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I’m trying to read everything I’ve been tagged on. At least the things I could see and saved as drafts. Because Tumblr is not working at its finest. 😒

First one is @lordavanti. Girl! I’m trying to recover to be able to write a review that makes sense, because my head is still spinning.

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Hey there, L! It me! I'm just stopping by to let you know that i appreciate you!!! You mean a lot to me, even though we dont interact a whole bunch!! Thank you for being a kind and talented mutual <3


Alright listen up you little shits

You remember this guy:

Yeah that motherfucker Russell T. Davies…who gave you this:

And this:

Which lead to this:

Yeah, him, well he has a new show…

Well three new shows…cross-platform… TV and online… and yet again the cheeky bastards made it about sex, sexuality, love, dating…

“Banana, Cucumber and Tofu, are three interlinked shows that explore 21st century gay life in all it’s powerful, witty, dark and uplifting guises ”


And this time the ladies don’t miss out… look at that diverse as fuck casting:

With a majority female producers, the legendary Murray Gold on music, and direction from Euros freaking Lyn and Alice freaking Troughton.  Plus Sue “The Great British Bake Off” Perkins is writing for it.

“The joy of Banana is in the beautiful, charming, witty and sometimes heart breaking stories of a wide variety of characters, be they gay, lesbian, transgender or anything in-between,” explains Davies. “The fact we have a bunch of brilliant and wildly talented young people in it, and making it, will give it even more bite and an exciting edge.”


Can I just point out that Eliza’s Taylor is an amazing actress? I’m not sure that anyone else could hold their own like she does when in scenes with ADC. And I’m talking strictly as her opposite since their characters’ dynamic is romantic. Yes, ADC is a scene thief, but Eliza’s presence is strong. You see it. You feel it. Let’s not forget that she’s one half of their intense, unique chemistry.

I’d also like to point out her portrayal of Clarke slowly letting Lexa back in. The graduation from “I’ll kill you” to “Maybe someday” has been carefully crafted and played extremely well by Eliza.

Her eyes are burning with her passionate hate when she first sees Lexa. And over time Eliza lets us see that fire gradually dim. There’s the fear over Lexa’s life. There’s the relief that she beat Roan. Then there’s the clear guard she has around them when she was says “Reshop, Heda.” Then there’s the gratefulness, and hope that things can be different when Lexa declares blood no longer must be answered with blood. Then there’s a moment she doesn’t mean to let Lexa in on when Lexa sees her drawing. Eliza was so raw and bare. Then there’s this week, she’s hopeful, she’s open, and she’s no longer fighting her strong feelings for Lexa.

All of this is due to Eliza’s superb acting abilities. I, like many others, so often praise ADC, and rightfully so, but there is much to be said about how talented Eliza is.

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Hi! Do you have any clexa fic Recs? (Preferable aus)

omg there’s so many… but my ao3 is an unorganised Disaster ,so these where the only ones i could find/recall (to keep the list short, ive only put complete fics)

Everything You Are by awriterofthings - doctor au that i absolutely adore !!

She by thefooliam - fic so good people made fanart,, must read (college au)

Strangers on the Phone by rochke11 - clarke calls a wrong number, lexa answers, many things happen… there’s a sequel to this, read both!!

You See the Smile That’s On My Mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) by heartshapedcandy - clexa from kids to adults, w a side of tears

We Looked Like Giants by colonelpancake04 - roomates w benefits turned girlfriends,, they frick frak a lot but theres feelings, ofc

A Soccer Love Story by onebigroughdraft - just an adorable fic where lexa plays soccer and clarke is the team doctor, love love love

sea of love by tents - clexa share an apartment, being all cute n shit as they start crushing on each other,,, good fic

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by Chrmdpoet - the first clexa fic i ever started reading, and boy what a great first impression. not an au but its one of the greats!! … just look at the kudos

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)🌈🌈

thanks darling <3 ok here we go

  1. i think i’m pretty talented at a bunch of things, a jack of all trades if you will, and i can adapt quite quickly
  2. i like to help people, and not helping people is kind of hard for me to do. it’s why i wanted to be a nurse until i realised you have to have good grades in biology which i did not have
  3. i think i’m good at empathising with people and being compassionate (most of the time lol)
  4. i think i’m quite smart especially when it comes to history and english literature (but not sciences whoops)
  5. i’ve been told i’m more mature than my age which i kinda love because tbh i wanna hit 40 and stay 40 forever

thanks again for this x

The next Splatfest draws near! Next week, we pit art against science! Now, we here at the Squid Research Lab know that you’re a talented bunch of artists. We’ve seen what you can do in art contests, on Miiverse and, not to mention, all the rad fan art uploaded to Tumblr! It seems at first glance that art will have no problem taking it all. BUT! When you think about all the greats hanging out on the science side (Bill Nye! Neil deGrasse Tyson! Beakman!), it’s not hard to see how science could win this one!

