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"You don’t constantly live in fear of losing someone who’s just like a brother. That’s not how anyone feels about their actual brother" - Don't get me wrong, I ship the heck out of S/K, but: I'd argue you absolutely do if you're an orphan who lost the only family they had at a young age and never really had anyone after that. And then you finally find someone who's like family, however you interpret that, and you have these huge abandonment issues. Of course you're gonna be scared of losing them

Hi! I got a few asks about this, so I’ll just cover them now. Okay so, while I agree that Keith would definitely have abandonment issues after his childhood either way, his relationship with Shiro still transcends what he has with the rest of Team Voltron–all of whom we know are also his found family. So it’s not just a matter of found family, but also this deeply personal, innermost connection he has with Shiro that he never quite manages with anyone else again. He holds a platonic love for all the paladins and thinks of them as his new family. But he’s not so terrified of losing them that he’d literally give up anything just to be with them. He only feels that way about Shiro. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” 

This idea of latching onto someone evokes a kind of desperateness and dependency you really don’t see in platonic relationships usually. Also, a relationship where one character is really the grounding force for another, the one thing that can soothe this volatile, emotional and alien side of them and bring out their humanity–that’s often a dynamic that’s meant to be interpreted in a romantic context. This is further supported by the fact that Zarkon, another galra who struggles with his overwhelming emotions, has Haggar to kind of act as his Shiro and be a balm for him, help steady him and guide him. Again, this kind of relationship is already established as blatantly romantic. So I don’t think it’s accidental that sheith mimics it. 

There’s a singularity to Keith’s view on Shiro that feels distinctly romantic rather than brotherly. If someone’s just a friend or like a brother, then they’re not your entire world. You wouldn’t be “all alone” without them. And staying with what holo-Shiro said for a minute, his role there is pretty interesting. I’ve mentioned it before, but this idea of a knight having to sacrifice their love for the sake of their duty is a common theme, and we see that replicated here. And this idea of someone being sent to tempt the hero and try to lure them away from their duty, it’s pretty much always a romantic trope. Love interests are typically the kind of characters who would try to convince someone into believing they’re meant to be together and there’s no way the other person would be able to go on without them. It’s just not something that has a brotherly or platonic connotation.

There’s also the fact that holo-Shiro says “We’re your family.” As a reflection of Keith’s mind, he voices the fact that Keith sees all the paladins as found family. But he still views his relationship with Shiro as something much deeper. This makes Keith’s possessive mourning over Shiro all the more strange. When Pidge loses Matt and her dad, she doesn’t lash out at her mom about how she doesn’t care or isn’t doing enough. But Keith is another story.

If all of Team Voltron is his found family, then why act as if he’s the only one who cares about Shiro and no one else does? Why is pretty much everyone relatively understanding about Pidge’s situation–and why is she able to put her own feelings aside and carry on with the mission while Keith is portrayed as reckless and despondent with grief over constantly chasing after Shiro? Why does everyone have to pull him aside and tell him to move on when it seems like it’s been months but Pidge understands the mission has to come first in a matter of days? Pidge doesn’t seem to have any sort of dependency on her brother the way Keith and Shiro rely so heavily on one another. Obviously she loves Matt, but that love is shown to be very different from what we see between Shiro and Keith. 

The fact that we have all these parallels established between sheith and zaggar also says a lot. Because saying that sheith isn’t meant to be read as romantic while still having it be so similar to zaggar is just…very strange. It’s pointing at one dynamic and saying “This is what a romantic relationship in our narrative looks like,” but then establishing essentially the same dynamic again and dismissing it. Especially when, right from the start, Keith is shown saving Shiro, and it’s something that Kuron actually makes a point of mentioning. So, given that the other black paladin who was terrified of losing the person they loved and willing to do anything just to be with them–given that that’s a distinctly romantic relationship, I think it’s important to take that context into consideration. 

There are plenty of other close platonic relationships that Shiro and Keith could have been compared to. Hunk and Lance are also really good friends, but their interactions are clearly more casual and fun loving. There’s not this big dramatic weight bearing down on their relationship that you usually see from a will-they-or-won’t-they almost-couple, no tension. But sheith has plenty. Hunk and Lance obviously care about each other a lot, but they never pull one another aside and have a deeply personal, intimate, bleeding heart-to-heart. We see these quiet talks often with sheith though. Another telling sign is all the lingering, tender touches between Shiro and Keith.

Whether it’s the grounding weight of a hand on your shoulder or a warm embrace, these two are rather touchy-feely. Yes, Hunk is very huggable and he and Lance are very casual around each other. But again, their interactions aren’t regarded with the same depth and seriousness as Shiro and Keith’s. While it’s true that plenty of people have very close friends who they’re pretty openly affectionate with, it’s important to remember that this is a story, and most things they take the time to animate are meant to serve the narrative.

