. Just was blushing a dark purple at you and once he caught you, he looked away quickly.

Of course he’s uncomfortable, he was pretty much the most innocent person you’ve ever met and right now,Kurt wasn’t thinking so innocently and it was a total shock to him and the other telepathic mutants that could hear him. You however, weren’t telepathic. You were pretty damn flexible, and that’s where most of Kurt’s dirty thoughts went, straight to your mutation. But he didn’t mean it! He thought, no, he definitely meant it.

As soon as class was over, there was an all too familiar BAMF and black sulfuric smoke, Kurt was gone. He didn’t feel like facing you at the moment to say that he wanted to have sex with you, not only that, but he was completely for saving himself for marriage and wasn’t entirely sure that someone as amazing as you would want him. He had to take care of problems, and he knew, he just knew that Jean also knew his reasons to leave. He just hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone.

X-Men Preference: How You Met

Peter Maximoff

Peter and you met when you went with the X-Men to invite him to come to the mansion.
“Who are you guys?” The speedy silver-haired mutant asked.
“We’re mutants like you Peter, we all have different abilities and want you to come to a place, a school really that can help you.” You told him in a sweet encouraging voice.


Gambit was playing cards at a club and since no one else let you at their table because for some reason ‘women can’t play cards’, he let you sit and play a game at his.
“Hey can I play at this table, for some reason no one wants me at theirs.” You asked the table, especially the man who seemed to run it.
While all the other men looked around with smug stupid smiles and side glances he looked up.
“Of course ma’am, have a seat.” He told you.


Deadpool, for some reason unknown to any body, was at a christmas party this bar was running and he sparked up a conversation.
You sat down with your drink at a place by the fire and once you sat down you saw a man in a tight red suit sit also.
“Hi! I’m Deadpool.” 


Erik, as per usual, was up to no good and you and the X-Men had to stop him. When the fight was over however he hold you how impressed he was with your power.
“You were the one with wind almost ripping me in half?” He asks intrigued.
“Yep, that was me.” You tell him deadpanned.
“Well… I’m impressed.” He said back.

Chapter One: Not Always Bad

Pairing: Reader x Wolverine

Word count: 1541

Warnings: None, except you’re a boss cagna

sorry if this isn’t the best it will get better i have a idea! Thank you all. <3

7:23. Class begins with Professor Storm. Today we were learning about Mutant History. All the mutants that were publicly proud to be so. Which is crazy to me. Being a mutant wasn’t always easy. Especially when you had two mutations. Telekinesis and earth element control. Professor Grey and Professor Xavier work with me daily for them both, they’re only concerned about one though. Ever since I was 13, they’ve taken me in and taught me.

Lately they’ve been dealing with a new mutant that came in with Rogue, and Magneto. Rogue is really gnarly, actually. She tells me she came with a man, more animal than anything from what I hear. She’s into him, I can tell.

“Y/N, are you listening?” Professor asked, as I giggle with Rogue about some joke she said. I quickly straighten up.

“Yes, ma’am.” I shot back.

She nodded and walked back to the whiteboard. She continued to talk about the great inventors and even Presidents that were secretly a mutant. Interesting to say the least.

Professor Grey walked in.

“Good evening, Storm. Can I borrow Y/N for a while?” She said with a perfect smile. I stood up and fixed my flannel button. We walked out the door and downstairs where Cerebro was. Nobody has seen it but the professors. I walked in to the metal doors.

“Is there something I did wrong, Professor?”

“Call me Jean.” She said sweetly, “And no, nothing is wrong. Just a check-up with Charles.”

As I walk in I notice a tall man with cigar hung by the lips. His brows furred together, gripping his cigar with his fingers.

“Who’s this?” he ruffed.

“This is Miss Y/F/N,” Professor Xavier rolled to us, “Welcome. Please, take a seat.”

I sat on the side of the tall medical bed, as Jean put stickers on my head. The unknown man made heavy eye contact with me.

“Y/N, this is Logan.” Jean introduced. He held his hand out, I stared at the three scars between his knuckles, then to his rough face. Taking a long stare at his combed hair and patchy beard, I then looked down.