Pledge your allegiance tomorrow in game, and we’ll see you on the splattlefield 9/18 at 9 PM PT. You’ll have 24 hours to ensure victory for your team! 

@inuyasha fandom

There’s some people out here who hate ‘you’….Who think badly of ‘you’. Who believe…'you’re’ the 'worst’. Simply by the actions and posts of a few.

But let me tell somethin to you:

You are a damn beautiful bunch of people.

We got a wonderful shitload of talent. We got fics we got art we got editors we got gif makers, we got fandom events.

We are cordial and polite in our discussions and for the most part we have somehow eradicated most of the kikyo hate that we nurtured as children. (And even if you still hate Kikyo, you know that’s not the end of the world, you do you cuties.)

Don’t let yourself be defined by those scorned and don’t let yourself feel like you’re not part of a loving community, because you are.

I’m not the advocate for anything and I’m certainly not the biggest blog in this community, but just in case you’re wondering: you matter my dudes.

Every single reblog, every single like: let me repeat myself again because I cannot repeat myself enough: this Manga was written over 20 years ago, it was finished a decade ago, and we are STILL HERE my brethren.


You are kind

You are smart

And you can be 100% sure that you are DAMN IMPORTANT MY FRIENDS ❤️

Just saw this glorious poem that one of my classmates posted on our facebook group the night before the neuro final.

I wish I could double like things on facebook sometimes.

Also, here is a haiku I wrote on my neuro practical exam during rest stops (I have to nervously sketch or write notes and poems or else I change all my answers):

Taking this exam
Hoping an aneurysm
Will finish me off

the merlin fandom is the perfect size.

For a long time, superhero comics was a gated community. A closed set. A quarantined area.

A no-fly zone, ironically.

There weren’t any signs, really. No one put up barbed wire. But in the time before the mega-successful movies, before the many hit concurrent television series, there was most definitely a time when the genre seemed dominated, virtually owned, by two companies in one medium, dispensed by one distributor.
A narrow doorway, indeed.

And the people who worked those mines, they, in their understandable self-interest, did all they could to entrench themselves, and quite a few took the extra step to put as many bolts on the entryway as possible.

So there was a House of the Bat, and a House of the Spider, and if you wanted to write superheroes that people might actually read, those were your choices. Smaller publishers often made the attempt to duplicate their success with planned universes of their own guys in crotch-snug jammies who can fart plasma from their ear-holes or whatever, but almost inevitably, those efforts, no matter how well-crafted, would end in tears and low sales, and eventual cancellation.

But that didn’t keep the readership from wanting to break in. And as the audience became more diverse, they started wanting to see more of the real world reflected in the comics. And the industry developed a bit of doggerel to respond to such requests.

“Hey, I love these comics, but how about some POC characters once in a while?

"If you don’t see what you want in comics, make your own, then, kid!”

“Hello, I’m a gay man, and I’d like to see–”

“I just said, make your own, why don’t you?”

“I just wanted to find a way to the bathroo–”


Seriously, I heard this phrase, uttered not just from pros, but also from the readership, for years, over and over. Every time someone raised their hand and said, “Why can’t we have some books with female leads?” Someone was there to say, “If that’s so important to you, why not just make your own comics?”
It was never meant to be helpful advice. It was simply an easy way for creators and publishers to avoid looking at their own failures, their own inadequacies, by putting the onus on the questioner. If comics looked like a haven for straight, white, male, cis-gendered characters only, well, gee, why don’t you go out and fix that yourself, reader?

Even though experienced publishers with millions of dollars failed trying to make successful and ongoing superhero universes, the flippant answer, the way to get the asker to shut up, was to say that it was their responsibility to undo 60+ years of nasty racism, homophobia and misogyny.

It seemed a bit cruel. How does one person fight a system THAT closed off?

Oh, wait.

The internet happened. And writing groups formed online. And ePublishing happened.

Holy crap, they don’t NEED to go to that distribution monopoly. They don’t need to fight the ten thousand other books coming out that month for shelf space in a store. They don’t need middle-men or publishers or group editors or ad sales staff.

Turns out they don’t really need anybody but a group of writers with some talent and a bit of fire in their guts.

They don’t NEED the system.

But best of all?

They don’t need PERMISSION.

Now me, I want the gates open. No, I want the gates burned down.

There’s a lot to be said for polish and experience. But in many cases, that leads to comfort and caution, and that’s the last thing a thriving art form needs.