So, from a thematic standpoint, having these two characters with a hidden backstory who are always circling each other’s orbit, always exchanging little comforting touches here and there and offering quiet words of comfort, who are constantly scared of losing each other–typically, that’s how you build a romantic relationship. It’s not the way you’d usually establish a platonic one, and it’s not the way any other platonic relationships play out in Voltron either. Another sign that it’s not strictly platonic or brotherly is the fact that, while they’re still so close, there’s a noticeable distance. Like they’re both afraid and holding each other at arm’s length. Again, you don’t see this with Hunk and Lance; they’re perfectly comfortable being completely open with each other.

But Keith is always afraid one wrong move will cost him Shiro, always trying to do his best to make Shiro happy. He tells Shiro that he really changed his life, and it’s implied that maybe he thinks Shiro doesn’t realize just how much he means to him. That’s why, after Shiro does discover the full impact he’s had on Keith–after seeing how Keith’s worst fear is losing him in BOM–he never brings up the fact that something might happen to him again. Similarly, when Keith repeats “Patience yields focus,” Shiro’s whole face softens. His voice is nothing but fond when he asks, “That really stayed with you, didn’t it?” He didn’t know Keith cared that much, and he’s really touched.

And that’s something else–characters repeating each other’s deep, meaningful lines back to one another reads as distinctly romantic to me. Yeah, Hunk picks up on Lance’s favorite movie catchphrase, but it’s another example of how their relationship is more friendly and casual. It’s an effect used for comedic relief. That’s very different from Keith reciting Shiro’s mantra or the way these two greet each other with reversals of, “It’s good to have you back.” “It’s good to be back.” Context and tone are always so important.

I don’t mean to belittle platonic bonds in favor of romance though, or that one is more important than the other. Just that they’re both written very differently. That doesn’t mean they have to start off at completely separate points though. Shiro and Keith both really struggle with developing close, intimate relationships. Neither one really lets their walls down around anyone else, and they both often put on a brave face to shoulder the weight of the world alone. Keith especially struggles with social interaction, and he comes off as very touch averse. Both he and Shiro are also very private, reserved people. 

So, I honestly can’t picture either of them falling in love suddenly. For them, I imagine romantic attraction would have to come from first developing a deep emotional attachment to the person platonically–and from there, the relationship would organically progress to something more romantic. I can’t see Shiro and Keith’s relationship the way it is now in canon as ending platonically though. If anything, I would say queerplatonic, because then the intensity and commitment level of the partnership is the same as a romantic relationship. 

I mean, I might be bias because I have two brothers and what Shiro and Keith have does not read as brotherly at all to me. Not in the least. But I’ve had very close friends that I ended up developing romantic feelings for in the past, and that is what Keith’s feelings on Shiro really make me think of. Particularly when said friend is of the same gender and you’re unsure of your own feelings so you mistake that love for them being like a brother or sister at first. That’s very relatable to me. 

I’m pretty sure it’s also common for a narrative to imply a gay relationship by referring to characters as having a very close, sort of brotherly camaraderie as well. And characters naturally progressing from a close friendship or seeing someone as being like a brother and then having those feelings change to romantic interest over time–it’s fairly common for straight couples in fiction. You even see it with Aang and Katara. Had Shiro been a girl, I feel like there wouldn’t be so much insistence that sheith is meant to be just brotherly or platonic. But again, that’s just how I see it. 

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (22-Finale)


Part 22- “Final Part” of the sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21

Word Count: 5,100 (ish)

Get’s the slightest bit gory, so only read if you have a strong stomach?

Listen, you better get those tissues out!

Junmyeon’s P.O.V.

He sat in the SUV looking at his hands; he was shaking nervously and couldn’t keep his hands still. He had come this far and brought the men up until this point, yet he still felt as though he hadn’t quite fulfilled his duty. Why was that? Maybe because he was a failure in more ways than one, his brother didn’t applaud him for anything he did, he almost killed everyone a year ago, he couldn’t even successfully attract a woman who wasn’t out to kill him. He sighed, he was a failure no matter which way he looked at it.

“Hey…what are you thinking about?” Chanyeol nudged him on his side bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Uhhh- I…It’s nothing. Nothing.”

“You can’t lie to me Junmyeon. I’ve known you almost 5 years, what’s up?”

Junmyeon sighed as he slowly lifted his head upwards.

“I just…What have I even done? Up until now…I’ve just continuously dragged us into never ending shit and if we survive this I’ll probably end up dragging us into more never ending shit.”

