we are all in the dumps with jack and guy

Camping** Version. 1



Camping. You weren’t quite sure who’s brilliant idea it was to spark up the conversation of camping but after weeks of protesting, you were sat on a log watching your idiot brothers trying to pitch a tent. 

“We’re not going to make it to the end of the weekend are we?” Joe’s voice pulled you away from your brothers. 

Joe draped his arm around your shoulder letting your head fall to his. 

“Nope. Jack and Conor are either going to kill each other or one of us.” You said as you pictured a scene of one of the boys falling into the fire later tonight. 

Joe must have had the same image run through his head because he laughed and told you that he and Oli were taking care of the fire tonight. 

“This isn’t going to be very romantic will it?” you looked over at Joe.

“Hey just because everyone is here and were camping doesn’t mean we can’t make it romantic?” 

“Oi will you stop fondling my sister and help us with this damn thing?” Jack shouted as he let the tent fall to the ground. 

Daylight was depending behind the trees just as you had finished pitching the last tent. Somehow out of the 8 of you, 3 of which were family, you were the only one with basic outdoor skills. Apparently Jack and Conor weren’t paying attention on your family camping trips you use to take all the time so you did most of the work. 

“Alright guys dinner is served!” Shouted Mikey from the picnic table where he had laid out all of the food you had packed for the weekend. 

“Mikey you do know that all this food has to last us at least 6 more meals” Oli questioned.

“I know but I thought we could have some variety” Mikey defended himself as everyone rolled their eyes. 

After everyone had ate, Joe and Oli worked on building a fire and after several attempts, finally got it to ignite and stay lit. 

“I can’t believe you have two have never had a s’more before!” You laughed as you watched Caspar and Josh roast their marshmallows. 

“Well sorry our family holidays weren’t to the middle of the woods” Josh said as he frantically blew the fire off his marshmallow. 

“Its hard to believe that you guys were on those holidays too” Joe said directing his words to the boys sitting across from him. 

“Mate that was a long time ago. We were so young!” Jack yelled.

“Y/N is younger than you guys and she at least remembers how to pitch a tent.”

“Hey, that wasn’t out fault. The tent was defected.” Conor chimed in causing all the boys to erupt with laughter as they all remembered Conor getting mad and throwing the tent to the ground.

The moon was now high in the sky giving you just enough light to finish packing up all the food. Everyone had gone to their tents, exhaustion from the long drive and building camp setting over them. 

You dumped a bucket of water over the remains of the fire, watching the cloud of smoke release into the air as a pair of arms wrapped around your stomach. 

“I think its time we make this trip romantic” Joe said as his lips danced up your neck. 

“Joe now is not the time” You shrugged him off. 

“Why not? Everyones been passed out now for an hour or so, tonight is probably the only night we’ll have to ourselves.” Joe said, his hands snaking their way back around your waist. 

“Fine” You said turning around to kiss him deeply as he attempted to walk you backwards towards your tent. 

Thank god the boys had bought 4 tents for this trip. You were fairly certain that they would all agree that you and Joe would have your own no matter what but you honestly weren’t expecting the boys to follow through with much of this trip. 

You stumbled back into your tent, Joe falling onto of you having tripped over your bags. You let out a small giggle but was quickly silenced by Joe’s lips on yours once again.

 The tent was dark and but you managed to removed yours and Joe’s clothes, throwing them somewhere inside. Joe’s hand traveled down your stomach to your core, a finger collected your juices before sliding inside you of. 

You let out a moan as he started work his finger in and out. “Shhh babe.” Joe said against your neck as he nipped it. 

You bit down on your lower lip as Joe inserted another finger. It took everything inside you not to moan out his name or whine when his fingers were pulled out of you. 

Joe pushed you down onto the ground, pumping his cock and few times before pulling a condom out of his bag he had tripped over earlier. 

“Planning on getting lucky didn’t you Sugg?” You smirked as you watched his roll the condom onto his length. 

“Always gotta be prepared with you” he winked before running the tip in between your folds and slowly easing in. 

You let out a loud gasp as he filled you completely, pausing once he was in so you could adjust and compose yourself. Joe slowly moved his hips back and forth as he thrusted in and out of you.

You bit down hard on your lip as your struggled to contain your moans. A few escaped Joe’s as he picked up the paced. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down and attaching your lips to his. 

Your attempts to conceal your moans with his mouth failed as another loud moan left your lips. You moved your mouth to Joe’s shoulder where you bit down slightly causing him to wince in pain as he let his own head fall into the crook of your neck. 

Joe’s thrusts were getting sloppier and the moans were leaving your mouths more often but you kept them quiet…well you tired. Joe was hitting your g spot with every thrust and it was becoming too much for you to hold back. 

You let yourself release over Joe, a low moan ripping through your vocal cords as your body shook with euphoria. Joe released moments later into the condom, your name leaving his lips as his collapsed onto your body. 

The two of you laid in the dark, the only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of heavy breathing. You rolled over into Joe’s chest, your arm moving up to his hair. He let out a hum as your fingers twisted themselves in his hair. 

You kissed his chest before laying your head on it, listening to the sound of this heart rate slow back down. 

“I love you” he said after a while of silence. 

“I love you too” you said as he kissed the top of your head, and wrapping his arms around you tightly.

I had two requests dealing with camping but Y/N’s character was different so instead of combining them I’m going to just make two imagines with the sameish idea but different endings (Maybe - I have an idea but we’ll see how that goes). Version 2 will be out tomorrow Xx

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This probably isn't exactly what you meant by pregnancy prompt but could you write something with Jack trying to convince Rhys to have a third kid? Like Cyrus is out of the house, Jaxen is almost gone too and Jack is taking the empty nest thing a lot harder than Rhys is.

more old dads because i love them

Rhys was getting a little bit suspicious.

It wasn’t exactly unlike Jack to double down on the pampering. Sometimes Jack just got in those moods where he wanted to lavish his omega in gifts and sweets and sex, and Rhys wasn’t about to rebuke that with little cause.

However…some of Jack’s behavior lately, and especially the type of treats he was pushing onto Rhys, led Rhys to think that something was up. Ice cream, champagne and chocolate were pretty par for the course, but uh. Oysters? Artichoke? Figs? Rhys had never even eaten a fig before Jack had randomly decided to bake up a tart full of the things for his omega one evening. They were fine enough—Jack’s baking talents certainly hadn’t waned with age—but Rhys was still confused.

Despite his confusion, Rhys hadn’t chosen to broach the topic, until one quiet night when Jack slipped into bed next to him with a cracked open pomegranate. The omega had looked at him like he was crazy, setting down his book and glaring with exasperation at his mate as Jack tried to lick the ruby juice from his own wrist to stop it from staining the pale yellow sheets.

“Jack….what are you doing…” Rhys asked, voice tired even as his mate scooted in next to him, bumping their hips together as he handed one raw half of the fruit towards him.

“C’mon, kitten, it’ll be fun…” Jack waggled his tongue at him, showing off how red-stained both it and his teeth had become, but even though that was kind of sexy in contrast to Jack’s brown skin and silver hair, Rhys decided he needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay, handsome, hold it,” Rhys took the half of the fruit from Jack, only to gingerly set it against the nightstand, “what’s the deal lately? You keep…you keep on trying to feed me weird things lately? What’s up with that?”

“Weird? I dunno what you mean, sweetie.” Jack licked the side of his half of the pomegranate, baring his canines before Rhys snatched it from his sticky lips and set it aside as well.

“You’ve been cooking all kinds of different food lately, stuff I’ve never even seen before much less tasted. So what’s your game there big boy?”

“Game? No game,” Jack said innocently, rolling onto his side. One broad hand rested over Rhys’ middle, suggestively squeezing the omega’s body. Rhys frowned, bracing his hands against Jack’s forearm.

“Okay, seriously, what’s the deal?

Jack was nosing his way around the comforter bunched around Rhys’ hips, grabbing onto the hem of his T-shirt with his teeth and pulling it up. Clearly ignoring Rhys’ question and trying to bury it under sexy-times. Well Rhys wasn’t gonna have any of that, he thought as he cuffed Jack’s ears, making the alpha whine and release and mouthful of shirt.

“Owww, babe….” Jack groused, but Rhys’ questioning gaze was firm and made the alpha quickly wilt.