I want new voices, and I want a lot of them. And I want them to look like the crowds I see at conventions all over the world. Every color, ever sexuality, all over the gender spectrum, all ages, all shapes. That’s what I want.

Because I love comics, and if we have to burn down some of the old junk to make room for the next group, I am fine with that. Here, you pour the kerosene and I’ll hold the match.
Because new voices bring their passion to the table. They make beautiful mistakes and they rethink old routines and they write about what is meaningful to their lives and their experience and I get a little delighted just thinking about it.

Don’t ask permission, guys. Permission’s overrated. Write the thing you believe in and then fight like hell if they ask you to take it out.

I love new writers because they see the empty seats at the table, and they don’t like it. When they see that there’s a lack of _________ characters and relationships, rather than get defensive, they get CRACKING.

Okay, so that’s why this book is wonderful.

Here we have a bunch of new voices (well, new to me, anyway), talented voices, writing in the genre I have devoted a weird portion of my life to, and doing it outside of any of the barriers that the genre normally is wound around. And doing a damn entertaining job of it. Lesbian robots, superhero/supervillain bed romps, mutant/alien-supersoldier shipping, all the good stuff the big houses said was taboo for decades.
I frankly think they were afraid we might all grow to LIKE it.

When I was a little girl, I loved comics, and would search endlessly for portrayals of women that were as exciting and fun as those of the male characters. It was like a treasure hunt where the prize was great when you could find it, but just as often you got the soggy, dull, husband-hunting girlfriend of the REAL hero and boy, that got hard to take after a while. I can only imagine the added difficulty for POC and LGBT folks.
And the romance comics genre was long gone. Fighting, there was lots of fighting. Kissing seemed to be altogther radioactive, somehow.

The writers of POWERLESS AGAINST YOU have sidestepped decades of nonsense, bless their hearts. They made the buck-passing mantra of the disinterested professional into a viable, working model…simply put, they made their own, then. They took an affection for this genre and they populated it with diverse casts and fresh minds and just acres of heart.
Oh, and kissing.
Lots and lots of kissing.


PS: Never ask permission.


Gail Simone, introduction to Powerless Against You

I want to share this with everyone, regardless of whether they buy the book or not

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How many people run your channel?

Sarah and Adrianna run the channel, and then we have a whole bunch of sexy, talented, actors that make Sarah and Adrianna look like they know what they’re doing 

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What's wrong with dunga? Is he not a good coach? Would you rather have Luiz scolari?

well tbh i don’t think we have ANY good coaches in brazil rn because most of our coaches believe in the “jeitinho brasileiro” (aka the ~~brazilian way~~) which is basically just believing that sheer talent ALONE is enough to solve our problems because we are “the country of football” which is not true AT ALL considering the results we got in this world cup even tho we had VERY good players, some of which are among the best players in the world (and i don’t mean just neymar, i mean marcelo, thiago, david and a whole other bunch of guys). what we need is a coach that is gonna turn this bunch of very talented players put together in a TEAM meaning, we need someone who’ll be tactical, strategical and someone who’ll let them show our beautiful and emotional football but at the same time will keep them focused and playing within a clever strategy (something felipão LACKED since 2002 tbh, he’s the kinda of coach who’ll just let them do as they please and hope for the best). tbh the perfect coach for me would be guardiola HAHA but i do tend to dream a bit big don’t i

(edit: for example, as far as talent goes our team was MUCH MUCH better than algeria and still they lost 2-1 to germany and we lost 7-1. why was that? because felipão started the match with 4 PLAYERS forward -hulk, fred, bernard and oscar- instead of coming up with a fucking decent defending strategy. i mean COME ON you don’t rely on attack to play against germany let alone to play against germany on a fucking semi-final)

as for Dunga, HE’S NOT EVEN A REAL COACH! I kid you not, until he took up the team from Parreira in 2006 HE HAD NO PRIOR PROFESSIONAL COACHING EXPERIENCE! also he made some bizarre picks for the team that would play in 2010 and after the world cup Internacional picked him as a coach and he didn’t last a year there, HE WAS FIRED FROM A BRAZILIAN CLUB because he just wasn’t able to make them win.

idk this is a massive ramble and i just basically said: i don’t think his style is what we need rn and i don’t even think he has the experience to be a national team coach at all.

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Hi can you write a blurb or a ones hot whichever you like obv about being in the opening band for 5sos and you being friends/mutual crushes with Luke? Thank you

Word Count:  3,232
Rating: T

Big ups to hemmocrat for the beta :)

The first time you ever met Luke it was in LA. You and your band lived there and regularly performed gigs in the local clubs, but he and the boys were in town working on their latest album.