“Are you being serious right now?” Sehun scoffed from behind Junmyeon. Everyone was listening to the conversation. “If it wasn’t for you Junmyeon I’d be wandering the streets…sure this lifestyle isn’t ideal but I found a family in you guys. I found a home. If it weren’t for you Kim Junmyeon I would definitely be dead.”

“Aw Sehun, are we getting a little bit sentimental.” Minseok cooed teasingly, pinching Sehun’s cheek from beside him. Sehun frowned and pushed Minseok off of him, his face turning a subtle tint of red which luckily for him wasn’t too noticeable in the dark night.

“It’s true though Minseok… I mean…Isn’t it?”He looked up at the older male who had played the role of his mother, father, brother and best friend throughout the years.
Minseok smiled softly and nodded, planting a kiss on Sehun’s forehead.

“Of course it’s true; you’re the best family I’ve ever had never forget it.”
Sehun smiled at Minseok’s words and gave him a quick hug before letting go again.

Junmyeon let out a loud sigh, causing everyone to turn and face him again. He appreciated their efforts but he still wasn’t sure he was doing enough.

“Junmyeon look.” Yixing cleared his throat. “Every single man in this car is fucked up, we’re all bad men and we’re all killers we’re most definitely the worst type of people to walk the face of this earth. But guess what, that’s not your fault. You didn’t create Genesis and you didn’t create Red Corp, you didn’t volunteer for this, none of us this. We had no choice. I agree with Sehun…you guys are my family now and although we met in the most fucked up way and I do wish we met under better circumstances…look, the point is I’m proud to call you my brothers. We may not all be biologically related but that really doesn’t matter, right?”

Tao nodded in the driver’s seat as he looked up through his rear view mirror.

“Yixing is right. I say when we get out of this we all let this lifestyle go and move forwards together.”

IF we get out alive…” Junmyeon mumbled looking back down at his hands. He still wasn’t confident that he could get all of them out alive, but he would sure as anything try his best. The car began to slow down. They were driving in an industrial estate; the bumpy gravel could be felt beneath them as the tyres moved forward ever so slightly.

“I think we’re here…” Tao looked up at the building as he stopped the engine completely; it was eerie and dark from the outside.

Junmyeon held his breath and wrapped his fingers around his gun. Only God knew what he would find inside.

“You lot…please survive.” He opened the car door and stepped out slowly, walking towards the building, the pit in his stomach seemed to be growing deeper and if he was being honest he was scared. Petrified.
But there was no going back now, he had to deal with the issue and he had to get his brother. That was the only blood-family he had left and he couldn’t let it go. The rest of the boys followed behind stealthily and slowly, weapons in hand.

“You know, I never thought I’d say this.” Baekhyun whispered. “But I’m really jealous of Kyungsoo right now…he has an excuse to stay home. I am bricking it.”

“You’re always bricking it Byun Baekhyun. Just don’t die or get injured because you’re the surgeon and we need you alive.” Jongin whispered back running in front of Junmyeon, towards a back door. He pushed it open lightly with his foot and looked about to make sure it was all clear. He turned to face the guys and gave a quick nod. ‘Good luck’ He mouthed as they all began to run into the building.

It was quite dark so Junmyeon could hardly see anything, his ears were his biggest help at the moment and he began to hear a muffled shouting and struggling. His eyes widened. It must have been Senior; he walked further towards the sound.

“Suho. I can’t find the enemy anywhere.” Jongdae’s voice whispered from behind him, causing him to jump a little.

“You don’t have to keep up with the code names Luhan knows who we are.” He replied. “I hear something, keep me covered.” He began walking faster to the muffled sounds that he could hear, it became increasingly louder until eventually he could hear it right beside him.

“Senior?” he hissed. The muffles became louder as if confirming who it was. Junmyeon desperately put his gun in his pocket and reached his hands out to find the ropes binding his brother down to the chair.

“Guys! I don’t see anyone.” Jongin whispered loudly. Junmyeon heard grunts of agreement; it had appeared the whole squad had found their way to Senior’s chair.
After some struggle Junmyeon managed to get Senior free from the chair and untied the cloth from his mouth. His brother gasped desperately for air as he threw his head backwards.

“Listen Junmyeon!” Senior panted between words. “It’s a ploy to buy time. They used me as a distraction they knew you’d come for me. No one is here. He said something about ‘killing the pregnant bitch and dealing with Junmyeon and the rest later.

Junmyeon’s eyes widened and he turned around in shock as he heard Minseok let out a loud gasp.

“Oh Gosh Y/N!” Minseok cried. As if on cue his phone began to vibrate he looked at the caller I.D.


Wasting no time he swiped right on the screen and put the phone on loud speaker. Junmyeon could hear Minseok’s breathing become quicker and shallow as he heard Y/N begin to talk.