“She doesn’t talk much, not with new people at least.” She said to Logan, “Its okay, he won’t hurt you. He’s a friend” she then said to me.

I looked back up at him, then spoke. “Hello” came from my mouth quietly. A quick but sweet smile at me. Followed by his cigar being pressed to his mouth.

The regular tests were done; same questions were asked.

“What’re you guys doing to her?” Logan asked as if he’d been waiting to ask.

“She’s undergoing tests to make sure she’s not developing more than she should be. She has two mutations as opposed to one.”

“What does she have?” He questioned further

“You know, I’m right here.” I spoke aloud, not completely meaning to but not entirely regretting it.

He looked at me for an answer, confused with my talk, I suppose.

“I have telekinesis and I can control the elements. I guess they just go hand in hand. His face was stuck in a confusion.

“She’s very talented, Logan. I am sure you could learn a few things.” Charles said with a wink to me followed by a smile.

“If you know what she ha- you have, then why poke and prod? She’s just a kid.”

“She might just be a child but she has level 4 abilities. She needs to be watched.”

“You’re trying to control her.” Logan protested.

I slowly move the ring off my finger and swirl it around my hand. Listening to the bicker was somewhat interesting. I knew what I had was powerful and that it needed to be tamed. I was dangerous and I didn’t really see it as them controlling, just looking out.

Jean butted in. “I’ve been working with her to concentrate her abilities and learn to control them. Not the other way around. She has made fantastic progress.”

They let me leave and told me to be back tomorrow. Logan said something, then followed me out.

I tried to ignore him and walk to my room. I didn’t have to share, thank god.

“Hey, kid!” He hollered. I turned around to face him.


“I. uh, just wanted to make sure. You know. That you’re okay.” He mustered out

“I’m okay. Thank you.” I gave a smile.

“Well, good.” He said after a second of silence.

“You’re not good at making conversation, yanno.” I pointed out.

“I, don’t deal with children.” He looked down. Maybe he’s not always bad.

“I’m not a child, I’m in my twenties, thank you very much. I laughed at how incredibly awkward this man was. I studied him and started walking away. He stood there, like a deer in headlights then walked back to the room.

I walked to my room and Rogue was sitting by my bed.

“Y/N!” She exclaimed, I like to think she was my best friend and I was hers.

“Hey girly, what’s up?”

“I have so much to tell you.” She smiled.

“Yeah, me too. Actually, about the guy you came with. Logan?” Her face turned.

“Logan? What about him?”

I tried to even fathom what he was trying to do earlier. Protect me? Stand up for me? “Well he was just asking a lot of questions about me, really. Then asked if I was okay after my tests”

“Oh, I have news about Bobby! yanno, the guy I have a thing for…. Ice Guy? Yea, we’re getting lunch” It then seeped I that I would be eating alone.

“OOooohhHH, I know him. That’s great! I’m so excited for you.” I swallowed my anxiety of being alone and became happy for my friend. We talked a little bit more until it was time for lunch.

She met bobby outside of my room, and I slowly became third wheel before silently excusing myself to the bathroom.

I walked in, and there stood, Maggie Trout. A nasty girl with a nasty attitude. She could multiply herself. All 3 of her was standing in front of the mirror trying to figure which lipstick looked best. Typical, honestly.

“What’re you looking at, bitch” She emphasized. I was not one for violence but I wish in so many ways that I could drop rocks on her perfectly curved face. Strike her with lightening. Smother her in vines. But, being a GREAT Samaritan I am I will refrain.

“No, just trying to go pee.” I shot back.

“Sorry,” as she filled the bathroom stalls up with 7 copies of herself, it then left no room, “they’re all taken.” Her devious, cunning smile was enough for me to grip my fists together. I shut my eyes so I could no longer see the face haunting my bad side. I felt the ground rumble, as the sky went black through my eyelids.

I heard a soft voice, “cut it out, prick!”

Why she decided to egg this on, I had no idea. But I was not having it, gripping my teeth, I march towards her. An arm grips me tightly and pulls me back, both arms now wrapped around my torso as the ground continues to shake.

I grind my teeth as angry tears fall down my face, my breathing now heavy.

Jean who was now in my head, softly cooed a child’s rhyme that continued to calm me down.

