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Why don’t we transform Valentine’s Day from a celebration of romantic love to a celebration of every kind of love? Let’s take a day to appreciate not just our romantic partner, but every person we love: our family, our friends, our pets, every person that makes us smile?

on racism in NZ:

i’m samoan chinese. i’m proud of it.  being a mixed race honestly was never a big deal when i was living in samoa because samoan-chinese families are quite common there thanks to history.  

anyways, i grew up with a lot of mixed samoan/chinese kids as a result and our features were so diverse, it was quite normal for me to see kids identifying as both samoan and chinese–regardless of whether they had stronger features from one race than the other. that was my normal.  i never thought that you had to look a certain way to be considered ‘mixed’ till i moved to nz.  my whole family are dual citizens so we fly back and forth to visit family every so often but last year we decided to make it permanent because my younger siblings were getting older - uni, opportunities, etc.

features wise im a mix. slightly slanted eyes, light to medium brown skin.  i have not met a single fucking white person who has asked me ‘what am i’ or 'where i’m from’ without it ending with them saying

'but you don’t look samoan’

the first time i heard that it flipped my world, everything i’ve known upside down. i just stood there stunned.  it was unbelievable that a single sentence is enough to make me feel invalidated about my identity.

but when you hear something like that, it opens your eyes a little wider to the world around you doesn’t it:


  • i have been followed around in shops if i was wearing a hoodie because its obvious im going to shoplift
  • i have had WHITE salespeople be rude and talking down to my dad (who is dark skinned) despite him being educated with a masters degree (in economics) and being perfectly articulate
  • i have also seen these same garbage salespeople be completely pleasant to my mum who is white-passing 
  • i have had people basically move onto the grass/road from the sidewalk when im walking past, DESPITE THERE BEING ENOUGH SPACE FOR THE TWO OF US
  • i have heard white people mock the accent the older generation of pacific islanders have, and attempt to impersonate it
  • 'but your english is so good!’ when i tell them i’m samoan/chinese or even pacific islander
  • i’ve heard white women saying they want polynesian/pacific islander husbands because they want their kids to 'have that nice tan’
  • one of my friends who competed in an taewkondo tournament got eliminated, and the commentator said: “he should stick to rugby”
  • i even have a few white-passing cousins who pretend they aren’t samoan because life’s honestly easier that way. it makes me so mad and sick that we’re being reduced to feeling ashamed of our culture. that we’re all seen as 'savages who live in huts’ , 'animals’, 'uncivilized folk’.
  • having white friends who AVOID talking about race when i’m around because it makes them uncomfortable and being reduced to an angry stereotype whenever i try to point out something racist/call someone out 

saddest of all though, is when i get the same treatment from fellow POCs who are of different ethnicities, and when i see fellow samoans doing the same to non-samoans.  


why are we hating on each other?    

we’re being oppressed by the SAME system.  

wake THE FUCK up.

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“Marinette! Marinette, 恭禧發財!”

It’s Chinese New Year! His père certainly wouldn’t let him do anything for it, but Adrien could be excited anyway - and after meeting her uncle he knew Marinette would be too. She might not have been too invested in her heritage before, but it only took the right experience for a passion to blossom. Adrien had never thought about being a superhero, after all, but then he’d met Ladybug

“Are you doing anything today? I know there are celebrations out in the city, but there’s no way I’ll be allowed to go alone; and Nino’s really more into Diwali…”

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What do you think our chances are of a magazine spread now ? I get so anxious every tuesday ahahaha


A) I don’t think they could force/convince/leverage Louis into being involved in something that went quite that far.

B) If it was going to happen we wouldn’t be seeing the they’re fighting/she’s being a gold digger narratives in various magazines and outlets. We’ve gone past the point of happy families now.

C) Baby photographers tend to notice when a baby is plastic and/or on loan from someone else.

listen here, bitches. okay, i didn’t really mean bitches. but that was me asserting my dominance since i represent a tree elf yoda hybrid. so i repeat! listen here, bitches. these are the ground rules for this week away. first of all, no boys in girls rooms and no girls in boy rooms. there will be no frick fracking here. the walls are thin and if you want to try out the naked tango, i recommend you practice elsewhere. every night at 8PM we will meet down in the living room for a family game night. i have prepared charades and scrabble among others. all of which are fun and have educational benefits! how wild, yeah? you’ll have a bedtime of 10PM and i expect you to be up by 6AM so we can go on nature hikes. i hear the fairy bird wrens are out around now, what a time to be alive! also, no wifi! but don’t think you can escape the memes. i printed out a series of them and plan to stick them up around the house just to remind you that i’m always watching. so i’ll let you choose. pepe or nicholas cage?

There's nothing weirder than realising as an adult that you grew up really poor

Like for the longest period of time:

I assumed that every kid had clothes made from material salvaged from old dresses and shirts for them by their mother

I assumed that every kid would sit with their mother during ‘family time’ whilst she printed CVs off on a dot matrix printer, tearing the edges off the paper so that she didn’t have to

I assumed that someone in my family was allergic to play dough cos we only ever used salt dough

I assumed that it was a rite of passage to receive hand me downs from older siblings

I assumed that all kids would eat away from their parents, and I assumed that all parents didn’t eat in the evening cos they were too tired, not cos they couldn’t afford food

I assumed that everyone’s mother worked three different jobs

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Hey, I see that you are a big Raven fan :) Smth has been bothering me for a while so I wanted your opinion... Do you think Raven's feelings for Finn might've been stronger than Clarke's for him? Raven still has her metal bird necklace in 3x01, but we haven't seen Clarke's two-headed deer since s1? I always felt like Finn's love for Clarke was stronger than hers for him, but it became even more one-sided after he massacred the villagers + Raven still hasn't moved on, while Clarke has Lexa now


I definitely think that their loves are different. They both loved him, but where Clarke had a family Raven only had Finn. We’ve repeatedly had Raven say that Finn is the only one she has (1x07, 1x09). Finn has also saved her life on multiple occasions (giving her food mentioned in 1x06, taking the fall for the spacewalk in 2x08, the bridge in 1x10 to name a few). I think Raven depended on him a lot to make sure that everything would be alright, because he had protected her since childhood.

The situation with Clarke is different seeing as she had family and friends, and also a more ‘privileged’ life as we’ve seen the others describe it (1x01, being called princess etc.). She’s never had to depend on only one person before, which… I’m not gonna say that the loss was easier, but I think she would’ve been able to handle it better, seeing as she had other people to rely on. Clarke is also the leader of her people, which means she has to push down her personal feelings and lead her people, while Raven has time to grieve.

And if we’re on the subject of Finn and Clarke’s love for each other. The fact that she’s a leader just reinforces the fact that she’s not acting on her feelings, even after Finn and Raven broke up. There are more pressing matters at hand, and she needs to deal with that first. But I absolutely think that she loved him.

I don’t think we can put their love and grief against each other, because it’s different. Clarke lost a person she loved and Raven lost “all she has”.

- e