Minseok… please tell me you guys have come back. We can hear noises in the kitchen” She was whispering and it was almost impossible to hear what she was saying.

Y/N it’s Luhan, you need to hide now!”

“We’re in Kyungsoo’s room.” Her voice was really beginning to shake now that it was confirmed that it was not the boys.

Y/N I need you to lock the door and hide as best as you can. We’re on our way. Don’t make a sound.” He hung up and slipped his phone back inside his pocket.

“Fuck! My baby is in there!” Kris cried, almost close to tears.

“That’s exactly why we need to make a move. NOW!”

Y/N’S P.O.V.

Your breathing had accelerated as you slowly got up to lock the door and crawled back on to the floor. Kyungsoo looked at you with worried eyes. 

‘Luhan’ You mouthed to him. His eyes widened with fear as he looked between you and the door. ‘We need to hide’ you mouthed as you begun to him drag him off of his wheelchair and help him get under the bed, making sure the sheets were spilled over so he couldn’t be seen.
You could hear things being smashed in the kitchen.

“Come on out sweetheart!” You heard Luhan call, sarcasm and venom lacing tongue.

“Who is that?” Ara asked looking up you. You quickly covered her hand with your mouth your eyes widening in fear of being heard, bending down as far as your stomach would allow you to you began to whisper in her ear.

“We’re going to play hide and seek okay? Daddy’s friend is looking for us, so you need to be a good girl and stay quiet. If you win I will buy you a dolly okay Ara?” You tried smiling convincingly at her as she nodded with such enthusiasm.
If only it were all just a game.
You dragged yourself and Ara into Kyungsoo’s wardrobe as it was the only place that your stomach would allow you to fit. Your heart was banging against your chest it felt as though it would burst through. You were sure that you had never been so scared in your life. You heard smashing, breaking and the occasional pop of a gun. Footsteps were getting louder and louder. It felt like forever waiting for the boys to arrive and you were slowly becoming a nervous wreck, tears were welling up in your waterline. You were no longer sure what you were waiting for, was it to be saved or death?
You heard scratching at the door. You closed your eyes tightly and covered your mouth with your hand.

“Hmm…why is this door locked?” Luhan’s voice was clear now. He was less than 10 feet away from you. “Oh Mrs.Kim, are you in there?” He laughed mockingly. He had you right where he wanted you and he was about to win his sick and twisted game. Ara groaned in front of you.

“I want to get out.” She said. You quickly covered her mouth with your hand.
No! why was she deciding to talk now.
You bent down and pressed your mouth against her ear as you decided to whisper.

“Ara sweetie, you can’t speak or Daddy’s friend will find us.” You were desperate for her to be quiet, but of course as your luck would have it she wasn’t willing to comply with the rules.

“But I want to get out.” She demanded trying to free herself from your grip. Your heart was beating wildly against your chest.

“Ara shut up!” Kyungsoo hissed from under the bed, you could only imagine how terrified he had become.

“But I need to weewee!” She shouted, banging her hands against the wardrobe door.

You heard Luhan laugh sadistically from outside.

“Ohhh there’s definitely people in here. Maybe I should pay them a visit hmm?”
You heard repetitive banging as Luhan began kicking the door, followed by grunts and eventually there was a loud crash as the door was knocked inwards. You closed your eyes again out of fear, your airways were involuntarily contracting and you were finding it hard to breathe.
“Mrs Kim. Play with me? There’s no need to hide, hmm?” You heard a gunshot ring out in the room, causing Ara to scream. You covered her mouth with your hand, but at this point there was no use because the wardrobe door began to open slowly and stood in front of you was a merciless looking Luhan, a dirty smile painted across his face.
“Ah! Here you are.”
You looked into his dark orbs as tears began to run down your face.

“Luhan please, don’t do this. You don’t need to do this. I’m begging you…” One hand automatically found itself comforting your stomach, whilst the other was gripping Ara’s shoulder. He scoffed, pulling a wry smile.

“Is that what my father begged you before you blew his brains out, you heartless bitch. Is that what my girlfriend begged before you bastards took her life aswell?” He smacked the hilt of his gun against you forehead and you felt a warm liquid oozing its way down the side of your face.

“I need to weewee!” Ara screamed as she crossed her legs and began pulling your arm. You had never been so pissed off by a child in your life.