“Y/N I need you to take a deep breath.” She said with a gentle voice. I still struggle silently and less aggressive to break free, which then became no struggle. The hands I was being held with was not Jeans, but with Logan’s.

He picked me up and carried me to the down stairs office. I was approached by Storm, Jean and Professor Xavier.

Storm came first with a soft yet assertive touch to her voice.

“You can’t do things like that, Y/N, it’s dangerous.”

“I thought it was pretty bad ass” Logan laughed, which came to a halt as they all gave him looks. I was most disappointed to let down Jean. She had almost become a mother figure to me. She said nothing but simply looked down with arms crossed.

I knew she was upset and it broke my spirits.

Charles looked at me for a second or two, reading me, I guess.

“I understand your rage, your hurt and how you feel, Y/N. But that was a dangerous thing you did. If it happens again, there will be grave coincidences. Is this understood?”

I nodded my head with an apology shortly after.

“You may go.” Professor said. And with that I walked out.

Logan’s POV

“Why not, Charles?”

“She doesn’t need a protector; she needs to learn to control herself.”

“Tell me I’m not the poster child of learning to control yourself” I said with a sharp tone.

Charles gave me a look, along with Scott.

“If you can give me your word you can keep her under control, Logan. You may watch her and help her. If by a month’s time, nothing has improved then we will take matters into our hands and take care of it.”

Maybe Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters wasn’t always bad.

Before I get a ton of comments about Lorna’s hair in The Gifted, I say:

1. Just because she doesn’t seem to have green hair in this trailer doesn’t mean she won’t ever have it. It doesn’t mean she won’t have it in the first episode, even.

2. Bryan Singer directed this. We all know his fixation in giving mutants their iconic hair via an ‘experience’ (Rogue in X1, and Storm in XMA). I wouldn’t discount Lorna acquiring her hair as an adrenaline response to some sort of trauma.

ETA: She could also be dyeing it to pass as a non-mutant (as she did in the comics).

In conclusion, I wouldn’t despair just yet.


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Charles Xavier x reader

Request:  Hey~ could you write a drabble with charles with 65. “I dont want you to stop” and 91.“ Tell me you need me”. Thank you so much!!~

You sighed, before sitting softly on your bed. You we’re exhausted from attempting to teach math to young mutants all day; it was not an easy job.

Right now, all you wanted was to lay in bed with Charles and just talk for hours like you used to do back when you both could at least tolerate each other.

But you couldn’t. It was on repeat in your head over and over again, what had happened. You’d considered that maybe if you both had been in better moods, and you’d just thought about how your words would hurt the other, it could’ve played out differently. 

You told yourself that you’d get over him eventually, but something inside you would always know that you’d never stop regretting that some childish debate left your nearly perfect relationship in shambles.

Right now, however, you were especially missing the way he’d kiss your hand and ask you about your day whenever he’d notice that you were particularly stressed out about something. And how he’d just let you talk for hours about whatever, just to hear the sound of your voice.

There was this voice in the back of your mind that kept telling you that even if you would never get him back, it was never too late to make amends though.

You crept through the mansion until you found Charles’ room, and your hand hesitantly hovered over his door for the longest time until you finally had the confidence to knock.

“Come in” You heard his deep British voice call out.

You carefully stepped into the room that you both had once shared, and there he was sitting in his wheelchair reading a book that he’d probably read a thousand times before,

You could see him physically tense up at the sight of you, and it made your heart break a little seeing that someone who’d once held you so tight that your hearts were beating in sync felt like a stranger now.

It took you a while to realize that you’d both been just staring at each other for over a minute, and that Charles was probably expecting some sort of explanation as to why you’d shown up in his room randomly.

“I-I um I don’t like where we’re at” You stuttered out, and mentally cringed at how little sense your words made.

You waited for a response trying to focus your gaze on anything but him, and you rocked back and forth on your heels nervously.

He looked confused for a minute, before he gave you a look that told you he understood what you meant. He patted the chair next to him signaling for you to come and sit, and you obliged hoping that he couldn’t feel how nervous you were.

You both opened your mouths to speak at the same time, before both of you getting terribly embarrassed cringing internally.