“I mean…maybe….jeez, Rhysie, it’s just a little lonely around here, okay?” Jack grumbled as he rested his chin against Rhys’ middle.

“Lonely? Um, hello Jack, you’ve still got me.”

“Yeah, but….Cyrus is already moved out, and Jaxen’s basically got one foot out the door….it’s so quiet all the time now.” Jack pinched the hem of Rhys’ shirt up further, pressing one kiss, still sticky from the pomegranate, onto Rhys’ doughy belly.

“I was just thinking maybe it’s time….to add another to the Handsome Jack dynasty?”

Rhys felt something flutter happily in his stomach even as his eyes widened in surprise at Jack’s question.

“Oh no.” Rhys moaned, a little harsher than perhaps he’d intended.


“No way, Jack.”

“Why not?”

“Jack, we’ve got two perfectly good kids already…”

“Care to make it three?”

“Jack,” Rhys laughed, shaking his head, “you really think….I’m way too old to get pregnant…much less chase after a baby when it’s out…”

“Shut up. You’d still look as sexy as you did. And you’d still be an awesome mom.” Jack looked up, eyes wide and earnest and like he was a kid asking what he wanted for Christmas. Rhys couldn’t stop another high, amused laugh from bubbling out of his throat.

“Oh my god…so all that weird stuff you’ve been cooking for me lately…all the spoiling…you wanted me to agree to have another kid.”

Jack scoffed, rolling his eyes as he pressed another kiss to Rhys’ stomach.

“I was researching, pumpkin. I’m not the type of guy to just dump fertility drugs in your coffee.”

Rhys made a mental note to make his own coffee from now on, before clapping both hands against Jack’s cheeks, smushing his face together.

“You’re insane, Jack, what would we even…we can’t….there’s no way…”

“No way, huh? You saying I can’t fire ‘em off like I used to?” Jack growled jokingly, grinning up at Rhys. The omega’s cheeks warmed at the sight—there was still the lingering blood of the pomegranate on Jack’s canines, and well, laundry day was tomorrow after all.

“Well….can’t say I’m really sure about this, but…” Rhys purred, slowly sliding down from his rest against headboard as Jack propped himself up above him, gradually pinning the omega down against the sheets.

“I think maybe I’d like to see you try.”

Ethan & Tyler as a Ler Tag Team

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark takes an age test and gets 7. tyler and ethan thinks he needs to be punished but cant figure out how. they call jack or help.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I SUCK AT TITLES SO BAAAAD! ALSO YES I PUT IN A BIT OF SEPTIPLIER IM SOOOOOORRY!

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Title- Baby G

Sub- Omaha Boys

Background- Jack G’s baby sister, singer who is moving to LA

Disclaimer- Only own the plot

I watch as the plan lands, sighing cause LAX seems scarier now than it’s ever been. I’m only fifteen but it’s time I move my career to LA. I step off the plane as I receive a text from my brother Jack saying him and his three best friends are here. It’s a comforting thought that I would get to see my four brothers after a year.
“Jack do you have to go?” I ask crying into my brothers shirt. I knew I wasn’t going to see him for a long time and didn’t want to let him go. “You’re gonna be there soon, it’s not a good bye just a see you later.” He smiles as he wipes the tears off my cheeks. He grabs his stuff and one last hug he’s gone.
He moved out here because of his  career and now it was my turn. But this time he and the others would be here with me. I move towards baggage claim spotting the two jacks already. As soon as I get off the escalator I scream, “JACK” I drop all my stuff as he turns around. Johnson goes to retrieve my stuff as Jack picks me up and hugs me. I wrap my legs around his waist and smile, I had my brother back. “I missed you so so much baby girl.” “I missed you too Jack.” I say choking up a little. We stay like that having our brother and sister moment.
J- How’s Omaha without us (motioning to the rest of the guys.)
Y/n- Lonely (giving him a weak smile)
JJ- Only two more months Baby G
S- Than you will be making music out here in LA
Y/n- I guess so
N- Baby girl we miss you a lot too but you gotta smile a little for us. We don’t need to hear Jack whine about how miserable we are all making you.
J- You’ll be here soon.

 I’m pulled from his arms and into Johnson’s. “Baby G you never ever allowed to leave me again.” He says as he squishes me in his arms. “I promise.”

“Johnson, I need help.” I say into my phone. “"Wassup.” “"I can’t figure out this lyric and the company wants it submitted and I don’t want goer fired and-” “"okay let’s take this one step out at time. Step one is to breathe. Okay calm down. Can you do that.” “"Yeah.” I let out a breathe. “"Ok now explain what you want to say…”

I smile as we go and grab the rest of my luggage. Soon after I realize we are missing two  very important people. “hey where is Sammy and ahh.” I say as Sammy picks me and twirls me. “I’m right here little G and I ain’t going no where.” I laugh as he pulls me into a hug and rambles on about worried he was about me all alone in Omaha. 

“ARE YOU OK!” Sammy screams as I answer the FaceTime call. “"Yes Sammy I’m fine.” I giggle a little bit. “"Well I heard you went on a date and I swear if that guy touched.” “"Sammy I’m ok.” I assure him with a smile. “We should’ve been there to scare him shitless.” He grumbles.

We all catch up as we wait for Nate to come back. I see his tall figure weaving through people as he notices me he picks up his pace. Skate and I have been the closest minus Jack and me of course.
*phone call*
Y/n- (cries) Nate
N- what’s wrong
Y/n- He dumped me and now I’m writing a song about it
N- I’m so sorry he’s a blind idiot, And Sam was right we should’ve beaten the shit out of him. Just know that when you get here no guy will ever not be scared of us. Do you want to talk your brother?
Y/n- No I want to talk to you
N- (chuckles) Well tell me about this new song you’re working on
Y/n- it goes like this, I wish I punched you in the face sooner you fucking fucker

He and I have a very close bond. I start to run towards him reciprocating what I did with Jack, as I run into his arms. "Saved the best for last didn’t you y/n?” he says as he catches me. “I didn’t have much of a choice.” I retorted as he sets me down. he gives me a smile as we walk to the rest of the boys. Jack gives me a piggy back to the car as the others grab my stuff. “So baby G what do you think of LA.” Sammy asks me as we walk to the car. “It’s much bigger than Omaha.” I say in awe looking at all the sky scrapers. “Don’t worry about it.” Johnson reassures me as we climb into the car. As we drive I look at my brothers, a year changes people. I wonder if I’ve grown up as much as they have in the past twelve months. The rest of the night went pretty smoothly until I attempted to go sleep. The problem is you can’t see the stars in LA. when I got scared or nervous back home I would just look up and watch the stars. but now it’s just smog and sky. “Can’t sleep Y/n?” Jack asks as he enters my room. All the boys have left to go back to their places and now it’s just us two. “There aren’t any stars out.” I respond staring out my window. “What are you talking about I’m staring right at one.” He pulls me into another hug. Because for the first time in a year I had my brothers back.

Hemlock Grove Silly Starters


“They will ass rape us with ice picks!”

“My brother I shit you not.”

“Negative on the naked man hugs!”

“My favourite hooker is down with the clap”

“You’ve inherited your mothers charm.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yeeeeah, that wasn’t a meth head.”

“Rich people have the best bathrooms.”

“Can you be a gentlemen for once and call your date a cab?”

“And you wanna thank her by getting her hip deep in our shit?”

“Look I don’t care how well trained her gag reflex is!”

“Leave out the spontaneous lactating though, that’s too weird.”

“Not someone, something.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Oh I think I do.”

“You know you have intimacy issues, right?”

“It’s ok, she’s psychic.”

“How many flu seasons have we been through? And this is how you treat me?”

“Supposed to be all snow angels, reindeers and cozy evenings by the fire then this!”

*cheerful whistling whilst dumping a body*

*baby noise while cheering the baby*

“However, I have jack shit.”

“You’re either doing too many drugs or too few.”

“Do you have a specific need or is this just one of your ‘go fuck with ____’ visits?”

“What the fuck are you babbling about?”

“Now what does a girl do to get a glass of hemo around here?”

“Really? They got a guy called the tongue?!”

“No shit somethings not right here!” *points at bloody floor*

“Yeah I’m totally down with the dead. They don’t like, they don’t pick their noses and they don’t break your heart.”

“There are 38 species of Aliens, you waste of clothes!”

“St. Fucking ___ I’ll light a candle!