“Aww you need to weewee do you?” Luhan bent down in front of her and stroked her cheeks with his free hand. “Well I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you weewee, but that means after we’re going to play a little game okay?”
She nodded ecstatically.
“Good girl. Now you see this device in my hand here.” He pulled a small black remote out of his pocket and raised it in the air. “Well Uncle Luhan here loves to play with electric and this…” He clicked a button on the remote causing the lights to switch off. Just like the night Minseok went missing. Suddenly the lights switched back on again. “…is my favourite toy. We’re going to play the best version of hide and seek ever. I’m going to switch off all the lights and you are going to hide. If I win, you will go to bed forever and ever and ever, okay sweetheart.”
Ara nodded enthusiastically, still not understanding what was happening.
“Good! Go and weewee quickly.” He looked up at you and smiled at you darkly before bowing and pointing at the door letting you step aside. “I’ll count to 100.”

You pulled Ara past Luhan and practically dragged her up the stairs ignoring each and every one of her cries, quite frankly you had no pity for her, she should’ve shut up when she had the chance. You dragged her into the toilet and quickly let her wee, whilst you tried your best to mop up the blood dripping down the side of your face. You dragged her out of the toilet just as quickly and pulled her into Baekhyun’s room, you rummaged quickly through everything that was lined up on his shelf dropping some things as you went along. Finally you picked up a bottle of chloroform. Pouring some of the liquid on to Ara’s shirt, you brought it up to her mouth and nose and waited until her struggle stopped. You ran back down the corridor and hurriedly opened the door to Junmyeon’s room. Opening a chest that once belonged to Yuna, you bent Ara’s knees upwards by  a fraction and placed her inside gently closing the lid again. You knew that she would be safe now, you were sure you had used enough of the liquid to knock her out for a while. You swallowed hard as you pulled out your phone and sent a text to Minseok:

Ara is in a Yuna’s chest, in Junmyeon’s room. Please hurry Min.”

You felt it necessary so he could tell the others, just in case you didn’t survive to tell them where she was…

“I GOT BORED OF COUNTING! I GOT TO 70, BUT THAT’S CLOSE ENOUGH RIGHT?!” You heard Luhan’s voice yell as the lights in the room went off. You froze in your spot. He was coming for you. You heard the steps creaking as he was making his way up. The lights flicked back on again and you could hear him humming a song. Your hands were shaking as you stared around Junmyeon’s room looking for where you could hide. You had to be careful, surely Luhan didn’t come alone, his men were lurking about the house as well and so you were hiding from them too.
Suddenly you heard a stampede of footsteps from the ground below.

“Y/N! Y/N!”

It was Minseok.
You let out a shaky breath but you still couldn’t shout out to him, not when Luhan was so close by. The lights flickered off again. Then back on. You heard Luhan’s footsteps pause and began to retreat back down the stairs. You couldn’t exactly make out what was being said but you heard smashing and gunshots. Shouting and swearing and you were unable to stop the tears from streaming down your face. It felt as though it was the beginning of the end.

You stayed hidden in Junmyeon’s room for a good 20 minutes. War breaking loose beneath you. You didn’t know who was alive and who was dead, but you had to get out of this room it wasn’t a good enough place to hide. As the lights flickered off again you slowly made your way down the stairs as stealthily as you possibly could. Slipping back into Kyungsoo’s room you lowered yourself to the floor and nearly screamed as the lights flickered on. There was a dead body lying in front of you, he must’ve been one of Luhan’s men because he wasn’t one of yours. You felt like vomiting but tried you hardest to swallow the bile back down.

“Kyungsoo.” You whispered. “Are you still there?”

“Y/N what the fuck are you doing here? You need to go and hide!” He hissed “Hide out back where Yuna is, he won’t look for you there. Quickly. Go.”
You nodded as you got up to your feet again. You heard an agonising scream ring out across the house.

“Oh my gosh that was Minseok!” You panicked; your knees began to shake as you could only imagine the worst. You were paralysed in your spot for about 5 minutes as you were too scared to go and check what had happened. You could still hear gunshots popping off and swearing every now and then. Finally you plucked up the courage to walk over to the door, stopping to look left and right before you exited the room. You frowned in fear as you looked up at the walls, there was a trail of blood that had looked as though it had been deliberately painted making it’s way down the length of the corridor. You looked on the floor and stifled a scream as you began to vomit.

Minseok’s ring finger was there.

You couldn’t breathe properly, you were hyperventilating. Your knees felt as though they would give way but you tried to ignore the feeling. Bending down you picked up Minseok’s finger and stared at it in horror. What the fuck had Luhan and his men done to your husband? You were holding his severed finger in your hand what else would you find? His severed head? Trying to ignore how sick all of this was beginning to make you feel, you pushed Minseok’s finger down your bra to keep it safe and carried on walking down the corridor. Your eyes widened at the sound of crying and you began to follow it down the corridor ending up in the board room.
Your eyes widened and you began to sob erratically and uncontrollably.