“No, you go first”

“You talk first”

You both said in unison, which left you even more flustered.

“Uh, go ahead love” Charles said, finally breaking the silence.

You cleared your throat before quickly figuring out how to string your words together into a sentence.

“I wanted to apologize” you started. “For how we left things, I regret that it had to end like that’’ You told him, and it sounded more like a well-rehearsed speech for a class presentation rather than sincere.  

He looked somber, and you could tell that he felt the same about the break up as you did.

“I do as well. It was messy” Charles replied formally, the same as you had before. It felt like you both were reading your lines off a paper in front of you.

You stared at your hands in your lap, and started to second guess yourself on whether coming here was even a good decision at all.

“Yeah. I don’t think it’s too late to make amends though.” You confessed.

He looked up at you, and the both of you locked eyes, and it felt like the first time you had ever looked into his bright blue irises.

“You don’t?” He asked, surprised.

This had made your heart start to speed up again. “Do you?” You asked hesitantly.

His gaze shifted from your eyes to your hands, and you could tell he was considering grabbing them in his own like he used to do.

He just let his hands rest in his own lap, and swallowed.

“I think it’s never too late” He responded.

“Charles do you ever think… do u ever just think about what we’d be if we hadn’t broken up? You know if we were still together, because I miss you every day. I can’t even see something as simple as a t-shirt without missing you, and I hate it. I hate it so much because we broke up over something so stupid and I just miss you okay” You blurted out.

And before you knew it his lips were lightly pushed against yours, and finally got to feel what you’d been craving since it slipped away from you. Except it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel like it felt before.

Charles could sense your discomfort and he pulled away abruptly, and started spewing out apologies so fast that your brain couldn’t even register.

“Um wait, Charles. I-i don’t want you to stop” You whispered, and you were surprised he even heard it.

You didn’t even know if you wanted him to hear it.

“What?” He asked quickly.

“Kiss me again” You replied quickly.

The next thing you knew, your lips were connected once again and both of you knew that this wasn’t what you wanted, not anymore, it was different.

“Tell me that you need me” You spit out hastily. “Tell me that you love me and that you can’t live without me, tell me that you need me.

You stared at him and he didn’t say anything. He just didn’t say anything back; you’d pored your heart out to him and all you got was a blank stare. It made you want to scream and cry, and break stuff, but what good would that do you.

The man you were once helplessly in love with had slipped out of fingertips in an instant and you we’re always going to regret it.

It would always be ‘what could’ve happened’

“I-um” He tried to string together words. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to say it because it just wasn’t true.

“It’s okay” you reassured. “I wouldn’t have been able to say it either”

And with that you left the professor’s’ room, but now it was different. You weren’t taking his heart with you when you left his time. You’d been returning it.



AU #1: Hear Me (7)

there’s a SEVENTH PART? What am i, a mad man? you betcha. (also, sorry that this is like 7 hours late, i was busy with things (and forgetful))

Hear Me Masterlist

Is it bad to wish for once, I got to save someone? She was my last chance, my last hope to not ruin a life, to save one. And I can’t even do that.

“It seems you’ve found your soulmate already, Y/N.” Charles observes, beaming at you and the man at his side, a boyish looking Hank McCoy smiles. “Warren Worthington, isn’t it?”

You nod, watching McCoy swallow and smile a little brighter.

“I had noticed that there were issues, but I suppose if you’re here they were worse than I thought.” Charles smiles sympathetically and you shrug, uncomfortable. You’d left Ororo and Warren not long before, both of them agreeing that the Professor would prefer to meet you alone.

“So, Y/N, your mutation. Do you have any idea what it could be?” Charles asks, your hesitation speaking for you. “It is strange, but I am sure we can help you.”

“Are you sure I’m even… You know, one of you?” You ask nervously and Hank laughs gently, adjusting his glasses and nodding.

“We have a machine; it shows all the mutants in the world. You were one of them, Y/N.”

“But if my mutation is so… Invisible, why am I here?”

“In complete honesty, you were Eriks first assignment. But Charles has brought up some questions and I’d like to take some tests.” Hank explains, pulling off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. “Is that okay with you?”