“Here’s the part where I sound like a fucking mental case.”

“Immortal space lizard shit.”

Ice Bucket Challenge With ATL

Hey can I please have Jack Barakat imagine where you’re Zack Merricks younger sister and you and ATL do the ice bucket challenge (I know that was ages ago) and its so cold that you jump up and down in your bikini and Jack gets a boner and walks in to house. You find him and help him get rid of his boner ;). Later they are on tour you come with them and the guys catch you and Jack making out and boob feels.


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can you do an imagine where Sammy starts planning for the future marriage and kids etc but y/n starts getting scared and doesn’t know if she would marry him and thinks about breaking up with him

KEY: Y/N=your name, Y/BFF/N=your best friends name-

(Y/N pov)

Sammy and I are laying in bed. It’s about 2:30am and I can’t sleep. He’s sound asleep so I don’t want to get up or move because that’ll wake him, or so I thought. He then taps me on the shoulder repeatedly whispering “Y/N, YYYY/NNN, baby? Are you awake?” I then turn from my previous spooning/side position and lay on other side facing Sammy. “Yes Sam what is it.” I say looking at him facing towards me. He then moves on to his back so I can cuddle his side. We rest for a bit and he then answers “I can’t wait to get married” “what?” I say sitting up, leaning on the bed frame “us when we get married it’ll be epic, I mean my proposals gonna be great because you already know ya boys got style” he says cockily and continues “and the wedding oh yea it’ll be sick” he says putting his hands behind his head laying on his back and keeps going “we’re gonna have everyone there and oh my best man will be hard to choose but in the end we all know it’ll probably be Shawn even though you would expect it to be Skate but I think Shawn’s a more fitting-” I cut him of totally appalled and confused “woah woah Sam when did you plan on this “wedding” happening?“ I ask air quoting wedding. “Umm in about two months? Yea yea two months” he says, my facial expression goes from confused to completely and utterly terrified and a bit amazed at the idea of how much thought he’s put into this. He then keeps going “anyways yea and after the wedding fuuuuccckkk that’s where the honeymoon comes in and ohhh baby are we gonna go damn hard.” He keeps going but I sort of zone him out and I slide back down onto the mattress laying on my back with my hands at my side listening to him, while I’m trembling. ‘Does this boy really think we’re getting married? I mean I’m 19! 19! I wasn’t planning on getting married until at least 28 and I was most definitely not thinking of Sam being my husband, I mean don’t get me wrong I love him I really do but you know this relationship is like a teen thing. Just a cute relationship until I planned on marrying a business man, a doctor, a fucking teacher for all I care NOT A RAPPER! I mean yea I support his career but I mean come on no one would listen to a 40 year old rapper unless it’s Eminem’. My thoughts get interrupted when I hear the word “kids” come out of his mouth. “Wait wait say that again” I say wanting to hear exactly what he was talking about. “Oh yea yea and during the epic honeymoon sex I’m not pullin’ out this time ohhhhh no baby and no birth control shit. We’re going all the way, three kids is what I’m hoping for all maybe 1-3 years apart yea yea two boys and a girl, the boys can be…. Chris and Connor oh and the girl… well you can come up with the girl’s name baby.” He says patting my shoulder. My eyes are now out of my sockets ‘CHILDREN?! This man thinks I’m having children with him?! I’m barley planning on having one child let alone three!’ He then says “so be ready to say yes” “to say yes to what” I say my voice cracking “I said I’m gonna propose sometime this month so be ready baby!” He then yawns “ah all this talking tired me out! Night baby love you” he says cuddling me and kissing my cheek as I shift to laying back on my side. Before we settle completely I get up and say “I’m gonna go get a glass of water” he then mumbles “hurry baccckkkk.” I speed walk to the kitchen and get a glass of ice water from the fridge dispenser. I rub my head and sigh grabbing an Advil and downing the cup of water. “I think I’m gonna have to break up with Sammy” I whisper. I walk back to the bed room and go back in bed Sammy instantly cuddles me and kisses my cheek, “night babe” he says “night” I whisper.

(Still Y/N pov) The next morning I wake up before Sammy and slide out of bed, I walk into the bathroom and look at my face in the mirror splashing it with cold water. I decide why not take a shower and hop in. As the water trickles down my back I wash my hair then let the conditioner sit for a bit, I think ‘how am I gonna break the news to Sammy..’ -SKIP REST OF SHOWER- I hop out of the shower and wrap a towel around me sighing. I get dressed and exit the bathroom. Once I exit I see Sammy all dressed “hey babe I’m going to the studio um do you wanna come” he asks me “no I’m good thanks” I respond. He tilts his head and furrows his eyebrows he then says “you never pass up a studio visit.. what’s up?” “Nothing I’m good great fine I just have plans” I say quickly “well ok” he says coming in for a kiss, I dodge the kiss and he kisses my cheek. He has a shocked expression on his face but before he could say anything I instantly leave the house. I’m walking to my car to meet up with my best friend, we’re just meeting up at Starbucks to talk. I make it to Starbucks and see her in the window at a table. I walk I and sit down across from her “heyy Y/N I already ordered your usual” she says gesturing the food and coffee on the table. “Thanks Y/BFF/N” I say sipping the coffee, she then noticed my expression and asked “ok what’s wrong?” I sigh and decide to just spill because she can tell when I’m lying “I have to break up with Sammy” she gasps “why? You literally love him like no one else ever” “he wants to get married and have kids in literally two months” I say “oh my gosh ummm that’s a nono wtf is he thinking” she says taking a bite of her muffin “exactly! That’s literally how I feel like I’m FUCKING 19!!” I say “barely an adult” we say at the same time “oh my god jinx!” We say at the same time again and laugh. The laughter dies and I get a text from Sammy, realizing by looking at my phone it’s been an hour since I left the house I slide my phone open to check the text. Sammy👅❤️:bb come home im makin’ lunch then we can go to the mall. “Ok Y/BFF/N I’m gonna go home and just get this over with” I say getting up grabbing my purse “good luck and I hope he gets it” she says and gets up and hugs me “thanks!! Love ya” I say then leave Starbucks and hop in my car and start to drive home.

(Sammy’s Pov) I’m at the studio with the Jacks and Skate. We just finished recording and we’re just chillin now. Skate tries to pass me the blunt but I decline “Skate it’s not even 1pm yet” I say “hey hey all you gotta say is "I pass” man” he says taking another hit. I can’t stop thinking about why Y/N dodged my kiss earlier I decide to consult with the guys “yo guys this morning Y/N dodged my kiss and ran out the house.. does that say something?” “HA she finna dump yo ass” Skate says snickering “yea man sorry bro that’s never a good sign” Johnson says “woah woah you guys are jumping to conclusions, maybe your breath just smelt like shit” a high Gilisnky says and they all laugh. “Guys I’m serious” I say sternly “ok ok what could you have said that may have set her off” Gilinsky says “set her off?? Nothing, literally nothing.” “I’ll rephrase that, anything to annoy her? Scare her? Threaten her in any way” Gilinsky says “look guys all I can think of is when last night I was talking about getting married and-” “WOAHHHHHH SKR SKR SKR BACKSPACE BACKSPACE” Skate says “woah man what the fuck yea hold on marriage? Dude you are 20, twen-ty” says Gilinsky “forget you bro Y/N is what 18?” Johnson says but I correct him “19” I say rolling my eyes. He continues “yea yea she just turned 19 whatever but dude that girl probably didn’t even think of marrying until maybe 27-30” he finishes “well she didn’t oppose to that or the kids idea.” Gilinsky spits out his water and yells “KIDS?!? Bro what the fuck is going through your mind??” “BROOO SHE LITERALLY IS A KID!! YOU TOO! Whats going through your mind is the right question.” Johnson says “My future..” I say. I look at the clock and decide to go home since we’re done for the day, I text Y/N and tell her to come home for lunch and maybe a mall date. “Look I’m gonna go I’ll catch y'all later” I say giving them the handshake “ight man and no more talk about marrying the girl!” Skate yells “yea!” Gilinsky and Johnson yell “whatever” I say and exit the studio, I hop in my car and drive home. I get home before Y/N because the Starbucks she’s at is far from our place. I quickly throw together and nice garden salad with some walnuts and various dressings. Once I finish Y/N walks in. “Mmmm smells like.. water in here” she says and shuts the door I chuckle and say “I made salads because that’s all I can make” she smiles and walks to the table. “Well I’ll get the lemon water and cups while you sit at the table” I say and she nods I walk over to her before she sits to kiss her but she again dodges pretending to get a phone notification. I clench my fists and decide we’ll just talk about it at the table. I set the food and drinks down and we begin to eat “mmmm walnuts nice” she says and clicks on the kitchen television we have I then decide to speak up and ask “Y/N what the fuck did I do?”

