we are all cavemen

"I hate how sitcoms always pair hot women with FAT SLOBS"

Okay, first, let me say that I hate how Hollywood and the media basically forces women to be thin. Obviously, that is a good point and there’s no shortage of people discussing it.


Fat people aren’t some lesser option. We should be with whomever loves us, full stop.

Maybe we ought to be asking why every factory-mold sitcom wants to replicate The Honeymooners. Maybe we should be asking why every FAT sitcom husband is portrayed as some misogynistic dolt, occasionally with an abusive, alcoholic mean streak, who looks like he was cloned from Ralph Cramden.

I get that sitcoms place unrealistic expectations on women. The whole godforsaken media does that. But can we talk about that without using fat guys as a doormat? I’d love to see a live action version of Greg Universe as the father in a sitcom. Why is someone like Greg necessary? Because there aren’t any more characters like him.

Fat guys are not stupid, boorish louts, or misogynistic cavemen. We CAN be, sure, but that’s literally all I’ve been seeing on TV since before sets went to color.

Why the fuck is that?

Fat people are diverse. We need to expect to see that represented on TV.

Let’s talk about AUs and why they are so popular right now.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints recently about the prominence of AUs in the fandom lately. I don’t want to go into whether or not canon is better or less OOC, but I think some people need to understand why it is a thing.

When you visit the tag, chances are you will see about half of the art/fic posts being set in various AUs. Some will try to keep their dynamics and personality as close as possible to canon, others will justify changing parts of their personality with the different setting (not being brought up in a devastating post war economy/military environment would most certainly change who you are quite a bit). 

I have been in this fandom since its birth and saw it take many forms. And for the first 2 months of its existence, nearly 100% of the fic and art were the same thing, over and over (them arguing then Ren fucking up a console and then Hux fucking him and then guilt. Lather, rinse, repeat. 85% of the fics were overconfident top!Hux and blushing virgin Ren). It became insufferable. And even worse, it became boring as fuck. Many good artists and writers left at that time.

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t draw the same scenes, in the same place, with the same characters wearing the same clothes for 6 months and not go insane with boredom. Canon gave us almost nothing to work with, so, and I believe this is what makes this fandom so great, we started to extrapolate on everything. Hux comes from Arkanis? Ok he hates the rain. Ren has roots in Naboo royalty? Okay I bet he likes politics and fine clothes.

All these ideas, they are what made our crack ship the most popular one in the TFA fandom right now in terms of volume of content uploaded.

Right now, the top and bottom discourse has, in my opinion, no reason to be as from what I’ve seen, it’s a 50/50 ratio in fics and art.

I will admit that many artists right now are making some pretty obvious femme or bottom!Hux content, as it seems to be the trend but I do remember Ren getting his fair share of it about 2 months ago with the whole Amidala thing.

Trends come and go, and next month we could very well all be drawing and writing about them being cavemen.

I already said it, but the fandom is what you make of it. If you think you see too much of one thing, then create content for what you like. Engage others to create with you, make the new trend by showing everyone else how great your idea is! Don’t just post hateful messages in the tags, hoping that content creators will see it and be ashamed of themselves. Most of the time, they’ll ignore you. Some will stop creating altogether because your hurt them. In the end, you lose either way.

So, maybe you don’t like AUs all that much, but they are what’s keeping the fandom alive right now, in the drought between movies. Please don’t try to sensor creators because what they give freely and spend hours selflessly working on isn’t to your liking. Nobody owes you anything.

The reason why Brazilians aren't happy after today's game

I read so many stupid things on the internet today after the game Brazil vs Colombia that I just could not pretend not to see it.
Yes, I’m Brazilian and all that but if you know me long enough you should know that when it comes to criticizing Brazil I always listen to what others have to say and most of the time I agree with them.
So here are some of the BULLSHITS I read today:

1. The referee helped Brazil
Okay, tell me how on Earth he helped us. One of the players almost broke Neymar’s back and nothing happened with the bastard. Besides that, said bastard had already kicked Hulk’s knee and he was lucky not to get seriously hurt.
The referee did not show any control over the game from the beginning and the players did everything they wanted to, I’m including the Brazilians here too!! Both teams did not play fair but Colombia was way more violent
2. We don’t care about Neymar
He’s not from your team, yes I understand that but the guy is only 22 years old and though his injury isn’t serious enough to keep him away from football forever, something terrible could have happened.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
3. Brazil did not play well
Were we watching the same fucking game? This was the best played match so far and even with those guys kicking us all the time we were able to win this thing.
We may not win against Germany (which is probable) but you won’t take this from us right now. We played well and that’s it.
I just want to tell something to those stupid people: Go fuck yourselves!