Calum and Michael had shown up at one of your gigs, nodding along to your songs and you and your band couldn’t believe what you were seeing, half of 5sos actually enjoying your original music. And, as if things couldn’t get any more surreal, after the show they came backstage to ask you and your band if you wanted to jam sometime.

You and the three other girls in your group met up with them outside of their house in LA, and they welcomed you in happily. Michael practically knocked you over when he pulled you into a tight hug, “(Y/N)!!! Girls! You made it!” He laughed as he set you back on the ground and gave your band the same greeting. He lead you into the house where Calum and Ashton were sitting in the kitchen, Calum on the counter eating cereal out of a bowl and Ashton standing opposite him, eating an apple.

“Hey! Look who made it!” Calum shouted, wiping milk off of his chin as he smiled at you all. Ashton smiled as well, but more out of politeness than anything else. “Ash,” Calum turned to look at him, “these are the girls Mike and I were telling you about the other night.”

“Oh, right,” Ashton recalled, “the rockin’ girl band. It’s nice to meet you guys. Well, girls.”

You all returned his greeting when Luke came into the kitchen, a towel around his shoulders and black basketball shorts slung low around his hips. “Hey, guys, have any of you seen my—“ He froze mid-sentence when he noticed there were far more people in the room than he’d been expecting. “Shit, sorry, I didn’t—“ His face grew red as he tried to think of something to say. “You’re early,” was all he could manage and everyone in the room had a laugh at his expense as he rolled his eyes.

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It has come to my attention that there is not enough Vithur in the world.

Not my main ship, but I think that it is definitely something that we, as a fandom, have been neglecting for far too long.


I’m going to try and make Vithur Week.

A whole week where the fandom focuses on Vithur. Headcanons, fanart, fanfiction, voice recordings, videos, anything we, as a fandom, can think of, for a whole week.

We’re all a creative and talented bunch, we can surely bring to light this long-forgotten ship.

(More info on the actual dates for the week later)

A  little note of appreciation to the greatest life ruiners I have ever known. This one goes to the fanfic writers.

HAPPY FANFIC WRITERS APPRECIATION DAY 2015 *Donna and Tom treat yo self tune*

Gosh there are so many amazing and talented writers in this fandom. We are a lucky bunch to have yall around. You make hiatus bearable. You fix episodes that break our hearts. Sometimes you break our hearts in NEW AND CREATIVE WAYS *how dare you?*. You take our favorite characters and create new worlds for them where they can be anything we want but still be the same. That is so cool! And it takes so much work, talent, and dedication. If I wont the lottery I would be cashing you all checks and signing you to my new publishing firm that I would create just for you. 

Thank you for entertaining me during long commutes, airport layovers, long fights, boring family gatherings etc. 


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*Stephen Amell Voice* You are all fantastic! You nailed it! 

I’m sure I forgot people! IAM SORRY. I’m horrible. 

But I love you all. Thanks for giving us the best fics. 

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Happy New Year!

So a lot have happened this year, haven’t it? We got a bunch of new talented groups, great comebacks, amazing songs, impressive albums, beautiful music videos~

Our idols have worked extremely hard so we could watch their best performances and listen to the best songs from them. Let’s thank them for this amazing year and let’s wish our idols to be always healthy, happy and satisfied with their work. Let’s support them even more through 2016~ Let’s look forward to their next projects and be always loving and encouraging fans! 

I hope that next year there will be no fandom wars. I wish all the fandoms would get along and support the whole kpop industry. After all, kpop is about fun and positive emotions, so let’s just spread the love~

* * *

And now to all of you, fellow kpop fangirls and fanboys!
I wish you to be healthy and live a happy life. I wish you to achieve all of your goals in 2016. I hope we can keep sharing the love to kpop and fangirl together!

Thank you for the time you’ve spent contributing to the fandom with your fanarts, edits, videos, covers, fanfics, cracks, shitposts~ Thank you for enjoying the work of other fans out there. Thank you for being amazing fans and thank you for supporting our idols, thank you for giving them strenght.
You’re all honestly the best and you all deserve the world. 
Let’s keep being amazing next year~

Happy New Year, everyone!

Work with TwoDots

We’re Dots, a new gaming company with two mobile hits so far (Dots and TwoDots). We’re a small, but quickly growing, team of multi-talented people. We have big plans for a bunch of new games and we’re looking to add dynamic people to the team to help us grow! For this role, we’re looking for a talented illustrator or design student / person, who loves to make and learn.


A Berlin-based multi-talented octopus-person who loves design and/or illustration. Maybe you’re a student or self taught artist who loves the Internet and wants to help us create great content for our social media channels.

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