(Y/N pov) “Y/N what the fuck did I do?” Sammy asks “what?” I question my heart beating faster “why are you not kissing me?” He asks. I swallow the rest of my food and just decide to go for it “Sam.. I think we should break up..” “what why” he questions dropping his fork as do I “I just.. I don’t think we go well together anymore” I say looking at the salad. “Bullshit, why Y/N.?” He says and I sigh “Sam I don’t wanna marry you I’m sorry but I’m not ready and-” he cuts me off “Oh baby that’s fine we can just marry later I’m fine with waiting” I sigh and put my lap napkin on the table “no Sam I don’t wanna marry YOU” I emphasize the 'you’“ “well why the fuck not?” He questions “look you’re great and all but I was planning on marrying a lawyer or doctor or teacher or some stable job. Not a 20 year old rapper and I know that might be harsh but-” he then cuts me off and yells “WAIT THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS?!” “What do you mean?” I ask “THIS WHOLE DAMN RELATIONSHIP! THE WHOLE POINT OF DATING IS TO EVENTUALLY GET MARRIED AND HAVE A FAMILY! WHY DID I WASTE MY DAMN TIME ON YOU IF YOU WERE JUST GONNA DUMP ME LIKE THIS EVENTUALLY!?!?"he yells standing up throwing his napkin on the table I then stand up too "Sam I’m sorry I thought it was just a teenage fling..” I say sort of raising my voice “A FUCKING ALMOST 2 YEAR FLING?!? Y/N WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?!” He yells all up in my face. I then yell back “WELL FIRST OF ALL BACK THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE AND YES SAM ITS PROBABLY EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK! I DON’T THINK YOUR LIFESTYLE IS STABLE ENOUGH!! NO ONE WANTS A 40 YEAR OLD MAN STILL TRYNNA BE A RAPPER!” “WOW OF ALL PEOPLE YOU DON’T SUPPORT MY CAREER WOW JUST FUCKING GREAT” he says “YOU KNOW DAMN WELL I SUPPORT YOU ITS JUST THAT,” I lower my voice “maybe were just two kids in love Sam, and maybe it’s nothing more.” He then replies with a lowered tone “it was to me Y/N, it was more to me” he then grabs his keys and leaves not hesitating to slam the door on the way out.

(Sammy’s pov) “It was to me Y/N, it was more to me” I say then grab my keys and leave slamming the door. On the other side of the door I stop and hesitate to walk back inside. I then decide to just go, I walk to my car and get in. I decide to text Y/N. Me:I’m sorry, I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough.

(Y/N pov) I cleaned up the kitchen and everything and sit on the couch and sigh, it’s like I want to cry but I can’t do it. 'I broke up with him, there’s no reason to… ’ in the middle of my thoughts I get a text from Sam. Sammy👅❤️:I’m sorry, I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough. I then get a second text from him.

Sammy👅❤️:what happened to forever??. I then text him back. Me:We’re too young to talk about forever.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it:) don’t hesitate to leave constructive criticism or comments! Xx

Twenty - Four ~ Prologue

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

Warnings: Cheating, drinking, break ups

Pairings: Chris Evans X Reader

Word Count: 3299

Author’s Note:   After an interview with Chris Evans about what age was his favorite my mind started running and this story is the result. 



Reader’s POV

“Come on (Name) or we’re gonna be late!” My friend Emily yells out as she pulls her dark blue double breasted trench coat out of the makeshift motel closet.

“Yeah, just give me a sec!” I yell back as I send a text back to my boyfriend back in Oklahoma. “Okay, let’s go!” I say as I grab my purse and black princess trench coat. “Where are we meeting everyone else?” I ask as I grab my hotel room key and slipping my arms into my coat head out the door.

“They’re already downstairs waiting, now hurry!” Emily replies as she grabs my hand and starts dragging my down the hall toward the elevator. When the doors open she practically rips my arm off as she jerks me inside and turning hits the lobby button. As the doors close I pull my hand from her grasp and rubbing my shoulder say, “Seriously Em, I know you’re excited but I kinda need my arm.”

“Sorry, but this interview can change our lives; I just can’t calm down.” She says as she fidgets in place switching from one foot the other. I smirk as I glance down at the floor of the elevator. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as well, but thankfully drama club helped me learn to hide all the emotions from the surface. I smile as I think about the first time Emily had picked up a guitar. She had been in love and I had been entranced.

We were about ten when Emily got her first guitar, complements of her parents, and since then we had rocked out every day and night. I spent most my time at her house so her parents let me use their piano. Our freshman year of high school Emily had come up with the greatest idea, in her words, to make a band. Now five years later here we were in New York City on our way for an interview with a major record company that could, or couldn’t, change our lives forever. I sigh inwardly then jump slightly as my cell phone rings out Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ making Emily roll her eyes. “Please don’t answer that.”

“It’s Jack,”

“So?” She says tilting her head her eyes narrowing at me.

“He’ll get mad if I don’t.” I reply reaching into my jacket pocket for my phone.

“Fuck him (Name),” She says as she grabs my phone from me and answers it herself. “What the hell do you want?” She says and I roll my eyes as I reach out to take my phone back. She moves away as she narrows her eyes. “Who the fuck is there with you?” I pause in my footsteps my hands frozen in midair as my eyes widen at her. “You know what, fuck you Jack. You’ve hurt her too much already. Tell that sleazy bitch that she can keep you.” Emily instantly hangs up and her eyes turn soft as she says, “(Name), I’m sorry.”

“Who was there?” I ask the words slipping from my lips.

“Angie,” She says with a heavy sigh. I take my phone from her and stare at it for a moment before I let out a sigh of relief. “Okay?” she says raising an eyebrow at me in confusion.

“I’m great actually,” I say surprisingly.

“Really? Not upset even a little bit?”

“Dude I feel so relieved that I don’t have to be worried about whether or not he’s cheating on me, or whether or not he’ll get drunk and try to hit me again.” I chuckle slightly as I continue, “I honestly feel free.”

“Well then I guess we should celebrate.” Emily says as she smiles up at me. “Of course, we should do so after the interview.”

“Right,” I say chuckling. “Let’s do this!”

“That’s my girl!” Emily yells out as she wraps her arm around my shoulders and holds me tight. Laughing she reaches up with her free hand and runs it through her hair before pulling away and saying, “Now let’s show New York that Okie’s can rock too.”

“Watch out New York! The Winchesters are here to fuck shit up!” I yell out making Emily burst out laughing.

Suddenly the doors open and I look up to see a dreamy pair of blue eyes gazing deep into mine. As his eyes gaze into mine I glance around to see his whole face and my heart jumped in my chest. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I had seen him from. He blinked a couple times before his eyes looked me up and down. “Hi,” He says as a bright smile covers his lips.

“H-hi,” I reply as my cheeks flush pink.

“(Name) we’re gonna be late!” Emily calls out as she pulls me from the elevator and toward the front door. I follow after her glancing back momentarily to see him staring off after me an unknown look filling his face. I offer him a playful smile before turning back to Emily as we walk through the lobby doors and out into the cool night air. As the doors close behind us I close my eyes and smile as the cool air hits my face pulling the heat from my cheeks. “(NAME)!” Emily yells out and I am instantly brought from my thoughts back to the present.

“Right, I’m coming!” I call back to her as we walk to a nearby cab where our band mates were waiting for us. Before I reach them I feel someone grab my arm and turn to see the handsome man from the elevator standing there his breathing rushed, like he had just ran a mile. “I’m sorry I don’t usually do this.” He says and my eyes fill with intrigue as I reply, “What are you doing exactly?”

“I-Well I- Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.” He says releasing his grip on my arm and I smile.

“It’s okay, take your time.”

“I know this might sound weird and a little bit creepy but, can I get your number? I understand completely if you don’t want-”

“Sure,” I say cutting him off.

“Really?” He asks in surprise.