“Minseok!” You cried running over to where he was sat. Blood was running from his severed hand and from a gash in his thigh. He looked up at you, his face contorted with pain and his eyes red.

“Y/N you need to get out.” He cupped your face with his uninjured hand. He struggled to speak through the unimaginable amount of pain that he was in. He dragged his hand down from your face and placed it over your stomach, rubbing your bump. “I don’t know if I’ll make it Y/N. But you need to get out, you and this baby…our beautiful baby. You both need to make it alive…for me Y/N. If you love me you’ll do this much for me, I’ll try and make it babe but I don’t know if I can. Get out now Y/N Please!” He leaned forward and kissed you, resulting in you crying harder when he pulled away. “Here take this and get out. There’s only one bullet left.” He handed you his gun. “I love you Y/N and I love our baby. You both mean the world to me never forget that.” You sobbed uncontrollably as you slowly began backing away from the board, staring at Minseok until you turned the corner.

Your main priority was to now get this baby and yourself to safety. You had to make sure you would stay alive. You told yourself that Minseok was not going to die and that was what was fuelling you with energy…it was the only thing keeping you going. You ran into the hallway and tried making it towards the door, when all of a sudden Luhan stepped out in front of you.

“Ah. Seems as though I found you.”

You slowly began to take steps away from him creating a bigger gap between the two of you.

“You can’t go anywhere now bitch. It’s too late; I have you exactly where I need you. I’ve been waiting for a whole fucking year to do this, you killed my father! And now you’re going to pay for what you did!” He smirked sadistically as he raised your gun so that it was level with your stomach.

“I don’t think so you bastard!”

You looked over Luhan’s shoulder and saw Chanyeol’s tall frame running up to him, elbowing him in the back of the neck, causing Luhan to jerk forward.

“Get out of here Y/N!” Chanyeol growled as he scuffled against Luhan whom was surprisingly strong given his small stature. You were shaken and stunned, trying to recollect yourself you swallowed hard as you looked at the struggle before you. You couldn’t just leave your best friend. Then you remembered Minseok’s gun. You aimed your gun up slowly trying to steady your shaking hands. You only had one shot and you had to get Luhan where it counted. You needed to shoot him dead. He watched as he saw you raise your gun and just as were about to pull the trigger he switched the lights off.


The shot you had just fired rang throughout the house and made your ears buzz. You took a deep breath as you tried to steady yourself.

“Oopsie daisies sweetheart.” Luhan scoffed. “That wasn’t me.”

The lights flickered back on and you were staring at Chanyeol slumped in a pile on the floor.

“CHANYEOL!” You screamed.

You had one bullet left. One bullet, and you used it on your best friend. Your heart stopped and your knees felt weak you were about to drop to the ground, when you heard Chanyeol groan from his spot on the floor.

“I’m fine Y/N it’s just my leg. Get out of here…” He panted clutching his leg with arms and trying desperately hard to stop the blood flow. You nodded your head frantically and backed away further from the two men.

“Oh no you fucking don’t!” Luhan screeched, lunging forward at you he wacked the back of your head with his gun and immediately you began to experience an intense headache. “You end tonight. You and that blasted baby of yours.” He pointed his gun at your stomach again and you felt truly helpless. Your vision was turning into a blur as the tears were streaming helplessly down your face, your throat was sore and your voice was hoarse. All you could do was place your hands over your stomach in attempt to comfort your unborn baby.

“You won’t fucking touch her Luhan!” You heard another voice shout from behind you, the individual ran in front of you pushing you backwards.


“Why are you doing this Luhan!” He shouted and you could see veins popping up at the back of his neck. “Why are you doing it! This won’t bring your father back! Besides, he tried to kill her it was only self defence.”

Luhan scoffed frowning at Sehun.

“We used to be like brothers Sehun and now you’re defending this bitch!”

“Because she’s my family Luhan!” Sehun shouted and your breath hitched. Sehun called you his family and although this was the wrong place and time to focus on the specifics you couldn’t help but feel ridiculously happy that he now accepted you into his life. “She’s my family Lu, so is Minseok and so is this baby. And I can’t let you take my family away from me. I’ve lost one too many. I won’t let you take them.”

Luhan frowned deeper as a tear escaped his eye, he violently wiped it away with the back of his hand.

“We were family once too Sehun!”

“Yeah that was before you decided to throw it all away and turn your back on us Luhan!”
You had never seen Sehun quite so defensive. He positioned himself right in front of you so that Luhan couldn’t touch you. “She’s my family Luhan and I can’t let you take her or her baby…” He raised his gun up aiming it at Luhan.
Luhan’s eyes widened in shock.

“Oh Sehun…Don’t you even dare. Put it down…”

Sehun shook his head violently.

