we are all cousins

Okay but surrealism aside all of these Southern Gothic posts are literally how the South is and I’m cackling. 

We’ve got creepy ass 24/7 diners that say open but you can’t find the staff for half an hour. 

There’s a haunted house and a murder/ghost story in every town. 

There’s always a fishing hole no one goes to because of a tragedy living in the waters. 

The woods are dark and hunting season is the only time you enter them. So many ghost stories. Haunted everything. 

The mountains are alive with the sound of screaming. 

Devil’s tramping grounds, hollers, woods, stones, you name it, we got it. 

The old people may be racist and bigoted, but they have skin-crawling tales of caution and they’re all true. 

Everyone knows someone who’s drowned. 

We’ve all got a weird cousin who left the family and never came back. No one knows the circumstances of their disappearance but they were always an “odd duck.” 

Community is a foreign concept to many until autumn. People come in droves from the mountain valleys and hollers bearing crafts and baked goods for sale. Apple butter can be smelled from half a mile away and the sound of fiddles fill the air. You will not see these people again until next autumn. 

There are cemeteries everywhere, but the ones unloved are left for a reason. 

Do not step on the graves, but behind them. If you step on them, apologize to avoid haunting. 

Old oak trees = do not fuck with the tree. 

100% Facts, I’m not even joking. 

*clears throat*

The characters are AMAZING.
The animation is BEAUTIFUL.
The story is FANTASTIC.
The voice acting is SOLID.
The music is PHENOMENAL.
Humor. Diversity. Adventure. Representation. Strong female lead. All that good, good stuff!
I strongly recommend watching it omg :)

It’s no secret that I love Star Wars. I grew up among a brother and a big bunch of male cousins. Not another girl born into my family until I was 19.

Star Wars was something I shared with with my brother and cousins. We were all crazy about it. But Princess Leia was MINE. In 1977, I was 11 years old. There were precious few female main characters in movies or tv shows–and they all seemed to be blonde, leggy, and giggly or seductive.

And Star Wars gave me this princess who was short and had hair the color of mine and got right up in the face of a bad guy who towered over her in the first few minutes of the film. She didn’t give up information under torture or even when her entire planet was threatened with destruction. She took charge of her own rescue when she figured out the boys had no real plan, and she was bossy as hell. Not to mention smart, and brave, and dedicated to the Rebellion long before Han or Luke gave a damn.

And I LOVED HER instantly. I wanted to be her. I even tried to figure out how to braid my own long brown hair into those ridiculous donuts on the side of my head for Halloween.

I still love Princess Leia. She will forever be one of my favorite fictional people. But I’m a grown-up now–a wife, a mother, a woman who’s had her own triumphs and tragedies, and failed at things, and hurt people and been hurt, and just tried to live as honestly and well as I can. So as much as I love Leia, I have exponentially more love for Carrie Fisher.

The actual flesh and blood woman who brought my space princess to life has faced enormous struggles and made big mistakes and suffered. She’s also loved, and lived, and brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. And while I certainly do not know Carrie Fisher personally, I do believe she tried to live her life as honestly and well as she could. And in doing so, she has shown the world she is far more than a beloved fictional character.

Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher. The world will miss you, and I wish you well.

  • Rose: I think it's time to tell all my cousins that we're dating.
  • Scorpius: I don't think that's a good idea. Do you remember what James did to your last boyfriend?
  • Rose: No.
  • Scorpius: Tommy McAllister disappeared for two days! For TWO DAYS no one could find him.
  • Rose: Tommy had dragon pox. He was isolated in the Hospital Wing.
  • Scorpius: Oh. Looking back that makes a lot more sense. Whoops.

I went to the theaters on xmas.We got in line behind this white family: A mom, dad, older sister, and two younger kids. They kept looking back at us (me, my aunt and cousin). We are all dark skin blacks. ALL of them kept looking back in our faces, fidgeting and hiding their daughter in their sides. Like protecting her identity or something. The ignorance& fear in their faces astounded me. Later I felt sad for their daughter becuz her family is doing HER a disservice by raising her in fear. pity


Can we all just be kids again!! 😭🙌🏽🌴 the life of 3 year old groms through the lens of @robstrok 👊🏽 lil does he know but Ira and my nephews still talk about him ! You’re a forever hero for climbing that tree and getting their swim down Rob ! Haha ! Check out @robstrok cuz he’s incredibly talented, and just an all around stud for celebrating people , travel and liiiife ✌🏽 thanks for chillin with us for the day and capturing their lil spirits ! #spiritanimal .. prob 🐒🐒🐒haha #family #gromlife #cousins #hawaii #northshore @breehawaiii @momihannemann (at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii)

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That and wasnt there no baby shower pics either???

Also something I always thought was weird: only Brett’s family was there to meet the kid? But B spent Christmas with her father’s family so they do talk, so like…. Where’s her family? 