“Yeah,” I say as I reach into my purse and pulling out a pen continue, “Give me your hand.” He smirks as he holds his hand out to me. I quickly jot my digits down on his palm and am about to say something when the cab holding my band mates honks its horn loudly. “I’m sorry but I have to go,” I say as I give him a quick smile and start to walk away.

“How do I know you didn’t just give me a fake number?”

“You don’t,” I reply as I wink at him. Biting my lip I climb into the back of the cab beside Emily. I glance back to see a smirk covering his handsome face and I smile. The cab quickly pulls away from the curb and surges into traffic.

“I swear if we’re late because of your flirting, I’m gonna kill you!” Emily says and I chuckle.

“Who was that though?” I hear our bass player Tommy ask and I shrug my shoulders.

“I have no idea.”

“You seriously just gave your number to a strange guy?” He replies with a raised eyebrow.

“I did, didn’t I?” I say as I suddenly realize how stupid it sounded. “Oh well he was cute.”

“He looked familiar actually,” Karen says as she taps her pointer finger against her cheek.

“You sensed that too?” I ask as I furrow my brow.

“Yeah, I just wish I could remember where I’ve seen him from.” Karen replies as she scratches her head. “Oh well it’ll come to me later.”

“Can we stop talking about the random guy and start talking about what songs we’re gonna play?” Emily says making Tommy and Karen roll their eyes.

“Don’t worry babe, we got this.” Kyle says as he wraps his arm around Emily’s shoulders.

I smile as I look around at all my friends. Of course I had known Emily since birth but I hadn’t met the rest until freshman year. Karen had been on the cheer squad until she heard Emily and I jamming in the band room. After one session she had become an important part of our group. Before we met I never would have thought that she was a badass drummer, what with her bleach blonde hair and perfect physique. Kyle and Tommy were completely different from us.

They were both members of the football team and quite popular with the ladies. Kyle was 6'5" tall with natural golden blonde hair and emerald eyes, not to mention he looked like a Calvin Kline model as well. Tommy was even taller with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. His body was covered in muscles from his constant workouts, and just like Kyle he was a dream to look at. Not that I would because they aren’t my type. You’d never think that we were actually friends if you saw us all together. Kyle and Emily had been dating off and on since they first met and Karen and Tommy had just started dating.

“So if you’re dating Jack why’d you give your number to some random guy?” Kyle asks and my face hardens.

“Do not speak that bastards name in my presence Kyle or I will dump you!” Emily calls out making him raise a perfect eyebrow at her in confusion.

“Long story short, he cheated and I’m single.” I reply shaking my head.

“I’ll kill him!” Tommy says with the most serious face that it makes goose bumps cover my body.

“You’ll have to get in line.” Emily says as she stares at the screen of her cell phone.

“Aw I didn’t know you guys loved me so much,” I say pouting my lip. I start to lean closer to Emily and she tenses beside me.

“(Name) don’t you dare!” She says as she stares at me.

“Don’t I dare what?” I ask as I lean closer to her and before she has a chance to answer I lick her face making her gag.

“God Dammit! You now I hate saliva. Oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick!” she says as she starts to dry heave. I let out a loud laugh as I lean back in my seat. I glance out the window right as my cell phone vibrates in my pocket. I furrow my brows as I pull it out and opening it see that I have a text message. I raise an eyebrow at the number before I open it up and a bright smile fills my face as I read;

'Assuming this is the right number, I just wanna say that I’m Chris by the way.’

'Nope, sorry buddy, this is the wrong number. Just kidding, by the way I’m (Name).’ I reply a bright smile on my lips. As I hit send I look out the window again and try to hide the silly grin that was etching its way onto my face. A few seconds later my phone vibrates again and I quickly open it up.

Chris - 'That’s too bad about the number; I guess I just lucked out huh,’

(Name) - 'Unfortunately, although it’s nice to put a name to the face of a guy who randomly walked up and asked me for my number though.’

Chris - 'Yeah that was a little weird, sorry about that.’

(Name) - 'Although it was a little creepy, I won’t hold it against you.’

Chris - 'Oh good, I was worried there for a second.’

(Name) - 'So do you usually run up to random women and ask for their numbers?’

Chris - 'Yeah that’s how I roll,’

(Name) - 'Did you seriously just say that?’

Chris - 'Yeah, I instantly regretted it too,’

(Name) - 'Good,’

Chris - 'At least it didn’t scare you off,’

I am about to reply when Emily smacks my arm and says, “(Name) we’re here.” I look out my window to see the giant building and all the sudden my nerves start to get the better of me. “Come on bitches, let’s do this.” Emily says as she pats my shoulder and reaches over my lap to open the door. As I climb out of the cab Emily leans forward and pays the cabbie before everyone else climbs out behind me. I gulp down a breath of air as the rest of my friends walk up behind me.

“It’s bigger than I thought.” Karen says and I nod.

“Just a bit.” I reply as I look the building up and down.

“Alright, what are we waiting for?” Tommy says as he smacks me on the back and starts walking forward leaving us all behind. I gulp down a breath of air before I follow after him. “This is it (Name),” I hear Emily say from beside me and I nod. “Nervous now?”

“Nope,” I say smirking, “I’m terrified.” I hear her chuckle form beside me and I smile. As we walk through the doors the smell of coffee and paper smack me in the face making me wrinkle my nose. Emily quickly walks up to the receptionist and tells her why we are there. I glance around at all the other musicians and suddenly feel very insecure. My phone vibrates and I quickly open it up to see another text from Chris.

'I knew it I scared you off huh, stupid Chris stupid.’

A soft smile covers my lips as I text back, 'You didn’t scare me off; I’m at an interview.’

'Oh shit my bad, well text me after if you want.’

'I will, wish me luck!’

'Good luck (Name)’

I feel someone looking over my shoulder and I glance up to see Tommy looking at my phone with a raised eyebrow. “What?” I ask as I furrow my brow.

“So his name is Chris?”

“Yeah, so?”

“You seriously don’t recognize him?”

“Why-” I am instantly cut off by Emily saying, “Come on you two, it’s time.” I nod and as I turn back to ask Tommy what he meant but he was already walking off. I stare at his back for a moment before I follow after them. The secretary, I’m guessing by his cheap suit and fake glasses, leads us to the elevator where we all pile inside.

“Which one of you is the lead singer?” He asks and I step forward and say, “Me.” He looks me up and down and I raise an eyebrow at him. He slowly looks from me back to the closed elevator doors and I furrow my brow.

What the fuck was that?

The doors suddenly open and he calls out for us to follow him. I look around to see pictures of famous musicians and my heart starts to race. I grip tightly to my purse as we make our way down the long corridor until we come to a sound booth. “Inside, please get ready and I’ll let you know when he’s ready for you to play.” The secretary says before he instantly stomps off.

“Okay am I the only one that got the hater vibe?” I ask as I step into the sound room.

“Nope darlin I did too,” Tommy says as he walks over to the bass guitar. Karen moves to the drums while Emily and Kyle move to the guitars. I smile as I walk over to the piano and running my fingers across the keys smile lovingly. Pulling my purse from around my shoulders I sit it on the floor and sit on the bench. Cracking my knuckles I give my hands a quick wave before I bring them down softly against the keys. The piano made a beautifully melodic sound fill the room. “Wanna start us off Karen?” Emily asks and Karen nods as she twirls her drumsticks in between her fingers.

As Karen hits the drums giving us a beat Tommy chimes in keeping up with her before Kyle and Emily strum their guitars. I smile as I nod my head to the beat. I bring my fingers down on the keys and it’s like someone else takes over. I start singing out and everyone smiles. We play through three songs until a tall bald man comes into the room wearing a bright toothy smile. “That was amazing kids.”


“I knew I made a right choice in calling you all in. I’m not gonna beat around the bush I like what I see and what I heard.”

“Really?” I hear Emily ask a hopeful smile covering her lips.

“Yes really, and I am ready to sign the papers when you are.”

“Ohmygod!” Emily cries out as she hugs Kyle tightly.

“Now I only need to know a couple things, one who writes your songs and are you rock solid on the names?”

“I write the songs and yes the name is The Winchesters.” I say raising my hand.

“Okay just checking, because I was thinking, what’s your name sweetheart?”


“How about, (Name) and the Winchesters?”

“No,” I say bluntly as I gulp down a breath of air.