“No! not until you drop your weapon and leave this house. I’m willing to let you walk free if you do that.” Sehun kept his gun trained at Luhan. Luhan slowly raised his gun at Sehun.
“Just drop your weapon Luhan; I won’t shoot if you do. I just can’t let you hurt this baby. I won’t let you take my family!”

“I’m your fucking family Sehun!” Luhan screeched as the lights flickered off.



“Shit!” You screamed, panicking because you couldn’t see anything.

“Fucking bastard…”You heard Sehun hiss quietly, you let out a breath, he was still alive.

You heard Chanyeol groan from where he was laying.

“Wait I…I think I’ve found the remote.” Chanyeol whispered as the lights flickered back on, you looked down ahead of you and saw Luhan’s lifeless body on the floor covered in his own blood.

Sehun had done it

Luhan was dead.

You started crying out of joy.

“Sehun you did it! Goodne—” You frowned when you processed that Sehun was no longer standing in front of you, but instead he was lying on the floor wheezing. A bullet wound just under his left breast bone. It had appeared the men had pulled the trigger at the same time.

“Oh God! Sehun?!” You knelt down, placing your hand on top of his wound to try and stop the bleeding. “Sehun! Please hold on.”
He coughed, blood spluttering out of his mouth.

“I…I can’t… I can’t hold on.” His breath was slowing as he struggled to speak.

“Of course you can! Come on Sehun. Stay with me. It’s okay, I’m not even stressing because nobody dies in this house. You all just come back at some point and so I’m not even stressing out, okay?” You were beginning to talk too much and too fast out of fright and nervousness. “Sehun I’m not going to stress okay, because I know you won’t die on me, Minseok or this baby. This cute little baby that’s going to be your niece or nephew. And every night they’ll boast to me about how cool their uncle Sehun is. Sehun please don’t die…” You were sobbing hysterically, cupping his face in your hands. Your salty tears were dropping on his lips and you could slowly see the life escaping his eyes. They were becoming dim and his breathing was slowing.

“Listen…I’m sorry Y/N… for ever being bad to you…It takes me a while to trust people but I realised…you’re not so bad after all. You’re my family now… and that baby…tell them Uncle Sehun loves them…and please tell Minseok he was the best gift I ever received…I’m so grateful for him…tell him I love –”

His breathing was getting slower.

And slower.




“Sehun!” You shook his body. “SEHUN!” You shook his body again but he didn’t respond he didn’t move. His eyes stared up into yours but you knew fully well that he couldn’t see you.

He was dead.

“Shit!” Chanyeol breathed from where he was laying, tears streaming down his eyes. “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SEHUN NO! NO DON’T YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO US SEHUN NOT NOW! WE’RE A FAMILY, YOU SAID WE’RE A FAMILY DON’T LEAVE US NOW SEHUN!”

“SEHUN NO! OH GOD NO PLEASE SEHUN NO! NO SEHUN YOU CAN’T DO THIS! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO MINSEOK, SEHUN NO!” You were banging your fists on his chest, but he was making no attempt to stop you. His lifeless eyes stared directly into yours, unseeing. His wheezing had stopped and his breathing had ceased.

Sehun was dead.

1 Week later.

You were all wearing black, standing in the all too familiar graveyard where you had already lost one of the boys. Some part of you was still hoping and praying that Sehun would jump out of the coffin and begin to laugh at you guys for being so soft.

But it didn’t happen.

Everyone was a complete mess, staring down at the hole in the ground where the coffin had been lowered.
But no one had compared to Minseok.
He was absolutely distraught, sobbing uncontrollably his face was red and his body was shaking violently. The occasional high pitched scream would escape him, causing Jongin to pull him into a hug and squeeze him tightly. Never in your life did you imagine that you would be affected by Sehun’s death but you  were. Majorly.
And you wanted him back so badly.

“WHY SEHUN!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! YOU DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GROW OLD WITH ME SEHUN! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AN UNCLE TO MY CHILD! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME, WHY!?” He was on his knees now crying beside the younger males grave, choking on his own tears. Never in your life had you ever seen Minseok so broken. You were glad Minseok survived but you wished that you all had.

Kris and Tao began covering the coffin back with the dirt as Junmyeon began to speak.

“Oh Sehun…” Words were caught in his throat as he struggled to fight back his tears. “…you were so young and you didn’t deserve this. You were a great man, an absolutely great man. And although you may not have felt it, we all admired you. I can’t believe you’re gone Sehun…You’re really gone…Oh gosh.” He laughed through his tears as he looked down at the now covered grave. “At least you’re with your mum now, so please be happy. Please rest in perfect peace Oh Sehun. You deserve that much.”