You stare at him for a long moment, before glancing at the door behind you and nodding. Warren said Hank had helped him after whatever had damaged his wings so much.

“Okay.” You whisper and Hank nods once, glancing at Charles who leans forward some.

“I would like to go through your mind, perhaps see if we could find some clues to your mutation?” Charles asks as well and you wave your hand, assenting silently and swallowing hard. His smile is kind as his fingers lift to his temple, eyes glued to yours.

And suddenly memories are rushing by, moments you’d never clicked or connected all coming together.

“Oh.” You whisper softly, your mutation a mural of small moments you’d looked right over.

“You have an unusual gift, Y/N.” Charles smiles and you nod slowly, chewing the inside of your cheek.

“But- Ah, what is it? None of that really explained anything.”

“My best guess, my dear, is you can transfer your voice over large distances, at any volume, much like telepathy but with your physical voice. I believe, if you wanted, you could whisper to someone across, say, a football field.” He explains, smiling at you curiously and you nod, staring into your lap. Whisper across a football field. “With honing, the range of your voice could be limitless.”

“But there.” Hank pipes up and you stare at him for a long moment.


“There might be catch. Just what happened, actually.” He explains softly, his fingers tapping his thigh. “Charles has fears you may be losing your hearing.”

“When is he doing the tests? They’re getting an ear doctor or whatever in?” Warren asks, pacing back and forth as his wings twitch every so often and you nod blankly. Deaf. You could be going deaf.

What good is an unlimited voice if you can’t hear?

“When are the tests?” Warren spits, rubbing his face hard and you shrug, staring at the floor. “Y/N, when are the tests?”

“Not tomorrow, the next day. I miss out on morning classes.” You whisper, knowing he’ll hear. Looks like everyones always going to hear you, even if you yourself can’t.

“It’s going to be fine, it probably isn’t a big deal.” Warren offers weakly, coming to a stop before you and watching your hunched form. The ache at the back of your mind fills you with guilt. You should be helping him get better, not causing more drama.

“Charles showed me. It… It’s happened a lot.” You explain softly, recalling all the moments he’d showed you where the sentences had been stilted, misshapen for the conversation. You wondered how many managed to slip through, little unnecessary words slipping past your ear but not raising alarm bells. “It’s getting worse.”

Warren kneels, his palms resting over your knees with worried eyes and you shrug. Shifting forward, his blue eyes fill your view and your heart thumps hard at the sight of them.

“You’re magnificent.” He whispers and you can’t help the tears that rush to your eyes. Pressing the heels of your palms into your squeezed closed eyes, you inhale a soft breath.

“Thank you.” You mumble, pulling yourself into a semblance of yourself and he worries at his lip as his eyes search your face. Leaning forward, slowly, his eyes dart between your eyes and your lips. Licking your lips, you lean into him, but you can’t help gasping as his lips hit yours and he swallows the sound, palm coming up to cup the back of your head.

Pulling back, he presses his forehead to yours and you hear birds twittering outside the window that you hadn’t noticed before. Or hadn’t heard.

saaaaaad puppies

yana’s confirmed to be in an issue of x-m*n gold in august but m*rvel’s been lettin me down so much lately idk if i care anymore

The Department Store

„Yes, but what is the Zone? And the artifacts?” Spike was still questioning the old stalker.

“I’ve told you already; the Zone is everything you see around. All the mutants, anomalies, artifacts, stalkers; we are all part of this. Besides, you probably have some observations on your own already…” Strelok was getting a little drowsy; the scorching sun was shining mercilessly. They were half-way to Cordon but at noon the heat became too unbearable to march forward. They found shelter from the prying sunrays in form of a partially demolished bus stop’s roof  and were now sitting on something that once used to be a bench. Strelok yawned audibly. He didn’t sleep all that well in the Big Land but here… ah, here… and to think, he couldn’t sleep a wink in the Zone once… After his first night in Cordon he felt like a brand new man.  

“You are telling me less that you know for sure…” she still probed, kicking her leg in the air back and forth. That annoying rookie was crushing his chance for a short nap.