“Okay I understand, now how about we sign that paperwork?”

“Hell yeah, let’s do this!” Emily yells out as she sets her guitar down and quickly makes her way to stand beside him. Everyone else moves from their instruments to stand beside him and I nod picking my purse up and following after them. After a brief signing of papers and planning we were out the door and back into a cab headed for a nearby club.

“I can’t believe we did it?” Emily says as she smiles brightly.

“It’s all silver linings from here babe,” Kyle replies to her but I can’t help but feel like it’s all too good to be true.


When we arrive at the club Emily, Karen, and Kyle; immediately head for the dance floor while Tommy and I head to a nearby booth. When we are alone he scoots closer to me and asks, “You okay? You’ve been quiet since we left the studio.”

“Yeah, sorry, just having an issue with my brain at the moment.”

“Is it winning?”

“Unfortunately,” I reply and he smirks.

“You know what they say about that right?”

“Yes and I know I’m crazy, look I took a number from a guy I didn’t know.”

“Speaking of which, I cannot believe you don’t recognize him.”

“Yeah about that what did you mean?”

“Okay he looks familiar his name is Chris, ask him what his last name is.”

“Why would I do that?” I ask curiously.

“Just do it.” He says narrowing his eyes at me.

“Alright fine.” I say as I reach into my purse to pull out my cell phone.

“(Name)?” I hear a voice ask and I look up and smirk.

Speak of the devil.

“Hey Chris,”

“I thought you were at an interview?” He asks eyeing Tommy.

“I was, and if you’d like to know we got the job.”


“My band mates and I,” I reply motioning toward Tommy.

“You’re in a band?”

“Lead singer actually,” Tommy says smirking.

“Wow, that’s- that’s awesome (Name).” Chris says and I smile as I scoot over and patting the seat beside me say, “You wanna sit?”

“Sure,” He says as he sits down beside me.

“I’m Tommy by the way,” Tommy says as he leans over me holding his hand out for Chris to take.

“Chris,” Chris replies as he takes Tommy’s hand and shakes it.

“And I’m (Name) but you both already knew that.” I say trying to make them laugh. Which I succeed in as they both chuckle. “So Chris what do you do?” I ask getting real serious. He glances at me confused for a moment before he looks over at Tommy. I glance at Tommy to see him smirking and I furrow my brows. “Alright, what the hell?”

“He’s in movies (Name), think about it.” Tommy says and I tilt my head for a moment before it hits me like a Mack truck.

“OH… MY… GOD,” I exclaim as my face turns a bright shade of red.

“I think she recognizes you now.” Tommy says chuckling.

“I think you’re right.” Chris says and I instantly feel like burying my face in my hands.

“I seriously cannot believe I didn’t see it sooner. You’re Chris Evans!” I say and he nods.

“Sorry, I thought you knew.” He replies a smirk covering his lips.

“Um no I didn’t,” I say shaking my head.

“It’s not a deal breaker is it?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No,” I say still mentally chastising myself. “It’s not.”

“Good,” He says as his eyes dart back and forth between mine. “Cause I’d hate to lose a girl like you.”

“Oh really?” I ask as my face flushes red.

“And I’m out,” Tommy says scooting out of the booth. “You kids have fun.” I roll my eyes as I shake my head at him.

“So how many band members do you have?” Chris asks as he scoots closer to me.

“Four,” I say as I prop myself up on my elbows atop the table.

“Cool,” He says as he keeps his eyes focused on me. I smile softly as I stare into his intense blue eyes.

“Can I ask you a serious question?”

“Shoot,” He says glancing down at my lips before his eyes instantly return to mine.

“Why me?”

“What do you mean?” He asks furrowing his brow.

“Why did you want my number? There are hundreds if not thousands of girls out there that would kill for you to look their way,”

“So why you?” He asks and I nod, “Maybe I wanted something different. I’ve only dated women who are in the same business as I am and it hasn’t worked out yet and when I saw you on that elevator,” He pauses for a moment before he takes a deep breath and says, “I don’t know, I just couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“Aw how sweet,” I say smirking.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Maybe just a little bit.” I say as a grin covers my lips.

“I just can’t believe you didn’t recognize me.” He says raising an eyebrow.

“Geez don’t remind me,” I say as I groan into my hands in embarrassment.

We sit there for what seemed like days talking about ourselves, our passions, and our families. I kinds skipped my horrible childhood only telling him the basics but all in all it was nice.

“When do you head back?” He asks and I chew on my lip before I say, “This weekend I believe.”

“Oh then you have to let me show you around.”

“Oh I do, do i?”

“Yeah, it’s only fair for not recognizing me.”

“Holy shit you are not gonna let that go are you?”

“Nope, I gotta have something to tease you over.”

“Well I’m glad it’s just that.” I say as I smirk at him.

Will Continue in ~ 9 Years Later

Jack G Imagine (Better Than a Smoothie)

Jack G Imagine (Better Than a Smoothie)
Request: can you do a Jack G imagine where you two are at the mall and you run into Jack’s ex and she flirts with him and is a total bitch to you
Yeah I can beautiful anon :) This is funny because I went to the mall today and I must say that I spent my money wisely and got a bunch of new stuff
“Just one more stop, I promise Jack,” You told him as you dragged him along behind you.
“Okay fine, but can I please get a smoothie first?” He asked and you had to give in.
“Sure,” You said and he smiled as he leaned over and pecked your lips. You headed over to Jamba Juice to wait in line for a smoothie when you saw a girl walking towards both you and Jack.
“Um, Jack do you know her?” You asked confused since she was waving in your general direction. Jack turned to see where you were looking and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.
“Oh sh*t,” He cursed as he tried to hide behind you.
“What? Who is that?” You asked.
“That’s Maddi my ex,” He whispered into your ear and you grew tense. You had heard an awful lot of things about ‘Maddi’ from Jack. She didn’t sound all too nice.
“You do know she already saw you,” You whispered to Jack.
“Yeah but I mean it doesn’t hurt to try,” He replied as you just sighed and rolled your eyes.
“JACK!” You heard from your right, but you may not be able to hear now because of how high pitch her voice was.
“Maddi,” Jack said through clenched teeth.
“So nice to see you here,” She said completely ignoring you. You just kind of stood there looking at the back of her head but inside you were burning up.

“Wish I could say the same for you,” He muttered quietly so only you could hear and you tried to cover your laugh but Maddi heard you. She spun around and gave you an up and down look.
“And who are you? Please don’t tell me this is your new girlfriend Jack, you could do so much better than,” She paused to find a word before she gestured to your entire figure, “this,” She said with a smirk as your mouth hung open. You weren’t going to take her crap.
“You know what. Jack could do a lot better than me because Jack is an amazing guy who you’re no longer dating because as I recall he dumped you so why don’t you go back to wherever you came from so we can get on with our day,” You said with an innocent smile. You weren’t all too great with thinking on your feet so that was pretty good for you. Her mouth fell open and you had to hold back a sadistic smile.
“Jack are you going to let her talk to me like that?” She asked turning to him and you practically collapsed with how annoying she was being.
“Actually I am. I am not dating you anymore Maddi, we broke up for a reason. And frankly I don’t think I could do much better than y/n because I love her. I think she’s smart, funny, beautiful, and genuine. Unlike you,” Jack said and you couldn’t not smile.
“How dare you talk to me like that!” She squealed and now she was making a scene.
“Last time I checked sweetheart this was a free country,” You said as you looked at your nails like you couldn’t care less.
“Hey y/n,” She suddenly says and you look up. She leans in to whisper something in your ear and you probably looked horrified like 'what is this bi*ch doing in whisperin’ in my ear?’ “You know Jack doesn’t love you, he’ll cheat on you just like he did on me,” She whispered before pulling away and smiling sweetly before turning around and walking away.
What the heck?
“What did she say to you?” Jack asked looking concerned.
“That you would cheat on me just like you cheated on her. Is that true? Did you cheat on her?” You asked Jack.
“What? That’s not true. I didn’t like her anymore so I dumped her, I never cheated on her,” He said defensively.
“Okay, okay. I believe you Jack. I didn’t believe her but I wanted to make sure,” You said. The line had moved up and now you were at the front of the line.
“Hi what can I get for you today?” The server, Kaitlyn, asked. You were waiting for Jack to order but he never did. You looked to the side to see what was wrong but he had walked away. You apologized to the server before running after him.
“Wait! Jack! Where are you going?” You cried out but he didn’t stop. You eventually caught up with him and he looked angry. “Jack are you okay?” You asked quietly and then he stopped. He looked at you still with a hard gaze which you could almost feel. Finally he sighed which broke the gaze and his face softened.
“No, I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean to just storm off,” He breathed out. You grabbed his arm and held it as you looked up at him.
“It’s okay I just want to know if you’re okay,” You said to him looking at him with concern.
“Yeah I’m fine, just can we please go home?” He whined and you laughed.
“There’s the old Jack,” You teased but you complied to his request as the two of you exited the mall and headed to the car.
“You know I love you,” Jack said when the two of you were in the car. You looked at him with confusion.
“Of course I know that,” You said. “Why would you think that I didn’t?” You asked him.
“I just didn’t want you to take to heart anything that Maddi said. Y/n I think you are amazing and I couldn’t have anyone better if there’s anyone who deserves better it’s you not me,” Jack tumbled out. “You’re so kind without even trying, you’re hilarious, you’re gorgeous in anything, you can always find the bright side of everything, and you are extremely intelligent. I just don’t want you thinking that I don’t love you because…god y/n I don’t think there’s anything not to love about you,” Jack rambled on and on as your heart melted and melted. You grabbed his face and held it in your hands.
“Oh I love you Jack. I know that you love me there isn’t any doubt in my mind, even though that sounded really conceited but the point is I know how you feel about me and her words don’t mean anything to me. I care about you not her. I love you, I trust you,” You reassured him and a smile formed on his face.
“This is why I love you,” He said before his lips met yours and the two of you were in a heated make out session in your car, in the middle of a parking lot, somewhere in Omaha, in  Nebraska, in the US, in the world, in the Universe. Out of all the places you could be, you were making out with your boyfriend in a mall parking lot.
“Much better than a smoothie,” Jack said before winking at you
This is extremely short I know, but I just wanted to put one out before I went to school tomorrow :)

