we are a dream team

Namjoon: yoongi what the fuck why’d u throw a cake at me now it’s all over my face


You are challenged by gym leader Zen!

@thecatsmeo and I talked about a Mysme Pokemon AU she instantly pointed out that Milotic is the perfect Pokemon for Zen. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head after that, so here we are… <3


I live for Coffee Shop A.U, they are gods gift to humanity.

All credit goes to gaymergirls, for their awesome text post!

where are the ridiculous hamilton aus?? do you all realize the situations we can be putting the founding fathers in. hamilton coffee shop au. aaron burr, beleaguered shift leader, slides up to disgruntled new employee alexander after he’s been vicious to a customer and hisses “talk less! smile more!” in the corner, peggy schuyler throws away yet another cup with her name misspelled.

Link below



“Right now, it’s the collision of time that has come again, seeing myself overlapping with time and space. I see your bright smiles, going to meet our Friends, who are all grown up now.
Next to us is a fairy, Eugene. Boyish but full of charm, I’m Sooyoung. No one can deny this diva, Bada. We are still dream team!” - S.E.S - Paradise (2017)