“Rest in peace Oh Sehun.” You all cried in unison, fatigue and sorrow hit you like a truck as you looked down at the grave, which was beside Minseok’s mother’s.

“I LOVE YOU SEHUN! I ALWAYS HAVE AND I ALWAYS WILL DON’T YOU EVER FORGET THAT!” Minseok cried crawling towards the grave where the boy now rested. He placed a bouquet of Zinnia flowers on top of the dirt.

Zinnia’s represented remembrance of a missing friend.

Sehun was a friend.

Sehun was family.

You would always remember Oh Sehun.

The end

Guys this is “technically” not the end…So keep your notifications on. I want to conclude certain things. So I will still be posting another “Part” Tomorrow. So just stay tuned :)

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Do you have any favourite mass effect headcanons?

Do I!

  • Shepard lives. ;)
  • The flanging in turian voices is actually subharmonics/subvocals that act as a separate (and additional) kind of language, relied on by turians in much the same way we humans rely on body language. (This is pretty prevalent fanon by now, but I don’t know that it’s actually supported by canon.)
  • I am obsessed with how people fill out the backstories of their Shepards. I love headcanons about Mindoir, about the time before Shepard enlisted, about a Spacer Shep’s relationship with their family, about the kind of gang Earthborn Shep was in.
  • Same goes for adding details with the psych profile, especially when the headcanon is a bit unusual or really detailed. (Like, I love that Grace’s War Hero-ness was actually largely Alliance spin.)
  • The Starkid wasn’t exactly telling the truth, take that as you will.
  • I love all the headcanons I’ve come up with to explain Grace Shepard’s past and psych profile and reasons for joining the Alliance.
  • Anderson is basically space dad.
  • Anything to do with Solana/Garrus’ family/Palaven/turians in general, since we get so little actual information about them.
  • Ryder (at least mine) has a huge crush/idol worship thing going on, where Shepard is concerned.
  • Baby turians are really, really wee and possibly have vestigial feathers.
  • Kittens and baby turians both like curling up in turian cowls.
  • I am very fond of post-war Councilor Garrus.

I’m sitting here trying to think up specifics and it’s so hard, because a huge part of my fic (and the fics I’ve enjoyed) hinges on the specificity of the headcanon involved. I would say all the fic I love involves the authors really delving into canon, choosing what they want to keep (even if that’s all of it), and then developing their own unique spin on things. I’ve talked about it before, but I don’t believe–in a series with so many player options–there is an ultimate canon Mass Effect playthrough. I have a “canon” playthrough for a Shepard (Grace) I consider my “canon” character. But every player has their unique canon for their unique PCs and I adore that, even if their “canon” doesn’t resemble mine at all.

We had a family pow-wow. I read out the emails Steven and Peter wrote me when they knew I was equivocating — flattering, persuasive and also hilarious. Part of the notes had to do with the importance of this episode to both them. And so it became a no-brainer.
—  Rachel Talalay on deciding whether to do the Christmas episode.
Thoughts When Listening to DEH

The fandom has probably gone over a bunch of this, and I’ve only listened to the soundtrack once so just disregard this.

  • It’s kind of… unnerving how predictable people are in You Will Be Found in how they react to Evan’s speech. It just highlights to me how everyone, or at least a lot of people, feel alone, and yet all we really do about it is share videos online.
  • Evan’s mom thinks that Connor’s family helped Evan, but he helped himself. She is very much letting her insecurities cloud her judgement; she’s human and it’s great.
  • “'Cause mom was all that she had to be” my hearT. He just felt like his mom was smothering him when she was just trying to fill the space his dad left behind,,,,
  • Overall the musical did a fantastic job of painting the parents as people with flaws and motivations as well as the kids it’s so good
  • Words Fail is my favorite song, just because there are so many layers and it’s so well done
  • Evan is such a dynamic (changing) character. It started out that he didn’t even want to go to school because of his anxiety, but then he goes and makes a speech and starts the Connor Project and owns up to his lies and steps into the sun; I’m so proud of him
  • Do we know why Evan has a cast? Because he was talking about falling out of a tree during a story, but I thought that was just a metaphor.
  • After his death everyone molds Connor into what they need him to be; it kind of reminds me of Heather Chandler
  • I’m a complete MBTI nerd, but I have a suspicion this is a very xxFJ-targeted musical. Just the vibe I got.

I think that one of my favorite things as a kid was right after a powwow my ma and I decided to go with her then fiance to an ice cream shop with some of our regalia and leathers still on. Out of nowhere a little girl comes out, points and yells:


My ma without missing a beat turned around, pointed at her and screamed, “LOOK JEFF! A WHITE GIRL!”

And I think about that moment a lot.


todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)