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Part 2 (I really need a name for this shoot)

Part 1: http://literalnope.tumblr.com/post/93957076519/part-1-maybe-of-one-who-knows

The show passed by in a flash of screaming girls and hot viners. I did notice that Jack seemed to be looking out towards me a lot, but I brushed it off- he probably couldn’t even see off the stage, and I just happened to be standing where he was looking. The girls around me didn’t believe this though. Every time he looked out in our direction, they would start shrieking and screaming even louder. Not that I particularly blamed them, there were definitely points where I was screaming too. Especially when they did the grind on me dance. Not gonna lie, I got a little dizzy at that point. But all too soon, the show was over and the boys were leaving the stage, saying their goodbyes and blowing kisses.
The energy of the venue was still high, even though the boys had left. Everyone was talking and laughing, discussing the show, as they slowly made their way out. Because Katy and I had been so close to the front, we were way at the back of the line to leave.
“First in, last out” I said a little ruefully to Katy, smiling a little. As we neared the exit, we talked over the show, recapping the best parts.
“I swear to god, Sammy looked right at me and winked. Right at me!” Katy insisted. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a tall, burly man in a black security shirt. The first thought through my mind was “oh shit! What did I do wrong?” Quickly followed by “don’t look guilty. Don’t look guilty. You are perfectly innocent DONT LOOK GUILTY!”
“Could you follow me, please?” The security guard asked, his tone sharp in spite of the please. I nodded, a little terrified, and grabbed Katy’s hand to pull her along behind me as I followed the security guard away from the crowds and through a different door. We went down a hallway, then turned right down a different hallway, then left, then left again. I finally gathered my courage, taking a deep breath.
“Um, whatever I did… I’m really sorry, and it won’t happen again, but I really want to go home…” I managed to say, my voice sounding high and a little bit shaky.
“What are you talking about?” Security guy asked, looking over his shoulder at me but not slowing down at all.
“Uh… Whatever I did that I’m about to get in trouble for?” I asked, less certain.
“You didn’t do anything. At least, not that I know of.” He said, narrowing his eyes at me for a moment. “The boys wanted to meet you.”
“Oh.” I said, relaxing. And then, “OH!” As what he’d said sunk in. “Wait, what?!” I asked, my voice raising even higher, a little hysterical. “Are you sure you have the right person?”
“The boys pointed you out, and if you don’t mind, I have more important things to do that walk little girls around.” security guy responded, his tone even snappier.
“Ok.” I said quietly. Security guy was scary. We went down a few more hallways, the only sound our footsteps on the linoleum. Katy reached out and grabbed my hand, giving one tight squeezed. I squeezed back twice, our little code that could mean anything from “I got your back” to “holy fucking shit”. In this case, it was a mix of the two. We finally stopped in front of a door with a little paper sign that read “magcon”. Security guy opened the door, ushered us inside, and then closed the door behind us.
The first thing that struck me was the size of the room- it was surprisingly small. Big enough to fit the two sofas and three chairs, and the little coffee table, but only barely. The second thing I noticed was that there were boys everywhere- sprawled on the couches, draped over the chairs, and even lying across the floor. I quickly realized that Gilinsky wasn’t in the room. And then that they were all staring at me.
“Uh…. Hi?” I said, my voice going up at the end, turning it into a question. There was a chorus of heys, and then most of them turned back to whatever they were doing before we walked in.
“Hey! It’s Alex, right?” I turned around to see Cameron smiling widely at me.
“Uh, yeah, actually. Hi! Sorry again for bumping into you earlier…” I replied, feeling a blush start to crawl up my cheeks at the thought of how we’d first met.
“No, it’s totally cool.” Cam said, still smiling widely. “So, what are you doing back here?”
“Um, the security guy said that you all wanted to meet us?” I said, then remembered that Katy was standing a little behind me. “Oh yeah, this is my friend, Katy.” I said, hastily introducing her.
“Hey Katy, nice to meet you.” Sam said, standing up from the chair in the corner. I felt Katy stiffen beside me as she squeaked out a “hi!” My attention was averted when Cam started talking again.
“I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, but as long as you’re here, we were just about to order a pizza? You want some?” I probably would have said no, hugged them, and left, if my stomach had not chosen to let out an extremely loud gurgle at that exact moment. “I’ll take that as a yes!” Cameron said, laughing. “So, what kind of pizza?”
“Pepperoni and pineapple” I responded without a pause.
“Pepperoni and pineapple it is!” Cameron said, pulling out his phone. He didn’t get far though, as the boys suddenly became aware that good was being ordered. They all began to shout out the toppings they wanted, and the room was in total chaos for a moment.
“Shut up!” Cam yelled ” I’m trying to order!”
“But we want meatballs on it!” Taylor yelled back
“We?? I don’t want any meatballs on my pizza!” Nash added, even louder. I turned and exchanged a semi-terrified look with Katy. We’re we about to be stuck in a tiny room with a bunch of rioting teenage boys?
“Alex, you’re the guest, you get to choose.” Cameron insisted.
“Can’t we get more than one pizza?” I asked, still a little timid. All of the sudden, it was much quieter.
“Oh” Taylor exhaled.
“Perfect!” Cam exclaimed, pulling out his phone and starting to dial theatrically. He sat down on the floor in front of the coffee table, then looked at me and patted the floor next to him, inviting me to sit down. I do, momentarily glad that I decided against that short bandage skirt, in favor of a pair of shorts. The whole time we were ordering, people kept shouting things out, until we ended up ordering 7 pizzas.
“Do we need 7 pizzas?” I ask, a little worried.
“You’ve clearly never seen us eat after a show” Nash interjected. “Plus you’re the one that suggested getting more than one pizza” he added, laughing. I was agreeing as a little door on the left that I hadn’t noticed opened up, and both of the Jacks walked in, laughing about something and carrying plastic bags.
“We found the concession stand!” Johnson announced, raising his bags, as all the other boys cheer. Gilinsky turns, and his eyes lock with mine.
“You made it! Awesome.” He says, a smile splitting his face as he makes his way over and sits down next to me. Suddenly, his smile becomes a little forced, and he’s looking over my shoulder. I turn to see Cameron with a similar look on his face, staring right at Gilinsky. Before I can wonder what that’s about, Johnson steps in.
“Hey, you’re Alex, right? I’m jack, but you can call me JJ” he says, smiling down at me. He’s standing and I’m still sitting on the floor, so I have to tilt my head way back to look up at him. Before I can respond, he sticks his arm into one of the bags and starts rummaging around. “Do you like skittles?”
“Is grass green?” I respond, causing him to smile and pull out a giant bag of skittles.
After Jack and Jack settle in, the boys become much more conversational, actually sitting up and asking me questions about myself, telling me stories of fan encounters or getting locked out of the hotel until I’m laughing so hard there are tears in m eyes. There’s a knock at the door, and when Nash bounds up to open it, we see Mr. Snappy security guy standing there, holding 7 pizza boxes and an armful of sodas, glowering at all of us. Nash is totally unfazed, grabbing it all from him and dumping it on the table, and everyone dives in. 15 minutes later, we’re all sprawled out on the floor, groaning.
“Ok, maybe we did need 7 pizzas.” I admit, causing the boys to chuckle.
“There’s one more pepperoni pineapple piece.” Cam says, waving it at me.
“Oh my god, there’s no way I could eat another piece.” I groan, rolling onto my back.
“Fine, but it’s your loss!” He teases, devouring it in 4 bites. I turn my head to see Katy sitting on the couch, in deep conversation with Sam, like they have been since they first started talking. I know she’s going to be saving every minute of this in her memory, making sure she would never forget it. I feel a tap on my wrist and roll my head to the other side to see Jack G laying on his side, looking at me.
“Hey.” He says, smiling a little bit. “You have pizza sauce on your nose.” Before I can say anything, he reaches out with his thumb and wipes it off. “Do you want to go on a walk? You know, to walk off some of that pizza.”
“Yeah, sure!” I say, pushing myself up to a sitting position as he bounds up with a smile on his face. He reaches down and grabs my hand, pulling me up to my feet, but I lose my balance and fall into him. He wraps his arms around me for a second, righting me on my feet, before sliding his hand down my arm and lacing his fingers through mine. “Let’s go!” He says, leading me out the door. The boys all start hooting, and I turn to stick my tongue out at them, only to be shocked by the angry look on Cameron’s face. Then the door closes behind me and Jack turns to smile at me.