Her name’s Shelby she’s my cousins gf I just met her the other week when my friends and cousins went to the beach, we all spent last weekend at my cousins house while his parents were staying at aulani so we took advantage and partied. So she walked in on me taking a piss and I was totally wasted as was everyone else so I didn’t care that she was in the bathroom with me while my shorts were around my ankles and I turned enough for her to see my cock, she didn’t seem to mind and closed the door behind her and leaned against the sink till I finished, I kicked my shorts to the side and walked over to her so I could wash my hands and after that I pressed my hard cock against her waist she grinned and laughed at me shaking her head saying that it would be wrong to do anything because she was dating my cousin but reached out and grabbed my cock stroking it for a little while before going to the toilet and taking a piss all the while letting me see her shaved pussy and when she was done gave me some toilet paper to wipe her clean and then we walked out. Before the weekend ended she saved her number in my phone under a guy’s name so that I wouldn’t get in trouble with my gf, so we have been texting alot since then and she’s sent me a few pictures of her but sadly no nudes lol but she’s been talking dirty to me about the things she wants to do with me and said that she was going to sleep over my cousins house this weekend and is going to sneak out when he’s sleeping so she can blow me off and hopefully feel me inside her. I know I shouldn’t but she’s so sexy and her body is amazing, although she is a bit younger than me but I so don’t care about that. I kinda have a thing for the young ones haha. So what should I do? … I should totally go for it right?

Fun Fact about Me..

When i was younger i thought i was Ugly because i was dark skin because all my cousins were light skin and were treated better so i thought it was because i didn’t look like them…

But how time has changed, i have embraced this Melanin and deep brown texture that God Saw fit to give me..

I wish i could tell my younger self his worth and purpose being a Dark skin boy!!!!


y’all wouldn’t believe how upset i’ve made the straight ppl on my facebook today by posting a fuckin buzzfeed article listing straight ppl jokes stolen from tumblr….lmao…..

it all started when Karen (not her real name) felt compelled to tell me that the article “made her sad”……..bc it was stereotyping…bc she was a, and i quote, “a boring white cis person”…..and these kinds of articles help no one….lmao y’all…where do i even BEGIN 

and it quickly devolved into chaos as things often do on the hellscape that is fb

my sister insisting that making fun of straight ppl has the same kind of power and impact as straight ppl making fun of gay ppl…..lmao

my cousin saying “it’s all about how we treat others the way we want to be treated” or some other nonsense

and then coming full circle with Karen saying she’s “deep into the BDSM scene”, implying she understands what it’s like to be gay……

you guys i can’t….i caN’T BELIEVE????

straight ppl are on a whole other level like i don’t even know where to start

  • Kid Fury: So, our next question comes from...I don't think that person wants their name said.
  • Crissle: Okay. *laughs*
  • Kid Fury: I'm not sure, so I'm not gonna say it.
  • Crissle: Anonymous?
  • Kid Fury: It says, "Dear Kid Fury and Crissle: so last year around this time I went to Kansas to meet some of my family on my mother's side for the first time and ended up having a girl and guy cousin my age. We all get along really well and hung out all weekend. As I spent more time with my male cousin, however, I started getting the vibes that I only get from guys who try to date me."
  • Crissle: OH NOOO.
  • Kid Fury: "But I brushed the feeling off and chalked it up to my paranoia." *chuckles*
  • Crissle: NOPE. Mm-mm.
  • Kid Fury: "Near the end of the weekend, my cousins and I were drinking together..."
  • Crissle: I'm actually gonna ask you to stop right there because I see where this is going--
  • Kid Fury: "After my female cousin went to bed..."
  • Crissle: Nooooo! nooooooooo!
  • Kid Fury: "My male--"
  • Crissle: Nooooo!
  • Kid Fury: Don't do this. People are going through things. "My male cousin immediately made a move on me."
  • Crissle: NOOO
  • Kid Fury: "We ended up hooking up."
  • Kid Fury: You're like--
  • Crissle: NOOOOOoooooOOOoooOoooOOOOOOOoooOOOOOO
  • Kid Fury: *laughing* "Afterwards, I felt super guilty because--"
  • Crissle: *dry heaving*
  • Kid Fury: Okay, you might need some water.
  • Crissle: *hacking*
  • Kid Fury: Wait. You're gonna knock things over.
  • Crissle: *retching*
  • Kid Fury: Get-- there's some water right there in front of you.
  • Crissle: *dying inside*
  • Kid Fury: Sweetie...you almost killed my co-host, so I really don't appreciate this.
  • Crissle: *gasps in horror*
  • Kid Fury: "Afterwards, I felt super guilty because 1) we're fucking related. 2)--"
  • Crissle: Oh my gOD OH MY G--
  • Kid Fury: "I only hooked up..."
  • Crissle: Oh, my God.
  • Kid Fury: "I only hooked up with him because I was feeling lonely and was sooo~ thirsty for me." Which, I'll get back to that comment.
  • Crissle: OH MY GOD *coughs*
  • Kid Fury: "It became clear that he was a typical light-skinned nigga and felt actual emotions for me--"
  • Crissle: Are you kidding?
  • Kid Fury: "--as I was trying to have some quick fun."
  • Crissle: But this is your cousin--! *rambling*
  • Kid Fury: WAIT.
  • Crissle: *whimpering*
  • Kid Fury: "He texted me and called me throughout the year, which, of course, I promptly ignored."
  • Crissle: W *clapping* H *clapping* A *clapping* T!?!!
  • Kid Fury: "As the holidays are approaching, he keeps hitting me up and I'm gonna have to face him again..."
  • Crissle: *clapping*
  • Kid Fury: "Please help: how should I deal with this nigga without hurting his Drake-ass feelings?"
  • Crissle: Are *clapping* you *clapping* fuck- *clapping* -king *clapping* kidding?!
  • Kid Fury: "PS: we're not first cousins, but still."
  • Crissle: ...I don't give a shit if you niggas are 90th cousins. Whaa?

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