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Marvel | Alex Summers x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you write an Alex Summers x reader imagine where they get into a huge fight because he doesn’t want her to fight and he ends up admitting that he wants to protect her because he is in love with her and at first, she is confused and then she says the feeling is mutual and the they kiss and just… Adorable? Haha

Charles called a meeting with some of the mutants but when we were all in the room, I noticed we were the only ones able to fully control our mutation. I sat next to my best friend, Alex, and assumed why we were here.

“Yes, Y/N, that’s exactly what you’re all here for,” Charles spoke, “Trask Industries has taken mutants to their facility and none have walked out. You all need to lay low and bring back as many mutants as you can find.”

“That’s vague,” I commented.

“Because I don’t need to tell you to get the job done by any means necessary,” Charles replied.

“You want us to kill?” Hank asked.

“If it comes to that,” Charles sighed and we all knew that wasn’t what he wanted, “the facility is heavily guarded and we’ve all seen what the sentinels are capable of.”

“And these are just prototypes,” Raven added.

“You leave at nightfall,” Charles dismissed. 

He’d been more stressed out than usual since Trask started taking mutants. I nodded and left, Alex shortly followed after me.

“You can’t go,” he huffed when we reached my room.

I turned around immediately and he bumped into me, “Excuse me?”

“You. Can’t. Go,” he repeated.

“And why is that?” I crossed my arms.

“It’s too dangerous,” he said obviously.

“Our whole lives are dangerous, Alex,” I scoffed.

“You can’t go.”

“If it’s danger you’re worried about, then be worried about our enemies.”

“Y/N,” he raised his voice. He was getting frustrated and it was ridiculous.

“Alex, I can literally stop time and when I focus, I can make sure only the X-Men are able to move through the facility.”

“You need to stay here, stay protected.”

“So should you! So should everyone! But we can’t do nothing about Trask!” I started yelling.

“You don’t get it!”

“Get what?!”

He started pacing and running his hands through his hair.

“Dammit, Alex! Where is this coming from?!”

“I can’t protect you and focus on the mission at the same time! I can’t keep you safe if I’m there with you! I can’t lose you, Y/N! I don’t know what I’d do if they caught you.”

“Since when do you worry about me? I’m physically capable of taking care of myself and you know it!”

“I KNOW! I want you here so you are safe and so I can come home to you because I’m in love with you!” he admitted.

I stopped time. The thoughts I had ran by my mind at a hundred miles an hour. Alex? In Love? With me? How? Why? When? I looked at his face. His features weren’t angry, just concerned. My best friend was in love with me and I knew I loved him. Time continued.

“The feeling’s mutual,” I said.

I closed the distance between me and Alex, lacing my fingers behind his neck. His hands were on my waist and I felt a little nervous. I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I looked up at him and his smile was one that could make me weak at the knees.

“I might kiss you,” he whispered.

“I might be bad at it,” I confessed.

In seconds, his lips were on mine. Soft, supple, and gentle. It felt as if butterflies fluttered around us or a tender flame ablaze. This was new for us yet we were in sync. We broke the kiss and let out a soft breath.

“Definitely not bad at that,” he said, placing his forehead on mine. I blushed and couldn’t stop the smile that came.

anonymous asked:

Is there any segregation between non human coloured mutants and human coloured mutants? i mean, has anyone accidentally hurt someone's feelings by saying something (albeit in a non insulting way) about their physical mutations?

Charles: At the school, we do our best to teach that we’re all mutants and that we all deserve respect. But it’s not uncommon for the smaller children to make a comment at one another and end up in my office. But we all seem to aknowledge that mutants recieve enough negative feed back from humans as it is and there isn’t much seperation amoung the us because of it.

Difficult Steps (Avengers x reader)

So this is my first fan fiction that I posted on here and I want to say it’s a short drabble but I got carried away. (Of course) 

word count: 1566 (oops)

tw: death, depression, and drinking (let me know if I need to mention anything else)

Death wasn’t an option in the Avengers. Whatever happens, you get your ass to the medic. The number one rule of an Avenger. So what happens when you break it?

It was a pain you’ve never felt before. Cold sweat stuck to your skin as the loud sounds of war echoed in the background. Soon, it all became white noise, including the voices of your teammates. A bullet through your abdomen. This wasn’t how you thought you would go. A slow painful death.

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