A/N: I wrote this on my phone on a 12 hour roadtrip so I apologize for any typos or mistakes there might be! Thanks so much for reading and if you want to leave any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have any ideas/ or requests I’d be happy to incorporate them into this fic or write a separate imagine for you! Thanks again :)

Part 3: http://literalnope.tumblr.com/post/94611254644/where-we-land-yeah-i-finally-have-a-title-thank-you
Suddenly Urgent

Guys I just thought of something and it got me scared!

Homestuck will be ending in only 4 months! There’s probably no way Hussie will dump it all in just one day, so we’re going to be getting updates soon aren’t we?

We don’t have very long and there’s going to be so many loose ends tied up all at once, it’s going to be a pretty difficult read personally.

We have things like:

Caliborn’s Choice

Caliborn’s 8th planet

Snowman’s possible return

Spades Slick’s memory returning

Misinformed battle plan against all the Jacks (ugh…)

Scourge Sisters reuniting in death (probably going to double-die :/ )

Revealed Dreaming Dead from first Godtiers etc also possibly double-dying

What both Godtier Calliope and Newly Alive Calliope will do

Closure between PM and WV

Doc’s manifestation in the Alpha session (as he stated he is in ALL scratched sessions (Scratch is his name afterall) )

Any revelations from anyone who spoke to their denizens.



Fighting/*Sparing Lord English (?????)(Maybe all Jacks!?)


Dreaming Dead Army with Meenah!?!?

House Juju Mystery

I think there’s still tons more… but now all of this is flooding back and it’s all going to be finished in 4 short months! That’s like realizing Halloween is 4 months away and suddenly it’s Halloween and you’re still not done with your costume! It’ll be faster than you think!! It’ll hit harder than you can imagine!!!! 


A/n: this is jumping my queue soo much, but I am totally loving this idea. Cathia you are amazing! This is requested.Btw i made up your tweeter name :} tehe its weird to.

Your p.o.v
“Hey guys, I’m back again with somebrand new shizz” I laughed at the camera. “so today is just dance Tuesday”. I clapped my hands together, “let’s do it!”. i stood and turned on my speakers, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon so it was perfectly fine to turn it up as loud as it could.

*moments later* 

“whoo! now that was a workout” i stood right in front of the camera and spun around. “i hope you lovely people enjoy my random dancing and dont forget to subscribe, like and all that good stuff” i laughed with a big thumbs up. “i love yous and i hope you enjoy the rest of your week”, i finished off with my signature ‘blow a kiss a the camera, with a little wink’.

“Finally done” i mumbled, uploading the video. I glanced up at my clock only 5:00 o’clock. “aghh, lets check my news feed, HUH” i said to myself. I checked vine, like all my favs. i went on tumblr, liked all my edits. Now check twitter.

I logged in and was bonbed by millions of tags. I click the it, and found out it was a #ASKcam. I scrolled through and found out i was mentioned in quite a few.

“what do you think of @thebiggbooty and her new video?”

“Do you think @thebiggbooty is cute?”

“What do you think of @thebiggbooty fullstop?”

I laughed at the posts and thought ‘aint nobody got time for that ‘. I decided to tweet “#ASKcam hey i was wondering if you would do me a shoutout? love yous xx” I posted it and laughed AGAIN at my stupidity.

*Next day*

I awoke frm my slumber. And being the scial media freak i am i went straight my laptop. I immediately had my eyes pop out of my head.


I chocked on my own spit. I went and clicked on the link and was directed to camerons youtube page.

*third person p.o.v while filming the boys video*

The boys watched as Cameron set up his camera, in the hotel room. The red light flashed, indacating that the camera was on. Camern sat on th bed and introduced the gang. “Hey guys, so its video time! Im here with Johnson, Gilinsky, Caniff and Mendes” “AND TODAY WE ARE DOING A ASKCAM!” Taylor screamed, buting in. “So lets get started” shawn said clapping his large hands together.

“How many nipples do you have? asks @Minnikar, Uhmm two” Cam said chuckling.

“Ooh now things are getting interesting” Cameron laughed.

“What do you think of Cathia? Asks well everyone” Gilinsky said smiling.

“That’s the new youtuber right? The one that does just dance Tuesday? Or something” johnson said slapping cam in the chest.

“The one with the really nice voice? And crazy dance moves?” Mendes laughed.

“I think so?” Cam answered.

“I’ll check” Caniff said clicking the link to Cathias tweeter.

“Zayum! It is” Taylor started “well my opinion is…… Well it can’t be said on YouTube so” he said.

Shawn laughed along and shoved Taylor a bit, ” I know that booty had me like” he said slipping off the couch.

“WHOO Shawn! I knew it wasn’t her voice that impressed you!” Taylor said mock girly voice.

Shawn’s face burnt a bright red. “Honestly though guys, we have to answer this” cameron said in all seriousness.

“Well the jacks aren’t aloud to answer, or they could get dumped, we don’t want that now do we?” cameron started “so that leaves Shawn, Tay and I, Tay you first” he said, finishing his sentence.

“Well first off that booty is like wow! And her moves are crazy, good crazy, she’s got great legs, oh and her hair! Is like whow” Taylor laughed, flinging his arms around.

“Well I think her voice is beautiful, like her name and her. She has a great style in music, uhmm and like Tay said her hair is so cool, she has a great bum too” he finished light tinge of pink on his cheeks.

“Zayum!!!” Was all cameron screamed.

What do you rate it? Flashed on the screen. The boys all had signs and giant smirks. “Ready? Go” with that the signs flew up and numbers were revealed.

Cameron: 9.5

Shawn: 10

Taylor: 9.9999999999999999

The jacks (they both had one big one): nothing compares to the baes.

But in small writing on the jacks was a 9.

“So that’s it for now, but give it a thumbs up, subscribe and stuff. And boys say goodbye.” Cameron said clapping his hands together.

They cut it out and left static.

*Cathias P.O.V*

OMG! I can’t believe this! I am so loving them right now! Wait… My bum is not even.. Oh wait yeah it is. Hahaha I left a comment that would surely make them laugh.

“Now, now my bottom definitely dissevered a ten! God yous are blind!”

A/n: I had/have no idea what is wrong with me. Cause this sucked! I’m sorry but it’s really late and I’m kinda tired
Xx love yah